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September 2009

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Dear Brandon

Dear Brandon,

I know we might or might not go together 'cause we never broke up in 5th grade, but I Love You as well as you said you love me. Hopefully we still go together 'cause I can't live without knowing we share that LOVE we did in 5th grade. Now we are in 6th and my love is stronger. I just Love that big head of yours! Your voice drives me crazy. Well see you at school Monday!

Camisha (your Baby, as you called me), 11

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Dear Colton

Dear Colton,

I've known you since 4th grade.
I've known you since the day I loved you, day I saw you.
Then you lied to me and told me that you were moving to Colorado.
I was broken-hearted, but I healed. I loved you more than anything.
And I still do.
Even though I haven't seen you in a very very long time.
Please let me show you who I am now.
I've changed.
I'm not as obnoxious as I used to be.
Please give me a second chance.

lkk, 14

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Dear BN

Dear BN,

So you're sorry huh? I forgive you. But, one question... where was your 'sorry' when you screwed things up? You say you love me, but you never email, you never call, you never see me. I feel as if I am tied to a thread being dragged by you. I told you your locker was right by mine this year and you said, "I wish it was by my friends!" Now I have decided to dump you! I should be more respected! Some day I will find someone who listens, cares, romances me, and tells me he loves me! And while I'm having the time of my life, you are going to wish you still had me. Those are my final words.

Crystal, 18

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Dear Mama and Papa

Dear Mama and Papa,

I am so sorry for being irresponsible. I know that you're expecting me to be grown up, but I'm not. I am so childish. I put too much burden on your shoulders, and I'm making my brothers suffer because of my vices... forcing you to provide those things I wanted.

I know you love me so much, and I promise you that I will do my very best to be successful. I am doing well with my studies and I am so happy that you sent me such a prestigious university with all your means. You sacrifice too much for me, and I can't pay it back...

I love you so much, Mama and Papa.

Your Daughter,
Amor, 18

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Samuel L.C.

Samuel L.C.,

Just like to remind you that Samsters will never, ever leave you.
We will always be here supporting you. We are hoping that no matter what happens, you will always be the Sam we knew from the very start.
Stay as humble as you are.
Do not be thinking too much of the critiques you hear. Just do your best.
We appreciate so much when you give some time saying thank you to us.
We love you so much.
And we are very thankful that you are able to recognize us.

Samster, 18
ate peng *amor

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Dear Chase

Dear Chase,

OK; I know you like my BFF, but you have to know I love you so much. I hope you know that. My BFF probably doesn't, but I know you do.

Golly, 12

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My Dear You

My dear you,

I know I didn't talk to you much last night, but I like you SO much. I often wish that you would call me because your brother has my number. I have cried over you so many times because I miss you so much. Your name is written over and over again in my diary. I know there are the other guys that I've fallen for, but you... you're real. I've never felt this so intense with the others. I need you so much. Please, I'm begging you, come to me, because I love you.

Always yours,
Kassie, 12

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Dear Kelby

Dear Kelby,

Remember how in the second grade I said "I love you"? I still do, and it's OK if you think I'm a complete weirdo. I just want you to know that I love you, and good luck with all of your girlfriends. I just kills me to see you and someone else together. I really care about you more than any of your girlfriends did. Well, good luck with your life. I know you're never going to love me, but it's OK. I want what's best for you. I love you.

Marilyn, 11

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A Guy Waiting Dear A Guy Waiting,

I really like you--wait! more than like. Since I first saw you I couldn't stop thinking about you. It's like you're stuck in my life and the more I try not to think of you, I feel like I'm missing something very important. I'll tell you this: I'm not so brave when it comes to love, so I can't get the courage and go up to you and say what I feel about you. So, all I'll do is wait. I'll wait for you until I breathe my last breath.

A Girl Waiting, 13

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Dear Sean

Dear Sean,

I am completely new to the state and middle school, but I have made tons of awesome friends, including Renee. When she said she had a crush on you, I was like who is he? Then when she showed you to me, I had an instant crush. You have an adorable smile, hot hair, and you are the only cute boy at my school. I don't know how to admit it out loud because Renee is my friend and I don't know how she will act. And you don't even now me, since I am in none of your classes. Also, my friend Kianah likes you too. And we are the only ones who know each other's secret. And you know Kianah because you are in some of her classes and you gave her a high five in the hallway while we were talking. So you have seen me before...

