February 2003

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Someone I can rely on

Someone I can rely on

Lookin out the window
Thinkin bout things I shouldn't know
Hopin that you won't go
Wishin that you would stay
And love me every single day
So please baby don't go away.
Love me forever
Forget me baby never
Say we'll be together
Love it when you kiss me
Love it when you tell me
Baby we are meant to be
But now I know it aint true
That you only love you
But you don't love me no more
I don't know what I loved you for
You were just a lucky jerk
With that really sexy smirk
Just another boring flirt
And now I'm here really hurt
So when I wake up the next mornin
See you beside me snorin
Gee! You look borin
Kickin in your sleep
Tryin to not to make a peep
I just go around as a sneak
Get out of my bed
Sad thoughts inside my head
Thinkin bout the things you said
Baby you were so right
Remember what you said last night
About us breakin up now
I agree, but how?
You know I can't live without you boy!
You just love it when I say that...I'm not a toy
I don't want you to leave me
Can't you just stay, please
I know you don't like me no more
But where you gonna go? I still dunno what I love you for
You hurt me so much you know
So I think I'll let you go
But please don't come back
Cause I'll want you more in fact
Don't come back stay away
And say goodbye cause today
I'm kickin you out of my house
And gonna find a brand new spouse
One I can rely on...

Kitty, 13

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As The Days Go By

As The Days Go By

Suddenly you're gone, you drifted away from me.
As the night goes by I watch you disappear into the dark and I am filled with pain and insecurity.
As the days go by, I see your face in the window, staring blankly and I know that you're there somewhere, waiting for me.
Waiting, waiting, as the days go by.

Babydoll x x x, 11

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I ask myself this

I ask myself this
as I think of her in bliss.
Am I a lesbian or am I just bi,
is it a crush and will it pass by?
After three years of knowing I am in love with a teacher,
some how today my love seems much deeper.
Loving someone so deeply at an early age
is a gift from god
that must be saved.
I love her so much it tears me apart,
to realize she goes home every night with love in her heart,
but NOT for me;
only for her husband.
Its not as if I can tell her as I am a girl,
she would just look at me in shame.
We are really close,
which is good,
because now I know Ill always be in her heart,
forever I hope we never grow apart.

love kmh, 0

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Please dont cry

Why am I so blue?
I just cant stop thinking about you
Your pretty face,
and real good taste.
Your deep brown eyes
that raises the skies,
your beautiful lips,
and amazing kiss.
Your soft brown hair
and tender stare.
The way you always look at me,
In your eyes, only I can see
how much we are in love.
Like two graceful angels from high above
our love is true.
This I knew from the first day that I met you.
We are meant to be,
I can see.
Well be together forever,
and forget each other never.
So my love, I love you so,
but it is time for me to go.
Where you ask? I will not say.
But for me youll have to pray.
Im leaving for a while, goodbye.
Dont worry well meet again, please dont cry.

kitty, 13

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The End

When Im with you, I feel like Im floating.
When youre beside me, I know you love me without even showing.
When Im in your big strong arms, I feel so safe.
I know you will love me to the very last day.
I know when I die you will be very sad,
and tell everyone I was the best you ever had.
I know you will cry,
but I wont wonder why,
because I already know the reason.
Isnt it a beautiful feeling?
You loved me more than I loved you.
Im sorry but its just so true.
I didnt want to break your heart,
I knew your world would fall apart.
But I cant help it when I do,
Baby I still love you.
I didnt mean to; a terrible accident.
And now Ive lost all my friends.
The knife slipped, I committed suicide.
This is the endof my life.

Kitty, 13

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You are my angel

You are my angel, my everything, and forever it will always be you and me.
When my head is hung low, you help me lift it up and tell me it's not hard to do anything and never give up.
I think about you, and dream about you every day and now I know forever you'll stay.
I know at times things get rough but Ill be there always with loving arms and a open heart.
So with this poem Im trying to say forever you'll always be my everything!!

