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Follow the steps in this HTML Tutorial to learn how to write and design your own webpage. Use the playground below to practice your skills.


Adding Pictures


Adding Pictures

Colors aren't everything when it comes to making a website attractive. Adding your own custom graphics or pictures are a great way to make your page more interesting and personal. It only takes one tag to make a picture appear and it looks like this:

<img src="images/seal.jpg">

The src part of the image tag tells the browser where to find the picture file. In the example above, the tag tells the browser to look in the "images" folder for a file named "seal.jpg". Try adding the same tag to the HTML document in the HTML Playground. Make sure that it goes somewhere between the <body> and </body> tags.

You don't have to use the seal picture, however. We have a lot of other animal pictures that you can use instead. Just replace the "seal.jpg" part with the file name listed next to one of the pictures here. Later, we'll show you to save a picture from any website and put it on your page.

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