October 2004

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My Life

My own burden,
My own life
I wish I could end it
With a sharp, sharp knife.
That way they would all think
What did we do?
And finally see me
And how much I cared
And how little you did
I wanted happiness
I wanted peace
But there is no peace
When your life is in pieces
So go away
Pretend you don't see
Because if you read this...
You know the reality of me

LoUiSe, 13

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I saw this boy at school and he bumped into me.

I saw this boy at school and he bumped into me. My books fell out of my hands he helped me pick them up. His friends said" he did it on purpose" does he like me?

ester, 10

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The way you make me feel.

The way you make me feel.
Is so real Shaon that it sends chills up my spine.
My heart is filled with love, joy, honesty, for you.
Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, my body is always meant for you.
The more I think about you, the more I want to be in your arms till death do us part.
One kiss, a thousand wishes.
''Two heart, Two people equals One Love''
To:''The Love Of My Life'' My Baby Shaon D. Robinson
From: ''His Baby'' Karla why. Dorse

Lil Shaon a.k.a Karla, 14

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My friend

My friend is cool,
My friend is smart,
My friend is completely amazing at art.

My friend is pretty,
My friend is funny,
My friend is never caught with her nose all runny.

But does she like me?
Hmmm, I don't know,
Maybe she only likes me,
To show.

My friend is cool and smart and amazing at art,
My friend is pretty and funny with a nose that's never runny.
One problem, she's not my friend!
But that doesn't really matter.

chattersoph, 0

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They stared at me

They stared at me
As I stood alone
Torn and broken

They stared at me
A teenager with hormones
But they didn't know that
Nobody knew that

I lay torn outside
Wanting to run
Unable to move

As icy rain fell on me
I'll never be clean
He touched me
He killed me

Torn, 14

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Of the Guys I've Met

Of all the guys I've met
You're the one I won't forget
And I believe that God above
Has chosen you for me to love
He picked you up from the golden nest
Cause he'd knew I'd love you best
I had a heart it once was true
But now it's gone from me to you
When I get to heaven and youre not there
I'll wait for you at the golden stair
If youre not there by judgment day,
Then I'll know you've gone the other way
I'll give the angels back their wings,
My crown, my thorn, and all my things
Just to prove my love is true
I'll go to Hell just to be with you.

kay kay, 13

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Kids are playful;
Kids have joy;
Kids play day and night;
Kids have joyful fright;
Kids play night and day;
Kids play every day.

Saratana, 8

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I hate my life

I hate my life,
And all most people in it.
I never wanted to be here,
So please don't fear
My choices are mine,
And nothing has been "fine".
So soon I'll be gone,
Where none can follow,
Until they are like me,
And their body is hollow.
I had a few friends,
Mainly just two.
But I loved them both,
And they know that it's true.
Unlike others, they were with me
When I got depressed, they would care.
And with them,
The pain I could share.
But I never told them,
So many things were wrong.
And I felt alone
For way too long.
I was always searching for what I want
But never finding what I need.
They said I was sweet,
Yet my heart was sour,
Every second, of every hour.
I wanted to run away,
And forget all this pain.
Cause I'm just reliving,
The very same day!
So this is the end,
And I say good-bye.
Please don't forget me,
And all that I said,
Because my spirit is with you,
Though my body is dead.

LoUiSe, 13

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I hate them all

I hate the people at my school.
They sit and stare,
Make me look like a fool.
They whisper in groups,
Knowing you can hear.
Changing their minds,
Making you fear.
I made only a few mistakes,
Yet they know them all.
Things like this,
Make me feel so small.
I do my work,
And I do it well.
Still those rumors,
They like to tell.
I never did anything,
To make you not like me.
And I'm not really sure
Why you can't see.
Cause your making my shy,
And causing me fear.
And I just want to scream...

LoUiSe, 13

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Out Of My Life

You don't want me anymore
Bringing sadness to my core.
You say you won't forget me,
And yet you're already leaving.
Pushing me into the light,
Just to leave me grieving.
You don't see how this makes me feel.
It makes me feel like I'm not real.
You were such a part of me,
The only part that made me be.
You gave me life and taught me well
And all your love made my heart swell.
Then you moved and said good-bye,
And walked away when you saw me cry.
You still call me but its not the same,
Now you call me other's names.
But that isn't what troubles my heart,
It's mainly, why did we fall apart?
Best friends aren't supposed to give way,
But when I came you didn't want me to stay.
You made your friends, but I didn't make any.
I used to have, so very many
I'm really tired of acting strong,
Because thanks to you, my life is wrong.
I miss you a lot, more than you know.
And if I told you, you'd say "so"
I can't forget the way you talk,
You would always want to talk.
But now you can walk...
No wait, you already walked out of my life.

LoUiSe, 13

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I saw this boy at school and he bumped into me.

I saw this boy at school and he bumped into me. My books fell out of my hands he helped me pick them up. His friends said" he did it on purpose" does he like me?

ester, 10

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Girl Power, trying your best very each and every way.

Girl Power, trying your best very each and every way.
Girl Power, a growing sense of confidence everyday.
Girl Power, big or small, short or tall feeling every doubt fall away.
Girl Power, knowing that you have a say.
Girl Power, making a difference making a difference each and everyday.

RoxyGold, 12

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Bottle it all up.

Bottle it all up
Just keep it all inside
Because if they don't see you cry
Then they'll think you have nothing to hide.
Keep to yourself,
Just let it go.
Because if they can't see your pain,
Then theyll never know.
Smile on the outside,
Just hide in it when you fall,
Just walk with a smile,
Because then they won't know you're actually trying to crawl.
Open your eyes,
Don't cloud them when you're sad.
Because then if they can look you straight in the eye
They won't know you're hurting that bad.
Act like you don't care.
Just pretend like you're alright.
Because if they don't see you're hurting,
Then they won't know that you put up a fight.
Act like you don't care,
Just pretend to be okay,
Because then they won't ask you what's wrong,
At least not today.
Don't tell a soul
don't speak or stutter,
Because then they won't think anything of it
They won't know you feel like you're in the gutter.
Watch it all just pass away.
Pray that it'll get better.
Don't talk about it,
Until they find it in your letter.
That's right hold it in,
& don't show emotion until you get home.
Don't cry yourself to sleep tonight,
Until you're alone.
Don't push it down harder,
When some one's around.
Don't do it
Somewhere, where you can easily be found.
They can't save you now.
And even if they tried.
They wouldn't know how,
You're done with life.
They talk to much,
It'll hurt bad.
But not after the first touch.
Deeper and deeper,
You push it down.
You're smiling,
How could making it all end
Possibly make you frown ?
You're finally getting away,
You've made the desicion.
Today was the day.
So when they don't know how to act,
And they don't know what to do,
Well ... It's not their fault.
They never knew someting was wrong with you.

ashley, 17

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Crying in the corner

Crying in the corner.
Wiping the tears from your face
Wishing on every star in the sky
That you were in another place.
Hoping for a miracle.
And praying for some one to take you away.
It didn't take long for him to decide,
It was the end of your life today.
You're living so quiet.
You're scared to breath.
You're scared to speak up.
But even more scared to leave.
You want to confess everything,
Open your heart.
But you're afraid if you do,
You'll just let everything fall apart.
Looking through small eyes,
Wondering if anyone can hear you,
And wondering even if they can,
What would they do ?
Hiding under your sheets
Clenching the blankets over your head.
Hoping he doesn't see you,
Lying trembling in your bed.
You want to ask him why,
But you always make up a reason not to.
Just tell yourself a really good lie,
You look in the mirror
Questioning everything around you.
And you wonder if he comes at you again
What will you do?
What is it like you wonder,
To be beaten
To have your heart broken everyday.
What is it like to be too scared to do anything?
Even to run away?
What's it like to be in love?
Does it make you feel happy?
Or does it make you feel sad?
Well , no matter what it does
How can anything make you hurt this bad?
He beats you to death.
You're lying bloddy on floor.
Why couldn't you just have enough courage to leave.
Atleast just to make it to the door?
Well that's what love is.
A bloody mess.
That you can never clean up.
No matter how hard you try
Or how ever many times that love you cry.

ashley, 17

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My magic mirror.
There is a mirror in my house.
It's on my bathroom wall.
Although I've met others, it's
The best of them all.
It doesn't matter when I look.
It can happen any time,
A beautiful reflection it
Will show and then see it's mine.

kiwi, 13

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I am here

I am here
Can you hear me?
'Cause I can hear you
Talking about me.
Why can't you see!?
The way you put me here......
there is a tear....
a tear falling from my eye.
Like a tear falling from the sky.
When the sun comes out.
I just want to scream and shout.
There is no more pain.
Everything went away including the rain.
No more rain.
Not today, not tomorrow.
Not even the next day.

Anabell, 12

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We met in the evening of a hot summer Sunday.

We met in the evening of a hot summer Sunday.
That was the day he stole my heart away.
With a simple glance, a sweet word, and a soft touch,
I abandoned my good senses and loved him too much.
We laughed and talked for hours, until the humid night was gone.
We stared out the window into the next mornings dawn.
I could have stayed with him forever, but it was time to say our goodbyes,
When unexpectedly he pulled me close and looked into my eyes.
My stomach twisted up in knots and my heart began to race,
With confidence he kissed me, as he softly stroked my face.
My drive home was filled with vivid memories flashing.
Of my perfect night with my new friend, and of our nights perfect end.
For the first time in a long time I felt truly alive,
But as that wild nights head rush faded, my sensibility began to revive.
For two complete strangers what could one kiss could mean?
Could this be the Prince Charming from my fairy-tale scene?
Or were we just caught in a moment with no follow up at all?
My suspicions were confirmed when the next day brought no call.
He left as quickly as he had come, without warning, without a trace.
He swept through my life, leaving only a memory of that nights sweet embrace.

Neisha, 17

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I may act as if I don't love you anymore.

I may act as if I don't love you anymore but it's not like that baby, I still have feelings for you.
I know that even though you weren't for me and will never be, I still love you.
All those years I loved, I never mean't to tell you but it's just so hard.
Finally I told you how I felt but I knew that from the beginning, you would reject me and so it happened.
I felt sad but not depressed but as the days went by, the truth really was painful.
I tried very hard to forget you, but in the end I found myself drawn to you again.
All the time I tell my friends that I don't love you anymore and that you don't deserve me but deep down my heart, I know that I love you a lot...

farveen, 15

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A rose,

A rose,

A single rose means a lot,
Every petal, large or not,
The smell so fresh,
The colors so bright,
The best flower day and night.

Cher, 12

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I am so confused.

I am so confused.
That I person I like, I might lose.
He's sweet and nice.
And just like me he hates rice.
My life is so sad.
Sometimes I think I am really bad.

Clueless, 12

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Everytime, the moon and sun dance in the sky,

Everytime, the moon and sun dance in the sky,
We think of our friendship all the time,
We think of that it will never end,
We have emotions, trapped deep inside that we need to lend.

