April 2008

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Love Can Be

Love can be a feeling, love can be a notion,
Love can be as big or as small as the ocean.

Love can be a wink, love can be a sigh
I still love you every day that goes by

Love can be confusing, love can hurt
Every time we love we have the risk of being burnt

Why do we love if we know that?
Are we trying to get back that feeling we had

Of when we were young and our mothers were there
And handed us all the love and the care?

miranda, 14

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I don't know how to tell you this...

Dear Steffanii,

I don't know how to tell you this but I have loved you since the start of this year...I wrote a small poem for you as well. It goes...

I want to say I love you
But I don't know if you'll care
I really wanna tell you
But I don't even dare

Sometimes its really hard for me
And I break down in tears
You'll probably never fell for me cause
We've been friends for years

I wanna be more than that
And show my love to you
My final words
I love you

Love from,

Steffanii, 14

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I try not worrying

I try not to cry

There's nothing

Left to be

You are the one for me

I pray down on my knee

Don't forget the love I give

I'm sorry if I seem different

Through your eyes I know

You don't see mine

I'm sorry for everything but please remember

I love you and the moment will never leave

To: Taylor

jessica, 14

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Forever Mine

You're the cyan wings of my heart,
Flapping joyously in the sky,
Longing to feel my heartbeat and my warm joy.

In your arms, you cradle me,
Good and bad times, alike...
A hammock in my life, humming lullabies at night.

You're the only rose without thorns,
Whispering your kind words to me;
You, a feather, landing, gently, upon my palm.

tt5555, 40

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I see your grin,
in a sea of faces,
what does it mean?
I like you?

Then you laughed,
how obnoxiously,
feeling for you halved,
then you grinned again...

My heart melting,
oh, what to do?
I can't feel my legs,
oh, they're wobbling too.

I went up to you,
Confusion overtook,
and you stared,
with a funny look.

A month ago,
You confessed,
how you liked me,
but my heart's a mess.

Now back to scene one,
roles reversed.
You're the one waiting
with his lips pursed.

Looks now for now,
you shall remain,
a crush,
and naught more...

Sandy, 15

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Your Hero

I'll be your hero through the sunny days and through the stormy nights
And when you're in the dark you already know I'll be your shining light
I'll be your hero, I'll make you smile when you're feeling down
And when you fall don't worry, I'll be right there to lift you from the ground
I am your hero, just call my name, you know that I'll be there
There's no need to worry, you'll have no pain as long as I'm here
Cause I'm your hero
You know it's true
I'll always be there for you
I'll be your friend when you have none
And when all the love is gone
I'll be your hero
Yes you know that you're my friend
I'll be here till the end
Just count on me
I'll always have your back
You know that that's a fact
Cause I'm your hero

(dedicated to a special friend)

Denae, 13

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My world seems black...

My world seems black,
The rain won't stop falling...
The tears of today have worn away,
My heart feels like it has sunk...

The whisper in the wind reminds me of you,
When the rain falls, I forget to cry...
I'm standing alone at the graveyard,
Standing next to your grave...

I remember your smile,
your eyes; your voice...
I remember the three words you whispered to me..
So softly...

You would hold me close,
I would listen to your heart beating...
I would look up at you,
and you would look down and smile, so sweetly...

I'll never forget you,
And I hope you haven't forgotten me...
My world seems black,
The rain won't stop falling...

Natalie, 12

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Special World

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong
In a special world, where we belong.


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The real meaning of beauty.
No one really knows
that woman, she is very pretty
but she is not true beauty.
The person who I have in my hands
Is truly beautiful.
I look down and admire,
I gently give my finger to the person in my arms.
It is gripped by a small fragile hand,
The grip is soft, but firm, and it's warm.
It makes me think just how happy I am.
Tears are produced, I don't even attempt to stop them.
My heart is acting like a newly blossomed, full flower.
Ready to burst out of my chest and be known to the world.
My little one...
Is all I can think about right now: true beauty
many just don't know.
Little One...
Are the things I'm thinking about,
The three things I finally understand.
Little one, Love, and Beauty.

