March 2005

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She hears her bathwater running

She hears her bathwater running, as
She finds a place to hide;
For the sound of the running water,
Causes her to feel shameful inside.

When the water is turned off, this
Child begins to sweat;
She knows that soon, she will endure,
What she can never forget.

They call her name out loudly,
And she hurries to meet her doom;
For she always complies to their wishes,
Never fighting the things that they do.

The bathroom is like a prison to her,
As she's punished there every night;
And as they take her clothes off,
Her heart is filled with fright.

A tear runs down her cheek, as they
Lower her into the tub;
She watches as they soap their hands,
Their playmate she's soon to become.

Then they use their soapy hands, the
Ones' that begin to rub;
This little girl who flinches, as their
Hands roam in the tub.

"We must make sure that you're clean,
And that we don't miss a spot;
We need to be thorough for your' sake,
Whether you like it or not".

When their playtime is finally over,
She watches the bathtub drain;
And as the water runs down it, she's
Consumed with guilt and shame.

They put her pink, flowered panties on,
As they say, "You smell so nice";
And she's convinced that through their
Veins, runs blood that's as cold as ice.

She then begins to tremble, as her
Nightgown goes over her head;
For she knows what terror awaits her,
In her filthy, oversized bed.

This is the worst part of the night,
For she is forced to comply;
With the roaming of their dirty hands,
In the darkness of her night.

When at last they are finished using her,
They quietly close the door;
And this child sobs uncontrollably, from
The hands that freely explored.

She buries her head in her pillow,
As she cries herself to sleep;
Clutching her teddy bear tightly, who
Comforts her while she weeps.

Laura, 11

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Roses are red

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Boys love me
And I love them, too.

amandaaa6, 10

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It's time to go

It's time to go
It's time to go to a place you don't enjoy
Is it your choice if you want to go?
No! It's not your choice
He makes you go when you say no
So how do you say bye when it's time?
Who knows...
Sorry to tell you this but it's time to go

Mel, 15

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He would come home late

He would come home late
And hit us
I would cry and say to stop
But the more I cried
It just kept
Going and going like the
Energizer bunny
Then one night she went
Looking for him
And while she was gone he came home
And found me
I started crying and crying and he started
Hitting and hitting then
Everything started fading away
Slowly and when I woke up
I was laying in something
Wet and red

Mel, 15

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I Think I'm In Love.

I Think I'm In Love.

Yeah, they're my favorite pastime.
No strings attached,
No serious commitment,
Definitely no love.
Yeah right.

So what's this weird feeling inside my stomach?
What's the reason I'm always thinking of you?
My heart's beating faster,
My head's in a spin,
Everything reminds me of you,
I see you everywhere.
I think
I think I'm in love.

I love you.

Hanz 4 Haz, 13

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The Girl with Black Eyes (do you remember)

The Girl with Black Eyes (do you remember)

I sit and watch the rain fall
Outside my bedroom window.
Washing away all the dirt
From my garden gate.
I'm trying to clear my mind of you,
Your scent,
Your smile,
Your kiss.
But it's just not working.
You're engraved into every line in my mind,
I can still feel your fingers laced through mine,
Your arm 'round my shoulder,
Your tears on my face.
It took so long for us to get together
And now we're apart.
I'm just empty.
Falling like the rain outside my bedroom window,
Washing the dirt off my garden gate,
Washing the dirt out of your hair,
Dripping off your eyelashes as we sheltered under the willow tree,
And kissed until the sun came out.
Do you remember?
I'm the girl with the black eyes,
That you held so close,
That you loved so much,
That turned you away.
I'm the girl with the black heart,
That crumbled when you left her,
That needed you so much,
She pushed you away.
I'm the girl who loves you from a distance,
Rings you on the phone,
And tells you her fears.
I'm the girl who loves you,
Especially when the rain falls.
Now do you remember?

hanz 4 haz, 13

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I'm so far away from your eyes, your voice is

I'm so far away from your eyes, your voice is the closest I have to you. The sound of your smile, that's a memory of mine. Dreaming is a way to be near your spirit, movements that feel so real that I don't miss you.

al, 19

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There was this time I was in love

There was this time I was in love with this guy who was in love with this girl. All I could ever do was talk about this guy I was in love with who was in love with this girl.

Stephy, 16

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Roses are red

Roses are red, violets are blue
I'm sweet and so are you

yodonnic, 8

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Megz is my name

Megz is my name
So don't call me a piece of grain
Pay attention, you are laying off your job
Hurry up before you turn into a hog

Meghan, 10

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You protect me like I'm your star,

You protect me like I'm your star,
Whether I'm near or far,
You'll be there,
You'll be there to grab my hand,
You pull me throught the hardest of times,
That's why I wish you were mine,
I love your touch,
I love your smile,
I love you so much,
You may be one of the dunce,
But believe me when I say
I love you Unce.

Unce Love you bby, b myn

Jade, 16

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I Was Just A Little Girl,

I was just a little girl,
Until you made me untrue,
I was hoping to keep me as myself,
I was hoping to keep my life,
I was hoping I wouldn't change,
I said, "No," you just didn't listen,
I think about it everyday,
When I wake up, when I go to sleep,
I cry everyday,
I wish to start over,
So just do me a favor, never do this to your life

Hey, my name is Tammie, I am only 13 years old, and I got raped by a 17-year-old, so never fool around with an older person.

Tammie, 13

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Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

Do you remember me, Dustin?
The girl from church camp.
Me, you, Haley, and Anthony.
We had so much fun.
We never thought anything would happen.

Then you touched my shoulder at school
And said,"Hey, Haley remember me?"
I was so excited to see you.
We talked a little bit but then
Our friendship just went away.

I missed us talking, but then
You moved away after that.
I would never see you again, or so
I thought.

Then one day over 7th grade
School year something happened.
Do you remember?
I never forgot about you!
I was about ready to get up.
I went to Mom and Dad's room & Mom said,
"Do you remember Dustin?"
"Of Course," I said.
Mom broke the news.
They found his body.
I sat on the bed just shocked.
That whole day was a blur.

The next day at school was
A blur, for a few people.
Do you remember Cody, Caleb, and Jessica?

We found out when your visitation
Was and I decided to go.
When I got there, I got in line
With Jessica.
The line was moving fast.

Jessica and I wondered if your casket
Was open.
We stepped into the room arm in

We saw your mom, she was devastated.
We walked up & looked at the
Board with all your pictures.
I couldn't take it, I broke down.

We moved up to your casket.
We looked and broke down.
There were bags of skittles, how
Could I forget.
There were letters & bears, too.
We walked out and cried.
Do you remember?

I left and asked Mom, "Why would anybody do that to him?"
She said, "Honey, I don't know, nobody knows."

Pictures from the past sped
Through my mind.
Then you in the casket with
All the make-up to hide the bruises.

My dream filled my mind.
You were in the creek calling
My name for help.

I never stopped crying.
I called my friends and they
Comforted me through my tears.

They haven't stopped your case.
They said the won't until
They find your murderer.

Do you remember me?

Haley, 13

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If I'm loved then let me know

If I'm loved then let me know I'm always loved and never old.

tierney, 12

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Oh,can't you see,

Oh, can't you see,
How our hearts are one.
The way you look at me.
Makes me want to read a pun.

Elene, 13

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Jagged Edge

Jagged Edge

A jagged edge
A torn out page
I'm turning corners but I can't find a way
Two sides to a story
But that's not true
There are three sides
The third one is you
Why won't you tell me
Just let me know?
Tell your side of the story
Let your secret go
It's just three of us
You, him and me
But we are slipping about
I know you can see a jagged edge
A torn out page
I'll wait for you...
Another day

russeka, 15

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Heartbroken is like an easy battle that has been crashed

Heartbroken is like an easy battle that has been crashed by the other side. Or perhaps it is a glass mirror reflecting all the feelings that had surrounded you and is now shattered on the floor. Why must a person do this if they know that it shall hurt someone? They do it because they are weak.

heartck, 11

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How did I know I will alway love you

How did I know I will alway love you
I Didn't
3 years later how did I know it would be painful
I Didn't
How did I know I can talk to someone else from moon to sun
I Didn't
Up, down, round and round we go where we stop only I know

Ashley, 15

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I am so mad and I feel so sad. I can feel and hear my heart beating so fast and so loud. How could she hurt me so bad. How could she tell such a lie. I am about to cry. I feel like I want to hurt her back but I know that would just make me feel even more bad and mad and sad. And I would feel and hear my heart beating even more than before.

- I wrote this poem when someone I thought was my friend turned out to be pretending. She told all of my secrets to people and she made up tons of lies too.

megan .R., 10

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Words will be spoken and never will be heard.
Words will be Spoken and never will be returned.

lizzie, 12

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Never say never when there is hope

Never say never when there is hope. It may not be the best time but soon it will be your time to shine...

diara, 11

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Day and night waitin' to hear

Day and night waitin' to hear
His call, the call of we
Are husband and wife and friends
Are just a pattern forgotten
A rose petal followed by the drive to our
Home leaving madness no room to roam
Leaving enemies outside the door closing our eyes
And imagining we were sailing on the northern sea
With joys of love that surround you and me
Dreaming a plentiful dream of someday this will all be true, not a myth of me and you

Dreaming By Sheena

sheena, 17

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I gazed into your eyes,

I gazed into your eyes,
Into the painting,
Mixed with different colors.
I glanced at your blonde hair,
At the sandy color,
Dancing and glimmering in the light wind.
I looked at your smile,
At the pearls of white teeth,
Hidden behind your widened lips.

And then I noticed I was standing there,
Curling my light, brown hair in my fingers,
As I gazed at the blue sky,
Thinking of you,
A million miles away,
Like you'd never existed,
Just a passing image of you,
In my lonely thoughts...

Laurie-Ann, 12

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I feel like I stand out

I feel like I stand out
Like a red thumb in the crowd
Odd and ugly
not home proud
But if you look into the sky
Keep looking don't sigh
Then be proud do be different
Not different to be proud!

It's not what your appearance is
So not popular, no dance
Be the girl, the real you
Make-up dates, I don't have a clue
You are called ... Because you are
Because you are the shining star

JD, 0

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When Will I See You Again?

When Will I See You Again?

I remember that night down Sandy Bay
I met you and you smiled at me
I'll never forget that day
You asked me my name
As soon as I saw you
I fell in love with your blonde hair and ocean blue eyes
You said you felt the same

I waited for you the next day on the beach
I hoped you'd give me a kiss
As the sun went down by my hair blown in the summer breeze
You came over
My hay fever was acting up again and I hoped that I wouldn't sneeze

You ran your fingers through my soft, dark, brunette hair
You kissed me and the people on the beach began to stare
I didn't care, not all
You were so tall, though, and compared to you being so tall, I looked small

But you came as promised
And you said to me, "I love you more than words can say honest"
I believed that day and still today you were true to your word
You called me your "lovely little browny bird"

Then I spent all my holiday with you
I still miss you Brad, though, and thinking about you makes me feel blue
That I can't see you
But we will see each other again
I don't know when yet

Waiting for you to come visit me is torture
But waiting for you, my lush boy, is so worth it
I love you Brad

Katie, 15

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Three Little Words

Three Little Words

We have been through a lot,
But you have always been there for me.
You always took my side,
Even when it wasn't we.

You always say you love me,
More then I will ever know.
But do you really mean it?
Is this really so?

I am not sure what you mean,
When you say this to me.
Especially since love is a strong word,
And shouldn't be used freely.

Those three little words,
Have lots of meaning.
And could hurt somebody easily,
If it's not taken seriously.

I want you to know how I feel about you,
Because it's only fair to you.
I have some strong feelings,
But what exactly they are, I don't even know.

I know I think of you constantly,
And that you always put a smile on my face.
And as soon as you get online,
My heart begins to race.

Before I ever met you,
I was fine with my life.
And now that I know you,
I know that without you it wouldn't be quite right.

I know this might be hard,
For you to comprehend.
So just take your time,
To take it all in.

So if I had to summarize,
This poem just for you.
I guess I would have to say,
That I love you.

Julia, 14

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Love is Blind

Love is Blind

You told me you loved me on the second day we met
I thought I loved you back,
but I guess I was just plain stupid.
The next day everything turned out fine,
but then I saw this different side of you.
It looks like you're a little kid inside,
But you look like a man outside.
It's best for us to just take a break
Maybe someday, I'll find the inside of your heart.

Mohana, 13

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No one cared

No one cared for anything that happened to me
No one saw all the hatred, so how did you see?
No one found my heart was locked up inside
So how did you realize?
How did you realize I had a heart?
How did you realize it was torn apart?
How did you realize it was only me?
How did you ever find the key?
I have no clue how you found me
And how you found all the secrets locked up by the key
I guess I'll never know how you even tried
But thanks for comforting me while I cried

Jazzy, 13

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I Watch These Walls

I watch these walls
I breath this air
I trap this room
In an empty stare
My mind goes blank
Like this scene
I retrace the steps
Of where you have been
You are not here
All that I find
Is reality
You were in my mind.

Kim, 13

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When we first got together

When we first got together,
everything was perfect
I knew you loved me,
and I loved you

But then
You started doubting my love
And everything went downhill from there
I suffered in misery
But I couldn't stop loving you

So you started treating me badly
you took advantage of my love
I cried enough tears to flood a city
But I still kept on loving you

I never knew loving someone could hurt so much
But now I know exactly how it feels,
because you put me through hell.
Although Ive suffered, I will never wish the same for you
All I can do...
Is keep on loving you. SAD_EYEZ 323

La klowny

Brittney 323 , 16

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Beautiful girl young and sweet
Time passes by and she's still neat
She can be mean, but at least she's not green.
That's my girl that loves only me.

Taylor, 12

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As people come people

As people come people
go that is the hardest
of all. To accept the,
changes that are to come.
This is the scariest part
in losing a loved one.
As your mind wonders you
wonder what are you to do,
without them in your life
Till you meet them in heaven
once more.

Chelsea D., 12

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Roses are Red Violets are blue I want you to

Roses are Red Violets are blue I want you to know that I love you. When you I laugh if you cry I cry and the point is that I don't care if we are different I just love you!!!

Luv, 10

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Love yourself full and true

Love yourself full and true
Love yourself for being you
Love him because he's nice
Love him with chance, roll of dice

stardreams37, 11

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She Was Only A Baby

She Was Only A Baby
When Her Dad Hit Her Mommie a lot
She Never Cared For Her Dad At All

Night After Night He Came Home Drunk
He Always Said He Would Stuff Mom in A Trunk
Never Did She Do Anything Wrong To Him
Thats When He Took It Out On The Kids

One Night The Babygirl couldn't Take It Nomore
She Saw It Happen Again Once More
She Woke Up and Bit Her Daddys Leg When He Hit Mom
He Pushed Her And Said "When The Kids Wake Up They Will Find You In A Pool Of Blood"

I Never Would Forgive Him..His Words Haunt Me
I Bet Mommie Lives With This Horror Her Whole Life
She Knows She Does..She Knows I Can't Keep My Life
A Secret...So I Tell Lies To Make My Dad Seem Nice
I can't Think Of Anything..But Wish I Was Dead

My Life Will Never Be The Same..I Remember So Much
I Was Just A Kid When This Happend So I Know Its True..So Daddy...I ******* Hate You!