We feel all the tears of pain, fear in our hearts,
To try again the friendship path,
Hoping that we all hold hands together throughout life.

When dark times bring back the pain,
I try to think that everything is ok,
Through all the tears we've cried,
We always shine throughout what we share together through time.

Claudia, 12

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I fancy a boy called Nobby

I fancy a boy called Nobby.
He is really fine.
I don't know how to ask him,
If he is really meant to be mine.
I would like to go out with him.
He may be dim.
But I like his face,
But in his case.
I am not such a girl he see's.
I would like to kiss and hug him.
And go out with him every day.
If I ask him out,
What will he say?

missy in love, 13

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That's me, or so you think

That's me, or so you think.
An iron girl in a delicate gown.
Call me a cactus;
I look pretty, but I am prickley.
Look all you want, don't touch.
I'll run away like I always do.
And if you walk up to me,
I freeze.
I feel like I'm out of my body.
So once again I am ignored.
I mean, why bother
Waiting for me to thaw?
Me, the chocolate you bite
And discreetly spit back into your hand -
Keep chewing!
I am more.
I assure, but my own hands
Mute the words.
They come out in a whisper
When no one is around to listen.
All they see is an
Iron girl in a delicate gown.

Nira, 15

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what do people see?

What do people see?
Do they hear me?
Or my voice?
Do they want me?
Or do they even have a choice?
Where do I stand in this world?
Alone or with others?

rocky_rocks, 13

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The Meaning of Wedding Days

The true meaning of weddings is said to be the union of two souls coming together as one whole, symbolizing two people's love and commitment for one another and the joy and happiness they feel for each other. For the rest of their lives it's about remembering to say ''I love you'' at least once a day or more. It's about two people facing the world together each and every day together as one and spending the rest of their lives making love to that person. It's not only marrying the right person; it's being the best possible partner and lover.

sexyblue!, 20

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I want to tell you how much I love you

I want to tell you how much I love you, but I'm just too shy.
The hurt of rejection would be too much for me so I'm afraid to even try.
I've loved you for so long, you could say right from the start.
I love you with all my soul but I'm afraid to feel a broken heart.
I wish that you would just notice me and take my hand,
I wouldn't be so shy and afraid because I would know you love me then.
But how would you notice me if my love can't and won't show?
My love for you will always be a secret...
And the way you feel towards me, well I guess I'll never know.

I love you

sandra mae, 14

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I Used to Think We'd Never Part

I used to think we'd never part
But then you went and broke my heart
But look at me now
I bet your wondering how
How am I surviving here without you?
But I'm going to
I'll survive!!

Kelsey, 13

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B2K is Fine.

B2K is fine.
They are always on my mind.
Raz-B is so cute. I won't give him the boot.
Omarion is so cuddly. His hair is fuzzy.
J-boog is so funny. He's making that money.
And Little Fizz rymes bubble. He likes to mumble.
I am a B2K fan.

Diamond, 12

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Of All The Felt I Have Ever Felt

Of all the felt I have ever felt, I never felt a piece of felt that felt the same as that felt felt when I first felt the piece of that felt.

Kimk, 13

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I Hate You but...

I hate you but I love you, no matter what you say you drove my convertible right out of my heart.
You took all I had. Now I am sitting here alone just waiting for you. I hate you but I love you.

Shian, 13

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Tell Me

Tell Me
Tell me the truth
Do you love me?
You took that quiz
How funny you were
We laugh and have fun
Oh how I miss
Those good days before we started to this
My stupid sister laughed at you
And then it started

Megan, 10

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I Miss the Light

I miss the light, I weep, I cry. Dear God, I miss the light. I hope to God! Bring back the light. I miss the way I say the height of the light.

Elizabeth, 11

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I Wish

I Wish

I wish I'd never met him. I wish I'd never cried. I wish that he would have at least tried. I wish I never loved him. I wish I couldn't feel. I wish this never happened but I know it was for real. I wish I could stop thinking. I wish I could move on. But I know that I wont and I know that he was wrong. Why did he have to do this? Why did I have to fall for him? I wish I couldn't feel this pain because it is driving me insane. I wish I had never felt this feeling before. This feeling called love.

Mercedes, 15

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I Should Have Known

I Should Have Known

I can't believe no matter what, I still have feelings, I'm still in love. I don't want to I can't stop. It hurts so bad I can't even get mad. I feel so used and I know that he is confused about how he feels but I know that my feelings are for real. It was too good to be true and I should have known you. It wasn't going to last so I need to leave it in the past.

Mercedes, 15

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He Says He Loves Me

He says he loves me but I know he doesn't. Its hard to see me over him. I can't even think and I see his face each time I blink. My first love, it hurts so bad. I have all of these emotions, I can be mad, I can be sad. I always feared this and now it happened. They're all idiots, all the same. But I guess im the one to blame. I shouldn't have gone back with him again. I should have seen it coming because once a guy has hurt you they will do it again.

Mercedes, 15

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Last Year We Sat Together

Last year we sat together
Now you're in another class
I promised I'd love you forever
Every time you walked past

Now ----- I know you never will
Know that I ever loved you
There will never will be
Another as honest and true

Tori, 11

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I Don't Get It

I don't get it
I never get you

You were so nice to me
And now you wont talk or see..

That I love you
It's true

I'll never tell you
I know that

All I know is that
I love you

Confuzzled, 14

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Thoughts Swirl

Thoughts swirl,
Mind rolls,
Eyes flood,
Tears drop.

She sat shivering in the corner,
Arms hugging herself,
No more tears fell,
No more cries cried.

She just wanted to be normal,
Feel as if she was part of a group,
A group of friends,
Proper friends.

People stare,
People sneer,
People laugh,
People remark,
But they still don't know how she feels.

They may be rude,
They may be harsh,
But one day, she will stand up,
And one day she will crack.
I know that,
And then she will show the real her.

angelic_angel, 11

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Stopped Giving....

Stopped Giving...

There something missing in my life,
Something that I sacrificed,
Something that you took from me,
Something that was meant to be,
Something that you gave to her,
Something that we were,
Something that is now missing,
Something that I stopped giving...
-:- D E D I see A T E D -:-

Juanita, 14

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Honey I Love

Honey I love.
Sweetheart, I do.
Darling believe
It's true.
There's no one in this world
I'd give anything to be with,
But last night I found out it was
The one and only you.
I love you baby boy.

Lonelyheart , 14

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Time Together!!

Time Together!!

Baby I wish I could see you everyday,
Hold you in my arms,
Feel your warmth on my body,
Let you be mine all the time,
No one to come between us.
'Cause baby when you're not around I feel for you.
When it's time for us to be together,
I want that time to last forever!!!

Charlene, 13

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I Fell

I Fell

I fell
Twice I swear to this day.
I will never fall again never,
Cry, beg, lie.
Again never again!

RoCkEr KiTtY, 14

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I though my life was a lie

I though my life was a lie;
In the first quarter I almost died.
I was trying to find friends that were true,
And I ended up talking to you.
I frowned at first but then I smiled;
I was unwelcoming at first,
But then became less hostile.
I was so mean to you,
But you were true -
And talking to you is all I do!

Kesha, 18

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What would you do?

What would you do if, one night, I knocked on your door and said "I love you" then hugged you tight...
but suddenly the phone rang and somebody told you... "Joyce just died" ?

Joyce, 14

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A Penny for your Problems

A penny for your problems,
A nickle for your thoughts,
A diamond for your looks,
But a best friend is forever.

Jezzy, 13

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My Sister, the Funloving Person

My sister is a funloving person and friendly.
I love her a lot!
She is the best of all
Who is there for me always in every way.
She is the best sister of all.
I like her a lot!!!

khausy, 12

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He Waits at my Doorstep

He waits at my doorstep
Every day.
Sometimes I just wonder,
"Do I want him to stay?"

Sometimes it gets late
And he is still there
But all I can think about
Is his beautiful cute hair

When I am at school
All I do is just stare
But when I try to tell my friends
They don't seem to care

I expressed my feelings
When I wrote this poem
And when he is not around
All that I can do is just sit around and groan

So to finish, my love,
I have one thing to say:
I will love you and cherish you
More and more each and every day

kit, 13

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I know people dont know

I know people don't know, and I'm not supposed to say, but this younger boy on the bus would do things to me and never stop. He touches me and says things that aren't the greatest. People say that's harassment, but I think that some of the things are like rape.

needs you!, 12

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I Love You

I love you
You love me
Were best buds as you can see
With a great big hug
And a mega shopping spree
Cant you see?
Were meant to be!

Alice, 13

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I Miss You

I Miss You

I miss you so much I always cry,
I miss you so much I want to die,
I think about you everyday,
And pray you won't forget me in any way,
All your birthdays I spend in tears,
And try not to forget that fun few years,
I'm really sad and hope you know,
I wish you were here to help me grow,
I hope you know youre my best friend,
And I hope we'll be together again....

Naya, 14

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Untitled Poem

My problem is me
But I can't figure out the key
Maybe it's you
But I can't figure out whom
It seems like you want me to die
Or commit suicide

But I'm not going to stop
Im going to take it to the top
I'm not going to die
I'm not going to sit here and cry
I'm not going to finish the rest
Just like its a test

Its like footprints in the sand
You don't understand
I'm trying to make a place
Where I have space
I don't want to be here
Why can't I disappear?

You won't let me be
Can't you see?
I can't rewind
Can't turn back time
I'm slowly dying
Enough with this crying

I can't take it no more
I finally tore without the love
I can't go above
Locked up in my shell
I'm made for hell...

Naya, 14

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Too Many Questions

Too many questions

They ask me a question I don't know the answer
So I say I don't know and they go off in disaster.
They come back and ask again
So I say I don't know
But they wont leave me alone
It's too many questions
And not many answers
So please please stop asking me and leave me alone.

Christine, 11

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I love you Silas and only you,
And I would tell you, but it's hard for me to do.
I don't want to move or disappear,
So I'm sorry I'm not letting you hear.

Love ya,

Elle, 11

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Icy Blue Eyes

Icy blue eyes,
Sandy blonde hair,
I wish to kiss your lips,
Though I do not dare.
You're not the boy everyone likes,
You're someone different in my sight.

I know your secret,
I hope you know mine.
If I asked
Would you lie?
I know I wouldn't.

Holly, 10

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She's Been Doing It Nearly A Year

She's been doing it nearly a year,
I don't know why, the reasons unclear,
I'm really scared at what she'll do,
Or hear to her say "its because of you".
She tells me that she's cut again,
She says it stops her from going insane.
I'm helpless, I don't understand,
I want to take her by the hand,
And tell her things will be alright,
I'm here for her, together we'll fight.

It doesn't work, she pushes me away,
And goes on cutting for another day,
She's our friend, we're here to help,
We tell her to let her feelings out,
She walks away, leaves us there,
She stupidly thinks that we don't care.
But of course we do, she's our friend,
We want all her pain and torment to end.