From the confused girl,

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Dearest Jacob

Dearest Jacob,

You change your face, your hair, your music. You have a new girlfriend every month. You broke up with me on school photo day and I didn't buy a copy of my picture. I looked fake, scared, alone, lost; just like you, Jake.

Those are the things which you will always be because you hide behind your computer screen at night, changing your life over the internet, talking to America, wishing you were there. So go on. Go to America. You'll never want me back.

Hx, 17

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Dear You Know Who You Are

Dear You know Who You Are,

You are my one true love, the one I want to be with forever and ever, but you pay no attention to being more than friends with me. Is it meant to be? I want you. I need you. I gave you my heart, but too bad--you just took it and never gave it back. I love you sooo much.

Cassidy, 11

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Dear Mystery Girl

Dear Mystery Girl,

I could start with the way you walked into the classroom looking anxious and looking a bit frightened. I could say that your smile threw me when you came up to me and said, "hi."

But now you're leaving, and I miss those warm days when you came up and asked if I wanted to go out. I miss your smile and your warm laughter; everything. I could mention all that. And I remember when you said: "I may not know what love is, but I think I'm in love... with you."

So now I want to say, and I'll say it true: I love you, Mystery Girl.

With love,

Bella, 14

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I love you, Brayden

I love you, Brayden.
When we kiss, I'm hypnotized.
When we hug, I see sparks.
I run my hands up and down your chest, and you make no move.
Whenever we touch, my heart skips a beat.

When you flirt with someone else, I crack a little
When I see you kiss another girl, I shatter.

I'm sorry that I'm not right for you anymore.
I'm sorry you don't have any glue for me.
I still love you, but I guess that doesn't matter anymore.
I won't move on.
I won't.

by Isabel, 10

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I see you in the movies

I see you in the movies,
I see you on the TV shows,
Oblivious to how truly beautiful you are.
You really don't know how much I would give for one kiss.
It would be Heaven on Earth
I would feel like I'm walking on a cloud.
I know you're so famous,
I know I've got no chance of having you,
But every time I see your face, with those irresistable lips,
Soft and smooth,
It makes me want to kiss you. I love you.

by Kaytrina, 15

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I love you. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. The endless days when I was with you were the happiest of my life. You supported me through everything. You were the best girlfriend I've ever had in my life. I genuinely loved you the minute I set eyes on you, and I knew then, at that moment, that you were the girl for me.

You have no idea of the pangs of jealousy I feel when I see you kissing other boys. I would sweep you right off your feet and never ever unappreciate you. I would be the perfect man for you if you'd just let me. Give me another chance -- please.

I miss you, babe. You'll be in my heart forever, whehter you like it or not.

Forever yours (if you want me), always here for you, baby.

xxx <3

Lucy, 13

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Tarik To Tarik:

Until now, I haven't found the words to express my true feelings for you.
I think you're perfect. When I was blue, you made me shine. When I was wounded, you mended me. I just want to tell you that I appreciate what you do.

Moona, 12

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Dear Sweetheart

Dear Sweetheart,

My friends found out you liked me and they told me. I had been in love with you since 3rd grade. You were sweet and perfect, and you made me feel wonderful even when you didn't know. Thanks for giving me my nickname, Jockey.

Your Biggest Fan

Jocky, 9

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Dear Cal

Dear Cal,

Wow. Can you believe that it's already been more than two years since we met? Two whole years. It's funny because our memories are still as fresh in my mind as if we had just parted yesterday.

Gosh, how I miss you. You honestly have no idea how much I long for your touch or even just the sound of your voice. Your sweet southern charm, your bashfulness. What I remember most about you is how kind and gentle you were.

You know, you weren't just someone I had a crush on, you were a true friend. I remember how you asked me if I'd still be OK going into the Planetarium. You wanted to make sure I was strong enough. I didn't even remember until you said it, but you remembered and you cared enough to ask. I still cry when I think of you. There are just some people in the world that will do that to you, and you are that for me.

I know that you've probably moved on. I completely understand. You have the right to. I really wish I could. Two years have passed, and still no one catches my eye or takes my breath away like you did. You are truly one of a kind. I want you to know that I love you. You might not feel the same anymore. It's OK. Just knowing that you did once is all I need. Knowing that there was someone in the world who took one glance at me and thought, "Wow. She's beautiful," even when I never saw it in myself.

I truly believe that love changes a person because I have felt that change. Thank you for teaching me that lesson. I hope that you are happy wherever you are, and that someday we will meet again and reminisce those memories that are so special to me. I will always love you.

