May 2003

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Hopeless light shine on me

Hopeless light shine on me
For I am lost in jealousy
Strolling along a broken path
Moon watching as I pass
And though the night hides it's secret
I wander 'round emotion pains
Wondering what there is to gain
Then and there
Here, what do i care?
Gathered up in determination
Leaving my world
My once destination

kelsey, 13

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last night i felt so down

last night i felt so down
all because what you did to me
you made me look like i wasn't there
but i was there
you meant so much to me
i had feelings for you also i'd care
about you,
most of all i loved you so much
now after what you did to me
i feel like i'm not wanted
i also feel like i want to die
most of all i want to
look into your eyes and tell you how i feel
last night i looked at you and i saw
a person that didn't even stay true
a person who just say "yes" to others
a person who is just a no good person
my only question is
why could you do such a thing?
why did you just put me down?
why, why, why,
please tell me why?

Jenaya, 14

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Love is a Gamble

Love is a gamble, kissing is a game,
While boys do the necking, girls take the blame.
Nine months of pregnancy, Six weeks of pain,
Lying in the hospital thinking of a name.
They say you are pretty, they say you are fine,
But one month later they say it ain't mine.

Cree Anna , 14

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Theres This Lad

Theres this lad I met a school
And trust me he is fine
When I see him my mouth starts to drool
I feel as though he's mine

My heart starts beating
My legs start to shake
My Friends are eating
But my world seems to shake

XRayannahX, 13

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Have you ever really cared?
How do I know youll always be there?
I care for you with all my heart,
I hate it when were apart.
Over all these years,
I loved you.
Trusted you.
Put no one above you.
But who knew youd bring me so many tears

Shorty, 12

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I wonder why I love you the way I do
I wonder why I always end up thinking of you
I wonder why I love you so much
I wonder why I long for your touch
Thinking of you always brightens up my day
I never want you to go away
I wonder why of all the guys I've ever meet
You are the one Ill never forget
I love you with all my heart
I hope we never grow apart
My love for you is deep and true
Without you in my life Ill always be blue
I wonder why I have all these feelings for you

Shorty, 12

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Sometimes I Wish

Sometimes I wish I could just disappear out in the blue empty sky
On a cloud to relax a little...
My life can be miserable and I don't know why...
Maybe it is just the person I am, or the person I am pretending to be.
Although I do not want to commit suicide,
I also don't always want to be here on this planet.
Like a lonely alien.
I know I can live my life the way I want
As long as I don't screw up by making a mistake
Like getting pregnant during school periods.
But I know if I try, I can do anything I want that is possible!
Just live your life to the fullest,
And don't make a mistake that can ruin your life!

Shelby, 11

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I love you because youre always there
I love you because you always care
I love you because you reach out to me
I love you because you always see me
I love you because you showed me the best, you cry when you are sad,
You showed me your life and opened your hand
I love you because your fun.com
I love you because you will always be my mom

I love you very much
Your Daughter, Melissa B.

Melissa, 15

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I Was Wrong

To reassure me that I was wrong
About all the things people said
But if only I knew then I'd find out before long

I was wrong to say I loved you
Even though I can't deny the truth
Those thoughts of you ran constantly through my head
Of that there is proof

I was wrong to look into your beautiful eyes
To fall in love with your cute little smile
If I'd only known you'd leave me
In just a short while

And once again I sit here all alone
Longing for them still
Knowing good and well
Without them that space will never be filled

I saw you not too long ago
I thought I was over you
But there's something in the look you gave me
That just won't let me know the truth

I don't want to believe them
But maybe I just cant let my heart see
That I was wrong
Instead of loving me, you just played me

Holly, 15

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How It Used To Be

The phone is silent
As I lay in my bed
I cant help but think
Of how it used to be

How it used to be...
It seems so long ago
When I would stay up for hours on end on the phone
Laughing and joking with you

How it used to be...
When things were so simple
I loved u and u loved me
I thought you'd be there with me till the end

How it used to be...
So many memories we shared
Like the time I first saw you
Or the first time I looked into your eyes

How it used to be...
You used to be there for me and I was there for you
You were my best friend
I guess you never knew

How it used to be...
I would've let you get so much closer
If you'd only cared enough to stay
I'd never felt for anyone else like I felt for you

How it used to be...
I remember so clearly
When you wiped away my tears
Telling me softly while looking into my eyes
"Trust me...I'll never hurt you"

Well you hurt me
There's no denying that
But to you that doesnt matter
Because that was then
That was...
How It Used To Be

Holly, 15

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There are so many things I'd like to tell you...

There are so many things I'd like to tell you
So many things to say
But you seem to be too busy for me today
And all the time you're away keeps driving me insane
Tell me, what can I do to stop thinking of you?

There are so many things I'd like to show you
So many things to view
But you're not here with me this week
And all this time apart gets the better part of me
Tell me, what can I do to stop thinking of you?

There are so many places I'd like to take you
So many sights to see
But you've got something else planned this month
And all this time that passes, breaks my heart in two
Tell me, what can I do to stop thinking of you?

Nic M., 14

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At first...

At first you had a crush on me
And for me that was more then enough
But then you didn't want me
And hearing that was tough
You'll never know the pain you put me through
I don't know how I ever loved you
I just kept coming back for more
But u just thought of me as a store
You got from me whatever you want
You told me lines that I just bought
The things you said Ill never forget
And the things we did Ill always regret!
Although most times werent bad but God
There were things about you I never understood,
How you made me feel when you told me you loved me
Though I knew it was a lie even after all the tears I cried
You made me feel good like no one else could.

Hannah, 14

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I feel so happy when I look at you!

I feel so happy when I look at you
Your smile sends shivers down my spine
You're so funny, you're so lovely
Why can't you be mine?
When I'm awake you're on my mind
When I'm asleep you're in my dreams
Why are you still not mine?
That's the thing you sure aint mine
You never will be.
So for now you can stay on my mind
And in my dreams
Because there you're all mine!

Hannah, 14

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Another Life

Another life I can't conceive
I miss you so, I don't believe
You're in my heart both night and day
I stumble along, Im on my way

Now alone I sit and wonder
On who can I blame this blunder?
So now I sit alone at night
Waiting for the mornings light

Oh to have just one first kiss
Oh if I could have that bliss
I would sigh a brief refrain
A sigh of love to ease my pain

Nic M., 14

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I cried and cried all day long

I cried and cried all day long
Remembering our very special song
Hell no longer hold me he'll no longer say, how much he loves me...but thats okay
Without him I learned to appreciate me
And discovered the girl I could be
I dried up my tears and walked away
And said to myself, what a great day.

Darlin', 11

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When it was my past

When it was my past
I thought it was appalling
Now that its the present
I think its worse than the past
Now I know that back then was easy
I wanted to escape it
Now that its gone
I wish I could have it back
All the opportunities
That I could have had
Would have made today different
If I knew it would turn out like this
I could have assured myself
Why didnt I know?
That if I did what I wanted
Id have what I wanted
Coming into a new world
Stuck in the transition
From childhood to adult
Its complicated for me
Maybe I could have had what I wanted
But I was just a kid
And looked the way I could have
They say forget about the past
And concentrate on the future
But dont they not know?
That the past makes the future
Could have, should have, would have
Its entirely about that
Its up to me to make it better

Lor-ann, 13

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Feelings of a Broken Heart...

By: Erin C of Paris, TX

I have only loved one boy in my life, I thought he'd be my husband, and I'd be his wife
But then one day we broke apart,
Shattering my dreams, and destroying my heart.
Here I am today, just turned 17,
And every time I go to sleep, youre in my dreams.
"Why" I ask, what did I do wrong?
Every time I see you I sing the same song
I love you, I love you, and forever they say
How can they love you when youre not together today?

Erin, 17

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Even if you never want me...

Even if you never want me
Even if I could never taste the sweetness of your lips again
Or experience the joy of your laughter
What would that matter?
Through my love for you I am exalted
By your being
I am elevated into bliss
Revealed to greatness

By and by what is meant to be will be
And if the wind blows favorably
I will find rest nestled in your arms
Complete of love
Sharing all youve done
In your beauty
In our beauty undone
Imagine the fun

Wings, 24

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Our Promise of Forever

We will always be there, to comfort and to hold.
We will whisper sacred secrets that will stay untold.
We shall share summer evenings playing tennis in the park,
We will giggle under the covers way after dark.
We'll help you with your breathing when your asthma is bad,
We'll look on proudly whenever you feel glad.
But most of all, we will always, always be there for you.
This is Our Promise of Forever.

~*~*~*I wrote this poem for my brothers, Isaac and Piers, and for my very brave little sister, Halle-May, who is fighting an incredible battle against Chronic Asthma~*~*~*

Siena, 12

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The poem of days gone by -- a lovers sorrow

We walk beneath the Moonlit sky
But that's a memory of days gone by
The days when we walked hand in hand
When we played together in the sand
We sat at foot of the old oak tree
We carved our initials inside a heart, plain to see
I said I'd love you forever
You were amazing, athletic, good looking and clever
Then you said your last good bye
All that day I did cry
Farewell my love
Sent from above
We walk beneath the Moonlit sky
But that's a memory of days gone by

-~*~*~Bleeding Heart~*~*~*~

~*~*~Bleeding Heart~*~*~, 14

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'Love sets you free'

'Love sets you free'
This isn't true,
I never wished to be
A prisoner of you.

Because of you I am here,
Please give me a helping hand,
You turn away, I shed a tear,
Why? Please give me your hand.

I need you always by my side,
In your world we could forever stay,
These emotions I shouldn't have to hide,
Will you ever steer your love my way.

Could it be you hate me for loving you?
Could it be I love you for hating me?
I think I hate myself for loving you,
I hate you for not loving me.

I'll die at the hand of my own mind,
My heart can bleed no more,
The waters are dark and I'm so blind,
My heart will beat no more.

This prisoner will be,
Released from you,
'Love sets you free'
Can this be true?

Emma L., 10

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Now I see that I was wrong....

****To: Natasha****
I thought you were my best friend, but now I see that I was wrong.
Every time I like a boy you say he looks like cow dong.
You tell Sarah shes your best friend and that Im nothing but dirt. I cant believe youre like that now, with all that weve been through. Like staying up all night watching scary movies, and saying nothing could ever break us apart. But now I see I was wrong with everything that I said. Your lies will always haunt me and they will always haunt you too!!!!

Kayla, 0

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Lost Love

The lips that once told me they loved me claimed to love me no more,
And I wondered how to stop the tears that flowed so freely to the floor.

As the eyes that once held a look so warm could no longer hold my stare,
I wondered if there was a time those eyes really did care.

So the arms that once held me now just push me away,
I wondered why my time was through and why I could not stay.

Kaia, 15

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We have not talked for so many days,
Just exchanging smiles in every which way.
Just the hope that you will come
Out of your shell, tell everyone
That we are friends & that isn't all
And the hope that you may call
Me, someday, soon to tell,
Our friendship is something we could not sell.
If you do my heart will be broke,
There is no point to let the floor soak,
From tear that fall,
Because after all,
Friendship is better than nothing.

Jessica, 12

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When you smile

By: Nicole

When you smile, I smile too.
Everyone can't stop staring at you.
You shine like a star in the dark sky.
But, your smiles don't stop, why?
People love you, and I love you too.
Everyone just can't get enough of you.
When youre happy, I am too.
Everyone is happy with you.
You smile, I smile, you love me, I love you, your happy, I'm happy!
WHEN YOU SMILE you are great, so don't stop!
If you do, the whole world will drop!
You are my sister and I love you!
I hope you know it's true!

So, don't stop smiling!
To my sister, Emily

Nicole, 11

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<<~~Loving You~~>>

Loving you means every thing to me
When I sit here and think about you and me
It makes me feel sad
The reason it makes me sad,
Its because Im the only one who really cares about you
And you dont know that.
Having people telling me to get over you
I feel like Im broke.
I know Im not the girl of your dreams
But please get that in your mind that I love you so much.
That I would kill myself
And I dont think you would even care
When I think about the past, the first day that I saw you, I was weak.
I know loving would break my heart.
I didnt care because I was deeply in love with you.
Loving you makes me cry.
Loving you...

Maryam, 13

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Sitting in the dentist chair

Sitting in the dentist chair
Looking around everywhere
Wondering what's in store for me
While I wait anxiously
The chair is cool
My palms are sweaty
I wish the dentist would come already!

Julia, 10

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One last breath

By: Nicole

There is a time in life when you only have one last breath to make it.
It is like when a baseball player is running to get the ball,
He only has one last breath to have the ball fall into his mitt.
One last breath, all you have is one.
Sometimes that one last breath isn't fun.
You only, have one...LAST BREATH
~Thank you for teaching to be confident mom! You are the best~

Nicole, 11

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Bowl of Jelly

By: Nicole

My life is nothing but a bowl of jelly.
I flip, I flop and I fall on my belly.
My clothes are dirty and my feet are smelly.
And my life is nothing but a bowl of jelly.

I hope you enjoyed my poem...

Nicole, 11

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As these snowflakes flutter to and fro
My Grandmother's body falters and dies
This cold November evening.
My mother says I will meet her again,
But I lower my head and don't tell my secret.
She lives within me, but my mother doesn't know,
So shh...

Gia, 11

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I thought you loved me...

I thought you loved me
I thought I was the one.
Only to find out I was not the one
Only for the moment.
I thought we had something special,
I thought it could last.
But to me, what was the future.
To you, was already the past.
I was just another girl to you.
Why would you do that to me?
Couldnt you see I loved you?
Now I can't even look at your face
And everything is just a big haze.
I thought you meant
All those things you said
But you only wanted to get me into bed.
Im still mad,
Cuz Ive been had.
But baby, I can't help loving you,
Why? I don't know.
But, this is it.
I have to go.
I hope you find the right girl
And I wish you all the happiness in the world.
But as for us that world has passed.
Im going to move on
And try to be happy.
I love you
And probably always will,
But goodbye.

Maria, 13

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Uniquely Identical

People often ask me-
"What's it like being a twin?"
I smile, and turn to you.
Then I say-
"What's it like not being one?"
True, sometimes I hate you.
Sometimes you make me want to scream.
We've had our rows and our fights,
But in the end it's cool.
OK, so we don't always get along.
But I know that when I search into your soul,
We truly are,
~*~*~*~*I wrote this poem for my twin sister, Halle. I love you forever, best friend.~*~*~*~*

Siena , 12

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He was the one.

It all started by him just saying hi
Then all of the sudden I started to feel something inside
That's when I realized that he was the one
He hade a girl that he hade been with for like about three years
He started to flirt with me then left me with tears
I tried to hate him but I couldn't
The love I felt for him was more powerful then all those tears
Sometimes I felt so weak that I seriously got chills
We spent a lot of good times together
But I guess that our love was just not meant to be
He was everything I thought I need it to survive
But guess what Jaime, I guess that you finally weren't the one.

Never forget that maybe I was the right one for you.

JenJen, 16

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Promise to Rachel

You are the one I need, the life in me.
I will always be right where you need me to be.
You may be thousands of miles away,
But, you're in my heart day by day.
Every time we talk or see,
It's a slice of heaven to me.
You're true blue,
And I hope to be the same for you!
Rachel, you are my best friend,
I'll stay by your side to the very end!!!