Dymeprinzezz8041, 14

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My love

I loved you,
and I always will.
You made me so happy I would sing.
You were even going to give me a golden ring.
You said you would see me tomorrow,
but you didn't, I am overwelmed with sorrow.
That car brought you to your death,
It made you take your last breath.

I loved you,
And I always will.
You could somtimes be selfish,
but I looked into your grey eyes and forgave.
In you I saw power,
In me you saw a delicate flower,
I love you!

I loved you,
And I always will.
And here I will wait
till I join you in my grave.

Luthie, 14

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A soul so pure

A soul so pure, it glows so bright,
I think of you, every day and glistening night.
The way my heart beats fast as I see your smiling face,
It makes me want to open my arms out to you in embrace.
I dream in the sun, and dance in the rain,
Thinking I might touch those lips once again,
But I wait in delight, to see that smile,
I'd walk to the moon and back for you, I'd walk miles.
I walk on a Rainbow when you touch my hand,
I go into a trance, into Neverland.
You are my Star twinkling at night,
A soul so pure, it glows so bright...

Angelface, 13

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I can't explain this feeling.

I can't explain this feeling
That tingles in my nose.
It tingles in my tummy
Every time you come close.
What is this funny feeling
I have never felt before
And goes away the minute
You go out of the door?

Miss World, 13

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I sit here,
in hushed embrace of the day
Thinking of you
takes my sorrow away.
I wish I could be with you
All through the night.
With you
everything feels so right.
I want you to hold me
forever in your arms.
You captured my heart
with your worldly charms.
You love me
you tend to say.
But I don't know yet
on this very day.
is all I can do
to keep within my soul,
these dreams of you.
Brushing my hair,
kissing my lips,
all this brings me
nothing but bliss,
A slight touch
is what I wish to feel.
That way I can see
If this love if for real.
Looking in your eyes
takes my breath away.
All of this,
I wish I could say.
So, I'll keep this in,
deep inside my heart,
until the very day
you say will never part.

ladyveree, 14

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The Wish

I watch as the sun sets in the sky,
I look up and remember our final goodbye.
I think as the tears roll done my face
that you are gone without a trace.
I remember the time that we had our first kiss.
I sit on the wall and I wish
that someday you'll come and love me again.
I wonder, I wonder, I wonder when.
I love you more than you'll ever know,
'cause it hurts to see you go.
Baby why have you done this?
Because all I can do is wish.

jenni, 11

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I see you everyday

I see you everyday
Do you notice me?
Do you know me?
I wish I could kiss your soft lips under the moonlight
I wish you could get to know me for who I am not what I am
Your name is unspoken but I wish we could be forever

Brittany, 10

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Our Love

Our Love
When I see you my heart dances
When you leave tears come down
You shine me really bright
I hope you feel the same way
Do you feel it's love we have?
When you and I are together
I never want us to seperate
You know you care for me
You know you have the same feelings for me
You know you love me
Just admit it
We have something very special
It's True Love

angelica, 16

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Since the first time I saw you

Since the first time I saw you, I knew that I'd love you.
You were the reason for my joy and the reason for my laughter.
You told me your love stories and I told you mine,
you told me you loved me so why do I cry?
Why did my smile turn upside down?
Why is my world full of a frown?
I know you forgot me and I know you were just play'n
but why did you break my heart when you knew I wasn't play'n?
i never told you how i felt i asumed you knew and everything was well
but then one day you stoped calling and didnt tell me that i was bugging
even tough you are far away i can say that i never felt a gratter vibe like the one you made me find...

elizabeth, 15

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First Kiss

First Kiss

It felt like my world was about to burst
I didn't know what to do
what to think
but all I knew was that it felt good
his lips touching mine
slightly moist and tender
letting me know that for that moment I'm yours
letting me feel tingling down my spine
or wait, I'm sorry thats your hands
but then when you part all you can do is stare and smile
and then all you can do is laugh
and reminisce on your first kiss