Prudence, 14

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She's Too Young

She's too young to understand
she needs no man to give her a helping hand
she's too young
to open her pretty eyes and see
what he's doing
breaking her heart
that she does not need
but yet it's hard to break away
from what you feel
if you think is real
but she's not too young
to look and learn
and gain from this


beautiful, 17

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Der best friend,

Dear best friend,
I want you to know
You are truly "one in a million"!
You are a "true friend".
Love, your true friend.

cowgirl#1, 13

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Eerie Nights

Eerie nights,
Bright days,
Monsters creep,
In moonlight rays.
If you see,
A werewolf here,
Do not scream or he will hear.
If you see,
A vampire bite,
Do not shout,
Or make a fright.
If you see,
A zombie there,
Run away,
Light the way.

Eerie nights,
Bright days,
Monsters creep,
In moonlight rays.

If you see,
A ghost tonight,
Do not run,
Or make noise tonight.
If you see,
a mummy in the night,
Turn around,
Make a right,
For if he sees you,
He will chase,
And catch you in,
Tonight's big race.

Eerie nights,
Bright days,
Monsters creep,
In moonlight rays.

If you go,
Into the night,
be cautious,
of the monsters there,
if they see you,
walk away,
act as if,
you can't feel their sway.
Go out tonight,
If You Dare!

Eerie nights,
Bright days,
Monsters creep,
In moon light rays.

Megan, 13

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I love you
Do you love me?
Do you believe in me?
I care

Do you love me?
You act like you don't know
I care
My love never fails.

You act like you don't know
Your cold, cold heart
My love never fails
The same stuff is getting old.

Your cold, cold heart
Sinking down in pain
The same stuff is getting old
You're sounding really lame.

Sinking down in pain
Do you believe in me?
You're sounding really lame
I love you.


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Spring Haiku

Flowers start to bud
Bluebirds' eggs are starting to hatch
Spring is in the air

bookworm853, 13

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Listen to the world

Listen to the world
Look up at the sky
Feel the sun hit your eye
The water touch your skin
Because everyday could be what you want it to be
So go outside
The world is your playground
And you're that little kid
So come outside
Have some fun
Till the day is done!!

alyssa, 12

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Oh heart

Oh heart
inspire me
to make my life
worth some meaning
fill my mind
with productive thoughts
that keep
my soul
from bleeding
who knew she could be
more than they thought she was
it's what they'll say
if I escape from the thoughts
that torture me

Fiona, 15

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Love is your heart,
Love is your soul,
Love is something you like.
Nothing can stop that,
Nothing can change,
Only if your heart is rearranged.
Love is my heart,
Love is your heart,
Love can tell us both apart.

Cierra, 13

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Romeo and Juliet Texted At The Table

Romeo and Juliet
Texted at the table
One in tears
The other stares
Lonely at the sea
She saw his face
And knew inside
This could be her chance
Still in tears
They talked away
Until each felt anew
Smiley faces, laugh out louds
All in secret, without a sound
She looked at him
And she found him
Looking back at her
They both smiled and looked away
But inside they know
You can't hide
What's inside
That including love
Romeo and Juliet
Both had made a move
Closer to love
Closer to each other
And they'll never look back
Romeo and Juliet
Texted at the table
Both smiling
At the sea
Both wondering what
They'll soon be

p0n3d, 13

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Sometimes I just want to cry and hide out in your arms.
I don't know why I can't cry when I'm with you.
I can't open myself up to you like I want to.
Two minutes pass by, stuck here writing a poem listening to a Staind song.
I want to pick up the phone and give you a call.
It might be worrying to hear the same story again.
I know it's an everyday struggle.
Am I hitting rock bottom again?
Just yesterday I wanted to find asylum in your home.
I wanted to see that place you told me about.
Remember that phone call?
I knew it would be too soon to appear on your
door step.
So I tried to create that place in my mind.
Ten minutes pass by.
The lyrics sink in and strength comes over me.

Jen, 16

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There is love

Enemies are easy to find, easy to forget,
Friends are easy to get, almost easy to say goodbye,
Best friends are hard to find, hard to let go,
Best friends for life is very hard to look for and very very hard to let go,
All of that happens because there is love,
And love will always be there in our hearts
And ever

Tiara, 13

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Love Face You....

Love Face You...

Sometimes it comes when you are not ready. So what do you do? Tell it to go away until you are steady!

Love Face You...

Sometimes it comes without a warning sign. So what do you do? Read it and know for sure everything is going to be fine!

Love Face You...

Sometimes it comes through once in a blue. So what do you do? Just right off the bat you know it's true!

Love Face You...

So when love does face you what should you do? Is the real question?

The answer is you face love!

