Love Letters

June 2008

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I can't stop thinking about him.

I got in big trouble for lying to my parents
So I couldn't lie about anything else. The next day I had to break up with my boyfriend. I had no real reason why I had to but I did do it. That was the most hardest thing I've ever done is to break the heart of the guy that really loved me. After that, two hours later I found out he already has a new girlfriend. I was amazed. It turns out that was just a rumor to make me jealous. Trust me I didn't work. Now he is stuck in my head. And I can't stop thinking about him.

I still love him and he still loves me.

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Why Can't We Rewind?

Your stupid words made me fall in love with you. The way I felt, thinking no one could hurt me with you turned to be right back in my face. Your lies became your words so very quickly, and it burned me inside to think you were different. I told you everything and was willing to change a little bit for you but in return it got shoved in my face. Your kisses made me fall to the ground but in the end it probably meant you never really ever were going to fall in with love me or see a stable relationship. Your arms wrapped around me was how I could live, just to be with you, but then you some how ignored me with stupid excuses. When you had a problem, I listened and took more on to my heart but when I had a problem, you ran to the closest door and slammed it in my face to show you didn't care about me. I saw the good in you but now all I See is the bad in you and it makes me sad and I wish you would go back. To ever believe I saw something different in you and believed those sweet innocent words. Well, I take back everything I ever said or believed in. Thanks for some great memories until now. I miss the old you, the one that would listen to me and call me baby and protect me if anything went wrong, the one I could flirt with always knowing you could be mine, but the new you is someone I don't even want to see, let alone feel the need to run to you with a problem. I don't know what happened.
You'll never see my perspective on how I took it. You'll always see yours and in the end you could have had someone who would have loved you. Why can't we just rewind and go back and see the good times of me and you?

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I hope you read this.

Dear "King"

I hope you read this.
I really wish I can say this to you.

For a moment that day.
I felt like I was dreaming or something.
You told me something that made me cry.
But that's ok.
I'm not crying anymore.
I'm just thinking
And wishing..
Hoping that you will always be here
With me
By my side.

You know that I like you.
I know that you like me.
I know we belong together.
But faith said it differently.
You have to move
Leaving me here alone.
I know that you don't want to go
But I force you to
Because you have to reach your dream.
No matter how sad I be.
And I know how sad you feel.
It won't change a thing.


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This is a poem for my mom:

Snow falls through the air
As the wind flows through the air

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I try so hard

I try so hard to make this one person love me. And I am young but love comes from all around. As a little kid I fell in love but I was 6, 7,8, 9, 10 and I did not know any better. But when I met you I knew it you were the one. I told you and you thought that this was cool. And even after I told you you flirted with other girls in my face. And you never liked those girls and you used them. Why would you do a stupid thing like that? I told you, I tried to get it through your head. I like you! Maybe even love. You knew how I felt but you pushed me to the limit. I still like you but I can't do it any more.

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What is love?

What is love? Love is something you can't explain. It's how you feel in your heart and in your gut. Everyone says that kids don't know what love is, but they are wrong. Everytime I look into your beautiful eyes I can't breathe and I don't know what to say that would explain how I feel about you. We went out for two months then we broke up. We became enemies and you got a new girlfriend and I got a new boyfriend. I broke up with my boyfriend because I still liked you but you told me you didn't like me. Then on the last day of school I told you I still liked you and that I always will. Then you told me that you were breaking up with your girlfriend. Since then I have been wondering if we would get back together over the summer or next year. After talking about how I feel with my friends I've come to realize that what I thought was puppy love was real and now I am more than ready to scream it out to the world that I love you! So in my opinion you can feel love at any age and people who say that you can't haven't gotten the opportunity to feel the magic of a first love. Thankfully I have and I hope that this feeling never goes away!
Love always, Amanda

(This letter is to all those people that don't believe in childhood love. This letter is also to Mauricio! I love you!)

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Wish I Could Turn Back Time!

When I met you I felt like it was meant to be,
But when you broke my heart I don't think you saw you were hurting me,
You charmed me like a gentleman.
And hugged me with your big hands,
But yet I didn't know that you were full of evil conniving plans,
I wish I could turn back time and forget about you,
I wish I could turn back time and say it wasn't true,
Everyone makes mistakes and that's how they learn,
But remember girls this time it's your turn!

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You know that it's hurting me inside.