Ashley, 14

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As I catch you with my camera

As I catch you with my camera
an annoying first suprise
I don't mean to freeze the moment
of the sadness in your eyes
when it's love that's in remission
there's alot of dirty deals but it's
only a reflection
that the photograph reveals

It's the sadness thing in heaven
and it irks me all the time
broken hearts and wounded lovers
accusations underlined
those who trusted in forever
too afraid to take a look
at the strangers who surround them
in the photographs they took

if we stop for just a moment
from our one way love affairs
and we offer up our visions
and we see what dreams we share
there's a chance for pure enchantment
if we listen and we learn
and avoid the bitter memories
of the photographs we burn

Gabby, 10

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I can't promise to make you happy

I can't promise to make you happy
I can't promise to take you away
I can only try,
but I can promise that I'll be here
and I'll stay by your side
you and me against the tide
We'll chase the skies
I can promise I'll hold your hand
and that I'll hold on tight
We'll be stonger than this
Please dont give up now

Andelinwen, 0

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What is this so-called love?

What is this so-called love?
A passionate burning deep inside.
What is the feeling sent from above?
A dwelling thought of pride.
Deep in my heart,
The feeling's so strong.
So join me in the love song,
Be mine for as long.
My heart is taken over.
It has surrendered.
You have won the capture,
Now take your place...

Catriona, 13

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This note is just for you,

This note is just for you,
for making all my dreams come true.
For giving me a hope to share,
and for letting me care.

Oh, just for you,
this is just for you.
Written with love,
Signed by love,
Mailed for love.
This is just for you!

Ellie, 12

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Lovers is me and you
Together we're one
No one could ever take what we have
we couldn't ever be apart
Because deep inside you have my heart
You gave me love and in return I gave you me
The one that wouldn't make you're heart bleed
So now it is us and no one else
we have to deal with our problems in a living matter but we can do it because we're one

birdwomanjr, 13

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as i walked along the beach

As i walked along the beach
What did i see
A faint reflection of you and me
The way things use to be
Sand on our skin, the warmth of the sun
We were together
Two in one

angel, 14

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The sun smiles at me

The sun smiles at me
the way you did
winds whisper your name in my ears
I turn and hope to see you
Each star mimics the twinkle in your eye
the playful water dares to caress my cheek with your touch.
Your footsteps behind me are an echo of mine
How do you manage to haunt me like this?
when you're so far away

Andelinwen, 0

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Don't leave me now

Don't leave me now
I fear the light
so naked under its glare
my life exposed to everyone's eyes
Hold me tight, shield me from its harsh glow,
let's sit in darkness
tell me your tale and i'll tell you mine
let's sit like this forver, just you and me
they dont need to know where we are
unseeing eyes can't see our secrets
dont be afraid
sit in the black safety and tell me

Andelinwen, 0

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You take my heart

You take my heart
Yet, I'm full of desire
You sang me a song
Or was that a dream?
I cannot hide
And I cannot deny
All the feelings that live inside
I've hide them in a bottle
In a black abyss
Could they be opened with a kiss?
Fate will guild me
What will be will be
Will I have the courage...
The bravery to say...
Will I be able to take the dare??

Chikadelite, 13

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Where's that boy?

Where's that boy who's always there when I sleep?
Always saying in my dreams, "Please come with me."
He takes your hand,
and brings you to places no one would find.
Next think you know it
He's gone in a matter of time...
You feel love once you wake in bed,
Then you realized that he was all in your head...