ScarEd Of my liFe ~RiSsa~KariSsA, 12

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Im Wearing Your Tshirt.

Im Wearing Your Tshirt.

I'm wearing your tshirt,
It smells of that aftershave you wear,
Theres a hole in the sleeve,
But I don't care.
The necklace you gave me,
Is wrapped around my wrist,
I keep it close to my hands,
Clutch it while I sleep.
The kisses you gave me
Are locked in my head,
You can't take them away from me,
Not my memories.
I'm thinking of you as I'm writing this,
I'm used to it by now,
You're always on my mind.
I cried yesterday,
When they told me what you said,
That you didnt feel the same anymore,
You wanted to stay friends.
But how am I meant to see you with another girl,
Congratulate you,
Give you advice,
When all I want is for you to be mine again,
Like we were before.
Im wearing your tshirt,
It smells of that aftershave you wear,
There's a hole in my heart,
But you don't care.

hanz 4 haz, 13

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I want you to know,
I cried yesterday.
I want you to feel bad.
I want you to feel how I felt,
When I broke up with you,
And hoped our friendship was still intact.
I want you to feel so rotten that you can't stand to see me
Because I'm happy again,
And I don't need you anymore
I want you to feel how I feel
I want you to be crushed,
I want to make you hurt.
I want you to know how much I still love you,
And how much I regret us breaking up,
And how much I hate to see you coping,
When I don't know where to start.

hanz 4 haz, 13

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Thanks for your friendship,
And for all those times you've forgave me,
Because even I know what a B**ch I am,
Your not the only ones who can see.

Thanks for all the laughs we've had,
But for all the crys too,
And also I really wanted to say,
Thanks for being you.

Thanks for bringing me up when am down,
And for making me happy when am sad,
But most of all I thought you should know,
You're the best friends a girl could have.

Kirsty, 12

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This is more than a crush

This is more than a crush
such a sudden rush
more than a shameless flirt
I love you so much it hurts
can't you see
we were meant to be
when I'm with you
there's nothing I can do
my knees go weak
I can't speak
It's like you put a spell on me

sugargirl3, 14

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The World Is An Extraordinary Place....

The World Is An Extraordinary Place...

The world is an Extraordinary place
To live in
Rivers, oceans to swim in
Mountains to climb
Stars to wish upon and reach for your dreams

Sunsets, sunshine and the moon
Beauitful things to look at
Flowers in bloom all year round they bloom beautifully in June

The world is an Extraordinary place
To live in
And be part
There is beauty in everything everyday
Everyday is a blessing to be alive!

Katie, 15

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I had a lover

I had a lover
Who I thought loved me
but instead he went for another
I guess this love was never meant to be

Five years later
I see him in a place
he works as a waiter
he said his life was a waist

We get back together
I missed him truly
our love will be forever
like the sky is bluey

belkis, 11

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I cry because of you

I cry because of you
I cry because of him
I cry because of her
I can't cry anymore

It's too much

Izzy, 12

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Today Will Be A Good Day

Today will be a good day,
a happy day, a fine day like other days.
I want a day to shine, to give joy, to show me that there are other days.
But this one I'm happy, I'm sad, I can't find the way to show how glad I am.
I'm sad, he's sad, I'm sad, everyone is sad.
But the old man in the rocking chair,
Oh, he is always mad.
Mad at the world, mad at them girls, mad at his children, mad at the sun.
If I could grant him one wish,
I bet it would be for him to be glad, sad or mad.
Just to be glad at himself with that look on his face that is mad.
Make it sad or make him glad.

stephanie, 13

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I Hate My Life and All The Others

I hate my life and all the others
I wish I could turn life back
I hope I die
This poem makes me cry
Life isn't fair
No one's here to help me with all my fears
No one cares, not even me
I hate my life.

BFForEver, 10

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You Think You Know Me

You think you know me.
Word on the street is that you do.
You want my history.
What others tell you won't be true.
I'll walk a thousand miles to find one river of peace,
And I'll walk a million more to find out what this life means.

sarah, 12

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Life is Either Black or White

Life is either black or white
Easy going or a tough fight
Left or right
Yes or no
If you?re smart, you'll know where to go
Tastes good or tastes like crap
Succeed or end up dribbling like tree sap
Try your best or not bother at all
Don't really give a s***
You?re either big or small
Schools hard, life's crap, you suck
You might as well as give up.

Katie, 13

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Slowly she fell backwards

Slowly she fell backwards down
Into the arms of love.
She never wanted to get up
And look at the sky above.

Leanne, 12

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A poem on hopeless teen love

A poem on hopeless teen love:

So depressed what can I do
It's just that every time I see you
With your stupid slapper girl
My fists just curl
Up in anger and
My emotions go out of control
And it's as if I am the sole
Person who is feeling this
But what am I supposed to do?
To try and get over you
And I see you every day
That doesn't help at all
But either way
It would be easier if I just
Didn't fancy you at all
Then maybe I wouldn't feel like
You've ripped my heart out.

N/U/T/T/Y/?, 14

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Your face is engraved in my heart
I will never forget
I will always regret

It's too late to turn back
I could have been blissful
Don't turn away now
This silent torture
It's tearing down the walls of my heart
How could you
How could she
How could I?
I don't even know
Help me!

Anne, 12

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Last night I saw you,

Last night I saw you,
When I looked out my window,
All the stars shone that night,
And the moon glowing above.
But none of this will bring you back,
I just keep wishing it will.

One wish, I made,
Was that what did it?
Was that what drove you away?
I see rain falling on my cheeks,
They're tears of love.

Cher, 12

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The stars are your eyes,

The stars are your eyes,
The waves are your hair,
The sun is your smile,
Glowing there.

The rain is your tears,
The storm is your fears,
The clouds are your feelings,
Rolling here.

You wrap the lightning around me,
Sprinkle flowers in my hair,
You make the sun come out when you're near,
And the storm come now you're not here.

Cher, 12

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The wind was blowing

The wind was blowing
The snow was snowing
Outside the window
Was a very old widow
And in my hands: a hot cocoa.

Sarah, 11

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Can Anybody Hear Me....

Can Anybody Hear Me...

Can anybody hear me?
Does anybody here what I have to say?
I want to say something, why can't you just see?
I think of something to say everyday

Does anybody see me?
Do the Gods feel my pain
Can they see me, can you see?
I've felt this feeling again and again

I have a point of view
A voice to be heard
Why won't you listen teacher Mrs. Q?
I deserve to be heard, someone to listen to me I deserve

I am going to say what I think
And everybody better listen
I have got something to say
Will you listen?

Katie, 15

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Dreams are like books, you have one after another

Dreams are like books, you have one after another
Dreams are like diamonds, they shimmer and glow
Everyone has dreams whether they think so or not
Everyone can help make dreams reality
So dream big because we've all got your back

stardreams37, 11

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Fair Ivory

Fair Ivory

Green hills are rolling
Down them walks fair Ivory
Her steady pace not slowing
Off to meet her lad named Lee

The gentle river's flowing
Beside it walks she
The fish swim knowing
None are fairer than Ivory

The leaves so red are dancing
Like her and Lee would be
But lightning came lashing
And killed her poor Lee

Now softly she is crying
Her tears taste of the sea
Poor Ivory is dying
Her spirit will travel to the arms of Lee

WWEsuperstarwannabe, 0

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Addicted to you.

Addicted to you.
I am addicted to you like you are a drug.
I need you more and more with every hug.
I am addicted to you and the way you kiss.
I fiend for you on the days that I miss.
It is your fault I feel the way that I do.
It is your fault that I'm addicted to you.

ducks dont get sick, 16

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Roses are red

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Monkeys like you
Should be kept in a zoo
Don't get angry because I'll be there too
Not in the cage but laughing at you

Me & my friends found this very amusing hahaha

ChEekY, 14

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First Break Up

First Break Up

Why do I hurt
When things seem so perfect
Why do I breathe
When every breath brings a cry
Why do I listen
When my heart cannot hear
Why do I gaze
When my eyes are closed tight
Why do I move
When every step leaves a scar
Who do I smell
When the scent is bitter and full of fear
Why do I embrace
When my body is lonesome and cold
Why do I smile
When my soul is weak and fragile
Why do I even bother
When I only put myself at shame

shelynn, 15

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My Shining Hour....

My Shining Hour...

I saw a girl on her own at college and I befriended her straight away her name is Anne Marie and I've made a new friend as well as a whole group. I feel so proud of myself for having the confidence and courage to talk to her. Now I feel more confident to talk to people. If I don't know strangers, I usually feel shy but now I proved that I can talk to people without letting being shy and quiet get the best of me. From Katie.

Katie, 15

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this boy i knew he always had problems that you

This boy I knew he always had problems that you didnt even know. He always tried so hard in school, he was a nice boy too. Nobody even knew how hard he tried. When he was at home his mom did drugs and his dad died along time ago but johny tried to hide all the pain he felt inside. He thought of suicide every day, he woke up hoping to die because nobody was there for him or on his side he tells his self over again that he's going to kill himself and one day I saw him, dead. That's the story or poem about johny one of my best friends I will never forget.

amanda C., 14

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i wrote your name in the sky

I wrote your name in the sky
But the wind blew it away
I wrote your name in the sand
But the waves washed it away
I wrote your name in my heart
And forever it will stay

* yes marco its true!

arely, 13

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Love Isn't all Roses

All gone
The love that we had,
You make me so sad,
Because you took it all away

Our love
All gone
Why did you have to throw away all that we had?
I loved you
You loved me but
Look what you did to ruin it
Killing our hearts
And suffocating my soul
Its all forgotten
Such brokenness

Me, 13

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Don't turn to me,

Don't turn to me,
When all else fails,
And when the music stops,
Don't turn to me,
When the child screams,
And wakes you from your pleasant dreams,
Don't turn to me,
When darkness comes,
And the light soon flees,
Don't turn to me,
To quell your fears,
And keep you safe at night,
Don't turn to me,
Or all you'll see,
Is something that will never be.

saoirse, 14

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A Call for Love

A call for LoVe

Call me once,
Call me twice,
Don't care if you do it thrice.
Over land and over seas,
Love will reach you,
Soon you'll see.
Written with care,
Sealed with a kiss, I love keith, and
I hope he reads this!!!

keala1992, 12

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A peach is a peach.

A peach is a peach
A plum is a plum
A kiss isn't a kiss
Without some tongue
So open up your mouth
Close your eyes
And give your tongue
Some excercise

marilyn, 13

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Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss

Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss,
If we're still going out, please answer this.
Are you my boyfriend or are you not?
You told me once before, but I forgot
So tell me now and tell me true,
So that I can say I'm here for you.
If I shall die before you do,
I'll go to heaven and wait for you
I'll give the angels back their wings,
And risk the loss of everything.
Just to prove my love is true,
Because I'm lucky to have a guy like you!

Sammyd, 14

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Three seconds

Three seconds to say I love you,
Three hours to explain it,
And a lifetime to prove it!!!

bianca, 13

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True Love Is

True love is when you can look into his eyes and see his heart!!!

bianca, 13

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Come To Me

Come To Me

When your heart is full of hate
And you don't know how to run away
Come to me

When your family hates you
And nothing anyone says is true
Come to me

When you can taste your dirty tears
And you're tired of faking it all these years
Come to me

When there's no one left to blame
And nothing feels the same
Come to me

Because I feel the same as you do
So together we can live this through
Just me and you

So come to me
And you'll see
Together as one we may be...

Bethany, 13

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Nerd at Bat

Nerd at Bat
The school bell rings,
We go out to play,
I'm so glad that it's baseball day!

We are going to play baseball for you see,
So when they picked teams, they sorrowfully picked me.

We took turns running bases and hitting the ball,
When it was my turn to bat, I was as jumpy as a cat!

I hit the ball hard and it soared into the sky,
The second baseman thought it would fly!

Unfortunatley, the pitcher caught it ,
And I was out, so all I could do is give a mournful pout.

Surely, baseball is not my sport,
Hopefully I will have better luck on the basketball court.

Rachal K., 10

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San Antonio

San Antonio
You see different faces
When you go to beautiful places
The RiverWalk is a place to walk
And for people to stroll and talk
I don't think the Alamo
Is such a lame-o
Instead it's really cool that some people drool.

Nancy, 10

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I Love You so Much

I love you so much
I just have to feel your touch
I think about you everyday
I love you so much I have to say
I hope you love me too.
Because all I know is that I love you.

e.e, 11

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The Fate of The School Hamster

The Fate of The School Hamster
The cat ate it
No, the dog chased it
No, I left it in the garden
And a bird flew off with it
No, a robber stole it
No, a badger made a hole with it
I can't find that hamster, strange isn't it?

An elephant sat on it
No, my aunty flattened it
No, my dad swatted it
No, the rat got it
No, it got squashed by the telly
No, it got squeezed by Kelly
I can't find that hamster, strange, isn't it?

A fire burned it
No, a fan turned it
No, a guitar plucked it
No, a hen clucked at it
No, a snake hissed at it
No, a chopper just missed it
So can we buy a rat, and that'd be the end of that?

swift wing101, 10

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I loved you but you rejected me
I called you but you didn't call back
I try to talk to you but you don't listen.
Then something happend
You loved me, I rejected you
You called me but I didn't call back
You tried to talk to me but I didn't listen
Now you know how it feels to be rejected
Metaphor: if you have a store take care of if before it's owned by someone else.

JanNa, 13

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I love the way

I love the way you talk to me
I love the way you see
I love the things you say
I love the way you play
I love you for your smile
I love the way you can walk a mile

I love you

kelsey, 12

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When I Die.

{this poem is about when I die} When I die will I meet God?
When I die will my angel come and get me to be in heaven for good?
When I die what age will I be?
Will I be an angel for somebody, watching them happy
When I die will I get to see my lost ones? If I do, I will look at them and say I love you
When I die I will remember you where ever you go I will be on your side always when I do die.

amanda, 14

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Why do best friends think their all that?

Why are best friends thinkthere all that?

My friend shaeyla thinks she is cool
But maybe
And maybe not
She gets on my nerves
Like disgusting snot
She's a pain of hate
But never said it in the face
Of humidity
Why do best friends think there all that?

PAM, 10

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*Roses Are Black,Violets are too...*

*Roses Are Black, Violets are too...*

Roses are black,
Violets are too,
Her life is a piece of s***,
Because of you,
She cried every night,
She wished she was dead,
You never knew the pain going on in her head,
She told me she just wanted the life she'd dreamed,
And that she would've but ever since you, Her life was messed up, it seemed.
I held out my hand,
I Helped her up,
I said,"You know what?--You can!!!"

happy_gothic_gurl, 12

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Do you know what I like in a guy? Everything I like about you. Do you know what I like about you? Everything you do.

I don't like you for your body, I don't like you for your looks. You may not be a hottie, but you sure do know your books.

You may have big feet, and you may be kind of nerdy. But all you have to do is be a little flirty.

I like you for your mind and I like you for your heart. It would be a total bummer if we ever had to part.

I leave now with just one thing to say, I hope you know, I want you here to stay.


sarah, 13

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There's no romance for me.

