Love Letters

December 2008

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Dear J.B.

Dear J.B.,

I heard that you might be moving after Christmas vacation and it made me sick to my stomach. I hope I don't run out of chances to tell you that I like you, but I probably won't tell you unless it's the right time. So I guess I really hope the right time comes before you go!


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I Love You

Dear S
I love you. I know that you liked me in Year 5 and 6, because everyone found out and in Year 6 you asked me out. I'm really sorry I said yes, then later that day I dumped you because I was too scared to tell you no the first time. I know you wanted to know the reason and I didn't tell you. The real reason is because I was too shy and I was confused if I liked you or Julia! Now I know I love you - please tell me you do too! I'll love you forever.

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Time is Time

Time is time
Love is love
You can run away from me
You can hurt my feelings
You can tell me goodbye
But I'll always love you
Why does it seem like
You are making it harder?
I can love you
So go ahead and run away
Go ahead and hurt my feelings
Go ahead and say goodbye
But I'll always love you
I'll always love you my darling

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Ghostly Mother

Ghostly mother said, "Time may go faster"
"Time may go slower"
"Time may go faster."
"Is anything."
Girl says, "Maybe it is"
"Maybe it is not?"
"Maybe time is running out"
"Or maybe it is not?"
I say, time is something that is very valuable. Time is something that you don't want to lose. Even though you are losing time right now, you still have another chance. In afterlife. Remember, time is never late.

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Hey Angel

Hey Angel,
Well, I hope you know I am missing you to death. I know you already said goodbye but I can't admit that I lost you. I want you back but I know you don't love me anymore, but I at least hope we could be friends. I love you, Angel.

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I Really Like You

Dear Austin,
I really like you so I hope you will go to the dance with me. I know you said you're really good friends with Sydney. But I really like you.


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I'm Wondering

I'm wondering why I get knotted up when you're here, when you're not here, when you're close, but not really here, when you here, but you walk away..

I cannot tell you how much I have fallen in love with you. But I'm afraid, because I'm so intimidated from my past. I don't want to screw anything up, but that means I won't take a risk. Please step out and lift me up. Don't leave me here, because I don't want to fall out anymore. I don't want to fall out of love.

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I Wished

Dear M
I wished that I could tell you that I like you but I don't think you like me and I don't want to get hurt.
When I see in the hall I want to say "I like you" but I get scared and plus someone always likes you the next day and it makes me mad. Well I hope you see this but you will not cause you don't that I like you.
Love, Cassie

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I'm Sorry

Dear V. Z

I'm sorry I really like you and I know you like me too but I have to break up with you. There are other fish in the sea. If you want I'll give you the gift you gave me back. I hope we can go back to the friends we were.

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You Are

Dear Greg,
You are my light in the darkness. Every since I met you when I was 4 years old I had a huge crush on you. When I heard you were moving my heart sank. Every time someone says they like you I get so mad at them. I know you really like me. I really think it is time for us to start getting together. I love you. I hope you feel the way I do.

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Dear Lawn Boy

Dear Lawn Boy,
Yes, it' true: I love you.
The song I'm singing at the talent show is for you. It's not just a rumor. I know it's hard to believe a girl with no heart can like a guy like you... So, want to go out with me?
Mean Girl

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I've Liked You

Dear Jonathan,
I've liked you since 8th grade when we sat next to each other. We were great partners for projects and I miss those times. I wish I had the guts to tell you that I loved you, but I was afraid of rejection. Now that I go to a new school, I never see you. When I do see you, we just look away and ignore each other. You may think nothing of me now... But deep down I still like you.

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Today The Sunlight Hugs You

Today the sunlight hugs you
It's a reminiscent display
What could I do
I kept falling heartily

Around you I mutter
Without you I shudder

Scarlet terms I read
Prolix terms scattered
Adjectives haughtily lead
As if it mattered

The sunlight hugs you
It's a reminiscent display
What could I do
I kept falling heartily

I sneak a glance
Capturing a smile
You request a dance
And I run a mile

I'm too bashful
But you wait patiently
I completely buckle
I develop suave tenacity

So I waltz over
To request a dance
A bestowing
Surprising chance

I sneaked a glance
Captured a smile
You requested a dance
And I ran a mile

All that has passed
The process was slow
But the conclusion so fast
I certainly do know

The sunlight hugs us
It's a reminiscent display
A kiss so spontaneous
I still fall heartily

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Dear R,

OMG, I can't believe we're running out of time. We're about to go to different schools. Yes, I've already gotten my answer, and it was no. Obviously you don't like me in the way that I like you. I still haven't gotten over you... It's kind of pathetic. I guess it's because sometimes I think that maybe you'll change your mind. I know I'm probably hanging on to false hope. I guess that's why I'm about to let you go. To just be friends like fate wants us to be. Goodbye, R.


