June 2003

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Goodbye Is the Hardest Word

Funny how you leaving just never seemed real,
How right up to the end, it was a joke.
But when reality kicks in at the end of it all,
You're gone, and it's goodbye.

We remember all those long summer days,
Riding our horses over fields of daisies.
The laughter, the tears, the hope and the pain,
But you're gone, and it's goodbye.

Now there's a new life for you, him and her,
You have a daughter now.
New priorities, we don't fit in anymore,
Because you're gone, and it's goodbye.

But we know that you're not really gone,
You'll be back, for visits and holidays too.
Those long summer days may return,
You're not really gone, you've just moved on.

~~*For our older sister Liv. We love you, Marc and baby Tallulah lots and hope you will come back home to visit us soon. Love your little sisters, Paris and Alyssa.~~*

The West Family, 12

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So Alone

Theres nothing else I wanna do but spend the day dreaming of you. I havent seen you for a while. I need your kiss. I miss your smile. All those things I like you for makes me want you more and more. Theres nothing else I want to say Ive got to get to you today.

Loco, 14

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Let me be

Let me be your brush combing through your tangles. Let me be a jewelry box holding your mas bangles. Let me be your cup tea so I can warm you up. let me be your pen doing all your work. Let me be that smudge of ink on your bright white shirt. Let me be your sweeping brush so I can clean your floor. Let me be your Playstation Two so I can see you everyday. Let me be your cap upon your head so I can be with you always, always, always.

BurnsC, 16

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It's Dark

It's night
It's dark
All the houses on the block
Have the lights off
A little girl turns on her light
She is reading
She is exploring who she is
Later, this girl
Will change the world
With her knowledge
Of who she is

Kiana, 16

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My friends are my sisters,
My shining lights and my guidance.
When I am crying, calling out for help,
My sisters will catch me as a fall.

My twin is my sister, my true best friend.
Always there right with me,
She understands me,
Right within.

