Love Letters

July 2008

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It started off...

Well it started of totally unexpectedly, when I really liked this boy whom everyone called Chris. One day his best mate came up to me and gave me a letter it read...

I told you I loved you!
But you didn't hear.
I showed you I needed you.
But you didn't see.
Why don't you love me?
Why can't you see
What you mean to me?
What no one else can see...

I thought it was sweet but some might think it's horrible or weird. But I went years thinking he didn't like me and deep down he was thinking that about me!

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I love you! I miss you! I wish I could see you...

I love you! I miss you! I wish I could see you so I will give you this fine letter to you. For myself is in love with you !I am singing not sleeping.....I need to see you. Just thinking of you makes me sad and drops of tears roll down my cheek. I am really really sad. I miss you and love you...!

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If you ever wander to this page...

Dear Chazz,
If you ever wander to this page and read any of this I want you to know this: I love you with all my heart! You don't think I act like it and I don't think you act like it but I know we love wach other so much that words cannot even describe. And I know we have depression problems and you don't want me dealing with yours since I have my own but we can help each other! I'm not your girlfriend because I want to be for fun, I am your girlfriend because I love you and want to spend my whole entire life with you and I would even die for you! I'm serious. Some adults don't think kids don't know what love is but I know what it means and it's a very powerful word. Chazz, I know you don't say you love me too often unless I tell you I do. But I love you, I love you, I love you, and if I could get married to you at 17 you bet I would, not only that but skip college for you! Anything, I mean anything. I may have some issues but we could help each other. We could be strong together about the problems we have. And I'll help you cry anytime you need it but I am not saying anything hurtful like you wanted me to! Oh, by the way you say you're dumb but if you are then you're my dummy!

love "Elizabeth"

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Boys are a trip

Boys are a trip
Sometimes they make you feel like it is worth it
Then you have this voice in your ear telling you to leave him alone
Some are nice: geeky, sweet, nd hood.
Some have no respect at all
But you still want him no matter what anyone says
Not your mother, father, or sisters and brothers say
Then you have everyone on your case about this and that
But for some reason you still don't care
This man that you are with can have nothing going for himself at all but you don't care
He may hit you and you never even notice
It took a 15 year old to tell you to wake up and look in that mirror and notice what you are doing
Then when I speak I'm always criticizing so I keep everthing I feel bottled up inside
Or I could hurt your feelings and then you'll hate me
But you say that slowly I'm hurting your feelings well why do you think I'm doing it
It;s not me it's you
And if you want me out of your life then that's all you have to say and I'll do you a favor and leave you alone
Man, I'm too young to feel like this but it wouldn't have happened if I never introduced the two of you
And now you don't think for yourself at all
And to tell you the truth its better to hear it from me than anyone else
I know what I want in life, do you?
Oh, wait, you want him and there is nothing in this world that you wouldn't do for this man
When he cannot provide for you
I love you but I guess they are right when they say you always have to bump your head
There is nothing more I can say but go your path because I'm going to follow mine


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I can't believe we are over

I can't believe we're over. I loved you so much and I wished that we could stay together forever. You know that I love you so much. And you know that she can't love you the way I love you. Just thinking about you makes me want to cry. My heart burns just hearing those words in my head. I love you. I can't believe that you would use me like this. I actually thought that you loved me. But I guess wrong. All those months, you were using me just to get things. I guess when I thought of you as the guy of my dreams that would never hurt me... I guess I was wrong. You were the only relationship I felt myself in. I wanted to stay with you forever. But I knew that she would break us up. Don't ask how I know it. Well, there really isn't much to say because you don't love me that way anymore. The way I love you. But hopefully you will realize your mistakes. And realize what you did to hurt me so badly.

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I hope that you know

Dear Isaac,
I hope that you know, I wish you looked at me.
I love your owl eyes that are blue with brown rimmed pupils. I love your accent. I love your curly hair. I hope you know that.
Love, Fergie

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If you love someone...

If you love someone you must love 100% and be honest. I will be honest 100% to you and love you always.