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I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know

Dear M. M,
I love you more than you will ever know. I wish that we could be together again. Somehow after all that we have been through I can't seem to get over you. I know that you don't think you love me, but I knew from the first day of 6th grade that there was a connection never to be broken. I'm lost in your love and I'm helpless. One day you will realize that I will always love you more than I should and I was always there whether it was in person of in spirit. I have loved you and I always will. You always remind me of how love truly feels and time spent with you is the best in the world.
I have always loved you and I always will.
A. V.

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Dear Tyrell

Dear Tyrell,

I love you so much but I guess you just can't see that. You need to understand that you can't hold in your feelings all the time, you just have to let them out! I don't want to leave but I'm starting to have second thoughts. Tyrell, why can't you just tell me you love me?

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I Really Like You

Dear Oliver Toodaloodle,
I really like you and I heard you like me. I really don't know how to tell you. Please say you like me because I love you lots. Love always,


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It's Pat

Dear Bailey,
It's Pat I just wanted to say that I really love you and i was wondering if you could come to my soccer game on Saturday!

Circle yes or no if you want to go out with me:
Yes No Maybe

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Have You Ever Felt Like You're So In Love

Have you ever felt like you're so in love with someone and you can't let go? As much as you try to forget the person it doesn't work. Well I have and it sucks. When all you want to do is tell him "go away, I don't want you anymore" and you end up saying it but at the end you stay with him. Is just that you love him so much that you can't handle loosing him. All you really want to do is tell him how much you love him and how much you want to hug him. He's like the love of my life I love him with all the strength my heart has. As much as I try to forget him I can't . As much as I try to say "I don't want you, I hate you" you end up saying it in other words. All I would love to have is at least some of your love. I want you to let me know you really do care. I know he loves me but he can't show it. Is hard enough that I can't spend a day or an hour without thinking about him. I love you and if you only knew how much I miss you, your lips, your smell, & your touch.

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Brannon S in 7th grade

Brannon S in 7th grade,
obviously this isn't my real name.
I like you and I know you like me,
so why can't we?
Can't we just be in love.
Graceful as doves?
Touching the sky.
I love you and you love me, please honey please let us be!

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I Know You're Out There

Dear Mr. Right,

I know you're out there, somewhere in this personality depriving slum of a world. I know that you won't see me coming, you wont know what to think but I really hope that you'll care about me. And be my best friend. I don't want just a boyfriend. That's boring, I also want a best friend. I hope you're willing to be there for me, hold my deepest secrets with you. And just care. Make me laugh. And make me miss you.



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I Don't Know If I Should Tell You

Dear Ryder,
I don't know if I should tell you this, but I have been hiding it for a long, long, long time. I think you like Megan S., but I think it is time that I tell you that I really like you. I have been crushing on you for three years. That is why I wished I was in the same league as you so we could have been on the same bowling team. Oh, and I guess I should tell you one more thing. Actually, I will wait to see if you like me back.

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When I Look Into Your Eyes

When I look into your eyes I see no ending, they make me feel as if everything you ever told me was deep and profound even if it was just hello. When you touch my hand, it is like my heart sinks into your palms. When I'm around you I know that no one can ever hurt me. I want you. I need you. I'm not sure I could ever stand to see you go because I love you so. I've never loved anyone the way I love you because there is no one in the world like you.

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I find it hard to tell you that I like you.
Sometimes you are with your friends,
I wish I could just say "shoo"
As if to scare a fly
Away from me
And other times I am shy
Like when Allison asked if you like me
But you said no, is that a lie?

I am not crazy about love
I feel as if I am in a cage
Alone and in a rage
That I didn't tell you

You may already know
I have a silly crush on you
But either way
I will tell you someday

Neither friend nor foe,

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As The Time Ticks By

Dear B. B.
As the time ticks by, I know that I'd rather spend my time with you than thinking about you. Even if you don't feel the same way at least I know that I won't spend my life wondering what if.