She says she feels empty from deep within,
If she's empty she should put something in,
"theres nothing to cut if its empty" I shout,
"you cannot cut emptiness out".
I didn't mean for it to sound so cruel,
Afterwards I felt like a fool.
I want to help her before it's too late,
Before I push her away, and she begins to hate.

Fizzy-Loo, 16

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Taken A Beating, My Body Is Sore

Taken a beating, my body is sore,
Pain isn't a stranger to me anymore.
After the attack I felt such a fool,
All because I was excluded from school.
It was a Tuesday, lesson five,
They wound me up, at them I dived.
They call me names, I know they're not true,
But I over-reacted, what did I do?

Ran into the classroom pushed him hard,
Damaged reputation once again scarred.
They don't know how easy I hurt,
They're just more people who treat me like dirt.
Was I put on this earth to feel this way,
To hate every minute of every day?
So desperate for my life to end,
Because everything drives me around the bend.

I long for a day which I need not to fight,
A day where I need not to use all my might,
To feel alone and feel like crap,
At every word, at every mishap.
People laugh and mess about,
I stand alone and scream and shout,
Pent up emotions to be released,
Make myself out to be a wild beast.
Pounce on the first person that I see,
It's just a front, it isn't me.

Fgar, 16

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I Sit On My Own And Look At My Arm

I sit on my own and look at my arm,
Cuts and scars are proof of self harm.
All I need to do is pick up the phone,
Tell a counselor I feel so alone.
It's not that easy, I am so ashamed,
I fear I'll be found out, fear I'll be named.
If mum found out I would soon be dead,
At least I'd escape memories in my head.

Memories aged four, memories aged ten,
All written down with a tortured pen.
Words tell the truth of whats in my mind,
Things that I would rather leave behind.
Things with my dad, things with my mum,
Things that they've said, things that they've done.
Ok things weren't as bad with my mum as my dad,
The years with him were the worst that I've had.

Maybe it's partly his fault that I harm,
And have these things all down my arm.
Cutting's the only way that I cope,
Without it I wouldn't have a hope.
If I didn't do it I would be here,
I would have killed myself purely through fear,
Fear of fists, fear of feet,
Why am I so easy to defeat?

My compass and scissors, my true friends,
They will be with me until the end.
To slice my skin, make things alright,
And help me survive every painful night.
I go to sleep and hope I won't wake,
Death will arrive, but how long will it take?
I'm the one person who I believe,
I can't live like this, I have to leave.

Flick, 16

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I Love Jay

I love my boyfriend Jay,
He is kind in a friendly way,
I think of him everyday,
I love you sooooo much Jay!

Kelly, 10

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My Best Friend

I had a friend,
"Your friend was a girl" you might recommend.
He was acually a boy, I know its weird,
but he is my best friend who I loved very dearly.
We would never ever fight, no way,
then I new it was his time and he passed away.

Sora, 13

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Roses Are Red

Roses are red, violets are blue,
There will never be a sweeter person than you.

dylan, 10

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I Am

I am good, I am bad
I wonder why people are so sad
I hear water
I see the ocean
I want to make a magicl potion
I am good, I am bad
I pretend I could fly
I feel sometimes I want to die
I touch the heart of my little brother
I worry about my mother
I cry about my step dad that past
I am good, I am bad
I understand that I'm not a fraud
I say that I beleive in God
I dream of me acheiving my goals
I try to acheive them though
I hope that my family gets lots of gold
I am good, I am bad

sydney, 12

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They say it takes a minute to find a special person

They say it takes a minute to find a special person.
An hour to love them, but an entire life to forgive them
Take the time to live life,
Maybe a one time challange to live it up

The illest girl in this, 16

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The feel of the wind whipping across my face

The feel of the wind whipping across my face only reminds me that there is no air left in my lungs.
The sun shining on my face has cast a shadow on my hurting heart.
The laughs of the people around me makes me realize that all I have left are tears to fall from my hurting crystal eyes.
The sight of couples walking hand in hand only reminds me that my heart has been broken.
Seeing people laughing on the outside let's me know I'm falling apart inside.

Maycie, 15

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This is just my first one. Because I want to be a writer some day. Here it goes:

Trees remind me of the hot summer time
when that cool breeze finely comes.
The trees flow with the wind. And its such
a beautiful sight to see!

Trees remind me of fall when the leaves
change into wonderful colors. And they take
their good ol'time floating to the ground.

Trees remind me of winter when all
the leaves have left, but most are buried under
the snow.
I look out my window and feel kinda sad,
because they look all sad, lonely, and bear.
But in my heart I know that they're alive, green and
happy, and growing inside!

N.A.M, 12

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Come Back For Me

Come Back For Me

I couldn't tell you
How much he meant to me
So many times
He was the only one I'd see
But he got on that plane and
His goodbye hug caused me so much pain
Oh, the skies are always gray
And I'm thinking of him every single day

Look out the window and it's raining once again
Maybe it's not real
Maybe I'm just crazy
Maybe I'm just missing you baby
Won't you please come back for me?

We're an ocean apart
But you'll always be in my heart
And now everything I do
The thoughts lead back to you
And there's this one song I hear
That always brings a tear
It makes me think of you
Baby are you missing me too?

Look out the window and it's raining once again
Maybe it's not real
Maybe I'm just crazy
Maybe I'm just missing you baby
Won't you please come back for me?

Taylor, 13

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My Puppy

I have a new puppy and he's as scary as can be,
He only has 3 legs and he won't stop licking me!
I try to do my homework
But then he'll scratch at the door,
When I give him a treat,
He won't leave until there's more!
I turn for one second to give my mom a hug,
and when when I turn around,
he does his business on my rug!

This puppy is mental!
This puppy is mad!

This puppy has problems which is pretty sad.
Both my mom and dad don't want him to stay,
I think I might try to sell him on ebay.

Leah, 11

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Love in The Sunset

Love is in the sunset
Oh so very pretty
Very very sweet like candy
Every day I look at this beauty

Brandi, 10

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You were there for me through the good and bad times,
You were there to help me through life,
You spoiled me through the goodness of your heart,
For this I will love forever no matter what,
I will miss the great times,
But I will have some pretty grand memories of you,
You got me over some of my worst fears,
I thank you for that,
Now I will try to be by your side,
But please remember me when you go to heaven,
They say its better there,
I hope it is,
For you deserve the best when you leave this world,
Im afraid of one thing you could never get me over of,
The fear of losing you too soon,
The fear of seeing you for the last time,
The fear of forgetting you,
I just hope I dont,
Never in my life.

Love your Granddaughter,

Kristin, 14

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Where can I fly?

Where can I fly?
To the sky, but how high

Where can I soar?
Can it be to the English Moors?

Where can I weep?
Then fall into a peaceful sleep

Where can I laugh?
Can I bathe in the rain

Where can I scream?
Words I don't mean

Where can I be myself?

Can it be in the skies where I fly?
In the moors where I soar?
The place where I dream and sleep?

I'll smile for a while
Bathe in the rain
Scream words I don't mean

Where can I fly?
To the skies, but how high?

Maggie, 14

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Dreaming A Dream

Dreaming A Dream
Far from the truth

Not knowing the world
Not giving a hoot

Hoping for a miracle
That's too hard to reach
Even though it's right beneath my feet

Maggie, 14

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I wanted you

I wanted you,
I needed you,
I pined,
I dreamed,
I hoped,
I loved you!

I ask you what I could do to make you see
How much you totally mean to me
If it meant killing
I'd do it!
But you said 'no.'
Now I must go.

This hurts
This clenches to my heart
Your words pinch the skin and try to tear through
I need a knife, to rip the skin
I need a liter, to burn within

To fix my problems
Make then go away
My hearts out of order, no way to fix it
I have no more words to say
My problems, to large, don't know how to solve them

Oh my gosh im hurting inside,
Pain is terribly bad I'm dying inside and there you are laughing

Why do I love with so much passion for a heart I can't have?
I know you don't like me, I know you don't care,
But no matter what I'll ALWAYS be there no matter what time, no matter how far I'll be here to talk I'll be here to walk with you through life. Forever, d*** this is pain, pain I can't explain,
Why do I love you? I hate this. Love is nothing more than crap..

Let me die, and along with it let love die with it also.

I go to sleep and I'm okay, I wake up to a brand new day, I see you again, and then, I'm torn to pieces, and I'm still wearing my mask to try and prove that I could care less, when I know I just want to see through it so you could act like you care!!!

Erin Rose, 13

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Where can I not, think of this now

Where can I not, think of this now
Or of the treasure hunters
That seek my heart as their loot

I come close to sin,
But don't feel the heat

Racing to my heart,
Truth and hatred now do meet

All in my dreams,
I wish to see truth

I'm closing my eyes,
To now open up new!

Maggie, 14

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Now when the road gets tough

Now when the road gets tough
You think you've had enough

You gotta keep going
Going all the long

My momma was a beauty
With a lace and satin cuff

She took care of me and daddy
And watched my brothers games that he won

Because when the road get bumpy
Life goes on

Mamma saved my days
She made me feel like there was no other way

She told me that something specical would occur
Just like what happened to her

She told me this as a direct quote,
When the road get bumpy
Life goes on

Now when the road is new
A day has now begun

She told me that
When the road gets bumpy
Too bumpy now, to ride

She told me to remember,
Life goes on!

Maggie, 14

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I stand alone on a mountain

I stand alone on a mountain,
My pain wounding me,
Weighing me down.

It feels like a cold, harsh, icy fountain
That won't leave me be,
Making me frown.

It's changing me, this hurting
But I won't let it put me down.
For I have to get on with my life.

So here I am on the outskirts of town,
Wondering what to do next,
When suddenly, it hits me.
I have to read the text.

The Bible gives me strength when I am weak,
This is the treasure that I should seek.
It isn't diamonds or jewels, no
But, yes, to church I should go.

This place gives me comfort in a world full of fear.
I just adore the people here.
For when I need help they are always there,
Letting me know that they care.

H. Marie C., 12

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The Door Is Closed On My Dreams

The door is closed on my dreams, and I can't hardly sleep. When I see you standing by, I wonder why I can't seem to close my eyes. Now I know why this is happening and why I can't seem to breathe.
The door is closed on my dreams and when I finally sleep, I can hardly see you in my eyes. I know it doesn't last any more. I can't hardly see you any more.
The door is closed.

Dominique, 12

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Though We Hardly Knew Each Other

Though we hardly knew each other
Although I never knew him well
Even though we barely chatted
I'm sure he had a lot to tell.

There were those days when we argued;
Times I refused to look at him.
Weeks when we acted like strangers,
Hours when I fell as his victim.

But I know that within his soul,
Inside him laid a tender heart.
He bore that love all fathers have,
That love which never did depart.

He had always defended me
And was frequently on my side.
Aware of my likes and dislikes,
Dad could always tell if I lied!

Wise, respected and self-assured;
My qualities, he helped amend.
I love him so. He loves me too.
He is my father and my friend.