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The love letter I got

The love letter I got was from this guy that I have been dating. I really loved him. Like, real love. He told me he loved me too and then I caught him kissing some other girl. It broke my heart. And he wrote me:

I love you. I would never hurt you. I know I did but baby, I am so sorry. You mean the world to be and I would do anything to take it back. Please call me. I love you. Like, real love.

I got this through a text. I tried to forget about it but I couldn't. I never called him. Somtimes I wish that I did but he cheated. Giving him my heart would just give him another chance to break it.

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I sit in silence

I sit in silence, I close my eyes and I lift my head up. My heart fills up with love. So much love. Yet, I can't seem to let it all go. There's this unknown force, like pressurized air, pushing everything in. Pushing and pushing and pushing, ever since forever. I don't know. I can't seem to feel anymore. The tears that roll down my cheeks are not mine. The heart that longs to cry is not mine. I feel cold, I feel numb. So numb. How can I tell my brain to work, my heart to feel and my body to move? Has my power to control been taken over by this unknown force as well? I don't know. I just don't know. I look alright and wonderful on the outside, yet there's something missing within me. It's almost as if it's a kind of failure. They tell me to fight, they tell me to push myself; will all my efforts be to no avail? I sit in silence, close my eyes and lift my head up. My heart fills up with love. So much love.

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We've been together

We've been together
For a while
But I still love your touch,
Your kiss, your smile.
Your love is nothing
Short of divine,
Sending shivers
Down my spine.
And though our love
Is tried and true,
Every day,
I'll keep loving you!

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My summer was filled with smiles and sorrows...

My summer was filled with smiles and sorrows and sweet goodbyes. With flips and turns and butterflies. My summer was filled with you, you, and only you. Camp fires, nervous smiles, cool waters, and thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.

Thoughts of you, thoughts of me, thoughts of


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Letter to me

Someone wrote a letter to me, it says:

I never ever find a girl like you...

-secret admirer

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I thought we were BFF

I thought we were best friends forever.
I think we are best friends, but you leaving me only for a school hottie? All you've done to me is blame and mock me.

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Joe, you are amazing!

Joe, you are amazing! I love you so much! You are like the coolest popstar ever!


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I wish I could see you so we can have fun together.

From Janelle

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You will never know how much that night was to me. You will always know that I love you no matter what and I will always be there for you when you need me. I want you to know just because I moved doesn't mean anything. I will always love you and nobody can make me change the way that I feel about you. I Love You!

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I miss you

Dear baby boy,
I miss you and I'm always looking forward to seeing your amazing blue eyes.
But I'm afraid by the time you get this letter
you may not be able to reach me.
I'm moving tomorrow.
And I'm afraid I will never see you again.
My parent took my phone.
And won't tell me my new address.
They're putting me in a girls' home,
and I don't know why.
I didn't do anything wrong, you know I don't do that.
I love you and I need you. I will try to write when I get to my new home if I ever see the light again.
I love you so much baby.
I want to see your face one last time but I think it would be too painful.
Or it would make me do something stupid,
so please just try and forget about me because this can't work (I can't believe I'm saying this). We need to break up, I can't do this baby.
I'm sorry, Drake.

- Brittany

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Rodrick, you don't know how much I love you.
I would do anything for you.
Even though you live in North Carolina, I believe that you're right here with me.

Much, Much Love,
Mitchie, your secret admirer

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I really hope that me liking you won't ruin our friendship.

Dear Jesse,

I really hope that me liking you won't ruin our friendship. Please don't let it. Just so you know I am madly in love with you!

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Dear Taylor...

Dear Taylor,

I have had a thing for you since you caught my eye 3 years ago. I was only 12, but I knew for sure I loved you. My mom never has liked you and yours isn't that fond of me either. But even still, I cherish your friendship. I want to be the last number you dial before you go to sleep and the 1st you dial when you wake up. When you and Niecy are officially, without a doubt, through, call me, baby boy.