Leslie, 13

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i thought u loved me,

i thought you loved me
i thought you cared
i thought you were the one
but you left me......
sat here...alone
waiting for you back in my arms
i loved you
you left me but why?
you didn't love me
you didn't care
if you did you would be here,
but you're not there.......

hannah_x2003x, 13

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I feel your presence

I feel your presence
Though my heart long broke
I haven't felt for years
I see your beauty
Though I am blind
I hear your voice
Though I am deaf
The sound spreading through my body
Like butter on toast.
I think I will be able to love again
If you'll be my love

~Luthie~, 14

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for my life i have decided not to care

for my life i have decided not to care
because no matter what happens its not fair
for it seems like no matter what i do
im never gonna be able to get over you
all i worry is about the tears i cry
and i hurt myself for i want to die
you are always stuck inside my mind
you're whispers of love felt so kind
how was i to know that it'd be like this
i didn't know that i had judged amiss
as i watch all the tears fall down
and when i sink alone to the ground
do people have hearts hidden deep
or is loneliness something that i keep
sometimes the tears come and go
and being alone is something i know
loneliness haunts me all the time
it feels like i am losing my mind
i wait for the day when it will end
when life can no longer ever extend

Connie, 14

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You said that you loved me

You said that you loved me
You said that you cared
You said that you cherished this special
love that we shared
I slowly remember your kind embrace
Trickles of tears ran down my face
The morning birds sing their sweet tune
We've been together since way past June
I guess I wasn't good enough
I guess that it is true
But how could you do that to me after how much I loved you

Jasmine, 14

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I'm in your plain sight

I'm in your plain sight,
So how come you don't see.
How good a couple,
we could be.
I'm tired of lookin and actin a fool.
And you don't even know I go to this school.
You act as if i'm invisible,
but you and me we can be indivisible.
So even if you don't like me,
do me one thing,
at least act like you notice me!

baby gurl, 12

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I fell in love with you

I fell in love with you.
Then out.
Then I like another guy.
He said he loved me, and I thought he meant it,
but he didn't.
By the time I found out,
it was almost too late.
I'd made so many mistakes.
You helped me through the pain
and I realized something I knew all along:
I loved you still.
I always had.
I think I always will.
Falling in love hurts,
but this was gentle.
Easing into the pool of love instead of diving.
And you love me too.
If this is love,
and it is,
I want to be in it with you
for the rest of my life.

corina, 14

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if loving was a raindrop

if loving was a raindrop,
then yours would be a storm

if kindness was a tiny flame,
your blaze would keep me warm

if cuteness was a gentle stream
yours would be the sea

if strenth was just one second
then yours would be eternity

if wisdom was a grain of sand
then yours would fill a beach

if colour was but a single word
then yours would be a speech

sharna, 10

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All of how I feel now,
I may not feel later,
Because you take advantage,
of everything I give you.
You think that everything revolves around you,
but yet you lack to know,
that how I used to feel for you,
Is no longer there.
I thought that you would eventually come around,
then I found,
that no one can make you love,
and no one can force you to become a better man.
Once I decided to move on,
is when you came back,
but you still refuse to accept,
that I no longer love you back.
You were my first love,
and I was yours,
but you can't think that everyone,
will put there whole life on hold.
You don't believe when I say that I am done,
you refuse to accept that my love is now gone
but I tried to tell you that this would happen,
but now you really see what I can do without you.
Love is about making sacrifices,
and about the two,
not about one person,
who always tries to make everything "all good."

Kay, 19

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Do You Love?

Do You Love?
Is it I?
That you love,
I know in your heart,
You must,
I will make the move,
That pierces my soul,
IT shall be you,
That I kiss with true love,
If you do not responde,
I shall try again,
I would try again,
Now I decide,
I will kiss you,
With true love,
Dear Boy,
Please love me,
My days at school,
Around you,
The question remains,
Do you love?
You have turned down so many,
Do you love?
That is my hope,
So dear boy,

Singergirl24, 9

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"Sometimes at night, when I look to the sky, I

"Sometimes at night, when I look to the sky, I start thinking of you and then ask myself, why? Why do I love you? I think and smile, because I know the list could run on for miles. The whisper of your voice, the warmth of your touch, so many little things that make me love you so much. The way you support me, and help me with my emotions, the way that you care and show such devotion. The way that your kiss, fills me with desire, and how you hold me with the warmth of a blazing fire. The way your eyes shine when you look at me, last with you forever is where I want to be. The way that I feel when you're by my side, a sense of completion and overwhelming pride. The dreams that I dream, that all involve you, the possibilities I see and the things we can do. How you finish the puzzle that lies inside my heart, how that deep in my soul, you are the most important part. I could go on for days, telling of what I feel, but all you really must know is my love for you is real."