Cat, 12

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A Poem Concerning Matthew

You are the essence of my eye,
The one for which I cry.
Three years of crush.
I have my whole life, so why rush?
Why not me,
It's meant to be.

Cat, 12

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A Lover's Sorrow

Why can't you see, we're meant to be
My heart had a lock but I gave you the key
But then you broke my heart
You ripped it apart
You threw it away.
But I still think of you each and every day.

~*~Arwen~*~, 14

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My Job

My job is crap
I get no money
I can't buy the things I want
I wish I could just quit, but I can't because my mom would kill me
I'm poor and I need money to get me through life
I want to just leave this world all at once
I wish I hand MONEY and a BETTER job!!!!!!!

Funnyfroggy23, 14

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Jumping rope

They're jumping rope both hi and low,
Singing songs as they go.
Crisscross and double-dutch.
It looks like fun in the kind of way
That makes me want to play!!

Rebecca, 10

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You Shine

To: Kyle, my boyfriend

Oh, how you shine makes me feel good
I would marry you if I could
I wish there was a day when I could be only yours
The soft rain will just flow on us, the rain pours
If only your lips could touch mine in a slow kiss
In the moonlight we hold each other with such bliss
Your heart is close to mine as we hug
Our kisses are slower than a slug
Oh, how you shine makes me feel good
I would marry you if I could

Happyhippo4567, 16

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One Life

You only have one life to live
There is so much to receive and give
Sometimes you may pass or sometimes you may want to go
You only have one life to live and you will get older with hair as white as snow
You have to make a difference before you die
So, hurry and go touch the sky
When doing something, do it with pride
You will never have anything to fear or hide
So, you only have one life to live....

Shortyporty4, 11

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Frogs can go high
Oh, they can touch the sky
But, why?
They almost seem like they can fly
But, why?
Frogs don't cry
But, why?
Frogs don't lie
But, why?

Nobody knows the secret of frogs, so that's why I wrote this poem.

Shortyporty4, 11

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You've Lost.

I'm doubting from the day,
That you send me away.
Then you called me back,
And now you say it will last...

You're not my friend,
You're not so true,
You did bad things,
That a true friend would never do!

When you fight against me,
I hate you so much.
That I'm disgusted,
From your touch!

I thought you were my friend,
I thought you'd never lie,
But now the thing I want,
Is to make you cry.

Cry for the things you done,
Cry for the pain you cost.
Cry for what you are doing now,
Cry for that what you lost.

You lost me,
But I'm not sad,
You weren't a real friend,
So get yourself away from my back!

Sorry Deima, but you lost me forever and you won't get me back!
Your lost "friend"-E.R.

Evelina, 12

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I Had a Dream

A long time ago, I had a dream
I know it will never come true, but still I kept sinking in
One day I decided to face reality and I opened my eyes
My world looked gray in the most depressing way
I wanted to cry so badly but my face felt numb
I want to find a shoulder to rely upon
But theres none .

Years had passed and the feeling did not cease
Instead it grew bitter and blocked all the other emotions out
So I begin to ponder if there is something wrong with me
Never knew that subconsciously
The determination to remain sad was so deadly attached within
I believe I am entrapped in this feeling for the rest of my life
Knowing theres no way out,
Ill shut my eyes for the last time now.

Abbie, 17

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Meteor Shower

One night not to long ago
I saw my first meteor shower
It dazzled along the midnight sky
It turned and twisted at my eye
Glistening as if to say
They are imprinted on every heart
As if they are apart of you
For you to see as soon
As the sun goes down
And the sky gets dark
It's imprinted on every heart.

By: Tiffany D.

Tiffany, 14

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You Promised

You promised youd be there
You promised you would care
That you wouldnt go... anywhere
You promised to hold me
Through good times and bad
You promised to remember all the good times we had
And most of all
You told me that you loved me
And those things would never change
But now things have changed
And we are falling apart
You promised...forever

Anonymous, 14

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For your dainty hands aren't healing me
My wounds aren't mended
My heart
For I'm not good enough
For you
Or anyone else
Life sucks
Live with it

Slyer, 13

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Sometimes I stutter,
Sometimes I cry,
Sometimes I'm angry,
Sometimes I lie.
Sometimes I lay there alone in my room,
Sitting and sighing, huddling in the gloom.
But you'll always love me no matter what,
You are my angel, my sweet little mutt.

Gia, 11

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I shave my legs and sit down to pee,
And I can justify any shopping spree.
I can balance the checkbook and pump my own gas,
I can talk to my friends about the size of my ass.
I never forget an important date,
Ya just gotta deal with it Im usually late.
I won't lose my hair i don't get a jock itch,
And just cuz Im assertive don't call me a bitch.
Don't say to you friends, oh yeah i can get her,
in your dreams my dear i can do better.
Flowers are ok but jewelry is best,
Look at me you idiotnot at my chest.
I don't have a problem with expressing my feelings,
I know when your lying you look at the ceiling.
Dont call me a girl, babe, or chick,
I am a womenget it you dick?!

NaeNae, 12

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He was...

He was...
He was your shoulder when you cried,
He was your shoulder when she died,
He was your shoulder when they lied,
But now he's gone to a better place.

Chloe, 11

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''I'll love you forever''

''I'll love you forever''
You'll always have my heart,
Even know we are apart,
Youre my knight in shining armor,
I'll love you forever,
Day after day, until I pass away.

Caitlyn B., 14

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When I first saw him...

When I first saw I thought
Hes kinda cute
But I never thought twice
We became friends
And everyone said he likes you
I said no he's too cool
Then one day you kissed me and
I lost my breath
You told me you liked me that
You would never
Play me like the others
Looked in your eyes
And I believed
After that we were together
Your touch made me feel safe
Your kiss made me love your touch made me tingle
Then one day you left me
Said it was you not me
That we'd be friends
That it wasnt for her
You liareverything you said was wrong
Youre back with her and never loved at all

Tara, 19

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The Two Sisters

The two sisters embraced
and then they parted
their faces tear washed
and yet they wept no more
but smiled instead laughed
at whatever would come
whatever would come though
hoping hoping to embrace again.

Allyssa, 11

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I know you know who I am...

Dear Angel
I know you know who I am,
But you treat me like you don't give a damn.
We used to be friends,
And now that friendship has come to an end.
All because on my side,
That friendship started to turn into something besides.
What you felt,
I never knew if you felt the same way,
Because you started to ignore me and pushed me away.
Every time I see you,
You stare at me like you have something to say,
But postpone it to another day.
But if you could only see,
That life is to short,
To keep your feelings inside,
Because one day I will be gone,
And you will be left alone to wonder,
What kind of spell you were under.
To ignore someone who thought so highly of you,
To shrug them off like the flu.
Now we don't talk anymore,
The reason I could not tell.
So if you read this,
You should know that keeping in your emotions,
Can cause an explosion
And it could be very hard to fix the damage.

Ryan, 16

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Reaching Out

Reaching Out
Why can't I tell you my feelings?
Why can't I tell you I care?
Why can't I tell you I love you?
Oh why, oh why, it's unfair.
I'm reaching out,
I'm trying to shout.
Why can't you hear me?
Why can't you see me?
If I don't tell you soon,
You will go away.
And then you'll never know,
How I loved you everyday.
I make a pledge.
To love you forever.
No matter what.
No matter the weather.

Sarah, 12

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How do I survive?

How do I survive,
When you're not by my side?
How can I live life,
Knowing you're not the one?
Do you have a clue,
Or are you a fool?
Whichever, I'll love you always.

Michelle, 12

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I look so deeply into your eyes.

I look so deeply into your eyes
I see no hurt, I see no lies
I see warmth more than ever before
Open your heart and give me more

Your lips so soft and skin so dark
Illuminated in the moonlit park
Embrace me now, tall and strong
In your arms is where I belong.

Megan, 12

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More than just a sport

More than just a sport

Submerged under that nice cold water
No worries or problems to hold me back
A place where nothing can catch me.
not her nor you
a place where the only thing I face is the water blue
No drama no pain no gossiping either
all it is is me and to tell you the truth that's why i like it
It's a passion i was made for this
under that water it's only me
To me swimming is more than a sport
It's where i can let loose and be me

Military_Brat, 13

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Now that she's not here

Now that she's not here
You notice me
Now that he's not there
You notice me

But when I'm happy to see you
You don't notice me
But when I'm talkin to her
You don't notice me

I'm walkin' towards you in the hall way
My head dropped and feet draggin'
You notice me
I'm walkin towards you happy with a smile
No care in the world
You don't notice me

I go out of my way to say hi to you
Try to hear about your day
I notice you
So sometimes notice me
I don't bite just notice me
I always do the same

Tierra, 16

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Nobody understands, but you and me.
We were together since birth.
Through our time I have turned my back on you but you never me.
You were always there, ready to comfort or forgive.
This time it is different though.
I have turned too far.
I can see you on the sideline waiting to get into the game of my life.
But I will not let you.
I have to deal with it on my own still.
The hurt and pain is growing strong but I will deal.
I do not go to you but others, but they do not understand.
Only you understand for you know me inside and out.
You know my every thought, love, hurt and pain.
You see me struggling to survive my life.
You see me when I am crying, and you cry too.
You want to help me so badly but I will not let you.
I have to deal on my own for it is my problem.
I can see all this is hurting you as it is me.
You are waiting silently for me to say I need help.
But as we both know that will be awhile.
For I have come accustom of you on the sideline and me just surviving.

Twiggy, 15

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Never say I love you
if you really dont care
Never talk about feelings
If they really aren't there
Never hold my hand
If you are going to break my heart
Never say you are going to
If you don't plan to start
Never look into my eyes
If all you do is lie
Never say hello
If you really mean goodbye
If you really mean forever
Then say you'll try
Never say forever
Cause forever makes me cry

Netta Boo, 15

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step follows step

step follows step
hope follows courage
set your face towards danger
set your heart towards victory.

allyssa, 0

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J is for the Joy that I get when I see you.

O means My heart is open to you.

S is for the Sweet smile you have.

H is for How much I love you.


Kayla, 11

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Sometimes I hate myself,
I dont know why,
I want to get out of this misery,
But I cant seem to get by.

Now I feel as if I have a burden,
For I cant stop thinking
Thinking about you every single moment,
I cant help the way Im feeling.

Every minute, every second,
Your name resounds inside my head,
Consuming, confusing, haunting,
I cant often sleep well in bed.

Coz even before I slumber,
Your entire being collapses and flashes in my mind,
Making me a little uncomfortable,
I would, but I cant leave this precious though behind.

Hope Ill stop dreaming,
Fulfilling these fantasies inside myself,
But still, I really cant help it,
Youre so appealing to meeven if you dont say so yourself.

ASLF, 15

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I cant find words to say,
Words to make it real,
Yes, I think of you everyday,
But now do you know how I feel?

Im really clothed in discomfort,
I cant seem to manage myself,
A feeling I need not distort,
For I find it more difficult than love itself.

Do you know how hard it is to miss you?
Thats what Im feeling right now.
A torture I cannot undo,
If I can stop, please tell me how.

The trouble is, I really cant,
And youre so distant, so far to reach,
To utter these words to you Im reluctant,
Dreams sucking into me like a leech.

I miss you, miss you I do,
And I think you hardly notice,
You obviously have no clue,
But every night its you I try to reminisce.

Your lovely voice, your genuine face,
Your laugh, your smile, your entire being,
I long so much to have your embrace,
Its you I look forward seeing.

Hope you understand, Im so forlorn,
Melting in your sharp essence,
Without you Im so torn,
Emotions so intense.

ASLF, 15

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Standing still, wondering silently,
Cant seem to take him off my mind,
Starting to miss him, a never-ending longing
that exists between us,
how can I manage? how can I stop?
Hes consuming my every being, just as if poisoning my mind,
and controlling me, and as I get used to it,
the moment it ceases, I feel the need for him,
I crave him, his voice, his laughter,
his powerful presence,
wanting him, feeling him rush through my very nerve
hes distracting me from my sensitivity, from my
solemn interaction with the world
No, he has come over me, took hold of me,
never letting go, oh how could I unleash his power,
release this uncontrollable madness, tell me, tell me now,
for I cant take it anymore,
Im withdrawn into his mysterious universe,
And all thats left of me
are thoughts of him,
and my haunting admiration.

ASLF, 15

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10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You
I hate the way you look at me when I've done something wrong
I hate it when your mad at me and won't say what I've done
I hate the way you smile at me when your right and I'm wrong
I hate it when you can't accept I only want some fun
I hate the way you make me laugh so much I want 2 cry
I hate it when you tell me stuff that's really just a lie
I hate the way you reckon you are everyones mr wrong
I hate it when your near me
I hate it when your gone
And most of all I hate the way I don't hate you at all

Hannah, 14

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Blue ----

Blue ----
Sparkling blue
Lakes and rivers.
Pretty bright
blue sky.
Fast rushing
Singing shy
Blue birds

Jessica, 10

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its okay if you don't read this letter

its okay if you don't read this letter
its okay if you don't write me back
maybe that will make me better
you don't know how much i lack
yes i feel empty inside
as i am sure sometimes we all do
some people just let it slide
some people don't have a clue
so maybe you can can come help me
maybe you can make me understand
this feeling that stings like a bee
to the point that i can hardly stand
sometimes the tears come down
like rain coming from the sky
and i just can't stop my frown
but i don't know why
maybe i made you feel this way last year
now i know the feeling
now i know my biggest fear
and i want to scream it to the ceiling
will someone love me someday
i messed things up with you
my stupid mouth got in the way
even if you say its not true
so let me take a moment
of your precious time
to tell you thet these words are meant
see you've got me in a rhyme
and now days have gone by
since i held your hand so tight
and you didn't even make me shy
so i held with all my might
even your smile gets me in a craze
but you don't seem to care
that you have but me in a daze
this all seems so unfair
i wish things weren't the same
so i wouldn't need you so much
so you would believe my claim
so i could feel your hands touch
but this is how things are
i can't change the past
now that it has gone so far
and we couldn't even last
in this time i've had to think
have realized if you want me with you
since i haven't slept one wink
that i really do miss you

Emily, 0

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Just because he hates you

Just because he hates you
doesn't mean he hates other people!
You think that he hates you,
but he is actually really friendly.
His glittering blue eyes are glowing at you,
but you never look at him that way.
Instead, you people just listen to his words, which are meaningless, when compared to his eyes.
So look at a person's soul, not their outside!

e_angel, 13

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Sometimes I ponder

Sometimes I ponder
if life is but a dream
A world of wonder
only to be ripped at the seams

and what if death were life?
We were the ones w/ stealth
Sent on this glorious planet
to find our personal spice
and to learn to be our self

what if life were death?
you just laid in a tomb
we never had any health
you keep waiting for that boom
wanting to be opened
only to realize
you will never hear a word spoken

Debbi, 13

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What i want

What i want
what i want is to be in your arms
with all your love and all your charms.
I had you and lost you but you're back once more
just take my hand and together we'll soar
by the desert of hope and the ocean will lead.
You're just what i want, and just what i need.
To: devin
From: dawn

dawn, 14

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I'll love you forever

I'll love you forever
I'll love you for life
I love you more than ever at night
I also know you love me too
Coz baby you know you do...
You will always be in my heart
Even when we are apart
I miss you heaps all the time
And for that i know you'll always be mine
Love you always and for the rest of my life
Because with you i know we can get through strife.

