March 2003

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Spring is full of Laughter
And fun
It brings joy to
Beautiful colors
Happiness fills
The air.
It's beginning to
Get warm.
And new babies are
Being born.
Kids playing in
The streets.
And little kids
Getting treats.
But remember this
Spring only comes
Once a year!

Samantha, 12

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Love is a word that I feel for you
All I want to know is if you feel that way too
I want to ask you, but Im too scared of what you might say
I think about you each and everyday
I want to hold you each day of my life
But what if things dont work out right
Im bit by that love bug
And its all because of you
If I didnt have you I dont think I can live
I want to grow old with you and you have my kids
But as I think to myself I start to cry
The love for you comes out my eyes
My feeling for you I cant hold no more
I will always love you forever more.

Lesha 14

lesha, 14

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Gone is my love

Gone is my love
I held so dear,
Gone to broad valleys
With streams so clear.
He travels far roads
And steep mountain trails,
Leaving brave footsteps
In green, grassy vales.
His name is often spoken
With happy recall,
His laugh echoes still
Through these long, lonley halls.
And while he is gone,
I miss him so,
He lives in my heart
And my mind evermore.
May your journey be swift,
My you ever be well,
So, farewell my love,
Farewell. Farewell.

Sierra V., 13

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roses are red violets are blue

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I am in love
But not with you
You thought you could hurt me
And make me cry
Just to let you know NOW
I have feelings for another GUY !!!

danna, 12

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My Heart speaks

My Heart speaks

I can't express the way that I feel.
My love for you flows like the flow of a waterfall.
I think that just maybe I could win your heart,
and we will never be apart.
My feelings are feeling that I can't deny
even though I try.

I have a feeling like somehow we are meant to be .
But in my heart you will always be in the darkness of the night.
And when I am down I think of not the materialistic things
But of the beautiful times I spent with you.

By: Katherine

Katherine, 0

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Missing you!

Missing you!

Baby how I miss you,
you are my one true world.
Honey how I miss you,
the way you make me flutter and twirl.

Baby how I love you,
I can love no one else.
Honey how I love you,
and how my heart begins to race.

Baby why did I hurt you,
Why did your heart I break.
Honey why did I hurt you,
and leave you for someone else to take!

Miss World, 13

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just because i love you

just because I love you
thats the reason why
my soul is full of color
like the wings of the butterfly

This is a poem to my boyfriend Elizandro!

karina, 14

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I Died For Love

I Died For Love

At the park where i dwell i met this guy i know so well there he took his love from me to know his bond to set me free he sat another girl on his knee and told her things he never told me i ran home to cry on my bed not a single word i said my father came home late that night looking for me left and right there in the bedroom door he broke only to find me hanging from a rope he got a knife to cut me down on the floor this not he found....Dig my grave Dig it deep marble stone from head to feet On the stone up above tell the world i died for love

Babygyrl, 17

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I sat there on my bed,

I sat there on my bed,
wondering what to do..
I was losing my best friend.
But what should I do?

She was always there when I was in despair.
Now my crying and disrepair,
were there,
falling subject to her stare.

2 days gone by since that horrible day.
The day you told me to go away.
I cried that night.
in fright,
of what the next day would bring.

The next day brought silence and hatred.
and then more tears.

I looked at you,
what you had become,
the thing I dreaded most.
The evil looks, the silent voice...
the hatred of it all.

Still now I wonder if I made the right decision.
The decision to write you this poem.

So will you please forgive me.
The one that cared enough to write you this poem.

Every word I wrote with tears.
So have no fear,
I am still here.

Innocent Eyes, 11

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The crowd forms a circle

The crowd forms a circle
Ring of gossipy talk
Where Im not included
And stand on the outskirts
You are the center of attention
And all listens to you
While Im being ignored
Alone in loserville
But I still want to be with you
Invisible or not
But I can find someone else
who is more like me
Sorry, boy, you lost your chance
Sorry u will be

squegieclohtespin, 13

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His name is uknown

His name is uknown
and a sense of a touch
when i see that he's gone
ALL my blood starts to rush!

Don't care about love
so what do I do
My name's U Sprung?
I hope my boy choose you

I hope that he reads this
with a smiling face
I love him so dearly
My whole heart can't erase!

Since this is a poem
no fancy greetings
I see him everywhere
In a group, or a meeting!

Since Im so done
wipe the smile off his face
I dont like him anymore
This other boy takes his place.


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-For Lucy (one of my best ever chums!)

-For Lucy (one of my best ever chums!)

You are one of a kind,
There's nobody quite like you,
A wonderful person totally
Special - right through.

You know when its perfect,
When you've found a true friend,
Someone who makes it okay,
Re-assures you it'll be alright in the end.

My lovely little soul mate,
That's why I'm glad I found you,
You are totally irreplaceable,
You're the best ; I love you!

Lucy (not the one the poem is for!), 14

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I liked you before I knew you

I liked you before I knew you
I loved you once I met you
I was obsessive just like the others
Trying to find away to standout
But you saw right through me
And understood what it was all about
I tried to fight it
I tied to deny it
But nothing ever worked
It doesn't matter when
It's doesn't matter how
I want a chance to know you
And forget all I imagined
But then I get my chance
And I realized youre not the one
The one I thought you were
That person will never exist
I now know this
It won't be changed
And I don't care
My fantasy is all I need

badimiboom, 13

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Someone to hold me tight
Someone who makes everything all right
Makes me smile all day long
With this someone, I can't go wrong
Love me for who I am inside
Someone to figure out what I'm trying to hide
I want my heart to skip a beat
For that special someone I'll hopefully meet
Someone to wipe away my tears
Someone to stick by for years and years
Someone to run to when I have a bad day
Someone who always knows just what to say
Something that is much more than a crush
Someone who gives my heart that special rush
Someone to trust someone to love
Someone who seems to be sent from above
I pray for this special someone day and night
The one that takes away all of my fright
Someone who is my true love and my best friend
Who I will be with and love until the very end
I'll surely know when I've found the one
For my heart and soul they have already won

Courtney, 13

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When I think of you

When I think of you
I feel down and blue
I loved you so much!
Your feel, your touch

Why did you die?
Why did it end?
You were more than just a good friend

I remember you clear
The things that you fear
Your dreams, hopes
The moments you moped

It wasnt forever
Not March, nor September
I'll know one thing
We're still friends forever=)

Cindy99, 10

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I hate it when you look at me

I hate it when you look at me,
I hate your perfect smile,
I hate the way you flirt with me,
And how you beat everyone by a mile.