Nestea, 20

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I'm sorry

I'm sorry Mom that I didn't get to tell you that I love you when I didn't know it would be the last time I would ever get to again. Even though we didn't have the closest relationship I know you loved me more than anything. To all the people who may read this, everybody that you love tell them you do because it might be your last chance! And you'll feel awful for not getting to let them know!

all alone, 14

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I want to...

I want to give you a call. But I know you won't be there. I want to go walk with you the walks you use to take at night before I went to bed. I want to tell you I love you but I can't. I want the hugs I use to get I want to sit in the front of the car with you, watching you speed past the speed limit and by every police officer and not get pulled over. I want to help you at work again with your bidding and selling. But even though I know that you won't be there, Mom, I always know you are watching me and so is my sister even though I want you guys back so much I couldn't stop even if I wanted to from doing what he did. I love you Mom-the words I never got to say when I had the chance to...


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One big mess

My life
My world
My heart
One big mess
But I'm ok with it - that is what life is about, one big mess, right? One big world of happiness and sadness
A world of laughter and mostly heartache

deliah71294, 13

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Walk into the woods one night

Walk into the woods one night
And surely you will see
A warm cotton glow resides
At the base of steely trees.

Come to the clearing
You won't believe what you're hearing;
Satiated voices full of heart and song
and the hum of love so fleeting.

Creep closer still and smell the chill
Of sharp and bitter air receding,
Smoothed over by runny rhythms,
Guitar song like chocolate creaming.

But within the huddle lies,
A thin air of desperate lies,
And terror in their eyes,
That mask eternal night preceding.

Karlina , 18

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It's very hard

It's very hard
But I have to do it
My love!
I'm forced to let you go

No excuse
No freedom
My love!
I have to forget you

Cruel world
I'm wounded because of love!
My Love!
I'm forced to hide from you

My dear angel!
Help me
is equal to misery

Why can't I love?
Why do I have to let you go?
Cruel world
Pitiless world

I'm wounded for loving you...

Kirana, 15

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Thank you for being there
When I really need you
Thank you for all the words you whisper
When I'm down and lonely
Thank you for your warm hug
When my tears won't stop falling

I wish I could always feel your love
Feel your soft skin touching against mine
Hear your joyful laugh that cheers me up
See your warm smile everyday

Even though you're going away
Please keep me in your memory
Remember all the good times we share
All the laugh, all the joy
All the secrets we share together

Because I will always love you
My sweet angel
My dear confidante
I will miss you like no other person...

Don't forget me...

To my best friend, sister, angel: Kalina
From: Nahara

Kirana, 13

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The time has come

I close my eyes
and I can see
the day we met just one moment
and I knew
you are my bestfriend
Do anything for you
we've gone so far
and done so much
and I feel like we've always been together
right by my side
through the thick and thin
You are the part of my life.
I'll always remember...
Now the time has come
it's best for the best
I know it

Who could have guessed that you and I...
we'd have to say goodbye.
You've helped me find the strength inside
and the courage to make my dreams come true.
How will I find another friend like you?
Two of a kind that's what we are
and it seems like we were always winning
but as our team is torn
The winning is only a dream...

Now the time has come
the right time
Now I have to say goodbye my dear friends

To my best friend

ThEoNeWhObElOvEd, 13

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Best Friend

I would never do anything to hurt you,
You know that through and through.
So why are you accusing me of stuff
That you know I wouldn't do?
We rarely ever fuss and fight
But today is an exception
You know that when you come to me.
There is always acception.

Kian a, 15

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If only I had the strength to tell you

If only I had the strength to tell you,
That we were growing apart.
I feel like I am losing you,
The part of you is lost in my heart.

All those great times we spent together,
So many memories all in the past.
Thinking we would be best friends forever,
Thinking our friendship would always last.

But somehow we drifted farther and farther away,
Slowly losing the bond we had.
I'm never sure if our friendship will be okay,
Keeping me forever sad.

Was it I who had turned my back?
Or maybe it was you?
Is this really real?
Can this all be true?

I don't want to feel this pain,
Hoping sadness won't swallow me whole.
But I find myself with tears in my eyes,
I can't seem to gain control.