Brandy, 17

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Nothing much

Nothing much
Lost Feeling

I thought I loved you,
but now I don't know.
You really hurt me,
not long ago.

You said you loved me,
but that was a lie.
When I saw you kiss another girl,
I broke down and cried.

You hurt me,
you broke me.
I can't even try,
to forgive you.
When I can't even trust you!

Miss World, 13

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Always There

Always There

You were one of the different ones.
You were always there if I needed a shoulder to lean on.
You were there if i was talking to friends.
You would wait just to say bye.
If I needed someone to talk to...
you were there.

Christina, 11

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Sad Goodbyes!!!!

Sad Goodbyes!!!!

I watch as the sun kisses the sky,
and think about how time seems to be flying by,
soon it will be time for us to part
but you're dear to me so I'll keep you in my heart.
Not a day goes by when you're not on my mind
for you, I would gladly stop time
so as the end seems to draw near
I write this poem just to such how much I care.
I love you alot and I always will,
our love is something,
I dare not kill.
And when we say our finally goodbyes
my heart will shrink a couple times in size.
So I ask you this as a last request
please make me one of the ones you will never forget!!!! :-(

April, 12

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Please, my love.

Please, my love.
I will always offer you my heart in return for your love.
You must love me strongly unlike that meaningless night you spent with her.
I am willing to give everything I own and you... you take me in your arms and tell me you love me.
And the next thing I realize you are gone.
Gone back to her waiting arms... everything less than giving love.
You were gone but as long as I live you will always remain in my heart.
Please, my love.
If only you knew what love is. I could teach you...but you would never understand.

JD, 12

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My heart splits in two, as I try not to think of you
but the tears sting my eyes, as I try not to cry
you left me with so much pain
standing there in the quiet rain
the raindrops drip down my cheeks
that are burning with passionate heat
I pray that someday I'll get over you,
someday but not today
I turn around in a different direction
hoping I will find someone with just as much perfection
but for now I will let my feet lead the way,
until I find my heart again...someday

alex, 14

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swirling snow, gently resting on my shoulders,

swirling snow, gently resting on my shoulders,
on your shoulders,
a sharp jolt of pain reminds me Im alive, this is life
i feel u tug at my heart as u turn away
and all the old clichis come flooding back
the way u kissed me, that December night, under the starry skies
the way u held me, stopped me from falling in the snow
they way u pushed me away, no point living now
no point in living

only_hope, 15

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the pure scent of love,

The pure scent of love,
lost lights lust,
As I lie in a state of depression,
Do you think of me?,
I think of you all the time,
What is the pure scent of love?

kat, 13

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I have written many poems

I have written many poems

I have written many poems,
which you may have seen on this site
they're all about love and romance
and how it turns out wrong and right.

I loved you with all my heart
is how I was feeling when I typed
that little poem about me
and how I was feeling that night.

A whispering voice was about
how other people might be
if their love has moved away or gone
you think that they have fleed.

But now I realize how sad
those poems have turned out to be
and I want people to know forever
that boys aren't all that they seem.

They make you sad
they make you cry
they make you fell like
your un-alive.

So why do we worship them?
Why do we love them?

Well one day I hope what they do
is come ask out YOU!