You know that it's hurting me inside. Counting the time before you leave.
Everyday I have to hold myself just so I don't cry.
Some people said, "you never met him before how can you know for sure that you like him?" But I said I just do.
I love you.
More and more.
I can't hold you away from your dream.
You have to go to SG
Reach your dream.
I know that you want to wait me for 10 years.
But I think.
I don't want you to waste your 10 years of life just waiting for me.
I'm just hoping.
That you don't go.
But what can I say
Your destiny is at SG
Love you
Always do.
And always will.


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Roses are red...

Roses are red, violets are blue
Your eyes are brighter than lead
Your wings are so cool how they flew

P. S. Our relationship is so close - sticks and stones can't break it

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Listen, I know I never actually got to talk to you, and you probably don't even know who I am, but I'll tell you. My name is Nisha and I am a good friend of your sister. I have been recently thinking about you a lot! I want you to know that I have almost really fallen in love with you! You are beautiful to me, I know you moved to another state and all but hopefully you will come back and rescue this princess from her castle!

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I love you Trevor.

Dear Trevor,
I love you Trevor. Although you don't know this, your secret nickname is Teddy. And this may freak you out a little but I know everything about you there is to know. You are so hot! I love your hair. And I am staring at you constantly whether you realize it or not. You are also so funny. I laugh at your jokes, just not in front of you. Oh yeah and keep up the good work on the drums. And here's a piece of advice, break up with Sara. I know you are a grade ahead of me. But I am still madly in love with you.
Love your very secret admirer, Hannah.

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It's too hard to move on from my first love.

I can remember the day you asked me out. It was sweet, I answered with a long, complicated answer. In the end I said yes. God I was so happy. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. But here I stand. Lost and forgotten. I came back from my trip, and here you are. With her. My best friend. And now, I can't turn to anyone. Everyone is gone. This is the one time in my life that I ever felt lonely. How could this happen? Is it my fault? Or is it the fact that I'm currently a failure. I can't move on from you, even though it's the only thing I can do, I don't want to. Because we've been known as one for the past ten months. And it's too hard to move on from my first love.

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I have written you many letters before...

Dear Trevor,
I have written you many letters before on SmartGirl. But I highly doubt that you will ever look at them. I wish I had the guts to tell you how much I love you in person, but I can't. All I will say is that you are awesome! I talk about you constantly. And you are really hot! And once again I love your hair. I wish you would notice me.

From a 6th grader who is madly in love with you, Hannah.

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Dear Blade

Dear Blade,

I realize how stupid I was to ever think you would truly love me. I waited for so long for those words to come out of your mouth. You know the words, "I love you." The words I wish I could say to you. Well I guess not - everyone is what they seem. I love you Blade. There, I said it. I would have never regretted it if only you would say it back. Is it that hard? Honestly. I never thought I would go head over heals for a guy like you but I did. Are you happy now? I wish everything would go back to normal. You know the way it was before you stopped talking to me. Your name speaks for itself. You're as sharp as a blade when it comes to my heart. Just to let you know I'll be waiting for you here. I love you.

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Dear Corey

Dear Corey,

I know that you have a girlfriend, but I don't care. You walk home with me, we talk, and you even make me laugh. I know I shouldn't think about you so much but I can't help it. I dream about you and fantasize. I just can't get you out of my head! So I will admire you from afar.

Your deeply in love,
"Just friend"

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Dear Trevor

Dear Trevor,

I wish you new I liked you, but I don't have the guts to tell you. Just keep being hot, awesome at the drums, fantastic at basketball, majorly funny, and keep being Trevor. You rock!

Hannah, your number one fan.

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Dear Josh,

Dear Josh,
I love you so much. I smile and giggle every time I see you. But you don't know it! Can we please get together?

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These are my feelings:

Gosh, Cameron. I totally wish you'll ask me next year in 6th grade to be your girlfriend.
I know on MySpace you wrote, "do you want me to like you?" I had so many answers: yes, I don't know, sort of. It is just so confusing.

Matt. I barely know you. But Shelby did tell me that I sounded hot on the phone. And... Now I like you. I just don't know. If either one asks me to be their girlfriend, or if they like me, I'll say, "yes" or "I like you too."

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There's no such thing as pride...

There's no such thing as pride when your heart is on the line. Only one thing can make it better. Trust yourself to make it down victim road. When you're underage all you can do is pray that things would get better. There's no such thing as crying when your heart is on the line.

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I love you

Dear Munesh,
I love you. But I don't know how to tell you I like you.