Danei-Hayes, 15

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my friend and i we like this boy,

my friend and i we like this boy,
he acts and his singing is sure to bring joy,
but he's a little older,
so that's what i told her,
but we still cant keep our brains,
from wondering,

will he ever know me?
if so, will he show me?

i asked him out for her the other day,
when he passed my house in his normal way,
but he said no!
i turned to see she'd ran away!
well around the corner any way,
and she asked me,

will he ever know me?
if so, will he show me?

i kept this question to myself,

after all,
all our minds wonder at some time,

will he EVER know me?
if so, will he EVER show me?


in what way?

sassylassie, 10

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How I feel is a terrible sight.

How I feel is a terrible sight. My shoes go off and so do my tights. My stomach gets rumbly and so does my tongue. My body just shakes and my headache bakes. My eyes get watery and red and red
good thing it's almost time for me to go to bed.

shawnae, 12

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By: Michele

My dog's name is Baily, she is kind of an odd sort
She loves to play b-ball on the basketball court
The problem is she has four left feet
She is one dog that can't be beat!
~To my loveable dog Baily~

Michele, 11

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I love to play in the rain even though my mom said it's a pain
i come in all muddy, soggy and wet
my father goes to his car to get his fishing net
my mom yells OH-No she not a fish she's our little girl mich!

~i'm mich the fish~

michele, 11

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nobody cared when i cried,
so why should they now.
nobody cared when i sighed,
so why should they now.
nobody was there when i had my first kiss,
don't be here now.
nobody was there when i became sexually active,
yes you missed
you weren't there then, your work was never done.
you care now, cuz my life is now gone.

nakia, 14

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My teacher

My teacher
By: Gingerspice34

My teacher is very mean
Her face is small and she loves the color green
She smells worse then poop
She always is in a mind loop
I wish my teacher would give me a break
I will never give her a birthday cake
Sometimes I wish my teacher would just poof in mid air
She has the most evil stare
If you knew my teacher you would hate her too
I just want to say to her,"I HATE YOU!"
~To my MEAN 5th grade teacher~

gingerspice34, 11

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I miss you mom

I miss you mom
By: Helen

Dear Mom,

I am mad at you for doing a crime
You were more silent than a slow-moving mime
Your heart is still inside close to me
I hope they will set you free
Daddy has been very sad
No one in the family is glad
You are in jail, but I still love you
Daddy loves you too
We all miss your sweet hug
I still have your favorite coffee mug
I don't know when you will come home and see me
Please, COURT let my mommy free.....

Helen, 11

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our sister

our sister
BY michele and nicole

Our sister died in a car crash
We remember all those times we used to play MASH
you were our role model and you still are
But your heart lives inside us, beating the sound of a bouncing car
You helped us with homeowork every time we got home
We still remember your fatal death in Rome
We were on a family trip
Your hands on the wheel couldn't get a grip
We were in the back seat
When we saw your head hit the window, our hearts begain to beat
We will always miss you sis
And we will always have you in our hearts! We LOVE YOU Ginger! ~Your sisters, michele and nicole

michele and nicole, 10

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Memories left behind

Memories left behind
By: Eyrnn and Ginger

Dad we missed you when you were at war
When we heard you were killed, our hearts sank to the floor
Tears came every night
You died while you were in an Iraq fight
You taught us to be brave and to never give up
On Christmas you gave us a black tiny pup
See you in heaven, dear old dad
When we see you again we will be forever glad
All we have to say is, " We love you daddy"
~To our daddy who died in the war with Iraq, still going on now~

Erynn and Ginger, 11

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Baby Blues with mother too

Baby Blues with mother too
by michele

mom i miss you i cant stop thinking about you
when i saw your head go threw the window my heart was burned to pieces. Baby blue was with you and was killed too
i can still see you and baby blue with your soft faces and your loving memories we shared together
i still have a picture of you that i look at and pretend that your still here
dad misses you and i can hear him crying at night some times i come in with him and cry together and let our tears hit the ground
Mom I love you and i wish you were here singing my favorite song
All I have to say is that I love and baby blue FOREVER and you will be in my heart untill life goes on

loving you forever,

michele, 11

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loving memories

loving memories
by nicole and michele

We were at the mall when we heard the gunshot sound.
We saw you laying there dead on the ground
You leave behind many loving memories that will be with us forever more
We still write letters to you as a chore
We still remember that man who meant to shoot someone else, not you
When we saw that dredful death, Nicole was 7 and I was 2
What went through our minds was something we couldn't say
We still celebrate your birthday in May
Your heart will always live laying deep in our hearts
We still remember when Michele ate some puzzle parts
So, mom since your birthday was today, we thought we would write about you
Because you were the one who helped us when we got the flu
We love you mom, you were so great
You brought us food upon our plate
Okay mom, we need to go now
All we have to say is, "You were the best, you were strong and your favorite word was WOW!"

michele and nicole, 8

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Metting the right one

Meeting the right one

maybe god wants us to meet a few wrong people in life before meeting the right one
so when we finally meet the right person we will know how to be grateful for that gift
when the door of happiness closes another one opens but often times we look at the closed door and don't know which one has been open for us
kind of like a friend you can sit on the porch with and never say a word then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you ever had
it's true that we don't know what we have until we lose it but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives

michele, 11

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oh my! oh my!

oh my! oh my!
What a wonderful boy

Malfoy is his name
And he is perfectly tame

Oh my! What wonderful hair
Oh my gosh! He has no time to spare

At night he comes to me
To have some tea

We go outside together
In a wonderful weather

Jealous are my mates
Cuz we have many dates

I will have a wonderful life
If I were Malfoy's wife

malfoy's wife, 10

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When your smiling I am too

When youre smiling I am too
Everyone stares at you because you are you,
You shine like a very bright star in the night sky
You never stop smiling unless theres a tragedy
People love you and I love you more
When youre happy I am too
Everyone is happy with you when you are
You smile I smile you love me and I love you
When you smile you are great so please don't stop
When you do the world will drop
You are my DAD and I LOVE YOU
I hope you know this is true!

I wrote this for my dad to let him know how much I really do LOVE him.

Angelcutie, 15

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Heart Ache

Heart Ache

So many things that made my heart ache today.
So many things...too hard to say.
I cannot write these things down
But I just have to say
So many things today
Made my heart ache today
Too hard to write, too hard to say
I just have to tell, as on my mind it preys
So many things made my heart ache today
So hard to say
Too hard to say
So in my heart they'll stay.

Lou, 14

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*Jaime why do you do this to me?
*Why do u lie, and tell everyone you feeling me?
*Why do I keep thinking that all you deserve is to die?
*Why do you want to play with me?
*Why do you think you deserve better than me?
*Jaime got a Lupe but you still telling me that you need me
*What's your problem why do you think that I'm believing all you telling me
*I am not a toy so back of and get over me
*Why am I writing this if I know for sure that you don't deserve me
*So get away and go spend some time with your stupid bitch
*And by the way stop telling everyone you feeling me
*Get on with your life Jaime and leave me behind*
~The one and only but never lonely Jenny~

Jenny, 16

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How can she do this

How can she do this?
Right now in my life
This guy I love
And I wanna be his wife
He's the only guy I like
Ever since then
Even when he'd be acting like a dyke
You stole him away
Just when he started to like me
I hate you
So just let me be
This guy I think no more wants to be with me
He may have never even liked me for who I am
Even starting with my body, my face, my eyes
So now when he starts to like me, you take him away, it makes me cry
I thought you were my friend
So now this friendship bends
He asked me to ask you " would you go out wit me?"
Now this guy has taken my heart
And I can't tell love from hate apart
But I had to do it
Cause I like him so much
I asked him "Why do you like her?"
He said "Everything, the way she may dress"
This girls name is Jess
And Im going to ask you a question, the guy I shall not name. Don't you like the way I dress?

Bryanna, 12

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No difference

Small as a peanut,
Big as a giant,
We're all the same size,
When we turn off the light.

Rich as a sultan,
Poor as a mite,
We're all worth the same,
When we turn off the light.

Red, black, or orange,
Yellow or white,
We all look the same,
When we turn off the light.

So maybe the way,
To make everything right,
Is for God to just reach out,
And turn off the light!

Unknown, 10

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You wonder why

You wonder why
am I trembling?
Why am I
sweating like
I never sweat before?
Everytime you pass
by me
I feel like a
butterfly floating.
Nothing comes in bewteen
me and you.
The only thing is
when are you going
to see me.

, 13

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Why do people stop and stare?

Why do people stop and stare?
Then pretend that they don't care...
About me...
How come people make fun
Of everyone...
Who isn't like them? Such as me!

I have news for you, sister
Mean-ness is like a tornado... a twister
Tearing people's hearts and self-esteem
So before you go and be so cruel
Remember that nastiness isn't cool
And nobody likes a girl who's really MEAN!!!

MaidMarian, 12

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There you go

There you go
There you go once more talking about yourself
There you go once more caring for yourself
I thought we was surposed to be together on this
But there you go, out with your friends
all time of the night
Boy I thought we were tight
But here I go again, when I should up and leave
There you go....

Janeika, 21

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Hurt, burned

Hurt, burned
Unaware of life
The life ahead
It goes the way it goes
And no one knows it
Don't plan
Let it come
Use what you have
And let life live you

slyer56, 13

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God sent you to me because he knows you and I were meant to be.
He knows you're the one I'd shed tears for, he knows you're the one I had oh, so longed for
He knows our lips were for the other,
and that our heart would never love no other
He knows the way my hand fits yours while we stare in each others eyes and the love between us grows.
God made us love for we're meant to be forever baby you and me.

dedicated to my boyfriend
I Love You Baby!!

Cynthia , 14

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The End

The End

I soar on wings of broken dreams,
And heed the facts as mere warnings,
And hurt the ones who love me most,
Then wonder why I can't get close.

I see the beauty in your eyes,
And silently I wonder why,
We can't get closer than we are,
Why gradually we drift apart.

I loved you more than words could say,
And could not go a single day,
Without the beauty of your voice,
Echoing with words of choice.

I longed to have you here with me,
To have you near, so you could see,
How much I loved, how much I cared,
How love that deep was truly rare.

How much I longed for happiness,
Compared to mine, yours was less,
And even though I was worthless,
My love for you I did confess.

The world around, comes crashing down,
I cannot reach; I'm tied and bound,
And if you loved me, you would care,
And rescue me from this despair,

And save me from my mind's worst fears,
And dam the river of my tears,
And make some effort just to help,
Before I snap and hurt myself.

Before I snap, and hurt the ones,
Who loved me first, and not for fun,
Who love me when, I'm sick and ill,
And though I hurt them, love me still.

And though I always screw things up,
They'll always come to lift me up,
They'll always love me, and they'll care,
When life is rough and is not fair.

When guys like you, take my heart,
And rip and smash and tear it apart,
And walk me through, a living hell,
Where nothing's good, and nothing's well.

Where I remind, myself how bad,
That things can get, when I am sad,
I always seem, to end up hurt,
And then somehow, end up a jerk.

I don't see how, that could be true,
When all I wanted, was for you,
To tell me that, you loved me too,
So I know what I must do.

I am breaking up with you,
And breaking my whole life in two,
And even though I don't want to,
It is something that I must do.

Don't come around, and please don't call,
Don't even bother me at all,
Don't tell me that you're sad today,
You were going to anyway.

NaeNae, 12

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To Freddy from Jenny

To Freddy from Jenny
Freddy I can't believe you like me
I can't believe I like you too
You just had a crush on Jackie and all of the sudden you like me
But I don't care you came at the right moment to lift me up when I was feeling hopeless
I like you and I can't wait to see you
Freddy I am going crazy just thinking about you lately
I lose sleep just to daydream about you baby
I finally realized that you are my true love
I hade a lot of time to think and you all I seam to get thinking of and now I know I need You each and every day I can't live without you so don't run away
Freddy I like you a lot so don't do me wrong like those other guys.
By your one and only Jenny.

Jen Jen, 16

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I want real spring

I want real spring

Why isn't the sun shining?
Why is the sky grey?
Why is it so cold in side here,
And of course outside there?

I want to go to the beach,
I want to swim in the sea.
I don't want to feel the wind,
Going so fast through me.

God, please make the rain stop,
God, please make the sun shine.
God, please make the sky blue,
And smile lithuanians each day.

Evelina, 12

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I remember

I remember
I remember the day,
I remember the place,
I remember the thrill as we stood.
Face to Face
I remember your lips as moist as the dew,
I remember as clear as it can be
but, I can't remember Did you close your eyes too?

, 0

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I loved you for many years,
you were my friend, but it came to tears,
now i know YOU'RE NOT WORTH IT!
Now i've seen you act,
i love somone else now,
but whenever i see you i have a tingle,
you still have a place in my heart,
tiny tiny tiny peace.
But i still love you in many ways,
why did i waste all those days?
This poem probably isn't good,
and doesn't rhyme,
but hey who cares?
i can express my true feelings to the world,
without that place in my heart being LOCKED.
I still love you craig.

harriet, 12

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~My Grandpa~

~My Grandpa~
my grandpa's name is Jim
Even though he's gone,
I still love him
He's the guy i hardly saw
the one i wish i would have called
before he took his last breath
he should have known he was the best
Although he isn't here today
We will meet again someday
~i love you, and miss you grandpa~
love always, jessica g

Jessica G, 13

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You are my inspiration
You are my soul
You fill my life with joy with you here I am whole
My dreams never could have foreseen this state of love and pure bliss
I have to thank you for each passing day for you make me complete in every way
Your thoughtful gaze
Your sweet kiss and loving embrace
All the things you do
You are my love and everything to me....

This poem is dedicated to Antony

Miss Kitty, 16

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Oh how can I tell you

Oh how can I tell you?

Oh how can I tell you?
That you are the one, I always knew.
I fell in love with you from the start,
When Cupid aimed he sure pierced my heart.
When I try to confess, I lose the words
I wonder if you would think I were a nerd
I don't want rejection, despair or pain
I don't want you to think I am crazy or insane
Please tell me that you love me too
Because no mater what your answer is I will always love you.

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty, 16

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A good friend is somene you can trust. Someone that will always help you out of a bust.
A good friend never tells you that you look bad.
But doesn't lie and make you feel sad.
A good friend doesn't force you to do something you don't want to. Who won't desert because other kids don't think your cool.
A good friend won't say she's your friend then leave you for someone else. Who won't forget about you when you really need help.
A good friend will show you your way around the bend. Who will always stay with you and care about you till' the end.

cute_miss12, 11

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Heart filled
Lonely days have come
And settled in my heart
Lonely nights behind it
Theyre always together but never apart
Sad emotions come along
To join the heart that cries
Tears followed that
Someone had said their goodbyes
A heart filled with sadness
And empty with love
A mind filled with thoughts
Just to look above
Eyes filled with tears
With no look of tomorrow
A body thats weak
That feels the sorrow
But don't be down
There will be better days
Dont think about yesterday
Think about today.