Mariam, 17

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Mums Are Angels With Loving Faces

Mums are angels with loving faces.
They work so hard in so many places.
Why can't everyone see,
How special my mum is to me?
Since I was born, she's given me so much.
She's added hope to my life with a single touch.
This poem is written to say:
Thank you thank you in every way.

Amie, 16

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Why Can't You See The Person Inside Is The One ?

Why can't you see the person inside is the one I want you to see?
It's loving and kind like a best mate but all you can see is me.
You stare at me all the time like a alien or a fish out of sea.
The person inside is a person like you so listen to the me inside.
I'm bruised and burned and but look at the person inside because it's clean.
I want you to know the person inside because the person inside is the real me.

Ashlee, 14

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I hate To Say You Don't Care

I hate to say you don't care.
I hate to see me without you.
Your love for me, I can't bare.
You always say our love is true.
If you say you love me so,
Why not show it at all?
I feel as if we should move on,
But I'm attached to you in this ball.
I can't go free because I've loved you all along.
Many think I'm a fool for being with you.
I just wish they knew it's true.
If you love me as you say you do,
Then I believe when you say "I love you".
I would know it is very true!!!I love You!
To Vincent with love always.
I love you. No matter what I always will!!!


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One of a Kind

One of a Kind
You're the only one who made me feel this way,
I think of you every night and day.
I love it when you say,
"I love you."
You should be happy because I love you too.
I hate when people say, you guys don't love each other
But if we don't love each other why are we together?
Our love was meant for each other.

Dedicated to Dejohn. I will always love you.

Lindsey, 13

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Flying Angels in My Heart

Flying Angels in My Heart

They are flying now,
As free as can be.
They would not want us to mourn over them,
But to get back on our feet and walk.
We will see them again,
When we die.
They are flying now,
As free as can be.

Monkeygirl221514, 14

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Why Did I Leave?

Why did I leave?
I don't even know.
But since I left,
I have to go with the flow.
I feel broken.
On that last day,
That's exactly how I felt.
You may not know that but really you should.
Those days I leaned on your shoulder and
You don't remember?
Well you can forget it
But keep in mind I will never forget
Even though I want to be over it.

Ms. Neveseeyouagain, 8

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None of the Titles are Quite the Same

None of the titles are quite the same,
Some are made to entertain the brain.
Some are true and some are not,
Some are even covered in polka dots.
So when you choose, make sure it fits your delight
Or you will end up having a fright fight.

Lea, 0

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I'd Take a Look at Mercury

I'd take a look at Mercury
And zoom past Venus too.
I wouldn't get too close to them,
That's not the thing to do.

Khairiah, 11

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David David

David, David,
I am on my knees.
Oh pretty please,
Why won't you go out with me?

Frankie, 13

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Stars, Stars

Stars, Stars
In the skies
In discise
Up above
Near the world above
Shining bright

DebbieDolly, 12

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Why is it that when people wrong you,
They come right back asking for help?
And they don't remember what they have done.
Why is it that when you talk to them,
They look at you in a harsh way?
And they think that it is just so neat.
Why is it that any time you say"help me,"
They wouldn't give?
You just wonder what you have done to them.
They ask, you give,
But in return they Beef.
They ask for help,
You do it cause you love them.
Why is it that they do all this,
They don't know that it actually hurts?
I don't know what to say,
What else can be done to figure out,
Why is one question people ask;
But why, why is it that way?

yomzi, 14

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I am the person you bullied at school,
I am the person who didn't know how to be cool.
I am the person you alienated,
I am the person you really hated.

I am the person who sat on her own,
I am the person who walked home alone.
I am the person you scared everyday,
I am the person who had nothing to say.

I am the person with hurt in her eyes,
I am the person you never saw cry.
I am the person living alone with her fears,
I am the person destroyed by her peers.

I am the person who drowned in your scorn,
I am the person who wished she hadn't been born.
I am the person you destroyed for fun,
I am the person but not the only one.

I am the person whose name you don't know,
I am the person who just can't let go.
I am the person who had feelings too,
And I was a person, just like you.

Kelly, 14

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Blood running cold

Blood running cold as she runs to hold the only thing she has ever known - the only thing she's ever kept close to her heart or wrist.

Running, running faster and faster toward the darkest corner of the universe.

Praying for salvation she knows will never come while her soul pours out trying not to go back in to the dark of her soon lifeless body.

Looking into the night sky up at the stars she dies a slow painful death.

When she wakes up she dosen't open her eyes and we all know where she has gone.

But wait -- where? Do we really know?

gotham, 14

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There once was someone who loved me.
He was as sweet and funny as funny could be.
The love we shared was beautiful.
We had a wonderful time.
I share all this within this great rhyme.
All is all
Just as love is love
When you and I die I'll meet you up above.

caidyen, 15

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Someone, Somewhere Dreams of Your Smile

Someone, somewhere dreams of your smile
And while thinking of you says life's worthwhile
So when you're lonely or feeling blue
Remember that someone, somewhere is thinking of you

anon, 17

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Sweet 16

They say the mirror never lies
But how do they know?
Have they ever looked into the glass and not recognized what they saw?
Suddenly there's a stranger standing in front of you
Someone who you've never seen before, but you've heard of
"Oh you know her, shes that girl" that girl
No name
Just that girl
But who is that girl?
I thought I knew her
She was young and she was beautiful and she would live forever
She knew where she came from and who she was
She loved everyone and everything with a simple love
A glowing warm love that didn't need explaining
Now everything needs explaining
But no one knows the answers
No one
No one understands
She used to laugh for no reason and lift her arms up and dance
She looked at the stars with bright eyes and a shining face
She loved the stars
She saw them and she knew them and she knew they would be there for ever
But now she cant see anything
Where are they? Where are the stars?
What's up there?
Who's out there?
And worse still, who's in here?
Who is this person inside
She's scared, and she knows that one day she will die
She gets angry for no reason
A different kind of anger - not white hot and burning and gone
But this anger hurts
It bites
It gnaws
It bleeds
She feels so lonely
So lonely
There are so many people, but they don't seem real
"That girl there - I know her" no you don't

judy , 16

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I Love You

I love you and I hope you know that you're my boo
I want to be together forever through thick and thin
I wanna be there to very end, even if we have to be just friends
I don't want to split apart unless you break my heart
I love you and I hope you know its true
I will neva eva play you so just say you love me too!!!

Poohbaby112!!!Say what!O. Kkk k

poohbaby112, 12

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I Dwell with a Strangely Aching Heart

I dwell with a strangely aching heart
Standing under that small dim star
Walking down the narrowest street
Wanting to be where you are

The star was almost faded away
Just a tiny speck in the black blue sky
Yet the memory of you continues to haunt
Weakening my heart, making me cry

The touch of your lips
I still feel on my neck
You around me. I'll never forgive you,
For the sin of that peck

The stars are brighter now
My mind whirls my heart sings
For I know, the wind will bring you back
And I will be the Queen of kings

Renno, 14

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Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar

Twinkle twinkle chocolate bar
Your dad drives a rusty car
Press the starter
Pull the choke
Off he goes in a cloud of smoke.

Michaela , 7

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I was lying in my bed
It was half past midnight
There were people crowding around
Their trembling hands holding mine
Saying prayers underneath their breath
Acting as if something was wrong
Nothing was wrong, how could it be?
I was confused
Then it came
A flash of light falling down upon me
Knocking all around.

Alice, 12

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Get your swim cap ready and your goggles too

Get your swim cap ready and your goggles too
Because a competition is coming soon
So don't be nervous or even shy
Get on out there and give it a try
Dive in the water and start to swim
So you can finish first and win win win!

sporty gurl, 11

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Kiss Me

I love the way you kiss my lips,
I love the way you cradle my hips,
I love the way your smile shines,
But yet I can't think of anymore lines...
To me, this is heavenly bliss!
My prince charming! Give me a kiss!

Samara, 16

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The Spark is Gone

What have I done to deserve this?
I was liked, even loved, now all is dark
Whatever happened to our love?
Whatever happened to that spark?

We used to sit, and talk, or chat
We had the occasional fight or row
But I thought that you loved me,
I thought that you cared,
Where has that love gone now?

Sienna, 14

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One of a Kind

She was one of a kind
She was one of a kind
With a one of a kind mind.
She was kind
She was sweet
A person whom you would like to meet.

She was always there helping others.
She was more than just my friend
She was my grandmother.
You could never replace her love
Because it was a gift from God above.
She was one you'll never find
She was truly a gift from God above.

Written by: Laquailla B
Dedicated to: My Grandma

qua angel, 14

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I Wish You'd Listen

I wish that you'd listen and answer my call,
You don't rush to catch me whenever I fall,
You think that I don't really matter at all,
I'm better off trying to talk to a wall!

Alice, 13

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My Best Friend

My Best Friend

She is quiet but also loud
She is active but also lazy
She is good but also mischevious
All the younger kids love her but I know one thing for sure...

She is my best friend :)

Kirsty, 14

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Standing in a Bubble

Standing in a bubble
Crying quiet
Desperate for attention
Don't know how to get it

Cruel girls
Act like they can't see me
For once I'm not gonna be okay
From their judgement, I wanna be free

Just tell me I'm real
That I really do exist
Because once I'm gone,
How will I know I'll be missed?

Kim, 15

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I once new a goddess
So fair and wise.
She was faultless,
In my covered eyes
Her laugh brought joy
Her cry brought pain
I looked up to her
Our friendship could be destroyed by no bane
I was soon filled with distress
For all must come to an end
I lost my goddess
I lost my friend
I saw the coward in the warrior
The peasant in the king
Soon, I saw past the corner
Likewise, I felt disappointment's sting
My goddess is gone
She died long ago
And will not come back anon
I have felt depression's blow
That girl I once knew,
Has become a stranger in my eyes
In my heart she has lost all lieu
She is no longer fair, nor wise
Her friendship, I will never again possess
Now, our friendship has com to an end
Farewell, my goddess
Goodbye, my friend

WriterGirl, 12

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The Way She Sways in the Sun

The way she sways in the sun
The Eiffel tower has just begun
With all that happened you picked me
I'm am very tame
My baby sister just came

paulin123, 9

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Beyond the hills

Beyond the mountains

Farther than everything else in time's past

Past the flickering fountains

Farther than the eye can see

Beyond where any have found a place

To the center of the Earth

And past the depths of space

To and fro

There and back again

I find myself

Back in my own little den

WriterGirl, 12

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When We Started Out

When we started out, you loved me.
I loved you back.

That still can't change the facts.
You broke my heart,
You shot it with a dart.

I give you my love,
Which soared for you,
Like a dove.

You gave me your hate.
A side of you I thought was fake,
But then my love you take.

I still love you and always will,
But you don't love me back,
So the hole in my heart will never be filled.

Anonymous, 15

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Life Is Wonderful

Life is wonderful as much as you might think.
Life gives you love and makes you turn pink.
Letters and letters you might give to your love,
If they don't pay attention why give them a dove?
Now I hope you understand I hope you understand a lot. Don't feel bad if they don't give you love because That means they aren't as cute as a baby in Acot by Nabs!!!