There's no romance for me.
There's no slow dance for me.
All around me I see them,
With waving banners of young love.
Oh, of course it's just a gift
Given to the lucky from heaven above.
Oh, but love's so hard to find
When you are a young girl like me.
Family problems in the past,
Seeing nothing ahead of me.
Oh, I see them every day.
They tell me that their hearts belong
To me, but what lies do they speak?
Horrible, cruel lies they speak.
For unreal love is worse
Than no love at all.
For unreal love is worse
Than no love at all.

Silverbird, 11

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When all is lost

When all is lost,
A little bird will fly your way.
When all is lost,
You'll hear a little bird say,
When all is lost,
A miracle will come your way.
Now speak this to another
And you'll really make their day."

Silverbird, 11

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I'm a girl

I'm a girl
A girl in a world
A world full of hate,
Which you can't escape,
Even if you try
People will still pass you by,
Even if there is fear in your eyes,
And they never wondered why,
You might hate it or love it,
But you must still rise above it,
You must rise above the skies,
And if anybody ask you why say:
I'm a girl,
A girl in a world,
Full of hate, which I can't escape.

Ashley, 13

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Everything is a blur
As the world whirls
The merry-go-round
Too fast to be merry
Sour but sweet
Everything is a blur
As the world wraps its loving arms around you
And you are safe
Sure, it's a blur
But you're holding on tight
Sure, everything's unclear
But you will be all right.

Silverbird, 11

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Yes That's Me

Yes That's Me
Yes that's me
Look and you'll see
My hair is brown and black
My eyes are hazel with a twinkle
My arms are long and skinny
My hands are very pretty
My heart is loving
I'm your great possibility
I never give up
My friends are very goofy
I live to be me
I hope I'll never stop dreaming
I dream of being me
It's clear as can be, that's positively, absolutely me.

esmeralda, 12

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You are the one that suffered for my 14 hour birth.
You are the who brought me to planet earth,
So, just have a wicked Mothers day...

zeinna, 9

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I awoke to the warm dripping of the sun,
I hear the ocean's surface shimmering,
As I look beyond the ocean suface,
A reflection of fire,
As I looked up it was a wonderful fire sunset
I felt relaxed, calm, and very warm
Not a sound apart from mother nature herself
That's the magic of my pea green boat!

Rianna, 11

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I for Indvidual

I for Indvidual
I refuse to tow the public line.
I refuse to join the flock of sheep plodding along the wide, superficial path leading to bad grades and sad faces.
I will keep my cool.
I refuse to behave like a lunatic on the street all in the name of 'popularity.'
I refuse to be fake, to grin like the village idiot.
I refuse to be a slut, to be 'easy' just to get attention.
I will take a stand.
I will stand out.
I will be me!

Popularity is over-rated.

, 12

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Old friends, new ones, some not good ones.

I don't know if they are good friends, or just friends that use you.

How do you tell bad from good friends, right from wrong friends?

Let's see, wrong friends turn their backs on you. Right ones face foward and stay true.

Fake friends for goodness sake, I don't know what to think.

kass, 14

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I don't know what I am going to do
I just spend countless hours thinking of you
I miss you now more than ever
It almost feels as if I've been gone forever
I guess I can't do much more,
But as I lie here on the floor
I can't get you out of my memory
Thinking of how it would be
I regret doing so much in the past
But as I think back to those moments
They went so fast
I only wonder if you feel the same
I wonder if you share the pain
The pain of not knowing what's happening
Which makes me feel like I don't know anything
As I lie here
The only thing I want is to be back there
There, where I saw you everday
Still dreaming and hoping of a way
A way for us to be together, for us to be one
Man, I wish all my problems could be undone
So that maybe I could go and ask you out
While being confident, without having a doubt
But knowing me that's not a possible thing
So I will sit here and keep on dreaming

Murphy, 14

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Since I've Known You

Since I've known you, I've respected you
Since I've respected you, I've loved you
Because you are now gone
I will love your spirit, your voice
Speaking to me as a child forever
Rings through my soul
It makes my heart soar to think that you could be dancing with grandad, dancing in the stars.
Thank you grandma for listening to me.
I will cherish you forever, and you will always live in me.

babilocz, 13

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My Soul is an Ocean

My soul is an ocean
Filled with emotions
It's wide and deep
So sometimes it's hard to keep
In control and stop it from raging raging
Or any plans it migt be staging
I came here to figure out
What life and living's all about
Once the thought that crossing the ocean
Could never be put into motion
But now I see
That I can be free
It can be crossed
Not forgotten nor lost
All I need is to be heard
And maybe with a few words
I can get there and all my soul I will bare.

Casey, 16

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I Remember

Hello again.
Do you remember me?
The girl you fell in love with
The girl that gave you that gift
Her heart
Trusting your words that we would never part
Now I watch the rain fall
Washing those painful memories away
So I can live another day
Without you
Rain washes the dirt from my window
Washes away the memories
Of you and me
That flood my mind
Your smile
I hold on to
Deluge of tears running down my face
Knowing that these memories cannot be erased
My innocence
Trusting you
I never knew
The essence of deceit
The warmth
As our hands meet
When it rains
I remember
Missed you in the snow of December
As the thoughts left my mind
Though I was searching
Impossible to find
I can almost feel your hand on mine
As I remember
Those times
When everything seemed fine
Though it was only an illusion
During your intrusion
Of my soul
You kept me whole
Only to tear me apart
Break my healing heart
The love that I feel
Is it real?
Or is it only a passer by
Caught by my mind's eye
I watch the clouds turn gray
And know you will come to me today
In my mind
You I will find
The heat of love's burning flame
Will again make me go insane
Because I am confused
With you
The crazy things
Love made me do
Like loving you
As it rains
I remember the pain
Of a burning heart
Turned cold
Of a lasting love
Grown old
The stories that my mind has told
You and me
Together we fled
Into a dream
But reality as it seemed
Remember when you held me tight
I had to let go
That night
You left
But only to return
To satisfy my yearn
For you
I fell in love
And you seemed to be my angel sent up from above
Do you remember?
Feel our love's burning ember
The essence of you
Still haunts me
I never knew
How badly you could taunt me
Do you remember?
I do.
When it rains
I remember you.

Laura, 12

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Being Me

Being me
am I invisible?
Or do you see
who I really am?

I am beautiful
And special
And dominant
And hopeful
When you need me
And I know you will
Will I be there
Or am I invisible?

When you see me walking past
Do you really
Or am I invisible?

When you need me
And I know you will
Will I be there?
Or am I invisible?

I am special
And beautiful
And dominant
And hopeful

And you are too!

Invisible, 11

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Could This Be?

When the rain came down
My tears came down
When the wind blew away
My fear blew away
When the sun came out
My happiness came out
When you got close to me
I knew this could be

bubblebaby21, 13

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Remember when you said I never want to leave your side Remember when we shared our first kiss
I don't think you do
Aren't you the one that said I don't want you anymore, and that everything we did together did not mean anything?
Now you're asking me back?
I want a man, not a boy
A guy who gots looks and brains
One who isn't afraid to say, back up she mine.
Well, I want a man to hold me tight and make me feel safe in his arms
Show me happiness and how much he cares
Did you do that? No, you didn't
I don't need you in my life
Remeber what I told you after you asked me back out?
I'm my own woman, do not push me around
Boy don't treat me like trash.
I'm in control of my life.

jen, 11

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I Was Lost in Misery This Time Last Week

I was lost in misery this time last week
You ditched me for another girl
But now you're mine
And I'm so happy because you want me all the time
I was lost without you baby
And I'm so happy now
You are my sunshine
I love you forever all the time
When you look in my eyes
I can see you are the man for me
Because you are so sweet and you love me too baby
I missed you
Forever us together until we die
Until we greet heaven, you and I will be holding hands when God reaches us
And we meet him together
We will stand forever
I will love you
I will say as I fly up the the heavens above
I will always be in love

~~Angie_babe~~, 13

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Trees and flowers come up from the ground,
Soon baby animals will be found,
Birds will build their nests,
And lay their eggs,
Soon the baby animals will be standing on their legs!

annahbelleah, 15

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You Are A Virus Duplicating In My Heart

You are a virus duplicating in my heart.
You keep spreading and you are taking over.
When I see you I get hot,
I feel light headed.
You don't love me or know me
I am not sure you even know I breath
I just started to like you
You are my friend because
You are a great person
You are a virus duplicated in my heart

Chaquil, 12

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If Love Were A Human It Would Be You

If Love were a human it would be you
Love makes people do crazy things
You make me do crazy things.
Love makes you care
You make me care
Love makes want
I want you
Love makes you trust
I trust you
Love doesn't make sense
What I fell for you doesn't make sense
Love you forever

Chaquil, 12

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Can you see the wren at flight?
Flying through the early night,
Feathers flutter in the breeze,
Catching glimpses of the trees,

Birds are chirping everywhere,
Waking up a dorment hare,
Bounding through the forest green,
Trying hard to not be seen,

They're all related to a kin,
Favorite past time of women,
All these things make up me,
Just as you are being free.

Q.T. Grrl, 11

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Hurt Again

Hurt Again

We meet in the spot were you said you'd be
As we walk toward that wonderful place in the park
We talk then we sit on the bench where we first met
While were talking, things get intimate
We get closer and you start to whisper in my ear
Our lips touch and we finally pull away
You gaze into my eyes and I stare back
As you lean forward once more I turn away
Because I don't want to be hurt again

whisperer, 13

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You inspire me
because you're my inspiration.
Everyday and in every way
In most things I do well,
Before me you'd excel.
You used to tuck me into bed,
Kiss me on my forehead,
And whisper those sweet words
"Love ya Kay, see ya in the morning."
But one morning I woke up,
I didn't see you in your bed.
So I was wondering
"Where's ma'am?"
My momma told me the bad news.
I was so young and very confused.

A few days later we were in a church,
And you were sleeping in a bed that wasn't yours.
There were so many people screaming for you to get up,
But you wouldn't move.
Then reality finally hit me.
You were dead.
I wouldn't see you anymore.
I had never felt that way before.

I didn't realize how you inspired me to do my best.
And now that your soul is at rest.
I dedicate my life to you.
"Love Ya"

Kaadia, 14

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When I'm Alone

When I'm alone
I don't know what to do
I don't know how to feel
My soul feels empty
My mind feels plain
The smiles are gone
The fun times disappear
I need you with me
So I don't feel so incomplete
So I remember what it's like to breath
You complete me
You make me whole
I don't know what to do without you

Heart's Omen, 15

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Heart's Omen

You told me you loved me
I asked if you'd hurt me
You said, "I won't."
At the time, I believed you
But now I don't
All the memories come back
Trust in you, is something I lack
You still say you love me
I still stay, "You don't."

Heart's Omen, 15

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I Wrote Your Name in the Sky

I wrote your name in the sky but the wind blew it away, I wrote your name in the sand but the waves blew it away, I wrote you name in my heart and forever it will stay.

froggy13, 13

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When I Was Seven

When I was seven I wish I was eleven but sometimes I wish I was in heaven. My twin is gone and now I am all alone, it feels like all hope is gone. I feel I have noone on my side but I do have a lot of pride.

elise, 15

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Loving You....

Loving you to me seems hazy
At night I sit up and think of you
But then in the morning I want to lie in I know I'm being lazy
Knowing I can't have you makes me feel totally blue
But loving you is crazy

Tonight there is no light so I have to make do with candle light
I dream of us falling in love through the night
In my dream you hold my hand
You smoothly run your fingers through my soft arban hair and you take my hair band
And wrap it around your wrist
After you gently give my hair a twist

I love your touch
I dream of you telling me "Kate, I love you so much".
I wish this dream was real
But you still ignore me

Back at school in the morning you came up to me
Oh my God! He's coming over here
You said, "last night I had a dream".
I said, "I did too about you".
He said to me, "I love you do you believe".
I fell into his strong open arms and said, "yes I believe and I love you even more too!".

My heart began to go
Is this really real?
Then I tell myself it is real it's not a dream
He's yours, yours to keep!

Katie, 15

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I Never Thought I'd Get Close To Your Heart xxx

I never thought I'd get close to your heart
We dance on the dance floor I get this warm feeling in my heart here we are
I hope we will never be apart
We've loved each other right from the very start

People say we'll never last
But our feelings our running so fast
I never used to know what love was and felt confused
I thought I had no feelings and felt bruised

But then one summer night
I sat beneath a tree
You came by me and you shone in the sunlight
You came and sat next to me

We started talking
And you told me your name
We left the tree and started walking
We played all sorts of silly games

Then from that moment on
We were together
Until you said I love you
And we'll be together forever and now.

Katie, 15

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The Girl Who Wears The Glasses....

There's a girl in my class who wears glasses
She gets teased a lot
Really underneath her glasses she really is quite beautiful and outside, too!
Sometimes they say she's really quite ugly
But to me every human being and thing is beautiful

There's a girl in my class who is very quiet
She gets teased a lot at the fact she hardly ever speaks
Underneath her quiet shell inside she really is quite chatty and happy

Everyone is beautiful in their own special way even me who wears glasses.
Once you get to know her she is the truly humorous one
To me every human and child and thing has a voice to be heard and should be heard

Katie, 15

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Remedies of Life

Remedies of life are coming to me
With all the love at heart
Running from the deepest of sea

With lovely birds floating around
Eating every piece of seed
Reminds me of everyone in town

The smell of flowers
The taste of candy
That is how I spend my hours

With these remedies, I can see inside
The batteries that make me run
They make me think I'm getting on a ride

Fifty cents a pocket
Who cares how much I have
As long as I have you in this locket

With the least bit of strife
Here is the theme
The theme of the remedies of life

Dedicated to those
Who have a lot going on in life

Danielle, 15

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Dare to Dream

What happened to the dreamers in the world?
They've decided to disappear.
They thought that their ideas,
Would fall upon deaf ears.

If we didn't dare to dream,
Nothing good would have come.
We wouldn't have our freedom.
We couldn't have overcome.

To the dreamers, keep those dreams alive!
Don't let others bring you down.
Anything that they try to do,
Don't let them see you frown.

Anything is possible,
When you let your mind be free.
You can accomplish any goal,
When you dare to dream.

This poem is my current poetry slam poem.
~Arineko age 14~

Arineko, 14

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Heal My Broken Heart

Heal My Broken Heart

How can you stop my crying
When you're the one who made me start?
How can I ever heal
This very fragile heart?

My mind has turned against me,
I have yet to find my grace,
But how can you be happy
When you see my crying face?

I think and think and think to myself,
What made me fall in love?
What made me be peaceful
Like some sacrificial dove?

I wish I had seen the truth
Before it was too late.
Now I see that you are gone,
Now I have sealed my fate.

Everything has changed for me,
I now see truth and lies,
Why didn't I see the truth,
On these vast and hurtful skies?

Again I see that I was wrong,
I don't know where to start.
But I know you are not the one
To heal my broken heart.

Arineko, 14

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when I see you send me in the air

When I see you send me in the air and away with the fairies, you are so cute and so kind my heart melts for you


bush, 12

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She hears her bathwater running...

She hears her bathwater running, as
She finds a place to hide;
For the sound of the running water,
Causes her to feel shameful inside.

When the water is turned off, this
Child begins to sweat;
She knows that soon, she will endure,
What she can never forget.