Nella, 19

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Why is the sky blue?
Why is the grass green?
What should I do?
Why are people so mean?

I want to know why.
Iwant to know how.
I want to know all.
I want to know now.

Savvy&Ali, 10

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The stars are twinkling in the midnight sky
Making faces, shapes and strange lines
Some people wish upon them and
Some people stare at them
Staring at they're beauty

Rachel, 10

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My First Love

My First Love

It was so clear that we were in love.
My eyes would glow like the light up above.
Just the thought of you would make me smile.
All because You were my first love.

I would day dream of you all through the day
Kids would ask "are you ok?'
I would give no reply because I was thinking
of the first time you said 'hi'
All because you were my first love.

Just the thought of you would make me giggle.
I would get so happy until I would just squiggle.
My love for you would glow all day
I would fail a class and think it was ok
All because you were my first love.

I would call your house and hear no reply
All I had to do was to ask myself why?
My love would begin to sink in the sand
I could no longer tell my friends about my man.

Was this the way a first love should be?
Why is all this happening to me?
I find myself so crushed and hurt.
walking around feeling like dirt.

Finally you call "Can we meet?"
I gladly said yes hoping to grab a bite to eat.
But what you had to tell me didn't sweep me off
my feet.

My bestfriend was the reason I didn't get any calls
This is the part where my broken heart falls.

All I could do is sit and cry.
I didn't even bother to ask her why.
I was too hurt to say anything,
My boyfriend and friend just had a fling

Even though you cheated with one dearly loved.
I won't pull out my black suits or even get my gloves.

I'll just take this in as a lesson learned.
My boyfriend and my friend, no points here earned.

As long as I live I'll never give my bestfriend the priviledge to meet my man.

This is what I got for not listening to my mom.
My first love was ruined with a man named Tom.
My eyes don't glow like the light from above
It was taken away all because you were my first love.

babs, 17

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Frozen lakes and rivers
Frost lies on the ground
Seems to last forever
The twingly, icy sound.

The little robin sits
Whistling in the snow
Children wear hats and mits
Where did summer go?

Always seems to be dark
Clouds hang overhead
Walking home from the park
Thinking of my bed!!!

Amy, 13

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I see his eyes

Oh my gosh I see his eyes
Almost blue as the skies
I see him turn and I look away
Why can't my body just stay?
What does he think of me now?
Am I not cool, how?
He starts walking up to me
And I all of a sudden, it can't be
I can't breath I can't feel my heart
I just can't stay apart
I start to cry
And wipe my eye
And I run away from him forever
Do I want to see him again?
And that's why I have my friends

Banana, 12

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Is my life REALLY perfect?

Is my life REALLY perfect?

i've got friends
i've got grades
it would seem my day is made
i've got looks
i've got talent
and when i'm with friends im never silent
you could say my life was perfect
that's b/c you haven't looked past to the imperfect
i've got troubles
i've got worries
it's like my life is in a hurry
i've got family leaving left and right
with not a look left in sight
tears r coming when i remember my dog
and i wish she wasn't gone
im thinking of my aunt who is leaving
now my tears are what you're seeing
i beg and pray for her to stay
but i guess she's washing away
there are boys that i do like
and when i'm near my face gets bright
my friends r there to comfort me
especially when i'm in misery
and when those gray clouds r looking down
i just simply try not to frown
when mournful memories come around
i just think of my friends around
thinking of cute boys and trips to the mall
really gets me wondering; do i have it all?

, 13

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* Don't play with me *

* Don't play with me *
Don't play with me
Your waisting your time
Don't play with me
It's hurting inside
Don't play with me
Stop telling me lies
Don't play with me
You're making me cry
Don't play with me
You might get me sick
Don't play with me
I'm tired of taking medicine
to cure the wound you left me with
To Jaime & Freddy From Jenny

Jenny, 16

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"Lost you"

"Lost you"
i washed up on the shore,
as i've done once before,
this time was so different,
although its so vivd,
i forget sometimes why i was there,
lost i couldn't find my way,
through the missing valleys,
by the side of so many distant flowers,
with grass as a jealous green,
i search as though i'll find something i've lost,
but there's nothing i notice too well,
i blame myself for losing you,
and can't think of a time i'd lose you,
something with so much value,
never to be found again.

Monkey, 16

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Snuggs is cute and usually mute.
She never talks back but Ill never give her a smack.
She means the world to me, but youll never see.
You make fun of me but you cant see that she means so much to me.
If you were a real friend you would never call her names or dog on me.
Like I said before you will never understand that Snuggs is a part of me and if you dont like her, you dont like me.

Snuggs Lover, 12

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The Fairy Key

Down the path and to the right; beyond the trees and candle light
The scent of lavender brushes my face; to the giant oak I race
In the roots I find the key; I sense the outlying waiting for me
Freely I let my diamond tears flow; my goals been reached and I can go
Leaving my captive, Ill be alone; from my chest an awful moan
May my desires never cease; my alien spirits turned abeast
I use the key and open the gate; for eternity their white faces will wait
Their screaming shadows tear through the night; beyond the trees and candle light.

Alyssa, 13

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A song about me and my friends!

Well, the weather outside is raining
And the fire inside's for Amy
And I can't be bothered to shift
Give us a lift, give us a lift, give us a lift.

Well, the weather is getting warmer
And the juice is all for Shaunna
And she really doesn't want to shift
She's gettin' a kiss, gettin' a kiss, gettin' a kiss.

The ground is getting specky
And its ready for Becky
She likes pizza and chips
Give her a dish, give her a dish, give her a dish.

Well, the weather is gettin' spazzy
And Sarah is getting married
But shes just having a dream
About chocolate, sweets, and ice cream!

Amy and Shaunna, 13

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A mother to many

A mother to many is how I'll remember you. Through thick and through thin you always stood true. Untamed affection always poured from your heart Grandmother B. You've done more than your part Grandma you'll surely be missed but God wants his Little "Angels" to be within Heavens' bliss
So many were loved by your firm yet soft hand now go and be rewarded in Gods' promised land.

Courtney, 16

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Have you ever wondered which hurts the most?

Have you ever wondered which hurts the most?
Saying something and wishing you hadn't, or
Saying nothing and wishing you had?
I guess the most important things are the hardest things to say.
Don't be afraid to tell someone you love them.
If you do, they might break your heart, if you dont, you might break theirs.
Have u ever decided not 2 become a couple because you were so afraid of losing what you already had with that person?
Your heart decides whom it likes and whom it doesnt.
You can't tell your heart what to do. It does it on its own.
When you least suspect it, or even when you don't want it to.
Have you ever wanted to love someone with everything you had, but that other person was too afraid to let you?
Too many of us stay walled up because we are too afraid to care too much for fear that the other person does not care as much, or even at all.
Have you ever denied your feelings for someone because your fear of rejection was too hard to handle?
We tell lies when we are afraid, afraid of what we don't know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be.
But every time we tell a lie, the thing we fear grows stronger.
Life is all about risks and it requires you to jump.
Don't be a person who has to look back and wonder what they would have done, or could have had.

*What would you do if every time you fell in love you had to say good-bye?
*What would you do if every time you wanted someone they would never be there?
*What would you do if your best friend died tomorrow and you never got to
tell them how you felt? (even if it is that you don't care anymore)
*What would you do if you loved someone more than ever and you couldn't
have them?
*What would you do if you never got the chance to say I am
friends with all of my family and they know I love them?
* People live, but people die. And I want to tell you that you are a friend. If you died
tomorrow (God Forbid), you would be in my heart. Would I be in yours?

If you care about me as much as I care about you, you will send this back
You might be best friends one year, pretty good friends the next year, don't
talk that often the next, and don't want to talk at all the year after that.
So, I just wanted to say, even if I never talk to you again in my life, you
are special to me and you have made a difference in my life.
I look up to you, respect you, and truly cherish you.
Send this to all your friends, no matter how often you talk, or how close you are, and send it to the person who sent it to you.
Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them, and tell new friends you never will. Remember, everyone needs a friend, someday you might feel like you have NO FRIENDS at all, just remember this e-mail and take comfort in knowing somebody out there cares about you and always will..
Send this to all the friends that you have...all the friends that you've lost...and to all the friends you've lost touch with...just to let them know that you care...send this back to the person who sent it to you if you consider them a friend as well.
" Love is giving someone the power to hurt you and trusting that they wont!

Cassie, 13

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Love is...

Love is...
Love is what makes you cry...
Love is what makes you laugh...
Love is what makes you hate...
Love is what makes you love...
Love is what makes you mad...
Love is what makes you sad...
But most is all Love is what your glad you have!
ADVICE: If there was no love in this world then what would you have? Without love there would be nothing!

Brandy L., 13

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Why? Why dont you ever call? Why dont you ever say, I love you? Why do you always ignore me? Why do you never say hello? Why cant I get over you? Why is my heart aching for you? What so I do to stop it or at least make my wish come true? Why? One word that will never be answered is WHY WHY WHY!!

Notice: This letter is appointed to Dylan L.

Brandy L., 13

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All I wanted...

All I wanted was for you to love me. All I wanted was for you to talk to me. All I wanted was to know you. To know you like a brother is what I wanted. All I wanted was to be your friend. No more than a friend. All I wanted was to talk to you and know you and love and like you. Would you love me? Would you like me? Would you ever talk to me? No! You never talked to me or loved me. You didnt care how I felt. You ignored me. But my life will go on not yours. Without me you are an incomplete person. Get to know me and I will help you because I love you.

Brandy, 13

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I waited there...


I waited there
Upon the shelf
I reached for you
I found myself
But when I tried
To call your name
You vanish there
With out a care
I tried to shout
To make you turn
But you were gone
Out of my sight
When I think that
My heart would break
I thought of you
And you appeared
But still I miss
The warmth in you
Along with the smile
You gave to me too
And still I waited
Forever forever
Until the day I win you heart.

Mimi Lee, 10

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The moon outside my window.

When the moon is outside my window.
And the stars are shining bright.
I think of what you're feeling,
And where you are tonight.
What I want is you to be with me.
So I can share the sky with you.
I wonder if you need me.
nd if you're watching too!

Milly loves Dandypants, 13

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You were there to brighten my day Now God has taken you so far away. Your laughter, your smile, your shining eyes, you are home to stay, I realize Ill miss you with all my heart but we are not really so far apart. The memories of what we had make me sad make me sad someday, Dad, I again will see your smiling face standing next to me. But dad I love you with all my heart and that I miss you more and more everyday and I was just thinking of you a lot and I wish that I can be where you are at. I was just thinking of you and that you are always on my mind, that you are my number one dad, and that no one can no take your place.

Eric , 14

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Bacon n' Eggs

Bacon is bacon
Eggs is eggs
Don't let the boys
Get between your legs

Pookey, 16

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What is Love?

What is Love?
What is love and what is it suppose to be?
Where does it come from and how does it come to me?
What are boys and what do they do?
What is true love, and how is it true?
Well whatever it is, I'm glad it's in you!!!
I Love you BOO!!

Nina, 12

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A thought for the day...

A thought for the day...

If God is supposed to be,
The ruler of the universe,
Loving and kind

Then why are religions
Intolerant and blind?

Gabriella, 15

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Thoughts from the Depths of the Mind...

Thoughts from the Depths of the Mind...
He thought he wanted glory,
But he really wanted fame.
He thought he wanted fortune,
But he really wanted a name.
He thought he wanted a lover,
But he really wanted a friend.
He thought he wanted a future,
But he really wanted an end.

Hermione, 15

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You're never around when I need you...

You were never around when I needed you. You laughed when I cried. We are two totally different people. When I was hurt you were not. When I cared you didnt. When I frowned, you smiled. Why do I still love you?
NOTICE: This poem has been about my life so dont burn it please!

Brandy L., 13

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My Field

My Field
I just found out that it was gone
And it broke
I've played there forever and now it's gone
And it broke
When I was sad or mad or glad it was there
And this broke
Now I hope you are happy you took this away
'Cuz it broke
And now more houses crowd where I played
And it breaks

Gia, 11

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Rejection, My Worst Nightmare

The man of my dreams is right there next to me
I've been trying to show that I like him
But I guess he doesn't notice it
After one year he finally found out
And acted like it was something not to care about
Now here I am stuck up with tears
Experiencing my greatest fear
He doesn't care
I guess he rejected me...
Rejection, my worst nightmare

Hikkikari, 13

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The Pretty Girl

The Pretty Girl
She was always such a pretty girl, but no one ever noticed. She was always left out and picked last. So the only way she could cope was to pick up a bit of broken glass. Her family and friends never new what was the matter so they tried to comfort her so she would feel better. She was lying in hospital feeling cold and alone never knowing if she still had a home. When she got home her dad raised his fist I should just stop and say he did not miss.
From Katie

$exyflirt, 14

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I knew when we first met, I was in love with you.
I knew we were meant to be, but you had to be a shrew,
Yeah Jess has a good smile J, but I can have one too!
You played me for a fool.
Made all the kids laugh at school.
But I still love you tons,
And always will hunny-bunz!

~*d@r{!*~, 13

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Hoping that he's Mr. Right,
In the moon and daylight.
Thinking 'bout him day and night,
'Til the stroke of midnight.
Please excuse me if I say,
"He's the greatest of today".
I wont pronounce his name,
'Case he might be too ashamed.

Marina, 9

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I Don't Know Why

I don't know why I can't forget you
I don't know why I can't stop loving you
I don't know why your stuck in my heart
I don't know why I still love you...

Nell, 12

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*You think you have lost me*

*You think you have lost me*
*But think again*
*The girl that is with you now may look different*
*May have a different name*
*But, baby, look closer deep down*
*The girl you are dating*
*Playing me with*
*Is really me*
*What you don't get*
*Is that you cannot turn away*
*Even if I have to get my name changed*
*You will always be stuck with me*

Annonymous, 13

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I saw you.