Nabs, 10

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Roses Are Red

Roses are red, violets are blue, I think we should be together me and you!

Breann, 9

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Is It Worth It?

Is it worth it?
That one word that can change a lifetime.
Actually, you wouldn't have a life anymore.
Think of your friends, they're there till the end which would come too soon for you.
Solving your problems for good,
Losing your friends,
Never feeling pain again,
Never using your senses again.

Suicide: A major solution to a temporary problem.

WWEsuperstarwannabe, 16

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You look in a mirror and hate yourself.
You don't hang around with anybody else.
If you see the slightest imperfection you cry to me,
But to me my friend you're perfect.
Why did you kill yourself?
You said I want to be like everyone else.
When you act like that I hate it because to me my friend, your'e perfect.

To my friend who committed suicide... Girl you were perfect, an individual who couldn't take it anymore. I love ya girl

WWEsuperstarwannabe, 16

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You'll Probably Never Know...

You'll probably never know...
...How much I watch you
...How much I love your eyes
...How much you mean to me

...& how much I love you!!

Ardie, 11

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If You Are Truly In Love

If you are truly in love, you'll understand that he has faults, and forgive him for it.
You'll see him at his absolute worst and think "God, he's hot."
You won't be depressed if he doesn't like you, but happy just to know him.
You'll put his happiness before yours.
If he starts dating his crush, you're happy for him.
You are never sad because you know, as long as he's there, everything will be okay.
You are never afraid to talk to him.
He tells the lamest joke, but you think it's funny.
He could slit your throat, and with your last, dying breath, you'd apologize for bleeding on his shirt.
If you truly love him, nothing else will matter. He is your world, your everything.

Nora, 11

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Reach for it!

Reach for it!

Reach for all your goals!
If someone says that your dreams and goals
Will never come true,
Ignore them, you will and can do anything!
The sky is the limit!
Just believe it, then you can do it!

Welsh and Proud!!!!!!!!!!!, 12

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You Follow Me Around

You follow me around,
Waiting for me,
Come kick me to ground,
Please let me be.

Why do you do this?
What did I do?
No one deserves this,
Well, maybe I do.

I don't understand,
Why I am here,
Was I put on this earth,
To always cry tears?

Maybe, I shouldn't be here,
Maybe I'll go,
It's better than this,
Living in fear.

As I sit on my own,
The crowd gangs around.
When their done I lie waiting,
Waiting to be found.

I'd like to be a bird,
I'd like to be free,
Fly to another place,
Away from misery.

I wait for them coming,
This time with stones.
This time their running..From me?
Why...My head's bleeding...

Sirens around now,
I hear people crying,
Asking me why it happened,
When and How?

I wake in the morning,
Drums going in my head,
Angels around me,
That's right, Now I'm dead...

No bullys can get me,
I'm in a peaceful place,
But my family is torn,
As I am reborn...

Emma Louise, 12

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Like the Ocean's Waves

Like the ocean's waves
My emotions were like that for you.
And like the wind's breeze you made me feel
Comfortable and cool.
Never had I felt this way about a boy
But we're different because you brought me joy.
Like a baby's first breath you were precious
No one would ever be able to take away my heart like you did.
But it's too bad and it's too sad
That you died over a drug overdose like my best friend did.
See boys and girls please stay drug free
Because drugs can ruin your friends and family-
Or even you and me.

Ashley , 17

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The girl who had it all

You see, there was this girl who had it all-
She was the most popular girl that everyone stared at when she walked down the hall.
She had all the prada and gucci bags-
Her parents were rich and so was her boyfriend Brad.
But what this girl didn't have was common sense-
She smoked and dranked and her two best friends she always dissed.
But one night when the moon was full-
Jenny was off to a party with her friend named Jewel.
They smoked and drank until they passed out
But what they forgot was they were still at the party.
And when Jenny woke up she was next to Jim, Jake Michael, and Charlie.
Not realizing what was going on, she got up and went home.
The next day when she went to the doctor
Jenny and her mom found out a shocker.
She was pregnant with aids and the doctor found out she was raped
Now didn't she make a mistake?

Ashbigperm, 17

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My Friend and my Love

You are my friend, you are my love
God must have sent you here from above.
You are my soul, you are my heart
I hope that you won't tear it apart.
You are the one that makes me feel good,
You are the one that has understood.
You are my love, you are my friend
You will stay with me until the end.

Tyra aka Baby, 10

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Roses are Red

Roses are red, violets are blue
Honey is sweet, and so are you
You are sexy, you are divine
I want you to be mine, all mine

Love Batio

Tom, 13

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Sally, My Sweetheart

Sally, you are my sweetheart from heaven above. You are a darling that shines like a dove. So be an angel, I beg on my knees, and go out with me please!
All my love, James

james, 13

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Daniel- my angel

You're my darling- an angel from above. Please go out with me so I can show you my love. Sam loves Daniel forever and always.

Sam, 13

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Dear Holly

I think you're fine and divine you little sweetheart- will you be mine? I'm watching and waiting for you live at number three so see you later, honeybee.

John, 17

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When the darkness strikes

When the darkness strikes
And I bid my final goodnight
I can't help feeling scared and lonely
For I know deep down inside
That another night of terror and nightmare
Will stalk me
I will scream in silence
No one will hear my frightened sobs
I will be alone
Alone until the sun rises again
In the morning
Only then will I be able to close my eyes
In peace and tranquility
Good morning sun
Goodnight moon

Rachel, 12

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The End

I didn't want this to happen,
But I knew it was coming all along.
Best friends- now it's hard to look you in the eyes,
Knowing you were pretending-
Knowing what you did yesterday.
My wrists are bleeding, mascara flows down my cheeks.
And now that I'm broken,
Why don't you just leave me alone so I can try to fix everything ?
But no- you want to know why and I'll try not to cry..
But knowing it's the end of everything...
But then again it barely began.
All the lies, playing, flirting, making me feel I was your only one, the hugs and the letters...
It's the end.

Broken, 13

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I moved away

I moved away-
Away, away-
From your kindness.

I will not forget-
Forget, forget-
You, my friend.

Stephanie, 12

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I Died For Love

Through the year I did so well,
I met a guy I loved him swell

There he took my heart from me,
And now he wants too set it free

He put a girl upon his knee,
And told her things he never told me

I ran home to cry on my bed,
Not A single word I said

My father later that night,
Searched for me left to right,

On the floor a note he found,
It said:

"Dig my grave
Dig it deep,
Marble stone head to feet,
On the marker put above,
Show the world I died for love."

Michelle, 15

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Love is like a pot of gold

Love is like a pot of gold, hard to get hard to hold.
From all the guys I ever met, you're the one I won't forget. I do believe that God above created you for me to love. He picked you from all the rest, because he knew I loved you the best. When I go to heaven and you're not there, I'd wait for you by the golden stairs. And if your not by judgment day, I know you have gone the other way. So I'll trade my golden wings, and other precious things to proove my love is true, I'd go to hell to be with you.

Alisha, 15

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Everyone needs to love

Everyone needs to love
Everyone needs to cry
Yet hear I am
Watching the world go by
Buzy people rushing
Happy people smiling
I'm not understanding this mountain I'm climbing

People shopping, working and playing
Isn't there time for love?
The world's in a hurry
But where to go?
Some people think to above
Why aren't people happy to be giving?
They make cars to be driven
Isn't life for living?

Happiness is a thing to be cherished
Yet nobody seems to care
A heart is a thing to be loving
Yet there seems to be no love there
People are unable to be content
No matter what they have, they want more
Everything they do, they resent
No one is happy for long

The traffic passes
People come and go.
Why we can't we bring ourselves to love?
I just don't know
People call others wierd
Yet aren't we all?
They worry about their makeup
Doesn't personality call?

Polly, 13

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Love Dove

I have a broken heart
Even I can't fix it
But then there's you
The love I have is for you but you can't see it
Oh Aaron you were the love
But now the love dove is gone
You went to camp and I stayed here
Loving you my dear
Then you come back dating my best friend
And you Aaron you fear hearing my words when you tell me
Cause my words burn
I loved you
But now the love dove is flown from you but stays in my heart till the new guy coms along.

Rachel, 11

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Holding your hands and kissing you
Feeling your sweet and soft lips
From cuddling
Keeping me safe
Protecting me from harm's way

Under the stars tonight along with the moonlight realising this is reality, cause the dreams can never compare
to the things we have shared cause
Our Love is Undreamable :)

DetroitGirl, 15

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Bullies don't have to be the fat kid down the block,
Or that strong kid who can crush you like chalk,
They can be that girl who looks at you and turns up her nose,
The girl who trashes your buds and disses your clothes,
It can be that boy who spreads rumors about you,
Or that neighbor that gives their pitbull your shoe.

Bulliess can be short, big, fat, skinny or small,
A bully can be 50 feet tall!
But in any size or shape, bullying is not something you should take.
Tell a teacher, your parents, the principal, and you'll be very happy you did!

jellybean, 11

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Leaves are falling,
Its getting colder,
The days are getting shorter,
School's beginning,
Kids are jumping up and down in
Moms and dads are walking,
Those are simple signs of:

Jennifer, 14

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Don't Look Sad

Smile so silly, don't look sad!
Liven up a bit,
You look like you are, oh, so mad.
Smile, just don't sit!
Oh please, please don't frown.
It makes me sad,
So turn your frown upside down!
Just please, oh please don't frown!
There you go! Smiling isn't so bad!

Karlie, 13

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Porcelain Doll

I'm sitting here
In my chair
Pretty face
Perfect hair.

Perfect clothes
Two black shoes
Perfect pose
I'm your muse.

Painted on
Just for you
Pretty smile
Will it do?

Brownish black locks
Two brown eyes
Made of glass
They do not cry.

Porcelain skin
Cold to the touch
Lifeless body
Collecting dust.

Shelia, 13

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In Love

I am in love
But he lives so far away
And he loves me I know
He's shown me that earlier
But he is so far away.
I want him now right here but it's not possible

I am in love
But he is to far away
I love you sweety.
See you next summer...

Hidden, 17

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Bow Down to Me!

Bow down to me, I say!
Because without me you are nothing.
Everyone is nothing without me
So do as I say
Because I am queen.