My little sisters are my sisters,
Care free and young,
They bubble with innocence and charm,
Helping and giggling.

~~~* For my friends, Livvy and Becks, my twin, Lourdes, and my little sisters Tess and Ella-Mae.

Hally-Rose, 11

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My secret love

He is as cute as a teddy
And as cool as a cucumber
And I am super glad
That I know his mobile number
He's as smart as an owl
And as sweet as a cupcake
Hopefully as rich as a chocolate one
And definitely not a fake
With lips like liquorices
And eyes like pearls
Its no wonder he's always
Being chased by girls
Hes like an angel
From heaven above
He has a space in my heart
My secret love!

Charlotte, 10

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Falling from my eyes, body, and sprit
Cant take no more falling like the rain. Coming from my eyes;
The pains inside Ive been left alone for too long.
Falling asleep is now a chore I can't sleep when Im without you
In my thoughts crimes have passed,
People fall in the abbess of life and then they want immortality
People fall in love, but Im falling in and out at the same time.
No matter what I can't remember where I fell out now looking for my place
Trying to fall back into it.

Heather a.k.a. Davileigh, 12

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Can you?

Can you notice that I love you?
Does it show???
Can you notice the way I act around you?
I hope it shows
Cause I really want to know
I love you more than life itself
I love you more than you can tell
I love you more than anything
Isn't it funny that I love the way you love me and hug me too?
Isn't it funny the way I kiss you?
The only thing thats not funny is that you can't tell how much I love you

Leandra, 15

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Stolen moments
quiet times
Found in places
within the mind

Close your eyes
drift away
Remember back
to childhood days

Summer skies
bright and blue
Memories made
just for you

Clouds so white
grass so green
Vivid colors
as never seen

Stress-filled days
fly out the door
As favorite thoughts
are thought once more

Kiana, 16

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A Time For Angels

Death lurks around the battlefield,
Like a ghost in the night,
Putting out stars the hang above,
That once shined so bright.

Everyone knew they couldn't,
Put a stopper in Death,
Until a flock of angles swooped down among them,
And put Death to the test.

Death was scared away,
And the people knew to have no fear,
For the angels would watch over them
To un-cry every tear.

Now is a time for angels,
Everybody knows,
But the angels will watch over them,
To help fulfill the hope.
*~*Maddie May*~*

Maddie May, 11

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Friends are there when you're feeling blue
Friends are people who no matter who you are they still love you
Friends are always there with an extra shoulder
A friend is someone who never holds a grudge or a boulder
Friends are there to share your smile
Friends are what make your time on Earth worth the while
Friends stand by you through thick and thin
A friend is someone who will always win
A friend cares for your feelings like a good friend should
Friends are people you can be around and never have to knock on wood
These are my friends, they're the best
The ones that sign in each other's year books "BFF"

Jessie, 13

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Not like the others

I'm not like the other girls in any way
Not the blue house white picket fence type for anything
I hate when I hear Cant wait till Im married"
"I want 2 kids"
Well thats not me!
I do got dreams
Dreams to sing
I'd trade music notes for love notes any day
Im not like the others
There is just no way.

*Winks*, 13

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I thought you were the one

I thought you were the one
But then you just said goodbye
Gosh damn it I was so sure we were to be
But then you gave me that look that I deceived
I just now hate you
You broke my heart in two
But Life moves on
And so do I
So I've learned
Never get hooked on a guy

Kayla, 15

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Walking home at night
Everything seem so right
But why is the rain pouring
On my torn heart
Cuz you went away
While I wanted you to stay
Im here
And youre there
Being happy
Did you even know?
I really miss you
Yeah I do
The day you said good-bye
There were tears in my eye
But would you even know
Would you ever care?

Hong B.

Hong, 14

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To Louise:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
And I just know...
Im the 1 for u!!!!!

Love you loads Louise! From: Matt xxxxxxx

Matt, 15

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If u were the girl

Could u deal w/ me comin home
Everynight when I want 2
And when you ask where I been
I just give u the same excuse
Knowing that I was up in the club
With my girls like I aint
Got a curfew smellin like liquor
Cause u still sittin up
Now could u deal w/ that?
If u were the girl
Would you be a rider?
If u were the girl
Would u still try to work it out?

, 15

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HE loves me, he loves me not

He loves me he, loves me not,
He always puts me on the spot,
Ask me out for goodness sake
I need to know if you aint no fake,
Please tell me I need to know my heart cries out, when I see you,
I start to imagine what things we will get up to; you have to give me a clue,
Five weeks later we are together my heart screams out as Im the prom queen yes thanks to you Im the prom queen your my king and you love me Im going on holiday with you Soon Ive got my pill I hope naught happens.6 weeks later week sit down to talk,
I get up and start to walk as you tell me you have another love
I see you now as the Satan youve been cheating on me and you told me.
You gave the dove that you gave to me to that girl whos my best mate.
My heart screams out when I see you not in the same way now Im full of hatred, you wrecked my first ever relationship and my last one too.
You are scum I hate you and you know what this is a really story.
I hate boys. Now I only look at boys that I know I cant have like Orlando Bloom
I hope you read this you horrid man after all I have one word for you Da*m.

Emily, 12

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Never thought it be this way

Never thought it be this way you and me the other day
Saw you with another female
Then you sent me one last e-mail
Then your new girlfriend sent me one too.
Guess what it said?
Hes mine stay away
Just like a little Miss Priss
I never should have given you that last kiss
Or said I love you
Cause guess who made a bad decision.
It was me, I should have known youd do this
Should have never given you that last kiss
Your sitting there like nothing happened
Waiting by my front door
Well then I came out and dumped told you why
Never thought it end up this way
Me alone sad.
You so happy & glad
Im sitting here sending you no e-mails
But still remembering the times that you and me shared
Did all that we could so being all that we could be
But now its not you and me
I never thought it be this way
You and her together not like you and me the other day
This song isnt to you
But a reminder for me
Never trust a guy completely and never get hooked
Cause it will be over as soon as that like a snap
Never thought it would be this way
You and me. The other day
Saw you with another female
Well this is a goodbye

Brittany, 13

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A moment in history that really touched our hearts.

A moment in history that really touched our hearts
Has brought us closer together, so that we are not far apart.
This event in history will always be remembered
And can never be altered.
There were a great number of lost loved ones.
That left a lot of kids orphans.
Most people thought the world was secure.
A few were not so sure.
Some had premonitions that the world was going to end.
Others just thought it was pretend.
The first plane crashed.
The second one smashed.
The buildings fell with a tremendous roar.
Husbands, wives, friends were no more.
The hearts of the New Yorkers were full of fright
Seeing this horrendous sight.
But the hearts of Americans cannot be killed.
Someone will pay for this we willed.

Jamie, 11

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You may not...

You may not be prettier than the prettiest rose but inside your more beautiful than any one knows.
When people say things that are very bad never wish the lifestyles that they all have.
The things people say are only words weve all been classed as Freaks geeks or nerds.
You may not be prettier than the prettiest rose but inside youve more beautiful than anyone knows.
By: Jodie xxx

Jodie, 13

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Standing at Your Bedroom Window

Standing at your bedroom window
Thinking aint this a
Thing that a guy should do for love.
Wanting him over and over
Knowing youre in love
Nothing can stop you from showing
Your passionate feelings but one
And only thing fate.

Whitty, 14

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Call me

If someday you feel like crying
And no one understands you
Call me. I might do nothing to make it better
But Ill cry with you
If someday you want to run away
But you are not sure about it
Call me
I might not know the answer either
But Ill run with you
If someday you feel like talking
And no one wants to listen
Call me
I might have nothing to day
But Ill be all ears for you
But if someday you call me
And there is no answer
This time I might be the one who needs you.

, 13

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Past Present Future

Past Present Future
Sitting here in class
Thinking how fast everything has past
Im starting high school soon
Outta junior high, outta elementry
Manits weird how time flies
Dad bought me a car the other day
I love it more than I could ever say
But when I think of my younger years
I can still feel mom wiping away all my tears
Riding my bike down the street
Wearing my pink sparkly shoes on my feet
-I miss not having a worry in the world-

texaskix00, 16

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Free Fallin

You can't hold me down to the ground. My dream is to fly go to some faraway place and look for love that I'll never find. My angel will be with me in my dreams. I can accomplish this but disaster has struck! The noise. I can't hold it out. it keeps me up. The screams. The shouts. The drunken rage aloud. Aloud in this near and faraway place someones watching. I'm in danger living every day as a lie. The only person who knows me is...me. The male infancy is worshiped loved and cared for, I love you is never said as though I don't have feelings. As though I'm not there to the monsters. In the near and far away place I am no onea shadow on the wall. Angels don't whisper tears always. I feel as though I need to be accepted to someoneanyone because my world is turning, crashing, falling. I need some one to help pick up the pieces. No one hears, yet no one cares. my heart can't love anymore. i am used and thrown away living in a dusty corner. I want to go far away, away from here, this near and far away place. Somewhere safe and warm where theres a smile on every face. A place where some kindly stranger will help pick up the pace and the peaces of my falling world. A place of magic and love. I wish to stay. Ive just recently yet forever felt that way a new world was introduced to me so It shall again 10 feet away. I hear you talk. A shiver goes up my spine. You don't or won't pick up the peaces of my falling mind. I whisper a secret and shutter comes all around me. I am mad at and argued it isn't as though my world is empty. Without raven bird I can gladly come home. Without it everyone either because of jealousy or not worthiness blocks me as though theres a glass wall between me and the rest of the world. As though my tears, fears, and secrets bounce off. My world now consists of pain and sorrow and burning hell. Angels are nowhere. You can't borrow. I am again locked up in this shell all because no one would help me pick up the pieces. someone better open my cage I gotta let out my rage HELP!!!!! FREE FALLIN

Laranna, 13

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Tears come down
They show my emotion
But never clear
Always a different color
For I'm never feeling all happy
Therefore it'll never be

Slyer56, 13

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To:Kerry W.

To: Kerry W.
Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss
If you are my friend please answer this
Are we friends or are we not, you told me once but I forgot, so tell now and tell me true so I can say am here for you.
Of all the friends Ive ever met you are the one I won't forget, and if I die before you do Ill go to heaven and wait for you.
From: Ragjhon

Ragjhon, 15

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Dolphin Song


Everything was peaceful
Everything was gone
But one thing could still be heard
It was the dolphin song

She swims through the darkness
Sending lonely cries
Sharks and birds surrounding her
Waiting till' she dies

But she swims on and further
Never ever failing
Hoping that her family
Will hear her wailing

She meets another dolphin
Plugged in the dark
They both swim further
And find their families mark

Now she's reunited
With her family
So lets just hope,
She forgets this catastrophe

Coco Davies, 13

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You were the one

You were the one
That I thought the best
Until, one of us
Was laid to rest.

Well, it was me
I watch you from above
I see you walk the ground
My eyes filled with love

But here I get the chance
To tell you how I feel
But I wished with all my hope
That you are real.

But never weep never cry,
I promise I will wait,
At the clouds, up above
Up at heavens gate.

Coco Davies, 13

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What do I do?

What do I do when my world's torn apart?
How can I go on?
How do I pretend everything's fine?

Who do I call?
When I wake up in the middle of the night
With tears streaming down my face
And my heart shredded in tiny pieces
Who listens to my sobs?
Who gives a damn anyway?

What do I do
Without you by my side?
How do I go on?
How do I survive?
When you were the one
Who kept me alive?!

Junie, 17

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Help Me

I think I'm crazy about this boy,
But he uses me like a toy,
To get this girl he knew,
Oh, please help me, what should I do?

Oh, this boy, I think I've gone crazy,
But this boy he makes me dazy.
I want to rush into a stampede,
I want to see the world in front of me.
I want to jump into the highest cloud,
Oh, help me, oh help me now!

Pie, 11

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Am I the only one

Am I the only one?
Who is alone?
My fire has gone
And my heart is now bone

Sometimes I wish
Why should it be me?
I feel like a fish
Swimming nowhere in the sea

What made them so mean?
They single me out
Are they just green?
Without a doubt

Buzybee, 12

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You see that girl?

You see that girl?
She is my life...
But sadly
She cries
As she tries
To cover herself with a warm blanket of lies
But her hurt easily defies
She has to fight
That I cannot bear
I care too much
I don't know who this girl is
But to see her pain makes me love her so much more
I wish I could fight with her
And help her end this war
But all I can find myself to do is watch
As she takes stabs
Horrid stabs like none such
And it kills me because I cant be the savior
And I cant be the one to make everything
With my smile and warm touch
Because there is no light
In her eyes
Eyes so deep a stare makes me feel like Im in heaven
Up in the sky
And just like in the sky
You cant force the sun to rise
And every time I beg it to
Fate comes and bites my tongue
Oh Fate! That I despise!
It scolds me
Its words harsh running through my mind:
"Only time can make wounds heal
Wounds that must be felt!
And a mere little girl
Has no power to heal
Not even that of a love such as that
For a love like that -
Youd be shamed and endeavor to conceal...
This war she will win
And this love- more like sin
Will only be felt so obscure-
For a true friend is all your love will find
Watch over her, that you call your life...
For fate always comes."
I cried then....
Knowing his words spoke true...
For a love like this I could never pursue...
I might as well push my life away.

Myles, 14

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My love for you has grown into hate.

My love for you has grown into hate. I opened up my heart for you. I opened up the gate. I let you in with out a second thought and thats when my perfect world came to a halt. You hurt me over and over again, just be lucky that we're not married because therefore you would have committed a sin. So many days you've watched me cry and not even one of those days did you bother to ask me why but don't worry sweetie for you I will no longer cry.

, 14

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Some people say love makes the world go round,
But my love 4 you is higher than the highest hill or mound.
Its wider than the widest sea,
I know others feel thisnot just me.

My love 4 you will never end,
So to you this message I send.
To show you how much I love,
It would be better to send this poem with a dove.

So it comes to the very last verse,
Love doesnt just make the world go round
It controls the WHOLE universe.
Jodie xxx

Jodiexx, 13

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It was at the dance, I was in a trance
When your sick mate asked me on a date
Not with him but with u
Of course I had 2 cause well look at you
A little while latter u came up 2 me
Said it was a trick and I felt sick
I thought about u 4 the rest of the dance
Know I was in a different sort of trance
Thoughts were all jumbled in my head
When a song came on and I stopped dead
I hate u but I love u I cant stop thinkin of u
And its true Im stuck on u

Gabby G., 13

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At the dance

It was at the dance I was in a trance
When your sick mate asked me on a date
Not with him but with u
Of course I had to cause well look at u
A little while later u came up 2 me
Said it was a trick and I felt sick
I thought bout u for the rest of the dance
Now I was in a different sort of trance
Thoughts were all jumbled in my head when a song came on and I stopped dead
I hate u but I love u I cant stop thinking of u
But its not true Im totally over u.

Gabby, 13

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What is happening?

What is happening?

What do they mean, by 'ozone layer'?
What do they mean, and why?
Why does everything seem bad?
What is a hole in the sky?

What do they mean by environment
What do they mean all right!
Why does everything seem bad?
What is a landfill site?

What do they mean by pollution?
What do they mean over here?
Why does everything seem bad?
Whats wrong with the atmosphere?

What do they mean by Oil spillage?
This doesn't make sense to me,
Why does everything seem bad?
Why poison animals in the sea?

What do they mean by acid rain?
What is it meant to be?
Why does everything seem bad?
This isn't what I want to see.

Whats happening to our world?
Its only just making sense to me.
Nothing will be left in the end,
What have we done you see?

We've been making this world terrible,
Its a thing I have to say,
Look at what is happening!
Its getting worse each day.
But if you won't look, eventually you'll see.
Then what will our world come to, and be...

Frankie, 11

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Of all the friends I've ever met
You're the one I won't forget
And if I die
Before you do
I'll go to heaven
And wait for you
I'll give the angels
Back their wings
And risk the loss
Of everything
Just to prove
My friendship is true
I'm thankful to have a friend like you.

Angel, 12

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How am I suppose to fall 4 u? Your smile your words & your kiss. Dreaming of u makes my world go wild but not as wild as my mind thinks. Your words always fall through when u speak but your words & your thoughts always speak. Dreaming of a world between u & me is a world of light & dreams. I hope 2 see your cutest face when I dream of a better place.

Sweet Monk, 14

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U & ME

When we first met I thought of u as just a friend
Now I want to be with u till the very end
I was afraid to tell u how I feel
Cause I didnt know if these feelings were 4 real
I'm glad that u like me 2
Cause Im gonna stick 2 u like glue

Netta, 15

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When your not around her...

When youre not around her,
Youre cute and sweet and fine.
Then SHE comes into the room,
And suddenly your blind!
You act like I'm not even there!
You look right passed me!
Then she says, " be right back."
And once again youre free!
This problem is upsetting me,
But you don't even care!
You ACT like your having fun,
But I'm telling you,
It just isn't fair.

Michelle, 13

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Loves shining though like the sun
Love impossible to break like gods chains
Love what Im feeling now
Love what I feel for Dan!!!!!!!!!
Love you now and forever
Its Mount Everest to climb but well make it in the end!!
Because I love you!

Christina, 11

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Think of when...

Have a seat and make yourself at home, now picture yourself inside this poem.
Remember when we first laughed and played together? That was when I knew we would be friends forever.
Now think of when I needed to talk you were there, you always seemed to care.
Think of when we would fight, and then I would end up sleeping over that night.
Think of when we would walk down the halls the guys thought you were a good sight, and to many they were right.
Remember the smiles and laughs we had, our friendship didn't turn out to bad.
Now never forget we have a great friendship and that is true, and I'll never forget you.

Anna, 13

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Last time we talked
Was over the phone,
When no one was home.
You told me
You would rather just be friends.
I've lost you...
Yet I still love you,
I still miss you,
I still want you,
I still need you,
I still try,
To forget about you.

Jennifer, 14

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I have been hurt...

I have been hurt before so many times
Its the only thing I know
But when Im around you, you take that from me
And my face is all a glow
So please forgive me if I may push you away
That was never my intent
I think I luv you
So u have to go
Maybe someday u will come back to me
But I guess I will never know

Sylvia, 15

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Falling into dreamland~

Falling into dreamland,
Peaceful, gently snoring,
My dreaming soft and safe and sound,
But suddenly I'm falling.

I jerk awake and in a fright,
Reach for the switch and turn on the light,
I calm myself down and fall asleep,
Falling back into dreamland, I wish for sweet dreams.

Shygirl, 12

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You said you loved me.

You said you loved me the other day
Im sorry I didnt know what to say
So I said it back
And then again
Then I told u I just wanted to be your friend
You never call anymore
I really shouldnt have walked out that door
But its over now
Were done for good

Sylvia, 15

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Dream Lover

Like flowers in a field
Like the clouds in the sky
My heart yearns for you
I dont know why

I cant stop thinking about you
Your beautiful smile
I kiss the ground you walk on
This is all worthwhile

I wish you knew me
I wish I knew you
My dream lover
This love is true

Faithchic58, 11

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-If tomorrow I were to die

-If tomorrow I were to die
-Would anybody care would anybody cry?
-Would anybody notice I wasnt there?
-If so would they wonder where?
-Would there lives change for better or worse?
-Would my death be breaking a curse?
-Do I cause more pain than natural childs birth?
-Is it going to be a blessing the day I leave this earth
-If I was D.O.A
-Would everybody carry on in a more joyous way?
-Since of coarse its not sworn
-That on the day I die somebody must mourn
-If tomorrow I were to die
-Would anybody care? Would anybody cry?
-I guess not since Ive already died
-But technically and legally Im still alive
-But on of course the day I died
-A few people cared and at least I cried
-Not that there is anything in this life I would miss
-Tears of joy because somebody has finally granted my wish

BlackNyDiva4life Tiffani , 11

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Im not who you think I am
Im not ordinary but Im not different
Im loved but Im hated
Im cruel and Im confused
Im sweet and I know what I want
Im the girl you don't want to know but need to know
Im the girl who's not perfect but is exactly what you want
Im hard to describe but it's really all that simple to find.

Ray, 13

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Beloved You

Beloved You
You were the one
That gave it all up for me
Your life the air you breathed
Now youre gone
You tried to save me & you did
But now when I need you
Your not there to hold me
When I need you most your not there anymore
You took a look
And you seed
The non-perfectness in me
But I love you
Whether its wrong or right
You know I can't sleep by you tonight
Your heart is gone
Your life has lived
Now you gave all you could give

Thank you!!!!!!!

C, 15

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Sometimes life is hard

Sometimes life is hard
Like when you have a twin sister
Who gets on your nerves
People call you her name
Instead of yours
I hate it
24/7 I hear Hey Brittany
When I'm not her
I look over and say hello
Even though I'm not her!!!

C, 15

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What is a friend...

A friend is someone to hold your hand through the good and bad
A friend is someone you can talk to when you are sad.
To keep your friends do the same as they would to you.
And stick by them all the way through.

If theres a problem
Talk it through.
Theyll understand
If you do too.

Hannah, 13

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Early Infatuation

A poem I wrote about my boy in the early, infatuation stage of our relationship :)

Making an effort for you is never a hassle. A pleasure, you might say.
Extra-careful brushing of teeth. Quick check in the mirror before I enter the room.
I get up five minutes earlier than usual on a Friday. I know I see you first thing, and I know first impressions count.
I know my efforts don't go unnoticed. I catch you gazing at me admiringly. I return your
Sometimes you wink at me, after ten seconds or so, I look away blushing, smiling. Tingling. The tingle stays longest.
I eagerly anticipate your sweet lips on mine. I laugh, you taste of chocolate milk.
Your probing, searching tongue explores my mouth. I know every crevasse, every blemish of yours.
Sitting beside you, I feel your thumb lightly stroke my arm. My thigh pressed against yours, our ankles interlocked.
The occasional brush, your hand against my upper thigh, I sparkle, sweetness rushing through my body at your slightest touch.
Hands through my hair as we kiss. Effort wasted as you create a whole new style for me.
Effort that I enjoy making.

Ellie, 17

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Dreams of you

You don't have the easy looks,
But theyre easy to me.
My mates don't think youre that cute,
They must be crazy you see?

Not only are you the sexiest God,
That ever walked alive.
To me youre sweet and funny and kind,
You know, that stuff inside.

I don't think you'll ever see me the way I see you,
The way I think your kind, funny, sexy and cute,
The way I wish I mean more to you, than your mates sis,
The way I dream of giving, your gorgeous lips my kiss.

However, the only way this could ever be true,
Is in my dreams filled with you...

Luv Struk, 13

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Soul Mates

We are soul mates
Cant u see?
That we are meant to be
I know that we have opposite behaviors
You are bad
And I'm good
But dont u know
That opposites attract like magnets
I really like you
But u dont see that
While u flirt
Im hurt
While Im thinking of you
You thinking of yu-gi-oh cards
While Im trying to impress you
You end up making me feel depressed
But I feel that we are meant to be
In each and every way
And one day you will see
That we were meant to be
But when u notice
It might be to late
We probably already parted our ways
So hurry now
While theres still time
Im still wishing that you are mine!!!
Thanks for the time!!!! Bye jazzy

Jazzy, 13

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Lost World

I'm lost in a world where no love is givin'
where I can't give love with out you.
You left me, hurt me.
I thought you were the one that I loved but, it turned out to be you're the one I hate.

You were sopposed to be an angel sent from above to give me love, but all you did was break my heart.
I'm lost in a world of missing you.

Ashley, 13

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You told me things I never thought I would hear. You befriended me and told me you loved me yet you kept forgetting my name I thought you were a nice guy... you are! You cried on my shoulder and told me stories of a girl you once loved... you probably still do. You told me you were going to kill your self because no one loved you. Think againall your friends love you.
P.S. This is a true poem I made for my friend.

Randi, 13

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Happiness or Sadness

You said you love me,
But you tear heart in to little pieces with no fear, you said you wanted me to be happy but you told me you didn't love me,
You told me that you will always be there, yet you threw me out like and old rag, you told me it was for happiness or sadness and sadness would never come my way
But sadness did come my way when you left me without a care!

Netty Nett, 12

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I loved her

* All who were watching*
* Did not speak*
* As a silent tear*
* Ran down his cheek*
* And through his mind*
* The memories ran*
* Of the moments they walked*
* And ran in the sand (hand and hand)*
* But now her eyes were so terribly cold*
* For he would never again*
* Have her to hold*
* They watched in silence*
* As he bent near*
* And whispered the words...
* "I LOVE YOU" in her ear*
* He touched her face and started to cry*
* As he put on his ring and wanted to die*
* And just then the wind began to blow*
* As they lowered her casket*
* Into the snow.... *
Randi D.
True Story for my friend

Randi, 13

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You Left Me.

Leaving me hear with nobody around except my feelings

You left me hear to deal with this alone
You left me when I needed you
To guide me thru the sh*t.

I need someone to love me
Someone to hold me
Without having to pay the fee

You cant just be around me
Thru the good stuff
You need to help me thru the bad
One day you'll realize
You have responsibility
Youre not a lad
No more!

Lu_lu, 13

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I thought I was alone
All on my own.
No-one ever saw me
Until that day when I did plea
To see what love was like!

G.G, 11

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I Will Miss You

When you go I will miss you.
Which makes me want to feel blue.
The thing I like about you most is your smile.
And just to see it again, I'd walk a million miles
I no longer need to hide
What I feel inside.
I have always liked you,
But didn't know what to do
So I just kept quiet,
And try to just get passed it.

When you go I will miss you,
Which makes me want to feel blue.
The year has gone by fast
And it almost makes me wish I could go back to the past
I will always remember,
And hope you do to
So no matter what happens, no matter what stands between us and no matter how far apart.
You will always have a place in my heart.

By Singing Chorus Girl via B'Ball Liz

Singing Chorus girl, 15

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I am an angel.

I am an angel,
I make wishes come true,
Being an angel is something I love to do,
People come in and out and make wishes,
Even people who are vicious,
Each and every person has someone to turn to,
But what about me,
The angel,
Who shall I turn to
To make my wishes come true?

Angel, 11

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I don't understand y people want to hurt me.

I don't understand y people want to hurt me, y they want to make me mad,
Because of those painful things they say to me makes me insanely sad,
They all pretend to relate to the problems I go through,
But they get close and turn their back like they always do,
They just dont understand why I am so insecure!
I wanna tear out my insides they're so itchy and sore,
Maybe one day-hopefully Ill go to sleep and never awake,
Put a gun to my head just for the sake,
Then no more living lie,
Maybe one day I'll collapse and die!

J, 13

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Tha-Thump, Tha-Thump

Tha-Thump, Tha-Thump

I see you...

Tha-Thump, Tha-Thump, Tha-Thump

You grin and laugh at a joke you just heard,
That sexy grin and deep laugh that make your eyes shine with mirth.

Tha-Thump, Tha-Thump, Tha-Thump, Tha-Thump

My eyes well up with unshed tears as I watch you interact with your friends. Knowing that you could never be mine.

Tha-Thump, Tha-Thump, Tha-Thump

Sometimes I look at you and catch your eye, but I know you're unobtainable, so I put you on a pedistal and try to jump high, but there is no escape from gravity so I fall again.

Tha-Thump, Tha-Thump

Good-bye, my love, my life
My wings have faltered, I cannot fly, catch me please or I will die.

B'Ball Liz, 15

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The Person I Knew Before

You were so nice and kind to me before
I remember the day you left
And when you came back you weren't the same anymore.

I'm thinking over all the nice things we used to say together
Now I'm thinking if you remember them
Do you even remember making me filled with laughter?

You were the person with the best personality that I have ever knew
But things are different now,
And now, I am so confused.

All you do is smile
Can you at least talk to me once in a while?

I try to talk to you
And all you do is smile
I want to tell you stop smiling
It's getting really annoying

I still wonder what do you think of me now
And I still want to know what's the fuss all about.

Leslie, 13

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I'm Falling

I've been chasing you,
Love blinding me,
All the while I was falling down the hole,
The hole to being yours completely,
As I near the bottom I get faster not slower,
I speed up and leave my friends behind,
Cause I'm falling for you,
If that means leaving everyone else,
I'll do it,
But then you left me,
Suddenly I hit rock bottom,
I realized how far I had fell,
I knew I made a mistake,
But it was to late,
I'm all alone now,
At the bottom of this hole,
Wondering when it will end
Watching you laugh at me from above,
Trying to reach you but your at the top,
And I'm at the bottom of this endless hole.

Lai Lai, 14

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U r my best friend in the world

Dear Allison,
You are my best friend in the world if we stop being friends I know I will have to pay, so I will love ya as a friend until the end. When u move I hope I am still in your head.
Lovr ya as a friend

U'r bff brittany, 13

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Something About You

I bet that you never knew
How much many girls like you
What worse is that even one of my closest friend does too

I mean why not?
You're so sweet
You're so kind
I mean who wouldn't think about you all the time?

You have a great smile
And I would really like it if you do it to me once in a while

You're perfect but your friends can be losers at times
But it's okay; I'll find a way to get along with them
What matters is you being mine

But I mean what's the chance
The chance of you being my man?
So many girls
So much, it makes me hurl

I mean all them wishing that they'd be your girl
But it hurts because there's no one else like you in this world

I know the chances are really low
And not being with you is the biggest blow.

Mandy, 13

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Endless sky

It is so endless
It goes higher than the world
Higher than the stars
So high the birds are jealous
So high there are no boundaries
No rules
To rule the sky endlessly is everyones dream

Lozza, 12

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This is for my mum.

This is for my mum.
A tribute to my dad.
This is for my brother,
And for the times I made him sad.
I really, really love you.
I'm sorry for what I do.
But my life would be nothing, nothing, without you.

, 0

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His lips so soft.
His skin so smooth.
His eyes so dreamy.
One thing I love about him is...
He loves me and thats all to it.

By his loving girlfriend,
K. L. N.

Krystal N., 16

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A place

A place
A place to clear my mind.
A place to look back in time.
A place to sit back and write rhymes.
A place to look down and be above the ground.
A place to be with God.
A peaceful place.
Where there is no killin there is no lyin and no one is dieing because our souls have gone to a better place where we only know love and faith and heaven is my kind of place.

Keanna, 14

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I am jealous.

I am jealous of the air
Because it always touch you like I want to touch you.

I am jealous of the sun
Because it is absorbed into your skin, becoming part of you like I want to.

I am jealous of the earth
Because it always holds you up like I want to hold you .

I am jealous of the time
Because it is always with you like I want to be with you.

I am a jealous girl.

Selena, 17

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(About my mother)

(About my mother)
She is the sun who warms me
The air I will breath
The memories I remember
She is apart of me
The part that only a mother can fill
She is in my joy
But above all
The person that
Every child needs
One thing's for sure
I have a mom
Do you?

Aimee, 11

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A rose blooms.

A rose blooms
Slowly and soft
As I fall in love with you
Each petal that opens
Is a piece of my heart adding to yours?
A rose petal gets brighter
Our love grow stronger
When a rose is fully bloom
Its our love became one with each other
Soon lose petal fall off
And we grow old
And rose dies
One of us will go to heaven
And another one of us will go to heaven
And united as one once again in heaven

Selena, 17

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What hath thou bringth to thine table

What hath thou bringth to thine table, but love and compassion.

What hath thou bringth to thine table, but bittersweet personalities and lips like wine.

What hath thou bringth to thine table, but torment by your very face, your very glance.

What hath thou bringth to thine table, but one true kissone true breath that shall last an eternity.

What thou hath brought to thine table is the love of which one cannot measure. Love of which I shan't tell aloud to no other soul.

Thou may not know it, but thou is the light at the end of the tunnel. Thee's face is what gets me through the endless moon. Thee is mine lover, mine inspiration that there is always a tomorrow.

I love thee, but thee shall never know.

Rachel, 12

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Through My Eyes (based on a true story)

She looked different
She wasn't too bright
But nobody saw her in my eyesight

She meant no harm
But to make a new friend
Yet still no one liked her
She just wasn't their trend

But nobody saw her in my eyesight
She never wanted to start any fight

What if I was her friend?
What would they think?
Why can't the world join as on giant link?

So I got up my courage
And talked to her
She taught me a lesson
A lesson to learn.

If you don't know someone don't judge who they are
because they might just be a light
A shining star

But nobody saw her in my eyesight
But people should start
Because it's just right.

(That special person was my best friend. Her only best friend, and my only best friend. When you know there is someone in my friends position, do the right thing. See her or him through new eyes)

Elicia, 12

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He was really nervous

He was really nervous
It as his first day of high school
He tried to be serious
But he kept loosing his cool
He tried to sleep tight all night
But he just couldnt sleep
Even if he was really bright
He felt like his soul was buried deep

No smile on his face at all
Heart beating really fast
Too scared that he would fall
He started seeing his past

His father grabbed the gun
His mother tried to run
Being adopted by his evil step dad
Meant things were gonna get real bead

He was always on his back
Clean all day
Sleep in the hay
The poor child almost committed suicide
This was for him too much of a wild ride

When he went to school
Classmates told him that he was a fool