I saw you and I fell in love,
The days passed and we were together.
We loved each other more and more everyway,
Then you left and said you will always love me no matter.
But now I love you more than ever,
I love you

Johanna, 13

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For Our Sister

For Our Sister

You were our shining light,
A role model forever adored.
Someone to turn to and to hold,
A truly special friend
Now that you're not here, sister, we miss you everyday.
But we know that in our hearts, our special sister you'll always stay.

~~~*This poem is to our sister, Lil, who died age 14. We miss you, love Maddie, Alecks and Florence*~~~

The Brooks Family, 11

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But Mom...

It was just a party mom; I wasnt the one to drink
They were just kids mom, that surely didnt think.
I was just driving mom, you know I am that way
But the other kids mom, they could only drive at day.
They didnt know mom that just one drink could kill.
It wasnt my fault mom; it was Gods will.
But as I lie here, mom, I cant help but wonder.
What did I do wrong, mom, what went asunder?

So I reached for the stars, but that didnt matter
Because one drunken person, my life could shatter
And while I lay here, my body on the ground
My soul in the sky. I pray to you God.
Please dont let me die.

For when I am dead,
Lay to rest my head
Dont cry tonight.
Please dont cry.

Innersoulartist, 0

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Never say...

Never say I love you if you really dont care
Never talk about feeling if they really aren't there.
Never hold my hand if you're gong to break my heart.
Never look into my eyes if your entire going to do is lie.
Never say hello if you really mean good bye if you really mean forever then say you will try.
Never say forever cause fro ever makes me ~CRY~

Miryam, 15

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Oh how can I tell her?

Oh how can I tell her how I really feel?
I have loved her for ages so I know its real!
Every time I see her, my heart beats fast
I really wanna be in her science class!
She is so great she is so fine
I really want to make her mine
So what shes a teacher so what shes a friend!
I love her so much it will never end!
How come it always happens to me?
The sleepless night and stupid fights
So help me God to win this girl
Please make her mine slip away out of this world!!

Love and kisses for her!!!

Loved up gurl, 0

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When I reach my hand...

When I reach my hand
it goes right through yours.
When I reach my hand
you seem like a ghost.
When I reach my hand
it goes right through yours.
And I try to stand
but the earth goes round.

Epp, 17

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Have you ever felt?

Have you ever felt
That someone's touched your soul,
Changed your life,
Made you whole?

Have you ever thought
You've seen an angel,
Met perfection,
Seen your true love's heart?

Have you ever loved,
Known someone who cares,
Can they feel the affection
That you two share?

Amy, 12

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All About You

The stars are brighter, the moon is lighter
Your eyes are still on me and so are mine.
My lips are close to yours and my heart is sure that I love you.
Dont ever say goodbye or Ill die.

Cindy, 12

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Thinking About You

Thinking about you night and day.
Never want to let you out of my mind.
Thinking about each second of my life.
Smiling as the thought of you as time goes by.
Thinking of you and me together joy fills my heart b/c we love each other.
Thinking of our bright future walking side by side ~FOREVER~

Miryam, 15

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My Love for You...

My love is what you are and I for some reason cannot take my mind off of you. You are all I think about no matter what anyone says. You think that I dont think of you, but youre the fool because I do. I really dont understand you sometimes but that is life. And I am glad I am with you and nobody else. This is why you are my love.

MyLUV, 15

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Kissings a sin
Sex is a shame
Boys get all the fun
Girls get all the blame
One night of pleasure for 9 months of pain
3 days in the hospital with a baby to name
Boys say the love u
Boys say you're fine
But when u say, "Im pregnant"
They say, "It's not mine"

Amy, 14

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Teachers we hate!

Oh Mr. Guthrie we hate you so much
And Mrs. Parkhouse we hate your guts
You look like a cow and act like a dog
Your evil red eyes beam through the fog

Oh Mrs. Scott you resemble a bull
Mrs. Blair you think that your cool
Mrs. Quinn has given us too many scars
Miss Miller has a big ballon arse!!!

Then Mrs. Wright who's got saggy tits
Mrs. Basset you've scared us to bits
Theres Mrs. Murry who just cant sing
Mrs. Herron you are such a ming

Mr. McCarthy your eyebrows are huge
Mr. McLain you drink too much booze
Miss Brown your anorexic and tall
Miss O'Neil you think you know it all!!

Amy and Shaunna, 13

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Swiftly gliding through the air
Twirling and leaping everywhere
Right on the ends of her toes
Dancing and dancing wherever she goes

Rachel W. P., 10

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Animals I Love

Cuddly Kittens
Pretty Puppies
Honey Horses
Cute Cubs
Tiny Tigers
Loveable Lions
Dreamy Dolphins
Moaning Monkeys
These are the animals that I love

Rachel W. P., 10

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My Love For You

My love for you it is so strong,
When I hear your voice its as if a song,
Which makes my love for you stay strong,
It's the one thing in my life that I know can't be wrong.

The way you let your love just flow,
Right through my heart you let it go,
To you my love I can't say no,
All I can do is take my time to show,
That my love for you shall always grow.

Dawn, 14

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We Wish U Were Here

We wish u were here
Here right now
We wish we could still hear
Your voice go, Wow
We would come to you if we found away
But at the mo were trying not to remember that day
I wish u could tell us that story
You know the one, the one about Rory
I wish u were here to tuck me in bed
Or drill out a pencil bringing out the led
Now all that left of you is your spirit up there
I look in the sky u look ill and wear
So lets say I wish you were here

Big_babe, 13

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I Had To Let You Know

Love is a feeling that can't be explained,
it affects you in ways
you never thought possible.

Your mind your heart and soul,
all have one desire-
to be with the one you love.

You can't help but think about
your love-and whether or not
they feel the same.

You love them so,
but do they know,
And if they do would they say no?
Would they?
Would they?

You cannot sleep,
for your mind is clouded,
with hope and dreams
of some day being one.

You can't take the pain
and mystery any longer.
So you sum up the
courage to approach
your love. With sparkles
in your eyes, a radiant smile
bright enough to light up the sky,
and with your sweetest
voice you ask...

Do you love me?

Dawn, 14

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Mummy when Im older I want to be just like you,
Brown hair and green eyes.
Youre beautiful mummy,
I cant wait to grow up and be just like you.

Mummy why is it getting dark?
Ow something sharp has cut me.
Im bleedingMummy please stop the pain,
I feel sickOw it has cut me again
I cant see.......
Mummy why did you kill me?

Kirsty , 13

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Morning Sky

There goes a jet across the morning sky
At 7:37 I can hear the birds cry
While one leaf floats softly while it falls to the ground
I can see the bare trees all around
A big flock of birds go across the sky
And the wonderful birds are free to fly
I see the birds now but they're further away
And I see two squirrels that like to play
There goes another jet across the sky
It's over cornfield thats blank and dry
I can see the sunrise in the beautiful sky
There are some more birds that like to fly
I can see the sun behind some trees
And now the wind just started to cease

IWishIWasWithJT, 11

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I Love You

I love you and I know it, but if only I could show it
I take my time to get on track with you and all the special things you do,
I think youre great, much more than a mate,
The only one I care for but can I really ask for more?
I dont know if you feel the same, I greave I pine I go insane,
But if only I knew how you feel, or if we were fake or were real,
But someday I'll know and someday it'll show,
That you'll be mine when our loves grows and grows.

Babz, 14

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I see you there

I see you there
In my mind
Your bright smile
Laughing at my jokes
The background
Your house
Looking at me
Seeing me
Only me.

Luna, 13

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Indian Hunter

Thus perchance Indian hunter many a lagging year agone
Gliding o' er thy rippling waters lowly hummed a natural song.
Now the sun is behind the willow's now, he gleams along the waves;
Faintly o 'er the wearied billow's, come the spirits of the braves.
Written by Mr. David Thoreau.

Rily, 9

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My love for you can not be explained.

My love for you cannot be explained
The chemistry we have also causes pain
Im worried about how our relationship may go
I want to sing to you a few words before I roll
Never hold my hand if your going to break my heart
Never say your going to if you dont plan to start
Never look into my eyes if all you do is lie
Never say hello if you really mean goodbye
Never say your going to if you dont plan to start
If you really mean forever than say you will try
Never say forever cause forever makes me cry

Shanee, 13

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A Love I know I Can't Have

The way you make me feel is like the ocean beneath the stars
The way you look at me is a mystery
Cuz I dont know how u feel or who you are
Do see my soul
Or maybe me heart
Or just maybe you didnt see anything from the start
Maybe IM hallucinating yeah thats it
Cuz you couldnt possibly like me a tenth grade girl who loved your best friend.
Im only 16 you graduate less then a mouth the odds are against me 10,000 to 1.
Youre good looking
Youre sexy
I can see myself with you
But could I possibly love you the way I loved him to
Well theres only one way to find out
But the question is will you say it
Will you say those 5 words Ive been waiting so long to hear will you be my girlfriend And you know I will
I promise to be faithful and to be honest with you
And maybe down the road I would fall for u
But like I said 10,000 to 1, so Ill keep staring and youll keep looking and well call it done.

SweetS, 16

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I am writing this poem for u.

I am writing this poem with a pen
We started out as friends
Sometimes I wish that we were more
Your smile so I do adore
I told you my feelings
But u told me to deal
Because u already had asked out a girl
Later on when you gave her a pearl
I got so jealous
Now I get support from my fellas
But we are still friends don't get me wrong
Oh forever we say we will be friends
Sometimes I wish we were more

Cassie, 13

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I got your back you got mine. I'll help you out anytime to see you hurt to see you cry, makes me weep, and wanna die. And if you agree to never fight, it wouldnt matter who's wrong or right. If a broken heart needs a mend I'll be there till the end. If your cheeks are wet from tears, don't worry let go of your fears. Hand in hand love is sent well be friends till the end.

Lupita, 13

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I Can Shine

I can shine
My personality is all mine
I am filled with originality
I can show of my individuality
I can shine
From my heart, to my spirit, to my soul
I have everything under control!

Speak Out Without a Doubt, 13

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I love your eyes
I love your hair
I even love what u wear
If I could be with anyone in the world I would choose to be with U!!
So read this poem and say u love me too!!!
Phillip I love u so much it really sucks you'll never feel the same way!!

Kayla, 13

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Sometimes I feel down.

Sometimes I feel down
Like everyone around
Just stares
They dont care
How I feel
They don't know what I see
Though sometimes I wish they could
To see what they would
Do if they were me
They think that life is so easy
But they dont see
What it's like for people like me

Molly, 13

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To: Jeremy (Fuzzy Peach)

His name is Jeremy but my friends and I nicknamed him Fuzzy Peach. This is the poem I wrote him, but am to afraid to show him:

On this night I think of you,
Which is something I always do.

Words cannot describe my love for thee,
Nor the words of hate you give me.

You play me like a video game,
Things can never be the same.

On one night you will show your love,
The next you will give me a shove.

My friends make fun of the way you look,
But with just one, look my heart you took.

I take your hurtful words with pride,
I just wish you would be by my side.

When the nights are cold, I get a chill.
You are never there to make me still.

You will only take me as a friend,
And to my wounds I must tend.

Even though you don't know I love you!

Dragon, 13

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One Night

One night I woke up
I woke up to screaming
And new something was wrong
I went to see my mum
To ask her what was going on
She was crying and I couldn't see why
But now I know it was her eye
Her arm was bruised
But I couldn't see then
But now every thing is clear
That was definitely the worst year
Of my whole life
But I was too young to realize
What was going on
And thought everything was fine
But oh how wrong I was
I didnt realize
What was going on
I was too young
Things have changed now
Everything went right
Ever since HE left
That cold and happy night

Molly, 13

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The sky...

The sky is weighted by creamy blackness
As the yellow moon of wolves sings past a veil of misty fog.
Watch star is your eyes caressing my skin with their light.
My soul pines for your unwanted touch.
Cells pound screaming in my mind that you are he;
He who's name the wind whispers with butterfly lips in my ear.
You are the wind, currents surge and float across the globe,
Stinging my eyes and lips in winter;
Gently tossing my hair to the side while kissing my neck.
Skin of creamy calor, satin to the touch.
Your hair is the color of midnight earth highlighted by the moonbeams.
Passionate fires of molten emeralds and topaz burn in your eyes.
You are the forbidden fruit, smooth and welcoming.
Yet if I taste your sweet flavor my eyes will open to nothing.
Fruit is the food of seduction and love.
Surround me in your arms, kiss the tears away.
Gaze into my eyes, blurred by the salty excretions.
My soul pines for your unwanted touch.

Jean, 17

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A is for answer like why didnt u answer me when I asked, Do u still love me?
N is for nice like when u treated me so kindly.
G is for giving like when u gave me that rose of love.
E is for excited when I was excited to be your g/f.
L is for love something u once had for me but now lost

And angel baby, it hurts me so to think of u after all u put me through I still love u.

Kimberlina, 15

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Some glory in their birth, some in their skill,
Some in their wealth, some in their bodys force;
Some in their garments though new-fangled ill;
Some in their hawks and hounds, some in their horse;
And every humor hath his adjunct pleasure,
Wherein it finds a joy above the rest;
But these particulars are not my measure,
All these I better in on general best.
Thy love is better than high birth to me,
Richer than wealth, prouder than garments` cost,
Of more delight than hawks and horses be;
And having thee, of all mens pride I boast,
Wretched in these alone, that thou mayst take
All this away, and me most wretched make.

Kleo, 13

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To my best mates...

To: Em, Amy, Emma and Hannah (my best mates)

If u ever see a falling star make a wish, 4 it may come true coz last time I did, I found friends like YOU!

Chillin* chik* , 11

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My love my life my dreams!

My love my life my dreams
My love is my life and my dreams
I can't explain the way he makes me feel inside
He is my man my boo my lover and friend
Nobody understands what we have going on
All I can say is that I love him with all my mind body and soul.

Ashley, 16

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We're sweet!

Were sweet, not sour.
We hang on trees for hours.
When people come along, we sing a little song.
We saw our brothers get ate up by a boy name cuck.
We share a special trend between our juicy flush and flimsy skin.
We wont be beaten; we were made to be eaten.

Shawnae & Karimah, 13

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Remember that time during school?

Remember that time during school
When everyone was playing around
You went up to just play and you said
"I have to tell you how I really feel about youI love you!"
My heart leaped then it faded when you said, "Just kidding"
I know what you said the first time was true
You don't want to say it though

Alaska_Kitten, 10

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Carry On

Guys say you for always and forever will be friends,
Then your world crashes down around you when love suddenly ends,
I know he's been gone so long, but I know that it still hurts.
I'm gonna put it this way girl you are through the worst.

You've got to carry on,
You've got to carry on,
You've got to carry on for yourself!

It seems like he took off on a stupid little whim,
And all you can think about is him and what he did,
How the sun glinted on his hair when he smiled.
Girl, I know you're gonna be in pain 4 a while!

You've got to carry on
You've got to carry on
You've got to carry and be strong!

Mara, 14

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Suddenly its Monday
The weekend has flown
Vanished in a flash
And hit with Monday morning
Hurrying to the bus stop
Im never on time
Lost in a daydream
And life is a blur
But then you appear
And everythings clear
And in the blink of an eye
Im struck with reality

Like an angel sent from heaven
You flew down and woke my sole
And now I see the world as it is
Beauty love and permanence
Pain sorrow and complication
These walls I put up
Have crumbled away