Love always, Ally

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I Love You So Much

I Love You So Much. And Theres Nothing I wouldn't Do For You. You Know I Would Stop Breathing If You Told Me Too. Even Though I'm Hurt About You Being With Her, It's Time For Me To Let You Go. Because If You're Happy With Her Then I'm Happy For You. Even Though I Secretly Wish I Was In Her Shoes. I Love You And I'm Sorry About Any Pain I Put You Through, But If It's Real Then You Will Be Back And That's How I Know It Was Meant To Be.
But For Now, This Is My Love Letter Of Goodbye.

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I Loved You

I loved you and you hurt me. Why? I was all that you had and you took that away from yourself. Now you want me back when I have moved on and gotten someone else to love me, and you're lonely, but that's not my problem anymore so I just want to say that I love you and I forgive you, and good luck.

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I Really Like You

I really like you, but I am too shy to say it. For a few weeks, I was trying to get your attention, but then it all dispersed when I found out you were taken. Now, I wish I had a boyfriend, like you have a girlfriend.

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I've liked you for over a year now, and I know you already know this, but for some reason I just can't move on. She seems really special to you, and she's truly fortunate to be the ultimate owner of your heart. You mean a lot to me, and I still can't let you go. You're always there.

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You Lied To Me

You lied to me when you said you didn't like her. Now she is your girlfriend. It has only been one day and you have already kissed her. We dated for 5 months and you never kissed me. I still love you but now you love her. I will always love you more. I think you are wasting your time, Alex!

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I Can't

I can't
Keep the thought of you
out of my head
as I lay trying to sleep
In bed
every night
I feel like
We would be right
I don't know
If I love You
or even if I could
but I wish
I could find out
and about what would

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Love is the beat of your heart
Love is air that you breath
Love is the person you believe in
love is the faith in that person
Love is trust in yourself and your partner.
The faith, trust and honesty in your heart, soul, and your mind
love is everything and anything in life that you know God gave to you. To have something special in your life, that special thing, that special someone... Everyone has it

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Joe My Buddy

Joe-I've liked you since I sat in front of you in pre-al. Remember when we threw paper in Shane's hair and he got so totally mad at us? Ha ha. No we sit next to each other... And I'm totally loving it. I hated Kylie. You didn't deserve her. And Rosie broke up with you on your birthday (your birthday!).

So if you want a girl that will treat you right, pick me. I'm through sitting calmly in my seat. Just now, I'm standing up, jumping up and down, waving my hand, and yelling "Ooh, ooh, me! Pick me!"

If that's what works for you, babe. I love you more than all the pillows and phones and computers I named Edward.

Pick me.

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It's obvious we've been through a lot. I understand this and I hope you do, too. It doesn't mean I still don't dream of you, daydream about being in your arms again. I know you dream of me, too. I wish we could go back and make sure none of the bad things happened.

-Your former girl.

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I've Been Crushing On You

Dear J. F.,

I've been crushing on you forever and I know you felt the same way a while ago... Why did you have to ask her out on a dare?


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Dedicated To My Love

(Dedicated to my love. The one who didn't love me back)
My love is the sky all beautiful, blue, and sunny. He's my candle when I'm shrouded by darkness. He's Spiderman and, I, Mary Jane. I am a bird and he is the wind that carries me to heaven. He is my heart as it races when he looks over at me, a silly grin on his gold face. He is my sun during the day, and my stars and moon during the night. He's my tears that fall off my face as I think of him. The love turning to pain, because he doesn't love me back. Oh, the love I feel for him is so much and the pain won't go away. I tell myself he doesn't love me, but my foolish heart doesn't listen and keeps being hurt, by my love.

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I Miss Your Warm Smile

I miss your warm smile, your loving open heart, but when the silent words you lightly said into my ear crushed my heart "it's over." The bell rang I had no choice but to walk to class and hide the tears that were once happy but now reminding me of the scar you left when you jabbed that invisible knife through me. Now I have nobody to tell I love you.
Love you bunches, your ex-baby

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Being With You

Being with you touches me more then I can say. You are always on my mind, I can't escape it. It scares the h*** out of me. I know I shouldn't let myself sink deeper but I can't stop myself. I love you.