They call her name out loudly,
And she hurries to meet her doom;
For she always complies to their wishes,
Never fighting the things that they do.

The bathroom is like a prison to her,
As she's punished there every night;
And as they take her clothes off,
Her heart is filled with fright.

A tear runs down her cheek, as they
Lower her into the tub;
She watches as they soap their hands,
Their playmate she's soon to become.

Then they use their soapy hands, the
Ones' that begin to rub;
This little girl who flinches, as their
Hands roam in the tub.

"We must make sure that you're clean,
And that we don't miss a spot;
We need to be thorough for your' sake,
Whether you like it or not".

When their playtime is finally over,
She watches the bathtub drain;
And as the water runs down it, she's
Consumed with guilt and shame.

They put her pink, flowered panties on,
As they say, "You smell so nice";
And she's convinced that through their
Veins, runs blood that's as cold as ice.

She then begins to tremble, as her
Nightgown goes over her head;
For she knows what terror awaits her,
In her filthy, oversized bed.

This is the worst part of the night,
For she is forced to comply;
With the roaming of their dirty hands,
In the darkness of her night.

When at last they are finished using her,
They quietly close the door;
And this child sobs uncontrollably, from
The hands that freely explored.

She buries her head in her pillow,
As she cries herself to sleep;
Clutching her teddy bear tightly, who
Comforts her while she weeps.

Angel, 11

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What you do

What you do
Where you go
What people think
You don't know
It really doesn't matter
Because I don't care
But as long as the sun shine
As long as it glow
You know I'll be with you
For Sure

mztete, 14

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The love that we had
Burned in my heart
With the heat of a thousand fires
And the passion of a first love

I loved you more than you'll ever know
And now you never will
Because you left me for that s**t
And I even love you still

And I bet she said she cared
And I bet she said she loved you
But let me tell you a little secret:
She'll never love you as much as I do

Snake Charmer sSsSsSsSs, 18

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You're beautiful inside and out
You are so special
And that's no doubt.
You are a great friend
Worthy of my trust
To the very end.
I know you won't care
No matter what people think
Just don't look if they stare.
You're beautiful in your own way
Stay like you are now.
And don't ever change, at least not today.
No matter where life takes you
Hold your ground and don't give up
And be thankful you're you.

~*~Tay-Tay~*~, 12

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I gave it my all

I gave it my all
And it didn't turn out right.
I tried not to fall
But try as I might
I fell off that wall.
That wall that was strong.
I thought it would never break.
Where did I go wrong?
I made the mistake
Of waiting so long for you to finally be
The person that would see me through
But even the Good Lord above me
Could see I wasn't meant for you.
You took my heart and broke it,
Broke it in two.
Like I said,
I wasn't meant for you.

~*~HeArTbRoKeN~*~, 12

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I have a boy but he seems like a toy

I have a boy but he seems like a toy should I tell him or should I ignore

Krystal, 11

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Everytime I walk pass you in the halls you smile at me.
Everytime you talk to me I feel loved by you.

Lil' Chick, 15

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If you love me let it out,

If you love me let it out,
You do have to keep it in,
don't make me sin,
You make me grin.
So please, please don't keep it in.

nosilla, 11

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I have seen a gleam as nothing as i have

I have seen a gleam as nothing as I have ever seen I see the gleam in your eyes it means a lot to me

Rachel, 10

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My First Love

My First Love

It has only been a few months
But it seems like forever
I knew in my heart
That we were meant to be together
My friends think you're not right for me
But if only they could see
How good you treat me
When they aren't around
I didn't tell you this yet
But I love you and I always will
No matter what happens
Good or bad
I always wanna be with you
You tell me that you care about me
And I believe you
But you don't show it
As much as I do
Everytime I see you
I just want to be in your arms
I hope you feel the same way
But for now I will have to sit and wonder
How do you really feel about me?
I know we've been through some rough times
But that has come and gone
I want us to focus on the future
And the good times to come

To my baby paul you know who you are you mean everything to me and you always will
I love you!

PaulyzGirlforLyfe, 15

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If I could count the days,

If I could count the days,
That we spent together,
I would keep on counting,
Forever and forever

Right now the tears fall down,
The cheeks of my face,
I'll never forget our fights,
And afterwards our forgiving embrace

It's your choice now,
To see where our future goes,
Our frendship gone forever,
Our memory's will never go

Nicole, 11

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I waited for you. Today.

I waited for you. Today.
But you did'nt show.
I needed you. Today.
So where, did you go?
You can not seperate. You're part of me,
And though you're invisible.
Are you still there?
I cry out with, no reply, and
Still I feel you by my side, so I'll,
Trust the unseen, and what I know,
You're here. And I'm never,
Never alone.

Kate, 12

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I love you so much but I dont know

I love you so much but I don't know if you love me please tell cause I really want to and have you ever heard of this you should tell the person who you like because you never know they might like you too. Bye I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mmmmmuuuuuuuuuccccccchhhhhhh!!!

To.. Someone who I really like love from me to you!(L)bye

diana, 12

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You treat me like crap and dirt

You treat me like crap and dirt
With other girls you would flirt
You picked me up when I was running low
I loved you more than you would ever know
I'll love you forever and always
Probably for the rest of my days
But I'm no longer putting up with the pain
No longer putting up with the strain
Sometimes you were a good boyfriend
But at times you were a sorry excuse for a man
You would make me feel like a queen
The most precious thing I've ever seen
You would turn around and take my crown
I thought you were the king that I've found
Since you don't love me too
I guess I don't need you

Tori, 13

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Never would I have thought I would be in love with you ,Never have I Thought I would kiss you how I did , Never have I Thought We would make everybody mad or make people wonder is love really a good thing, Never would I have thought I would feel these things in the first place.

Danielle aka Danny-B, 13

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When I'm Dead

When I'm Dead

When I'm dead burn my body
Scatter some ashes near and far
When the soul is gone my body is useless
With the rest of the ashes form a star
Cast a circle carefully as you speak the Wiccan Rede
Ask the Goddess to bless me, so that I may leave
Don't worry, I'll be back someday
As something new, you can be sure
Because this is the way
That works for Mother Nature
When I'm dead burn me
With no fear that I'll be hurt
Get rid of my things but don't forget me
Everything must go, even my shirt
Burn my hair, and my tools
When I'm dead please follow these rules
And prove that you aren't just fools
When I'm this you shall do
So must it be I say to you
This was said and when I'm dead this you will do

WWEsuperstarwannabe, 0

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The Green, is gone

The Green, is gone
What started out so lush, and green
Tree's towering high, wanting to be seen
Birds flying by
Monkeys swooping high
Now it's hot dirt, death, and weeping.
Leopards lay in trees
Cougars enjoyed the cool breeze
Now people wear their fur
Why oh why must the trees so high cry?
Why oh why must the animals die?
The green is gone.

Pinkpoodle, 1

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Look behind you what do you see?Can you see the figure so strong ?The black shadow that follows your every move when you need me I am there and when you think you don't I am there to hold your hand in your time of need an be there when you need A friend I am there an don't ask for anything in return all I ask is just A moment or two just to A simply whisper to let you know that I care and I am always going to be there if you're wondering who I am look behind an take A stare now look up is where I be looking down on you up past the tree is where I be call My name I be there to protect you with that armor glare a man

ashleigh, 9

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Boys will say anything to be with you

Boys will say anything to be with you they'll say anything to be your numder boo they'll say they love you when you know it's not true all they wanna do is f*** you it's ashame they'll say anything

teish, 15

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You said you loved me

You said you loved me
You gave me a kiss here and there
But I acted like I didint care
But deep down inside I do love you
No matter what you do
My love will forever stay true
I think of you like the air I breath
And without you there is no me

keoshia , 13

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Rain Drop

Rain Drop

Rain falls too fast to see its shape.
The wind rides on the sky too quick to catch it
In your hand.
Life is too short, to worry about your feuture,
And so live your life, as a rain drop.

Kate, 12

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I will miss her forever

I will miss her forever
She is always in my heart
She is sweeter than ever
She taught me a lot!

I love her forever
She is my only hope
She is black and white
She is always right

My kitten, I love her! :(
(I had to give my kitten to the rspca)
:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

*.*gemma*.*, 15

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I was the saddest and loneliest

I was the saddest and loneliest
I ever could be
Suddenly he was there to comfort me
I thought he truly knew me
Even beyond what he could see

Then he was there everyday
Days had been nothing and then - wham!
I don't want to, but I love you
You have saved me from a life of shame.

When you got a girlfriend
I was wide-eyed in shock
You never said anything about another
Everytime we used to walk

I know you think of me
As your little sister
But if you know me as well as I know you
Can't you tell my eyes are saying,
Now what will I do?

Without you to make everyday brighter
Without you to make me smile
I'll feel like a little mouse again
Please don't lock me away like a forgotten file

His girlfriend broke up with him
And made my dear friend cry
I was there for him as he was for me
When he felt he could die

I don't know what he thinks of me
Or if he knows that I'm even there
I wish I could move on
And not wait for him to care

Because I am on my own
There is no one there to guide me
He doesn't walk with me anymore
So who then is beside me?

I'll be alright, I know...
He was just a crush
A crush I still think about
When my days are mush

Whatever happens in the future
I do not know
Except he was there when I needed him
And now I'm on my own.

Lalita , 14

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Everyday I wake up,
Wishing I was dead.
Hating every minute,
That lays ahead.
My feelings are a secret,
No-one else will know.
People try to help me,
But all I do is run.
I keep on getting hassled,
By people who don't understand.
They just want me to be normal,
But I suppose that they are just sad.

Emmz, 15

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(Why you go away)

(Why you go away)
Why you go away
Why did you have to go
When you went away
I cry I cry like a baby
When I cry I cry a river
I cry a river so big
That it you can dig
Dig a big hole and the river will keep going
Like the love I feel for you
But I can say love cause I don't know what it means but I am going to say it I love you

Ms. Shell, 14

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Have you ever noticed

Have you ever noticed
How we get lost into each others' eyes?
Have you ever noticed
How hard it is to say our goodbyes?
Because I have noticed
That the world spins each step I move forward.
I have noticed
That the flash of your smile blows me away
Is all this really real?
Or do you not feel the same way?
I wish I knew
Cause I'm just dying trying to figure out?
If you're smiling while staring at me
Or are you looking past me?
Sometimes it feels like your letting me go
Even though we never had anything to begin with
Am I suppose to know
That you are misleading me?
Remember just yesterday
When we couldn't get our eyes off each other?
Is it all my fault
That I can't bring myself to tell you my feelings? Should I tell you that I'm head over heels for you
You don't know how much I want you to know
If you feel this way
Then I dare you to make a move!

I love you, And you don't even know it!!

Taylor, 13

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If you want to give a favor give me my space don't re-trace kids all around me making ugly faces they do stuff and I get blamed for it so if you want to give me my space holla for a dolla

tay, 10

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No one respects nature like I do now

No one respects nature like I do now
No one realizes what it gives to us
No one tries to find it's chosen beauty
No one looks between the lines through its course
And underneath its surroundings and light
No one reconizes its dying now
Now that they kill and pollute its well being
Now that they waste nature like day's minutes
Now that they have no care or second thought
It won't be long till none of it's living
It will be gone as quick as the short days
We now have for they do not have respect
And don't hold room in their forgotten hearts
For nature, for nature and it's beauty.

Hollie, 13

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It's Time To Move On....

It's Time To Move On...

It's time move on
Looking back on all years I've known you
I can't help but feel a tingle in my lonely heart
We've had good times and bad times
I remember all the summers we spent together
Walking on sandy beaches
Walking round hills and moors
Riding horseback together back in Brean
Holding hands walking round Devon town
We were best friends all our life
Even when we were little in playgroup
But then five years ago and five summers ago we became much more
We became boyfriend and girlfriend
I can remember every detail about you
To the way you laugh
Down to the way you act
Loving you kept me alive and helped me live my life
Full of passion and love
But now all I can feel is pain
That you feel in love with someone other than me
I thought we'd always be together and forever.

Katie, 15

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When I Woke Up

When I Woke Up
I woke up yesterday
Just sitting there
My life means nothing
Does anyone care

I stayed in my room
Waiting for your call
Then I heard someone in the hall

Was it true
It couldn't be
When you said that you loved me

Now I hear this
In my head
Over and over
Again and again

I thought he loved me
I thought it was true
Now I'm sittin here
Waiting for you

Whats going to happen next
Is my life going to drop
Just like the rest

I woke up yesterday
Thinking everything
Was gonna
Be okay

Then she told me how you felt
My life turtned around
As I started to melt

And im still sitting waiting for you
Wishing there was something to do
To get my mind off you

And I know I won't
Stop loving you

turtlesgirl66, 11

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I love him so much but it's hard to explain

I love him so much but it's hard to explain
Why he put me through so much pain.

I close my eyes and keep hoping it's a dream.
But it's real and it's only me.

I thought things we had were true,
But I guess I was the one fooled.

Joke is on me,
Can't everyone see.
But they don't see really what you have done to me.

Numbing the pain again,
Keep hoping this pain will end.

I thought I was in love with you,
But now I'm so confused.

I will stay in my room and keep thinking about you
But the only peace will be when you're with me.

Go on and let me be because
You don't know how much you hurt me.

Close my eyes as I lie to cry
Keep hoping this isn't the last good-bye.

I think it's time for me to let you go.
So now I count to three very slow.

Now maybe I will know and understand
That I never really loved you; it was all in my head.

Because now that I let you go
I can finally understand that you will never be my man.

Dee, 13

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I'm sad

I'm sad because I'm slowly dying
Not of illness but of grief
Because the one I love
Does not love me

Mariela, 13

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"First Love"

I was chilling one day
When I heard our song
My heart raced
The moment it came on.

I remembered you
From all those years past
I thought I had finally
let you go at last.

But I see your face, your smile
The laugh that drove me wild
And I cry, all the unshed tears
That I refused to cry all those years.

As I think of you
And the song on the radio
I ask God why I wasn't your Juliet
And why you aren't my Romeo.

We danced to this song
And that day we fell in love
They all said we were just too young
But I loved you.

Can't believe I let you go
I want you to know
How much I care
How I regret not being there.

Loving you won't ever be erased from my mind
Losing you was worse, it's there in the back of mind
I will always love you
My angel from above
My first love.

Lady Jay, 15

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Yellow Flower

You gave me a flower that made me smile.
I smile an even bigger smile when I wake up and see it, knowing there is a part of you here with me.
Each day I'd give it the best care.
I wanted to keep our love strong and alive.
The love we shared grew stronger each day, the flower still standing tall and proud.
Until one heart-breaking day that scared my heart for life.
The flower was losing its petals, one by one.
It grew weaker and weaker, day by day, just as I did. Thoughts were rushing through my head, good and bad. If only you hadn't lied about loving me.
If only I could of lied too.
If only I knew you were wrong the first time.
If only my heart would stop telling me to go back to you. If only that yellow flower wasn't still sitting on my kitchen table, where I see it each day.
Holding back the tears and remembering the happy times, but the happy times always fail.
So I let the yellow flower sit there all down and empty, because that is how you left me.

Abby*, 14

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Shopping is so fun,
I am always on the run,
To get a deal,
And something teal,
I am sure not a nun!