They didnt like his ways
So he cried for days

He wanted to be accepted
But everywhere he went he got rejected

One day he tried out for the school play
He got the most important role in it
Life started to be okay
Cause thanks to him the play was a hit!

He started to get friends real fast
Sleeping in the hay was a thing of the past
He started to appear in commercials
And he even once appeared on a box of cereal

But he messed it up
His career popped like a hiccup
Somebody caught him taking drugs
So now hes back sleeping on the rug

Stefanie, 12

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Have you every wanted to commit suicide?
If so think about it before you do
Take time out to think of only you.
Think about the times with you and your friends
Think about how good your life can end
Is your life depending on men?
Dont let harsh feeling make your life expend
Are you feeling down and hurt?
And torn apart you want to burst?
Do you feel as if you are in a curse?
Come on now think about it before committing suicide first!

Breezzy, 15

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God, I ask of you one thing...

God, I ask of you one thing,
To turn me into a T.V.,
So that people will pay attention to me,
So that when people are sad, they will come to me,
So that when I get sick my parents will call someone to come and fix me,
So that everyone will fight over me,
So, God, please, turn me into a T.V.

Katherine, 12

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Charles sometimes I hate you for what you did to me
Everyone thinks I hate you
There are answers to questions I need to find
But the most important one is why you were so cruel
Why you ripped my heart in two
The truth is Charles I love you more then words can say I love you more then yesterday
But tomorrow I love you more then today
But no matter what even after what you did
I will always love you!!!
Please come back to me Charles!

Carly, 12

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Tell me is it true?

Tell me is it true
Do I need to confide in you?

Everyone is saying
They hate the mind tricks Im playing

And how Im not the same
That I should stop this game

But tell me what you feel
You used to help me heal

You could always make me grin
You've been there through thick and thin

So tell me what you think
Look into my mind and drink

Cassandra , 14

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I saw myself today
Reflected in the face of a five year old boy
Illusions shattered like glass
Pierced by neon blue eyes
Reflections of possibilities
Thought long lost
Not lost but forsaken
In search of...
Experience or

Tara, 14

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Don't Look Back

Here we stand on the edge,
Which way do we go?
It's such a long way down,
But back we cannot go.
So, I jump the leap of faith,
And as you tumble after me,
I feel your hand latch onto mine,
The ground is still not seen.
But up it came, as it should,
And we continued on our way,
We won't look back, the past is gone,
The future holds the way.

Tracy, 14

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The Sun

Hides away at night
Back by light...
Our shining star
Our wonderful Candle
Lighting up
Our World

KisseZ-n-HugZ, 12

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The waves break like little white fingers tickling the shore.
The waves come like lumbering elephants crashing towards the beach.
The sun shines like slender orange fingers, reaching out to the people below.

Shy, 12

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I told you I love you the other day

I told you I love you the other day
Then you looked at me and walked away
You acted just as if you couldn't say the same
But I never felt like this before
I love you and it can't change like that

If you felt the same
You wouldn't have walked away with shame
Like you did
I told you to stay but you just walked away

And I couldn't do anything about it
I can't change the way you feel
I wish I could
Never loved no one as much as I do you
But I can't change my love for you
And neither can you

So its over
I hate you but I love you
I can't stop thinking of you

So I'm walking out he door
Crying like a little girl
I can't help it
But, When you called me that night
And told me you felt the same
I hung up on you and then...

Called him back told him
I don't love you no more
I'm sorry but you already walked out that dang door in shame

So good-bye
Now I gotta look for another guy
I sent my s/n out on e-mail
To my friends X boyfriend

, 13

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New York

New York is the city of flashing lights
But it doesnt really have any fabulous sites
Its strange you know
The way people glow
When theyre standing there watching the show.

But don't be to keen
'Cos some people are mean
And they'll steal your purse if they can!!!!!!

Alice, 10

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Graduation can be such a DRAG!!!

Hey now
Don't look so blue
I'll see you again some day
This is what I promise you

When people leave it can be so sad
But, remember, now, it'll go right
Some relationships simply don't last, but
Ours will, we're really tight

We now must go our separate ways,
Knowing stuff will never be the same
I'll never forget you, and you me
I won't forget your face or your name

Maiden, 12

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Life after death

What is life after death is it a place to go and never return, or is it a place wear you go to relive your life...well whatever it is I know that I want it to come and come fast because life is just thing that happens to other things you live and then you die. But what comes next do you have life after death or just disintegrate in the earth?

Meme, 15

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There is an overwhelming feeling that consumes me.

There is an overwhelming feeling that consumes me.
Sometimes I get lost in it.
There were times when I struggled to get away.
It would not release me.
As time passed, I became more and more weighed down by the chains that the feeling wrapped around me.
Slowly, day by day, I realized what had me in bondage was in fact not a burden at all.
It's something many people have written about.
Something that, although it can be described, cannot be defined.
That four-letter word that can have so many different meanings.
Something that some people search for, while it's also something that others hide from.
Now, my chains have been broken.
I've been set free.
I've realized that the one thing that Ive been running from is the one thing that can save me.
Save me from my fears, my doubts, and MYSELF.

Melissa, 15

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I don't need you anymore!

Roses are dying
Violets are dead
Why did you say you love me?
That lie you told was so empty and poor
I was dumb to believe you but I thought to me you would be true
It turns out you played me like a fool
You just used me like your little tool
I'm so damn pist
I cant believe we even kissed
Well you know what?
Youre the fool
You could have had all this,
All my love, my sweet kiss
But you had to go and be ignorant
So get to steppin
Cuz your FAKE love letters are tore and
***Delilah***AGE 13***

Delilah, 13

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*A Sad Heart*

It's not about the tears we cry,
It's about how hard we try.
We try to escape the devil's wrath,
And move onto a different path.
They hook you on and pull you in,
Like a fish, you'll never win.
No victories, or great successions,
it always depends on first impressions.
How can she think she's always better?
Sometimes I wish I'd never met her!
It's a battle I always hope to win,
But I never do, there is no end.
I wish one day the sun would shine,
I wish God could just give me a sign.
Everything I do seems to be wrong,
But no matter what, I try to stay strong.
With them, I never try to fit in,
But the more I don't, the more they win.
The more I love, the more they hate,
The more I try, the worse my fate.
The more this happens, the harder I cry,
No matter what, I always try.
I try to be as normal as I can,
But to be hated was not my plan.
Please don't try to ruin my life,
Please don't stab me with your knife.
When I leave this world and go away,
I hope to see a better day.
With love and hope for everyone,
So we can enjoy everything and have some fun.
When the lights go out and the door goes shut,
I hope you understand this much.
You can't buy love; it comes from the heart,
And for every end there was a start.
Everyone has one somewhere underneath,
It's not the looks it's the feelings from beneath
For some it might be hard to find,
But that goes to show you should rewind.
Rewind your life to be a better friend,
Don't show your love only at the end.
Use your time to always care,
You have so much to give, so much to share.
Care and love to find your fate,
Do this before it's too late.
Trust others and never lie,
Before it's time to say good-bye!!

Tristan*, 14

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A Friendship Lost

I thought about it
Once or twice.
Leaving you,
It sounded nice.
Who would think
You'd leave me first?
I didnt know it,
But it really hurts.
The worst part about it
Is that you didn't care.
If you'd have only told me,
I can share!
But we both knew
It wouldn't work out.
Being around you
Made me wanna shout.
I'm pretty sure
You felt the same way.
I'm sorry about what I said,
But there's no need to stay.

Starr, 12

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Richard will forever be in my heart,
I will love him just the same,
Even if he doesn't,
I know I am the one to blame.
I will always cherish the fond memories we share,
In my heart they will always be there.
I will never forget the love I had for him,
And what he taught me
I wish him the best of luck with his life,
I hope he finds the perfect wife.
I hope he fulfills all of his dreams and is happy.
The woman he marries will be very lucky, and I hope she realizes that.
I hope all of his wishes come true,
And he will never feel down and blue,
Good luck Richard- I WILL MISS YOU!!

Chelsea, 14

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Friends are like a petal

Friends are like a petal
On a rose, you can always
Pick it off and carry it with you.
You can set it on your eye's to let out a gentle cry
Petals on roses do get old
So you can find another petal on
A rose and grab it and you may say
"This is my best friend." but until
You find your true friend you will always
Be pulling petal's of rose's

Jordan, 11

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When summer comes,
What will I do?
When you are gone I will miss you,
We could call each other,
But that is not enough,
How can I get to you?
I don't know what I will do without you,
I will find the way anytime any day,
I love you so much,
I dont want to leave you and your soft touch,
I will miss the sweet things you say,
When you tell me how pretty I am,
I will miss all the things you say;
All the things that make me feel loved,
I kneel by bed every night and pray,
That things will be ok,
We could write letters everyday,
Maybe that can make it better,
So this is good-bye till then,
When we are together again.

Princess, 14

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6 weeks old today mommy, a birthday gift for me: A pair of big blue eyes through one day I will see from. Why are you running? When the rain hits the sidewalk it makes a funny sound. Where are you going mommy, if they hurt you, just run and scream. Boom goes the big white doors. People dressed in green and blue. Mommy help me! Theyre tearing me apart. Mommy help me!!!! Mommy I love you, believe I do. I promise I won't lie. The worst thing was mommy I thought you loved me. Mommy did you ever love?

Princess, 14

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*I am me*

*I am me*
There will not ever be anyone like me.
I am special because I am unique.
I am stardust and dreams.
I am light.
I am love and hope.
I am hugs and sometimes tears.
I am the words "I love you".
I am swirls of blue, green, red, yellow, purple, orange, and the colors no one can name
I am the sky, the sea, the earth.
I trust yet I fear.
I hide yet I dont hold anything back.
I am free
I am a child becoming an adult.
I am me, and me is just right.

Princess, 14

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Neva say I love u
If it isn't really there
Neva talk bout feelings
If you really don't care
Neva hold my hand
If you're gonna break my heart
Neva say you are gonna
If you dont plan to start
Neva look into my eyes
If all you do is lie
Neva say hello
If you really mean goodbye
If you really mean foreva
Then please say youll try
Never say forever
Because forever makes me cry.

Princess, 14

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Soul Searching

Soul Searching

Scanning the faces,
"Which one is my soulmate?"

Discovering you,
How a person can relate to you.

Getting closer,
You moved me right within.

Supporting through the tears,
Your sorrow is mine.

Giggling through the summer,
Remember our games?

Drifting through life,
But still staying close.

Loving our ballet,
We are dance prodigies.

Yes, I think it's safe to say,
You've touched and moved me,
You search my soul,
My soul mate.

Lilah, 11

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Your eyes

Your eyes have a meaning that I have failed to understand,
And the dismal shadows in them hide the real beauty they behold.
I long to stare deeply in them, to find my key to life, but without you staring back at me, all hope is gone, and as I turn to walk away I resume to wondering how without your eyes I can find a better day.

Calz, 14

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Read this poem!

Well what can I say I wrote this poem so listen anyway!!!!
You and me are 56% love chance
I knew I loved from my first glance
My heart beated so loud
I could have sworn you heard me but you made no sound
Now what can I say
I dream about you everyday
Hopeless be me please
I wish oh I wish it could be me!

Lil leprachaun, 12

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Daisy, Daisy

Daisy, Daisy
Mountain crazy,
Can I have a second chance?
But youre going to the dance,
I know, I know,
But I have to find romance.
In the day,
In the night,
Everything is a fright,
I saw a pretty lady in a bright light.

Veronica, 12

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The Book

A book that might appear blank inside,
But to her it was a wonderful story.
The tale started with birth,
And can end only with death.
As another second passes,
Another word falls to the page,
Creating patterns as life often does.
Her thoughts lie unorganized on the page,
Moving as she sorts them.
As her routine becomes more boring,
She starts a new chapter.

The tale holds a beauty never foretold,
That only she can understand.
As she dreams of the wonderful things life holds,
Pages fill in the book.
Years go by,
Pervading the book with many more chapters.
She pours her soul onto the page,
In events never before experienced.
She knows not of what comes next,
Only the thoughts that invade her mind.

She creates an intriguing tale
That only she would understand.
She tells no one of her magical book,
Yet they see parts of it everyday.
She cares not of other's opinions of her,
She sees what they don't see.

A tear falls, smudging the ink
As tragedy hits the young author.
She writes of the tragedy,
Just as she has written of past tragedy and bliss.
She learns of the tribulation that life can bring,
Capturing it in ways only she could see.

Her story unfolds,
Many secrets can be discovered,
Things she was surprised to find.
She lives on,
Writing of all the occurrences she's seen.
It becomes a story ending in the most extreme way,
A book lost in a trail of legacy.
The book snaps shut as she breathes her last,
Her secrets never to be revealed.

Megan, 15

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To Andrew:

Roses may be red, and violets may be blue
But words can't describe how I feel about you

You're on my mind as I drift off to sleep
This feeling is love that I secretly keep

I'm too scared to tell you how I feel
Even though I know my feelings are real

You make my day brighter, and my heart skip a beat
Every moment we share, I want to repeat

Please tell me that you feel the same way about me
So together, forever, we can be


Courtney, 13

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A brilliant firefly comes out to play,

A brilliant firefly comes out to play,
When it is dark at the end of the day.
When it is bright he turns out his night light,
And waits until dark to play.

What is it?

shygirl, 12

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They say your eyes are a window into the soul...

They say your eyes are a window into the soul...
I say your face is a window to your heart.
They say that you can't judge a book by its cover...
I say your face shows them tearing you apart.
They say that your chances aren't good...
I say they couldn't be better.
They say that they know you can't do it...
I say that I know you better.
You can scale mountains higher than high,
Or swim to the deepest depths,
But there will always be those
Who tell you can't,
So just remember that I say you can.
There will always be people that will try to hold you back,
So remember that I will be there
To push you forward,
To watch you go,
To applaud you when you get back.
So remember there will always be those trying to push you down.
Always remember that I will be waiting to push you forward, to applaud your accomplishments, and to smile when all others frown.

Hermione, 15

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Butterflies, bright, colorful, fast,
They fly so magically,
Like the sound of music.
They fly so high, you try to catch them but you end up catching nothing at all.
Butterflies are like anything smart, important, and beautiful.
They look like they are about to send colors of the rainbow everywhere
They are so colorful and magic.
If you sit and listen you can hear them in your heart
Talking to each other.
With love and laughter.
Butterflies, fly over land and flowers, showing their beauty and true colors they are.
Butterflies are bright, beautiful, colorful, fast, and smart.
They are something so valuable no one can explain.

Angel Eyes, 14

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what to do about u

it seems weird
ur not here nate
we r thru
u broke up w/ me
now things r lonely
i only knew u for a short time
but i figured u could b mine
we were together
and then we fell apart
i thought u were rude on the phone but i got past it
but now i no
that was just u
when u broke my heart
i acted all strong and didnt cry
i said o well i dont care, he was just a toy
but that wasnt the truth and now i feel bad
and i say i dont luv him
but the truth is exactly the opposite
i started to like my friend spence
and i forgot nate
but i knew me and him, him and me, werent meant to be
it was a feeling
a weakness
just a knowing
we r better just friends
but i still remember nate
i no he wasnt just a toy
then i saw nate at track and field
my friend went up to him and said i said hi
but thats a lie
i didnt wanna talk to him
then he wouldnt leave me alone
he bugged me the whole time
i said "get lost ur sumthin from the past and i want the future"
then at the dance i saw nate
my friend asked me who he was
i showed her and she pointed to him and said to me
"thats him? wow"
then he came over and i started to walk away.
and my friends said "come back"
then i acted to flustered
and he got so mean
he just bugged me then also
then later i had no one to dance w/
so my friends asked him to dance w/ me
and he said no and i said no
so then i saw him sitting by hisself
and i thought this is a good time to make him jealous
so i grabbed spence and we danced and nate did get jealous
but i found out spence didnt like me
so i acted all mean to him
ignored him
when he tried to talk to me
he had no idea i knew
he'd start talkin to me and i'd say "u no what i g2g save it for another time. sumday when im up to talking to anyone"..he asked me "what was wrong" and i said "go away i no u dont care about it so dont even pretend"
so i ran away crying
now i lost them both
and say to myself
i dont like them
they're r the past
but now........who do i like?
i cant figure it out
they r the first ones to come to my mind always
but i push the thoughts of them away
but they float back
help me, help me

karli, 14

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Love isn't just a word it's a message.
Some people take my love for granted
and some try to test it
but it's way more than skin deep
so there's no reason to stretch it
if my love was an object the best artists couldn't sketch it
if my love was a ball the best athlete couldn't catch it
my love is a message and the message is strong I have to do it that way to let u know jayj's got it going on

Jayj, 15

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The many pains of missing you,

The many pains of missing you,
the feelings of despair.
This constant ache inside of me,
is sometimes hard to bear.
Each day I struggle to get by,
sometimes it hurts so much.
My heart feels like it's torn in two,
for the longing of your touch.
Life is filled with so much pain,
it's often hard to know.
Where to go and what to do,
and the tears will slowly flow.

, 36

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I hate the way you look at me,

I hate the way you look at me,
I hate the way you smile at me,
I hate the way you always try to stare into my eyes,
I hate the way you make me like you,
But in reality I don't hate you I actually like you.

Peekabou, 14

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I've been sitting in the darkness.

I've been sitting in the darkness.
Darkness lasting days.
So much darkness.
In so many ways.
When will I find this light?
The light that will guide me away.
It's harder and harder, to block the darkness away.

Anna, 12

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This world is always changing
And I am sometimes rearranging.

No matter the difference
Big or small
I always try to like them all.

When the change is bad
And lasts a while
I try to put on
One last smile.

The changes are sometimes hard
And many times
Have left me scarred.

Sometimes a change will leave me scared.
Sometimes a change has to be shared.

No matter what the next change may hold
It will always be something that will mold
Me into the person I'm bound to be.
And that person will always be me.

M gal11, 11

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You're the one who will last.

From all my crushes from the past,
Youre the only one who has last.
I thought the feeling would go away,
But it grew more every single day.
There is nothing I could do but blame myself,
That the feeling won't go to someone else.

Leslie, 13

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Then and Now

I used to think your friends could be trustworthier than you family,
Now I think they know you so well, they can be your worst enemy.
I used to be one of the tallest students in class,
Now I am one of the shortest because everyone has grown so fast.
I used to try to be someone else,
Now I know that everyone likes it when you act like your true self.
I used to not feel sorry for my family's sacrifices for me,
Now I feel sorry because they're willing to do anything to make me happy.
I used to think life is so fair,
Now I know life can be filled with despair.
I used to be treated as a walking doormat on the floor,
Now I am respected more.
I used to be selfish and uncaring,
Now I care about everything and started sharing.
I used to feel like a sore loser,
Now I know if you put more good effort and happiness in yourself you can always feel like a winner.
I used to wish I were someone else,
Now I am happy that God made me myself.

Leslie, 13

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~letting go~

~letting go~

the sound of your voice
tears at my heart,
teasing the nerves
along my spine.
For a moment i believed
you were once again
holding me against your
chest -echoing the sound-
as you whispered secrets
that passed through
the delicate folds of my ear
and into my soul.
I jump at your name.
My body still responds
to that familiar word.
How can i train
the butterflies, that flutter
into my throat
at the mere sight or scent of you,
to still themselves.
My mind has forgotten
what my body will aways remember.

Maria, 16

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It's Sad But True

It's sad but true
I'm over you
Your good looks
And loving ways
Are all a fuzzy haze.
I barely remember
The way you used to hold my hand
The was you used to understand.
As soon as you had gone,
I immediately moved on.
So it's sad but true.
I'm over you.

XxXDhitaXxX, 14

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I get butterflies when you touch my hand.
You are like no one else, who makes me feel this grand.
I get butterflies when I see you smile.
We haven't been out in a while.
I get butterflies when your eyes watch over me.
When I'm around you my heart starts bupping faster and harder with sounds of glee.
I get butterflies when our lips lock.
I know it's you, when at my door there is a
three-way knock.
So, I want you to know, that when we get older, I want to marry you.
I hope when you're with me, you get butterflies too!

FlordiaGirl, 0

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Missing U

Missing U
Do u really like her, I wonder why?
Maybe its cuz shes been with 1000 guys
I used to love u, I used to care
But deep down its really a scare!
U have a baby coming and a new place
But its weird cuz now I cant look u in the face
I dont respect u now
I hope u regret not calling me back cuz if u wouldve you'd have your whole life back!
Do u miss me like I miss u?
I wish u wouldve been smart
I mean u had a chance to depart
Do u miss your life, for example school
Hopefully when u grow up u wont show the whole world your really a fool
Remember our good times, there were bad ones too
But to me all the good ones were all the times I was with u
The lake was fun, remember that? When I took a picture with your army hat!
I really did have a blast, but I have to realize that it is the past
So now its over, now its gone- I guess Im just gonna have to move on!!
Jessica- texaskix00

Texaskix00, 16

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You will say

Why are you acting like this?
I don't remember when I had your kiss...
If tomorrow will be like this,
I'll be the one you'll miss.

I love you very much,
Also I hate you.
Do you love me such?
I'm so true...

I think it's just today,
Tomorrow will be another day.
All for me is black and gray,
I hope "I love you" you will say...

I know you will change.
I know you'll kiss me.
I hope the thing you will say,
Will be "I love you and you love me".

~*~*~*~*~Will it be so?~*~*~*~*~

# #

Evelina, 12

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I look at him...

I look at him he looks at me; we smile, laugh, and talk. But yet when we are by are friends he acts like Im not there...he calls me names and makes fun of me, but for some reason Im not over him...

Lil Sista, 15

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Wilting Flower

My life falls apart like a wilting flower.
When you look at me I lose all power.
But,then you smile
And make my life worthwhile.

Caitlin, 12

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It's meant to be

The night is getting over me
The stars are also whispering to me
Tomorrow will be a better day...It's meant to be
It's meant to be

My head is spinning very fast
My thoughts will last and last
The only thingy in my head
It's YOU and I won't forget

The great times we've shared
The kisses you gave to me
The strong hugs we gave to each other
The looks that you looked at me

I love you more each day
I won't forget you anyway
I know you love me, I know you do
And you will never forget me too!

Evelina, 12

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When I lose you

When I lose you
I dont know what to do
After all I do love you
Deep down in my heart is love for you.

That I just cant let go
You mean so much to me
I just have to let you know
How much you mean to me
In my heart and mind.

To show you how much I love you
I will go everywhere and shout it out

I never want to let you go
You belong in my heart
Where I will never loose you again.

We used to spend all of our time together
But now we spend all of our time apart
If only it could be like it used to be
We would be happy together
Instead of apart!!!

Nicole Hannah, 13

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I'll miss you dear grandpa

I'll miss you dear grandpa, I'll miss so much
It will hurt me to even stare
At your creations, the table, the chair.
But mostly, dear grandpa
I will really miss
When I come to see you and there is no hug and kiss.

Nemy27, 12

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*My Perfect Place*

Never leave the ones you love,
Always count the stars above.
Days of being old will never start,
You and your love will never part.
You will fulfill your every goal,
For you they'll never dig a hole.
You will find who you really are,
In life, you will go so far.
You'll never have to leave behind,
The friends and family that you find.
Everything bad will be erased,
This will all happen in my Perfect Place!

Tristan*, 14

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the day i set eyes on u i knew u

the day i set eyes on u i knew u were the one
i would stab my heart with a milion knives for ur love i could not stand a weekend with out u
ur sweet face sent me in a whole different world
every time i would talk to u my lips wouuld freeze and my heart would beat so hard that i would be so afraid that u would hear it.

sunshine, 12

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Never What It Seems

Just as I thought I had everything going right; it all began to fall apart.
And no matter how I tried to forget about it, it still was in my heart.
Sometimes I feel as if I wanted to get away from it all,
Before my tears start to fall.
But when you disappeared
I started to cry a tear.

Even though I was robbed of my feelings and heart and there's nothing left to steal,
I can't help the way that I feel.
The pain is always there
But he doesn't seem to care and it's more than I can bare.
Ironically the things that have gone wrong,
Doesn't make me weak but strong.

Singing Chorus Girl,15

Singing Chorus Girl, 15

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*I love you more than I can say*

I loved you and I thought you loved me I cared so much but I thought you did to! I cared and loved you so much it hurt! I love you and I cared so much I would cry! I tried to be the best friend to you but you never thought much of me you didnt care! I did so much for you I thought you appreciated it but thats not true. You say you love me but you sure dont show it. You hug me but you only do that to make me feel good cause you really dont mean it. I thought you would always be there for me but your not but I guess Im not good enough for you. You mean so much to me and I really love you but what is it to you? I try my best in everything I do but its never enough for you. I thought you were a true friend but I now know that your not. You may not care but there is one true friend that I know who will always be by my side and that is Jesus Christ no matter if you ever care for me or about me. I will always love you no matter how much you hurt me or how you treat me! Im sorry for everything I ever said or done but why should you care? You never did! Youve changed what happened? I always think about you. I always worry if you are ok or if something happened. I think about you day and night wondering if you are just putting on an act or if you really care about me, or if you mean what you say to me for example (I love you) and sometimes I dont understand. Why are you acting like this? What did I do that was so wrong? Well I am sorry for whatever it is that I cant please you! Why do I try so hard to please you and everyone else and then at the end no one cares? Who knows? Do you really stop and think and realize that if something happened to you, I would probably be one of the first there to see about you? Or do you even care? I have always loved you but sometimes it is hard for me to tell you and sometimes you say I love you but not from the heart. At night I sit alone and think about all the times we have shared together and all the things that we have had together and I love you. You are like a mother to me but do you realize that I love you more than I can say, more than words can ever say? You know you may never care what happens to me and I just want to say that I love you with all my heart, and there is no one else on who I can talk to or depend on to always be there for me to talk about things or just to cut up and have fun and I really do love you with my whole heart no matter what! Cause I know there are times we argue, disagree and get upset at each other or about certain things but it says in the bible to forgive and forget well I do forgive you and there are times you do say stuff to upset me or hurt me but I know you dont mean to but it happens, stuff happens. But I will always forgive you because I love you and if anything ever come between us I would fight a battle to make it right again. And you know a lot about me, cause you have been around me for a quite a while now. I always want you to know I will always love you no matter what happens, if I have to do something before anything makes me not love you. If I didnt care about you and say I love you so much I wouldnt do what I do for you and I hope you believe everything that I say in this because ever word of it is true and every word comes from me not anyone else and really hope you believe that I love you as much as I say and I hope you feel the same about me but if not that is ok. And to end this for now I just want to say thanks for everything you have ever done and I love you so much and thanks for always being there for me and thanks for being the best friend anyone could ever in a lifetime ask for! I love you!

Ash, 15

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I Love You

I Love You
One day I will tell you
No matter how long it takes
One day I will tell you
No matter what it takes
When I see your face I have to turn around
Because when I see you I can't help but blush
So when I see you all I can say is "Hi"
I turn around right away 'cause I know I'm blushing
So I turn my back at you
But wish I could tell you I love you
If you think I hate you
You are mistaken 'cause no matter what I'll always love you
No matter what people say youre a great person
And one day Ill tell you that I love you
And I hope you'll say I love you too

Pink Lady, 12

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The sentence you said.

The sentence you said.
I loved 4 eva more
And you said you would never leave me
4 years all gone down the drain
All because of a sentence
The sentence was
"Baby get over he and give me a snog!"
I was 9 how could you do that!
If it wasn't 4 that sentence we might have still been together
You remain in my heart 4 eternity
No matter what but
There is no us anymorenot now, not ever!
You hurt me so much I still cry even now
You wrecked my life! Dont try 2 mend my tears with your words they hurt me before they cannot mend me as well just do me a favor get lost so I can move on!
Sorry babe but its to late Adam you hurt me so much PLEASE JUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carz, 12

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A poem by the broken hearted

I came to this school with only 1 m8,
About 2 yrs on I have more than 8.
I love a lush lad from Canada he comes
I only think of him while doing art or maths sums!
He is into all the stuff that I like,
When I think about him I nearly fall off my bike!
But he isnt interested in sum1 like me,
He loves a year nine he knows I can see.
I really want him but he doesn't know,
I want to follow him were ever hell go!
I cant stand to see him with his arms around her,
It is much more pain than I can bear.
I dont see why he likes her she isnt his kind,
Through my heart that sight is like a painful grind.
When hes playing basketball she joins in,
Just to jump ever closer to him.
I sit at the side not bearing to look,
The boy that I love away from me she took.
He looks at me from time to time,
Probably thinking shes as sour as a lime.
His hair is darker than the midnight sky,
Just a look from him makes my feelings fly.
His baggy clothes are ones to die for,
Being in the same room as him makes my heart soar.
Loads of girls love him so I dont have a chance,
All of the others will ask him to dance.
I will be a loner till I leave this hellhole,
But I will perceive because I have a goal.
Just speaking to him will make my brain fizz,
His name is Andrew C. it is!

Blobby, 13

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Fear is known as a spider, scary movie, or dark forest, but recently I felt fear - real fear, and I will never forget it. I felt...
Each tiny hair on my back pricked up
Tickling down my spine
Sweat brewing on my head
My teeny nervous wine
I felt a warm and evil breath
Approaching the back of my neck
I felt sick in the stomach
As I knew what I had done
To awful to mention, too awful to forget
I knew this would stick in the back of my mind...I have to let go.........

Beanie, 15

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From the first day I saw you...

From the first day I saw you, I know you were the one. Your eyes, so brown and fine, I wish that you were mine. When I help you out in school one day but Im so shy, I just hand it to you, then run away. Cuz Im too scared to hear what you will say. I cant express my feelings to you; I wish that you would love me too. Someone tells him my name and he says... who?? But Bryce, there will always be a place in my heart, longing for you... ; (

Leila, 11

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Love is serious it's not a game
Love seems to never stay the same
Do you care about my hair?
I hope not because my feelings will rot
If you do our love is not true
This is all I have to say in this poem

RR, 11

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Meaning of Life

In Religious Studies you learn about it
Or what the teachers think it is
It's all about others
But it's your opinion that counts

So why are we all here?
How did we get here?
When? Where? Who?
We probably will never know...

Of course, we all have our own theories
But in practice it's not always true
And, to be quite frank, we'll never know the truth
However much we wish we did

I think that we are here to learn
To help and aid our universe
We are here to be kind and forgiving
And to learn how to love

Lou, 14

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The Perfect Day

It's the perfect day to sail away
On a cloud, just sail away
Chill out in the sky for a while
Leave Planet Earth for a while
It's the perfect day to fly away
Spread your wings, just fly away
Nothing matters any more
Nothing matters if you fly away
It's a perfect day to float away
Dreaming, fantasizing, just float away
Explore your personality, learn about yourself
Nothing matters if you float away

It's the perfect day to learn to love.
Maybe if more learnt it, the world would be better.

Lou, 14

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One Life One Way

You walk in the store
and stride down the aisle
you pick me up and
try to act casual while,
you carry me down
to the check-out line
pull out your wallet
and soon youll be mine
your friends are observing
your every move
the clerk asks for ID-
you show him a fake
you quickly walk down
to the front of the store
your friends are waiting for you
as you step out the door
you hop in the car
and drive away from the shop
then you shut off the ignition
and pop off my top
you take a few drinks
and pass me around
thats when you drive around town
you turn on your car
and put your foot on the clutch
"Im sober" you think
"I didnt have very much"
you pulled onto the road
with me beside
taking occasional sips
as you enjoy the ride
then the brakes on the car
in front of you squeal
you try hard to stop
but lose control of the wheel
you skid off the road
and you know you have crashed
the dashboard is shattered
the windshield is smashed
minutes like hours
your in treacherous pain
that washes your senses
envelopes your brain
the screams all around you
are faint to your ears
as life flashes before you
your hopes and your fears
minutes like hours
you plead and pray
"ill never touch it again
just let me live one more day"
your mind starts to go dark
it falls apart piece by piece
and then you slip into darkness
the pain has finally ceased

Before you entered that store
you should have thought twice
for I am the substance
that cost you your life!!!

Snicky , 15

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Flowers blooming

Flowers blooming, flowers blooming
out gardening, out gardening
pulling weeds, pulling weeds
come bloom and be merry

Good_gurl, 11

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Once upon a midnight dream

Once upon a midnight dream,
I glanced upon my mind,
Surprised to see what's in my head,
Wondering what I'd find

I looked and looked,
To find something to fill my aching heart,
And if I don't find something soon,
I might just fall apart

Once upon a midnight dream,