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I Don't Want To Tell You

Dear Micah,
I don't want to tell you my secret because I'm not all that into telling you that. I'm glad you're my B.F.F. It hurts my heart whenever you tell me who you like (T and K), but really when you tell me you're going to ask them out, I pray that they will say yes because I want you to be happy.

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When I Found Out You Were Moving

Dear Shareef

When I found out you were moving I lost all breath. I looked at you to see if you saw me but you were too busy. I love you... Always have.
When you first walked into my dad's school I was so taken back by how cute you were but I was also sad because I knew you would never fall for someone like me. But when I got to know you I realized you were nice and smart and cute. I fell in love with you. And now you're moving. To a different country. I won't see you for another 2 years, maybe longer. But if you ever read this I want you to know: I will love you forever.

Love (I hope),

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I love you so much and I hope you understand that no matter how you feel about me, the last 8 months were amazing. You broke my heart but I understand why. You needed time to think and you have as much time as you need, but darling please don't hurt me anymore. I love you so much and I hate not having you as my own. I love you Jonathon.

Love always,

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Dear N.A.

Happy Valentine's Day! You probably don't know that I exist but I've had a crush on you for over a year. I really like you and I want to be your girlfriend.


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We Have Been Sitting Next To Each Other

Dear Jordan,
We have been sitting next to each other in class.
We have been sitting next to each other in lunch.
But, you have never noticed me. So, here is something I need to say: I like you. It might be crazy. You might reject. But it's the truth.


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I See You

I see you,
I feel you,
I hear you,
and I need you,
I want you,
I miss you,
I dream of you,
and I love you.

I don't have the strength to tell you and I feel that I never will. This is for you my darling. I have been crushing on you for more than a year. I am in love with you, Jose

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I Really Like You

Dear W. S.,

I really like you. I always wanted to tell you, but now you are moving away. I'm going to miss you. It's so sad you are moving across the world. I guess we aren't meant to be. I just don't know how to take it. I'll be sad the rest of my life.

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I Wanna Be The Girl

I wanna be the girl he
can be goofy around!
I want to be the girl he
can tell anything to!
I wanna be the girl he is
scared to lose!
I wanna be the girl he can
hold hands with in public and not care
What anyone says!
I wanna be the girl who is always on
His mind!
Most of all I wanna be the girl he Loves

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Hello Carly,
You are so pretty and perfect in every way. Not everyone knows that I'm a lesbian, but anyway, I love you.

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Dear Paige, I hope you go on this site because otherwise this totally pointless. I love you, your eyes especially but that's not the point. If you read this tell me if you like me back, okay? Just to be specific - by Nike

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I Was Thinking

Dear Ian,
I was thinking today and I came to a conclusion. Seeing as how we haven't been together for about a month, I have had time to really reflect on what we used to have. I have realized that I can not live without you because every day that I do, it does not feel the same. When I know that you're not there, it makes me lonely as if I have no one to talk to. The reason why I'm telling you how I feel is because I want you to know that I truly love you. I finally know what it's like to love someone and have that someone love you back. And I must say.. Love is the best feeling in the world.

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CJ, I know how many times I've told you this and how many times you've just rolled your eyes at me, but I think I'm in love with you. Every time I see you, it's like I can't breathe. Actually, that happens anytime I even hear your name mentioned. I know I've had my chance(s) and I've messed it up over and over again. But I just want everything to be okay between us. I want to go back to last year, when you were not only my boyfriend, but you were my best friend too. And I'm really, really sorry. Because we could've actually been something together. But I blew it. I'd give anything, if you'd just give me another chance.

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When You Read This

Dear you,
When you read this you'll probably know that it's about you, but I wanted to get all of this off of my chest. Believe me, when I met you, I didn't have any idea I would feel like this about you but I do. I don't know if you will ever like me like I like you, but it doesn't hurt to hope. If you could know, or feel, how you make me feel whenever I talk to you, then you could see my feelings for you are real. You make my day so much brighter by just talking to me. And I really can't help it if you look like an angel. And I can't help it if I imagine what it would be like to hold your hand. I can't help it if right now, I don't really see anyone else but you. I don't say half the things I want to when I'm talking to you but I guess you'll know how I really feel when you read this. I've seen you change, and it's wonderful, beautiful, don't ever change back. If you do, I'll do my best to help you. Because I see so much good in you. I'll be here for you always, if you ever need me, I'll always be here to help you. Meeting you was a really amazing thing.
Your friend,

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