Susan, 13

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We see no walls and feel no air

We see no walls and feel no air
Though duty calls we just don't care
The trees wave slowly, the leaves fall down
My thoughts and dreams spin round and round
The air seems still but blows me away
We talk and talk but have nothing to say
And now night falls upon this town
And now night calls me all around
And though I see I feel so blind
For now I know the night is unkind.

Joe, 13

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Every Night

Every night
I feel like crying
Because I feel I've lost your love
That I really never had

Every night
I lie in bed
Thinking about how happy you make me
Even though you never knew

Every Night
I stare out my window
Wishing you were there to greet me
Even though it's just a silly dream

Every Night
Before I sleep
I think about how many nights I had wasted
Thinking about you
Without a thought in return

Taylor, 13

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With every step I make

With every step I make
I think how much closer I may be to you
With every move I make
I think of how it might affect you
With every word I speak
I think of how it sounds to you
With every look into your eyes
I wonder if you're staring at me or past me
I have spent so much time wondering and thinking
It's about time I take action!

Taylor, 13

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Oh when I see you

Oh, when I see you I get that fuzzy feeling inside.
Oh, when you say my name I don't know if I want to smile or cry.
Oh, when you laugh I feel a total lifting feeling,
as if there was not a roof above me I would float away. Oh, what I'd give to hold your hand.
Oh, when I look into your eyes I see fireworks.
Oh, wow, I love thee.

the girl next door, 0

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I am in my room

I am in my room wondering
why I am not alone on my own in the zone
I don't know I'll leave it alone
because I am not in the zone or alone
just leave it on it's own
the answer is unknown

Destinee, 18

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No Difference

Small as a peanut,
Big as a giant,
Were all the same size
When you turn out the light.

Rich as a sultan,
Poor as a mite,
Were all worth the same
When you turn out the light.

Red, black, orange, yellow, or white
We all look the same
When you turn off the light.

So maybe the way to make things right
Is for God to just reach down and
Turn off the lights!

Dimples, 14

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By Myself

By myself

I sit in my room
By myself,

Not thinking about
Anyone else,

Sitting here thinking about me,
And every little mistake in the
World I see.

I don`t care about what you say.
So if you know like I know
don`t come my way.

Let me be on my own, by myself, no one else,
All alone in my room, dark, lonely, and in the doom.

Dimples, 14

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The Red War

Flags rose high all tattered and torn
Blood covered battle fields silent in the morn
Soldiers stand proud, ready to fight
Standing tall with all their might
A voice breaks the silence a battles begun
They fight untill the job is done

pinkpoodle, 12

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Do you still love me too

Do you still love me too
Love is such a silly thing
I thought once apon a time
Once when I was oh so young, before life was an impossible climb
Until one day when I saw you
And all my wishes came so true
Oh how, oh how I love you
Do you love me too?
The way we sat out on hill tops
The way you grabbed my hand
When you looked at me my mouth dropped
And oh your angel eyes were grand
Untill that day where I ran
I ran away from my hopes my dreams
Ran from you, and my life it seems
Now I'm wishing to come back to you
I love you
Do you still love me too?

Pinkpoodle, 12

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Little bird.

Another day goes by,
Another day where all she does is cry,
And yet again it's over one of his stupid lies,
And once again she's asking herself,
"Is it me or is my life crashing before my eyes?"
And here she sings,
Does it just keep crashing down, no matter how much I try?
I wish I could just spread my wings and fly!
Fly away from here,
Like a little bird,
Little bird,
Spread your wings and fly,
Just keep going little bird,
I know your wings can't go much further,
But it will all be good in the end,
Because here your heart won't mend,
There are too many memories back here,
Fly away from here,
Like a little bird,
Spread your wings and fly,
Over there you'll find someone new,
Someone who will never be untrue,
Someone who will love you for being you,
And no matter what you do...
Fly away from here,
Like a little bird,
Little bird,
Spread your wings and fly...

Carly, 14

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I'll laugh some far away day
When you all missed out
On the wonderful things
I could have given you

Realizing that I was the one
Who was always there
No matter what anyone said
Or told me you did

But it's too late now
I've moved on from you
Never to be there again
Away from the material world

I'm better than what you saw
I go deeper than the skin
But you never knew anything
Because you're all about yourself

I'm floating on air
Walking on sunshine
Without you here
The thought of disappointment in you
Is enough to sustain me

I guess in life
You are better off
Without some things
You were truly one of them

I'm glad I've learned from you
That it's about life later on
Outside the high school life
And away from the drama

The now cool won't be so cool
The good looking will be no more
The games and routines will be gone

Now I'm caught in suspension
Thinking of all those things gone
And I'm the one who is still here
Just me, the same girl you saw everyday

Sarah , 15

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Here is Where We Say Goodbye

I look at the 2 paths,
This is an intersection
An intersection of renewed lives.

We had it hard,
You wanted to change our lives
So it could be easier but, it wasn't
It turned almost worse!

Hopefully, we'll meet again,
we probably won't though.

Well, I look around and try not to think,
Here is where we say goodbye,
I'll miss you, I'm sure of it,
My heart is breaking as I turn, I whisper "Good-bye"
Then slowly walk away, but I'll always love you
Even until the end of days,
This is the place where we said,
" Good-bye".

Nokamea, 13

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My Words

I can't find a good reason
To say why I'm here
If there was a reason
You would never believe it

I wonder how you can
Look around in pure interest
At what you look at every day
You act like you don't believe
What you know as right

They laugh at you,
Behind your back
They don't care,
About what you like

They know your secrets
And they're not afraid to tell others
They hate you so much
And all I can do is
Sit at the sidelines
And watch your battle

Judge others and be judged yourself
What you know
You deny
And we all know it

Don't act like you don't care
Because you know all about
What I'm saying
Don't forget my words.

Behind my mask
Behind what I lead on,
I'm not carefree
I'm not really easy going

But, you wouldn't know that
When they attack you
Don't act unbelieving

And when you're dying,
When the blood is pouring out of you
All I want to do, all I can do
Is watch you,
Seeing you bleed,
Your heart ripped apart
And I won't care
I never will again.

Nokamea, 13

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Days and weeks

Days and weeks, minutes and hours,
all pass by with out a sound,
But then as the minutes turn into hours,
the sand does grow to many a mound.

And away in the desert, there sit I,
counting the months and the years,
And as the time passes with many a killing,
each sand dune turns into a tear.

Gia, 13

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My True Love

The first time I saw you, gleaming in the sun
I knew right then, that you were the one
Your gleaming brown eyes, oh how I love them so!
I love you, I love you, don't you know?
Your pleading face
Took me to another place
Taking you with me
Loving you with me
Wanting you with me
Forever Forever
Oh, how I love you
Especially when I hug you
You are my life
You are not my boyfriend,
But my best friend in the world
You are my dog, and you...
Are my world!

Julia, 12

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My Best

My best is great

My best is there for me

I depend on my best friend

I lend her lunch money

I think I'm the luckiest peeron in the world to have a friend like her.


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A Best Friend

A best friend is a friend who is always there
No matter how far you go
Nor how fast you run they always feel close

A best friend can't be easily replaced
You can go for months at a time and not talk
But when you do it's like the grayness in your life goes away

When you don't see your best friend for a long time it's hard
Yet you have memories that will last forever

And when you're lonely or hurt those memories comfort you

You and your best friend are inseparable
If you live 5 miles away
Or 5000 miles away

If you live in New Jersey and they live in Florida
If you live in America and they live in Asia
You are inseparable

I don't think a best friend
Made at a young age
And taken away when still at a young age
They can ever be replaced indefinitely

All those years
All those memories
Everything you did and were planning to do
You can't replace a best friend

Kate, 16

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Blackey when we talk
I picture that special walk
Even though you're taken
Every time I see you
You leave me shaking
You're the absolute cutest
And the best friend I could ever have
I love you from the bottom of my heart
If you love me, please tell

Danyse, 11

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Love Hurts

When you try something new,
someone always gets in the way.
When you want to fix something,
someone gets hurt.
You cry and you see that you really loved them,
but you see now it is time to move on.
Sometimes you want to go back into the past and then you see that God must of done this for a reason.
What is the reason?
Why did he make me fill so bad?
Why is he doing this to me?
Why, Why, Why!?
Then you see that when you look back and you tell yourself, "It must of happened for a reason."
Then you fall in love again.

Alancea, 12

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There is a boy I love more than life itself

There is a boy I love more than life itself,
That I stick a picture of him on my shelf,
He's more than words can tell,
Without him I feel like hell,
He is funny and nice,
He warms me when I feel as cold as ice,
He's my man, yes he is and is so fun,
He's my man he is Jonathon.

Candyce, 14

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Its Never Too Late To Say Goodbye...

Its Never Too Late To Say Goodbye...

When someone you love is gone
Feels a hole inside your heart
Why did they have to go, was it something I've done?
You love them right from the very start

Heaven is a safe, warm, and happy place
Full of warmth and light
You can wear anything you like
anything or something made of lace
The angels in the sky brighten up the sky and glow so bright

You can remember the good in them forever
Happy memories and love will last you a lifetime
And soon we'll all be together
The person you loved is a now beautiful angel and had a good life

Its never too late to say goodbye
But goodbye is not forever
Now they're a happy angel in the sky
Soon we'll all be together

Katie, 15

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Rose my hour Today

Rose My hour Today
Seen as the wind passes by you Today
This is your time Today
Roses my hour Today
Seen you why don't you

Paige, 8

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This is my poem.

Hi, my name is kool-aid. This is my poem.

Roses are red
Violets aren't gray
I gave you this card
Now give me an A+

I sent this to my teacher on her 23rd b-day!

harley halford, 12

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All I want is You!!!

All I want is you!

You know what, I love you,
But I can't say it because it's true.
I don't know the words to say,
Just let love lead the way.
And everytime you look at me,
I feel like an angel,
Floating in the air of love.

I believe that we are destined,
To see each other someday.
I can see it in the stars above,
Shining so bright at night.
I hope what I'm dreaming is true..
Because all I want is...You!

Natasha, 12

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When I'm alone

When I'm alone
I have a long think
When I'm bored, I pick up the phone
When you don't answer, I see a link
Didn't that happen yesterday?

When I'm trying to have fun
I realize I'm not good at it
One more try and then I'm done
This is how my life goes.

And I don't know why
I can't sleep
I sit down and cry
All night I weep.

And one day, you answer
And my life leaps.

AAAAmani, 13

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Oh yes, that is at rest.

Oh yes, that is at rest.
You are that is true,
The sky is blue.

Oh can I spell it again.
My name I can't say,
But in my heart you'll stay.

Your name is sweet,
Not as good as you dance on your feet.
Do you hear that ominous sound?
Yes, the world is round.
So you do know,
That to me you're like snow.

iloveyouiod, 14

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In the gentle glow of the moonlight

In the gentle glow of the moonlight,
They lay in the grassy park
They weren't supposed to be there;
It was very late and dark.

But love is so consuming,
It makes you do crazy things
And as he wrapped his arms round her
She felt her body sink.

She stroked his cheek so gently
He whispered in her ear
"I love you so much baby,
will you marry me dear?"

She gasped in surprise at his speech
He ran his fingers through her hair
And kissed her on the cheek.

She slowly nodded her head,
Looking lovingly into his eyes
And they sank into a deep kiss
Soon to be groom and bride.

Isabella, 17

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My Love

My love is like a dove flying high in the sky.
It's hard to say because it gets better and better
Day by day.
My love is just for you
Because you're my one and only boo.

AfroQueen, 13

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The day is dark,

The day is dark,
And full of dread,
The voice of doom,
Is in my head.

It won't shut up,
My heart hangs low,
It follows me,
Where I go.

We're waiting, waiting,
For an answer,
Then she skips out,
Like a dancer.

It is good,
All will be well,
The whole wolrd,
We've got to tell!

Jennifer, 12

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They all went out

They all went out
Had someone,
"Their Significant Other".

I didn't need a person
To make me feel wanted
So I continue my worship
And being myself
Listening to music
And being myself.

I can only hope
That you see it too

Gretchen, 11

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She sat on the bench in the rain

She sat on the bench in the rain
Tears running down her stony face
She didn't want to return to the pain
The pain that waited at her home, the place
Where things were supposed to be nice.

But instead she felt like dying
Her heart frozen like ice
She was always crying.

It started to get dark
She trudged slowly to her house
And walked away from the park.

She pulled her pigtails out
Then walked through the front door
And took off her shoes
She sat down on the floor
And stared at her bruise.

She rolled up her shirt
And looked at her cut
She felt her tears begin to spurt
As she heard the door shut.

He smashed the glass
Down on the floor
And began to pass
Through the sitting room door.

He shouted at her
And smacked her hard
And she sat there
Staring out at the yard.

She saw her mother coming through
And as she cried, she felt so sad
For she knew that he would hit her too
And then it would be twice as bad.

Her mother quietly entered the room
She walked inside to meet her doom
He picked up the portable tv
And she gasped in shock
As she watched her mother bleed.

He began to crumple as he heard her sobs
He knew he had this time gone too far
And knew that being a good father was his job
He knew he had to stop this pain
End the drinking
Before he had slain
His family;
This got him thinking
As he watched his loved ones break down.

Isabelle, 14

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Why do you want to hurt me?

I saw you with her
That day in the mall.
You were sitting on the stairs
And I recall
The pain it brought me.

As if in slow motion
I saw as you held her and kissed her, carefree
Then out the corner of your eye
You saw me standing horrified
And nudged Sarah
And helpless, I cried.

My best friend Sarah.
My boyfriend Adam.

I ran towards the door
And right now I am
Feeling pretty poor.
I sobbed until my eyes ran dry
I wondered why
Why you used me
Why you abused me
I saw you the next week
With Emma.

Emma, my best friend.
Adam, my boyfriend.
How could you?

Becca, 15

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Many many people say life is just a game,
And many many more say exactly the same.
And so it pains me to say what I have to say,
I don't care who you are but you'll have to pay.
I could use a gun, bomb, or pills,
It's like a pile of unpaid bills,
The fear mounts up higher and higher,
The gamblers lie and turn into liars.

When you die naturally it's peacefully sweet,
Hands on your chest incredibly neat,
But if you happen to be like these,
I'll call them Amy and Elise.

They got abused by their daddy,
And threatened by their mommy,
She flew into one of her rants,
And daddy got into their pants.

And then they were adopted,
No longer felt wanted.
Then at school they were parted,
So Elise quickly darted
To be by Amy's side,
Before the high tide.

They knew it was coming,
It got closer everyday.
They ran away from here,
Ran from the noise,
Ran too far away.

Flew off the cliffs,
Onto the jagged rocks below,
Their bodies united,
Their blood flows together,
Because mommy and daddy,
Didn't love them anymore.

(This is a real story, it happened to my two best identical twin pals.)

Felicity, 13

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What Do We Live For? (just be happy!)

We live for living
Our lives.
But what is the point in our lives?
Before long we die,
We live our lives for loving and giving,
But for what?
Sooner or later we will die.

If we give love and caring
Then we will die,
And the people we have cared for
Will cry
But there is no point in crying
Because we will be dying
Sooner or later
In the future.

Don't grieve for those who are dead
Because you've known them
And all has been said
And sooner or later we will all die,
So don't be sad- live life to the full!