Michelle, 17

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Anthem of Public of the High school

drudge on
weary teens
for your future starts here
making the grade may seem hard
but life is even harder
mostly the younger teachers
celebrate this message high school was a blast
and real life is harder
walk through the crowded halls
don't leave your clique
if you do
you won't survive
you'll be different
what a shock
don't step out of line
ask before you pee
this is the anthem
to the high school student
that I wish for all to see
writing on the bathroom walls
can hurt you deep inside
so sit down and close your eyes
rush from class to class
try to listen
as that teacher
drones on and on
you don't care you just wish
the daydreaming
would go on and on

Olivia, 15

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Love always finds a way. Love is not afraid. Love builds a bridge instead of walls. Love never gives up. Love always hangs on. Love waits with constant strong hope. Over all virtues, put love.

talitha, 14

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I don't know

I don't know where we went wrong
and I don't even know what to do
We have been friends for so long
and us being friends is true.
I don't know why we're doing this
But I really hope it stops
and our friendship I miss
I hope this ends in a week... Tops
I don't know where we go from here
But I hope it's a good place
and everything is so clear
They all think this is just a race
I don't know what we are going to do
But we have to act fast.
This isn't just between us two
I really wanted this in the past
I don't know what else to say...
Oh wait, please stop these wars
so tomorrow will be a good day
well... The choice is yours.

Brown Eyes, 15

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Roses are red...

Roses are red violets are blue the love I feel is always for you. There is no amount of words to express how I feel when my heart is broken, my heart you will heal. But all I am really trying to say is that I love you and wish you would be my baby.

neisha, 13

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one four letter word can mean a lot
a house burning down
hatred toward someone
burning love for your significant other
any way you think about it
it still shines bright
like the sun
everyone's life has a light
sooner or later it goes out
my light is almost gone,
Please listen close to my last breath
I... Love...
Suddenly eyes shut and light fades
sorry I couldn't say it
see you on the other side
My love

ashley, 15

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You look at me, I look at you.

You look at me, I look at you.
We both know you like me, why don't you just admit it? Everything you say makes me mad, but sometimes, I always want to be mad. I hate you, but in a good way. Sometimes, I want to hate you forever.

drama_queen, 11

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My Guy of Right Now

I just can't seem
To get it through
Get it through my head
You're actually in love with me
Pinch me, I must be dead
I've secretly loved you
For so long
And my dreams are now coming true
10 more days until we're together
Together, me and you
And I can't get to sleep
Haven't slept, not a wink
Since my best friend told me the news
How could I?
When I know what
You are planning to do
You're waiting for the perfect moment
She said
Then you'll ask me out
I'm already so excited
Can't keep it inside
Don't be surprised if I shout!
I must really know how to pick them
But I never knew you liked me too
I guess my luck has finally turned
I'm over him--and moved on to you
You're just so perfect in every way
Sweet, romantic, funny, and cute too
And I only get up in the morning
Because I know I'll see you at school
Marking my calendar
Counting the days
Now I can't hardly breathe
The guy of my dreams
Soon will be
My guy--of right now!

p0n3d, 13

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I dedicate this to J

You told me: I love you
I didn't tell you, but I loved you too
I missed my chance to tell you
and now I don't know what to do
I want to kiss and hug you
and I know you feel the same way too
Now I act like I forgot what you told me
because I want us to still be friends
I'm frightened to tell you, you see
then our friendship will come to an end
Maybe this is how nature decided us to be
just friends and nothing more to seek
but nature made me cry
I want you, I love you more than the sky.

JBros Fan, 11

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of disappointing the people around me
everything I do I fail at in some way
what do I have to do
for everyone not to feel I failed them
so tired of living for them
need to live for me
I need freedom
that is free
from expectations
am I bad if I don't do my best
don't try my hardest
is being a nice normal person enough
if I work all my life pumping gas
and help others as I can
is my life a waste
is being me enough?

Annie, 15

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Best Friend...

Best Friend...
Please forgive me,
I'm sorry for what I did, it was both of our faults.
When you went home that night I stayed up crying.
Please forgive me.

