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Beyond the BarnBeyond the Barn
by SG Author Camille

Meet Lea Rose Cady, whose parents leave her to stay with her grandparents for a whole year while they go on a business trip to Europe. Lea thinks there is nothing worse than living with her grandparents, who probably live like cave dwellers! Then Lea discovers a 200-year-old barn with some historical artifacts from the Civil War inside. When locals plan to demolish what they see as a useless old barn, Lea has to convince them otherwise!
Last updated: January 10, 2011

In Your Own BackyardIn Your Own Backyard
by SG Author Annie

Linda is a freshmen in highschool. Just figuring out who she is would be a hard enough job for herself. Her life gets even more complicated when her older teenage sister gets pregnant. With the help of her faithful guy friend, but not boyfriend, she learns who she is and how to appreciate what's in her own backyard.

My Life As A Teenage VampireMilla's Story
by SG Author Viola

Milla Kellway, teen rockstar leaves to Pelp after  her first concert due to her fears of being a singer. There, she meets Tib, but they can't be toghether for long, since Tib must go to war. Broken-hearten Milla is confided by Zeno. They develop a relationship, but suddenly  Milla needs to make a choice between the one she loves and the fate of Pelp... 
Last updated: January 05, 2011

My Life As A Teenage VampireMy Life As A Teenage Vampire
by SG Author Mariah

To humans, Robin is just another strange High School student that doesn't fit in, but outside the classroom she's a member of a different species. Robin is a vampire. Now Vampire Hunters are threatening her mother, but as much as she hates to admit it, she needs the help of the humans to stay alive. Can Robin learn to put her hatred aside to save her mother?
Last updated: June 24, 2011

Saving Him!Saving Him!
by SG Author Kendall

The down-to-earth teenager Kimberly Hensworth thinks her first year of high school will be good for nothing... until she meets David Frenton. They instantly fall in love, but David has a secret addiction that will put their relationship to the test. Will love overcome addiction, or will addiction overcome love?

by SG Author Kayleigh

Selah is the 15-year-old daughter of a top movie producer, and is always moving from town to town. This time she moves to a small town in New Zealand; it's so small that it's not even on the map! There, Selah meets a mysterious boy who seems to be hiding something. Selah is suspisious, but as she investigates, she discovers the whole town is hiding a BIG secret…

The SingerThe Singer
by SG Author Erika

In this land of kingdoms, knights, and evil kings, Seraphina is a just another lowly servant. One day, a mysterious knight notices her on his way through the village. But when he returns to take her away, it's not exactly romance. Seraphina is independent, beautiful, and confident, but it's her power as The Singer that Loren is after. But what is The Singer? And what does Loren want her to do?
Last updated: November 1, 2010

by SG Author Isabel

Alex Cabella and Nikki Martinez are two best friends who so far have withstood the tests of time. But will it last when Alex accidentally gets the part in the school musical that Nikki wanted? Their friendship is breaking, and Hollywood doesn't have much glue.

a hay meadow in flowerThe Race for the Ruby
by SG Author Shanice

For her thirteenth birthday, Jessica Walker joins her 'mum' Vicky and her boyfriend Alan for a picnic. They go to Delfino, a beautiful but strange town. On her way to Delfino, Jessica regains her memory and remembers that she is the princess of Delfino. Jess needs to find a ruby that Vicky and Alan want before they do. But can a mere girl save Delfino?

The Story of Crystalina PierreThe Story of Crystalina Pierre
by SG Author Colleen

Thwack! Thwack!  The sound of sneakers hitting the track is Crystalina's favorite sound.  And it should be, seeing as she is one of the fastest track runners in her grade.  Life is letting her live to the fullest with great friends, a great mom, and of course, a great house.  Slowly, Crystalina begins to feel that nothing bad can find its way into this little town she lives in. Then comes the day that no one in her town will forget, and Crystalina's world turns topsy-turvy…
Last updated: January 05, 2011

handcuffsUnder Arrest
by SG Author Marissa

"You're under arrest!" Imagine your name is Bailey Anders. You live in rural New Hampshire. These words have just been said to you - and you're only twelve! At the Juvenile Placement Facility in Concord, New Hampshire, where the kids' personalities and situations couldn't be more different, they all must work together to follow through their terms. Or will the plot to finish them off follow through first?
Last updated: January 05, 2011

by SG Author Natalie

On the day of Melanie Connors's 15th birthday, Melanie and her sister, Amanda, learn of a secret that opens the door to a whole new world.  After a phenomenon that takes place the day after Melanie's birthday, some friends finally show Melanie and her sister the unlikely truth.  Soon they will fight an evil that threatens all that Melanie and Amanda know and love.
Last updated: September 13, 2010