Make people remember you for your cheeriness
Don't be sad about things,
It will just make us sadder
In the end.

There is no point in being sad,
For life is just a journey
And nothing should be bad.

Life is shallow
Enjoy it while you can
And do not be unhappy,
There's no time.

When we die unhappy
The people we love will also be unhappy.
Die happy,
Live a happy life,
And the people you care for will remember you like it
And they will not be so unhappy.

Sophie, 14

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I miss you.

Grandad, I miss you so much.
I want to hug you tight
I want to feel your warm touch
And cuddle you at night.

I miss your smell of coffee and tobacco
And your gentle voice
I would have you back if only
I could have a choice.

But cancer took you away
And made us all so sad
And I was only small that day
When cancer took my grandad.

So cruelly whisked you away
That terrible day
I miss you so bad
I cry at night, it's so sad.

A missing piece from my world
And our family unfurled
Grandad if you can hear me
I just want you to know
That I wish you were still near me
And that we wish you didn't go.

-"Your little princess"

Sof, 10

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The Months Of The Year

January brings the snow,
Makes the toes and fingers glow.

Febuary brings the rain,
Thaws the frozen ponds again.

March brings breeze loud and shrill,
Stirs the dancing daffodil.

April brings the primrose sweet,
Scatters daisies at our feet.

May brings flocks of pretty lambs,
Skipping by their dams.

June brings tulips, liles, roses.
Fills the children's hands with posies.

Hot July brings coooling showers,
Strawberries and gilly-flowers.

August brings the sheaves of corn,
Then the harvest home is born.

Warm September brings the fruit.
Sportsmen then begin to shoot.

Fresh October brings the pheasant;
Then to gather nuts is pleasant.

Dull November brings the blast,
Then leaves are falling fast.

Chill December brings the sleet,
Blazing fire and Christmas treat.

Aroj, 8

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I have tried to stop

I have tried to stop
But it makes me happy
You see
You don't live the life I do

You think you know
Because you say you are there, every day
But you are just that friend
The ones I wanted to leave behind
The over concerned, clueless friend

So I might stop
But today I am just going to let me live my life
Don't worry about my arms!
They don't concern you
Don't worry about the ***
'Cause you don't know how it makes me feel

So just go away
Before you ruin our friendship even more
Just walk away
All that is important is that I tried
And I tried hard to stop.

Natalie, 13

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I ask God for a flower

I asked God for a flower
He gave me a bouquet
I asked God for a minute he gave me a day
I asked God for love he gave me that too
I asked God for an angel he gave me you
All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart
And for us to never be apart.
Just to have and spend a second, a minute, an hour, a day of your time would be a lifetime.

Lele, 15

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Black Roses

You messed up her mind
And you made her heart bleed
And love must be blind
For her not to see

Why didn't she walk away...
Because you made her think she needed you.
Then I found her in the bathroom that day
And that was the moment I knew

You really messed her up, I thought
As I watched her die
Blood trickling down her hands
Face white
As I watched her die
Of you.

Alena, 14

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He Didn't Love Me After All

I came back from the shopping mall
And my friend Alana phoned me
And after that phone call I knew-
he didn't love me after all.

Alana said: "I saw him with Rebecca from the top year,"
I stared at the pictures of him in heart-shaped frames...
Rebecca was the pretty blonde girl who led the cheers
At all the school football games

The next day I saw Rebecca at school
With Carl from the top year like her
It was so very cruel
That my boyfriend was just a spare

He didn't mean anything to her
I didn't mean anything to him
And she swished her silky blonde hair
I bubbled with anger to the brim

She may be sexy
And she may be popular
But she is a s*** of the highest standard and I don't give a d*** about her.

Lacie, 15

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When I see you I smile

When I see you I smile
When I don't I look until I do
Sometimes I wonder do you do the same as I do?
If you do, I'm here waiting for you

Michi, 13

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Crazy Girl

This girl got angry with her man one day
She got him and her dog and they went far away
He was with somebody new
This girl nearly spewed
She got really mad
And she felt really bad
So she threw him to the sharks
Her little dog barked
So she kicked him like a football into the park
Her cheating man died
Her dog survived
And this crazy girl she cried and cried
Just goes to show all you crazy chicks
Never kill the cheating **icks!
They don't deserve to live
They don't deserve to die
They deserve to be locked up in a muddy pigsty!

Elize, 13

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It seemed like just some fun

It seemed like just some fun
The night had just begun
A boy I meet
He makes my heart skip a beat
After no time at all
I was against the co-op wall
I couldn't see
Where could I be?

I closed my eyes and let my mind fade away
Thinking of a better day
I opened them and saw the night
My body was now frozen with fright
My trousers at the floor
My body pushed against the door
I reached out my hand trying to feel, to get away
As I tried to move
A firm push and a strong voice saying "Stay"

Suddenly it stopped as early as it had begun
I started to run
The rain pouring, hitting me like a gun
When I finally reached home
I was there all alone

My life has gradually reached an all time low
Sadness and doom with no happy flow
There's nobody here
I lie on the floor in fear
What if he comes back?
I couldn't bear another attack

I wish I could scream out
But I'm filled with doubt
Who would want to help me?
I'm nothing you see
Nobody can help me now...

Stephanie, 14

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Take Away Nothing

My deepest pride is in my music
You must not be able to see
When I'm in class I'm not taking notes,
I'm writing the lyrics to see
I can visualize them, feel them, and being them is not hard
I am music and music is me
As it will so let me be

But then there is this person
No, there's more than one
I can't understand why they think I'm so bad
Because music is number one?
Why can't I be happy?
Just let me be
I am music and music is me
As it will so let me be

She thinks she can hurt me
She thinks she can take it away from me.
But she'll never see that
I am music and music is me
As I will so let me be

You can take the radio
You can have the CDs
But you can't take my heart
And that's one thing that pleases me
So in actuality
You take away nothing

Tia Marie, 15

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Mom can't stop him, I am so scared

Mom can't stop him, I am so scared
Where is the love that we shared
I know that you really don't care
But in my heart you are still a part
Through my soul I am whole
But you are not fair with a heart of coal
Losing my love you will pay a toll
Soon you will know
When I grow

Don't try to be forgiven
For the pain that I was living
When I was five and alive
No time to shine
No pride of mine
Making me remember my time line

It's ok
Now that I am a star
Because now
You wish you could
You know you should
You wish you would
Look who is calm and cool
And look who is playing the fool

Fantajia Marie, 12

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In Autumn when the trees are brown, the little leaves come

In Autumn when the trees are brown, the little leaves come tumbling down, they don't make the slightest sound, until they touch the ground.

Tee-Tee, 13

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You make me smile like I never had before

You make me smile like I never had before
You are so sweet like a rose
You have made me feel happy
My love for you is so tender

I hope we will be just fine together
I love you a lot
I hope you love me, too
I hate to lose you at any time

I love you a lot
By Desi

desi, 13

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to nickname.

To nickname.
You are so special
You are mine
You are my big red valentine.

You're so fit and well buffed, too
Why not send me a ...
Dime bar.

You go to that chavy school
With Coon, Aaron and well buffed guys!
Say hi to alex see.
And' tell his brother he'd
Never b able to get me!

But you are fit and' you no it
Alex is to but carlo's far from it!

Xxxluv ya loads, your secret admira!!! Xxx

stacy, 20

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This hate
Coursing through my veins
Pumping with the heat of a thousand suns

This hate
I feel it running through me
Pressuring me to do something about it

This hate
Runs down your face like blood
I hate you so much you can't understand it

This hate
Is overpowering
Is overbearing
Is all that you deserve

~I hate you~

SnakeCharmer sSsSsSsSs, 0

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Roses are red

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Monkeys like you
Should be kept in a zoo
Don`t get mad
I'll be there, too
Not in a cage but
Laughing at you

Shay, 12

SHAY, 12

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You make me crazy, that's what it seems
I wonder why were you so mean
I know you loved me, I see it in your eyes
But you would turn around and tell me lies
I removed myself from you for a while
But in the time spent away I missed your smile
I tried to pretend I didn't care
But when I went to sleep and closed my eyes your picture was there
I remember how good it was to be your girl
I remembered when you treated me as your world
Hopefully again someday you will call me baby
But for right now you are driving me crazy

bubblez, 13

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Grey I feel inside my heart

Grey I feel inside my heart
Overcast clouds fill my soul
I am burning up right inside me
For I have a secret !!!

megan, 9

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On a Rainy Day

On a rainy day all I can do is sit and stare at the cats running for cover. I wish that was me living on my own going where ever the wind takes me. I wish I could leave. I wish I could break free. If only I could be alone to think. I want to run from the rules. "Do this." "Do that." It's a prison, and I've got a lifetime sentence.

I am an orphan in an overcrowded foster home with 12 other children.

Camille, 13

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When I See Him I Can't Stop Smiling

When I see him I can't stop smiling. I can't eat or sleep because of the someone I think about 24/7. What else is new. You wonder if you two will ever hook up but you think its impossible and you feel like its a dream. But it's not because when you see him you find out he likes you back. And when you think of him and know he has faith in you, anything's possble.

KK, 12

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Mi Corazon

Mi corazon I only set on you
You really never new how much I loved you
I wished I could be with you forever
But I thought you would say "whatever"

The days we spent together I will never forget
All the bad things I did to you I will always regret
Mi corazon would freeze when I see you face
When you spoke to me my heart jumped out of place.

Analisa, 14

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I love your face

Dear Micheal,

I love your face
I love your smile
Even if I can only be with you for a little while.

You are fine
You are smart
You even go to church too.
Would you do me a favor of being my boo?

You may catch a attitude,
But thats okay
Because I'll love you anyway

If I don't annoy you too much
Them no problem there
Because whenever I see you all I can do is stare.

I will forever adore you
And feel your passion too
The only problem is to you like me as I do you?

Some say you're only a model
May I add you're a good one too
Some say you're a nuisssance
But some say I am too.

I love the way you laugh
And the way you talk too
Micheal you're beautiful
Just do what you do.

For rain or shine
Night or day
I'll love you anyway

Will you be mine?


Skyler, 13

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You dumped me for trash

You dumped me for trash
Now I'm going to have a bash.

I'm going to bash all your stuff,
Like that, ain't enough?

I'm going to take all your money
And don't call me honey

If I even go to jail
I know I'll make bail
Because I took your money

All the mean things you said
All the hurt that you gave

All the stuff that you do
All the times you lied to me too

I'll abolish them all
And I'd make her fall

I have nothing against Amy, Steve
But now I'll retrieve
All my joy

I'll be satisfied then
And then'll you'd all want to be my friend
But that is the end
Of all your trouble, lies, and hurt you gave me
Because now I've been set free
This is a diary of a mad chick
And I won't feel sick anymore.

We had everything
Money, cars, and house too,
But you tried
Now you'll have to hide
Because you gave me my hurt
And now you'll hurt too.

Leslie, 18

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Being With You

Being with you is like being on the moon
Talking to you is like talking to a goddess
I feel so comfortable
Seeing you is like looking at chocolate
You look so good
Well all I know is that every time I see
Or just being next to you makes me fall for you even more
I think I love you

Lovely, 13

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Never Say Never

Never say never unless you try.
Keep your head up and you'll get by.
Hold it up and try to stay strong you
Will make it on your own. Don't let no one
Put you down when they say you can't prove
Them wrong. If you think you can you can do
It all you have to do is prove it.

Dimples, 14

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I'm a girl cute as can be.
Guys love what they see.
I'm a good girl I'm not bad.
Watch your mouth before you say my dad.
I have big dimples in my cheeks.
You can see the clearly when I speak.
I have a smile cute as can be.
Open your eyes and then you`ll see.
I'm the type that follows my dreams.
Look around that's what it seems.
I love the touch of a baby's skin.
I love for to be my friend.
I don't like mess as you can see.
If you are messy don't bring it to me.
I like sports of all kind.
I'm not the girl who thinks she's
Too cute and fine.
School is something I don't like.
If I have to I will fight.
I'm not the type that argues.
You would't if you've been what I've been through.
Well there's no more to say.
I`ll holla at you another day.

Dimples, 14

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In dark nights I cry

In dark nights I cry and call his name
I see him in moonlight and sunshine
I love him every second more and more
I want to feel his tender kiss on my lips and feel his hands on my face
I am writing this now and tears are coming on my eyes
I know he will never be mine, there is only hope
Only hope to make me feel alive...

Kristina, 17

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Peace In Our Community

Peace In Our Community

Racism has gone on for a long time,
And certain people just can't see
That black and white aren't much different
Just like an ocean to a sea.

Just like this writing on this paper,
With you reading all these words,
If it was white-on-white or black-on-black
The words would never be heard.

I can understand that not all people can get along,
Because we think in such different ways,
But why do we have to resort to war?
And put people in torture for days and days.

What this poem is really trying to say,
Is that can't we make SOME peace?
Can't this world be loving?
Like an uncle to his niece.

Like a mother to her daughter,
Like a father to his son
Everyone's so different, yet so the same
Can't we try to get along?

By Laura

Laura, 12

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I've tried

I've tried to be an artist
-But that didn't work out.
I've tried to be a singer
-But all I can do is shout.
I wanted to be an actress
-But I'm quiet like a mouse.
I wanted to be a painter
-But I just messed up the house.
I've said that I'm a dancer
-But that's not true, I lied.
And I'm not much of a poet
-but at least I tried.

Ro-Ro, 14

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You have the eyes I long to stare into

You have the eyes I long to stare into
You have the voice I long to hear

There seems to be no end to this misery

You have the smile I long to see
You have the cheeks I long to touch

There seem to be no end to this misery

You have the arms I long to be in
You have the hands I long to hold

There seem to be no end to this misery

You have the lips I long to kiss
You are the one I want to be loved by

There seems to be no end to this misery

You have the eyes that she stares into
You have the voice that she hears

There seems to be no end to this misery

You have the smile that she sees
You have the cheeks that she touches

There seems to be no end to this misery

You have the arms she is in
You have the hands that she holds

There seems to be no end to this misery

You have the lips that she kisses
You are the one she is loved by

You look at me everyday
Give me that smile
And I turn around and see
She's standing behind me and waving at you
After all it can't be true
What I had in my mind

There seems to be no end to this misery
Is this love???

Susan, 13

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You're so full of life

You're so full of life,
Always smiling and carefree.
Life loves you being a part of it
And I loved you being part of me.

You could make anyone laugh,
If they were having a bad day.
Know how sad I was,
You took the hurt away.

Nothing could ever stop you,
Or even make you fall.
You were ready to take the world,
Ready to do it all.

But she decided she needed you,
So from me you left.
But you took a piece of me,
My heart is what you kept.

My heart is now empty,
And its hard not to remember your face.
But please always know this,
No one will ever take your place.

You left without a warning,
Not even saying good bye.
And I can't seem to stop,
Asking the question why.

Nothing will ever be the same,
The halls are empty without you.
But I know you're still there,
And you'll always be my Boo.

I didn't see this coming,
It hit me by suprise.
And when you left me,
A small part of me died.

I remember you sitting with me on the bus,
When you were just a boy.
And the last time I ever saw you,
Was at the dance with pride and joy.