I hate the way you talk to me,
I hate the way you stare,
I hate the way you act as if,
You dont give a care.

I hate the way you lost my trust,
How you ruined what we had,
I hate the way you dont care enough,
And it really makes me mad.

Lauren , 14

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As I walk the streets alone, I am not alone

As I walk the streets alone, I am not alone
For I can still hear you
When you whispered, "I love you" in my ear
Even the prettiest song is no match for that
I can still feel you
When you put your loving arms around me
That alone is softer than a mother's embrace
I can still taste you
When your lips touched mine
Was better than the taste of the sweetest candy

I walk the streets alone, but I am not alone
The sun shines on my face
Your voice is lovelier than that
The wind curls around me
Your arms are warmer than that
The rain falls on my lips
Your kiss is sweeter than that
I am not alone
Love is with me all the way

Rae, 14

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All my life I have looked for a friend,

All my life I have looked for a friend,
Who will love and be there for me until the very end,
Who will be silent with me,
In a moment of despair,
And will uderstand all of my
hopes, dreams and wonders,
I've always wanted a friend
That I could tell anything,
That would understand how I felt,
And that would fill me up with happiness,
Everytime that I am with her
Now I have found that perfect friend
That fits my perfect description
That special person
Just happens to be you!

~Boo~, 13

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glazed epitome

glazed epitome
temptation spits us back up only
to feed us to the sharks of travesty's lightening
entwined are our young hearts, pure and solely
we are one, so shocking and frightening
love and euphoria do not belong to us
rather a rough, stormy passionate affair
leaving us no time for words and little fuss
as we eat each other alive, full and bare
this dark ebony tornado becomes much more
ravishing our senses and minds endlessly
brilliant rays of sweetness is nothing but lore
desire rules us, forever and tempestuously
I am so torturously lost in you
What to do with us, so false and untrue.

sophia, 16

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There you go

There you go
Passing by
I sometimes wonder if you can fly
And if you could
I'd come too
Even though I can't be with you
I'll face my fears
Of you turning me down
I'll take a chance
And ask you to dance

sisique, 13

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Why do you do those things you do?
Those things that got me hooked on you?
How you would whisper sweet nothings in my ear,
whenever you were present,
whenever you were near,
that smiles that glistens in the sun,
that made even the bad days seem fun,
the way you bite your lips before we kiss,
those are the things, the things that I miss.
Those things ended my misery,
you still do those things, but not for me.

Ria, 13

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I saw you with the other girls

I saw you with the other girls
Flirting and laughing and twirling their curls
But I'd like to go and ask you straight
And I really hope it's not too late
It's from my heart
How should I start?
How about
I want to say
The hardest thing in my life today
But will you accept it?
Or will you deny it?
Because my soul needs to know
It needs to let go
Tell me if you love me back
Or else my fragile heart will crack.

Toshia, 12

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i hate her

i hate her
the girl i hate
she is not a friend
she's ugly inside and out
she is like a newspaper
say's everything i tell her

i hate her
the girl i hate
she is not a home girl
she's late as can be
she calls me a lot
and i hate it

i hate her
the girl i hate
why does she talk to me?
i try to ignore her
but she won't leave me alone
just leave me alone

i hate her
the girl i hate
she's skinny from her legs
but fat from the top
if you ever happen to meet her
tell her i hate her

indira , 14

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I lay awake every night thinking of you
Thinking of the times I was with you
The times we were together are so vivid
The times we had are what I want to live again
I can't understand how it all came down
When I was on a high I came crashing to the ground
Picturing you in my head
I notice details of you all in my bed
Laying there I look at you
Looking at everything you do
How your hair is the darkest brown
But your eyes the lightest blue
As tall as life itself
Skinnier than the width of the shelf
When I am taller than everyone at my school
You still overtower me
When you're sitting on a stool
We were perfect like hand in hand
But still we are waiting to take a stand
Why you can't be here right now for me
Why we can't take that last step is beyond me
I still love you as I lay trying to sleep
Either way I'm still up in two
I did this all over you.

Nadia, 14

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David Paisley may be gay, but he's got far more than what they could say,
Brad Pitt sure is fit, even at 39,
And I sometimes wish Gareth Gates were mine,
Justin Timberlake-like that style,
And Shane from Westlife and that smile,
Beckhams body, you just want more,
And Charlie from Busted in What I Go To School For,
Then there's Dunk from Blue, now that's some body I'd loved to do,
But honey, none of these guys could ever compare to you!

Mrs. Paisley, 16

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Before I start

Dear Smartgirl,
Before I start, I want to point out that this is not a love poem, but a poem about my extra special best mate.

Weve been best mates since year two,
and over that time our friendship grew.
Little toddlers then were Hat and me.
What fun we had playing happily,
and then we grew older, and matured a tad,
and the things she said often drove me mad!
But we stuck together, our friendship was strong.
Although we had similar personalities; things often went wrong!
So here is a poem especially to you.
May our friendship last, and all the good things too!

From Bex to Hatty

bex, 11

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You watch this guy walk by everyday

You watch this guy walk by everyday
You want to do something, but what do you say?
He will never know how you feel unless you speak,
but you get all nervous, and feel so weak?
Why does this happen, because eventually
It will be too late,
and all you wanted was that one date!
But you hesitated to many times,
and guess what? This poem rhymes!

~Let someone know how you feel before it's too late! ~

-LiNdz-, 11

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Love is a magical, wonderful thing it

Love is a magical, wonderful thing it
Opens a new world
Variety of choice in who you like
Every boy needs a girl

Heads, looks, size of your nose
And everyones shape of heart
So what if were not perfect

Yes we cant be apart
Open your eyes a bit, say
Under your breath, that
Really, honestly, truly

Never love me till death
And you might think Im stupid
Might be insane, but


Ps Look at the Letter at the beginning of the sentence it spells love has your name

X Rayannah X, 13

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When you walk into the dance

When you walk into the dance
and you see that boy's smile, so sweet
you think that special smile is for you
But it's for the other girl he's just meet.