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Dear Mr. Pentagon

Dear Mr. Pentagon,

I wish I could've told you how I felt sooner, before my friend asked you out, before summer came. I thought I got my feelings for you from sixth grade figured out, but I guess I never did. This year in seventh grade they came back during the TMSCA competition trip in San Antonio, when we bonded over the bet we made before: whoever makes the better score on our tests gets to push the loser in the pool at the hotel. You won, but you never pushed me in. Instead you and I decided to hang out and do something fun, so we made a prank call to Corbin to cause my "twin" some embarrassment. We laughed over and over on the phone during the prank and Corbin still bought it! I thought we shared something really special that night, so I smiled all the way back to my hotel room. That smile faded when you stayed on the phone with my friend the whole night keeping me up with your voice. The green-eyed monster came out, but I locked him back in. The next day when we were on our way back to Dallas my friend was all over you, but I kept the green-eyed monster locked behind bars and pretty much avoided you for the rest of the day. I was extremely jealous and sometimes I still am, but you look so happy with her that I don't want to ruin your happiness. Now the end of seventh grade is gone and eighth grade's beginning will come. I've realized that I love you, but I know it's way too late. I've realized that I only love you as a brother now and that's how it should remain....



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You are my light in the world of darkness. I have known you forever, but you never noticed me. I know of your dates with the other girl, I won't say her name, but my love for you fuels my every move. Come, Jon, let us be together, for eternity.

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Hi! How are you?

Dear Joe,

Hi! How are you? My name is Kimberly. I am 11 years old. I LOVE YOU!

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I understand there's a 3 year difference. But you stole my heart. I love you. I love the way you looked at me, the way you talked to me. You didn't act like I was just another person in this messed up world. I just wanted to let you know that you're the coolest, sweetest, nicest guy I've ever met.

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I love you, Daddy!

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Dear Trevor

Dear Trevor,

You know I like you now because Corey told you, and I know you don't like me now. And I am so mad you are going to Houlton next year. But good choice to break up with Sara. I just want you to know I am madly in love with you and you are hot!


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I really wish Mark would ask me out...

I really wish Mark would ask me out, but he goes out with my best friend. Really I love him, but I just don't know how to tell him.

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Hi again.

Hi again.

So, I told you I liked you. I still don't know your reaction, but I'm pretty sure you don't like me back. I just hope you'll still be my friend. I could care less if you didn't like me, but I loved having you as my friend. You are so funny and charming and smart, and I guess that's why I like you.
It was always an adventure. My heart would race and then slow down when I talked to you on the phone or even on the computer. I thought about what I was gonna say before I said it even though it still came out dorky afterward. I know, now you're thinking I'm more of a dork.

Anyway, since I won't see you for another year and because you probably won't even see this anyway, these are all of the things I've wanted to tell you: I'm terrified of the girls you hang out with because I'm afraid if they say something bad about me, you'll laugh along. I have a serious issue with constantly staring at you (ask ANYONE). I now see that freaking out about your microwave was a sign of my own desperation. When I saw you at the yogurt place, I only looked at you once...even when you were talking to me! And the last thing: I really hate when you wear Underarmor. I don't know why.

I hope that all of this doesn't make you hate me even more (if you were to read it). But you're a cool person, and any girl would be lucky to have you. Even if it wasn't me.

Your spaz

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I hope you read this.

I hope you read this.
I really wish I could say this to you.

For a moment that day
I felt like I was dreaming or something.
You told me something that made me cry.
But that's ok.
I'm not crying anymore.
I'm just thinking
And wishing.
Hoping that you will always be here
With me
By my side.

You know that I like you.
I know that you like me.
I know we belong together.
But faith said it differently.
You have to move
Leaving me here alone.
I love you, I wish I could just kiss your lips goodbye,
I love you.

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I still love you.

Dear Trevor (Teddy),

I still love you. You have no idea how much you break my heart though. You are changing schools and going out with Sara. That ruins my life! Trevor, just to let you know, you are really hot. And in case you were wondering who called your house yesterday and hung up, that was me. And by the way I love your new hairdo.

Lots of love,
Your admirer from afar,

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These years have been....rough.

Dear Chris...

These years have been...rough. 5th grade seems so long ago. And here I am now, a freshman, with you a sophomore. I can't deny that nothing happened that year. It was probably the most interesting year I've ever had.

I know I've done some horrible things. Things that I regret from the bottom of my heart. But no matter what I ever said, or say now, know that I love you. I always will.

And when you came into my house that day, you don't know how much my heart melted. Maybe you never will.

But for now, I guess I'm stuck writing love letters to you, until you will finally forgive me.

Yours --forever--

Cassandra <3

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I have know you for my whole life.