With Mad Love For You,

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Just to see you in passing

Just to see you in passing
or touch you in dreams
Your unconditional love is all
I'll ever need.
From the time I'm awake
you consume my thoughts like
cookies from the oven,
When I lay down at night I
crave your loving.
Your friendship, your conversation,
those piercing brown eyes are a
crazy combination.
Who would have thought I'd find love
this young?
These things stay in my head, but never
leave my tongue.

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Dear Marissa

Dear Marissa,

We've been friends for a year now and to some people I'm a nobody. I'm glad you actually were my friend through everything. Since you've always been there for me I have a confession. I've always been crushing on you, and I want to be more than what we are.

From, that guy

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Find Them and You'll Know

If you follow your path you can find your future. When you look up in the sky, you can follow your dream. But you know deep down that loves not what it seems. When you find them you'll know. No matter what the other people say the only thing your love will do is grow.

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Okay, I like you a lot.

Dear Josh,

Okay, I like you a lot. Even though you're my friend's ex, I can't stop thinking about you. It's horrible that I feel this way about you. See you in school!

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I have liked you for a long time.

Dear Samantha,

I have liked you for a long time.

From the minute I saw you, I liked you for your looks, style and personality. I mean, who cares about your looks or style? All I care about is you and your personality and that's what I love about you. So will you go out with me?

Your Secret Admirer

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September 1, 1939

September 1, 1939

Dear Melrose,

My sweet, I am terribly sorry that I have to leave for war. I will always love you. I love your smile, your hair, and everything else about you. I want you to always keep a special place in your heart for me. Take care of yourself and always stay happy. When you wake every morning listen to the birds because they sing a song of victory. And always remember Jesus is with you and I. No matter what happens, I always love you, Melrose. Goodbye my sweet.

Your love,

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I really want to tell you something...

I don't know why but I really want to tell you something. But I'm too shy. So instead I wrote this letter to you. To say I love you. Just don't show anyone, okay? I don't want to be made fun of like when I was in 1st grade.

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The guy who I really like slipped a letter in my desk...

The guy who I really like slipped a letter in my desk last year during school. I didn't see him put it there but I knew it was his because he signed it with his initials.

This is what the love letter said:

"Dear *********,

I've liked you since the 1st grade and have always wanted to go out with you for a long time. I don't know why you haven't figured that out yet. I haven't told you yet because I am kinda scared that you will say no."

I don't believe that, because he asks a lot of other girls out without love letters and I think his letter was kind of rushed.

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Nope, I don't have a secret admirer or a guy I like.

Nope, I don't have a secret admirer or a guy I like. I have an incredible mom. My heart aches for girls who don't have a good mother figure in their home, because if I didn't have my mom, it would be like I didn't have air. She is actually probably the best friend I've ever had. And even though I'm 13 and should be fighting with her because I can be a dumb preteen, I don't. And I know it sounds pathetic that my mom is my best friend, but it's probably the best decision you could ever make. I have friends, yes. But she fills me with love and affection. I never ever ever feel awkward talking to her about anything. We connect so well, we finish each others sentences. I live in a house full of guys also, and having someone there to tell my hurts to without insensitivity coming from a guy is a very good feeling. Someone there to help me with makeup. Someone there to whine to about stupid stuff. Someone there to talk about boys, and shopping, and girly stuff. Someone there to talk to about music, sports and tomboyish stuff. She means the world to me. She's always there to embrace me with open arms and put up with me when I'm hormonal. She doesn't judge me and is the sweetest person on the planet. And that's the best thing I could ever ask for. God has truly blessed me.

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Dear Everyone

Dear Everyone,

We should say nice things to our friends that we care for. Say yes to your parents. Have fun with your family. Don't be sad. And one more thing: when you go to school and someone is sad, you say, "What's wrong, friend?" like that. This is the last one: if you don't have a friend then ask a girl to be your friend.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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Dear Kyle,

Dear Kyle,
I love you so much. I wish I could see you more often. My mom would kill me if she knew about you. But I still love you and hope you love me back.

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I love you oh so much, baby...