You try to get a dance with him
but that girls always in the way
she can talk to him whenever she liked!
Why was it today?

But you soon see that he's with HER now.
and you finally see
that boys aren't everything
Believe it just like me!

Frankie, 11

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You know I love you, so why did you run away?
I know I'm not like Britney Spears or anyone like that, but apperance dosen't mater, it's inside that counts. Anyway I love you load + 'n' loads.

Sarah, 11

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Forever Love

Our love is infinity,
like a silver bee,
upon a golden rose,
It will never leave,
It will never go.

victoria, 14

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Dont grieve for me for now I'm free

Dont grieve for me for now I'm free
I'm following the path God laid for me.
I took his hand when I heard him call
I turned my back and left it all.
I could not stay another day
to laugh, to love, to work or play.
Tasks undone must stay that way.
I found the peace at the close of day.
If my parting has left a void
then fill it with remembered joy
A friendship shared a laugh, a kiss,
ah, yes these things I to will miss.
Be not burdened with times of sorrow
I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.
My lifes been full I've savored much,
good friends, good times
a loved ones touch.
Perhaps my time seemed all to brief
don't lengthen it with undo grief.
Lift up your hearts and share with me
God wanted me now:
He set me free

Sinae, 12

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I need to let go

I need to let go

I need to let go
I cannot stay
and let you hurt me in this way.
I need to understand
she's the one now,
someday I will realize that.
For the time being I'll hold my head high
and whip my tears away from my eyes,
when ever you will walk by.
So I will smile and not let it show,
for now I realize I need to let go.

Ana, 15

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In Love

In Love

This feeling overwhelms me,
A swelling of the heart.
I never truly thought I would be
This happy at the start.
You take me by the hand,
And lead me by the heart,
Over a beach of sand
Through the grasses that we part.
With you I let go
Of intuition and sound mind
My feelings I cannot help but show
To a person who is so kind.
You kiss my lips so tender
Embrace me through the night
To you I have surrendered
Myself so hold on tight.
So strongly you hold my hand,
Whisper softly in my ear,
I really feel that you understand
Everything you hear.
I lose myself in you
This close I have never been,
These feelings are so new
To have a lover who is my friend.
By:Cheny May

Cheny May, 11

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I love you, I want you, I need you

I love you, I want you, I need you by my side
for ever and ever.
I hope that time will pass by but till then I still wait.
Once gone, now back .
Sorry sorry I still love you - No it is true.

Racky, 13

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When I got to know you

When I got to know you,
At first I didn't like you so I was blind
but when I got to know you, everything was fine.
I've seen you everyday thinking of you all the time,
Always saying to myself...man I wish you were mine.
They say that I'm too young to know what love is...but what I really believe is that you love me just as much as I first loved you...however was I glad when I got to know you.
I'll Love You Even When You're Gone.

Rica, 15

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This is the poem that I wrote to my mom

This is the poem that I wrote to my mom when she went to another country!

Roses are red,
violets are blue!
and i miss you!
Having the blues?...I do too!

jan, 11

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I'm not sure if you know or not

I'm not sure if you know or not
But I really do love you a lot.
You still hold a special place in my heart
And you did, right from the start.

But when she came along and took your breath away,
I was devastated and didn't know what to say.
I spend my nights crying, time after time,
I spent my days lying, saying I was fine.

Little did you know, my heart was crushed inside,
And on that day, a little of me died.
But with her, you look so in love
'Cause you are an angel from above.

I now have to teach my heart to move on,
For, you are now forever gone.
But about one thing I am unsure:
Why it can't be me, and not her.

Rayannah, 13

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Hellos are hard,

Hellos are hard,
You don't know what to say,
You would look at me,
But I'd look the other way.
I blushed every time I saw you,

You talked to me every day,
You smiled, and you laughed,
But once again I looked away.
Finally one day,

You talked to me once more,
And finally I got the courage,
to say hi and not ignore.
From that point on,

We were together every day,
Until you left me,
and went far, far away.
We had to say goodbye,

They are harder than Hellos,
But after a short time,
I finally let you go.
I know it will be hard,

For both you and I,
But whenever we get lonely,
We can look up in the sky,
And I will know that God, the Father,

Is watching over you.
And you will also know,
That he's watching me, too.
He'll bring us back together,

Before too much time has passed,
And we can be together,
Once again, Once more, at Last.

Rayannah, 13

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As I walked down the crowded halls

As I walked down the crowded halls,
I saw him standing there.
He was flirting with his girlfriend,
Her hands massaging his hair.

I can just hear the conversation now:
"Are ya gonna be at the game?" he asks.
"I wouldn't miss it for the world,
I'll be sitting with Brittany on the grass."

"I take one last glance,
And then turn my head away.
My heart can't take this carnival ride,
For my emotions tend to stray.

If you haven't caught on yet,
Let me fill you in:
The guy I long for is taken,
And I'm left in the garbage bin.

I see him every day in school,
And he should be able to notice me.
But somehow out of his busy schedule,
He finds the time not to open his eyes and see.

He did once talk to me,
He tapped me on the back.
But his eyes filled with questioning,
Asked for the class movie, if I had a snack.

Does he do this on purpose?
Or is he just too blind to see?
My head says I should forget him,
My heart says he belongs to me.

Now maybe I'm just being normal,
Or I'm just in a mindless daze.
I feel like a naive little mouse,
Trying to find its way through a complicated maze.

What is this and where does it come from?
Does it come from above?
The only explanation that comes to my mind is,
It's that exotic thing called love.

X Rayannah X, 13

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I thought you were my angel

I thought you were my angel,
Sent from heaven's sky.
I thanked God for your presence,
But now I wonder why.

You took your bow and arrow,
And aimed it at my heart.
You let it rip right through my soul,
And left me torn apart.

I started to wonder what went wrong.
I loved you without fail.
But above all else I figured out,
you're just a typical male.