Now I am open because of you
You are the key to the lock
It is not friendship or romance
Nor any form of bond
It is beyond what words can describe

** bambi **, 15

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Who we really are...

Sometimes it's hard to find out who we really are
To find if we are a planet or a shooting star.
It's hard to explain the emotions I have for one another and sometimes it feels like they dont have emotions for me, or it seems like we can never be. Everyone wishes at one point at a time that our dreams become realities, but sometimes all you can do is be patient. I have learned a lot about patience. Patience to be free, and patience to be me. Sometimes we dont always get what we want, we end up getting some other things or a little runt. Someone once said Live each day as if it were your last. Sometimes I try doing that and have a good old blast.

StarGirl, 12

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Just can't explain to you...

Just can't explain to you
What I'm about to do
Tears streaming down my eyes
There are so many lies
Through the deep blue sea
Strange things are happening to me
And now youre gone away
And theres not much to say
You felt in a hurry
You didn't even say goodbye to me
I felt your arms embrace
Without a single trace
You gave my one last kiss
And things were just a bliss
And now the pain is here
I feel it everywhere
Your shadow is fading
And I will stand here waiting
Until...you come back to me
So I may explain to you,
What I am going to do
-A Story about my best friend Eliza. She shot herself in the head 3 times because her boyfriend left to go to Missouri; they were going to get married. She was pregnant with their daughter.

Anonymous, 19

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The Girl I Never Knew

She wasn't strange.
Just different.
She had friends.
Yet, she was always alone.
I never spoke to her.
But she heard me.
I remember that girl.
But I dont remember the person.
I woke one day to find she was gone.
It shocked me to find my friends crying.
They didn't know her either.
But they missed her.
I didn't know her.
But I miss her.
I found myself weeping the other day.
But why?
I didn't know her.
I just wonder what if?
What if she was still here?
Would I be her friend?
I doubt it.
I miss her now and I always will.
I just don't know why.
It goes to show,
You never know what you have until it's gone.

Rogue, 13

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*Reading books*

*Reading books*
*Making believe*
*Was all I did*
*To hide the pain*
*From the sorrow you have caused*
*From the hurt I have received*
*I am dreadful, it is pitiful to believe*

*Once a happy girl*
*Now sad*
*Once a joyful girl*
*Now mad*
*Once a believer in you*
*Now timid and coy*

*What has had the trauma brought*

Isabelle, 13

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From the day I saw your nice brown eyes I knew I was in love. I was young and still am and did not know much of love but it showed. Every time I saw you I would just stare in your eyes and when I did that I couldnt help but blush the day away. Anytime I spend with you makes me love you more, I wanna spend my life with you or at least be with you more. My life is truly empty without you and you know it's true. Sometimes I wonder why I feel this way for you but I always just remember that I hope we are meant to be together...FOREVER!

Princess, 13

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On a plane

On a plane,
You go up high,
So high up,
You touch the sky.

The clouds are fluffy,
And very white,
It's an absolutely,
Wonderful site.

You see the people,
On the floor,
They look like a pea,
And nothing more.

The birds go past,
And flap their wings,
We listen to the wind,
As it sings.

The plane bumps,
As the wind gets stronger,
When you come down,
You wish you stayed up longer.

Zoe, 11

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Our love is like the sun,
Constant and full of warmth.
Our love is like time,
Never-ending and long lasting.
Our love is like a flower,
Wild and beautiful.
Your eyes are like two stars,
In which I can't stop gazing into.
Your smile is like a rainbow,
Brings a smile no matter what the situation.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love you and every part of you!

Kelly, 15

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Mysterious Stranger

Every time you walk by me
My heart skips a beat.
Every time I hear your voice
I'm swept off my feet.

Nothing would ever compare
To the joy that we could share.
But as I dream of us together
You still pass me by.

Should I take a chance?
Maybe just say "hi"?
Then again maybe not
You'd still pass me by.

So boy if youre listening
Could you do something for me?
Next time we see each other
Just come and say "hi".

Autumn_princess2003, 12

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I Believe

I believe in angels,
I believe in love,
I believe in everything, even whats above.
I believe in honesty,
I believe what's true,
But way infront of everything,
I believe in you!

Sally, 14

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Coco the clown

Coco the clown,
Is very funny,
Once he did a disappearing act,
With a little brown bunny.

He makes people laugh,
And puts a smile on your face,
He made us all laugh,
When he fell in a sack race.

He tries to juggle,
But drops all the balls,
He walks on the tight rope,
And down he falls.

Zoe, 11

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The Pond

The pond is like a crystal,
Sparkling everywhere,
I stand up on the bridge,
And down I stare.

There it sparkles,
Like stars in the sky,
But it's low down,
And not very high.

The pond is wet,
And awfully cold,
Oh I wish that I could just,
Have a little hold.

I go to see,
The bright colors,
Every time I go,
It looks a lot fuller.

Zoe, 11

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The Sun

Golden in the sky
Shining and shining on the people below
And watching them rub the sleep from their eyes
He shouts wake up everyone it's a brand new day
And he says it in his own shining way

Rachel W.P., 10

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Burning bright
Yellow at the bottom
And Orange in the middle
Then going up into a flaming red
With sparks flying everywhere
And the people watch and listen as the fire crackles

Rachel W.P., 10

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One of a Kind.

Well what can I say your one of a kind,
24/7 youre on my mind.
Written with a pen,
Sealed with a kiss,
Do you want to be a part of this?
As I walk alone,
I smell your cologne,
Which means youre always near,
You are more than what you appear.

Sam F., 13

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The Anticipation

The anticipation
of a man
of a rabbit
of a magical creature
Each bearing their own gifts.

The interrupted sleep
of hooves prancing
of noses twitching
of wands casting spells
Each coming at midnight.

The joy the next morning
of seeing gifts under a lit tree
of finding a chocolate bunny at the end of her bed
of discovering a dollar under her pillow
Each bringing a smile to her face.

Now where is the magic?
The mystery?
She didn't feel it last year.
Nor will she feel it this year.
They were left behind, locked up,
Along with her childhood

BY KYRA (you can see this poem on (www.beinggirl.co.uk)

Kyra, 13

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When I see your face.

When I see your face, I dont wanna remember.
Hating me, it wont last forever.
You me Ill never like another.
You were the love and I found you.
I wanna be round you and turn back time.
I would, could, and should get you back.
But life goes on, I still go strong.
I wait a while, but not that long...

Reesa, 13

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I am here with emotions running wild,
Feeling just like a little school child,
Like a silly little girl who has a crush,
Thats why every time I see him... I blush

Can't he see it?
Doesnt he understand?
I just want to be with him.

Please come back,
I need to see you again,
So I can tell you that I need you
As more than just a friend.

So you feel for me
Just a little of what I feel for you
And we can spend the days together
And, of course, the nights too.

Pimp Juice, 15

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Love or Lust?

Is this love or lust? Can you be trust? Someday, somewhere, I'll be there. No matter how long or wideI'll share my love in a cup or on a bus. Tall or short wide or high, you got my mind all the time.
"Crazy Love"

Brown Sugar, 14

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The very moment the word escapes my mouth
The door to our world opens
A world untouched by them
The ones who tell us its not possible
But we know it is
For we have seen it

In this world anything is possible
You can sit on a cloud
Slide down a rainbow
Polish a star
Or ride, bareback, on a unicorn

In this world the berries are never sour
Ice cream is always cold
Faeries are your friends
Animals talk
And flowers grow in winter

In this world no one knows of pain
Or anxiety

But we dare not enter alone
For in the shadow lurks a creature
And if you leave the other behind
It will sneak up behind you with warning to drag you to the depths
The places we have not yet had the courage to explore together

Then it will feed you heaping spoonfuls of dark black loneliness
Just before devouring you whole
Never to be the same again

But if we enter hand-in-hand
The sun will shine on our world
We will eat the sweet berries
Away from the dark
Which shall not touch us

The door is closed now
Only to be opened when we remember
The magic that once was
Then we can visit it
But only for a short time
For we soon must return to the harsh reality
Knowing that the magic will come again
Our magic

Madeline, 14

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Thousands of Kisses

Thousands of kisses on your bedlet the love spread. My tears have shed for a long timethousands of kisses. In my eyes there are no more tears of lies. Promise no more hate. I wont escape love like Romeo and Juliet. The thousands of kisses are spread. The love has shed the beautiful roses in my bed. I dream of my wedding day. The thousands of kisses day. Thank you.

Reagan, 12

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Love or Not

You believe everybody else's lies
But you dont know whats going on inside
Inside all I do is cry
Living without you makes me wanna die
You say you want whats best
But all you want is sex
I dont want you to be my ex
So baby why do you cause all this stress?

, 15

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Feeling hopeless

Feeling hopeless feeling like you need someone or something. Hoping and wishing someone was there but when you look around and look at the ground all you see is the wind. There you are feeling hopeless and feeling like you need someone or something asking is nothing but feeling is some thing but when it is you know that you are alone but you might hear the phone ring. But you are there on the ground not making one sound.

Necia, 11

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Love Will Lead the Way

We will sometimes get in fights,
But love will lead the way.
We'll run into "ifs" and "mights"
But love will lead the way.
We'll scream and cry and shout and sigh,
But love will lead the way.

Gia, 11

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Cloudy undenial,
Reeling wisps of time
And spinning
And fading, burning,
Dying, twisting
Yearning for the day
When loneliness
Did not exist
And beauty
Was only parallel
To your disgrace;
So tender and bitter
I wash you away
And stand, cold,
While infinity displays
Its only cause-
To replay itself
And again
Living is fun when you're alive.

Catherine, 15

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My sister is as beautiful as a flower...

My sister is as beautiful as a flower
I can play with her for an hour
I'm glad I'm her sister
I'm happy in all our pictures
She says I'm like a door
She opens me more and more
My sister is as beautiful as a flower
I can play with her for hour

My Beautiful Sister, 13

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*I do not know why*

*I do not know why*
*My friend is mad*
*I wonder why*
*But I try*
*She has a curled lip*
*A sad face*
*Lord, I wanna know why*
*She is bugging me*
*I think she is mad at me*

Isabelle, 13

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I lost it all.
All that was dear and kind.
I lost all the friends I thought I had,
When they left me behind.

I always thought I was big, brave, and tall.
But I found out how small
I was when it came to matters beyond my powers.

I went from 5 to 0 in just 2 days.
Those days are still just a haze.

I was losing my edge;
My ability to hide it all.
With no one to confide in
I realized I would fall.

I would not fall pretty,
With a hand upon my eyes.
I would fall hard and
I would have to watch it all.
My downfall.

My life was becoming what I feared the most.
But I will make it through.
As I always have.
So, I propose a toast to the people I love most.

Prue, 13

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My room

I love my room
My stereo goes boom
My clock tells the time
My books are full of rhyme
I watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on my tv
Dream about a cuddly bee
My room
Goes boom
The time
To rhyme
On tv
Buzzy Buzzy Bee!

Lucie, 11

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He never speaks...to anyone

He never speaks...to anyone
But you never go a day...without seeing him
Just the same thing everyday;
Comes out in the mornin',
To throw away the trash.
Sits on the old rocking chair,
Starts strumming on his banjo.
When it gets dark,
He goes back inside.
And tomorrow, he'll do it all again.

Micki "Mouse", 15

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Sympathy For The Deep

I'm gonna set my soul sailin'
Looking for my first love
Scouring the oceans
Hovering these waves above

Keeping my head above water
But your love is pulling me
Further below and about
Into the darkness of the sea

Drowning my face in the oceans
I lie close to the future
With arms wide open
Swimming towards the future

Eyes wide open and lips sealed shut
Water engulfs my private hell
Dirty hair and salty body
Yearning to hear the things you tell

The Ship is rising in the darkness
It shimmers along the sea
Shadows of fate surround me
Pouring fourth fears right to me

Closing my eyes I sink deeper
To the ocean floor
For years it took me this far
Not realizing this is all yours

Thinking about my first love
I will stay here
The never-ending search
Swallows me in tears

Manisha, 19

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If you be anything who would you be?

If you could be anything who would you be?
If you could fly anywhere where would you go?
If you could do anything what would you do?
I know someone who's made a lot of mistakes in their life.
Unfortunately that person is me.
So if I could be anything I'd be an angel.
If I could fly anywhere I'd fly to heaven.
So if I could do anything I would take back every mistake I've made.
So hopefully I've touched a part of your heart within.

Cuty, 11

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My Ex-Boyfriend

You came and you left so fast and quickly that there was no time for you and me.
Your friends butted in and I butted out. It always made me want to shout.
But when I checked in, you checked out.
I heard you scream, I heard you shout.
But there was time for us to just be together. We hung out no matter the weather.
I know I left you because of these causes,
But when theres no you my whole like just pauses.
So before you leave just let me say that I wish that you could always stay
I dedicate this to my ex boy who I still have feelings for. I love you.
Love, Ray-Ray

Ray-Ray, 12

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When you look @ me...

When you look at me I don't know what to do I just want to walk over and kiss you. Come on give me a taste of that medicine that you brought down from heaven. I!!!!!!! Don't know what to do when I look at you. Seeing those blue eyes brown hair and milky white skin. Because when you look at me I don't know what to do.

Allie, 11

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I love this guy named Malcolm.
He is so fine.
He is totally mine.
He is more than a dime.
I think I better give him some time.
But first of all, he one handsome doll.
Sometimes I wish that we could go to the mall.
He's sort of tall.
When I was at the mall he would call.
In the fall I went to the mall.
He gave me a call.
We kissed in the hall.
We didn't even care we did it anywhere.
So after that he took me to the fair.
He called me a whore and so I really got furious. And showed him the door.

Mahogany S., 10

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~The day is cloudy there is no sun~

The day is cloudy there is no sun
It seems my hair always is coming undone
I'm snappy short tempered, in a strop
I feel like I will pop
Then there is a knock at the door
I tie my hair back once more
Cause there is he in the light
The sun has come out, and love is blazin bright

Mini, 11

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There is no way to say this

There is no way to say this
Its even harder now youve gone
But you were defiantly my sunshine
You were the girl that shone

You were always full of laughter
You really are a star
And if you were still with us now
I know you would go far

Well always remember the way you laughed
And the way you wore your hair
Although youre not actually here
Well always know youre there

I know youre not in pain anymore
I know you are at rest
Heaven has another angel
And you truly are the best

Im glad I got to know you
Youre one Ill never forget
Looking back on those two years
I love you, no regrets

Everyone will miss you each day
And well dream of you at night
Every star, well think of you
Our friend forever, you're our light

Bongo, 13

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Love is something not to mess with
Love is something not to test with
Love is powerful
Love is strong
Love sometimes seems not to belong

Izzy, 10

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What is Life?

One day I shall understand life-
But for now I can only ponder.
I read and do everything I can so I can understand life but-
Still I cannot understand it.
Life is a strange thing,
You have to be at the point of dying to really understand it but then-
Its too late,
There is no reason to know.
You're leaving as I speak-
So why should you know now?
Why now?

"Wonderer", 10

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This waiting is ending.
Sweaty palms clashing the calmingwarm sugar perfume
Clutch at a crumpled letter wrinkled with months of planning and courage.
I wear my heart on my sleeve and I step forward
Hoping this profession will not become over-embellished.
But then, you catch my eye and I can't move