Alexis, 14

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Dear Matt

Dear Matt,

You're so nice and sweet, but every time we break up, you're done and not getting back together. After you cheated, you really think I'll take you back?

You come up to me, "Take me back, I'll never do it again." So I take you back, which was a huge mistake. I find out you're still dating this Kelly girl. Now we're over, not getting together! I want to punch you in the face, you two-timing little brat. Have fun with Kelly!

StupidGirl, 11

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I Loved You

I loved you. I really did. But I guess you didn't really care. Maybe you thought I was too easy because I showed you I really did care, or mayb eyou just never loved me the way you said you did. Which one it is, I don't really know, but which ever one it was, I still got hurt and you know it.

Now you're after my "best friend." Seems like you like each other, and all I can really do is cry on the inside and smile on the outside. I don't want to show you that I care, that I'm still here for you even after everything you've put me through. It already hurts me enough to see you with her and even ocasionally flirt. That just crushes my heart.

I've even learned to pretend that I'm happy, but still be hurting. No one really knows what I truly feel. Every time I try to heal, you come around and make it impossible. Sometimes I wish that we had never met, but they say things happen for a reason. Although I don't see the reason I should have gotten hurt by you, maybe later in life I'll understand why I loved you so much. =(

Mayan, 15

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Dear JCC

Dear JCC,

After everything that happened with the conversations I found out about, I still don't understand how you look at me with that face of yours. The way that I am right now is very cold, but it's like that for a reason. Managing to see me in any way possible is your goal at times.

Disappointments of you surround me, and I can't really escape. It's too late now unless you truly apologize for what I thought you would never do. Let's see how you react and manage that. Only time will tell.

Liz, 16

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Dear ___

Dear ___,

I have known you since 5th grade. I didn't really pay attention to you, but we were OK friends. Then, now in the 8th grade, we have the same lunch period, and I hear you still asking about me.

No 5th grader I know still acknowledges me, but you are different. Every time I see someone I know from 5th grade, I just ignore them like perfect strangers, but you don't. You still remember me, and that just touches my heart. I think I'm falling in love, but I'm too scared because I might get hurt again even harder.

I just want you to know: I haven't forgotten you, and you will stay special. =)

MissIly, 12

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Dear DJW

Dear DJW,

Ever since I met you 3 years ago, I knew I was in love! You said you were, too. We had some hard times, but that doesn't matter because we got through them all. We were friends for 3 years and we went out for only 1 and a half months.

To everyone reading this, sure, it's not that long, but we had something, and I thought we would stay together a lot longer, but we didn't. Now we're not even friends! It's so stupid. We both loved each other so much. I was and still am in love with him. I hate it because he was my best friend, and because of a stupid little fight, we don't even talk anymore.

So to all you girls out there, even though you think it's best to go out, think before you do! It could ruin a really godo friendship. I really love him.

I love himm<3 forever and always!

A.C.C., 15

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Dear Rob P

Dear Rob P,

I love you soo much, and I am a huge fan. We should get married. I love you and you are awesome. I think about you all the time. I know everything about you. I have all your posters, and I know you are the hottest guy ever to live!

Your New Wife!, 11

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Dear Crush

Dear Crush,

I've known you since 2nd grade. We have fun times, we have bad times, but we always get through it. I have feelings for you, and maybe you do for me, too. I really don't know. I just need to wait and see. There's only one thing I need to say to you: I love you.

Crush, 11

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Me and My Boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend been through so much together, then one day I did something that I wasn't supposed to do: I kissed my ex-boyfriend. Things have not been the same after that. I wish I could take it back, but I can't.

I miss the old us, but it seem like he don't want the old us back. He can't even trust me no more, but he did so much stuff to hurt me and get back at me, and he don't know that my feelings are really hurt. He had sex with 2 girls: one girl go to our school. I had to walk in the hallway with the girl every day, and I had to hold all my tears in so nobody wouldn't know the pain I was in.

I'm actually still in a lot of pain. I tried to explain how I felt, but he still don't understand. I want to be with him, don't get me wrong, but I think I really don't want to be with him. I just don't want nobody else to be with him. I am just so confused. I don't know what to do, but I know that I really still love him so much, but I am just confused about my love life at this point. I can't tell him I don't want to be with him no more.

I just need some time to myself to think about what's going on in my life right now. He's got to prove to me that he wants me to stay with him. If he don't prove to me that he wants me to stay, then I'm gone, and that's a promise.