*special emily*, 12

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I want

I want
to grow up fast
and hate not being treating as an adult
to be respected for my wisdom and maturity
but at the same time
am scared to death of leaving my childhood behind
as I conflict myself on the inside
I smile on the outside
and try to enjoy what I have
go through loss
and get made fun of
my self-esteem rises and falls
but each day
I find out more about
who I am
and realize that's not so important
as caring for others
without letting them hurt you
don't hide
let yourself be vulnerable
or you'll never live

, 0

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Friendship is rough, sometimes you've had enough
Friendship is to the point it's like a muscle on the joint
Friendship is deep as deep as the sea
Friendship is here Friendship is there Friendship is everywhere
So why can't we just be Friends and stick together till the end

Teonna, 12

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do you ever know?
She was the one who ever sacrificed her soul for you,
her sweat poured when she looked for your piece of food.

do you ever know?
she always prays for you
she always keeps smiling
very sweet smiling when you hurt her

when you can stand by yourself
you forget her
you mock her
you hurt her feelings
and she cries
and she cries

she cannot smile anymore
she cannot changer her hurt feelings with smiling
her feelings hurt
too hurt

And you look rebellion child
till you kneel and ask her apology

vRa, 15

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This heart too sick

This heart too sick
during you once more moved further away from me
and you never know
would the available feeling in my heart

I saw you...
Hoped you gaze at me
and understood will love me

However I was wrong...
You were happy together with him
laughed, without heeded me

My heart was sick...
Be sick penetrating the heart
If you know
I will continue to love you...

shanty, 15

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You surprised me, yes you did.

You surprised me, yes you did.
It was a shocker without a doubt.
You even said to think of it as a belated
birthday gift.
That made me oh so happy to know that you left the army behind.
I began to jump up and down.
You promised me some extra years of your life.
You won't regret this, not one bit at all.
I'll help you all the step of the way this time.

Jen, 16

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I'm happy today.

I'm happy today.
I was happy yesterday.
I'll be happy tomorrow too.
I'll be grateful and proud.
I'll sing, I'll dance.
I'll count the days until we graduate.
We'll soon start the rest of our lives.
I'll cry.
I'll be sad.
But not because of something bad.
I will feel this way because you're doing
what I've always dreamt of you doing, attending
college instead of the army.

Jen, 16

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Just friends

Yeah, it started
off just saying
hi, now it's hugs,
talks and love
well, for me it is

I didn't think
I'd say this
but I really
do like you

It hurts when
people walk by
and say
"are you two together?"
and I look
down and say "no."

We're just friends
I guess even
though at times
it seems we're
a couple

He makes me smile
and I get these butterflies
when I'm around him

vna, 13

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The sun smiles at spring

The sun smiles at spring
the flower thirsty at summer
the leaves drop out in fall
and the snows come in winter
when I see your smile
my heart becomes so happy
when I see you are proud of me
my feeling will be full of flower
oh God..
Thanks for giving me a nice mother
a hard working mother
and especially a mother who loves me...

dedek, 14

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Stars are the sky's eyes

The stars are the sky's eyes
The stars are a friend's guide
I read and write
But when I shine
I'll show you all by day and night.

Ana, 13

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Sweet kind of love.

Sweet kind of love.
Sealed with a kiss.
Remember me always.
And one day reminisce.
You'll remember our love.
You'll remember my face.
And Know in my heart.
You'll always have a place.

~ Boop92 ~, 16

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In a forcefield of my own mind.

In a forcefield of my own mind.
-As I look outside my window, I see my freedom passing by.
-Laughing and smiling because they are free.
-I would like to be free, but I'm afraid of what might destroy me.
-Life hurts a lot of people, but I stand tall alone .
-in a forcefield of my own mind!

butter-ball, 14

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My Love

I don't know how to describe how I feel
Maybe it's love, lust or hatred
Either way, my heart motions it all.

How do you describe what we had?
Or I guess maybe, the question is what we were supposed to have?
You left with no note, a text, not even a warning
So I wonder; did I mean anything to you?
Or maybe I was just another one of your babes?

Love is a freckled thing
That can tastefully be wonderful
And bitterly sweet
But either way, I now know I wasn't that worth to you
My love wasn't worth it to you
My time was your alternate escape.

Whatever you want to call it;
I do not call it that.
You may have called it love
And you may have called it puppy love
But in the end, it was only infatuation of the heart

Like they say:
Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me
Fool me thrice, then you are the fool.

Tendai, 17

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Holding Back

I'm holding it all back
I'm keeping it in
No running away
Just carrying it within

Cloud is rolling by
I am standing still
Life is racing past
But I don't feel the thrill

Living is so hard
So easy to die
When everything is lost
Why not just say good bye?

What is it in our souls that
Keeps us going no matter what?
Yet they say I am an accident
They keep holding the truth back.