Surroundings become a blur, I lose focus
Then your eyes become lost among a sea of salty tears.
I back away, turn around, slam my body into any direction but yours
I run away and throw the letter in the air
Like all those other times.
I curl into a fetal position and bite down my tongue to stop me from emitting screams of anguish
The metallic stun of blood whirls around my mouth
Thin trails of hot tears surprisingly cool this shame-filled face of mine
Soft thuds get closer to me and my name is inquired
Time stops, eyes widen, face flushes at the recognized voice,
"Were you going to tell me something?"
His musical hands hold the tear-blotted, multi-colored-ink-stained paper literating everything I wanted to say
And he's smiling

Selina, 16

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The Ever Changing Sky

The Ever Changing Sky
I see the Ever Changing Sky.
It's a message from Him.
Even though I don't know why.
I do know it's a sign from God.
I see the Ever Changing Sky it's a message from Him.
Beautiful as it can be and as ugly as it can be,
It will always be a sign from God.

"Wonderer", 10

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I can't believe it's over!

I hate the cow but now shes got her way
You see I got dumped just the other day
She wanted my guy and now hes not mine
O Ill bet shell be happy I bet shell be fine.
Asking him out, thats what shell do
Try and get me jealous like I give a poo.
Her stupid hair in those gay lil bunches
Id like to rip them out and give her a few punches
Cover her face in dirt hold her to the floor
Hit her till shes screaming and cant take anymore
The little evil look she gives me when I pass her in the hall
Id like to trip her up so he would laugh at her fall,
She is fat, I shouldnt really say
But I saw her at the cinema a little while ago today,
Her big ass bulging in those tight fitted jeans
Ready to split at those madly stretched seams.
She really annoys me, gets on my tits
I wish life were great without the nasty bits.
I have nothing against her, its all her fault
Its like Im the pepper and she is the salt,
Completely opposite in everyway
But were both shook up
Bout this one guy I got in first, she tried to smile
I knew she was jealous but I didnt care
Its dog eat dog life ant always fair.
But now shes not the worry
Hes moved on got a girl in a hurry
I dont mind he aint that fab
Not some sexy guy hip-hop and rad
Hes just normal with ginger hair
Lord its orange but I didnt care.
He asked out a mate of mine hope they go out
As a couple theyd be fine,
Shes so pretty and he can skate
Park I guess for there first date,
Thats where we met the whole place reminds me
Of him we walked together hand in hand you see,
We that was the point but it dont go
We werent together, no intimacy we show
He just skated while I walked along
I rang him up quite a lot hours sometimes,
Just chatting and flirting things seamed fine
But then when my day had been brill
I got a txt the good mood to kill
Hi, maybe were better of as friends
Thats what it read, that night I lay there awake in my bed
Thinking why, what had I done what had I said?
I think he thought me frigid
I am not! I would have snogged him but the chance didnt come
It does usually but not for some!
It wasnt working out I could tell
It was the final whistle the final bell
So now were over finished and done
What is happening what have I become sitting here writing this?
I know I hate bunch girl but I am taking the piss
Well I know she will be happy but theres nothing I can do
Unless I go along with the bit where I cover her face in poo!
I dont know why Im doing this Im so over this sh1t,
Just a piece in the puzzle but wheres the next bit?
George? Well he is cute and he asked me out but I gave him the boot
Did I do the right thing?
I should have said dunno???
Please I need help like whoa!

, 13

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It's all over

Its all over
This is the end
I suddenly wish
I had made a friend
And now
Some how
We all gotta try
And fight through
Find the thought
And say the word
Youve been taught
Youve been cured

Its all over
This is the end
Yet I am taller
Ive learnt to mend
Yet how
We dont know
This war we fight
Its never ending
Line by line
Its coming together
Holding time
What is forever?

The Race, 14

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Please dont judge me

Please dont judge me by my face,
By my religion or my race.
Please dont laugh at what I wear,
Or how I look or do my hair.
Please look a little deeper,
Way down deep inside.
And although you may not see it,
I have a lot to hide.
Behind my clothes the secrets lie,
Behind my smile, I softly cry.
Please look a little deeper, a
And maybe you will see.
The lonely little girl,
That lives inside of me.
Please listen carefully to her,
Shell show that she is insecure
Please try to be a friend to her,
And show her that you care.
Please just get to know her,
And maybe you will see.
That if you just look deep enough.

Lori-Ann, 13

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STAR. You are a star in the sky, which is so bright and gives me light in my heart. I have a goal and you gave me the power with your soul to succeed! Cause I wished for it to happen with your power. And I am a lover and you gave the power to succeed in my love! And you taught me that a friend cant be lend! Which makes you my best friend and you are a guest in my heart!!!!

Sujana, 11

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Seeing you go

I never wanted to see you go,
But the truth has come out now I know.
Its funny how we met,
But you did it for a bet.
You said you loved me,
While we were sitting up a tree.
You will find,
That, which times far behind.
We have to let go,
You know.

CJ, 0

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Blue is like the sky and the ocean and sad thoughts.
Blue is the taste of ripe blueberries.
Violets and cotton candy is the smell of blue.
Heartbreaking thoughts make me feel blue.
Blue is the sound of waves crashing or someone crying.
Blue is a never-ending dream, the bright blue sky, and the deep blue ocean.
A winning art piece is blue.
Whale watching is also blue.
Blue is like a sad emotion.

Hannah, 12

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What would you do if you knew the truth?
My doctor just told me that I was going to die
I feel like I've wasted all of my youth
Sitting in my room to cry
He shrugged and said, "We are doing all that we can"
He was a very old man
As I sit in this white room
The color of death
What kind of tomb
Is where I will be kept?
So I just wanted to say
That in any other way
I wish as my will that on my gravestone
Everybody knows why I died
Because nobody had faith in me...
-Elizabeth W. R.I.P
Died Thursday, May 29, 2003

Anonymous, 14

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A little wisdom

This is just a little passage:

If God brings you to it, HE will bring you through it.

Samantha, 12

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~*~Angel Tears~*~

~*~Angel Tears~*~
Do you ever wonder why the rain comes pouring down?
Why floods and twisters happen in every single town?
Many foolish people say the rain is caused by weeping Gods above,
The ones that rule all 9 planets, and also death and love.
But I say those people choose not to believe the real reason.
The reason why the rain comes pouring down,
That why floods and twisters happen
In every single town
Is the result of-
~*~Angel Tears~*~

Kitara, 14

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I know now that you're not the one~

I know now that you're not the one
But look at all the great things you've made me become!
After all you did for me, you're leaving me now?
Don't you know you're the only one I think about?
You gave me the courage and told me to be who I am
You told me to suck up the pain like a man.
I thought you were going to be mine
Oh, how much I wanted to love you all of my life!
You should've said you weren't interested before
Now it's too late, because I love you even more.
A couple of weeks ago I cried all night
Because I couldn't admit that you're not my Mr. Right...
But now I can accept that fact that you're not the one
Even after all the things you've made me become...

Leslie, 13

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Should I tell my secret or should I not?

Should I tell my secret or should I not,
This is what my heart thought,
If you really love this boy,
Satisfy your mind-fill it with joy,
Tell your beautiful secret of love,
And you'll get a message from your true love,
Saying: I like you too,
Thanks for letting me know,
This is what I have to show,
A sign that says: "I Love You!!!"

Karen, 11

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Is it over?
So I can come out of the corner of my bed
I don't feel alive
I feel so dead.

Did the world stop spinning
So theres no more pain,
You left me no reason
Dont you feel ashamed?

When does everything stop growing?
So no seasons pass me by,
Hours feel like nano seconds
Every day I cry.

Does my heart
Stop loving
Since there's no one to love here,
Losing you was my biggest fear.

Does my soul stop searching
Since youre gone,
Without you I swear
I'm not that strong.

Did the merry-go-round
Stop going round
Since you went away,
There once was a beautiful sun shining on me
But now there's not even one ray.

Does the moon stop shining,
Because you left me alone,
Now I'm scared
And really, really cold.

Does the wind stop its howl?
Since there's no more breath we share,
Once you loved me
And really did care.

Does the sun stop?
And its brilliant rays vanish because you said I won't try
I want to know the answers
Tell me why.

Do the seeing people go blind?
Because you blinded me
With your words
Pretending to love me,

I'm the only one you will need
How come you can't see?
Does everything stop working?
Just all frozen in time,
I still miss the days
That I could call you mine.

Theresa, 13

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Dog in the playground

Children running all around
Well, everyone is
Sudden screams of horror
Dog in the playground miss!

Through the gate the collie comes
Jumping round about
Chasing all the kids away
Hear them scream and shout

Through the doors it charges in
On every stone it'll pound
Teachers keep the kids well back
Dog in the playground!

The head comes out and flips her lid
As if she's die to jog
Away from the creature in the school
The little collie dog

After a while its out of the school
And on the grass it plays
With all the kids going hyper and wild
That was the good old days!!!

Now the gates are high and locked
Those great days are done
We hate the teaches, spoil sports!
Theyve ruined all our fun!!!!!

Amy, 13

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Roses are red

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You are hot
And can't be defeated when fought
Blue eyes
3 years older to my despise
Blonde hair
Beautiful Face is what you were
My love is so strong
Your heart is what I long
Your lips shine like Morning dew
All I want is to kiss softhearted Andrew

Rebecca, 10

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What My Heart Feels

When you touch my lips with yours
I feel like flying
When you take my hand in yours
I know I won't ever be lying

Lying that I really love you
Cause you know it's real
In my heart is only you
For my eyes you're the meal

My heart knows
How much pain you gave to me
But now my hear feels
That you love only me

And we get along so very well
That no one could ever break us up
Our hearts forever will be
Together and wont let us split up

Written for my love, Justas. I know you love me and I love you! Let's be together forever! =)

Evelina, 12

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Whoever Told You

Whoever told you that,
Whoever meant us bad,
Whoever hates me so,
Whoever...I know...

She is the girl,
That loves you so.
But she hates me,
Cause I'm with you.

I hate her for doing that thing,
But it's okay that she failed.
You're still with me,
And you will always be.

We have to show her,
That she wont reach my place.
We have to say to her,
That you'll be with me in case...

But I know...
You don't love her,
You love only me.
So, Lijana, let me and Justas be...

Evelina, 12

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The flower sways in the wind
You are my best friend
Think of a meadow as you think of me
Cant you see?
The grass is a sea of love
You are almost as great as the God above
Dont listen to the words around you
Why do you look so blue?
Youre a great person
Everyone should love you a ton
Take care of yourself
And you will have good health
Even though you have blonde hair
And some people stare
You are a very bright girl
Your skin is so light
Why do you gripe?
Youre eyes are bright too
And no matter what Ill be friends with you
Until the end
Well be close friends

Jenny, 15

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The Way I Feel

I try my best but I can't do anything right
Ive got two left feet instead of a left and right
Everyday day is a nightmare
When I talk to my friends they don't care
I used to love going to work now it just annoys me
We can't you understand? Why can't you see?
I told you I loved ya you said the same to me
Why can't you and I still be?
You were the thing that gave me the will to live
For you I'll do anything what do you want me to give
For you I'd walk a million miles
I've made it through jail and court trials
Why can't I make it through love?

~*~Gurl_with_a_broken_heart~*~, 16

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Broken Home

Broken home
My house is a broken home
My parents fight day and night
And all I hear is crying

As I lie down in my bed
Tears flow so freely down my face
Theres no way to stop them

Sometimes I question to myself
Why is my family this way?
But I don't find my answers
All I find is more problems to my life.

Monica, 14

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I See Your Face

I see your face across a crowded room,
I hear you say that you'll be leaving soon,
I know its late but all that I can do,
Is close my eyes and dream that I'm alone with you.
I want to talk to you so much, but I dont know your name.
I bet theres not, a girl in here that doesnt feel the same.
As you're walking out the door theres nothing i can do,
But close my eyes and dream that Im alone with you.
My pain is growing, tears I cry
My heart hurts so bad,
Because the only love ill ever know is for someone I cant have.

Annonymous, 14

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Love is a word that comes and goes
Its in the heart and the soul.
Love can be used in many ways
Some people say it every day.
Love can be good and love can be bad,
Love can be happy and love can be sad.
The main thing I am saying is make sure its right before you say I DO LOVE YOU.

Monique, 19

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Don't Know Why

I don't know why I love you
I don't know how I do
I don't know how you charm me
But really you do...

I can't see how Im mistaken
I can't see how me friends say 'err!!!'
I can't see how I feel so strongly about you
But really I do...

I wrap myself in worlds of wonder
I wrap myself in your arms
I wrap myself, I don't...
Wait...I really DO...

Lastly I know you don't think about me
Lastly you think we're just friends
Lastly I feel that I can see this through...
But I can't
Because Jamie...I love you...

Alexandra, 11

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Love is more than just a word,
That people tend to say.
It's waking every morning,
With a smile to start your day.

It's showing that you care,
To people that you know.
It's taking them to places,
You know they'd like to go.

It's sharing lonesome moments,
When they are sitting all alone.
It's helping when they're down and out,
To stand up and be strong.

It's running on an errand,
And doing them a favor.
Then when they try to pay you,
Tell them to thank our savior.

For through his words and through his heart,
We shall learn to share.
Not just with friends and family,
But people everywhere.

Meaghan, 13

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Frustrated cuz I can't tell if it's real,
Mad cuz I really don't know how you feel,
Upset cuz we can't make it right,
Sad cuz I need you day and night,
Angry cuz you won't take my hand,
Aggravated cuz you just don't understand,
Disappointed cuz we can't be together,
But just so you know: I'll love you forever!

Maranda, 12

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When youre in sight
My mind filled with wonder
My heart filled with fright
When did this feeling start?
When will this feeling stop?
How can I listen to my mind?
With out breaking my heart
I am so confused
What shall I do?
I cant think of anything
Except you
Should I ignore you?
Or just give it time?
I cant think straight
My heart controls my mind
I am so confused.

Brittney, 13

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I Saw

I saw the sun and in that sun I saw your smile
That sun I saw looked like you
As beautiful and shiny as you
I thought to myself was that a dream or you?
But I soon realized that it was you going to heaven,
Saying good-bye forever.

Spongebob gurl, 12

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I was little at the time,
I hardly remember.
He called me, "His Little Girl,"
I called him, "Dad."

He played the piano,
We sang along.
He played the guitar,
We sang along.

I didn't understand,
My mom explained.
We all miss him.
But I'll see him again.

We'll all meet in heaven,
And be happy again.
No more tears.
No more questions.

It'll all make sense,
In heaven.

Skittles, 12

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Nowhere To Be Found

I don't know why,
Every time you looked at me,
My heart start beating faster and faster
Every time you talked to me,
My body started shivering
Every time you smiled at me,
I felt the whole world turns upside down
Now I know why,
I feel something deep for you,
I feel like I wanna hold your hands,
Talk to you on the phone,
Walk with you in the park,
But mostly I feel like I wanna be with you,
I know that you have someone special in your life,
I know that you can never look at me the way i want you to,
But your face, your smile always comes into my mind,
Day and night, morning and evening,
I'm sorry because my heart feels this way,
I could never erase you from my memory,
I wish I could have the courage to tell you,
How much I love and care for you,
But all in my mind is the fear of rejection,
That you can never accept and treat me all differently,
I guess this is the end,
This is where it stops,
It will be left unsaid,
Nowhere to be found.

ZuLaiLa, 15

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I Sat There

I sat there.
Alone, scared of you coming through the door
As I felt like all my feelings were so sore
You had to make me hate you
Not once but more than two
Those times I was scared
The hatred and anger I couldnt bare
You were the father I had been given