Your smile could brighten anyone's day,
Know matter what they were going through.
And I know ever day of my life,
I'll be missing you.

Chelsea, 13

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Twins Together Forever

Twins Together Forever

She's my twin,
And I'll always protect her
Like I have nothing else to live for.

We've always been this way,
An eternity of endless summers, dreams and hope
Filled with each other's promises
And love, and compassion.

A bond shared like no other,
Unique, enviable and always unbreakable
She'll be with me forever,
Cherishing, loving and looking out for me.

That certainty is my reason for being,
Without her I don't know how I could live,
She is my angel, my best friend and my enemy
All rolled into one,
And I love her -
We'll be together forever.

This poem is dedicated to my beautiful twin sister, Mia Jane, without whom I couldn't be. I love you. Lily Rose + Mia Jane forever.

Lily Rose , 13

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The Secret

Grey I feel inside my heart
Overcast clouds fill my soul
Rough I feel inside of me
Guilty I am 'cause I've a secret

I shiver like an earthquake
Flashbacks keep coming
People are talking outside my house
I can feel it in my heart

I'm scared of going outside
In case people are talking
Death is coming my way
I can feel it really badly

meghan, 13

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Day Trips Down To Brean and Weston-Super-Mare

Day Trips Down To Brean and Weston-Super-Mare.

I'll never forget these wonderful places
Where I have often gone to visit
The sandy sea breeze blowing in my hair
Walking round Brean market and going on the fair

Weston town is where I love to shop in mk One
Walking around Brean and Weston beach in the summer sun
Walking round Brean market with my mum picking up bargains
I love Brean and some of Weston markets

I can eat ice creams
When we go everything always looks sunny and clean
Walking round Weston shops
I buys loads of bottoms and tops

I go out and play in Brean sea
Where I am happy and free being me
But the sad things is going home
But I had fun playing in Brean's splash zone

By Katie

Katie, 15

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I gaze up at the same stars

I gaze up at the same stars
And drift off to sleep
To meet you in my dreams
My very heartbeat

Rosie, 16

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God Came

God came and said it's time to go,
I tried to stay but I couldn't say no.

So much to do, so much to say,
God said don't worry I'll show you the way.

He took me by both of my hands,
And walked with me on the heavenly sands.

So wipe away all your tears,
I'm in heaven now where there are no fears.

, 0

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My heart is so empty,
No one to love,
My life is so boring,
No one to talk to.

You are the one,
The only one,
Because for now I'm Mrs. Lonely.

The Natalie song Goin' Crazy
I dedicate to you
Because it's the truth.
She doesn't love you,
She just hides the truth.

Megan, 11

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If I Was Your Girl

If I was your girl
I would give you my world
When I look into your pretty brown eyes
I get butterflies
I want to call you my baby
Boy you know you drive me crazy

But I know you got a girl
So I can't give you my world
But when I look into you eyes
I still get butterflies
I can't call you my baby
But you still drive me crazy

Kanya, 12

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I lie in bed

I lie in bed
Thinking about you
Wondering if
Your thinking about me too
I stay awake
Just trying to figure out
What you exactly are
Really about
If I told you
How I really feel inside
Would you understand
Or run and hide
I lie in bed
Thinking if
I should let my life go on
And just give
Is all my time
I spent awake
Really worth
My heart to break?

Taylor, 13

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She Cries

She cries as he gently slides his hand where it doesn't belong. She weeps as he forces her to go along. She drowns in her tears that are running down her face because of a careless person who doesn't care about her feelings. Someone who only cares about his feeling and hormones, someone who says that her tears of sorrow are music to his ears and he loves the sound they make when they struggle to escape from the hurting and the pain. They leave and she drives her head into the pillow as she hears her mom saying oh honey, where have you been. He smiles and says don't worry as long as I'm here now. She has nightmares of this while he sits back and enjoys his fantasys. She wants to tell but it still lies a secret until one day she wakes up and she is hurting cause she can't see her mother again. But she is relieved that she doesn't have to live the nightmare come true of the voice whispering in her ear and of the struggle she put up or the hand sliding where it doesn't belong. She cries.

Jodi, 11

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Come Back

I sit here wondering what I did wrong, then I sit and think all I did was say yes to someone else. The next day it was over day, it was over, it was wrong. But I told you becouse I didn't want any lie.

When I first met you, you took my breath away and then you took the time to find out who I was. No one else took that time. You said you would be there forever, then I turned around and you where gone.

I sit up the whole night crying wishing you were by my side, wishing I didn't do anything to make you leave. I know what I did was wrong but it was only one time and I won't do it again. Please come back.

I am sorry. I love you forever no matter what Please come back.

I am sorry Tyler, I love you even if you don't care anymore.

Jessica, 14

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Some Poems

Some poems tell of today,
And others of tomorrow.
Some poems are told with glee,
While others are full of sorrow.
Some poems tell of love and hate,
And some reveal great destiny or threatening fate.
Some tell of the gloried and others of the blamed,
Some tell words of liars and others of the acclaimed.
Some tell of the darkness and others of the light,
Some will tell the wrong and others of the right.
Some poems tell of the living and others of the dead,
While some tell of the secrets, untold and unsaid.
And to the reader with eyes and to the reader without,
Know that all that this poem is telling you, is what poems are about.

Clarissa, 12

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What Now?

I know you have someone else
I know you love her dearly
I see it in your eyes everytime you remember
I see it in your smile
I see it in your soul
You won't let go
I'm sure

But...What's wrong with me?
I can never think of letting go
Every endeavor is worthless
Try as I might my heart is still clinging
Why can't I stop?
Please don't tell me I'm in love!

Tell me what to do now
Is it wrong to continue to yearn?
You caress her and kiss her
Put your arms around her
But still...I continue
What now?

Please tell me...What now?

Jess28, 14

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There aren't words,
To tell you how much I care,
That you don't get enough sleep.
How can I describe,
How your eyes glitter,
Or how your smile melts my heart every time?
If there's a way to tell you,
That I dream of you every night,
Or how I long for your kisses,
Then I need to know.
Because all I can say right now is
I Love You,
And hope that's enough.

Hanz, 0

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Morning Light

Hold me closely through the night
Wake me with your morning light
My morning light
Awaken me
My silver moon
Your take on me
Is more than I would anticipate
When I'm with you it feels like fate
My stormy cloud
You send me into a dark rage
My evil angel
Lock me in your hearts cage
And leave me there until time ends
A love so deep I can't pretend
Hold me closely through the night
Wake me with your morning light
You're light,
My love for you I cannot fight.

Kenni, 14

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A guy I hate

There's this guy that I don't like
I just hate him
But one day he said he loved me
He said his love was true
Then I said to him, I love you too.

ShiningAngel, 13

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The problem

The rain is falling. My mother is calling. It is storming and pouring down rain. Without you nothing is the same. There is no one to blame, but yourself. Think before you leave me all alone. I dont want to go home. Whats your problem?Whats the big deal? Last time I saw, you told me you steal.

Kelsey, 10

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Where would we be now if we didn't have tomorrow? Would there always be a midnight sky, filled with love and misfortune? Or would there be a path of love and dedication that only the righteous and willing can take?
If we didn't have tomorrow,no one would have a second chance. A fresh start, a clean slate.
Tomorrow is like a new beginning, Whatever happens in the past, stays in the past and a new beginnig comes forth to greet us with everlasting love, that gives us streangth and courage to go on. Today, tomorrow, And forever.

Katie, 14

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How could you hurt me

How could you hurt me,
When you knew I loved you.
Doing any thing you said,
Just to satisfy you.
Gave you my heart my secrets
And all. I saw in the window
Doing whatever with that girl.
Watching this happen and not saying a word.
I saw the next day and you acted like everything was cool.
And as for me I went along with like an empty hearted fool.
Its been a couple of weeks now.
And I hear rumors of her braging about how good it was.
I felt discouraged because I saw it happen so to make me feel better I broke up with you.
But like I said in the begining how could you hurt me, when you Knew I loved you.

Brittany, 15

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We joked

We joked
We laughed
We played and we cried
But nothing hurts worse then us saying our
We took things to the extreme
We took it a little too far
Even though I was forgiven I'll always be paying for what we've done

Shanese, 16

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When We Met

We met walking to our next class, you looked at me. I looked at you. My heart jumps. You see me everytime we walk to our next class. My heart jumps. We meet and kiss we're now going out. My heart jumps. You call me one night and say you met someone new. My heart jumps, then sinks.

Nicole, 11

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It's easiest to cry in the rain

It's easiest to cry in the rain,
when no-one can see your tears,
It's easest to be scared alone,
So no-one can know your fears.

It's like I've said before,
Easest to cry in the rain,
no one can see your sorrow,
no one can see your pain.

Every day feels like a worthless journey,
Each second a sorrowful time.
Sometimes I think I'll give up.
Like things are too far too aline.

No I'll keep on smilling,
Never live in pain,
Help me my closest friends,
So I won't have to cry in the rain.

Nicole, 11

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When we broke up

When we broke up I was so sad,
You didn't even feel bad,
We were together for so long,
I never did anything wrong,
Now were back together,
And I'm happier then ever,
I still have so many questions in my head,
But they were never said,
I still don't know what to believe,
Or if I should leave,
Do you really feel the same way I do,
Could our love actually be true,
I guess we will have to wait and see,
Wait and see if me and you are meant to be!

Ashley, 13

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for lonely I am

for lonely I am
in here only
the freed can
end my fear
until the right
time comes I
cannot speak
no words to come from this sad and

inside this poem you will
see that your friends will root for you till the last ending

so have love
and love to give because at
the bending of the road you
will realize that you are not

the only lonely

Orange Picket, 11

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"Thoughts are just like Friends"

Thoughts come and go
Just like bad friends
You think you've had a good one
Then it's gone
Once you have it, keep it
Love it
Hold it
Cherish it
You control one of them
Don't let either get away

Tru, 11

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Tears on my pillow

Tears on my pillow
Knowing you're gone
Listening to the radio
Hearing our song.

Hearts on my notebook
Your pictures on my wall
Come back and save me
Catch me when I fall.

Diamante_Dreams, 14

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I sit here today I think why?
Why did God have to take them?
Why didn't he take me instead?
Only God knows all the answers
To why, so go on just ask, it might help.

(In loving memory of Joul & Donna. We love you!)

Amanda, 12

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Wishing you felt the same way
Having to carry on each day
Trying to accept your change of heart
I never knew you would tear mine apart
I could satisfy your needs
And help you reach your goals and dreams
But just because I want us together
Doesn't mean I'll wait forever
I want you boy so very bad
You'll be the love I never had
I beleive that we are meant to be
But obviously you cannot see
So I must maintain my pain and simply move on
And face the fact that your feelings are gone

Torian J, 14

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Since You've Left

Since You've left I've died
Since You've left I've lied
Since You've left whats the use
Since You've left I've felt abused
Since You've left I hurt and feel pain
Since You've left my tears are rain
Since You've left my life will never be the same
Since You've left lifes nothing but a game
Since You left, you the love of my life
Nothin, I mean nothing has been right
Since You've left I've been waiting for your return
Since You've left my hearts been torn
Since You've left...

TorianJ, 14

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To Chris

You are my knight in shining armor
But you need to be a bit calmer
We are going to be together
Even if it means forever
You are my dear love!

Karaokestar, 11

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Science Dreams

Science Dreams

I had a dream last night
I was a scientist
Lab coat and all
In my kitchen

I mixed my potions together
On the stove
Oil and water
Simple, yet undicovered

At first
Nothing happened
I turned up the heat
Sparks flew

The oil swirled in every direction
The water bubbled around it
In every which way
They were becoming one

And everything that had just happened
Was scientificly proven
By you
And me

Amalia, 12

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One day I will say I do
Yes I love you too.
You are the greatest love I had
If I lose you I will just die
Never treated me bad
Always thinking of all the love we have
We share most of our time
Will always said I did you right
Never thought about others
Always about you and me
Francisco I love you(te amoooooooooooooo)
You and me for ever


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Black clothes she wants to wear
To cover up the scars,
She pulls out her hair
And cuts hersef down far.

Black hair-she dyed it
Her mother seems so worried,
Her mother asks her
But she just denied it.

Drugs she wants to use
To make herself feel better,
But she's just giving herself abuse.

She receives them in a letter
She tears open the package,
That contains the drugs
She puts them is her baggage
She got them from thugs.

A horrible life
Cutting herself with a knife,
What a way to spend the years
Living all your fears.

~*~Wouldn't u like 2 know?~*~, 12

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Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

They roll in
then back out.
They bring no sin
they are wonderful without a doubt.
Those ocean waves!
It sprays on your face
As the wind moves the trees
with beauty and grace.
That ocean breeze!
Filling your head
with that wonderful scent
You'd think you were dead
because that sent is so desent.
That ocean smell!

~*~Wouldn't you like2 know?~*~, 12

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She looks outside
looks at the willow
her mother planted it before she died.
And in the wind it billows.
The wind is talking
it's not quite clear
she starts walking
she's getting near.
It sounds like a voice
she once knew
she made that choice
to walk outside and see who.
But she stepped out
not a sound.
But she was brave-she wouldn't pout.
Because her mother could always be found.
In her heart.

N/A, 12

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Just another day

Just another day
Just another day
Another day of fear,
She prays and prays
Her doom would be near.

She walks to school
Looks down at her feet,
She doesn't care if she's not cool
This would be no treat.

People are pointing
And just not caring
How other people feel.

They don't care about what they say,
So just remember your strong as steel
It's just another day.

~*~Wouldn't you like 2 know~*~?, 12

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That Person

Once there was a person
In my dreams wearing a disguise,
And left all to suddenly
As soon as I opened my eyes.

I could never wait to see them
When I went back to slumber,
Smiling as Im sleeping
Who they were I would but wonder.

And then you entered my life
You were perfect as it seems,
And then you left again
As sudden as in my dreams.

Xxx~miss you so much~xxx-zairah

faithchic58, 13

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When you cry

When you cry
I'll help you heal
The way you feel

When you're mad
I'll calm you down
I won't let you drown.

When you're hurt
I'll be there
To show you that I care.

I'll be there
When you're sore
Because that's what friends are for.

babygurl08_chaCHI, 13

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We Never Knew

If you just took one glance at me
You'll the the wonderful person I can be
You like her, but I like you
Can somebody please tell me what to do
Every time I see your face
I'll never forget this hateful day
You broke my heart in a trillion pieces
No! More than it
I read my future in a magazine
It said to let the guy of my dreams be independently
Out of all the guys, it had to be you
But I just wish we never knew

babygurl08_chaCHI, 13

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Love is something you want to hold forever.
It might make you cry or irritate you.
It wants to hold your heart and free your soul.
When you find that perfect someone you'll know the feeling.
Have fun with it now because one minute you're laughing and the next minute its gone.
So make it last.

Erika, 12

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Who Is He

He picks you up at 8:00 and you both go to the car,
You start being friendly and then he goes to far.
Your screams are loud and harsh,
Your tears could cause a flood.
What is he doing this isnt fun we were supposed to be friends,
My brain screams why, but my mouth only lets out crys.
He has a knife and I don't know why this was supposed to be fun
I don't know what to do,
I can't just run he is cutting me
Now I have to say goodbye...