Queen, 10

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I'm facing my fear
I wish that I were dead
I cry my tears
As my face turns bright red

People point laugh and sneer
I'm embarrassed
I wish I wasn't here
Somebody please help me face this

I trip, I fall
I'm hurt and I crawl
I try to stand back up
I can't face this
I tremble with fear
Wanting the end to be near
I hide behind my hair
This is more than I can bare
I can't face this
Somebody help I'm feeling embarassed

This just isn't my day
Luck isn't heading my way
My homework fell in the hall
It doesn't stand a chance
My boyfriend broke up with me
So who'll take me to the dance?
A basketball hit me in the head
And before I blacked out I said "Ow! Let me be dead!"
But luck wasn't on my side

I trip, I fall
I'm hurt and I crawl
I try to stand back up
I can't face this
I tremble with fear
Wanting the end to be near
I hide behind my hair
This is more than I can bare
I can't face this
Somebody help I'm embarrassed

Why won't someone lend me a hand
So I can get up and run
But the embarrassment is like quicksand
Pulling me in, outta the fun
I fainted as they stare
While I was out they painted my hair
My face is a bright red glare
Even though I act like I don't care

I trip, I fall
I'm hurt and I crawl
I try to stand back up
I can't face this
I tremble with fear
Wanting the end to be near
I hide behind my hair
This is more than I can bare
I can't face this
Ooooh somebody help me
Ooooh somebody help me
Somebody help me Im embarrassed

This is a song I wrote awhile back and it's about one of my bad days...

-Lisa (a.k.a The Obsessed WWE Fan)

WWEsuperstarwannabe, 16

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I was thinking of you at the time,
When I realised you are all mine.
To keep deep in my heart,
We will never be apart.
We will always be,
You we meant for me.
I hope it will be for life,
Because I'd love to be your wife.
I was thinking of you at the time,
When I relised you are mine.
I cherish you from this day,
And will love you all the way.

Amy, 15

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Broken Heart

Broken Heart

There is a collection of poems that you will never see,
For they describe the love that was between you and me.
Now this letter is written in pen and not sealed with a kiss,
For if you do not love, then answer this,
Why do you lie? Why didn't you tell me how you felt?
For the stakes were high and the cards were dealt,
And left me with nothing to hold,
Standing in the bitter cold,
A broken heart.

Vinny, 16

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D is for the depths of their souls from which the hatred comes.
E is for all eternity, for that is how long they will be trapped.
A is for abhorrence, for that is what causes the hatred.
T is for torture, for that is what the devil will bring to them.
H is for hell, for that is where they will go for causing so much pain.

Alana, 13

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Everything About You

Everything About You

Your eyes are deep,
And your smile makes me weak.
You look at me like I'm the only one there,
When actually the hall is hardly bare.
When you laugh you make things so bright,
Even though it is as dark as night.

No one knows how I love so,
Even though I think you know.
So please, would you tell me if you like me too,
Then maybe I wouldn't be so blue.

Paige, 12

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When I Look Into Your Eyes

When I look into your eyes,
There's nothing there to see,
Nothing but my own mistake,
Staring back at me.

I don't know what you're expecting of me,
Every step that I take,
Is another mistake to you.

Should I carry on,
Pretending you're the one,
When there's nothing to see,
Nothing to hold on to.

What hope is there,
If you will never show me anything,
Not even friendship.

Reflected in your eyes,
Is only disbelief.
The only feeling I have when you look at me,
Is pain and the realisation that nothing was how I hoped it would be.

The love that I relied on,
The hope that I counted on,
The chemistry I thought was there,
Was just my imagination.

Hat, 13

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Welcome to the Haunted House!

Step in through the rusty gates.
Be quiet as a mouse
We're going to sneak and take a peek,
Inside the haunted house!

Ghosts are hooting in the hallway.
Ghastly Ghouls lurk on the stairs.
Imps and spirits have pillow fights,
To catch you unaware!

In the kitchen there's a wizard,
Making slug and spider pies.
They're for a very special meal:
A Halloween surprise.

Upstairs in the dusty bedrooms,
Skeletons are getting dressed.
Vampires brush their hair and teeth.
All the spooks must look their best!

An empty suit of armor,
Is clanking loudly down the hall.
To a party in the ballroom-;
It's the monster's secret ball!

So while the party's in full swing,
Be quiet as a mouse.
Tiptoe out while you still can.
Escape the Haunted house!

Welsh and Proud!!, 12

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My Boo

My boo, where's my boo?
Oh, could this be true?
How could he make my life so blue?
What am I going to do?
Things are not the same.
Now he's spitting game.
I'm so ashamed.
I opened my heart to you,
And this is what you do?
Now I know I have no real boo.

chante, 14

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You Took My Hand and Showed Me the Light

You took my hand and showed me the light.
You helped me find my way.
And into my heart you fell.
Any thought of you makes me happy.
Your warm smile;
Your kind heart.
I love you because you make me Shine.

Raven, 13

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Shining Star

You are my shining star.
My love, my hope, my joy.
You make me smile when I'm down;
The brightest smile in the world.
My heart soars for you,
And to tell you you're wonderful would not be enough.
So I think this:
If I had a star for each time you made me smile,
I'd have a whole night's sky in the palm of my hand.
To tell you "I love you" does not express me.
You are my baby boy and you're my shining star.

Hope, 14

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Everything you do

Your voice,
Your smile,
Everything you do;
I wouldn't change
A thing about you.
Thinking about you
Day and night,
I can't get you out of my mind.
I can see you plain as light.
When I'm down you're always there,
Whether you're interested, or just listening,
I know you care.

kristy, 18

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You Made Me Cry

You made me cry.
You made me weak.
You made me helpless;
Unable to speak.

You were never gentle.
You were never kind.
There was hate and passion,
In your love all combined.

You lifted your hands,
Then sometimes refused.
When I screamed with terror,
After you'd left me that last bruise.

I don't want it to happen again.
Don't hurt me, please.
Don't make me cry.
I never meant for him to die.

"Why did you do it?" They say softly.
"I..I didn't" Everyone was so against...
"You di, But we know why Darling, it's ok.
Nothing can go wrong when it was self defense."

Lexi, 13

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When You're Angry

When you're angry;
When you're sad;
Don't forget me as a friend.
When you're happy;
When you're excited;
Don't look behind and move forward!

funny, 12

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What People Don't Know

What People don't know
There are things that people know,
And there are things that they don't.
Here are a few I doubt anyone knows:
Prep may be pretty
But they are so rude.
Punk may be cool
But it's not popular.
Goth may be hot
But it's not a fad.
Cutter may be gross
But it's not a label.
These are a few things people should know,
But no one listens when I say it.

Megan, 10

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This is deep so read carefully...

I want to send my sorrows to anyone who lost someone, anyone who knew someone, someone who meant something to somebody. Everyone was shocked, everyone stopped. Many died, some cried, but I testified anyone can stand, but everyone gave a hand!

Me, 17

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My Goodbye

My Goodbye
(Written for my Stewart Little)

Sitting here all alone,
Trying to figure out how to let go.
I love you so much,
Yet I see you so little.
There's still a part of me that will never stop fighting.
There's still that kiss I left you with.
I miss you already.
I can see you miss me to.
I'll hold my head high and promise not to cry.

Rachel, 15

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I Learned So Many Things From Not Seeing You

I learned so many things from not seeing you.
I learned I should tell you I love you.
I learned to give you my number if I want to.
I learned to hug you if I feel love.
I learned to smile when I see you.
So to make it short,
I learned I should have done everything differently that day.

hippo_girl, 13

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I Must Be Good At Hiding My Feelings.

I must be good at hiding my feelings.
At school I am happy and cheerful.

I feel so sad they must not see,
The feelings that are contained in me.

No one hugged me, they don't care about my pain,
Do they think it is all a game?

Everyday is a cloudy day,
It is so sunny they all say.

hippo_girl, 13

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The Day I Found Out He Liked Me

The day I found out he liked me, I was so happy. All I could do was smile and laugh. Well, I haven't seen him in so long, I have almost decided to move on and let go. I miss him so much, all I can do is frown and cry.

hippo_girl, 13

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I Felt So Confused

I felt so confused when I walked away from you.
So you like me, I don't know what to do.

I miss you so much, do you feel the same?
Do you love me like I love you, or was it just a game?

I still see your face every day,
My heart beats for you in every way.

You're with me now, I know for sure.
The love I hold for you is pure.

I guess I should have said good-bye,
Then maybe I would not cry.

hippo_girl, 13

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L Is For Your Name

L is for your name and for the love I have for you.

The L in your name, stands for love.
The U stands for you and me.
The I stands for I love you.
The S stands for sweet boy.

Boy I love you,
And I will love you until I die.
It doesn't matter what day I die.
I've told you this, "I will love you until I die and if I die now, I just want you to know that I love you."
Boy I love you and always will.
I have never told a boy that I love them, not even in my family.
For example, I never told my dad, uncles, or boy cousins that I love them, or friends.
You are the only boy I ever said these words to.
I know that you don't have the same feelings for me that
I have for you, but since I told you how I feel now,
Our friendship grew closer and I really am happy to
Have met you.
When I'm sad and I think of you,
I feel happy.
I love your eyes, your face, I love everything about you, and always will.

I love you and always will!!!
I will love you until I die!!!

Vivi, 12

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Life Is Like The Glow In You

Life is like the glow in you,
Only true love knows that it is true.
Life will seize you one day at a time.
It shows no mercy and shows no kind.
It betrays you as you go on, and takes that special
Light of yours.
The only way to get it back is by finding love in spite of that.

Amanda, 13

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You're Completely In Love With Her

You're completely in love with her and I'm never going to get a chance.
You're totally caught up in her eyes and I'm never going to get a glance.
Wishing on you from a far,
Wishing upon that shooting star.
They say fairytales are true, but I know it's just a lie.
They say you're going to come to my rescue, but I know I'm just going to cry.
My feelings are getting deep and you're sweeping me right off my feet.

Lovemenot, 15

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Fine Guys Make Me Cry

Fine Guys Make Me Cry

It was back in September 2003,
A couple of mates, my sister, and me,
Went cruisin' down the highway lookin' all crisp.
We saw a gorgeous guy who was hard to miss.
With a body like that he was lookin' so fine,
Neaten up my face, don't want to step out of line.
He started to come closer, we all acted lame,
Tripped over his laces, oh what a shame.
It turned out to be that this fine guys face,
Was nothing good looking, but a human disgrace.
We laughed so much until it was too much to take,
Then out of my mouth flew my birthday cake.
Soon enough my eyes started to water,
Where's the rest of my cake thats only a quarter?
My girls and I could not deny,
That fine guys only make you cry.

Jennifer, 13

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Ugliness, Ugliness

Ugliness, ugliness,
Everywhere I go,
I look in the mirror and hate the person looking back at me.
Mum says I'm all skin and bones,
And that it's just my hormones.
I have to eat,
Or the grim reaper I will meet!!!

Sabre, 13

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Sometimes when you're not around, I feel lonely.
Now that your back I feel scared.
Seeing you touch her and feeling scared,
I don't know what to do,
Cry or scream at you?
I want to know what's wrong with me because I'm Sexually anorexic when you touch me...

Karissa, 12

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I Saw You

I saw you.
You were watching me.
I knew you liked me.
I wanted you to come over and talk to me.
My heart lept as you crossed the room.
I felt like fainting when you spoke to me,
But now we are together, I feel like I've known you Forever.