X Rayannah X, 13

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I like you alot, I think you like me too,
but then you broke my heart and it cannot be fixed with glue.
You told me that you cared, pretended to be my friend,
but then it didn't matter when it came down to the end.
We spent many a day together, and I thought that we were growing close,
Until you charcoaled my heart to where it will never trust, you burnt it like toast.
I thought that you cared about me too, until out of our friendship you walked away.
You still think we're friends, I guess, but I am out here in the cold, like a wandering stray.
Maybe it's easy for you to hurt me like you did,
But I really opened up to you, you popped open my heart like a lid.
Now you left me hear to cry and bleed,
But I will survive, because you're just you, and I am anything but ordinary.

Jacquline, 13

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He was the greatest and giving,

He was the greatest and giving,
the best I have ever known,
though I still wish he was living,
but I have to accept the fact that
he is gone and I understand why God
wanted my uncle by his side,
and know he is an angel high above
sending sweet thoughts of love.

alora, 16

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Mother's day poem

Mother's day poem
You are my shining star
you always will be by far
you've made me happy,
through sad patches
you've forgiven me and made
me strong
thats cause you're the best mum
and you will always be my best chum.
Katie 13

katie , 13

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I used to think I was in love with you

I used to think I was in love with you
But then you hurt me through and through
I thought I loved you but that's in the past
I got over you quite fast
I met this other loving guy
I knew loved me from the start though I was shy
You walk past me in the street and curse
I have had many lovers now I know you were the worst
I would hate to be the new girl in your life
Perhaps even she will be your wife
But one say the truth will slip out about you
About how you kicked and beat me and made me blue


Sloppy, 10

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Between tomorrow and yesterday

Between tomorrow and yesterday
Im standing here with you today
There are no words for me to explain
Youre like a rainbow to the rain.
Youre like my angel up above
You always care, you always love,
And when you say you love me too-
I fly to heaven to be with you!

Legally Beautiful, 16

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I saw his eyes on the beach,

I saw his eyes on the beach,
By the sea,
His eyes so blue.

I saw his hair in the wind,
Blonde and wild,
Flowing free.

I saw his smile gaze at me,
Happy and loving,
Gleaming bright.

He backed away into the sea,
Beneath the wind,
Under his wings.

He was my love that angel then,
He is right now,
And always will.

He flew away that day he did,
The love of my life, my angel,
Right into the sky.

I walked into the sea that night,
The horses trampled me,
But I knew if I went into the sea,
I could see my angel that night.

Fluffy Cloud, 12

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If I had one wish that lasted forever,

If I had one wish that lasted forever,
I would wish we'd be together.
No one knows my true love,
except the angels high above.
Words can't express the way I feel,
I only know what is for real.
Can I have this love of mine?
Or will our memories wash away in time.
I don't want to lose a relationship like ours,
cause I think our love could go real far!

carr, 13

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Dreams don't always happen in your sleep,

Dreams don't always happen in your sleep,
Dreams are something you'll always want to keep.

Dreams are like the sky,
They can be vast beyond the eye.

Dreams can be good or bad,
Some happy, some sad.

Dreams can happen anytime, anywhere.
I promise you, dreams are there.

Alex, 12

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Money's tight at the minute

Money's tight at the minute,
we've been thru it we've all seen it
parents tryin 2 giv us da best, u no look after their own
but we're hangin on by a thread 2 our car and our home
my dad trys so hard, workin all the hours god sends
jus so his kids can keep up with da trends
jumpin each time da doorbell rings, hopin its not the balifs or the cops
tryin to make us pay up with money we jus haven't got
my mom goes 2 bed prayin n hopin
that 1 day we'll have enough money 2 roll in
u no have dem things dat rich people love
like maids and butlers and red persian rugs
My brothers, they dont understand thinkin god it's only 5 pounds
when they ask my mom jus turns and puts her head down
my mom I hear her cryin as she pops anti-depressants
my dad sittin up late at nite worryin n stressin
he makes enough money 2 only eat and survive
knowin that he just about provides
They wake up each day, feelin the guilt and the shame
until one day when that great news came
my dad got a new job, and it all seemed worth while
the first time in 6 months I saw my mom smile
she gradually got happier and came off the pills
my dad earned enough money to treat us n still pay da bills
I think to myself how lucky we are
with the odds stacked against us and we still got this far
last night I stopped n looked up at da sky and thanked god above
how my family made it thru with only nurture and love!!

charlotte, 13

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I like you as a friend

I like you as a friend
I love you with all my heart
I try everything I can
Just to give you all my love
I know you like me alot
And I like you too
But the clock is ringing tick-tock
As I'm waiting for you
We only talk by phone
I make up a lot of lies
You said that my phone
sounds like a little girl that's too high
I'm sorry I lied to you
It's just that I love you so much
I mean what can I do
When I only want your love
I faked an age
I faked everything
But you make
Me spill everything
I'm tired of all these lies
I'm tired of all these letters
That make me feel alright
Then make me feel un-better
I should say the truth
But I really love you
I don't want you to not like me
I want to be the chica of your dreams
Amor te amo con toda mi alma
Y sin ti, yo soy nada!!!

Celina, 11

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Every day I stay awake thinking of you,

Every day I stay awake thinking of you,
but now my memory fades away,
as you think about another girl,
and left me with tears and whines,
hoping that you'll be mine.

keisha, 0

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He looks at me then at her

He looks at me, then at her, what is it that he sees in her? I don't know but what ever it is, I don't care. She took my man not once, not twice, but four times. I've had enough so let me tell her leave my man alone or there for you I will be.

, 0

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I'm in this room

I'm in this room shaking
An abnormal stress is what I'm making
I feel like my insides are baking
As I shake in this room

Tears fall like rain from my eyes
I cry and cry, well into the night
Please, please, give me some light
I need light to walk my path
I'm shivering as I hold my love tight

This isn't a sappy love poem, no
Nor is it something I copied and dare to show
These are my feelings at this very second now
Hold me, and love me
I will get better, this is my vow

But right now I think I'll sit here in this room
A little longer for my thoughts to consume
Hold me, love me
While I sit in this room

Snoissap, 13

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We were once together forever

We were once together forever but now we are too far apart, what does it say,"you act just like your father, is it me? Or the grudge you hold against me? This is getting old, so old I can't keep these feelings inside, we used to talk about everything, but now all we do is fight!"
yours truly*

Chana, 13

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I Hate It When...