Destinee, 13

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I'm worth more

I'm worth more
than the way they treat me
I don't deserve it
and then they lie
tell me the truth
maybe I can't take it
what do you care?
Give me raw truth
For God's sake
for my heart wants honesty
even if it breaks

Gigi, 15

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They do not know

That girl across the room
That bratty, spoiled rat
Moved across the room
Not asking the teacher
She now sits next to Emma, giggling
I want to puke.
The girls pass around a print-out from Abercrombie
They circle the many things they want-
Do they know my family can barely afford milk?
These so-called 'popular' people are making me feel like that other poem I wrote: Happiness/Misery.
These girls don't have a clue
Of the world around them
No clue to the war, poverty, and sickness that
Surround us
Protected by the arms of their makeup-coated
No idea of the tormented life I lead
No idea that for the third MONTH of school
I was totally friendless
Alone in the world
No shoulder to cry on
As if I ever did
When my parents are doing their daily fight
Or I feel especially sad
I don't have anyone to talk to
My best friend is usually busy
And won't hear it
Won't understand
But now I go somewhere every Tuesday
Funded by my grandparents
Do those 'populars' know I'm going through
I suppose they don't think kids
Can feel that

Chelsea, 11

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I can't believe you hurt me.

I can't believe you hurt me.
I saw you first as a friend then I saw
you as more as a lover but now
I just see you as my heartbreaker.
I can't live knowing you hurt me so badly...
You asked me to be your lady again.
I was so happy because I was missing you
I was so sad because I didn't want to think
That you could hurt me again...
This time I was the one to leave you...
I wasn't happy nor sad
Pero, everyday I have to see you
And try not to look at you even though I want to...
I feel so bad...
Before we were lovers I could come to you...
I could look you directly in your eyes.
I could smile when you smiled...
Most importantly I could trust you...
I'm sorry that now we can't even say hi to
each other
But I hope one day I can move on...


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Rescue Me

I saw her come to school with big sunglasses nearly every day
I saw her come to practice with bruises on her arms and legs
I saw her take those glasses off
I saw the black and blue around her eye
I heard all the excuses you could think of
while she broke down and cried.
I'm supposed to be her very best friend
And I didn't know what was happening
What was I supposed to do?
How am I supposed to help you.
I saw you two arguing that day.
And I don't know what came over me, I really can't say.
But when I saw him put his hands on you
I didn't even think before I stepped between you two.
I'm usually a fraidy cat but not right then
He looked me in the eyes and I told him
It's over - she's not your punching bag
It's over - this isn't right and you're so sad
No man has a reason to beat a woman.
What the hell are you thinking, hitting my friend?
I took her home with me, I couldn't leave her alone.
She filed a police report and now he leaves her alone.
We don't talk about it so she surprised me
When she told me, "Thank you for rescuing me."

Love you girl.

Alta, 18

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Walk with me?

Walk with me?
Dear God, please tell me what I do so wrong?
To make them think I'm not worthwhile,
For them not to call?
Because I hang back and I can also take a leap.
I can look for him or hope he'll find me.
What gives them the impression that I'm not worth fishing out?
When they don't know me or anything I'm about?
Dear God, I know I'm worth it but the men I like flee. The people I want to walk with, they walk
Away from me.
God I know you've made me stronger to overcome
my woes and sometimes I got to learn this is the way life goes.
I know though there's something. A worth, I'll be.
I hope one day a man, I'll walk with see's it and is proud to walk with me.

Samantha Jo , 20

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Dedicated to my best friend Megan!

This poem is dedicated to my best friend Megan! Me and Megan are best friends. We always have been, but then one day my friend decided to dump me on my head so I'm sitting here today with no best friend and nothing to say.

alex, 10

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I never felt this feeling before

I never felt this feeling before
I have two loves at the same time
It seems crazy
But I felt it now
I still love you, my first honey
But I don't know
I also love that guy
Am I wrong?
I don't know
This feeling is hard for me
Very hard
I don't know
I can't replace you with him
I love you all
You are two guys that have meaning in my life now
I love you all

Uci, 16

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A prison

Love is like a prison
So many ways in,
But almost no way out
Love is a prison that never gets full

, 16

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The birds outside.
The beautiful sunshine.
French Toast? Count me in!
In a while, we'll put on our suits.
And splash.

I just know today will be divine!

Rebecca, 11

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The Look...

The look in your eyes
That lets me wonder if you care.
The way that you make things so confusing to understand
Even when they are the simplest things to understand.
The way that you act so shy
Or is it that you don't feel the same as what you are saying you do...
You confuse me with your actions, sometimes I feel like you more than care.
Other times you are cold and bitter like whenever they are There.
I'm tired of hiding how I feel so please be honest with me,
If you love me then just tell me, if you don't then let me be.

mini, 16

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The pain.