Frankie, 11

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Kissing is a sin
sex is a shame
boys get all the fun
girls get all the blame
one night of pleasure
for nine months of pain
three days in a hospital with a baby to name
boys say they love you
boys say you're fine
but when you say I'm pregnant they say it's not mine!

rayford lover, 14

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are the present from heaven

are the one to whom I've fallen

are the reason that I live

are the one whose love that I'm trying to achieve

are the reason I could fly

are the one who make me feel so alive

have touched my very soul

have crossed my deserted mind

have pushed me in the love
that I know I'm into deep

wrap me with your smile

embrace me with your eyes

bestow me the feelings of being cared

make the fire of my passion flare

are my very special one

are the reason that I live
when I feel so down

are the reason that I breath
when I feel so sore

have passed my life

have lit my side

warm my cold cold heart

So maybe I'm not worth the place in your heart
Not worth living in your precious memories
And I won't say that I love you
But you need to know that I truly do
And everyday in my very soul
Always in my thoughts and in my dreaming land
.... YOU ARE!

Snappy Mademoiselle, 15

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I love you in every way
I think about you every day
My heart is hollow when your not near
My eye even produces a tear.

karen, 14

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I'm hooked, hooked on you

I'm hooked, hooked on u. I can't help but fall in love, because it's so easy, and i want to take the backroads out of this world. But you don't love me, and I don't know what to say. I say everything's all right but I'm ripping my life to pieces on the inside. And I am so depressed. I try to move on, but I can't. I want to move on, but I know I still love you. Can't you see? See what I am? I am someone special, someone with a mind of her own. And if you can't see, I don't want to be near you. But it's so hard to let go. And I've turned down millions just for a chance with you. But it won't happen so I will move on. but I know I can't. Can I just live my life without you? You're ruining me inside, let me just let go. But it's not that easy. It's not easy to destroy love.

carly, 13

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In my eyes you are beautiful

In my eyes you are beautiful,
In your eyes you're you,
In my eyes you're an angel,
In your eyes you're you

In my heart you are loved,
In your heart you're kind,
In my heart you're the one I've always wanted,
In your heart you're kind

In my arms you are hugged,
In your arms I'm hugged,
In my arms you're kissed,
In your arms I'm kissed

Louise, 13

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No one else in the world,
knows me like you do.
Because I don't tell everybody
the things that I tell you.

You know my deepest secrets.
You know me through and through.
This friendship is a speical thing,
that we have, me and you.

We both have other friends as well,
and that's how it should be.
But no one can hold a candle,
yo what we have, me and you.

All my love,

SARA, 11

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You pretended

You pretended

You pretended to love me
You pretended we were meant to be
I thought that it was all so true
You know I really did love you
And now you are gone
As I listen to this sad love song.
Why did you do it? I don't understand
Were you trying to prove that you were a man?
All you have to do is apologize
And maybe I'll realize
The true jerk that you are
And wish upon a star.
For you to come back to me
And mean what you say you'll see.
I love you for real
I hope it's something you can feel
You should love me too
Cause no matter what I love you.

Kitty, 13

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She sings in the shower,
She glows all night.
She smells like a flower,
She's my shining light.

He kisses me farewell,
I wept a tear.
I miss his smell,
I drown in my fear.

The End

Bob, 16

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It always feels right but never is.

It always feels right but never is.

When I first saw you it felt great,
your sparkling eyes beamed into mine.
I couldn't believe it, I thought it was fate,
and everything felt just fine.
When we got together everything felt right,
my life had a total change
I tried and tried with all my might,
but it started to seem strange.
Then I really couldn't go on any more,
we decided we had to break.
I didn't feel like I did before,
all of it felt fake.

terri-wickett, 13

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How Can You?

How Can You?

How can you speak of me, as if I am not there?
How can you say you love me, when you really never cared?
How can you now look at me, like I've meant nothing all along?
How can you still speak to me, like you've done nothing wrong?
How can you be near me, and not realize I've been torn apart?
How can you say we are forever, and then go break my heart?

Michelle, 12

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Meet Me Here

Meet Me Here

Looking down on your sad face,
Being here in this sad place.

I left you not so long ago,
But now so strong i miss you so.