Samantha, 11

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That day

That day

Today is the day,
The day I have been preventing.
The day that they told you I liked you and you didn't say anything.
You just made a face and walked on by.
Believe me, when that happend, my heart fell apart and died.
So I sat and I cried, wanting to be dead.
So many things were going on inside of my head.
They were wired feelings that I never felt before.
I wasn't that nice little girl everyone knew anymore.
I hated you so so bad,
The thought of you dead, made my heart feel so glad.
I truly never knew you were like that.
Believe me, if I did I would have taken eveything I felt for you back.
So it's your loss I guess.
You don't deserve anything.
Expecially the very best!

Ashley, 15

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The year is 1633,
That is the year I said "hi" to thee.
I miss you like I miss the sea.
Oh why, oh why did you have to say goodbye to me?
You are a prince,
And I wince,
Everytime your name comes to mind.

The year is 1634,
I wait and wait for you by the door.
Will you come?
Say no more,
I gave up the night before.
Oh, how I wish you were alive!
But there is still a doubt in my mind,
That you live forever more.

The year is 1635
I have said my goodbyes.
I will be wed to a "Mr. Dred,"
A king that I rather dislike.
He is old, ugly, but wise,
To marry a young girl like me.
I am 15 now as you can see,
But I will say goodbye now, like you did to me.
So goodbye dear friend.
Goodbye, Goodbye.

Ruby Red, 15

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It's Like I'm Not Here

It's like I'm not here........ just a ghost.

Sydney, 13

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Skies have been gray lately, but the trees are changing colors. It is so pretty. The geese are flying south for the winter. Leaves off the trees. Pumpkins are orange. So cold out side. All the things of autumn.

Aubrey , 10

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My Heart Is There For You

My heart is there for you.
Your love is for who?
My eyes turn to hearts.
We can play darts.
With you beside me,
We can hide and kiss in a tree.

Jess, 12

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There Are Flowers In The Sunshine

There are flowers in the sunshine,
There are flowers in the rain,
There are flowers here and everywhere,
In fact, they think they reign.
There are flowers in the meadows,
There are flowers in the trees,
There are flowers here and everywhere,
Being pollinated by bees.

You know you love my poem! Lol Bye Sophia, 04 X

Sophia, 13

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Myles My One And Only...

Myles my one and only...
Myles you seriously don't know how much I love you.
The only thoughts I have in my mind are you.
Even though you're so far away from me, you feel so near.
I would do anything for you, I'd even die for you.
I just want you to know these things because I really wish you feel the same. If you don't, I understand because not many people would like me anyway! But hey, that's life.
So here's what I came to right...
I love you so much Myles!!! Forever and eva and eva and eva! Even if I sound like I'm exaggerating I swear on my life, I will always love you!!!
Love From Your Girl Carly x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x

Carly, 13

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I like your style,

I like your style,
I like your class.
But most of all I like your ass.

fifi, 16

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Hip happy people hop in costumes.
All young adults adore Almondjoys.
Lusty lovers love little leopards.
Loony losers laugh at people.
Old people only give one piece of candy.
Wolf and wolf try to wean each other from wax.
Evil antelope under the edge moon.
Elephants dance edging through evil streets.
Non believers never knew new costumes were cool.

Megan, 10

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god made the ocean

god made the ocean
god made the sea
god needed a princess
so he made me

lil aztec lover, 12

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I think of all the times we've had

I think of all the times weve had,
I wish you were here right now.
I miss you more and more each day,
I still have so much to say.
You left without telling me goodbye,
Without even any notice.
I would give anything to bring you back,
If only I could.

staci, 14

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You think your so funny around your friends
But the thing you don't notice is that it does offend.
Sometimes I wish that you would just go away,
Because all the pain you give, will always stay.
But I have one question, do you think before you speak?? Because you always bring me down piece by piece. You seem to apologize when your friends are not around, but I can never say anything, cause you'll just put me down.
Well I give up and you win,
If you want to cut me down, then we can't be friends.
I hope your happy that you got your laughs,
But at least you know now, why we didn't last!!

Aubree, 16

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When I saw you

When I saw you
I was afraid to meet you
When I met you
I was afraid to kiss you
After I kissed you, I was afriad to love you
Now I love you,
And I'm afraid to lose you!!!

Krissy, 0

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I like a shy guy
A not afraid to fly guy
A guy who is not afraid to say no

I like a mysterious guy
A hotty and funny guy
A smart and fun guy, with a little seriousness mixed in

I like a non-moody, loving, caring guy
Some guy to pick me up when I am down
And never do the opposite

Not a gothic, not a model
Not stupid or a smart-alec
A guy with glasses a guy without
A guy with braces or not

Think about it
Mabye it is true
Mabye the pefect guy is you.

Cassandra, 0

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Scott is my man

Scott is my man
Even though he doesn't know it.
Scott is my man
Even though I don't show it.
Scott is my man
O wow this is grand!
Scott is my man
Got a problem with it?

Sizzler, 12

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I saw him I fell in love

I saw him and I fell in love
He saw me and saw nothing
It hurt inside that he had no love for me at all
But then his heart opened like a rosebud to me
But then the rose died
We weren't ment to be...

Catherine, 10

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Don't ever sat that life is short

Don't ever say that life is short
Because trust me it is not
You live just as long, so that
You taste the flavor of everything once
You laugh, you cry
And for once you'll dance in a trance!!

You live to see all seasons
That God has to show for his own reasons
Don't ever question the almighty's justice
He has his way, but you test our patience

What goes around comes back
So watch your actions before life cracks!!!
Be happy
Smile and enjoy life
Before it looks shabby!!!

Kanika , 18

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Love is important

Love is important
How very important
Very very important
Everyone loves LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pudding , 8

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A small wet tear

A small wet tear,
A brush of a hand,
Silently on the cold, hard ground.

When things go wrong,
You can't explain
You're looking at an empty plain.

Though things seem right,
But no one cares.
It's him, he brushes back your hair.

His soft, warm kiss
Lifts your spirit high.
He fades away into the hard blue sky.

Ava, 11

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All I want is to see you once more.

All I want is to see you once more.
I have no idea what I would say or how I would react.
I have felt nothing but sorrow since I have been away from you.
I am searching for you, but you're nowhere to be seen.
It's been way to long; you have to agree.
Everyday, I wonder if you miss me like I miss you.
If you do, that means you are sad, silent, and confused.
I wish and pray that you will return.
Every Sunday, I come to church to find that you're not there.
Last time I have seen you was June 24, 2004.
I know I will someday find you and I promise I will Never give up.

hippo_girl, 13

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Sometimes it feels like I have to break this habit

Sometimes it feels like I have to break this habit
And creep away from the lines of indifference
And comply with the rest
To blind myself with the colors that show
That I might be the same as everyone
Just another face in the crowd.
I bite my lip to hold back shouts
That might rip me apart from this place
And set me aside on my own
To fend for myself in a sinful world
I'd like to add something new to the world
Paint the sky red, the grass blue
Show that things aren't always what they seem,
And a hidden self can't hide for long
Brushing through photographs that frame our lives,
Yet keep us in our trying time.
I clench my teeth to hold back stinging tears
And take a modest step forward
Away from this world of pain,
Filled with perfect stereotypes
And shadows of a doubt.
Now, I'm represented by the states of a new world,
But the end of the old one is a hard act to follow.
As we stumble onto the stage
And race through imperfect lines
So, we pledge allegiance to the flag
Of the less than United States of America.

Charmed, 12

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If i go to heaven and you're not there

If I go to heaven and you're not there, I'll know you've gone the other way.
So, give the angels back their wings and harps and everything

By nicky Aged 14

nicky, 14

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Beautiful sun that shines so bright

Beautiful sun that shines so bright you are the morning Beautiful light, your rays shine down all over the land, like something has just begun to stand.

, 0

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When the sun shines without me and I'm not there.

When the sun shines without me, and I'm not there to see if the sun rises and finds your eyes all filled with tears for me. I wish so much you wouldn't cry the way you did today, while thinking of the many things we didn't get to say. I know how much you love me, it's as much as I love you, and each time that you think of me I know you'll miss me too. When tommorow starts without me, please try to understand that an angel came and called my name and took me by the hand. It said my place in heaven was ready, and I'll have to leave behind all those I dearly love. So, when tommorow starts without me, don't think we're far apart, because each time that you think of me I'm right there in your heart.

Marie, 11

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You broke my heart into a million pieces

You broke my heart into a million pieces, but it healed because you were not worth crying about. Now, I am stronger and I won't let you hurt me again.

lore, 11

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Spread Your Wings

When you're mad, just think of things
You can get happy, then spread your wings
You may get tired, you may get cold,
Just spread your wings, and you'll find gold.
If you're trying to find someone, your friends are the key;
Just look around, and you'll find me.

Alyssa, 10

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10 Things I Hate About You

I hate it when you laugh at me.
I hate it when you stare.
I hate it when you call me names,
and you act like I don't care.
I hate it when you wear your big dumb combat boots,
and when you look me in the eye
I hate it when you don't listen to me,
and even worse, when you make me cry
I hate it that you didn't call, but most of all,
I hate it when you treat me like a doll!!!

Heather, 10

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There's nothing as nice as someone who shares
your laughter, your secrets, your wishes, and cares.
Someone who's there through your good times and tears,
who stays by your side as your friend through the years.

ashley, 16

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Falling in love is a sweet ambition

Falling in love is a sweet ambition,
Finding true love is a life time mission,
Take my advice and follow the asian tradition:
Marry your mums ugly decision!!!

salma, 14

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I love him
He loves me.
I sit here and look at my diary.
The one he gave to me.
The one on Valentine's Day.
The one I write in every day,
I know we will be together forever
because we are together.

lency, 15

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Love Can Be

Love can be sad
love can be mad but,
don't be afraid of what I have to say
I just have to say, that I love you,
And I hope you love me too.

hay, 15

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As I Gaze Out Of The Window

As I gaze out of the window, I see your face in the moon and the stars. You are my universe. If loving you is an offense, then take me to court. I love you Boo.

Shystie, 16

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As I gaze

As I gaze out of the window
I see your face in the moon, the stars
You are my universe
If loving you is an offense
Then charge me to court
I love you boo

shystie, 16

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Life in the Darkness

Lying in my bed fast asleep
Hoping to never awake
Back into this never ending dream

One that is filled with anger
And nothing but
Betrayal and lies

One where I don't
Know who I am
Or where to go
In this life

One where the outside
Is always dark
And the sun never
Comes out

One where this is
My life
And this is how
It shall always be

Raven, 16

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Everytime I See Him

Everytime I see him around the corner of my eye
I don't know what to do
Is it that I have butterflies inside
Maybe one day he will know how I really feel
And if he feels the same
We can have something real
But until today I am growing up
And learning, seeing
Things might never be the same
If he knew where I was going.

grace, 18

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As I am torn into pieces, no one will ever know... Know the love I have for Cody and that I am torn.

As I sit and pray, as I sit and weep, no one will ever know the pain I feel inside and how I loved him so...