The pain.
As I fight for every minute,
and am grateful for every second,
I know chances for survival are slim.
This sick disease. This evil villan inside of me.
Go away! Please stop putting me through this suffering.

Get me out of this bed. Get me out of this...


Rebecca, 11

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Mother, Mother, as golden as the bright of day,
Mother, mother, I love you so much today,
I hope you'd come back to Earth,
But now you've received new birth,
Mother, Mother, as golden as the bright of day,
I hope I can join you someday.

Katelyn, 11

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I've hurt

I've hurt
I'm a victim
but I've also
Hurt others
out of stupidity
and thoughtlessness
so tired of this
I've done a horrible thing
and only time heals wounds
I can't help anymore
nothing I can say
will help

stupid idiot, 15

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I see you everyday

I see you everyday
Not knowing what to say
I look around to find
But nothing comes my way
I want to look at you
But all I see is new
I try to look away
But after many days
I can't find the way
I need the way
To prove to me
That you aren't the only one
Now I know...

Morgan , 13

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You'll never get me back

When I passed your way today the sight of you almost made me sway. I caught a look of hurt in your eye but you were the one that made me cry. This game of fake love is over now. You'll never get me back anyhow.

Shanice, 13

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Hard Working Slaves

Hard working slaves
working women
working men
scratched up feet, aching hands
work all day, work all night
I sit and ask why us, master, why not them?
We tired, we hungry, we sleepy, ready to go home where we belong

cockie monster , 12

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My Secret Love

I have a secret love,
that no one knows about.
He seems to light my day,
whenever he shows his face.

We have known each other,
for almost two years.
He has always been there for me,
when I shed some tears.

But the real truth,
I have to reveal.
That I have two crushes,
not just one.

I will just call them E and D,
not wanting you to know.
Their true identities,
I don't want to show.

I have to make a decision,
which one should I choose?
I think I'll choose E,
`cause I like him more.

Not wanting to lose friendship,
I will stay friends with D.
I hope it all works out,
in the end I will know.

Jenna , 12

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Roses are red

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet and so are you
I just want to say that I like you but I don't know why

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I like you
You are so sweet and kind like sugar

, 9

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Friends of Mine

As I look upon my friends so dear
I wonder what keeps them full of cheer
Could it be because they love to hug
Or because they share their love
Maybe because they know each day
is not promise for them to run and play
That life is short and then we die
So they embace the chance to play and fly
to enjoy the life that God gave free
to embrace the love that some may not see
They have a joy that comes so fine
I am glad to say they're friends of mine.

Positive Voice, 0

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Always and ForeverAbove

The weather is so hot but I am only getting colder,
I run over to my sweetheart and lean my head on his shoulder.
I tell him I am worried about leaving for junior high,
That we will have to separate and I am going to die.
I couldn't love another boy until I am eighteen,
Any boy who hits on me will soon become a fiend.
I ask him what will happen after that very terrible day,
He tells me I made a place in his heart and forever it will stay.
But that's simply not enough! I really do need more.
I tell him I am scared and this really is a horror.
He doesn't understand that he's a part of me.
He opens up my hand and places a shiny key.
"This key is to my heart and forever it is yours,
Use it whenever you wade through homework or while doing chores."
I stand up and place myself inside his strong warm arms.
"Nothing will make me forget you, not a spell or any charms."
His gentle, tender lips reach for my open cheek.
I really shouldn't have looked but I really had to peek.
"So lets love each-other and use up this precious time,
Always and forever, Scott, you really are mine."

kgirl9, 12

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Loving you is like a river.

Loving you is like a river. When I see you coming my way I get weak. This is real love, we both know. As people try and try to tear us apart we strongly hold our stuff together.

This love is strong.
This love is beautiful.
This love is true.
This love is pure.

When you caress me into your hands I wish we can pause time.
When I look into your eyes I get filled with joy.
I wish time stayed still.
All the tears all the crying nights we finally made it right...

Quashia, 13

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I long for your regal touch

Matt, I long for your regal touch. If only you would stop the act then you and I would be. Until then, I sit and wait behind you in math class hoping and wishing that you'd look my way. Maybe one day, I hope it's really soon because school is coming to an end. I won't be back, so decide now.

bookey, 15

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