You are there and i am here,
I wish to hold you oh so near.

To kiss your lips, to see your smile,
To be with you another while.

It was that car that took my life,
You promised i would be your wife.

I wait here for you oh so brave,
Till the day you meet me at my grave.

A special peom to my dear Liam, my First love.

*lexy*, 12

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I'm not supposed to love you,

I'm not supposed to love you,
I'm not supposed to care.
I'm not supposed to live my life wishing you were there.
I'm not supposed to wonder
Where you are or what you do.
But i can't help it
Cause I'm in love with you!

So Owen,
I know you'll never love me
I know you'll never care
You will never wonder where I am or what I do.
But Owen, I don't give a damn
Cause I'm in love with YOU!


Lexy, 13

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I have given you my all.
I even stood tall when They wanted me to fall.
I heard rumors,
But I went passed them,
And stood with you.
You may not be the cutest,
But you always will be to me.
I remember all the fun we had.
The times we were mad.
The way you kissed me.
But now,
You diss me.
My shape is not that of an
My face is not the prettiest.
But you better remember this:
Every kiss
Every smile
Every breath I took,
Was just for you.
Someone you hardly know,
has you treating me like sh*t!
This is it!
If you don't want to be with me,
Tell me.
Do I really have to plead.
and get down on my knee,
Just so I,
Could know...

Jennifer, 14

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What would it take for you

What would it take for you
to know what it's like to be me
how would it make you feel
to know how I let you control me

There's nothing I won't do to see you happy
nothing I won't do to dull your pain
but even that's not enough for you
even that's not gonna make you whole again

I can't imagine what it must be like
to go through life so sad, so alone
you don't know how much you have
and you won't miss it when it's gone

I can't keep playing this game
I don't want to pretend anymore
if I don't get you out of my head
I'll never be able to live again

megan, 19

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My Boyfriend Ran away

My Boyfriend Ran away

It was just a couple days ago
My boyfriend ran away
Oh how I missed him so
I tried to make him stay
He left with out any warning
As the sun rose in the sky
I tried his house in the morning
And what I heard made me cry
She just said to me
"I'm sorry Leo hasn't come home."
I decided I'd just let her be
But she kept me on the phone
We cried together at the mention of his name
And tried to stop but we couldn't
We knew it would never be the same
I hung up I shouldn't
Four days later Leo phoned
He said he was home for good
And that was the truth I hoped
He wouldn't lie to me if he could
I told him I loved him to death
And he said it back
I remember the first day we met
And that's the truest fact.

I still love you Leo and always will

Kitty, 13

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Innocent Eyes

You said I have innocent eyes.
When I asked what you meant you said:
Your eyes tell the tale of your life,
your eyes say you cry in the dark.
They say you have hatred but bury it deep in your heart.
They say you love me,
but why?
I answer, because you have innocent eyes.

InnocentEyes, 13

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A Tear

A tear is when you cry.
A tear is when your hurt.
A tear is when you feal so bad and heart broken.
A tear is when you die.

tabxz, 17

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Warm Breezy Air

The warm breezy air was as soft as the summer air. Blowing through our hair, without a rightful faire.
And the tree branches were moving while the wind was blowing. The green grass with beautiful blooming flowers, and through the day with a cool happy ending day, a shower arousing from the dark nights...

.....amanda....angel...., 14

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Your Still In My Heart

Youre still in my heart,
out here under the stars.
Youre lying next to me.
In my heart I know
this is how it's meant to be.

Nothing has ever felt so right
as when we're hugging and kissing
and when we're holding each other right.


When I look into your eyes
I see something so rare.
I see a man I love and
someone who really cares.

When you smile
the whole world disappears.
Theres nothing in this world
left for me to fear.

I hope that we could stay like this forever
and never be torn apart
because forever and ever
you'll still be in my heart.

Jenny, 15

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When I first met you

When I first met you,
I was disappointed that you were not in my class,
though I did not show it.