Cody, we were so close, why not talk to me? I am your big sister and as I sit and ask why, I will never know the qustions I have inside.

No one feels the way I feel about this and at times I blame myself, and as I sit here and say what if what if, I know he is happy and in a better place.

But why me and why now? He will never know... I had dreams and hopes for my baby brother and now I have nothing here, but love and a broken heart...

Tiffany, 15

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Roses Are Red,

Roses are red,
And violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet, but not as sweet as you.
You're as hot as the sunshine,
You're as tasty as my tea,

But nothing comes better than you and me.

Smithie, 13

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Hiding All Alone In A Box

Hiding all alone in a box, hiding all alone in an empty corner, being teased day and night. I am afraid to sleep, it is such a fright! This is my life curled in a corner, afraid to step foot out my door. All I want is to be ignored. This is my life. Do you know what it's like to be teased and made fun of riding my bike? Guess. Every where I go I just know what will happen. All of those things are true. This is my life, it might not be true to you!

Kelsey, 11

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Why did you hurt me the way you did?
Why did you leave me when I needed you the most?
Why did you flirt with her when you knew it hurt me?
I don't ask myself these things anymore because you were never worth it and you will never be.

Lore, 11

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Hey I Love Him!

Hey I love him!
Does he love me?
I want him!
Does he want me?
I care for him!
Does he care for me?
I wonder, oh I wonder,
Does he love me?!!!

Cubangirl, 0

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Our Soldiers

Our soldiers stand fighting tall,
Working hard until they fall.
Helping to protect the USA,
Fighting for our country to this very day.
Some lives have been taken, some lives have been lost.
No one will know how much it cost.

Our flag still stands, it still waves in the air,
It stands for freedom and that's what we share.
Mothers, children, wives, and all,
Even when our soldiers fall you still need to stand tall.
Our soldiers fight everyday for this place we call USA.

Megan, 12

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I Love You Tom

I love you Tom,
Even though you are the most popular boy in school,
I love you with all my heart.
I never had the guts to tell you in person,
Now I know that you know how I feel.
Please tell me...

IllinoisGuRl, 13

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Struggling To Survive

Struggling to survive
In this world full of lies.
Trying to find the truth that goes on in my mind,
It's hard to find people who are kind,
who can show me where to go,
where I can perform and show.
How to keep this world from coming to an end,
Now just tell me where do I begin?

Iesha, 12

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When My Heart Is In My Dreams

I have one weakness,
And it is you.
You are so beautiful,
Too good to be true.
You came in,
When I was gone,
You pulled me through,
You made me strong.

But she was watching,
All the time,
Trying to steal you,
You were already mine.
She beat our love,
Until it was dead
And tried to feed me tears of dread.
You should have heard the lies she told,
I tried to keep you,
But you were sold.
That night I lie in bed awake,
With a feeling that I could not shake.

It was the feeling of a broken heart,
You felt it too,
But you didn't realize how hard.
And now she's gone,
Away from us,
I wish we could go back
To trust.
It can never work,
No matter how hard we try,
There's still the fighting,
And again I will cry.
But although we're not together still,
I love you Matt...I always will.

Mindy, 14

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You Are So Cute

You are so cute,
I love you so much,
Someday I wish,
That our lips would just touch.

Angel, 12

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What's Love Supposed To Be? Do you really love me?

What's Love supposed to be? Do you really love me?
Do I really love you too?
Do you really care for me? Do I really care for you?
Do you really trust me? Do I really trust you too?
The question is, can I really do these things and can you?
It doesn't matter what you ask, it matters what you choose.
So would you choose me? Would you never lose me?
Would you hold me in your arms, and please me with your charms?
Can you tell me right now? Can you tell me tomorrow?
Can you ever tell me? So I won't sorrow?
Soften your heart for me. Be real smart for me, and tell me,
What's love supposed to be?

Amanda, 11

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Now That You Left

Now that you left,
My heart turned cold,
You left me with nothing but tears,
And fears.
Why did u leave me?
Ever since you left,
I turned to nothing,
But sorrow.

Nika, 11

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I Thought You Were My Friend

I thought you were my friend,
But you did it all again,
How could I be so stupid,
To trust someone like you.

You seemed like such a good friend,
But something happened.
Was it something I said?
Did I do something wrong?
Or are you just a jerk,
Who needs to be ignored.

I wonder everyday about what to do,
About our relationship,
And know that I've thought about it,
I'll dump you like a brick.

Kitty, 12

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The autumn leaves swayed with the wind,
The roaring sea splashing the shore,
We will discover somewhere no one has been,
Places never before seen.

Where the rain turns us back around,
Slaps against our face and falls to the sea,
Your eyes remind me of the girl I used to be,
The hope, the courage, the sheer intensity.

A different world, where crystal blue,
Is the gold of this life,
And we all see rainbows in different ways,
Our eyes speak for themselves,
Our souls uncovered,
Different from theirs.

We are in this realm together,
Fighting to keep it away from them,
They invade and cross our lover's lips,
Too close.

The gleam in your eyes by ice is overpowered.

I forget the girl I used to be.

They found our world,
Now it is theirs.

Earth used to be so beautiful.

Marese, 13

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S-sexy a***

S-Sexy a**
M-Makes my day
O-Obviously hot
G-Great to be with

andrew, 13

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The House On The Hill

The House On The Hill

In the dark of the night,
Or the light of the day.
At the end of November,
Or the beginning of May.
Whatever the season, it stands alone,
The house on the hill is an empty home.

Sophie, 13

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There is this girl, who cries and cries,
Because she found out her guy was lies.
He was a faker, and a jacker,
He wasnt famous wasnt a rapper.
He lied to her and many others,
But when he needs money it's her she bothers.
Doesnt care about how she feels,
He is really bugging, it's for real.
She cannot stand him anymore,
But she herself is such a w****.
Her friends might call b**** or s***,
But she doesnt care thats all her luck.
She'll cut her veins to end the pain,
Because that fricken guy drove her insane.
So no more tears will follow her life,
She'll go in the shower and grab that knife.

caLi GrL fRoM sB, 13

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Mexican To American

Mexican to American
There are two boundaries between these places,
But friends of us are many faces.
We are not criminals because we are brown,
It's not our fault you got a frown.
We are like the blonds and the whites,
Seeing the blonds make themselves look stupid aren't our sites.
We arent racist like most of them,
Have we ever caused trouble, tell me when?
So let us in to "your" country, and let us be free,
Because the Declaration of Independence said we shall have the same rights, just like thee.
So do not look at skin color and discriminate us because we aren't pure American,
Do not treat us like your slaves cuz we arent.

Mex to Usa, 13

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I Hate You, but I Love You at the Same

I hate you, but I love you at the same time.
I wish that I could tell you how I feel,
My nights are so dead without you,
My days are so lonely without your happy smile,
We flirt but hate each other, I love you!


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When I Met You, I was in Love.

When I met you I was in love I remember everything about you

Youre the one I love but you left me and I started to cry.
I love him but he doesnt understand how love works so
I am just sorry I can live that so I hate you

When I met him I was happy.


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Witche's Flight

Witche's Flight

Witches, witches through the sky.
Witches, witches way up high.
Pumpkins heads and vampires blood all mixed up to make a flood.
Monsters feet are good to eat and flying bats are good to see.
Ghosts are white and bats are black and they all came out of a magic hat.
Magicians heads and witches hands are found in the very hot sand.
Wrapped up mummies and skeletons bones arent very good at making moans.
Pumpkin carvings arent very nice.
They scare little kids and they scare them at night.
Goblins bones and peoples heads make a very nice, cozy, warm bed.
Werewolves are very fast but not that fast to take a bath.
Poems are very nice but this one is going to end tonight.

Farrah, 10

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I Saw You

I Saw You

I saw you on the television,
Saw you with my super vision.
It was love at first sight,
Ok, alright, I'm getting too close,
I know.
But, I just cant take it slow,
Its something thats inside of me
That makes me act the way I'll be.
I saw you; my heart started beating fast,
I was short of breath,
I couldnt last.
It was love, so I got a picture of you
Everywhere, ok, alright who cares?
So I like you, I do,
I wanna get close to you.
When I saw you, it all started.
And thats what happened, when I saw you.

scorpio11592, 11

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"Love, Life"

I love you so much you have no clue
Cause' all I ever think
About is how my life would be without you,
Then I come to my senses and realize
That without you in my life,
I would have no life to live for.

Boo Boo, 12

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Did You Know My Heart Skips a Beat When I

Did you know my heart skips a beat when I see you?
Did you know my lips quiver when I speak to you?
Did you know my knees shake when you talk to me?
Did you know my heart melts when you hug me?
Well if you didnt know oh how I wish you did.
Oh well,
I guess thats why youre my little crush

cynthia, 0

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Roses are Red,

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I'm writing this,
Because I love you.

Balfour Babe, 10

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Can You Bear It?

Can you bear it?
Can you feel it?
Can you dream it?
I want you to dream it
I want you to feel it
But what I don't want is for you to bear it...
I begged...but failed...you never did stay..
I tried...but failed...you never will change..
I asked you if you love me and you said yes...
But that was once upon a time...
You asked me if I loved you and my answer was always yes...And I meant it but never you...
I thought you were that kind of guy whom I could trust and depend on..
I was bloody stupid...You were too good to be true...
Well now it is the time for me to leave..
As I leave you with no hate and bad things... but never will I love you again...

cool girl, 14

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Together we stand in the doorway of love
Holding hands knowing we will be together for the rest of our lives
But then one day something came and destroyed my life
It was his ex
What a surprise he left me just for her
What do ya know were not together
What a surprise

Megan, 12

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  185. If i go to heaven and you're not there
  186. Beautiful sun that shines so bright
  187. When the sun shines without me and I'm not there.
  188. You broke my heart into a million pieces
  189. Spread Your Wings
  190. 10 Things I Hate About You
  191. ~*Friends~*
  192. Falling in love is a sweet ambition
  193. Together
  194. Love Can Be
  195. As I Gaze Out Of The Window
  196. As I gaze
  197. Life in the Darkness
  198. Everytime I See Him
  199. Torn
  200. Roses Are Red,
  201. Hiding All Alone In A Box
  202. Why
  203. Hey I Love Him!
  204. Our Soldiers
  205. I Love You Tom
  206. Struggling To Survive
  207. When My Heart Is In My Dreams
  208. You Are So Cute
  209. What's Love Supposed To Be? Do you really love me?
  210. Now That You Left
  211. I Thought You Were My Friend
  212. Before
  213. S-sexy a***
  214. The House On The Hill
  215. ~~~~Lies~~~~~~
  216. Mexican To American
  217. I Hate You, but I Love You at the Same
  218. When I Met You, I was in Love.
  219. Witche's Flight
  220. I Saw You
  221. "Love,Life"
  222. Did You Know My Heart Skips a Beat When I
  223. Roses are Red,
  224. Can You Bear It?
  225. Together