Baby Girl, 16

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Dear Killers Fan

I know I'm new here, but I already kinda like you. I'm scared to tell you and I'm afraid that you won't like me back. There's been a lot of rumors going around that you kind of like me, too. Is that true? I think we have really good chemistry. We both love The Killers, and I will never forget when our fingers touched when I dropped my paper and you said you got it. We're both really fun, and my friends are telling me to go for it, but I'm still kind of scared. Maybe you want to go to the dance with me? I hope you like me.

The Killers Fan, 10

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Dear Jacob

Dear Jacob,

I've had a crush on you for 3 years and would love to go out with you, but I know it'll never happen. This was just a way of getting it out of me and making me feel better!

Gates, 13

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Dear Jeremiah

Dear Jeremiah,

I like you so much. I have liked you since 3rd grade, and now we are in 6th. I get the jitters when I'm close to you. If you say I like you, I will probably say, "finally!" You are one of my best friends. Talk to me, and maybe we can go out!

Love you,

Abigale, 11

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Dear Joe

Dear Joe,

I've loved you since the day we met. We were 3. Our friendship has gone on for years, and we haven't gotten anywhere! I love your hair, I love your eyes, and I love the way you make me laugh. We walk home every day, and I'm just tired of waiting. I need you to know that I love you. You belong with me. <3

Laura, 13

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Dear Patricia

Dear Patricia,

You know I've always loved you, but don't deny that you didn't love me back. When we were on the bench together the first time we met, we both realized something very important, life-changing, and amazing. We both loved each other. I know people might make fun of us, but who says girls can't be in love together? That's just like saying that the sun shouldn' tshine, or the birds shouldn't sing. I will always love you, even if you think you shouldn't. You love me, too.


Julia, 11

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Dear Matthew S.

Dear Mathtew S.,

I love you so much. I can't forget or stop thinking of you, but now you love someone else. I always check your profile and I always ask your condition to my friend. I still love you. Why are you mad at me? I want you to be mine again, but I know that it's impossible. I swore my love will never die til my last breath. I miss, love, and need you...

Francine, 12

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Dear Michael

Dear Michael,

Even though we've broken up, we're still friends. I didn't cry when you said it was over, but I did when you had my best friend tell me. I was told you're a liar, but I want you to know that I will always have you in my heart.

Love always<3

Songbird7ful, 13

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Dear Adam

Dear Adam,

I love you. Your smile sets off the 4th of July fireworks in my heart. The way your hair sits around your face makes my heart jitter. Your insane nature gives me enough joy and energy to light my house. Just your initials say how I feel when I see your face. Ah...

The only problem with loving you, though, is that you'll never love me back. I can't take it! Whenever I see your picture, I either cry or laugh. Next year, when you go to high school, I don't know if I'll be able to take it. My heart is empty without you, and the only reason I think I go to school anymore is to see you there. On days when I don't see you, I cry my soul out. To me, you're untouchable with all your friends hovering around you. Even if you were alone, I still wouldn't have teh guts to talk to you.

Adam, I love you. One day, for even a split second, I hope that you will love me back.

Hayley, 13

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Dear Elijah

Dear Elijah,

You're my best friend... or so I thought. Now you won't even talk to me. About 3 weeks ago, I found out that you liked me, and so I told you in a letter that I liked you, too. You never said anything back. So I'm starting to think that maybe the people who told me you liked me lied to me, or maybe you're just too shy to say it to me.

I miss going biking with you, calling you Eliza and you calling me Joseph. I miss watching movies with you and making fun of everything in them. You know you're the only guy that I trust, Elijah. I told you anything and everything because you just have that effect on me to just tell you things.

You have no idea how much it hurts to see you talk to Hannah. It hurts a lot. Elijah, I miss being your best friend. I miss talking to you. But most of all, I just want to be with you again, like we were in 4th grade.

I've been quiet about liking you for too long, though... so I think I lost you. I don't know what to do now. I like you a lot, best friend. A lot a lot a lot...

Love, your best friend,
Jojo, or as you call me, Joseph

Jojo, 15

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Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

I cannot tell you how much I like you. So nice, so sweet, yet funny. You opened my eyes to see that the world isn't always about being perfect, it's about finding a perfect someone to cherish life with. Your firend told you I liked you, and you went on like it was nothing. In this case, I guess it's great. When I saw you, I turned a brilliant scarlet red. I ran off foolishly, but you smiled like it was OK.

Whoever you end up liking, I'm fin with that. As long as I can like you.

RatherNotSay, 11

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