I Hate It When...

I hate it when I look in you
and see a person I never knew.

I hate it when you talk about "making love to me."
It's like you can't take me how I might be.

I hate it when you flirt with other girls
and how you buy them cheap pearls.

I hate it when I come around to give you a hug
cause every time your boys are around, you act like a mean bug.

Well all of this is going to change, all your stupid ways
so take a deep breath of what I will say.
It's just that...

I hate that I have to say this to you boy, but I won't be treated like your Barbie Toy!

lilboo1, 12

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The brain takes over the world.

The brain takes over the world.
The brain thinks he is so smart
And that when he gets in an argument,
He always thinks hes right
And when he makes a decision
He is always right and sometimes wrong;
The brain takes over our body movements.
Sometimes we want him to remember stuff and he just forgets.
Think I can live without you? The brain?
Sometimes the brain takes a rest and then we start doing crazy stuff.
So the brain is important
And we need him sometimes.
Then again we always need him.
So, the brain takes over.
He, takes over.

lori-ann, 13

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It is impossible to do what you want,

It is impossible to do what you want,
it is impossible to only listen to you,
it is to impossible to try and look at you,
it is impossible to hold a conversation with you,
because I hate you, only because that hate is "LOVE"!

Chana, 13

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Spring is coming, daffodils cover the ground

Spring is coming, daffodils cover the ground,

Pretty little butterflies hovering all around

Running all around are the children in the sun,

In the season of spring everyone has fun,

New born lambs are just starting to stand,

Giant wasps and bumble bees are all over the land!

Alex, 11

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I thank god he sent you to me,

I thank god he sent you to me,
for you and i were meant to be.
We have a bond too strong to break,
we have a love no one can take.
In you i have found a love so true,
my heart is filled with love for you.
everytime I see you my heart skips a beat,
you make my life whole,you make my life complete.
my love for you grows more with each passing day,
the thought of your gorgeous face takes my breath away. Those eyes fill my soul with happiness, those lucious lips i love to kiss.
For always and forever...I will love you

hennysse, 15

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love is stupid love is dumb

love is stupid, love is dumb
love takes away the taste of my gum
up and down, i'll turn around, emily's the sound i
hear downtown, yellow green blue and white
get the hell away from my life, if you don't that's
too bad, turn around and ill kick your a**!!!!!!

by maria

maria, 13

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This is the place that I dwell

This is the place that I dwell
For my life to go well
As I sit here and cry, all these weeks wondering why
Its all in my head
Its all crammed up as I lay in bed
And brush off my tears

Theres a small reminder that Ill do my own thing one day
But fear lives inside me so I couldnt do anything, even if I maybe
Living in jealousy, hurt, tears and pain, its all ok
Because when it ends
I will breathe again
I will feel that freedom brushing over me

Id like to be a guy for once
Not worrying about periods, pimples and boys so much
I just want to sleep in the night
Wake up in the morning
And feel warm light

Stop Dreaming! I yell inside my head
I know what's going to happen, its something I dread
Im going to cry and cry and cry
But I seriously dont want to die
I just want to be happy.
I just want to be Happy.

Anonymous , 14

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When I saw his face
My eyes sparkled
When I heard him talk,
I felt
With him I really wish I were.

I remember the first time he saw me cry
He said, Whats wrong I ignored him!
Even though it was nice of him that he asked, but I just cant
Remember why I didnt respond.
When he talks to me, I cant help feeling great and alive!
With him I really wish I were.

When I step into my English class,
And I see him there my heart beats louder than a drum.
With him I really wish I were!

I hope he lets me know his secrets
And his interesting past,
I hope that he could keep my secrets
And make our friendship last.
With him I really wish I were

Yesi, 16

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She Disappeared

A room with hallow spaces
is where she has to stay,
with no one there to wipe her tears away.
One day someone called her name,
with no one to be found.
She had disappeared
without a sound.
Her fragile heart was broken.
They think that is why she disappeared.
The room with hallow spaces is now empty
with no reason to do what it has done.
The door is now closed with no one else in harm.
The room with hallow spaces is now empty
because no one was there to wipe her tears away.

Kacey, 12

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Teenage Mother's By: Erin of Paris TX

Teenage Mother's By: Erin of Paris TX

I'm going to be a mother,
whether I like it or not
I avoided all the procedures
by taking the pill or shot

Now Im dealing with me consequences
by raising my very own child
I now wish I had waited
from going around acting all wild

I have to raise a stranger
for eighteen long years
my childhood is over and
Im overwhelmed with fear

I now wish I had listened
to what my parents had said,
always pay attention, and
never fall in someone's bed

You see, now I know
what one night of pleasure can lead too?
a few nights in the hospital
and a child that looks just like you

So now my life is mapped out for me
as I look around the world I see
so many young girls running around
looking just like me

So now Im hear like no other,
within a few hours, I'll be a teenage mother

erin, 16

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As I see him walk my way
I stutter in shyness
and tell him to stay
He glares at me
I stare at him
the words won't come out
as I cringe within
for what I am about to say;
I see the look in his eyes
so I say come this way
he looks at me with despair
for he is lost as well as my words
he speaks
goodbye my love
I feel my heart shatter into a thousand pieces
tears streaming down my face
I whisper a soft

keli, 14

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Glowing orange at the bottom
Going up into a flaming red
And the yellow at the top
With the ashes flying everywhere
And glistening in the pale moonlight

Rachel Wendy Parry, 10

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And Tomorrow

And Tomorrow

Today is filled with anger
fueled with hidden hate
Scared of being an outcast
afraid of common fate.

Today is built on tragedies
which no one wants 2 face
nightmares to humanities
and morally disgraced

Tonight is filled with rage
Violence in the air
Children bred w/ruthlessness
Because no one at home cares

Tonight I lay my head down
But the pressure never stops
Knawing at my sanity
Content when I am dropped

But tommorow I change
A chance to build a new
Built on spirit intent of heart
And ideals based on truth

And tommorow I wake w/second wind
And strong because of pride
To know I fought with all my heart to keep
My dream alive.

Angel, 13

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I hate this feeling

I hate this feeling,
I'm all alone,
No one's there,
I'm on my own.