Complete Stories

Read through these completed stories in one sitting or a chapter at a time.

by SG Author Erika

Corisande Amaury is a 13-year-old in the 1800s, and she is from Austria. Her excellent piano skills are scouted out by Madame Beauregard, who offers to let her play piano for a very prestigious ballet school in Paris. At the school, Corisande meets two German sisters, Florr and Lora, who dance and play the flute. But then, Lora is myseriously poisoned and dies. Florr is devastated. Corisande is determined to investigate. Who poisoned Lora, and why?

Horse WhispererHorse Whisperer
by SG Author Marissa

Part 1: Horse Whisperer
Emma Racker is the happiest girl in the world, living with her mom, Vanessa, and her horse champion, Shackle Taps. It's almost time to compete -- then her horse gets pregnant. Now what?

Part 2: New Beginnings
Emma and Taps are back in New Beginnings. Taps is going to foal soon - but then she gets poisoned by an anonymous source, and when she doesn't respond to the antipoison, her foal is born weak and sick. Emma is heartbroken, and she'd only just learned to love again. Taps recovers, but the same may not be said for the foal... Take the bait and read New Beginnings now!

The Truth About Victoria Sin ClaireThe Truth About Victoria Sin Claire
by SG Author Katie

Teenager Victoria Sin Claire thought she could have a normal life, but her life turns out to be full of laughs, tears and endless decisions! Read Victoria's view of life and find out if she can be happy. Get ready to be entertained Victoria style!

Waves Too StrongWaves Too Strong
by SG Author Missy

Ellie and her family were caught in a hurricane, forcing her family and others to move to a shelter in the city of a rich town called Shreveport. Without the luxuries of a normal teen girl, Ellie struggles with the change. Along the way she meets a boy named Cheston, who comes from a wealthy family. She finds out not everyone in the city is the same. But her parents don't agree.

Discontinued Stories

These incomplete stories have been discontinued by the authors.

Breaking Free
by SG Author Louise

Lana has never been good at anything until she discovers she can play basketball. But can she overcome her friends' bad attitudes and break the tradition of the all popular girl's team? This story is all about dealing with how mean girls can be and the ups and downs of high school.

Dancing Shoes
by SG Author Sophie

Sophie has to clean and cook for her horrible adopted mother and sister, when all she really wants to do is dance. Then something happens that brings her dream closer to a reality. With the kindness of a friend, Sophie might finally be happy. Will it all work out?

Glitters & Charms: Forbidden Star
by SG Author Marielle

Odette, a 15-year-old wizard, was sent to the human world to do her mission. There she becomes close friends with Daniel, her handsome new classmate. One day, Odette discovers Daniel is a vampire! Instead of wanting to kill each other, they just feel love. They enter a relationship--without telling their parents about their secrets. But The Dark Clan of Vampires appears with a mission to kill all wizards--including Odette. What will Daniel do? What if the one you eternally love is the one you have to kill?

by SG Author Erin

Ellie, Molly, and Alice, normal thirteen-year-old girls, love to explore the woods around Alice's house. But their world... or someone's turned upside down when they venture towards a small lake during a storm. The girls find themselves in a whole new land, filled with all sorts of creatures. But little do they know that their time here will change their lives forever!

March of the Patriots
by SG Author Olivia

When trumpet player Ariana Longchamp signs up for marching band, she doesn't quite know what she's getting into. From upperclassmen dares to challenging her rival for first chair, she is facing a lot - all while living up to her brother's music legacy and dealing with an inconvenient crush. Is Ariana up for the challenge?

So Far Away, But So Close To Me
by SG Author Marissa

Alissa and Marie are best friends. When Marie's parents get divorced, Alissa is Marie's solace. Then Marie's father elopes from Houston, TX to Augusta, ME, taking Marie. Alissa thinks they both desperately miss each other—Alissa definitely misses Marie—until Marie posts something nasty on facebook. Now Alissa's not so sure. Will the tension ever go away?

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