Lost In Love, 13

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Walking Up the Stairs

Walking Up the Stairs

Walking up the wooden stairs
I knew there was a boy standing there,
It wasn't the person I'd thought it would be
It wasn't you.

He told me you had stuff to "sort out"
I couldn't quite yell or pout,
As the boy telling me that bad news
It wasn't you.

My friends stopped my weeping
Then the anger started seeping,
As the boy I was dating
It wasn't you.

My friends wouldn't tell what the fuss was for
They told me that I had heard it before,
But I could tell who they were talking about
It wasn't you.

Later I heard that you were two timing me
With a girl called Emily,
I'm sorry, did my back hurt your knife
Shut up, I'm talking to you.

My head is still full of hate
If you apologized, it would be too late,
I swear that I will get my revenge

supagal, 11

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Love is happiness saddness and joy,
Love is everything that is not a toy,
Love is is a power that holds two together,
Love is stonger than plaster of paris it even stays together like peanut buttter,
So thats what I say to you,
Love is powerfull too.

J-sweet1234, 11

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All the time I am waiting,

All the time I am waiting,
Hoping all day,
Wishing all night,
For that single first kiss!
And I am sorta picky,
For I want it from you,
From the boy I love,
That boy is you!

Emily, 0

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Love is a thing that comes and goes,
but you always remember your one true love,
it makes you happy it makes you sad,
But one thing is for sure, you'll have your mates.

Meg, 13

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An Idol*

An Idol*

She was a talented young singer.
Her music was played everywhere.
Young girls tried to dance like her.
She would always have a smile on.
Then on that tragic day when she was shot.
She was dead by a fake friend.
The whole world was devasted.
It was impossible that her;my idol was gone.
Now a decade later she is still remembered.
Her name was "Selena".
My idol!
Who I will never forget.
Selena Quintanilla

Jenn, 13

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A Memories Dream

A Memories Dream

As the last flicker of light diaperates into nothing,
I feel a warm tear roll down my face.
I know there was something there
I turn to stare out of the window
As I watch the last thin ray of light fall below the trees
I think about mistakes made and wonder why?
The days gone to darkness like the burnt ashes of a love letter that was written with passion, the writer pours his heart out in the letter.
But, its never been read.
Tossed into a bed of flames dancing and thrashing around like a winter freeze.
Disapearing into nothing like the days light.
The stars in the night are like a persons heart,a person you love but cannot reach and the stars are their heart. Flickering like you could just reach up and cherish them forever, but they're constantly out of reach.
Hours pass, day comes like the turning of a book page,you never know what comes next until the end.
A memory is something special,something never forgotten like a piece of the puzzle that cant be finished but its always there and good or bad carry it with you and NEVER forget!!!!!

cadi, 14

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Saturn Whispers

Saturn whispers
To it's blue bush friends
With its small blue mouth...
They listen

Virgoirl, 12

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Herding The Innocent

This somber incomplete suffering,
Comes in a bottle of pills
Grim laughs of hardship
Buying a carcass 50% off
Left alone in despair,
Progressing the new plague

The boy lies down,
The girl provides more to sell

How can anyone forget that past?
A morbid connection between the members of,
A demented society
Deep into a body of innocence,
Only once, they wish, that they could be free

Paisley , 15

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I thought that was my bestfriend

I thought that was my bestfriend
The best one I have ever had
Until I found out the truth
And what I found out was sad
She used to always follow me in school
So people started to think I was a fool
She was just using me
And now I'm starting to see
Even though that friendship didn't last
I'm not worried because that was in the past.

Re-Re, 13

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I peer out into the snow

I peer out into the snow
As I begin to tip-toe,
I watch the kids run by
As I begin to wave "hi",
They pass me quite fast
Now here comes the slowest in last,
As I begin to continue my walk
I see the children talk,
Then I see a creature appear
I watch it grow near,
I see it staring at me
Why won't it let me be?

Alexis, 11

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I Hope You Never Forget Me

I hope you never forget me,
I will never forget you,
I see you at school,
Please do like me,
Cause I like you,
You are the greatest boy I know.

From secret admirer

, 0

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I Thought You Loved Me...

I thought you loved me,
But I guess everyone can see
You broke my heart,
And forever will be

My heart is broken
And forever will remain
I think of you every time it rains

Your soft touch that caught my eye
God I wish that I would die
I loved you but you used me
You dated my best friend with out telling me

So if you get dumped
Don't blame me
She probably dumped you
Because of what you did to me

Brandy , 13

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Have you ever watched a boy sleep?
Most of the time they look so innocent and cute and you think to yourself, this is what I live for. (Besides God or who ever you love lol)

They look so adorable you just want to go over and kiss them.
When he wakes the story is not the same, for you may often fear when he calls your name.
They are so very unprdictable but who cares they are boys and boys will be boys.
One day they are sweet and the next they are sour, thats why they are so... Unpredictable.

Bahama Mama, 13

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Be Mine Forever

I hope this love will last forever.
I have a list of things that I want in life.
But you're definitely on top of my list.
I don't care about what people say.
My feelings for you is what I care the most.
I know things are changing around us.
But our relationship will always be the same.
Please never make me cry,
Never break my heart,
And I won't a waste a moment with you.
So please be mine forever!!!

Mohana, 13

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If I Could

If I could paint a masterpiece, it would be for you.
If I could move heaven and earth, it would be for you.
If I loved you more than I do now, it would hurt.

Stareyes, 12

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Only Way

If the only way to be with you is in my dreams, then I want to sleep forever!

Jessica, 0

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One Day

One day you say "I love you."
One day you say "I don't love you anymore."
It comes to a day when you have to realize that the person you love, you are never going to say "I don't love you anymore."
The person you love will always be there for you, and will help you with your problems.
It can be anybody you feel comfortable with or just love very much!

Merylin, 10

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My Best Friend

My best friend is loyal, true to the end.
Sometimes annoying but always my friend.
Sometimes we fight,
But that's all despite, bff always.
Gives me advice, offensive or nice,
On my shirt or my hair.
She's always there.

Sugar, 0

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Sleepless Nights

Been crying all day
Can't sleep at night
Tears mix with fears
Hope with fright
All of those sleepless nights
Your words cut like a knife
Can't deal with life
Thinking of the pain
Sleepless nights going insane
No smiles
Just tears
No hope
Just fears
They act like they care
But to their fake smiles
I can only stare
Sleepless nights wondering what could be
Sleepless nights thinking of you and me
When pain isn't in sight
I'm thinking of you on these sleepless nights

Laura, 12

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This Mask

This make up is the mask
Behind which I hid
You can't see me
You never will
I won't show you
The hole that will not fill

This smile is the mask
Behind which I hid
A wall a thousand miles high
You can't knock it down
It will not crumble
It will not fall to the ground

This is the mask
Behind which I hid
It will not come off
It can't it won't
I will not let go
I can't I won't

Van, 14

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Time Went By...

Time went by and you cheated on her
Time went by and you forgot about your love to her
Time went by and you gave her a very bad life
Time went by and I stopped being friends with her
Time went by and I loved you forever
Our happy times were wasted by thinking about the what if's
You wasted my life and ruined my friends

Hot_chickety_chick, 12

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This Is Not

This is not your: typical, lyrical, cynical, entity nor factual collaterals of humanity.
This is not covert: love, lust, muck or what suits the needs of those who want.
You see, this is not a lie nor is it the truth. Did my first sentences not get through to you?
This is not me writing to earn a dime and making this line happen to rhyme. I would like to live but several particles of my soul have died. For I don't understand the true meaning of life. I gave you my strength and you show me my weakness. Like Martin Luther King, I did have a dream that once was an ambition now my wishes seem to have no existence. I did try to read and have some beliefs, but all that is good as a fantasy, and all that is life is a reality. The verse in the text aims to you as a mark man. I don't understand what your plan is. When the word "mankind" separates itself as if it was two different accomplishments. Is this punishment for those who question or those who ignore the truth? What did I ever do to you? I only played with the borderlines of your rules, but I never meant to harm you. What can I believe as you have never appeared before me? Tears of pain and joy have concorted my body for I run with passion having no destination or place to call home. My body is my shelter for my soul, so where is my real home? Point to my destiny as I meet you one day at the crossroads. My complications and frustration in my soul has me living in pain as tomorrow is worried. I don't know where life leads me. All I know is I need to do something. How can I move on, take it easy, when the horror I have gone through lives within me? I look upon you with the saddest tears ever seen. How come I can't ever overcome this tragedy. So many things have occurred but will I ever be heard. I screamed for love, the truth, the last option of hope. Listen to my story like Cher "A Song for the Lonely". Raised in New York City but in a borough called a place of pity. Torn from my parents and brought up in a place I was taught to call home. You see, as you observed, I want to believe and have faith and wish that all my worries would go away. I believe in my spirit that can lift me up to ecstasy. The more I think about my reality, it turns my ambition to dreams, but the more I reckon on my spirituality it gives me something to think about, it gives me something to live by. Something to moralize to future generations. This is not only about me, it's about a prayer, can you hear it? Can you feel it? I render my mind numb for I deem my purpose in life. Without that I'm nothing. I lead my life on footsteps and ladders, where I trip I can stand and where I slip I will land. This is my spirit. My reality. But who hears me?

Felix , 20

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I Thought You Were the One

I thought you were the one,
But now you're gone and it's all done,
We even planned on having a son,
I remember you were the one who got me into eating honey buns,
I liked you tons and tons,
But I'm not sure if it was love!

Lindsey, 13

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Sweet Butterfly

There was a butterfly sitting on the tree. But along beside it came a bee. So as I walked toward it it came to me and as I sat down it flew on my knee. I smiled and giggled as it flew away for it was my friend who came here to say hello from above and goodnight forever.

Kayla, 17

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Is it great,
or is it sad?
What is it about?
or feeling bad?
Having fun,
or feeling sad?
Is it just about,
them or me?
Why is it,
that we have to
have love?

Going to the movies,
or sitting at home?
What is love for?
I want to know.

Maddie, 10

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Let Me Live My Life!

Why do you bug me
What do you care?
I want to live my life,
Not the one you chose for me, it's not fair!
You tell me what to do, how to dress, where to go
I complain, you tell me I'm phoney, how would you know?
You say I shouldn't do that-it's stupid
Everything I do is stupid!
You say I better check my attitude
That my actions are very rude,
Live my life for just one minute
Then go ahead and say it.
Let me live my own life, dress how I want, go where I want
Let me live my own way
Even if it's for just one day.
Let me live so I can feel
What life will be like... When it's real.
When I live out on my own
Then maybe you'll leave me alone.
How will I know how to survive on my own
If you don't fix this broken poem?

Lumpz, 13

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You Never Listen

You never listen to a word from my mouth,
I wish you would.
You ignore me at school,
I wish you wouldn't.
You left me to sit in the rain while you and your freinds went to the movies with other girls,
I wish you would have taken me.
You dated girls prettier than I me,
I wish you would date me.
You kissed me that night we were at the lake,
I wish you hadn't.
Because now I'm in love with someone who used me.
Now, you copied from my test,
You got away with it.
Now, you filled up my locker with your junk,
You got away with it.
Now, you stole money from my mom and I knew,
You got away with it.
Now, I am grounded and not trusted because I covered for you. You didnt care!!
Now, I hate you,
You know why.

Tinker, 13

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I Said It Was Over

I said it was over.
I said it would be so I'm finally done with you and me. I'm tired of your lying and I'm tired of me crying.
I've got to move on. There's more fish in the sea.
It's not going to be easy. It's not going to be fun, but everything will be ok when I'm finally done.
I hope he regrets it. I hope he wants me back because if he thinks he can get me again then smartness is what he lacks!

Bea, 15

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How Could You Do This

How could you do this,
Did you think I wouldn't care,
Or is your head just bare?
Tell me when you dare.

Brandy, 13

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Memories are never forgotten
They are always remembered
To lose past love
To lose someone special
Some cause pain
Some cause sorrow
Thinking back
Remembering the past
Never to be forgotten
To always last
Some can cause smiles
Some may cause laughs
Never forgotten
To last forever

Tiffany, 14

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Love, Love Why Torment Me

Love, Love why torment me
Why force me to experiance thee
To break my heart with young man's lies
To fool young girl's mortal eyes
To hurt me in the deepest of places
In my heart leaving no traces
A crush I see in yonder classes
Hidden under the enormous masses
Not seen to the popular eyes
But in the eyes of a thousand sighs
I see thee
Hope for thee
To except me
For only me
Finding the perfect mate
To go on the perfect date

Megra, 11

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Sometimes I sit

Sometimes I sit and ponder on what I want to be,
Or sometimes I just ask myself who's the real true me?
I always find the answers when I look into your eyes,
Just knowing that I'll be with you
Makes everything just fine!

PrInCeSs, 16

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Do you know who your friends are?
How high must you raise the bar?
Must you risk changing your life for friends?
If you do that friendship will come to bad end.
Keep on following the person who leads
And if they're not your friend anymore you'll shatter like beads.
You will never get anywhere if you continue to follow
Don't be like, they're too shallow.

Ashley, 13

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The Haunting

Forever I long to find someone who shares my passion. The haunting every night telling me to go here and there,
Looking for a purpose and then I found it.

There really is no purpose to life,
The only purpose to live isn't reproducing,
Isn't God,
It isn't any life-like thing!

The reason of living is to look for the reason
You so longingly want
That one, the one who you can share your differences!

The meaning of life is to look for your place,
To look for your meaning.
And when your meaning is token and gone
What's left to live for?
What is left...

If life wasn't here then we wouldn't have gone through all of those really horrible times.
But you wouldn't have good times,
So you can really only live on what's making you want to die for so long.

My haunting is that I may never see my meaning to live when it wants to come out and kill the one that took.

But in the inside it's doomed to be there for everyone to see but the goat, the horrible nightmare,
is nothing but me.

I am my shadow in the darkness
I am the only one I can get mad at.
If I want to tango, it takes two and I made all those stupid decisions I was the only that said yes!

I want to be free from that demon who lives inside me.
I want to know that I have been punished.

The words have been running through her head for a long time now.
Over and over is it, can I do it?
No she thought and then the day came...
And she decided she could do it!
Spend a day in her life and you'll see
Life isn't perfect...
So why should we go on,
life is for nothing if you're going only towards nothing why bother living at all, and they said life is a privilege!

tears like a rain drop, 12

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You are the best.

You are the best
the best of the rest.
I wish you could stay here forever but I guess
Some dreams don't come true.
We are the bestest of friends and no one can do anything to that.
I wish you wouldn't move and leave me alone with A.
I will never ever forget you and I hope you don't forget me. I am your bestest friend.

To Vanessa my best friend ever.

Love, Leslie

Leslie, 13

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I'm alone in a room

I'm alone in a room where no one can hear me.
I scream and scream but noone seems to notice me.

Pooh, 12

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My Love for you is an Infant Vortex

My love for you is an infant vortex in my heart
Nothing in the world will even spread us apart.

Our love is like a dove that can fly far away
And still come back to us everyday!

I can see us together later in life
With you being the most beautiful wife!

I can see us together getting old and gray
Loving each other everyday.

Even though you're only eleven
When we're 105 and die
I can see us togther in heaven.

Thania, 11

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