I want a friend,
Just the one,
To stand by me,
Until the very end.

To talk to,
To tell my secrets,
To hide away from. . .

I hate this feeling,
It's new and strange,
Doesn't make sense,
Doesn't seem right,
To want something,
So much it hurts.

I hate this feeling,
Why isn't anyone trying to find me?
To find out who I am?
I'm so confused,
So lost.

I hate this feeling.
The feeling of being a nobody.

child_of_autumn, 13

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I wanted to know something special,
I wanted to know you,
I wanted to feel great,
When I boasted greatly towards you,
I wanted to be happy, instead it ended sad,
I wanted to know something, who knew it would be bad?

ellian-monique, 13

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Morning and my Night

Youre my morning and my night,
Youre my darkness and my light.
You're what makes me want to live and want to die.
You make me laugh, and you make me cry.
You're my up and my down.
You make me smile, and you make me frown!
I love you!
You must be from above!
But I hate you,
And you say you hate me too!

~Angel of Death~, 14

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Friends are people that will always be there for you.
Friends will always love you.
Friends share secrets, hopes, and dreams.
Friends giggle and joke with you.
Friends chat with you and love to talk.
Friends never leave you out.
Friends are the people you spend long, hot summers with.
Friends are those you turn to.
Friends, I think, are people like you.

Anarelle , 11

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Not a hair out of place

Not a hair out of place
Not a blemish on her face
She's perfect

Her clothes fit just right
Not too loose not too tight
She's perfect

Everyone wished to be just like her
Not like me
She's perfect

Her blue eyes like the sky
No one ever saw her cry
She's perfect

She lay deep asleep
She'd never snore, not make a peep
She's perfect

Her skin once so smooth
Now was frozen couldn't move
She's perfect

Lay cold in a casket
I had a question never asked it
She's perfect

She would starve and exercise
Didn't know she'd planned her own demise
She's perfect

What I saw no one could see
She blinked back tears as she turned to me
She's perfect

She couldn't do it she didn't care
She was sick of living in such despair
She's perfect

She starved her body she wore herself out
Couldn't find within her the energy to shout
She's perfect

Spoke not a word fell to the ground
The world all around her made not a sound
She's perfect

It was a game life was the cost
Anorexia won but she lost
She's perfect???

***R.I.P Jenny Carter***
Love you 4 ever <3<3<3


She's perfect???, 14

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My Favorite Tree

My Favorite Tree
My favorite tree is every tree
Because of the beauty for all to see.
My favorite tree is every tree
Because its shade is a cool place to be.
My favorite tree is every tree
Because it's home to the birds and the bees.
My favorite tree is every tree
Because of the air it cleans for me.
My favorite tree is every tree
Because of the fruit it bears naturally.
My favorite tree is every tree
Because without it, what would Christmas be?
My favorite tree is every tree
Because it makes the world better for you
and me.

Savvy, 10

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The sun hit me and I knew

The sun hit me and I knew
I knew it was going to be a perfect day
I looked outside to see
The steam rising from the blacktop
The night was so cold and now
Now it's beautiful
The past has gone the future is near
Nothing else can make me fear.

slyer, 13

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I've always waited for a special someone

I've always waited for a special someone. And when I found you I didn't think that a person like you would actually like me. It's not a dream come true but it's perfect with you in my life. When I hear you like me just the same, it makes my heart flutter to hear your name. I heard from a bird you would maybe ask me out. But now when I think about it, is it the best thing for you and me?

I don't know, we'll see...

sweetie123, 13

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Now That He Is Gone

Now That He Is Gone

Now that he is gone I long for him
He was my whole world
But that day I got a call my whole world just
crashed down
I found out that you had died
And I blame my self for it because I could have been there to stop you but I wasn't
Now I think about you all the time
Now that he is gone it's not the same
It's a whole different world without a happy face to see
Now he is gone all I have to remind me of him is his younger brother who is another happy face to see.
Now that he is gone
All I do is cry for him but I know that God will keep him safe
Now that he is gone
I just want to be with him
I loved him like a brother he was the only one to make me happy
Now that he is gone there is no one to talk to about certain things
Now that he is gone
All I do is wait for him to come back and make everything better again

ash, 14

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...do I deserve you?

...do I deserve you?
...do you deserve me?
...do we deserve each other?
...or are we meant to be?

...should I love you
...like the way that I do
...I'm not so sure
...on who to turn to

...please don't say a word
...that is very deep
...or give me promises
...you can never keep

...'cause I will make us last
...until forever for you
...as long a you stay with me
...and love me as I do

~+~*A*_fallen_*Q*_angel_*A*~+~, 16

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A Summer Lover

A Summer Lover
A Pollen Pincher
A Buzzing Buddy
A Sour Stinger
A Warm Weather Wanter
A People protester
An Unwanted Friend
A Bears Best Pal

Sara, 10

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You'll Never Be Alone

You'll Never Be Alone

When you walk the streets, lonely and cold,
You won't be alone.
When your heart's been broken, ripped and sold,
You won't be alone.
When you're screaming and crying,
You won't be alone.
When your happiness is dying,
You won't be alone.
When you're decieved and forgotton,
You won't be alone.
When you're always being downtrodden,
You won't be alone.
You'll never be alone because I will always be here,
Waiting to catch you whenever you do fall.
No, you'll never be alone.
I'm here.

Alyssa, 12

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A Riddle

A Riddle

In marble walls as white as milk
Lined with skin as soft as silk
Within a fountain crystal clear
A golden apple doth appear
No doors there are to this stronghold
Yet thieves break in and steal the gold

Answer: An egg

Georgie, 11

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wolves all around me
wolves growling, howling, biting, kicking
licking their lips as they eye me, their feast

ghosts all around me
ghosts haunting, taunting, following, watching
floating nearby as they watch my every move

giants all around me
giants towering, glowering, lecturing, smirking
intimidating me as they tell me what to do

friends sticking by me
friends hugging, smiling, crying, comforting
enevloping me in love and keeping me strong

anna, 13

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I stood staring out of my window

I stood staring out of my window
Watching the snowflakes fall
I stared at the sill and shivered slightly
And I watched the bare trees stand tall

I thought about you my dear
Why you'd dumped me the day before
I felt strange and empty inside
All the hurt I was trying to ignore

My heart gave a rhythmical beat
It was like the day outside
Cold and desolate, desperate for warmth
Which I feel when you`re by my side

I could break down in floods of tears
But my mates told me you aren`t worth it
I don`t disagree and I don`t agree
I`m just trying to forget about it

I wish you well, just to be polite
And may you live life peacefully
Just hope the girl destined to be your wife
Will be as gorgeous as me!