I glanced upon my mind,
I looked and looked, and worked so hard,
Although nothing did I find

DiDi, 11

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Roses are Red

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I fell in love
But not with you
When we broke up
You thought Id cry
But why would I cry
Youre just a typical guy
You told your friends
That we were just a game
I feel like crap
When I hear your name
I told you I love you
But that's not true
Because guess what baby?
I played you too.

Darlynda, 12

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For Better or For Worse?

How can you lie?
Looking me straight in the eyes?
How could you have broken my heart?
Right from the start?
How can you not see?
That we were truly meant to be?
How did things go so wrong?
When we had liked each other for so long?

Maybe what you said was all true,
But you had just changed your mind out of the blue.
Maybe you didn't mean to hurt me,
And you thought that that's how things should be.
Maybe you didn't see it the same way,
Or you were just having a bad day.
Maybe this is all a test of our feelings for each other,
And if it's to see if we were meant to be together.
But whatever the reason,
It has already been done.
So we will both have to wait and see what our future holds,
While each and every day it unfolds.

Singing Chorus Girl,15

Singing Chorus Girl, 15

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A kiss is a kiss

A kiss is a kiss,
No one forgets,
Unless hes embarrassed and has his regrets,
I dont understand why he cant see; that the moment we shared meant so much to me,
I thought he liked me a little bit more, coz he made me feel like Ive never felt before,
I dreamed and wished that we could be together, and hold me in his arms forever.
But he doesnt like me, and this I have to accept but the moment we shared will always be kept.

Kelly, 15

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Thoughts Of You

Our Picture On My Dresser, A Token In My Heart. The Feelings Of Remembrance Are Tearin Me Apart.

Why did you leave me so scared and so alone? Not A Picture Or A Letter Not Even A Call On The Phone.

We Knew It Wasn't Perfect We Knew It From The Start The Odds Were All Against Us But Our Love Came From The Heart.

Youre A Million Miles Away From Me And I'm Longin For Your Touch
I Just Want To Let You Know I Love You Very Much.

Gabriella , 14

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Your Love

When I felt so alone and deep,
In the pits of despair,
I always called to hear your voice,
But you really didnt care,

I tried to help our relationship,
Get stronger for our sake,
But I soon found out that loving you,
Was a very big mistake.

I always called,
Just to make sure you were there,
You said you were busy and to call back later,
But I knew you just didn't care,

I finally realized that you didn't want me,
I wanted to separate,
I knew that you wouldn't care,
I knew that you thought it would be great,

I looked through my closet,
To find a shirt to wear,
And when I got to your house,
I saw you had a kiss to share,

I stood at the doorway,
Without you noticing at all,
Your kiss with her was passionate,
My heart was already broken,
But I didn't know that it would hurt this much to fall,

I don't think that I will ever forget,
That terrible, brokenhearted day,
But still in my life,
There have been many unwelcome doorways,

When I saw unwelcome doorway,
I mean broken hearts,
I try to have a good relationship,
Except all of them fall apart,

To this day I see your face,
When I see a dove
I miss your hug; I miss your kiss,
But mostly I miss your love

ChattyChick, 12

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I fear to go loud because I feel the same
Am naughty inside because I keep quit
Ashamed how to start cause its deep inside
I fear to say but I feel the same

I have been trying to speak out
About what I feel the same with u
But am afraid cause your position is
High in my life what should I do to
Satisfy my heart, soul and you
I fear to say but I feel the same

The first day I saw you fear capture ma heart
Your face and body endanger my soul
But then I know you were nothing but
Laughter in my life and good picture in my eyes
I fear to say but I feel the same

I started to prepare you as fitness of my heart
Then discovery come that your blood and not water
Disappointment captures my heart but glad indeed
Was my that God didnt swept you all Im life
I fear to say but I feel the same

Jokeineed, 19

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Sparkling eyes and hair - so cool!
His sense of humor
A blast of friendship
In one person
Never been like this before
He's just so amazing
So clever and funny
Always has something to say
Whatever mood
Puts a smile on your face
When you feel like crying
One of the best friends you could ask for
In his natural way
I thank you, Ballam
For being there when I felt
Like everyone hated me
You stood by my side
And told me it's not true
You helped me so much
So I thank you again
For being my friend
The best
The very best

Vici, 12

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A crack in the sidewalk
Like a crack in a heart
Never mended, never cared for
Has been there from the start
Rain falls through
Like tear drops
Always stepped on, never loved
This hurting never stops
A crack in the sidewalk
is hidden, may never show
Although the crack is never fixed
In it, a tiny flower grows.

Jessica, 14

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This time it's over.

This time its over Im keeping my heart, Im gonna be strong and not fall apart.
I'll get better Ill no longer cry, in a couple of weeks, I wont want to die.
I wont want to go back, Ill be able to sleep. I wont hurt so bad I wont fall so deep.

Jessy C., 13

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Rises the skill

Rises the skill
from beneath the stone
the bones are thick
yet some are old
to behold the strength
whats left is true
the night is dark
the cold is blue

the day is gone
the heart is old
whats left of you
has come along
to rise above the earth

Down the road
among the crowd
it lies in the hands
under the dust
the rock on the road
breaks its fall

It cracks in half
blood of gold
tumbles out
the broken glass
glows in the night
lying on the rock
it loses its bright

Walking on the path
looking down at the road
coming upon
what use to be a glow
just lying there
in the gold I see a face

Shining up at me
glowing still in the night
clear is the fog
up at me gives a look
from your mouth
I hear the words
I love you dear

A promise is kept
to always be with you
no more blue
is always to be true
with no tears
a smile rises
upon my face

I remember the time
when you took my hand
you told me we'd be
always and forever together
never apart we shall be
our love has grown strong
and will never be gone.

Whats left of me
is broken under the hallow ground
the grave has fallen
under the stone
Never to be known
as you shall see
the darkness in me
has finally come about

Love grows old
into the cold
can never be told
the feelings I once had for one
although I've come to a halt
my heart bleeds for another to come

How shall I wait
standing here in the cold
I can see my breath
the ground starts to freeze
I believe in fate
I have given up faith

Not to lose, but to win is the way
I wait till the day
for the right one to come
How long to be, who knows
when he shall choose
to meant a broken heart
that was never to be told
standing outside in the cold

Sometimes you can wish upon a star
relying on days to come
until it will come true
but when you realize that its not what you want
its right there in front of your face
what you've always been waiting for
sometimes its not too late
and you can save yourself from making a mistake

Though they don't realize it
your falling for them
deep within
you've come to dream within
that the day will come
when they will give you a chance
to prove to them
that you will make them happy
heartache never to come
for always you shall be true

As blind as they seem
maybe they know
maybe it shows
but whose to know
if they really know
and how they really feel

Maybe they're not as blind as you think
but then maybe they don't know
by the end of this poem
they should know
are they gonna give you a chance to prove
or are they gonna leave you lying in the cold?

Tori, 16

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For An Angel

For An Angel
Dear Angel-
Why did you go away?
Did you know that
I need you up to this day?
Your things, I have them all around
Left untouched and on display
Our pictures, they call out your name
Begging and wanting you to stay
Your face and touch is left behind
Along with memories that taunt
Consuming a girl who is so blind
You once loved me so well
With candlelight dinners
Promises, and romance that seemed so real
You once cared about me so dear
With encouragements and assurance
Convinced me a love like you is rare
You once dam the river of my tears
Soothed me, embraced me
And calmed the rage of my fears
I knew we were in trouble
Heeding the shadows on your face
Though they seem like mere warnings
I couldve been there saving grace
I cant believe Ive let you down
Broke your noble heart
Let you hit the ground
Even now letting you fly away
I cant pay the price
Though I try everyday
I need you back in my life
Now you soar on wings of broken dreams
Im bound and tied down
To a burden of guilt and pain
Forgive me for all the misery
I am so sorry and Im ashamed
Dear Angel-
I am the one to blame

JewLie, 19

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I Am

I Am
I am a girl full of laughter that likes nature, sports, and animals.
I wonder what it will be like in the future.
I hear noise in dead silence.
I see things that nobody can see.
I want to go on adventures that are amazing and beautiful.
I am a girl full of laughter that likes nature, sports, and animals.
I pretend I am good at what I do.
I feel there is nobody around me.
I touch the mist when there is no sea.
I worry about what will happen later in life.
I cry when my friends and family are hurt.
I am a girl full of laughter that likes nature, sports, and animals.
I understand that people say stuff that hurts but doesn't mean to.
I say God loves you and will be with you if you let Him in your heart.
I dream of rodoes and my family.
I try to help people who are in need.
I hope that people will get along.
I am a girl full of laughter that likes nature, sports, and animals.

Ashes2600, 13

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My Santa Clause

One day on Christmas
I heard a loud bang
So I woke up and saw
Two black shoes coming
Down my chimney then
I got scared so I went
To find a good place
To hide, and suddenly
I found one, behind my
Stove would work so I
Went to hide and know
I got to see a lot
Of him as he was struggling
To get out of my chimney
I got to see his red pants
With white fur at the bottom
Then he landed real hard on
His bottom and I finally got
To see his face, it was all
Covered in soot and his nose
Was as red as a cherry and
His cheeks were big like red
Apples, but when he
Laughed his belly
Wiggled like a bowl
Full of jelly

I got so happy that
I popped out of hiding
Behind the stove and
I went to hug him
But then he took off
His mask and I realized
It wasnt who I thought
It was

It was my grandpa
(Past away) and I got so
Happy I went to tell
My mom, and then I realized
It was a dream.

This is true. This poem is the first one I have ever written in my entire life. Tell me what you think.

Wicked Skater, 13

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LOVE is a four-letter word that I call 831
LOVE can bring you down and leave you there
For along time LOVE will make you go crazy and you will stay there for along time. Today I don't call it LOVE I call it crazy.
Please believe me love will hunt you if you ever fall in love.
Im 12 yrs. old and my life is crazy.
Ive been their, done that, but please listen: boys will hurt you, thats just LOVE.

Ashia , 12

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1st Love

Did I ever tell u
U were my 1st love
The 1st & only boy
I ever cared for
I never thought we would know
Each other this long
Our relationship went
Off & on so long
We never really broke up
Just stop coming around
Until I heard that sweet sound
That told me u were still around
U were like a bear
& I was your cub
Nothing will ever change the fact
That u were my 1st love

Netta, 15

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I'm confused! My life-whats going on?!? Him?!? whats going on?? Next meal?!? Last meal!!! Who's who?!? What is life? What is death? Where do I go?? Where do I stay?? LOVE-HATE-HAPPY-SAD-MAD-FRUSTRATION-Confusion I dont even know what Im thinking anymore, Tomorrow or today, maybe YESTERDAY? MAYBE! Sight hearing smell taste touch-SEE this but hear that CONFUSION- money broke alone scared!!! Fun happy rich friends UNTOUCHABLE. WHAT DO I DO??? CONFUSED? Good bad/Right wrongWhat is or not?

BY:**Brandie** St.l/mo

Blue Bear, 14

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To the guy who drives me crazy:

To the guy who drives me crazy:
You broke my heart,
So I broke your jaw,
I really didn't mean to.
You bleed,
I screamed,
But yet I still,
Just cant believe you.
I saw you two at the movies,
I saw you two at the country club,
You guys were playing tennis,
I swear you said "love" not "lub".
You said I had imagined it,
When I told you what Id seen,
I said she was just a piece of a$$,
I said that she would leave.
When she said goodbye to you,
You crawled right back to me,
Yet this girl's smile and this girl's love,
Is something you'll never see.
So once again Im sorry,
That your mouth is oh so pained,
But I really must be going,
You put my heart under such strain.

Aly, 16

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This boy at the school

This boy at the school
Thinks Im a big fool
Because when I see him I have to bail
I dont know if he likes me it looks like Im for sale
People might not know
But Im going to keep it a secret to girls so I won't be up for show

#1 Pimp, 12

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I still wonder why

I still wonder why
Why did you make me cry
You said promises and said lies
You said it was over as if it were a game
But I thought it was very lame
Now I see you and I say Hi
But you just walk right past me by
So heres a poem from me to you
Just telling you that I miss you and feel very blue.

Tita, 13

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A world you conquered

A world you conquered,
All your own,
A growing light,
That is shown,

You ran a thousand miles,
You climbed a thousand walls,
You scaled a thousand stairwells,
And took a thousand falls,

You made a thousand keys,
To a thousand doors,
You used a thousand shields,
To fight a thousand wars,

You walked a thousand roads,
You had a thousand fears,
You saw a thousand suns,
And you saw a thousand years,

You spoke a thousand lies,
You sung a thousand songs.
You did a thousand rights,
And you did a thousand wrongs,

Youve shed a thousand tears,
Youve breathed a thousand breaths,
Youve said a thousand names,
And youve seen a thousand deaths,

Youve been a thousand people,
Youve been a thousand lives,
Youve been a thousand souls,
Youve been this a thousand times,

Until eternity stretches,
Its ungrateful hand,
It will burn you,
Like a flaming brand,

Someday you will be just another person,
Living another life,
Being another husband,
Having another wife,

Then youre time will come,
And to your disbelief,
In the middle of your life,
Time will bring you grief,

It will rip you from your body,
And give you no last chance,
It will sear you with all the pain
Of a fire-burning lance,

It will be the last of you,
Though you have lived long,
And now, on the wind,
The scent of you is gone,

You tricked time into thinking,
That youre life was not yet done,
But it discovered its folly,
And in your face, it won.

Pickle, 11

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A Summer's Dream

The sun was setting
Orange and bright
We sat on the hill
For it was our last night
Each second that passed
Each moment we embraced
My heart felt free
It flipped and it raced
We held hands those last seconds
Gazing into our eyes
Tears trickled down our cheeks
As we made gentle sighs.

Ryan, 13

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I wonder why...

I wonder why!!!

I wonder why I like you so
Why cant I just let u go?
All the time I think of you
Of all the feelings I have for you
I wonder why my feelings are so true
That sometimes I feel blue
By thinking of you
I wonder why
When I think of you
You blow my mind
All the time
I wonder why
When youre around
I start to blush
But try to keep it a hush
I wonder why when someone says your name
I drive insane
I wonder why just thinking of you
I start to smile
And why when Im sad
The thought of you
Just makes my day all worthwhile!!!!!!!
Because of you I wonder why so much!!! Bye!!!

Jazzy, 13

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Sometimes I just want to cry

Sometimes I just want to cry,
Other times I want to die,
You left me behind a veil of doubt,
Is this what love is all about?
I think not, my time is done,
now to hell swiftly I run,
where flame and hate transfix my soul,
and there is nowhere left to go
My heart has been broken,
my dreams are unwoken,
you have lost all of your faith,
to me you have become a silent wraith,
carrying with you the scent of death,
bringing me my final breath,
I would tell you how I feel,
but then it seems that you're not real,
never will I do what I last said,
because by then, I will be dead.

Leandra, 11

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WHY is it when you get the guy you like,
You and your friend get in a fight?
WHY is it when you want a man,
your friend takes him just cuz she can?
WHY is life the way it is,
WHY does your friend take your guy, when she knows you want to be his?
WHY can life be this cruel,
WHY do you always end up being the fool?
WHY do people stab others in their backs,
WHY don't people just tell the facts?
WHY are people so cold-hearted,
and WHY do you get the blame when they always start it?
I guess that's just the way life goes,
It's full of people---> friends and foes.

Tristan*, 14

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It was a sad thing when the world died,

It was a sad thing when the world died,
So I sat down and I cried,
I looked west
and saw a child take her final rest,
I looked east
and saw an animal become deceased
I looked south,
and saw fire coming from the devils mouth,
I looked north,
and saw death coming forth,
I gasped, and ran away,
fighting the ending of the day,
I fell into darkness, let out a scream,
then I woke up, thank god, it was a dream,
the new dawn was rising,
I go to greet the sun,
open my eyes,
death has won!
I shake my head,
my thoughts, they flew,
my jaw fell open,
my dream has come true!

JJ, 11

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Kenyan: This is a poem for you.

Kenyan: This is a poem for you.
Why do you encourage these childish dreams?
It's your sparkling personality, though it seems
as though you don't notice me and why,
Why don't I have you to help me when I cry?
I wish that I had you in my arms tonight.
I wish that I had you to put my heart in flight.
I know these are questions even I can't explain,
but just listen now. This is a time of pain.
Please, oh, please just answer me this.
Why do you have those sweet lips I can't kiss?
I love you with all my heart and soul,

Ellie, 11

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For: The World

For: The World
The world is a greedy, money-thirsty place,
overtaken by little pieces of paper that buy
only destruction and chaos. What's in a coin that causes devastation across the world? What's the joy in causing deaths? Why am I alone in a world full of people that are drowning in themselves, overcome in their power. Why do people "earn" money at the costs of lives? Why? Why? Why?

Ellie, 11

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I love your goofy smile
The way you make me laugh
And how you look at me with your
beautiful eyes that look as if
they can never tell lies
Also your sparkling personality
How you never give up
You stand tall like lady liberty
Only that your a guy and look cuter
At least to me
I hope one day you'll get to see that I like you
And hopefully you like me

Aimee, 11

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My Feelings

My Feelings
I'm in love with you and I don't know why
People ask how can I be in love with someone who constantly makes me cry
I tell them you're not always that way but they think that you are and I shouldn't stay although we fight more than we get along
my love for you will be forever strong
I want to tell you how I really feel
but my love for you I just can't reveal
my friends say Im wasting my time writing for you these foolish little rhymes
but I love you too much to let you go and I love you too much to let my feelings show so I guess the only thing left for me to say is sweetie I love you in every way

NubianPrincess, 14

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It Hurts

It Hurts
It hurts to give but never receive
It hurts to know that my heart you have deceived
It hurts to know that when you look into my eyes you don't know what you see
It hurts to know that there may never again be a you and me
But most of all it hurts to know that you're to blind to see how much you really mean to me

NubianPrincess, 14

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You may have someone in your mind,

You may have someone in your mind,
Someone in your hart
Someone in your dreams
Someone in your life
But I am your someone when you have no one.

alice, 11

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Someone is a person hu to me is unique
Someone is a person hu's advise is exquisite
Someone is a person hu i thougt did not exist
Someone is a person hu's frendship persists
dear frend, dat someone is...u!

faithchic58, 11

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I must of been born under a lucky star to

I must of been born under a lucky star to find a friend as nice as you are and I will follow that rainbow until the end as long as you promise for Eva to be my friend! The End

Look at me, 11

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You are leaving next year,
Is it a lie,
I don't care but I may cry,
We were not best friends,
You did not like me much,
But I still may cry,
Claire will be upset,
Lots of people will,
So I may cry,
You used to pick on me,
And not be very nice,
But I still may Cry,
I've only known you for,
half a year,
But I still may cry.
This poem is for everyone in 7.2 at Matthew Moss High School!
We'll miss you Amber!

Rinoa, 12

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Devoted to my dear class at Kingston Park

Devoted to my dear class at Kingston Park

It's now year 6,
It's almost done,
We're going to Kenton -
How much fun?!

A new school, a new class,
Different people every day,
Make new friends, and new lessons,
"A New srart-" I say.

But won't we miss our years together?
The laughs, the cries, the smiles?
Of course we will, everyday...
We made each other worthwhile...

We'll still see each other,
In corridors, in class and more...
But it will all end and stop -
As we walk out of the Kingston Park Door...

Remember You, Daniel?
You told our teacher to 'FREEZE!'
That was really funny -
Your making me wet myself - hold on please!

All the funny moments put together,
Make us think of the past years -
Now we're 11, we're getting on -
It seems no one's interested...but inside you care

So give us a cuddle,
Say your goodbye,
Please don't cry
Because remember class 6 - True Love Never Dies

Alexandra, 11

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decisions, decisions

Decisions, decisions
I always have to make them why can't there be a day when I don't have to make them when I make decisions my mind gets cluttered and I get confused
Decisions decisions

Shannen, 17

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Sequel to Tha-Thump

Sequel to Tha-Thump
Thump, Thump
Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump
I talked to you!
Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump
And you talked back!
You and your beautiful mahogany brown eyes and laid back manner
Talked to me, a blue eyed, brown haired freshmen girl.
Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump
You said "See ya later"
Thump, Thump

B'Ball Liz, 15

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Heres to you my dad
The one I love
The one who tucks me in at night
The one who loves me
The one who I could never swap
The one who made me who I am
Thank you dad for being you

, 13

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I will still feel the same as the other day.

One day I heard some kids talking about me. I said to myself I'll still feel the same as the other day. The other day was such a wonderful day because I had the Lord to say thank you girl and lets pray. To me, you should love your friends and your "enenminies" (hehe Nemo) you see but most of all love the man up above. But remember you should still feel the same as the other day!

Centerial, 11

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I see you siting across the room

I see you siting across the room
With your dark hair and blue green eyes
As I stare at you I think what life would be like if we were married. We would grow old together and go to Hawaii for our honeymoon, but that dosn't matter. Right now all that matters is that I will love you forever and will always be thinking of you. No matter what comes in the way of my life I promise I will love you forever...and always will.

Emily, 11

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More than life itself

I love you more than life itself
Because you see so much in me
I love you more than life itself
I wrote this under a tree
I love
Oh I love you
Baby, marry me!

Tara, 9

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To Still Run Back

If only I could see you in my arms
To say that youre mine
To hold and love you
To be there for you when you need me
To say that I love you.

But I know he loves you
And I'm happy for you
Even though my heart tells me to move on
I still come back for more
To see you with him
To still run back

To see you smile when he hugs you
When you hold his hand
When you say that you love him.

I'm happy for you
But every time I see you with him
It breaks my heart to know that
I can't have you
It's just that I'll never have the chance to say that you are mine.

But I still run back to see you hold hands with him
Laugh with him
Hug him because...
I guess I just want to see you smile
To see that you are happy.

But you are always my girl in my heart
For your tears of joy
For your smile
For your happiness
You are always the girl in my heart
In my heart.

Azn Lover, 13

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Why did you say that?

Why did you say that?
The night you said goodbye.
I begged you not to go,
I screamed that we should try.

You were my first everything,
You were my first "mine".
I gave you all of my heart,
I gave you all of my time.

The night you said so long,
You told me that you didn't care.
You were so mean and hurtful,
All I could do was stare.

You had promised your love!
You broke it, you suck,
A curse upon your name,
I wish you a world of bad luck.

I'm my old self again,
I'm happier now I know,
I've shed myself of you,
Now its just me that I show.

You never appreciated my love,
You really didn't love me.
You should see me now!
Smiles is all you can see.

Now Im flying solo,
And Im loving the world no doubt,
There is no more fighting,
Now there's no need to shout.

Don't cast your glance to the floor,
When you see me in the halls,
I don't miss you,
I get plenty of cat calls.

Aly, 14

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They sky is gray

They sky is gray
The wind is blowing like it is trying to tell me something
The rain begins to pour
The wind turns to a roar
The sky becomes as dark as the midnight sky
Then a crack of a branch
I see it far away coming closer, closer
It is so close but yet so far
My mother shelters my head as the roof is blown off
We huddle together in the basement
After the winds die down we are stuck in a death trap
I hear helicopters above
Finally I am in the safety of a warm home
I am handed a warm blanket
I fall asleep
In the mourning I go look outside
I see the damage
The trees, houses, cars

Paradise, 11

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A love that is still here

When we first saw each other,
I knew you were like no other,
You came up to me,
And my heart started to beat,
But you knew what to say,
And you knew what to do,
For you were the one that said I love you.
From that day on,
I knew we would last long.
For I loved you,
And you said you did too.
So now we live our lives together,
I promise that I will love you forever.
It's been two years now,
And our love is still as big as a cow.
For we live our lives,
Fighting others off with knives.
You are the one,
And you know it's true,
Please don't deny it or I'll hit you with a shoe.
There's nothing to say,
There's nothing to do,
To make you mine forever,
You don't know what I would do.
I'll just wait patiently,
Hoping you'll see how much you mean to me.
Have no fear,
For our love is still here.

Brenda, 12

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Some may say love is for fools.

Some may say love is for fools
But love isnt for fools,
Love makes you a fool.
But thats the wonderfulness of it.
Not knowing what do to.
Not minding it either.
Sharing, caring,
Love is always sweet.
So I cannot wait until we meet.

Youll look in my eyes,
As I gaze into yours.
And in that moment,
Ill realize.
Well talk for hours,
Like old friends.
Well be together forever,
til the end.

Are these thoughts only a dream?
Because right now,
Its all that they seem.

If and when a true love comes,
Ill hold onto it,
and never let it go.
Once youve got it good,
Youll really know.
Youll be giggly, giddy,
going insane.
Youll be so much happier.
Love will blind all other pains
Love is foolish, never wise.
Well act like dummies,
Until our demise.
But as long as were happy,
Why should it matter?
Being wise or in love?
Ill pick the latter.

Just a single star in the sky..., 16

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A friend

A friend isn't someone who will use you.
A friend is someone who will stick out for you and make you feel better when youre sad.
A friend will care for you or help you with something no matter what.
A friend will be caring, understandable, trusting, and honest with you
Thats what a good friend is.

Mimi, 11

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when i look into the sky

when i look into the sky
i see this wonderful guy
the one i always knew
stuck in the ways of child or a few
to think of him the way i do
would be quite new to you
but as you know
you don't know him as i know
I sometimes wonder if he knows me the way i know him
even though we are just good friends
that wonderful guy has plenty of time
to find the memories of our good times
to see this guy wouldn't be waste of my time
even though we don't have a long time

Jessica C, 13

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When I saw you this morning.

When I saw you this morning,
My heart skipped a beat,
When you said hi to me I couldnt feel my feet.
A shiver went down my spine,
Ill try to make sure you are mine.
But next time Ill have to try harder.

Cherelle B., 13

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At the age of three
You never think of the future
You believe that your friends will stay forever
Years pass
You become older and wiser
You're leaving now
And I want you to remember
Never ever change
I could never have done it without you.

**Dedicated to my best friend Zack, I will miss you, you're a great person, don't ever change.**

Tina, 12

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I see all these faces

I see all these faces; they make me feel confused,
I feel left out totally used.
Ive never felt so much hate,
I feel as though I have no fate.
No life to live for,
Apart from to win the war.
But to me, winning the war is to die,
To end this big lie.
Because I'm ready to tear out my insides,
To jump of a bridge-commit suicide.
So please everyone just start treating me right.
Then you'll know I will survive this cold night.

J, 13

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The tears of the fallen sun.

I look at you and you look at me and I don't know what to say. We've been together for so long and I think the time is right. You say that I am one in a million. I make up my mind and tell him my feeling and he looks at me in surprise he say's did you really think I'd say yes. He walks away and thats the last time I saw him, and the tears of the fallen sun fall from my face to the ground.

Alexandra, 11

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I love you. I hope you do too.

I love you. I hope you do too.
I'm sorry we split but it was the best thing to
do. Even though I'm mad I know it will rub off soon.
Because no one could be mad at a person like you.
My love is forever, it's true, because I could never
love another person like I love you.
Love Jennifer

Jennifer, 14

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All about Year 6.

Year 6
I know this is stupid,
I know this is lame,
But I cant express my feelings,
As I go on each day.

I will really miss you guys,
But it really is true love,
It will never come between us,
Not the slightest budge.

I know you dont show it,
But I wish you could,
You wont understand it,
I didnt think you would.

The bittersweet memories,
Will lie within my head,
I hope you feel the same,
My fav. class year 6 red :) :)
Lots and lots of love Rachel B.
(year 6 red) x x x x x x x x x x x x

Rachel, 11

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Coz Im lost with out you,
You are lost with out me 2,
The tears were hidden away yesterday.

Its ok, now its done,
You can run away back to your selfish mum,
Its all right its ok it doesnt bother me anyway!!

Should it bother you I dont care Im finished with you coz youre a user
Yeah its You!!

The only thing I have to say is
You have done your self a favour,
You have ran away

I liked to scream and shout jump about
But when I was with you I was trying to be someone Im not

We might meet later on in life,
Maybe well date later on in life
Lets wait till later on in life.

Tiny, 11

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Once upon a time.

Once upon a time ago I saw I girl I used to know. She used to be pretty, popular and smart, but then what she did just rip us apart. She said things that were mean and not nice. But what she did would only be a sacrifice. She did bad things and she still does now, but I will never help her and I still wonder how? Why would she do such terrible things, nobody liked her she would just cling. She clung to you and wouldn't stand still, she would take you on her ride, but that was until. She failed 8th grade going in 9th, she hung out with people that just were not nice. I had moved away by then, but what my other friends didn't see, was that she would replace me with them. I hope someday she will be heaven so I can wish her farewell, but all I know is what she did could very much land her in hell. She did the drugs but not the time, now she pays for the entire fine. Her mother loved her much but she never loved her, she would hit and she'd punch and she'd cause such a bother. But now as you can see that she will never be... never ever be a friend to me.

Melissa 15

Melissa, 15

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Remembering the short time together

Remembering the short time together
I hardly knew you then you were gone
I wish I could have known you better
Before you went away

I was quite young when it happened
And did not really understand
But I do still miss you
Though I hardly knew you

Annalisa, 13

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When I see you round about, my tummy goes all

Dear Sam,
When I see you round about, my tummy goes all runny, but when I feel you next to me, you make me laugh, you're funny! The way your eyes magnify behind your sweet, sweet glasses, (hehehehe!) when you talk to me I want 2 be in all of your classes.
I really admire u Sam!! Luv Scatcatxxx

Scatcat, 14

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I know why people hate me

I know why people hate me,
Why it's only the outside they see,
They all think I'm scary because of the things I wear,
Call me names; ask for fights, but to get close they would not dare.
Yes I'm a Goth but I have feelings too,
But now you should see the crazy things I do.
I slit my wrists just for the hell,
But it makes me feel well,
I burn myself for the enjoyment of pain,
You all might think it's lame!
But think of this,
It was you who started to diss.
Youre the ones who made me this way,
Making me feel I cant survive the next day.
Because I feel as though my soul is fading,
It's disappearing-Disintegrating.
I want to go shoot my self in the head.
To see the dark pool of red.
If I die, will all this pain be gone,
And then will the Hurtfulness be done?

J, 13

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Art of Winning

To know
When someone cheats on you,
To get up
If someone destroys you,
To keep
When someone drives away,
To laugh
Even if your soul is crying,
And to keep being warm,
Even if it snows,


blue_angel, 13

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~Your my Brother~

Youre my brother thats because I know
The way we speak, the way we make jokes.
It's all because of you. The way I use to
Think that u were mean and not nice. Now
Look at u, we are both bro and Sister.

We speak to each other like people.
Coz we have grown up so much.
We tell our stories and hear are laughter from far.
And I always say youre my Brother!!!!

Elaine, 14

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I liked you

I liked you
And you liked me
Just like love was supposed to be
But then you hurt me
Like a knife in my back
I screamed out in pain
All you did was waltz away
You didnt turn around to see if I was okay
NO I yelled
You turned around and said
I love you too
How could you love me?
If you did you wouldnt have hurt me
I felt the blood running down my back
And I felt the pain in my heart
I thought you were the one
Apparently I was wrong

Morgan-Leigh***, 13

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The only man worth your tears won't make you cry.

-The only man worth your tears wont make you cry
-If you love something let it go, if it comes back its yours
-You have not lived until you have found the one you died for
-Always remember your dreams lie beyond a door called fear, all you must do to reach them is open the door

Jessy C., 13

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Why do you act the way you do?

Why do you act the way you do? Is it me or is it you? The source of the cruel words you say should I go or should I stay? I dont know if I want to lose you, but I dont as a friend a bond that lasts until the end. But what can I do if you wont tell me how you feel. I dont know how much longer I can last my love from you is fading fast. Your cruel words are masking anger I with you didnt think of me as a stranger your anger quickly turns to tears. As you finally confess your greatest fear. The fear of letting people into your fragile world.

Jessy C., 13

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Miss you!

I was here, you were not
Sadness is all I got,
Now I miss you more than then,
Now I have to wait again,
I know this is a silly rhyme,
Just please, be here next time!

Demzee, 13

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Whats this all about?!

Whats this all about?!
I'll tell ya!

It's about life,
It's about fun,
It's over before it has begun,
It's about you,
It's about me,
It's about everything between,
And I say,
I say goodbye to you I say Hi to you,
But no clue,
And it's about time that I made up my mind.
Time is creekin' behind me,
Surroundin' inside me.

This is to you Ross, I hope that you understand the way I feel, and I know that one day you'll realize it.

*~*You know who*~*

Michelle, 13

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The bouquet of red roses.

I want to give you the bouquet
The bouquet of red roses
I dont have much to say
I dont know how to shall you how much I love you.
I just hope the roses will help to shall you
How I really feel about you.

I love you from the moment I saw your blue eyes
From that moment I understood that I found true love
And my heart doesnt feel empty anymore
Thats why I want to thank you for being such a great person in my life
And thats why Im giving you the bouquet of red roses.

Tanya, 14

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Alone, we're just a bunch of kids.
A class, a number, a group.
We're individual and separate,
We live to be alone.

But when we get together, together,
Together we're strong, together we're bubbly.
We are happy, supportive, warm, alive,
Because together, we are strong.

If you have a problem,
Please, tell us all.
We'll help and support you,
And catch you when you fall.

Yes, we're together,
Hugging and running in the summer sunshine.
A group of best ever friends,
All unique, all the same, all bonded, all together.