Now we are going out.
I feel we'll last forever,
And ever.

Though we are shy to express our feelings,
I know what yours are.
And we should be together forever, as we are now.

~*Angel Rachel*~, 10

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What Do You Do?

What do you when you love someone and you're not sure they love you back?
Do you tell them what's in your heart or do you keep it locked inside?
Should you tell him and not have him feel the same? What do you do when your friendship with this person shatters because of your deep love for him?
What do you do when you love someone so much, it makes you cry, and makes you hurt inside?

Patrice, 14

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To the one I knew once

To the one I knew once,
when I looked in your eyes,
when you smiled at me and you told me not to cry.
I was so alone when you told me you were going to go. So you told me you were never going to leave me.
So this is to the one I knew once.

Jennifer , 15

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no matter if i stay or go i want to

I want to let you know
That no matter if i stay or go,
I'm always with you.
When im alone I think of you
but I just dont what to do
because i love you.

amanda, 9

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Love is red like the heart inside

Love is red, like the heart inside,
Love taste like smooth chocolate,
Love sounds like a beating heart,
Love smells like fresly picked flowers,
Love feels like two people kissing.

Steph, 10

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Why do we live so far apart?
Even though we are in each others hearts.
Why does it have to be a secret kept between you and me?
Why can't I tell anyone...I don't understand?
Why can't I even tell my best friend?
Why when we go on dates do we go so far?
Why can't we just not drive in your car?
Why when you are seen with me do you freak out?
Why do you yell at me, tell me to go away...scream and shout.
Why do you do this I really don't get it?
Are you embarrassed with me...if you are, forget it.
You aren't funny you know,
Why did you do this to me?
I was so beautiful...I thought we were meant to be.
Why did you have to go and hide me?
In the forest...alone, cold, and afraid.
Why did you come back with a shovel you see...
Why am I in darkness?
Why don't I understand?
I thought you were...my man.

Kitty Cat, 13

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See me crying

See me crying

See me crying on my bed
As your pretty face runs through my head
As I think about the way you look
And wonder why I'm so shook
I don't understand why you left me
I thought that we were meant to be
You walked through that door
And I will see you no more
You didnt even say goodbye
Thats what made me really cry
You got in your car and drove away
And that was truly the very last day
That I saw you straight alive
I wish there was someway you could give me a sign
But I know that is impossible
Until it happens really slow
The lights go out as I think about you
And then I really know its true
You didnt die by accident, it wasnt a mistake
And I just know my heart is gonna break
I have to tell someone, before its to late
But no one will believe me, they think it was fate.
They believe you committed suicide
I told them I knew you wouldnt do that, they say I lied.
O I miss you so much please come back
But how can you? Ill never forget thats a fact
Dont ever forget me because I love you
But do you still love me too?

Kitty Cat, 13

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A girl, that's all she was.

A girl, that's all she was.
Nothing special.
And yet-
She met a boy.
And not just any boy - THE boy.
It took tears and fighting to get him.
To get so far.
But once they got there:
They spent hours together.
Every minute, every second was theirs,
to keep.
But now it's different.
He never notices her.
Have they grown apart?
Is there a chance?

Why don't you notice me?
You never notice things anymore.
It's like you don't care,
What I feel or do.
It never used to be this way.
We used to be together all the time.
Laugh, read, sing, dance
I could tell you everything.
Why is it different now?
We never see each other?
Don't you love me anymore?
Have we grown apart?
Is there a chance?

You know I still love you.
But do you still love me?
I'm so confused.
Is this what it feels like,
losing someone you love?
But you're not lost - you're not dead.
You're just never there when I need you.
Have we grown apart?
Is there a chance?

The Confused, 13

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I see your face, and I shudder.

I see your face, and I shudder.
I know at that moment I love you.
I start over.....your face see's mine.
No. You pass me. I know where you're headed without turning my head.
Another girl is your destination.
I weep softly.
I was wrong about you......

Brooke, 13

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