Bex, 11

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As I look out my window I begin to pray,
That hopefully you will come home someday.
Then I lay on my bed and begin to weep,
And finally i cry myself to sleep.
Ever since you left me that day,
You completey stole my soul away.
It seems as if my heart will never again be filled with bliss,
Because I am just waiting for your soft, passionate kiss.
I think to myself, what did I do wrong?
I've been waiting for an answer, been waiting so long.

Tauni, 13

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when i was little

when i was little
all i dreamed about was being complete
i wanted someone who would fill this whole
i dreamed about that one special person to meet

my heart ached for happiness
my heart ached for love
my heart ached for passion
my heart ached for that one special dove

i looked for an answer
i looked for a way
to fulfill my needs
when will it be my day?

my life is so empty
so new
so bare
my chances of finding love are rare

when i was little
i dreamed of you
come take me somewhere far
somewhere real and new

amber, 16

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come, lets have some tea

come, lets have some tea
just you n me, with Alice and the Hatter
then lets fly to Neverland, dance wit Wendy and Peter Pan
after, ride to Rivendell, there the Elves will write a lovely tale
of you and me and all we can be
lets be like this forever
lets not go back
here out of reality
we have a chace
we can be together

Andelinwen, 0

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Anyone who reads this...don't cry...

Anyone who reads this...don't cry...

I felt too happy, so good,
When you said you would,
I felt so warm, so deep,
Like I'd fallen in a long romantic sleep...

I had seen those quick glances,
Those quick smiles here and there,
You did them often enough,
It turned into a lovely stare

That made me feel more welcome,
more involved in your dreams,
your smile made me feel wanted,
but now my story starts, it seems...

I was off school that Tuesday,
The tuesday I hate the most,
When at 4:00pm, i got a call,
Telling me everything I'd lost...

It was my friend, the poor girl,
Who got told to tell the news,
She sounded heart-broken for me,
She sounded like she wanted to sue

'It's not nice' she explained,
sounding dry like her throat was lumped,
'He said a lot of things' she went on
'But the worst is that...you're dumped'

I didn't belive her at first,
until i rang more of my mates,
they said 'i was going to tell you
We can fix some other dates'

'No' i said, 'i don't want another date'
It's true, though, i didn't feel good,
I felt hurt, wounded,
Like i knew i would...

Soon after i found out,
You'd left me for a pig-snout,
i felt so sad...so alone...

and i was the one that felt Bad.

~~flexialexi~~, 11

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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who am I?
My parents call me Samantha,
My friends call me Sam.
But to really tell you the truth,
I don't know who I am.
My parent's say my "thing" is sports,
My friends say it's art.
But to really tell you the truth,
none of those things are close to my heart.

My parents say my color is red,
My friends say this is true.
But to really tell you the truth,
I always have felt I'm blue.

Latiwana, 11

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She went to the fortune teller on smart girl website,

She went to the fortune teller on smart girl website,
she ended up having a very big fight.
She typed in nasty things and answers came up...ping.
Stupid things about her friends and now all of her friendship ends,
she wasn't a smart girl after all!

Rachel , 12

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in the corner she'd sit and cry,
hoping very soon she'd die.
they pulled her hair,
life wasn't fair.
in the stomach they punched her hard,
they even stole her credit card.
then one day she'd had enough,
suddenly she felt more tough,
she got out of bed
and went to the head.
he told them bullying wasn't cool
they never believed him so they were thrown out of school,
then one day she was all alone,
she saw them playing with a phone.
When they saw her they ran away,
inside she shouted HIP-HOORAY!!

louise, 12

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The Heart

The Heart
the heart is not a thing
the heart is not a toy
if you want it broken
then give it to a boy.
first he said he loves you
then he said it's true
then he sees a pretty girl
then he says the hell with you.
nine months later the baby is born
and you wish that the rub hadn't torn
the baby is a bastard
the father is a man whore
you are wishing that life would go faster

beauty_gurl16, 15

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I laid them upon the table,
For all the world to see.
I have never loved anyone but you,
Then you took my feelings away from me.

You put them in your heart,
Where you said they would stay.
You stole them,
You took them away.

You told me that
You did not care.
I assumed wrong,
And found that you weren't there.

I thought giving you up,
Was the best I could do.
I didn't want to let you go,
But I knew I had to.

Heather, 14

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I am in my bed late at night

I am in my bed late at night
Choking on my tears
When I was with you bad things vanished
All my hates and fears

Your warm touch, the sound of your voice
Your body radiating love
I wondered one day and pondered maybe
That you`d been sent from above

But even Angels aren`t as loving
As you are my sweet
You`re higher than the highest standard
Meeting you was a treat!

But now you`re gone
And we`re "friends" now
But I know this can never be true
My love will never die down

Bex, 11

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Twins Forever

This poem is dedicated to my identical twin sister, Mia Faith.

My twin is my other half.
Born seconds apart, our love will unite us all our lives.
We share our secrets and our dreams,
We share the laughter and the tears.
Our hearts are in tune,
And our bond is unique.
We mirror and compliment each other,
We are simply twins forever.

Olivia, 10

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Is this Love?

Is this Love?

What is this funny feeling
That i'm feeling deep inside?
Does everybody see it
Or is it easy just to hide?

Everytime he walks past me
I feel dizzy in my head.
Sometimes I get so ill
I have to lie in bed.

Does everybody feel it?
Am I normal?
Is it me?
Oh is this really love?
Can it be?

There's a hole in my heart,
And it's tight in my cheast,
There's a beating in my head,
Something tearing at my breast.

Oh God is this love?
I'm so curious to know
This fuzzy wuzzy inside of me
I hope it will never go!!

Lexy, 13

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I feel different

I feel different
With the flowery scent,
I see wonders of land
That I can hold in my hand
I wonder to myself in many ways
I still count those long cold days
Untill we meet again
My one true love.