~~~~I wrote this poem for my class: Will, Ed, Millie, Oakley, Camilla, Ava, James, Tom, Aubrey, Harrison, and Maxwell. I love you guys, and together we're strong.~~~~~~~~~~

Isabella , 11

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Your deep brown eyes...

Your deep brown eyes
They tell me who u are
As if Im looking to the skies
I always wonder far
They tell your Soul
How far your love goes
I see how bright you glow
How far my love flows
They tell me your true
How good of a man you are
You know how much I love you
You are my shining star.

, 15

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I Don't Understand

Why people dislike each other
Why people kill each other
Why people rape kids

But Most Of All

Why men beat women
Why people kidnap kids
Why people break in houses
Why people rob banks
Why there are homeless people

What I Understand Is

Why the sun shines
Why birds fly?
Why there is a God
Why we have futures
Why we have churches
Why there are pastors

Conspericy, 16

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When you get in trouble for something you know you didnt do,
Whore the ones who never believe you?

When you are asked to clean up your room and you already did and you little sister or brother trashes it,
Whore the ones that blame you for it and tell you to listen next time?

When you read a book and set it down to watch a little television,
Whore the ones to tell you to open up your mind and cut the T.V. off?

When you are listening to a gospel C.D. and your parents think its rap and tell you to not listen to you C.D. player for a week,
Whore the ones who are always telling you things like that?

When you are on the phone, and you say the word aint,
Whore the ones to tell you that aint isnt a word and to get off the phone and know theyre wrong for listening in to your private conversation?

When you know what youre going to wear the next day a camp and ask you mom or dad to please iron you stuff so you dont get in trouble,
Whos the other parent who tell you to get you stuff ready in the morning or youll get a whopping knowing you mom or dad was supposed to iron your clothes for you?

I know I love my momma and daddy, but man, Im telling you, parents sometimes, just dont understand.

DegrassiQ, 11

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If you've been dumped...

If you've been dumped,
Don't fret, don't worry, and dont cry a tear,
For he is not worth your time, do you hear, my dear?
No need to cry
No need to die
For you are better than him, by miles!

Isadora, 11

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My Leo

My Leo
My man
A friend who is close to me
A funny and charming and to true guy
My dreams and schemes for us to be together
My plans for us to go away together to be free once more
My Leo
My Man
~Mercury Babe

Mercury Babe, 12

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I picked you from all the rest.

I picked you from the rest
Because I liked you best
Out of all the boys Ive met
Youre the one I cant forget
Your love is like a lump of gold
Hard to get and hard to hold
Dont be afraid to fall in love
Because god created you for me above
Your smile is a mile long
It keeps me happy like a song
Even when were far apart
Ill always keep you in my heart
But the one thing I will always miss
Is the sweet touch of your tender kiss?

Sasha, 14

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Swiftly Pass the Living Years

Swiftly pass the Living Years,
And the wings of Death upon.
But the living years so bright and vivid.
Ready were you for Death,
Ready were you for Death.

Upon the coming of Life, here your shelter is.
Darkness seized you not,
Optimism and glee replacing.
Peaceful were the Living Years,
And nay, swooped were you by the wings of Death, contentment.

Oh so unprepared were we,
Oh so unprepared!
Dismal shall be our days once again!
Relief and comfort no more.
But oh how ready were you.

All too many you reached,
Touched to make days pleasant.
May we remember you,
Keep good your name.
We shall never forget! We shall never forget!

Alas! Mourn we now,
Goodbye, ere we had no opportunity,
So now painfully, Goodbye, rest in Peace;
Ready were you for Death,
Ready were you for Death.

~*!BandGeekPaigery!*~, 13

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My Best Friend?

One time long ago,
You came along and said hello,
From then on you were my best friend,
My best friend till the end.
But little did I know,
My theory did not show
To be true.
It was all because of you.
Seven years after we first met,
To leave, our friendship was all set.
You drifted from me,
And let me be,
All alone with not a friend.
At first I thought it was the end.
Then I found the courage
To start to forage
For someone to take your place.
And I did! I won the race!
The race against time to find,
Someone who was to me very kind.
But you taught me a lesson,
And I shall give the impression,
That once a seed of friendship is planted,
Take it not for granted!

~*!BandGeekPaigery!*~, 13

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A new day has dawned!

A new day has dawned! Rejoice! For,
A new day has dawned! My soul is released from its dark dungeon at last!
A new day has dawned! Rejoice! For,
A new day has dawned!
Freed, I am at last!
Freed, I am at last, free as a, songbird, whistling its tune!
Freed, I am at last, from toils lurking in my weary past.
Freed, I am at last, from the cage in which you locked me.
A new day has dawned! Rejoice! For,
A new day has dawned! And now, farewell, for from you I freely roam!

~*!BandGeekPaigery!*~, 13

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I know you're in reach.

Youre in reach,
But youre so far away.
On AOL Instant Messenger,
This is what your away message says;
"Sitting here playing ps2
So if u wanna talk Im right here"

I wanna talk to you, just to think of your voice,
But being in this situation, leaves me no choice.
What I have to do is pretend your not even here.
But being the girl I am, I'm not sure I can bare.
This pain is tearing me apart,
And I know I love you, way down there in my heart.
So this one last instant message I'm sending you,
Reads, "I have to go, maybe we'll talk soon."

It's been quite some time now,
And still you remain the same.
But still I love you,
To this very day.

To my guy friend, that means more to me than anything.

LolliPop Girl, 14

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A Time for Us

The time for us is whenever
Morning, afternoon, night
I am always here when you need me
I feel absolutely right
When you kiss me, when your arms are around my waist
I know that the time for us is whenever
Morning, afternoon, night.
I am always here when you need me
I feel absolutely right
When we snuggle up together, have an early night
I know that the time for us is whenever
Morning, afternoon, night.
I am always here when you need me
I feel absolutely right
When you press your body against mine, as we make love through the night
I know that the time for us is whenever
Morning, afternoon, night.
I am always here when you need me
I feel absolutely right
When I wake up in the morning and you're right there by my side
I know that the time for us is whenever
Morning, afternoon, night.

Lola , 14

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Love, what is love?

Love, what is love?
Is it a person who has lost their mind?
Or is it a person who is really kind?
What is love?
Is love something where people make mistakes?
They love someone but their love and friendship brakes?
Is love something where people make mistakes?
Love is a winding road!
People have their fallouts
They also have their droughts
They sometimes shout
Love is a winding road!
So just remember if u love someone don't rush into it
Think are they worth it
How much do I love him, a lot or just a bit??
Just remember if u love someone don't rush in to it!

Princess, 12

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I had blast

I had blast
The time was gone too fast
I wish it wasn't in the past
So I could say yes,
So I could say yes to the dance.

I wish I danced
I wish I gave you more than a passing glance,
I wished I danced
For once I wish I took the chance
I wished I danced.

You walked away,
Hurt, I'm sure.
I bet I seemed like every other girl,
Who didn't want to dance.
Who didn't want to take the chance,
Who gave you a passing glance.

But now you're giving me a second chance,
And now I want to dance.

Maddie May, 11

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You call me your best friend
Your little sister always
But when around those things you call friends
You become my worst enemy
I hate it when you change like that
From friend to foe in one heart beat
What power do they possess to make you change on me
To make you act like we are worst enemies
When they leave you say you're sorry
"I'll never do it agian"
But when your "friends" come out to play
You LET them chase me away
You LET them talk so mean me
And you DON'T come to my defense
You sit and WATCH like i don't matter
So i give this poem to you
I hope it last forever
Cause one thing won't
You know what is?
Me and you equals NEVER!!

Winks, 13

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I can't

I can't bear to look at you
It hurts me oh so much
The fact me and you is a possibility
kills me just so much
Yeah I like you and you like me
but that not the even the start of things
You can't even imagine what I'm like
been though
how I've had to fight my way through life
only to find that the ones who love me
couldn't care less
don't give a damn if I live none the less
i need some one close but i will still push you away
you vital to my survival but i can't let you stay
I know what i need and that is definatly you
but how do i say this..... our love would never come true
i'm cursed when it comes to love you know what i mean
so please just stay away from me
yeah i need you but i can't let it happen
you falling in love with me would only bring problems
You fallin in love with me would only bring you death.

Winks, 13

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In my dream I can see you, the way you looked at
me with your brown eyes, the way you made me feel
safe when I was in your arms, it made me feel you
will never leave me alone, the next morning I
wait until the sunsets, so I can have the
same dream of you

Kristen, 13

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Deep intepretations of my imaginations.

Deep interpretations of my imaginations.
Thoughts of the mind entering at rest.
Thinking of a world worth know.
Not understanding the passionate quinches of my soul
My heart is like a drum beating for evermore.

Why do I feel this way?

Natoya, 17

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25 Reasons

25 Reasons
1 your touch
2 your kiss
3 your presence
4 your eyes
5 your smile
6 your lips
7 your style
8 how you hold me close
9 how i love you the most
10 how you trust me
11 how you love me
12 how you make me feel
13 how you know what's the deal
14 your understanding
15 how you're not so demanding
16 how you're always there for me
17 even in my time of need
18 how you make me laugh
19 how you never let anything pass
20 doing anything for I want you to
21 how you call me your baby boo
22 your personality
23 your sense of humor
24 how I ache for your love much sooner
25 how I love you and how I know you love me and how together our love will be

Sweetshayrell, 17

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perfect picture

perfect picture
i paint a perfect picture
i paint it with a twist
i paint a perfect picture on my wrists
if i paint it right
a fountain will appear
then all my problems will finally disappear!

Shorty, 13

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Your love

Your love

Your love is like
a gift from god
Your love keeps me calm
and feeling good
My love I will always
be yours
Your love keeps me going
when I won't to put everything to an end
Your love is all that I
need to survive
My love you will always
be mine
Your love is like Brittany's rain drops
coolin me down
lovin is like breathing how
can I stop?
My love I will always be true to a
person like you
My love I will always think of
you love by yours truly

love always brittany b

boo, 15

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What I say is never right,
What you say is never wrong,
Best friends we always were,
At least, until the usage dawned,

Please, do clarify,
The meaning of friendship,
The tears in my eyes,
Please, dont make me cry,
Not Again,

Close friends, we never were,
Illusions, mirrors, just tricks,
Friendship, a pack of hopes,
Dreams that were wasted on this,

Please, do clarify,
Why the drama,
Why the lies,
Please, dont make me cry,
Not again,

I know that you will never know,
The friendship is the love you show,
The life you live is all youll know,
Until you learn this rule,

Please, do clarify,
Needed friendship,
Lived for life,
Please, dont make me cry,
Not again,

Girlfriends are what you think you need,
But friends are there to help take heed,
Beware you fool, of mercies plead,
Until then, I say goodbye 

Lioness, 13

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When we're together

When you and me are together
I feel our love is forever

Our love is real strong
I know Im not wrong

When Im with you
I feel the blue

I feel so bless
That Im nothing less

Than your girlfriend
And youre my boyfriend

You make me happy
When Im unhappy

Thats why we love each other
You and me

Gege, 13

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When We're Together

When you and me are together
I feel our love is forever

Our love is real strong
I know Im not wrong

When Im with you
I feel the blue

I feel so bless
Im nothing less

Than your girlfriend
And youre my boyfriend

You make me happy
When Im unhappy

Thats why we love each other
You and me

You and me, 14

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Who is my friend?

A friend is what I once knew
A friend is some one I once share
A friend is something what I depend on
A not friend is what I never knew
A not friend is some one I will not share
A not friend something what I can not depend on
A friend my soul, a not friend soul mate
So who is MY FRIEND

Mariah, 16

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Have you ever wanted someone?
Wanted them so bad
That when he flirts with other girls it really makes you mad
Even though he isnt yours and never really was
It churns you up inside
Youre jealous just because
When he simply smiles at you or even looks your way
The uplift that you feel it really makes your day
One day you see him kissing a girl in a tiny skirt
You say who cares, who needs him,
But rejection really HURTS!!

Jess/Amy , 13

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I glanced at you and you were looking my way.
I got so scared, I didn't stop to think, and I just turned away!
I got up my courage and peeked at you again, your face so sweet and fine,
It made me think for one quick second: I wish that you were mine!
I was looking too long, with my stolen glance, and realized you were looking at me!
You smiled slightly, and I smiled back, with an embarrassing girlish glee!
It's funny, that feeling that you made my feel,
My heart thudded in such an odd way!
I kept on thinking, and thinking, and thinking, and I still can't stop thinking of you today!

Mary, 15

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Forever and Always

Everyday I see you
But you never see me
Everyday I love you
But you never look back at me

Every dream is of you
Every conscious thought
The little daydreams in class
There's only you of a sort

Every time I think
Of your funny little ways
It makes me smile and laugh
For days, for ever and always

I guess I'll never meet you
Or talk face-to-face
Because youre on my TV screen
In that little famous place

And the all girls run to you
Screaming on and on
They say they love you with all their hearts
But they don't, because it's gone

The truth is that I love you
Every single day
I'd die for you if I had to
Forever and always

Loz xxx ;), 13

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The wind doth blow against our faces...

The wind doth blow against our faces
As we sit under the glowing midnight stars
The moon caressing your face with silver kisses
Our hands gracefully entwined
Your rosy cheeks laugh
Your hazel eyes smile
Gazing at me through the cool night

Ryan, 13

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Do You Remember Me?

You left me a year ago.
Do you remember me?
Before you left me you said you loved me.
Do you remember me?
I wonder if you can see me?
Do you remember me?
Is it my fault you left?
Do you remember me?
I wish you were here daddy. I miss you and so does mom.
Dad please come back to me and tell me you love one more time. Daddy I love you.

Shana, 13

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I want to run away...

I want to run away,
To run to my own world,
Hide in the dark,
Which is my best friend.

The dark will hide my face,
Distorted by tears,
Then I stand up,
Face my problems...
And they push me down again.

Can't believed I even tried,
All it did was make me cry,
But then I go back to my friend,
The darkness...

The Dark One, 13

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I saw a boy, as I was walking down the

I saw a boy, as I was walking down the street,
He looked unhealthy and beat,
His smile looked as if it was no more,
And the clothes were rags, which he wore.
I walked over to the boy,
He said, "Are you god?"
I said "No why?"
His eyes looked down,
And his head deeply frowned.
The boy looked disappointed and betrayed,
But his frown did fade.
I asked him what was the matter,
But his words just scattered.

I took the boy home for to give him food,
He wasn't in the mood,
I looked at the boy and he looked at me,
The boy was weak as I could see.
So I took him upstairs to let him rest,
I thought this was best.
I tucked him under,
But I did wonder
The boy said "I don't want to go to bed, I want to go to heaven with my family instead."
A tear came to my eye,
But I did not know why,
I did not know this tiny little lad,
But my feelings for him became strong, and glad.

As I was about to out the door, the boy spoke these words
"I'm going to die soon,
But I''l be happy,
I will live with my family upon the heavens moon,
My body will die,
But my soul will go on,
So it won't be the last good bye,
Not just the one,
But there will be a few,
For we will meet again up in heaven,
I will give god a good word about you,
In fact I'll give him seven!

These were the boys last words,
And they were the most delicate ones I have ever heard,
I cried all day and night,
Because this chid, this one child,
Showed me the light.

J, 13

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I know I am cold hearted,

I know I am cold hearted,
As cold as the wind,
I know people talk about me,
Talk about my sins,
People don't like me,
And I don't like them.

Now I'm on my death bed,
No one at my side,
No one to look after me,
Everyone just hides.

I know I'm hot tempered,
Just like the sun,
I know I'm a mad old man,
Who only takes of number one,
I know people hate me,
And I hate them.

Now I'm on my death bed,
Thinking about god,
Hoping to go to heaven,
Hoping he gives me a nod.

I know I won't enter heaven,
I'm a mean old man,
I've caused a lot of harm to feelings,
Even hit children with frying pans,
I know god won't help me,
Because my life hasn't helped him.

Now I'm on my death bed,
Thinking about fire, letting it be,
I know I once had that fire,
That fire inside of me.

J, 13

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What I think of love.

What I think of Love.

Love is precious
Love is kind
Love is gorgeous,
And hard to find.
Love can be boring,
Love can be bad,
Love can be upsetting,
Love can be sad,
But I think of Love as being kind and forgiving,
Forgiving you for things that were bad
Loving you when youre feeling down,
And hugging you when you feel sad,
Love is precious,
Love is kind,
Love is gorgeous,
And stays on my mind.