I love you oh so much, baby,
With all my days.
I think about you in the night,
Knowing that you're not there.

What has happened to me?
to us...

I miss you my baby,
All my love.

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Jeff, the one I see now,

Jeff, the one I see now,

This year, watching you transform from a fun-loving nut i once knew to a quietish, stand-offish guy was slightly painful, and I know it was because of her. I knew you didn't think much of the relationship, but it was wearing you down. I didn't know you anymore as I saw your nearly lifeless eyes glance at me in the hallway, as I sent a smile and you a masculine nod. After you and her broke up, the way you reverted back to my Jeffrey was almost magical, how free you seemed. Now that you are back, my Jeffrey, we can resume being best friends like we once were, and maybe something more this time.

Love, your friend forever,

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Even though my crush is not on here...

Even though my crush is not on here, I love him like about a year. He's really cute even though he hates me. He likes another girl, Cinthia. It broke my heart =[ so if you're out there, I love you!! =[

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It's a shame I can't put my name...

It's a shame I can't put my name, but if people find out, I'm sure to blame. I already get bullied enough. Life is just too tough, so I hope you understand, Cole, that my heart is what you have stole.

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I never really meant to do it.

Dear Richie,
I never really meant to do it. It wasn't all my fault. I want you to know that. It just happened. I wish it didn't. I want you to know I'm sorry. I want you to still be that friend. I want you to be that friend that I can go to for anything. Please say you still are. Please say that we can go back to what we were.

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I don't WANT to have a crush on you.

I don't WANT to have a crush on you.
I never intended to have any attraction to you.
Basically, you intrigue me.
You have a personality I've never known, and I WANT to know that personality.
How you're always lost in your own world.
How you always have a dreamy, otherworldy expression on your face.
Your random walks around the campsite, not caring what's happening around you.
Sometimes it seems I'd have to wave a hand in front of your face to get you to notice I'm there,
While other times I can't sneak a glance without your inquisitive eyes locking with mine.
Basically, you pique my interest higher than most people have ever done.
I want to know you.

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Dear Travis,

Dear Travis,
I know you don't know what I look like but I know what you look like. I saw you that night at the party. I saw you laugh at your sisters, playing your Gameboy. But just please know that I like you and I always will like you. Please don't move to New Hampshire. You're so nice to me whenever I ask for your help. You're so thoughtful to me, you always hang out with me, you're always right there when I need you. So just please know that I will always be their for you when you need me. I Love You!!!

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We are like soulmates.

We are like soulmates. We get on so well. He is my best boy friend but I want him to be my boyfriend. I'm way too shy though. We laugh together all the time. I'm talking to you S**. XX

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I just don't get you!

I just don't get you! You're so sweet to me when you're not around your friends but when you are, you make fun of me and you're mean to me.

You call me fine, sexy and hot but really I want to be called gorgeous, pretty, and beautiful.

You say you love me but really I know you hate me.

You say you care for me when really I think you just use me.

Why can't you be normal and learn to love me, not hate me, care for me, not use me? Why?? I love you but you hate me and I care for you and you just hurt me!

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I want you to...

I WANT YOU TO just listen
i gotta say what i want to do better
yet i gotta say i'm in love with
you look in my eyes hug me hold me tight
no words exchanged no words explain
i love you but can i trust you
to love me too from the tip of your lips
i kiss the pain away baby don't trip
i'm here to stay as long as you say i do

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Guess who!

I like you. Do you like me? Guess who I am. I love pink, we both like hockey and I am a girl! Guess who!
Love ??

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Dear Da'vonte

Dear Da'vonte,
If I could climb a mountain and jump the sky, all to see those honey eyes, you bet I would. You are the reason I smile for no reason, the hand that wipes away my tears, the voice that makes me melt and the arms that hold me strong. Bein' with you makes me forget everything wrong because with you it feels so right. I call and even if you don't answer, I stay on the line to hear your voice tone. Just hearing your name makes my spirit glow, but too bad you'll never know.
Love, Kyra

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