2 good 2 b 4-got-10, 11

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Have you ever loved someone

Have you ever loved someone
But knew they didn't care
Have you ever felt like crying
But knew you'd get nowhere

Have you ever watched them walk away
Not wanting them to go
And whispered "I love you" softly
Not wanting them to know

If I could choose between love and death
I think I'd rather die
Love is fun but hurts so much
And the price you pay is high

You see my friend, you ought to know
I fell in love with you
I'm never going to let you know
You'll never have a clue

T.K., 15

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In the heat of the abandoned night

In the heat of the abandoned night
Silent as a reflection
He moved with a fearless fright.
Extremely invisible
Yet irresistible
He moves with flow.
Where are you going?
My curiosity stirring.
Why am I the only one that sees you?
But you think I do not?
Staring out my window
I see you in thin air
In the mysterious night
The gloomy, murky night.
You seem valiant
Charging to defeat your enemy
Who is your enemy?
My rare sensation endless
I see the mighty sword.
Your weapon of defense
Is that all you have?
Racing through the colossal trees.
For some unexplainable reason
I feel like I am secure
That you are protecting me
Because I am unaccompanied
Protecting me from what?
You are topless
I see the bare muscles of attraction
Oh Extraordinary you
Nude feet in the heat of the dark
But why?

lori-ann, 13

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Things That I Love About You!

Things That I Love About You!
By: JoJo

There are so many things that I love about you.
I love your mysterious eyes. They're like puppy eyes. Everytime I would look into them, I would probably want to melt. I love your dazzling smile. Its like you want to smile until I feel better.

Joslyn , 12

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When I watch you,
Struggle for life,
Trying to stay on earth,
Sitting there like a lump on a log,


When I watch you,
Trying to stay for others,
Sitting suffering for us,

I say,

When I watch you,
Loving us so dear,
Sitting in your chair,
Struggling for breath,
And trying to go and stay,
I applaud for you,
For fighting so hard,
I applaud for you.

Katie, 13

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I wish upon a falling star

I wish upon a falling star - will I ever know where you are? You circle my path and walk my miles, you call to me and fill me with heartfilled joy that it fills up in piles. You call my name in search of me, and there you will see a perfect picture meant to be. I wish apon a falling star will I ever know where you are?

Melissa Brewer, 15

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What is love?

What is love?
Love is what?
Love is a feeling.
Love is like a rose that grows in spring.
Happiness is what love brings.

What is love?
Love is what?
No matter what, he will be there.
He will always, always care.

What is love?
Love is what?
It's nothing else but love.
And it will always shine above.

stephanie, 12

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Even though you weren't there for me,

Even though you weren't there for me,
Just this once,
I love you, see.
My love for you burns worst than the 1000 suns.
It's much more red than a red rose.
You are the breeze of the wind,
Glow of the moon,
Light of the sun,
The bloom of a flower in spring
and no matter what you did,
I will always love you!

Emily, 14

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You are there

You are there,
Happiness or fear,
You are there,
Smile or tear,
You are there,
You are so so clever,
You are there because,
Friends are forever!!

Sk8erGirl36, 11

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you are so cute,

You are so cute
You are like a graceful bird in my heart
You are like a love song that never ends,
Singing an endless song in my heart
You are like a rose with such beauty,
That no one would dare to touch
You are my love
You are the only one for me
Your eyes are like the ocean
You are my muis
You remind me of the sun rise,
You remind me of the beauty of the sunset
I shall remain yours and yours only,
If you leave me I shall die
I need you by my side,
I need you to live,
I need you to love,
I shall stay true to you
I would never want to see you hurt,
I would never want to see you cry
I love you and I shall love you until the end of time
Our love shall live,
Our love shall stand together,
I know that you will be by my side
Just as I shall be next to you
I love you.

Dreamingcomolaflor, 13

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The Iraqi War

The Iraqi War

Bush, are you blind?
Blair, are you mad?
Take the wool from over your eyes,
Don't attack Iraq.

What about the true
Victims of this war?
Iraqi children were playing,
But happiness is no more.

Can't you remember
Sixty-four years ago?
Death, Destruction, Riots?
Families with no homes?

Bush, are you blind?
Blair, are you mad?
Take the wool from over your eyes,
Don't attack Iraq...

Emma, 12

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To Be A Sister

To Be A Sister

To be a sister is to:

Laugh and share jokes,
Cry and share tears,
Giggle and share secrets,
Scream and share fears,

Whisper and share emotion,
Give and share toys,
Shout and share words,
Take and share sorrow,

But above all,
To be a sister is to love.

I've dedicated this poem to my future sister,
Georgia Liberty, due September 19th. Love you loads, and we're gonna do all those things when you're born.

Poppy, 10

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I miss the way you talk to me,
And the way you style your hair.
I miss the way you make me laugh,
And the way you use to stare.

I miss your big dumb rugby boots,
And the way you read my mind.
I miss it when you never call,
And the fact that your not around.

But I miss the way
You used to hug and kiss me,
You were my first love
And the voice in my mind.

Becky, 13

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Stars are bright

Stars are bright
They glow at night
I made a wish upon a star
Oh how I wonder who you are
You will always make my wish come true
No one else can do it except you


Amy, 9

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If we could have a lifetime wish

If we could have a lifetime wish
A dream that would come true
We'd pray to God with all our hearts
For yesterday and you

A thousand words can't bring you back
We know because we've tried
Neither will a thousand tears
We know because we've cried

You left behind our broken hearts
And happy memories too
But we never wanted memories
We only wanted you

Love from Ashley,Elizabeth,Kylee and Charlotte.
~*~*---We love you forever Jenny---*~*~

Jenny, 13

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rain, rain everywhere

Rain, rain everywhere
Rain, rain in my hair.
Rain, rain on the ground
Rain, rain makes a soothing sound.
Rain, rain everywhere
Rain, rain in my hair.

blondebabe_2010, 11

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Faithful friends we used to be,

Faithful friends we used to be,
But now all this is confusing me.

We promised we'd be friends until the end,
But now our promises have begun to bend.

We knew together, with our dreams, we'd fly,
But what will become of you and I?

Kairi, 13

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