Martha S., 12

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Deadly Love

deadly love
You see our love can never be,
when you're always hurting me.
Gashes and bruises,
why must I go through this?
Now I'm sitting here crying,
While you wish we were dieing,
That's it we're through!
This will be the last I see of you.
While I'm headed to the door,
you pull out your gun and point it to my head.
You whisper to me
that it was best for US to be dead.
My last words are " I love you, it's over"
and you let the bullet fly
then towards your self you let loose,
and another load is unleashed
Boom! we're both gone good bye so long

Tashauna, 14

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looking out into the sky i feel so small while

looking out into the sky i feel so small while the evils in the world grow so tall why do i sit here in my cool car, whatching tv while people are starving, crying for me? is this the way the world's meant to be?

Azflowerdrawer, 9

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Never Let You Go

I met this wonderful person
Two months ago today
She changed my life in everyway
17 years now I have waited for this day.

She calls me sweet names
I long to hear
Like sweety, hun, baby.
I shiver when she is near.

I love you more than anything
In this world.
You have changed me
Into a woman, no longer a girl.

I dream of you
All through the night
Crawling in bed with me
Holding me tight.

I'll take you
To my special place
Caressing your body
Kissing you, picking up the pace.

I want you to know
If you ever leave I shall cry
Break down to nothing
Waiting to die.

Amber, 17

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The Pain of Love

There are different types of pain
Pain from death
Pain from an accident or torture
Pain from surprise
Pain from fall
But there is only one pain that comes in sharp
That hurts beyond any other pain
That stabs you like a fiery bolt
That shocks you so fiercely you don't want to believe it
A pain beyond tears
That pain's from love
The pain from a broken heart

Dannyz Gal 99 , 12

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You changed your mind,
Now I must leave you behind.
I look back,
Knowing I will lack,
Everything I used to know
While I search for somewhere else to go.
I will miss you
But you've already moved to someone new,
I know I had my chance,
I just wish I'd got to dance.

Jenny, 14

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What's The Point of Being Mad?

"I hate you" are such strong words. Yet could these words really describe how you feel inside? When you say, "I hate you," do you really mean it, or do you just say it cause you're mad? After a while, does it die down, or do those feeling remain there like a bomb waiting to explode at any time? Or are you confused and have lots of doubts about how you're dealing with all the anger in your mind? Does it scare you that when you are angry you do crazy things and lose control? It's like you're blind. You don't know what you're doing or where you're moving. You say things that you'll regret but will never forget. Sometimes it's good to be mad because you let everything out that you've kept inside.

Pinky, 12

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Poems in our world surrounding us all i'll give you

Poems in our world surrounding us all Ill give you a clue of what we do which makes problems in our world, theres gun crime and murder which just simply goes wrong more litter you see, but not just in are country, the more cars you see sell buy and use the more pollution you do to this our own world, this paper you see right in front of you know killed a tree for the people like you and me to learn on forever, for this a tree? Were bringing danger to this world which god said not to do, don't think you can't do this because its killing you to.

Michelle , 12

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The last leaf falls
The last tears dry
The last wind blows
The last breath took
The last smile flashed
The last suffering born
With welcoming arms,
It's there.

Carrissa, 16

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Waiting Untill Amanda

It all started the day I was born,
A family of three,
All was well and all was fun,
Just Mom, Dad, and me.

1 year later my sister was born,
The next month my brother,
Things went downhill from there,
Dad divorced my mother.

2 years past my Mom met Steve,
The next year they were married,
2-3 years past,
We find a baby is what mom carried.

Nine months later my sister was born,
And what was to be her name?

Kellie, 13

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Two for Always

I was sitting there on that bench,
Till someone gave my arm a pinch,
The first time it was you,
The love in my heart grew.

The second time,
You did it again,
I gave you my heart,
That you would win.

25 years past,
I'm sitting right here,
My heart,
Is full of fear.

The sirens go off,
The doctors come in,
That when I knew,
I'd never see you again.

Your funeral's over,
You were laid to rest,
I got an awful,
Pain in my chest.

My funeral's over,
I'm here with you,
Instead of me being one,
We'll always be two!

Kellie, 13

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Nate, You're Gone

When I first saw you,
I saw a great smile, great hair,
And most of all a great personality.
But I was blind then.
And now I can see,
You were never the one for me.
We were together for just a week
I was gonna let you down
But I thought you were so sweet.
But then you dumped me right on my feet.
I got mad, but didn't really care.
I didn't cry I swear.
But baby you made me feel happy,
But now I hate you and am no longer happy.
I remember the times we had together,
And I miss you baby because we acted as if it were forever.
So it's just like she says, because I'm confused
"I hate you, but I love you, I can't stop thinking of you."
That's how I feel, always and forever
Until someone and I get together.
But oh baby you're always on my mind.
Let's not fight, let's just be kind.
I saw you at the dance, I acted all flustered and mean.
You came by and tried to talk to me,
And I said, "just go away. leave me."
But I didn't mean that, you know I didn't
Because I really did want to talk.
Now because of my attitude, I made you walk away.
And there's one thing I wanna say
"I wake up one day and everything changes, just so quickly everything's gone. You didn't want me, there in your heart, so now I'm pushing you away. So don't blame me baby. It's your fault I'm like this. It's your fault I don't wanna talk to you. And it's your fault I don't love you anymore."

Carr, 12

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You've been gone for so long
Everything is going wrong
I've been thinking of you
And all the things we used to do
You're all I think of
You're all I want
I don't know what to do
I'm going crazy here without you
My life is passing by
Some days I'm happy some days I cry
I can't believe you're gone
That's why my life is like a song
My eyes were always set on you
I always knew what to do
I can't take it any more
You and me
I used to adore
But there's nothing I can do
It's so lonely here without you.

Sophia B.P., 13

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I Don't Know

I don't know
Why my heart doesn't ache for you.
I don't know
Why you say the things you do
I don't know
Why you don't call anymore
I don't know
Why we don't love each other like before
But I know that this is sad
That it is gonna hurt real bad
That I'll cry
When you say goodbye to me
Because I know
That we were just not meant to be

XxXDhitaXxX, 14

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When You Leave Me

When you leave me
Leave me fast
Cause I don't wanna be held back
By the past.
When you leave me
Leave me soon
Cause I don't wanna have to cry
In my room.
But most of all if you decide to leave me
Cause I hope you know when it comes to leaving
I won't.

XxXDhitaXxX, 14

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I Know

I know
I find it hard
To tell you how I feel.
I know
I never could
Tell you this is real.
I know
I never did
Tell you how much I cared.
I know
I never said
That I was always scared.
I know
That when you said goodbye
I didn't even cry.
But baby believe me, I was crying inside.
The feelings I felt were far too strong
Far too big
Far too real.
That is why I never told you
How I really feel.

XxXDhitaXxX, 14

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Love stopper

Time after time
You come and destroy my happiness
Even when love comes knocking at the door
You stop and say, "who are you and what are you doing here?"
Maybe you're a friend
Maybe just an enemy
Whoever you are, get away from me
And tell love stay just for me
And leave worries on the highway

Shannon, 16

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All I Want

All I want
Is one more day
Is one more chance
Where I can say
I love you so much it hurts
I love you so much it makes me cry
I love you so much....
But our love died.
All I want
Is one more day
Where I can say in 1000 ways
I love you.
All I want is one more day
When you will say in 1000 ways
I love you.

XxXDhitaXxX, 14

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I Can't Take The Pain

I cant take the pain you put me through. Deep down I know the feelings are always there. Maybe someday you will care. I can hide my pain. I know if I dont ill go insane. Our time apart has made me realize there is no second chance when it comes to guys. I almost had you back one time, but of course you changed your mind. The many excuses that you have told me are getting lame and old. We never talk any more. Its like a room to your life. And you slammed the door. It hurts to know you shut me out. Now I know what love is all about. Where there was truth it became all lies. It never ends for good but then again who thought it would?

Jessy Chula, 13

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The wind whispered through the trees

The wind whispered through the trees
The blood spattered roses die
Why do the trees whisper to me
I need to know why they taunt me so.

I need to grow away
Away from this earth this place
To fly would be a given treat
To reach the place where two worlds meet

Some think of madness
Others blame the trees
The ones that whisper
And whistle in the summers breeze

Faith, 12

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My homeroom is 315

My homeroom is 315
And I say it proudly
I'll scream it through the streets
And I'd do it loudly
There was no man like J. D'anna
He always said our test didn't matter
This single quote alone
Made him different from the rest
The only test that can change your life
Is a pregnancy test
So in the future when you miss him
And feel all alone
Just give yourself a laugh
And say MARON!

R.I.P Mr. D'anna
You were more than a teacher, you were our friend.

Amber, 13

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Poisonous Emotion

A Poisonous emotion is what you are,
You make my soul linger ever so far,
Externally you are beautiful and light up like stars,
Yet you have my soul on a cold wildered road,
With no path, nor a code and yet not breaking the mode,
You tantalize my soul, with every touch, from the bone to the sole,
Im left in the cold with a heart all alone,
Im so scared, so alone, right here in the cold,
Left with none but my sweet humbled tone,
My heart is sincere I love you my dear,
You claim you are rear and will give me your care,
But there's something in my heart that tear's that apart,
With that, ripping my very tender soul apart,
Should I conceive in the emotion running wild in my heart,
Or save my very soul from drifting apart.

Lilla, 17

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Miserable is a horrible gray colour
It tastes like rotten cheap porridge
It smells like a pongy odour
It looks like hairy custard in the fridge
It sounds like loud thunder
It feels like falling under a bridge

Joni, 11

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As I Look Out

As I look out from this balcony,
thinking of what I would like to be.

Maybe a doctor to help people who are sick,
or a designer and tell celebrities what clothes to pick.

I am not quite sure my purpose here yet,
but to help people is what I would bet.

I could write love poems and get people to relate,
or work for match.com and match people with a mate.

But all this helping of others...
How can I help myself?

As I look in the mirror, I do not know what I see,
because the pressure from others has already chosen who I will be.

But no, I do not want to follow them.
I want to be free, and help people just like me be who they want to be!!

Nicole, 15

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Why did you have to be so mean?
I still think of you as a dream.
You broke my heart, tore it apart
Just to watch me suffer
Like a flower gone dead
My life is a dread without you
I say to myself, dont like him, dont care, cause you know hell never be there.
Oh, Nate, you broke my heart,
And I had to see you a lot afterwards.
Like track and field, I went to say hi to my friend
You were there right near
I was afraid to go up, so I walked away
But you tried to tell me to come back,
I said, no, go away, I wasnt coming to you.
Then the whole time you looked at me,
Yes, I saw you baby.
You watched me, while my friends and I watched another guy
I guess that made you mad, boy.
I didnt care, I was happy.
Later that day, I started my act. Yes, I did it to you.
I started to look sad and pitiful. That always gets them. I saw you watching me, so I did it even more.
You finally came over and said, lets talk.
I said, as you can see, Im not in the mood, and dont start that, cause Im not sad about you.
Then, at the dance, I saw you, looking handsome like before.
My friends asked which one you were, so I showed them. Then my friend stuck her hand out and pointed to you and said, thats him?
She pointed at you, then you noticed.
I saw you coming over so I walked away, then they said, come back.
So I gave in and came back.
You said, yes, its me, so what? Can we talk, girl?
I said with no regard to your feelings, no, go away, leave me alone now I dont care anymore, so just go away!"
I cant believe I got that flustered.
So you got mean the rest of the night.
Then people were slow dancing. Oh boy, just what Ive been waiting to watch.
Others dancing with their dates unlike me, made me sad, made me sad, made me do
Something I thought Id never do

I got this cute boy and said, lets dance. He said, ok.
So we slow danced while you were by yourself.
I saw you, I laughed, you were looking at me in jealousy.
I was happy the rest of the night, but you were the only thing on my mind.

Looking back, I feel bad that I did it.
And now I want you more and more.
Its like that they say, you want what you dont get anymore.
So this was a lesson to me.
Never play the game when you arent sure, and then when you start to like him and he breaks your heart, dont go back for revenge.

Cutie4eva, 12

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The Long Dark Corridor

There is a tunnel
At the end is light
But how far away
I cannot say
There is a misty hazy fog
That sweeps far yonder hill or sea
But chance be that it will be here
And no light will come to me.

At the end of the tunnel
The bright light shines
It shines with all its might
But it is at the end of the tunnel,
And I can't get there without a fight.

I will try hard to reach the end of the tunnel
And before long, who knows?
One day I might be out there,
Where the sun shines and glows.

Laura, 11

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Forever Friends

Forever Friends

Friends are fleeting,
They come and go,
Moving on to other places.
That's why when you find a good one,
Hold on, be strong, and keep them.

Now when I found you,
I was scared....
Would you be like the others? Would you understand?
I shouldn't have worried, you were amazing.

You guided, helped, and watched over me,
I couldn't believe your love,
It seemed as though we'd been friends since always,
Destiny had bought us together.

Now I don't think we could be closer,
You're my guardian angel, my survivor.
I know you'll never hurt me girl,
We'll be soul friends forever.

Lourdes , 12

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Out of the Darkness

I feel a hand closing over my head
My mouth, my eyes, my senses
All muted by this heavy darkness.
I want to scream, to yell out
I want to be heard,
I want people to know I have a voice

I will not be silenced

I see a beam of light come through the shadows
Like a sword cutting through the grave gloom that encompasses me

I weakly hear my own voice again
Through a long murky tunnel

I will not be silenced

Again I see another sword of light
Battling with the darkness

My voice is now louder, clearer
The tunnel is ending

I will not be silenced

Many shafts of light are now breaking through my darkened prison
I can see, I can feel, I can hear, I can speak

I will not be silenced

The rapiers of light have finished off the darkness
I am me again, I am free

I will not be silenced
I will never be silenced

Doc, 17

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Every time you come around
I choke up
I can't hear a sound
All I can do is cup
My hands and put them
Over my face
I can't stand this place
You call it home
And you want me to also
But it isn't a home
It's horrible
And so are you
You call yourself my father
But really, ask yourself, what are you
That's what you are to me
You made me cry
You made me want to lie down and just die
1000 tears I cried
1000 times I'm sure you've lied
I tried to tell you how I feel
And after all of the court dates and pain
You're still in denial
You say you never did any of it
And it's getting you nowhere with me
You need to admit
You need to tell me you know what you've done
Before we can have that "relationship"
You are supposedly looking for
You said you didn't see it coming
You said you didn't know it was there
I'll tell you what you didn't know was there...
That's what you overlooked
You didn't overlook the problem
You were the problem
But now I'm finished with you
I'm not going to cry another tear
Or waste another second
Worrying how you'll feel
Because you did worry about how I felt
Why should I give you even an inch of respect
When you gave me none
I don't care what you say
I don't care how you feel
You did this
You ruined my life
So goodbye to you as my "father"
And hello to you as just another face in the crowd.

Tabatha, 13

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Fly away

Fly away

Blisters and pains
that's all I have felt for the past year
but I love it , I feel powerful, in my hands are the reins
I use to fear
that I would never make it
but now i know
i am fit
for this, i feel the true dancers flow
i have the rythm i have the beat
but i can't yet rise up
i run , i jump , i am light as a sheet
my muscles strain
I did it , I have risen , out of sight
or at least i have leaped above the studio mirror.

Tabatha, 13

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What Life Puts Me Through

What Life Puts Me Through

Sometimes I'm in such a mood
I could kick the furniture and trash my room
Other times I listen to sad songs and cry
I scream out loud "I just want to die!"

My parents find something wrong in whatever I like
They don't want me to wear black, they want me in white
They said Slipknot is stupid, nose studs are bad
But they don't agree when I think what they like is sad!

When I'm an adult, what should I do?
I want to open a salon for piercings and tattoos
I don't think I'm smart enough to pass any tests
They say not to worry, it's a long time yet.

Vampire-goth-cannibal-girl, 11

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Why die when we could live life to the fullest? Why die when you have me in your life? Why die? I love you too. Why should you leave me here by myself? The only one I love is you. Why, oh why should I cry? When I die you'll be there by my side. I love you so much to leave baby. Please name our baby Brandon. I love you and that will never change!

Sabrina, 13

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The Summer's Beach

The sun sparkling,
The sand shimmers in the sun,
The sea is all calm.

Danni, 12

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I Guess It Didn't Matter When We Talked

I guess it didn't matter when we talked,
When we went on those special walks.
You hurt me and you'll never know.
I guess my trust for you just won't show.

I guess all that I said was meaningless to you.
I guess to you the sky isn't even really blue.
I guess all those sentimental words I wanted to say to you, wouldn't even get through.

I will never trust you again,
Not even as a friend.
I guess it's your loss...

Bree, 13

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After The Sky Is Bright Again

After the sky is bright again, after the rain is over, it's easy to tell where the wind has been. Smelling the wild sweet clover, smelling so hard and smelling so well the air is flooded with clover smell.

Rain, 9

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My Friend Shauna

My friend Shaunna is the best
She's funny, mad and cool
I'm going on holiday with her
This is gonna rule

We also have telepathy
We read each others' mind
It always gets real freaky
Cause we do it all the time

We both like chocolate and boys
We hunt them every day
Every day I talk to her
'She's the best!' I'd just like to say!

Amy, 13

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When I fall There's No Getting Up

If by some chance I take a wrong turn and can't find my way
I will learn from my mistake and experience living.

But once I fall for the final time,
I may be tempted to wonder,
But will never stay for the bond
I will have will be forever stronger.

As of now I have fallen and I pray it is for good
I am drawn to this person as I never thought I would.
Only time will tell if this can be,
Then God will have truly blessed me.

Before I have fallen
And broken my heart lay
But I must move past it
Look at it as a yesterday.

I am told to let myself be loved
I must first love me
I am finding this to be true
Because love from him I do not see.

When I inspect it more
It becomes more clear
He too has fallen
But I am blinded by the fear.

I need to look at life one day at a time.
If not it may leave me behind.
I am scared of what the future may hold,
So of it I make myself blind.

I know there are many Is in the words I write.
But my feeling are suffocating in my heart.
No way to be expressed, to make it light.
These words are in a sense... my art.

Shondraya, 14

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Every second of every minute,
Thoughts of your lips.
Every minute of every hour,
Your hands on my hips.
Every hour of every day,
My mind swarms with thoughts of you.
Every day of every month,
Maybe you share the same thoughts I do.

Shondraya, 14

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Why Do You Poke And Laugh

Why do you poke and laugh
When all I do is be kind
Why is it that you think I'm deaf and blind
I hear the words you're saying
The words that cut so deep
I feel the little insecurities start to reach their peak
I act like I don't notice everything you say and do
I try to be cool
But wind up looking like a fool
They point and laugh
Why can't they see
That we're all different
Yet all have insecurities
I've yet to figure why all this
Seems to happen to only me
I turn my act around
And see your insecurities
The pain I feel inside
Will not show through me
I laugh and play along
And soon I figure out
That by acting like I do not care
I cannot fail, no doubt
But some are not so lucky
They kill themselves inside
Until their soul is weak
Some find a dead end
But some find a two way street
I was one of the lucky few
Who found that two way street
And I hope you find
That when you try
You will not find defeat.

Melissa, 13

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Love. It makes me happy and sad. Anxious and dreadful. Ecstatic and loathsome. I get this empty feeling in the pit of my stomach that you get when you can't wait for something and at the same time you never want it to happen. Depressed and inhumanly happy. I am at an all time high and a never-ending low. I love that feeling and I hate it. It makes me think of better days when I had something to strive for, but now I have nothing left to look forward to, but God knows what. It's just so sad that I always want what I can't have, and all I want is someone who loves me.
You know that feeling you get when you first fall in love? That feeling that gives you so much to hope for. You have so many things to dream and think about. But, have you ever had that feeling just go away? Your world was so vibrant with color, and in an instant it's blank. It's that feeling you get when someone broke your heart, and all of the pain just hit you. You feel like you just can't go on. And you can't stand to even look at that person because it brings back too many painful memories of what you thought was a chance of the love being mutual, but that chance never really was there. You're so full of hatred that you can't stand it. And you don't really hate that person as much as you hate yourself for wasting the past 6 months dreaming about a guy who was way too stupid to give a chance to the best thing he would EVER have. And when you finally let go, you feel so free. Yet, although you know that he's the one losing something, you feel so sad because you miss that feeling of love. But you can't bring it back. And the only feeling that you have left is emptiness.

Ciara, 13

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Every Day Is Just The Same

Every day is just the same
It feels like I'm the one to blame
Every day my heart is broke
They just think its one big joke
Things are said arms are thrown
It always feels like I'm alone
My friends don't help. They watch and stare
I don't think that they even care
Pointing and laughing, it never ends
They all gang up cause they are friends
Some of the days I wonder why
But it always ends up in having a cry
The only times I ever feel good
Are always times I never should.
The teasing happens, the anger builds.
The anger spreads over thousands of fields
Sometimes I feel like fighting back
Like throwing punches and stuff like that
Still the anger grows and I get through
It's the thing that I've been taught to do
I live my life the normal way
And that's the way it's going to stay.

Jessica, 14

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I'd Go Anywhere

I'd Go Anywhere

I would climb the highest mountain,
I'd swim the seaven seas.
I'd watch the sunrise over Africa,
I'd run with the wind.
I'd move over to Australia,
I'd leave it all behind.
I'd party on the beaches of Miami,
I'd be in a gondala in Venice.
I'd climb the skyscrapers of New York,
I'd look out from Ayers Rock.
Yes, I'd go anywhere, just anywhere,
To be with you xxx.

~*~*For my twin, Liv, love Mia~*~*

Mia, 12

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What Is Love?

Is love when you think about them or when you can't stop thinking about them? Does love give you the sensation that everything can be done or does love make you think everything is possible? Does love make you happy all the time or does love make you happy only when you're with them then they go away and you're miserable again? So in the end what is love? Is it all of the above or none? I don't know. Maybe I will someday.

Pinky?, 12

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Are We Friends?

Are we friends or are we not? You told me once but I forgot. Tell me now and tell me true so I can say I'm here for you! If I die before you do, I'll go to heaven and wait for you! I'll give the angels back their wings and risk the loss of everything just to prove my friendship is true.

Trenadad, 14

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Truth Hurts

I found out the truth just yesterday
To be honest, it wasn't expected.
First I gaped, then I cried, then I yelled
It's my way of getting over truth.

The truth can be very painful
It can be not too bad
But the worst sort of truth is the sad truth
The bad truth
The one that can be hidden so well.

I found out the hard way
Truth hurts.

Lou, 14

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I Wondered Why You Went Away

I wondered why you went away
I wondered why you didn't stay
Every hour hurts my heart
For every hour we've been apart

The days long ago we had
I was young, I was mad
When the news came I cried
And I didn't even say goodbye

So, I cover my feelings with a tough shell
But inside, my soul's not well
And, though we'll always be apart
You'll always live on in my heart.

Smile ;), 10

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Why Don't You Say I Love You

When I see your face I feel good
But then I realize you're not here
What can I do to have your love
You already know I love you
You say you love me
I can remember the last day when you kissed me
It is maybe cause you are very far
I love you baby
Your baby boo.

Bebe, 16

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The Night I Realised All You Do Is Make Me Cry

You were my friend,
My shining star,
Then I realized,
You never really cared.

You said you hated me,
You never really liked me,
That your friendship with me,
Was really just an act.

Katy, you really hurt me,
You really made me cry,
You made me wanna die,
Katy, you really hurt me!

I wanna tell you, Katy,
That one day you will regret,
The night I realized,
You never treated me with respect.

You always ignored me,
Tried to make Lorna sit by you,
I guess you were just jealous,
Cause your best mate ditched you.

But now I see why she left you,
She realized what a cow you are,
I really can't blame her,
For really hating you!