I wish that I could die and go to heaven
I cant live with you anymore
As you come in drunk and slam the door
You may beat me physically
But remember you are a loser and mentality!

Jessie, 14

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A look from your eyes

A look from your eyes
Is good enough for me
To awaken my heart
from that devestating strike
I get when I feel you near me
your eyes have that beautiful
color of green
as the grass I feel beneath
my feet
that oh, so sensitive touch
I felt when you kissed me
your french kiss was a memmory to me
I'll never forget that feeling I had
for you
just left me dreaming
Until you kissed that girl
I wanted to die
because of that lie
I hate you
That's what you earned
from me.

Cathaline, 13

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My love for you is...

To: Leo
I love you
Forever and a Day
Love: Jazz

My love for you is...

Taller than the tallest tree
Deeper than the deepest sea

Stronger than the strongest oak
Softer than the softest cloak

Wider than the widest space
Bigger than the biggest place

More precious than the finest gold
More precious than to be told

Eternity, 12

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Only Boy in My Heart

What I feel for you,
Is really, really strong
My love for you is so true,
Thats why I know Im not wrong

Youre the only boy in my heart,
The only one I care about,
The only boy that can make everything that fell apart,
All back together with just the touch of your soul.

Youre the only one that makes my heart sing,
And makes me fly away
I can even tell you everything,
And I know well be okay.

I can wish upon a star at night,
Wish for you to be here,
And you will come into the light,
And I will have no fears.

I can trust you with anything I tell you,
And love you with all my heart,
I can miss you so much, because my love is true,
If I lost you Id fall apart.

Just listen to this last line of my song now,
Its really, really short
Its the truth about what I feel for youhow?
Its that youve always been there before.

Katie-babe, 13

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When I Go to Bed Tonight

When I go to bed tonight
I will be dreaming about you
Dreaming about all the things we've done
And all the things we want to do

I will dream of all the laughter
You have brought into my days
And dream of all the things you do
And all your silly ways

You tell me that you want to give me
All that I deserve in life
Just knowing that I have you
Makes me want to dream at night

You've shown me what love is
I never knew what it was before
Now that I know how it feels
I just dream of it some more

I love you so much, Babe
I just wish you could see
Just how you have changed my life
How you've changed everything in me

I wake up everyday
And just to know that you are near
Makes me realize it wasn't just a dream...
Cuz I know you are really here.

Stace G., 27

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Something Told Me...

When we made love
You and I were made for each other
We fit each other like a glove :)

Something told me
When you said, "I love you"
It really hit me then...
Cuz I am so in love with you

Something told me
When we had to say good-bye
It wasn't what either of us wanted
As we part, we let out a sigh

Something told me
On my drive home
That without you in my life
I would be so lost and alone

Something told me
When I arrived at my house
Just how much I truly love you,
And how much I REALLY hate my spouse :)

Something will tell me
In my dreams tonight
That I was your chosen one
And I can sleep soundly all night.

Stace G., 27

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They say that youre happy now,
And youre in a better place,
I still need to hold you close again,
And see your smiling face.

I never meant to hurt you,
Never meant to make you cry,
Sorry for all the things I did,
For all those times I didnt try.

One day you said you loved me
The next you up and went,
Now I wish Id taken a minute
To truly understand what love meant.

I had the chance to save you,
But I let you slip away,
Maybe if Id paid more attention,
Youd still be next to me today.

Hannah, 15

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I like Spring

I like spring because it's green and smells like potpourri.
Bees aren't buzzing in my ear; itchy bug bites are not near.
In summer we spend to much too much at the pool,
In winter we spend too much time buying wool,
Falls okay but not the best and as you guessed,
Fall got mixed up to be the best!

April, 9

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I'm Nervous Now

Im nervous now, your kiss is a pill
That Im swallowing down, down, down
Your breath's a blanket, your words can kill
And when you touch me I chill

Please take me away
Far away from here
I don't care where
As long as you're near

Please get lost with me

Youre asleep and wrapped around me
Im almost scared to breathe
I don't want to ruin this perfect moment
But I want you here with me

Please come with me
To where we can be alone
I want a new secret
That only we know

Please get lost with me

Drop everything; I want to do this one right
Ill take care of everything like we've only got tonight
Well stay here forever
Well make that a pact
Well head for never
And never turn back

Please kiss me
Where no shadows fall
And the clouds condense
And the lightning calls
Well drown in each other
Where the water runs deep
I have a new secret
That I need you to keep
Well stand together
Beneath the willow
I want a new secret
That only we'll know

Please get lost with me

Alecia, 14

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If I Could Have Three Wishes

If I could have three wishes
And know that theyd come true
Id not wish for wealth or pain
Id wish for you
Id not only wish for the stars
Id not ask for the moon
Id just wish that everyday had 25 hours
That I could spend with you
My second wish wouldn't be
To be handsome or to be strong
Id just wish that I had 8 days each week
In your arms where I belong
My third and final wish would be
That there were 13 months in each year
So Id have more time with you
In which to hold you near
But Ill never have three wishes
And know they'll never come true
But at least I have one life
One life spent with you!

Love, Willie

Jessica, 16

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Dear One

Dear One,
Oh, how I long to speak to you. How I desire to reveal my endless and perfect love for you. How I long for you to experience my goodness and understanding , my great care and compassion.
Do you know how much my heart hungers to speak to you directly to your face? Have you any idea how I wait for you to come to me? How I long for you to know that I am ready to speak and eager to listen. For I have infinite words of wisdom and direction for your life. And I long to guide and encourage you on a daily basis.
So, come to me and listen to my words. Learn from me and fully experience my never-ending love for you. Having you come into my life is the key to my heart and I'll keep it forever.
It's like the wind, I can't see it but I feel it. I already know that this moment was special. A moment for today and a moment forever, a moment that will last a lifetime.

Lauren, 16

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White Walls All Around Me

White walls all around me
Barely air to breathe
Too much light for me to see
I really want to leave
People telling me I'm lying
Not knowing what I've done
People even started crying
This really is no fun
Please help me get out of this place
I want to see my mommy
Please help me get out of this small space
I really want my mommy
They say their going to kill me
They say I'm going to die
I think I'm going to cry
Please help me get out of this place with white walls,
Theres barely air for me to breathe
I think I'm going to fall...
Please help me, I really want to leave.
-True Story

Anonymous, 14

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A Broken Heart

What Ive got is a broken heart,
And what I need has been lost.
An empty space deep inside,
After that day I cried and cried.
Think of all the things Ive done
Because to me your number one
I believe in faith and love,
Not at all in the luck of the draw.
The day before I left for a trip
You seem as if you didnt give a flip.
Why wont you return my calls?
Is it since I missed you most of all?
The images are stuck in my head,
Of the day Ill always dread.
My love will always be a never-ending fountain of youth,
And I hope you believe that, that is the truth.
You didnt mean to hurt my feelings,
But now I think my heart is healing.
Now is the time for me to start forgiving.
I hope your love for me is still living.
My love for you will leave me, never,
And I hope you will remember this forever.
But now that things have changed,
So has my old love range.
So you have proven me wrong,
I wonder why we didnt last that long.
I guess that the tide has now turned,
In which my love does not yearn.
I have found someone new,
And I doubt you even know who.
You may say I talk too much,
But I hardly ever talk at lunch.
When you said youd love me forever,
You must have meant its over.
I was beginning to lose interest in you anyways,
When you said its over it didnt matter what day.
What you said must be a lie,
But over you I shall not cry.
Now you know why to you I wont talk,
And you, to whom past I walk.

Crystal, 13

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Love is Unusual

Love is unusual
Thinking that is meant to be cruel
Somehow its not always that way
Many turn into beautiful wedding days
From that point to moms and dads
Their love soon turning mad
Hatred seems to be the case
Then a custody battle over dear Chase
Chase cries, spirits are broken
Sent away without a love token
He never talked to anyone
Never had any fun
Someone new has just now came
To see if his love has stayed the same
She heard his love has died
Staying as the oceans tide
Always the same
Never to change
She cheered him up
They went out to have a cup
He sat and giggled
A new heart began to wiggle
Their hearts combined
And wedding bells chimed
The family grew
Went to three from two
Their love survived
Changed the oceans tide
They stayed together till the end of time!

Crystal, 13

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You breathe in air, I breathe in death.
You keep on running, I've lost my breath.
You love the sun, I lurk in shadow.
You reach up high, I sink below.
You love to rush, I take my time.
You are a lemon. I am a lime.
We have many differences that set us apart,
But we are the same when we look in our hearts.

Sarah, 12

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I love you!

I love you
Love is a passion I have for you
Orange is your favorite color
V is the second letter in your name
E is for exaggerate because you do
Y is for me and You
O is for olive my favorite food
U is for U and me

My Crush Ivan, 13

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School started and you wanted to join the wrestling team and you did... You worked really hard for your coach.... You wanted to make him feel real good about himself and yourself... Then one day you find out before you come to school that your coach has died and everyone is cryingFrom now on you wrestle and win everything for him...

Jenn, 18

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this just a note to say

this just a note to say
i think about you every day
when i look up in the sky
i wonder why
we have to say goodbye
if only we could stay together
forever and ever

saz, 12

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To God

How can I tell?
How can I say?
How can I go?
I'm going insane.
How are you?
I am fine
Thanks for askin'
But do you have the time
To help me?
Please don't go
And leave me be
I don't want to suffer
Please don't leave me.
I need your help
Right away
Only you
Can hear me plead.
And please help me
Your beloved angel

Melissa, 15

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This is how I feel for you...

Written in pen sealed with a kiss, if you love me please read this:
Out of all the guys I have ever met your the one I cant forget
Your heart is like a lump of gold
Hard to get and hard to hold
I do believe the Lord above
Created you for me to love
He picked you out from all the rest
Because he knew Id love you best
I had a heart so warm and true
But now its gone from me to you
Take care of it as I have done
For you have two and I have none
And if I dont see you on judgment day
Ill know you've gone the other way
And just to prove my love is true
Id go to hell to be with you

Karen, 13

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Popularity Isn't Everything

Popularity isn't everything
In fact its nothing but a word
So who cares if youre a cheerleader
Or have the latest clothes
Why do people judge on whose who (popular dork)
And instead of what is what (personality)
Dorks and Popular people are alike in many ways
So next time you see someone with a weird shirt
Don't judge on who's who
But on what is what
Dorks have feelings to if you haven't noticed

Annonymous, 0

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I Want

I want to talk to you,
But something's holdong me back.
I want to know you,
But I can't relax.
I think I love you,
But I'll never know.
Because what's inside me,
Never shows.
You think I'm a friend,
But I'm more than that.
I know I need you,
And I'm sure of that.

Michelle, 12

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All There Was

I cant believe it
You left me high and dry,
All there was, was for me to cry,
As I sat with nothing to do
All there was, was to think of you,
Maybe later, but not right now
I'll wait for you
Until Im brought down

To: Audry, From: You Know Who, 16

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What I Want

I wrote this poem to help me deal with some feelings that I had for someone, and I wanted to submit it because I work with young girls, and I wanted to show them that its good to be proud of their writing and that sharing is a big part of becoming a better writerRachel, age 24

What I Want

I want to keep the butterflies you give me when you smile.
I want to sit and chat with you and hold you for a while.
I want to tell you everything; I want to share it all.
I want you to know how I feel for you and I want you to return my call.
I do believe in coincidence, but I want this to be fate.
Who would have know we'd click so well, if I had never asked you on a date.
I want to say I'm sorry, for not being able to say,
"I'm really not good at talking about my past, because I'm afraid I'll scare you away."
There's more that I would like to say,
I want this to be real.
I'm not asking you to fall for me,
I'm just telling you how I feel.

Rachel, 24

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Peace in this world is hard to find
People pushing and shoving
Like they are blind
Peace in this world is hard to find
Wouldnt believe what is on some peoples minds

Melissa, 11

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Friend--How Could You?

How could you be my friend?
When you weren't there 'till the end?
You smiled laughed and now you cry
And never say goodbye.
You call me a loser or dumb
When your brain is so numb,
You don't know Mr. so don't judge me!

Jasmine, 14

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Why do I cry?
Why do I sigh?
And why deep inside my heart I feel like Im going to die,
If I dont see you again, for my poor soul to mend.
Why am I scared?
Why am I afraid?
Of you my love I wish I knew why.
Why do I tremble?
Why do I fumble?
And deep inside feeling like Im gonna crumble.
Your tender looks come over me and control my whole body,
Too struck with tension that I cant say a word.
Even to move an inch, too afraid of you to even think to throw a pinch.
Why am I uncontrollably nervous?
Why do I get butterflies in the first degree and swear its nausea indeed I feel?
When all of this comes to place, why do I run from you and hide.
Why am I so confused?
To the point where my mind is abused,
For something so simple and yet I may never know why.

Lilla, 17

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I see happiness in your eyes

I see happiness in your eyes
and know I didn't put it there
I hear you laugh
and know I didn't cause it
I watch you speak
and now your words aren't for me
I listen to you plan your night
and know I'm not included
I see you with her
and know she could've been me.

*~*KIERRA*~*, 13

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May I Be a Friend to You

May I be a friend to you,
That will keep your world moving around in a fantasy,
Holds you tight to keep you warm,
Listen to your problems at a cozy farm,
Keeping your secrets at a lock that's true,
A heart full of promises,
That you'll find about coming true,
That's what I will be for an enchanting one like you.

Liezle, 13

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I Never Knew

I never knew how much I could love you.
I never knew how much I could care.
But theres something in the sweet smile of yours,
That makes me stop and stare.
I hope you never leave me,
Leave me for her
Because the pain would hurt like a thousand knives,
Im sure would never cure.
I wish I could tell you how much I love you.
But it doesnt work out that way.
Because Im afraid that youll leave me,
And break my heart someday.

*LiL PrInCeSS*, 14

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*I love you*

I never knew how much I could love you
I never knew how much I could care
But theres something in the sweet smile of yours
That makes me stop and stare.
I hope you never leave me
Leave me for her
Because the pain would hurt like a thousand knives
Im sure would never cure.
I wish I could tell you how much I love you
But it doesnt work out that way
Because Im afraid that youll leave me
And break my heart someday.

*LiL PrInCeSS*, 14

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I love the way you smile and smirk right before you kiss me,
I love the fact that in all our wrongs we still think we could be.
I love the way you call my cell phone and ask for me,
Even though we all know no one else ever answers but me.
I love your icy blue eyes that never fail to show me some good,
I love they way you always contradict me even though every time firm I've stood.
I love the way your arms are so big around me they could wrap,
I love the way once I've made my decision you never give me crap.
I love they way you do all you do,
I guess what I'm trying to say is, I love you.

Nadia, 14

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Stupid Cupid

*Im sick of guys,
And tired of their screams,
They make me sick,
And want to scream.
One minute they love you,
The next minute they dont,
Why wont cupid just leave me alone?
Ill tell you why
Cupids never loved,
Cupids never cried,
Cupid doesnt go through the pain we do everyday,
So give up on me cupid!
And through your stupid arrow away!*

*LiL PrInCeSS*, 14

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