You were my friend,
My shining star,
Then I realized,
You never really cared.

But guess what?
I have other friends
Ones that really care
Ones that will always be there.

Lucy, 13

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The Power of Love

In our hearts we feel the power of love, but everyone else says thats not good enough. Were from two different worlds apart at the seams yet when I look in your eyes I see your future with me. Ignore all the comments all the laughs and frowns baby we have what we need each other and thats all that maters now, we love one-another and trust each other together we'll make this last forever.

Maria, 14

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No or Yes

No or Yes
When you told me you loved me did you feel it?
When you kissed me did you love it?
When you hugged me did you like it?
If yes then why did you leave me?
If no, then forget you.

03princess03, 13

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What I See

When I see your eyes I see the brightest star
When I see your lips I see the unforgettable kiss
When I see your face I see the cutest boy ever lived
When I see your arms I see the longest heart
When I see you is see the love of my life.

03princess03, 13

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My internet friends =)

My internet friends =)

I know I'll make you blush,
But please don't give a rush.
'Cause you'll hear the great, big truth.
Or other...What I think of you.

Who is supportive? Who is so sweet?
Her name is just Tiffany from that lil or big street (dunno...*lol*).
She makes me smile, she makes me laugh,
That I wouldn't get a crap.;)

The next's name's Michelle.
The girl that's so superly nice.
Just like sugar and spice,
Just know that you're great and you're giving me a faith.:-*

Then we have Lynn
The best one I've seen
I will thank her for what she has done
Forever and ever, till I'm gone. Thanks,sweetie! :)

Stacey is so glamorous,
That avatars are glittering from her touch.
And she's so good and she's so nice,
Everyone that saw her would melt for example: ice.

There was a girl named Jenny.
But she died a few moths ago...:'(
Does she still know she's wonderful? Or no?
She's good, she's pretty like all of you!

Ok.I know it's just few of you.
But don't be mad if I said here not about you
I adore all my internet friends
But if I would need to write it here
I would be up all night so yeah...:))

Maybe not all night but still. I love you all and I'm thankful that you guys are here with me and I hope you will always be, cause I love you much! ALL OF YOU! Jeez I just dunno if now you guys know how I adore you???:-*** Do you? :)

Evelina (Eva)

Evelina, 12

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Dedicated to Katie

I love everything about you, Katie
I love the way you play, Katie
I love the way you feel, Katie
I love the way you look, Katie
I love the smells of your armpits, Latie
I love the way your braces take over your mouth
I love the way our braces stick together, Katie
I love the way you play your trumpet, Katie
And most of all, I love you, Katie.

D, 15

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That Day

That day you left,
Left me there,
Just wasting away,
Like a breath of toxic air.

That day I felt used,
I felt a fool,
But didn't care,
So how could I keep my cool.

That day, I can still remember you there on the floor,
I can't believe I'd done this,
Can't believe I was capable,
All because of that rotten kiss.

That day, seems just yesterday,
So vivid, so real,
But no, you're dead,
Just because I couldn't deal.

Kathryn , 11

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I remember

I remember you,
Sat in the park,
Eyes so blue,
So handsome, so dark.

I remember you,
Blue jeans, tight top,
Hair gelled back,
It made my knees flop.

I remember you,
Smiling at me,
Whilst I walked past,
As if you were all I could see.

Now I don't need to remember,
Because I'm 35.
With an overweight fat husband,
7 kids and
All because of a mistake with a boy on a park bench.

Kathryn, 11

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Suspending Disbelief

You don't believe in pixies,
And you don't believe in fate
I know you don't believe in the heavens
So for you, above all, I shall pray;
You do believe in unseen seas
And time and night and day
You do believe in numbers--
All sixes and the sevens
But I still have more to say.

If peace flies down from heaven,
On the wings of a pure white dove
And you only believe in what can be sensed
Through sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch
How in all creation,
Could you believe in love?
Or all the beautiful magical things
From other worlds and such.

Persephone, 16

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Hey, you it is time,

Hey you, it is time,
to wash your hands and make them shine,
just use the tap
just like that,
it only gets rid of germs in fact!
If you want to walk out mucky,
trust me
It'll be very unlucky

(I did this at school for a toilet poem.)

---, 11

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Love is a flower
ready to bloom
you can't control the feeling
but want to be with him soon
whenever your sad and blue
you wish he was there
though in your mind you know he won't
You see him standing with flowers
your imagination runs wild when you think of him
You dream of him
wishing you were together
wishing forever...

Kit, 13

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I Think I Love You

I think I love you, but I do not know
If u really have feelings for me, or if its a show,
You can do better, and that we all see
So what would you be doing with me?
You have had many more wonderful girls
And when I think about you, my stomachs in swirls
I wish I could know if your feelings are true
But if they are not stop or give me a clue
A little something that says, Im playing with your heart
And that way even though Im heart broken. I will still feel smart.
So tell me now, or no longer proceed
To play with my heart, it surely will bleed.

Samantha, 14

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As I look beyond the stars I see that your

As I look beyond the stars I see that your love is shining threw no matter how far you are you will be my one and only love I will wait and grow old and wait for you as you are my true love. Never forget as you look at the sky it will remind you of the love from me to you. If I would risk my life for you I would. Love is such a strong word, which I will only use to tell you.

Skittles, 15

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Friends Now

We were lovers and the best of friends.
We when out as a couple.
We did everything together but now we dont.
What happened is what I ask my self.
I can't kiss you anymore, because we are friends now.
I know I can't have you any more but that is why I want you even more.
But we are just friends now and I hate it so much.
I want to be your lover once more but we are just friends now.

Delina, 18

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Nobody knew her
They never even tried
They called her names and laughed and laughed
And never felt sorry until the day she died
I guess she felt it was the only way out
And that it was no use to stay
Now she's gone and never coming back
And they all feel guilty
All they had to do was give her a chance
And she might still be here today
They should have given my sister the chance to stay and she would have been alive today

Brittany, 13

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Love is beautiful!!!!!

Love is a beautiful thing every one loves another but some might never tell the one they love that they think of them all the time or that you just want to kiss them or even that you love them. But one day you will have a love that they love you back and you live happily ever after!!!!

LOL, 12

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Listen to the Ocean

Life is the Ocean
Wonderful, Wild and Free.

People come in and out
Storms destroy me.
Peers pollute my mind with deadly fumes
Can't anyone recognize a problem inside of me?
Help me please!

Emotions are the
Waves that always seem to move
Up, Down, Up, Down.

You can tell when I am calm
Because my waves are low and silent,
So silent that I'll take you from the Shore.

You can tell when I'm mad
Because my waves are
Thrashing Wildly and I'm roaring violently.
This is the time you better

You can tell when I'm Joyful
Because my Waves
Are dancing freely
Upon the smooth rocks.
Make the most of this.
This is the time to come and have fun,
Because who knows how long Ill stay like this.

I'm the Ocean that has many friends.
I'm the Ocean who saves her friends in danger.
I'm the Ocean who will take you to the shore to rest.
I'm the Ocean who listens to her friends and Ill answer with a quiet roar.
I'm the Ocean who is always there during a friends time of need.
I'm the Ocean who doesn't care about what the rest of the world thinks of me.

That is because I am and I will always be the Ocean
Who is Wonderful, Wild and Free!

By: Claire Louise (ClaireBear or Ghetto Booty or Blondie)
Dedicated to all my friends
And all the people who have stormed in and out my life
I love you all even if you hate me.
I'm sorry if I ever hurt anyones feeling
I'm even sorrier if it wasn't when my waves were thrashing wildly
You are some of the best gifts from god that I ever could have received I hope it will stay like that and I dont know what Id do with out you
Remember we all have our talents just look in side youll find them.
We are all Gods creation
Love Y'all!!
Hugs and Kisses

Claire, 13

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C stands for Cuter than that puppy in the window
R stands Romance is in the air
U stands for the Umbrella people will need when I cry the tears of rejection
S stands for Sweeter than Candy
H stands for Hotter than the Sun

Blondie(Claire), 13

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Being a Girl is very fun, especially when your playing a

Being a Girl is very fun, especially when your playing a sport that is really fun, but then you are critized because you are a girl. Don't stop down, because all you are doing is making him feel that you've been put in your place.

smartgirl, 11

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Shelter me from the hidden truth that lies deep within your black suffering soul, tell me your secrets that are kept locked up within your heart. It makes me miserable to see you my love secluded from the world, death near. People have hurt you, took advantage of your kindering love and gave back to you pain. Pain that lurks within your eyes which are as blue as the lake beneath my feet. Your brown hair richer than the oaks that blows smoothly in the autumn winds. A knife you hold at your throat closing your eyes you cry blood darker than the bowles of hell. Sorrow feels the world when you cry and it murders my soul to see you so. Closer you hold the blade, a blade that is sharper than a sharks tooth,
as you slide the knife gently closing your eyes
blood dripping like rain on the bed. A bright light fills the world. For it is to late....

Willow, 12

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Its Only 8:30

Its Only 8:30

Its only 8:30,
And I dont know what to do,
Im sitting in my room,
Thinking about you

Those pictures on the wall,
Of us together,
I thought we were friends,
In any kind of weather

I betrayed you,
But that was before,
I vowed to be honest,
I thought that was the cure

Then you turned
Your back on me,
And I pretended,
It was nothing to see

You went along,
Acting all fine,
I got real mad,
Too much to write this line

But I got through it,
The way you should,
I forced myself to work harder,
I know you could

Im going to tell
You my side,
Ill talk to you tomorrow,
Im sorry you lied

I know you're real mad,
But there's no need to shout,
You the one who lied,
So just go and pout

I know weve had
Fights before,
But this strange ones gone on,
For more than an hour

I hope we can,
Still be friends
After all,
Its BFFs to the end

Now Im not sure,
What to do,
Cause its only 8:30,
And Im thinking of you

Erin, 12

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Autumn is blackberry bushes
and children in rushes
and hive and bees and all
and bramble brair
and trees are higher
so children can't climb
them at all
Leaves are falling
and children are yawning
Dull and Dark
And autumn's great bark

By Groovy_clara

Groovy_clara, 13

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I see him on the dance floor
I can't help but stop and stare
I try to walk away
But my eyes just want to glare

Hes wearin jeans and t-shirt
His hair is spiked up with gel
I then look him up and down
He's single I can tell

I move in for a closer view
He takes hold of my hand
He pulls me to the dance floor
And we dance to the rhythm of the band

Shaunza, 14

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Think before you do it
Think before you submit your life and soul to death
Think before you throw yourself out of an upstairs window
Think before you plunge that syringe into your arm
Think before you slit your wrist.
Think- and remember all the things worth living for.
You know you don't want to do it. You do have a choice.
Think about all the people it would hurt. Selfish really.
Think- listen to me.
I should know
I did it
Look where it got me............

Rasi, 11

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To A Sad Daughter

You are so beautiful,
But you want to be beautiful so bad it makes you sick.
You always wonder,
How to hide a pimple,
You call yourself
The Ugly Duckling.
I have so many
Wings of mercy for you.
As I look out the window,
I think you feel like you're
In the jungle.
Then, I hear a sound of thunder.
I look out at the enchanted apple tree
And dream in gold. That you will one day learn to love yourself for who you are.
With a little gold pencil I write,
What's youth?
Is it teenage wasteland?
Virtual reality?
Or a matter of balance?
Then I look through the open window;
I see a ray of sunlight
And realize you hate yourself
Because you want to impress me.

Laurie, 16

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Im a child
My life just gone wild
Why can't I just be a butterfly?
Fly wherever I want, fly high

I see that shiny metal
Sharper then a rose's thorn
Lying on the counter very gentle
Walking closer I feel warmer

My face full of tear
All those sorrowful memories I can't bear
I can just feel the icy prick through my stomach
Now I feel headache

Seeing my blood flowed quickly on the tile
Times ran a mile
Happily, smiling, slowly closing my little eye
I thought this was the first time I did something wise

Lovable_hottie, 14

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Do You See Him?

Do you see him?
He's haunting me.
A shadow, crawling the walls.
He's always behind me.
Under my bed.
In my closet.
In my head.
His darkness swallows up my soul,
As I feel his claws reaching for me.
Wanting me.
Tempting me.
Just when I feel him breathing...
The light flickers on.
And he disappears.
He's gone.
But I know he'll be back,
Tomorrow night.

Kill_Dorothy, 13

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The War

The war such a sad word
The war doesn't lead us anywhere
The was is not preferred
By anybody, anywhere.

We don't want to see the fight
We want a peaceful solution
We want to find the way
The way to other resolutions.

We need to think about mothers and wives
Who lost their sons and husbands out there
We don't need to lose our lives
We don't want to be unfair.

Tanya, 14

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If I had one more day to see

If I had one more day to see
your wonderful face i'd be so
Happy, but your gone,
If I could turn back the clock
I would, but your gone, If I had
the chance to make things better
I would, But your gone

josiet, 11

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When I steal your heart they steal it from me
When I try to make you look at me they make you look away
When I try to impress you they impress better
When I try to talk to you they move you away.
Whats up with your friends are they jealous.
Or are they gay?

03princess03, 13

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A Love So Strong

This love is so strong it can knock over trees, it can bring a walking man down to his knees.
This is the way love is supposed to beso strong and true too bad youre not here for me to share it with you
When one loves somebody as much as I love you, there should not be one person a love like this takes two.
The first time our eyes met I knew I would never forget your eyes and your smile, and how you drive me wild.
You will always hold my heart, always be in my mind, and Ill continue loving you until the end of time.

Playa, 12

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When I go to bed I know you are there.

When I go to bed I know you are there. When Im in deep I know you are there. I know when I die you will be there. God I love you for always and forever.

Shana, 12

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When I go to bed I know you are there.

When I go to bed I know you are there. When I'm in deep I know you are there. I know when I die you will be there.
God I love you for always and for ever

Shana, 12

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where are you?

where are you?

it's nine o'clock and i'm waiting for you, i hope you come cus i can't do this without you.
i'm sitting in the waiting room, filling out papers and you're still not here, you're not gonna come is what i fear
now i'm in the room changing into a gown and you're nowhere in sight, so now i have no choice but to be filled with freight.
now i'm lying on the cold bed with a breath of sigh, now i know that you saying you were gonna come was just a lie
so now it's time for me to say goodbye, not to you but to what's inside.
now my eyes are closed and you're still not here, and your love for me has finally become clear.
hours have passed and now i'm awake,you're still not here, trusting in you was a mistake
now i'm leaving and i'm in tears because i had to give up a part of me just for you, and what hurts the most is that you weren't here to help me make it through.
now i'm here at home feeling nothing but depression, the phone rings, and it's you,
i asked you where you were and why you weren't there, but all you had to say was " because i never really cared"

nini, 16

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You Say You Don't Know

You say you don't know
Whether you like me as a friend
Or with your soul

You don't know what to do
And cannot make up your mind
So I continue to wait for you.

If you like me true,
Tell me so
If you like me not
I'll let you go

I have liked you continually
For nearly 2 months
And in those 2 months
I waited you, lonely
But now I need to know

Do you like me for my strength
Do you like me for my heart
Do you keep me for yourself
Because you can't stand apart?

Can you watch like another one?
Can you be happy for me?
If I were to be with someone else
Would you be there to see?
Or obviously you wouldn't care for me...

Is it only friendship
Is that all I provide?
Someone I to lean on,
Someone to confide?

Or am I a constant thought
Always on your mind?
The one better than the rest,
The you wanted to find.

Is this something
That has a long-term chance?
Or is this an exercise
In childish romance?

Could you see me as your babygirl?
Could you see yourself as my babyboy?
Am I someone with whom you
Could spend the rest of your time?

If the answer is no,
We know what to do.
If the answer is yes,
I will wait for you.

I do not know where this might end.
But I know I like the time we spend.
I will always be your friend
That is not a debate
What I need to know
Is could I be your mate?

Candy, 15

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I hate you.

I hate you.
You blame me for everything,
calling me names.
Why don't you just kill me?
Like you've always wanted.
I don't need this anymore.
My wrists are rubbed raw.
Doesn't it kill you
That I can't tell you?
Don't feel special.
I won't tell anybody.
How can you dismiss that every second,
of every day,
my conscience has to tell me.
Keeping me at bay.
When I take that knife to the room
that nobody bothers me in,
it keeps telling me.
Betrayed by your own kin.
It becomes they.
They become you.
Don't feel special.
I hate you too.

_Kill_Dorothy_, 13

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you came into my life

you came into my life
and asked me to be your wife
you said you loved me
but you stung me like a bee.
you opened my eyes to the world
for the wedding i wanted my hair curled
now i find out it was all a bet
i had our life plan set
you've smashed my plans like a pane of glass
you were my first and will be my last.

celia, 13

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Unconditional Love

They say love is unconditional
But what if someone's broken your heart?
Then they realize their mistake
And beg for a new start
Would it be wrong
To set three rules?
To guard your heart
From being treated so cruel?
Would it make it seem
As if my love were no longer real?
I'm really sorry
If that's how you feel.
If you wanted another chance...
Should I give you one?
Or should I make you suffer
For amusement and fun?
If you wanna come back
You'd have to promise that
This would never happen again
And that you're a boy, but a man.
You'd also have to promise
To let me know what's wrong when I ask
To let me know my love's better.
Than those of your past
Unconditional Love.
But is it really?
I guess I'll have to see,
If it can ever be just you and me.

Krystine, 15

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Things Change

At first it was great,
Our time with each other,
He was my soul mate,
Or so I thought,
We had some great laughs,
And enjoyed the other's company,
But things soon changed our paths,
He became rude,
And left me for his other friends,
He had a bad attitude,
And always hated my trends,
I never even got my first ever kiss,
For him I will not miss!

Brina, 13

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A letter to Antony

You stalked me, you loved me
Though I hated you
Hoping I'd love you back
Though the answer you knew.
You were always right there
I barely knew you at all
You always talked about me
And followed me through the hall.
Just leave me alone
I hate you so much
We'll never be together
Never close enough to touch
So keep your distance
I'm warning you
All the words in this poem
I mean it! They're true!

Ryan, 13

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Hold me under the moonlit sky

Hold me under the moonlit sky. As my world stands still, I can feel your warm touch. The scent of your clothes. I can feel you breathe as I fall into a deep and unexplained dream. I dream that you could have held me one more day or one more night. As I think back on the day it happened, I feel nothing. Why? Why? I ask myself. They took my love away from me. Until this day, I feel nothing. No happiness, no sadness, nothing. All I know is that I have no more colors. My world turned from the beautiful colors of love and happiness to black and white with no feelings and thought. I'll wait for the day I die to meet my love once more. And that is a promise...

Skittles, 15

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I try so hard not to think of you
I try to block out the memories
That protect me from the pain
But yet my love for you is still true
I know it's you that I love
And I am forever in love with you
You captured my heart and stole away my soul
You're constantly on my mind
And I want you to know
That youre the only one for me,
The only one that I need,
My emotions are crushed daily
Cause you broke my heart
And left me alone to cry
With no one to blame except me
So now all I can do is
Put down in other words
That I always mean to say
That I still love you,
Want you, need you,
I'll be there each and every day.

Feena, 23

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Look At Me With That Look

Look at me with that look
It's so familiar but so unknown
It's so simple but so profound
It sobers me but it makes me insane
It brings me back but it has caused such a change
It can't be real, it can't be fake
I see it in my dreams, I see it when awake
Look at me with that look
My heart beats faster but my heart stops
I feel so healthy but I think I'm gonna throw up
I want to laugh, I want to cry
I'm so alive but I want to die
I'm independently dependent on you
It's so unreal it must be true
I'm confident but insecure
I'm seeing clear but everything's a blur
Just look at me with that look
I want to love, I want to hate
This is so bad, this is so great
I want to touch you, I want to hide
I feel special but you hurt my pride
I'm speechless but I could write a book
When you look at me with that look.

juicyfruit335, 15

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You Smile at Me and I Shiver

You smile at me and I shiver
Your eyes take my breath away
I hope you stare at me forever
Tell me do you look at all the girls this way?
Am I the only one,
Or one of many?
Are you just having fun?
Cause I'm not having any
Your eyes take my breath away
Tell me do you look at all the girls this way?
You talk to me and I shiver
Your words take my breath away
I hope you laugh with me forever
Tell me do you talk to all the girls this way?
Am I the only one,
Or one of many?
Are you just having fun?
Cause I'm not having any
Your words take my breath away.
Tell me do you talk to all the girls this way?

Juicyfruit335, 15

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I'll Pretend This Doesn't Hurt

I'll pretend this doesn't hurt
I'll pretend there's nothing wrong
I'll pretend that this can work
I'll pretend my hope's not gone
I'll pretend this will all work out
I'll pretend that I have faith
I'll pretend I have no doubt
I'll pretend I have the strength
I'll pretend that I don't care
I'll pretend there's someone else
I'll pretend I don't see you everywhere
I'll pretend I need you less
I'll pretend I can keep my cool
Don't know who I'm trying to fool.

Juicyfruit335, 15

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I Am Hurt and Left for Dead

I am hurt and left for dead
This is pain and this is dread
But when I sigh I lift my head
And I realize what you just said
It's a bad day, I am crying
And I kind of feel like dying
But then your voice I turn to find
That the name you just called was mine
When you say my name
I go off to another place
Where I am all you crave
It defies all time and space
All that's real is you and me
And your face is all I see
Suddenly I'm not the same
When you say my name
It's a sad day like the last one
And how tomorrow will be
Because I know you have so much fun
And you're not with me
I wish I were bolder
Wish I could write you a letter
I wish I were older
I wish I were better
But when you say my name
I go off to another place
Where I am all you crave
It defies all time and space
All that's real is you and me
And your face is all I see
Suddenly I'm not the same
When you say my name?

Juicyfruit335, 15

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Should I Give Up Everything I Have

Should I give up everything I have
At the chance of everything I want?
Should I give up what is real
Simply because of what I feel?
What if everything I want rejects me?
And I already rejected what I have?
I'll be alone, left by myself
After hurting someone else
Do I really need a man?
Am I as independent as I think I am?

Kristin, 15

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Why do people got to hate on me? Is it insecurity or is it jealousy?
Why can't they just like what they see? Why they got to hate on me?
Is it that I see something differently?
Or is it they see what they don't want to see? Why people got to hate on me? Is it insecurity or jealousy? Or maybe they're just scared of me? Why people got to hate on me?
Please believe I don't need your jealousy or the insecurity. I just want you to realize you never can be me.
I'm just going to sit here and be the best of me cause I know in your best day you can never compete with me.

All of Us, 13

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I Wish Life Were Easier Than This

I wish life were easier than this
I wish we had never have kissed
I wish I hadn't led you on
I wish your love for me was gone
I wish I weren't such a fickle girl
I wish I hadn't messed up your whole world
I wish that I used half a brain sometimes
Like when you asked me out that time
I wish I never said yes
Then maybe I wouldn't feel so stressed
I wish that we could just be friends
I wish your feelings for me would end
I wish I wasn't such a fickle girl
I wish I hadn't messed up your whole world

Kris, 15

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I love it when you smile

I love it when you smile,
I love it when you talk,
I love it when you laugh at jokes,
I love it when you walk.
I love it when you answer me,
I love you in my day,
I love it when you tell me things,
I just love what you say! :)

Nora, 10

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Looking At You Makes My World Go Round

Looking at you makes my world go round, nothing more, nothing less. But now you have got to go away. Why cant you stay?
Before you go, let me show you more. There's nothing to it, just a little heart breaking, but I'll find you one day. Let's make it last. If we do, I'll be happier than I have ever been. Let me be with you!

Bubble, 13

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I Refuse to be Ignored

I refuse to be ignored
Shove my face in the dirt,
Laugh when I say I'm hurt.

What a feat,
It's hard for me to comprehend your level of deceit.

What happened to trust,
But I guess it's too late,
I've already hit the dust.

Gotta find somewhere to hide,
All these feelings I keep buried deep inside.

But first I'm gonna fight back,
Smash my fist in your face, again and again,
Till I see something crack.

And after I'm done,
I'll climb atop a hill somewhere steadily,
And yell down to all,
What I know the truth to be.
Till again, someone makes me fall.
But not before I tell the truth to y'all....

I know what its like to be abhorred,
But unlike some,
I refuse to be ignored.

Lex, 14

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nothing's perfect,
and neither am I.
but you dont understand that,

you expect the impossible,
and ignore it when I confirm the improbable,

you cant make me what im not,
no matter how hard you try,
but you dont understand that,

nothing can please you,
because what you demand is perfection,
which I can't give you.

you insisted it was for my good,
blinded by your pride,
oh i should listen to you i should.....
yeah right.

supposedly i am full off idiosyncrasies,
which need to be broken outta me.
But i cant stop being what i am,

I am what I am,
and be the best that I can.
thats all anyone can do.

but you dont understand that,

Lex, 14

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My love is redder than a summer rose,
And purer than whitest white,
Ah yes, my love, it truly glows,
Even in the darkest night.
It's deeper than the ocean,
And its deepest depths,
It's wider than you'll ever know,
Further than the seas can stretch.
My love is immortal,
My life I wish to spend,
Along with you hand in hand,
Until I meet the end.
I like to lie awake at night,
Just close my eyes and think.
That in my chain of loved ones,
You are the strongest link.

Ali, 12

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Smartgirl is the best,
My friends think so too,
And every time I log on,
Round the door my sister peeps to see,
The website I am on,
God, doesn't she get it,?
I'm always on SMARTGIRL.com,
Reminding myself, Im not alone,
Like other girls who log on to SMARTGIRL.com!!!

Taz.P, 13

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Fear, you feel it when you're walking and when you're at school
You feel fear at home, on the bus and in the car
Fear is everywhere

You felt fear on 9-11 and when we were bombing Afghanistan
You feel fear when you watch the news and even when you look in the sky
Fear is everywhere.

Megan, 9

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Still Home

Still my home even though it's gone.
Still my home when my days begin and where most friendship came to an end.
Still my home the bond was tight even though sometimes we fight.
still my home even though it will never come back again.

Ariana, 12

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I can feel your lips touching mine

I can feel your lips touching mine. Your warm milk chocolate skin all over my body. Im just image that you are on top of me kissing me from feet to my head. I love they you hold me. I look in your sexy brown eyes. It makes me wont to do a hold lots of things to you. But, I love talking too you because. Of your spirituality. You bring something out of me that nobody could ever do. So one of these days you and me. Can take a walk down to the beach. And have a candle light dinner. And we can think about the most wonderful things in life?

Carline, 21

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My Name Is Sarah

My name is Sarah
I am but three
My eyes are so swollen
I can not see

I must be so stupid,
I must be so bad
Otherwise why would I make
My daddy so mad?

I say that I love him
But he hits me
More and more.
Here I am lying helpless
Upon the stone floor

Mum's just come home
And is screaming for him to stop.
But it's really no use
As he's gone over the top

My name is Sarah
I am but three,
Tonight my daddy
Murdered me.

Chrissie, 12

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The Hardest Thing

I walk out of the noiseless room
Tears rolling down my cheeks
With nobody to comfort me
But my silent weeping.

I don't regret what I've done
And I cannot mend your heart
I try to talk it over with myself
But still I fall apart

This time I'm saying goodbye
Baby, its hard for me to do
But I just can't live with the thought
The thought of me and you

I throw out all the letters
All the photos of you and me
I cannot live with reminders
Of how it used to be

We used to be best friends
Even lovers you might say
Well still be friends, just not as good
But well see another day

It didnt work, my baby
Maybe you just couldnt see
But nothing else was working
Apart from you and me

Working to keep it together
To stop it falling apart
But we took a wrong turn somewhere
Now weve both broken hearts

Forever is not forever
Havent you realized that yet?
We were destined to be parted
Our lives in stone are set

It is goodbye forever, but
Forever is not forever
I may see you later
But better late than never.

Hippie, 13

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Your Heart Has Blocked My Way

One night, the last night the boy who had been with me for a year said, "I must leave you now. You are in the way." I say, "I am not in the way." Why do you do such a brutal thing? I say, "love is everything," and all you say is, "you are in the way, so now you must be taught a lesson." He says, "no, wait, your heart has blocked my way. It is but so passionate that it has blocked my way into nothing but love. Your heart has bloked my way."


Kirri, 10

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Do You Not Remember

Do you not remember the way we felt that day?
How we cried, how we stopped what we were doing,
How we hoped and prayed that this day would be a dream that has swept us away,
Some men and women left to fight, some stayed home and prayed that they wouldn't. People had died, buildings had fallen, heroes had left.
Some people stopped to cry and went home to their families.
Some people worried that we would not have to be free.
We are not in a country that's happy and in a easy life.
WE are at WAR TOGETHER. America needs to WORK TOGETHER.
All I can say is God Bless America!

Angel4u, 11

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To: My BEST Friend Forever

My BFF is the best one. She is so nice. We never fight. That's the thing that I like. We don't fight. She is so awesome. She did something that really shows that she really cares about me. I love her like my sister. Nobody is going to separate us. And I almost forgot -- her name is Carol. We are Spanish.

Josie, 13

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Every Day I look Forward To Seeing You

Every day I look forward to seeing you,
Maybe even speaking to you,
Every day my heart breaks,
To know theres no chance,

Every day I try to impress you,
But instead I embarrass you,
This also breaks my heart.
As I know there's no chance.

Every day I hope you say I love you,
But instead I hear you think I hate you,
My heart breaks every time,
As you say no chance.

Every day I hope my feelings change,
But no, they get stronger every time,
Years go by and my heart still breaks,
I know inside there's no chance.

Sarah, 15

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I Thought You'd Gone

I thought you'd gone,
But now you're back.
Is it true,
I still love you.

When you left
I missed you so,
I need to know,
Are you here to stay?

My feelings are strong,
I don't know why,
You're just worth it,
That's all I can say.

Sarah Bell, 15

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Pain is like walking into a brick wall then falling into a freezing cold river.
Pain is like when your heart stops and life ends with it.
Pain is when your friends all leave you when you need them to be there.
Pain is when your mum dies and you can't tell her you still love her.
Pain is when you love someone but they neglect you and break your heart.
Pain is your best friend when your left alone in this painful world.

Adele, 13

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Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Walk a mile in my shoes
Do it right or I'm through
Can't you see that
If you wanna stay around, Im telling you
Youve got to figure me out
Take your time or you loose
This is my game, my rules
And I can see, obviously,
Baby you don't know
What it's like to be me.

Michelle, 13

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The Dream Was Shattered

The dream was shattered.
Once a life with bright joy,
Now a time filled with sorrow.
Her son will not know her,
He will not know the dream she had when she went to save someone she did not know.
When she left the harmful world she was once forgotten by all but the angels.

Aurora, 13

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We Frolicked By The Ocean At Sunset

We frolicked by the ocean at sunset
A warm summer night's dream.

My heart danced with first love
I loved you more every time I saw you.

Seasons went by, with sparkle and laughter
Always believing we would never change.

My love, the talks of our future
Ah... to think I'd look back at them
As longing memories.

What do you dream about in that distant town?
I ask the blue sky as I open the window.

My love, you maybe in love with someone else
Ah... but please think of me sometimes
In a corner of your heart.

My love, talks of our future always so bright
Ah... keep shining as you are
Forever for me.

Caile, 12

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Once I Was a Gypsy Spinning

Once I was a Gypsy spinning
Tainting minds to make my winnings
Stealing the hearts of young and old
Only so I may receive my gold
Love was never what I knew
But when I met him it was my debut
It was upon a midnight eve
Of when I made my leave
I saw him standing by the corner, there
And a sharply drew in a breath of air
He was gorgeous just like the moon that glows
Unearthly and pure like the flawless rose
Dark and strong from all unknown
He approached me slowly as I stood alone
His eyes bewitching
My soul enriching
He took me in his arms
And I felt I could withstand all his charms
But then he kissed me
As he had in my fantasy
He had held me so close
And I fell into pose
From there I can't remember
But as a smoldering as an ember
Mirrors do not show my reflection
Because of my resurrection
For stealing is now my duty
As an immortal midnight beauty.

Fooffie-Rae, 14

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When I think of love, I think of you
Who helped me grow up straight and true.
I can never repay you, but there's one thing I can do. That's to tell you, mother, I love you!

Sherly, 0

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All The Time!

At night I dream of you,
Coming to be by my side.
Pictures in my mind.
My night's love, my passion;
All in you I shall find.
Your touch eases me,
Removing any fear.
Every move is clear,
But the warm look in your eyes.
It melts my heart.
From now on nothing but love is between us!
And nothing or anyone can take our...
Love, our passion, our relationship away from us!
People might hate on us,
But we get through everything together!

Elisa , 13

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He watched me intently,

He watched me intently,
His dark eyes staring wordlessly.
His lips were moist ready,
And as he lent over to me,
He placed,
With care,
A slightly wet but tender,
Kiss on my untruly lips.

Tara, 13

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Eternal Flames Flicker in the Storms

eternal flames flicker in the storms
suppressed by all the darkness around
and through the black a light is formed
and fire burns upon the ground

and then when hopelessness settles in
and we abandon all our dreams
and pain swells up inside of you
and love splits at the seams

it seems like the sun has set forever
and isn't coming back
you've lost all sense of your religion
and faith is what you lack

life may seen bad at desperate times
you feel like letting go
but hang on in there a little longer
it gets better than you!

(a poem for all you gals out there that are going through a rough time. You're not alone, and remember... it's always ok in the end, and if it's not ok, it's not the end!)

Pyro Dourif, 15

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This Is To My Best Friend Tim

This is to my best friend Tim, somewhere in Australia. If I don't see him again, I'd like him to know this....

i believe in you
i believe in everything that you did
everything that you said
when you told me you loved me

you didn't need to say it in words
i could hear you soul crying it out
this wasn't animal attraction like normal
but a friendship without a doubt!

i hope you're safe and living well
and one day we will meet at last
and run through wood and past many flower
like we once did in our past!

Pyro Dourif, 15

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Why don't you notice me S? You notice the outside but not the inside? You notice the scar, the attendance record, the loss of popularity, but you don't know how I feel. Why? I'm not smart enough, not athletic enough? Why? I was willing to change my whole life for you. I can't. I don't think I will ever be good enough for you. So WHY? Why do I cry my eyes out at night?, Because of you S. Just tell me why, WHY you wont give me a chance?

Caitlin. H., 14

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She Was Gone

She was a quiet white-faced girl,
Smart and moody too.
But kids would shun and tease her,
Push her in the hall.

Even unpopular kids,
Didn't want to be her friend,
She wanted to disappear,
To just scream and run.

Threats from girls ruled her life,
She lived in the dark.
She pitied every leaf and plant,
More than she pitied herself.

Her schoolwork was strange and sad.
She was cocooned in ostracism.
Reviled and easily picked,
For a daily prank or joke.

But one day she was tucked in bed,
Lights no longer on.
Morning came and her parents woke,
To discover she had gone.

Sleeper120uk, 13

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Bittersweet Catastrophe

Bittersweet catastrophe. No need to explain, no more is needed. Soft kisses, twisting my insides like a wrench... no more is needed.

Virgi, 14

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i opened my eyes

i opened my eyes
i looked at my clock
i heard a car
then a key in a lock
i ran to the window
to see who was there
i saw you
then i stopped to stare
i forgot everything
and let out a sigh
i put my chin in my hand
and started to cry
i remembered
you're not mine
you hate me
and im not fine
you strode up the walk
and gave her a kiss
its you
when you were single
that i started to miss

Stickgirl, 11

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Knowledge of Love

I'd climb the highest mountain
I'd swim the deepest sea
If only I can truly know
You'll always be with me.

I'd run the longest marathon
But I'll stop before I start
Because what I really need to know
Is we'll never be apart.

I'd tame the fiercest lion
I'd straighten a river bend
If only I can truly know
You'll love me 'till the end.

I'd dance in streets through rain and snow
Through blizzards and hurricanes too
Because what you really need to know
Is I will always love YOU.

Sammi, 14

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why does the moon go down
when the sun comes up
why do the birds stop singing
when the rain comes splashing
why does the grass turn green
when the sky is so blue
why does he love me
when i love you?

Stickgirl, 11

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Picture of Dreams

I smile, staring into his beautiful blue eyes,
Gently touching his face with my hand,
I softly rub his cheek with my thumb
His brown hair lies straight and his gaze connects with mine.

My finger trails down his front to his chest -
Thats where it stays
I close my eyes and wish I could always be this close
And I put his picture away.

Alli, 16

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I Go Through the Night

I go through the night,
Wondering if I died would any one care about me
I go through the night,
Wondering if my friends really like me
I go through the night,
Wondering if my family will live the next day
I go through the night,
Wondering if my grandma and my dog are watching over me
I go through the night,
Wondering, will I have another chance
I go through the night,
Wondering if my grandpa will live through tomorrow
I go through the night,
Knowing that I will have to just wait and see.

Brittany , 13

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Who Am I

Who am I?
Who am I
Is what I am trying to found out.
No one to turn to
Just sitting in a dark corner
Wondering were I went wrong
Scared to look life in the face
Afraid I am going to lose the game of life
No one cares
They don't even bear to put out a helping hand
Who I am
I am still trying to found out.

Adrianna, 14

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Black as Night

Black as night
the ashes fall
remnants of towers
that once stood tall.

Black as night
is the smoke as it rises
and clouds the sky
so hard on the eye.

Black as night
is the steel
as it falls
remnants of beauty
hard not to cry as it falls.

Black as night
are the hearts of those who did it
covered it up and made us fear it.

Bright as Day
are those who stay
with pure
and loyal hearts
of gold
serving a country with loyalty old.

Mandy, 11

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Do You Know The Real Me?

Do you know the real me?
The me inside this little body
The me that says watch out world here I come
The me who will be the first female president you just wait and see.
Do you know the real me?
The me who believes in Santa Claus
The me who respects all human beings
The me who is afraid of spiders
No you don't
But I'll make you a deal. We can walk the journeys of the world together as one

Michelle, 0

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You're Like A Warm Summer Day

you're like a warm summer day
your scent smells of flowers
and tastes of fresh air
and your love brings me magical powers

you say you will be here with me soon
but it feels like forever
when can we finally be complete
holding each other together

you light up my life
and bring a smile upon my face
i shiver when you're near
and my heart slows its pace

when can we be together
how long shall i wait for you love
the days are becoming shorter
waiting for you to come down from above

Amber, 17

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Love Is...

Knowing you can trust someone with your life
Sharing your life with someone
Having some who cares deeply for you
Never wanting to be apart from them
Never wanting to let go of them

Love is the ultimate happiness

Piper, 13

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I Have Been Looking Over Dead Bodies

I have been looking over dead bodies nearly all my years.
I remember all the heartbreak and I remember all the tears.
Now I am going back and looking down on graves,
Of all my family members that had a life God made.
I could be bitter and curse Him for the pain.
I could turn my back and choose memory lane.
But many of those lives are now with Him,
And that is so much better than where I am.
So I think of those loved ones and finally understand.

San Higurashi, 0

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I always wondered what it meant just to be different
A constant and bold category, a dark cloud upon my head, day after day
I looked it up in the dictionary, just to be sure of its meaning
It brought to life the true essence of 'seeing is not understanding'
They saw me, black, with messy hair, glasses hiding my dark eyes and thoughts
They could never hear a single word, I took in myself to say
And I will never give my friendship, to this very day.

Marky, 13

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Time's a bird which leaves it's footprints at the corners of your eyes.
Time's a jockey, racing horses, the sun and moon across the skies.
Time's a thief, stealing your beauty, leaving you with tears and sighs.
But you waste time trying to catch him. Times a bird and time just flies.
By Valerie Bloom.

Robbie Wiblams, 9

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The Garden

The Garden
Unlocking the gate
Stepping into another world
The smell of poppies
Walking barefoot, my feet scrape the sides of the weeds
The wind rushes in my hair
Then pond, long forgotten, lies covered in scum
A statue once tall and mighty
Lies in shatters at my feet
I remember the day
The bomb struck
That day, in this very garden, where the rotting bench still supports my weight, that day when I lost my sight

May, 15

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Try to remember

Try to remember to let each day end with a simple prayer,
Try to remember to forget that I am no longer there,
Try to remember to not think about how we went wrong,
Try to remember I was there waiting for you all along,
Try to remember I will always care,

I will try to remember the days we shared,
I will try to remember what you said to me,
I will try to remember to just let things be,

We can both try to be friends,
We can both try to let this end,
We Can both try to hide the truth,

But I will not hide the way I feel about you.

Samantha, 19

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A Strange Friendship

A Strange Friendship

I have a friend,
A boy,
To be exact.
I'm not his girlfriend, I don't love him
And I am sure he doesn't love me.
We laugh together
Talk together
And sit next to each other on the bus.
He walks me home
And he tells me
"You are my best friend"
I was the only one
To sign his yearbook
And when the school year was over
I missed him with all my heart
Even though he is younger
Even though he is a boy
I love him as a friend.

Aphrodite, 12

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My Thoughts And Tears

My Thoughts And Tears
Time after time you sit and lie and I sit and wonder, should I really tell you bye? Dont get me wrong our love is really strong and please believe I don't want to leave you along reasons and reasons thoughts and thoughts some of the causes are my fought I'm trying to pull through, I don't know what to do I'm wondering should I pick up the phone and call you some of questions are, are we moving to fast or is our love really going to last. But the main question is, is our love really true or do I really know the real you so baby what's the deal, boo tell me how you feel everything you say please let it be real. Tear after tear I sit and cry wondering how hard do you really try. Things you do make me wonder about you but in the end I still love you Boo!

Javonna, Bonnie, 16

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An ocean away
Just to play.
I miss my home.
How far must I roam?

Caitlin, 12

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  163. I still wonder why
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  166. I wonder why...
  167. Sometimes I just want to cry
  168. WHY?
  169. It was a sad thing when the world died,
  170. Kenyan: This is a poem for you.
  171. For: The World
  172. ''Crush''
  173. My Feelings
  174. It Hurts
  175. You may have someone in your mind,
  176. Someone
  177. I must of been born under a lucky star to
  178. Amber
  179. Devoted to my dear class at Kingston Park
  180. decisions, decisions
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  183. I will still feel the same as the other day.
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  187. Why did you say that?
  188. They sky is gray
  189. A love that is still here
  190. Some may say love is for fools.
  191. A friend
  192. when i look into the sky
  193. When I saw you this morning.
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  195. I see all these faces
  196. The tears of the fallen sun.
  197. I love you. I hope you do too.
  198. All about Year 6.
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  203. I know why people hate me
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  206. I liked you
  207. The only man worth your tears won't make you cry.
  208. Why do you act the way you do?
  209. Miss you!
  210. Whats this all about?!
  211. The bouquet of red roses.
  212. Together
  213. Your deep brown eyes...
  214. I Don't Understand
  215. P-A-R-E-N-T-S
  216. If you've been dumped...
  217. My Leo
  218. I picked you from all the rest.
  219. Swiftly Pass the Living Years
  220. My Best Friend?
  221. A new day has dawned!
  222. I know you're in reach.
  223. A Time for Us
  224. Love, what is love?
  225. I had blast
  226. You
  227. I can't
  228. ~*Dream*~
  229. Deep intepretations of my imaginations.
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  231. perfect picture
  232. Your love
  233. Clarify
  234. When we're together
  235. When We're Together
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  237. Rejection
  238. Crush
  239. Forever and Always
  240. The wind doth blow against our faces...
  241. Do You Remember Me?
  242. I want to run away...
  243. I saw a boy, as I was walking down the
  244. I know I am cold hearted,
  245. What I think of love.
  246. Deadly Love
  247. looking out into the sky i feel so small while
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  249. The Pain of Love
  250. Dance
  251. What's The Point of Being Mad?
  252. Poems in our world surrounding us all i'll give you
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  257. Josh,
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  273. You
  274. Fly away
  275. What Life Puts Me Through
  276. Why?
  277. The Summer's Beach
  278. I Guess It Didn't Matter When We Talked
  279. After The Sky Is Bright Again
  280. My Friend Shauna
  281. When I fall There's No Getting Up
  282. Always
  283. Why Do You Poke And Laugh
  284. Love
  285. Every Day Is Just The Same
  286. I'd Go Anywhere
  287. What Is Love?
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  290. I Wondered Why You Went Away
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  296. My internet friends =)
  297. Dedicated to Katie
  298. That Day
  299. I remember
  300. Suspending Disbelief
  301. Hey, you it is time,
  302. ...WISHING...
  303. I Think I Love You
  304. As I look beyond the stars I see that your
  305. Friends Now
  306. Gone
  307. Love is beautiful!!!!!
  308. Listen to the Ocean
  309. Crush
  310. Being a Girl is very fun, especially when your playing a
  311. Sorrow
  312. Its Only 8:30
  313. Autumn
  314. Fallin
  315. Think
  316. To A Sad Daughter
  317. C
  318. Do You See Him?
  319. The War
  320. If I had one more day to see
  321. When...
  322. A Love So Strong
  323. When I go to bed I know you are there.
  324. When I go to bed I know you are there.
  325. where are you?
  326. You Say You Don't Know
  327. I hate you.
  328. you came into my life
  329. Unconditional Love
  330. Things Change
  331. A letter to Antony
  332. Hold me under the moonlit sky
  333. Still
  334. Look At Me With That Look
  335. You Smile at Me and I Shiver
  336. I'll Pretend This Doesn't Hurt
  337. I Am Hurt and Left for Dead
  338. Should I Give Up Everything I Have
  339. Haters
  340. I Wish Life Were Easier Than This
  341. I love it when you smile
  342. Looking At You Makes My World Go Round
  343. I Refuse to be Ignored
  344. Why?
  345. Love
  347. Fear
  348. Still Home
  349. I can feel your lips touching mine
  350. My Name Is Sarah
  351. The Hardest Thing
  352. Your Heart Has Blocked My Way
  353. Do You Not Remember
  354. To: My BEST Friend Forever
  355. Every Day I look Forward To Seeing You
  356. I Thought You'd Gone
  357. Pain
  358. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
  359. The Dream Was Shattered
  360. We Frolicked By The Ocean At Sunset
  361. Once I Was a Gypsy Spinning
  362. Mother
  363. All The Time!
  364. He watched me intently,
  365. Eternal Flames Flicker in the Storms
  366. This Is To My Best Friend Tim
  367. Why?
  368. She Was Gone
  369. Bittersweet Catastrophe
  370. i opened my eyes
  371. Knowledge of Love
  372. Why
  373. Picture of Dreams
  374. I Go Through the Night
  375. Who Am I
  376. Black as Night
  377. Do You Know The Real Me?
  378. You're Like A Warm Summer Day
  379. Love Is...
  380. I Have Been Looking Over Dead Bodies
  381. Different
  382. Time
  383. The Garden
  384. Try to remember
  385. A Strange Friendship
  386. My Thoughts And Tears
  387. Home