Dear You,

I have known you for my whole life. We were the best of friends - still are. We always played games when we were little. But now that we are older we have both changed a lot. You have grown up and so have I. Now that we're older my feelings have changed for you. I also know that yours have too, I can see it. I wish I could tell you how I feel about you but for some odd reason I can't, because it just might destroy our friendship. I don't want that to happen. So for now I guess I have to keep it to myself.

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Why can't we just go back to the way it was?

Dear Jim,

Why can't we just go back to the way it was? You were the best thing that ever came into my life, you were Godsent, you were always so nice to me and never yelled at me no matter what I did/said...You always cared about me so much and were so respectful to me; there is no man in the world like you... I wish I never fell apart and had that psychotic episode in front of your face that night. (I know, it sounds crazy). You would still be in love with me if it weren't for that. But yeah, I couldn't control it and you know it. And now I am my normal self again. And you see that... Will you ever come back to me? It's not supposed to be this way and I get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I remind myself about how you are no longer in my life...

Your the only man I'll ever love...


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To My Little Rockstar

To my little rockstar,

Every time we're together I'm happier than I am the rest of the time, even when we're just sitting next to each other I can't help but smile. I still remember the day when we were holding hands for hours as if it was just the two of us skating round and round the ice rink. I think about you all the time and I don't think I'll ever love anyone more.

From: Strawberries and cream

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Dear Matt

Dear Matt,

I wish I could tell you how I really feel about you. I have liked you since the sixth grade, and even though we "broke-up" and I said I was "over you" I don't think I ever really was. I think you are one of the greatest, sweetest, nicest, people I know. I like you so much it hurts. It hurts to have all of these feelings all bottled up inside of me and knowing that I don't have the courage to go up and actually tell you. It hurts that my heart is longing to know how you feel about me. And it hurts that you may not like me the way I like you and there is nothing I can do about it. But all in all, Matt, I like so so so much, and I just wish I could tell you how I really truly feel about you.

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You make me SO angry!!

Dearest James,

AHHHHHHHH!!! You make me SO angry!!

I thought by the signs you gave me that you were into me....always staring at me, smiling at me. I was drawn to you by your wavy hair and super cute smile. :] But how could you not have told me about your girlfriend??!! I can't even say her name it hurts too much.

As hard as I try, I just can't stop thinking about you. And the fact that you have a girlfriend just makes me want you SOOOOOOOO much more.

I'll wait for you though. Even if my friends call me an idiot for it, I'll wait.


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A boy asked me, "Why do girls like boys that cry?"

A boy asked me, "Why do girls like boys that cry?" I was thinking about it since then and now I know why. Every girl wants a knight in shining armor but if your knight doesn't cry then he isn't human...too good to be true!

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How you think of me is all still a mystery.

Dear Luke,

How you think of me is all still a mystery. One that I wish I could solve. But even if you may not see me or care to think of what I say, I'll always love you. You fill up the emptiness in my heart and you make me feel safe. I wish I knew if I was important to you, or if you loved me too. But since we're from two different worlds, we'll probably never be what I hoped we could be.

I wish you knew that I love you,


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Dear Hunter

Dear Hunter,

It has been over a year since I moved and I'm dying to see you and talk to you. I just wish that we could still be together, but ever since we broke up, because everyone at my school was saying that you could be up at your school making out with another girl or something, and I read that text: "It's okay I didn't think that you were ready to have a boyfriend" I can't stop thinking about that week before I moved, the last week of six grade for me, when we were fighting and you got mad and said: "I wouldn't care if she died!" And then I sat by the wall and started to think about how much I cared about you and I started to cry. The next day was Friday, you wrote: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" about 50 times on a sticky note and I just ripped them up as you gave them to me. You went through a whole stack of sticky notes before you finally stopped. Then you started to say "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Then you began to cry and say sorry. Then the day was over and we never saw each other again, we text, and that is about it. But I miss being able to walk around and talk to you in person. I miss you so much! If you ever read this then you'll know that I miss you so much and that I was wrong to not forgive you.

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You are one of my best guy friends

Dear Teddy Bear,
You are one of my best guy friends I hope we can be friends forever and ever we have had so much fun just hanging out you have made me smile lots so thanks for making this year excellent!

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From the moment I met you

From the moment I met you, I knew there was something special about you. And I think you knew it too. We just stared at each other, like we knew we were destined for each other. I felt my heart thumping so hard. You smiled at me, your killer smile. You were so pretty, I was speechless.

We went out for a while, then we had our first kiss. It was nice, lovely, soft, the best. You had soft lips. You looked beautiful.

You're the person I love and always will.
I love you.


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I am so upset.

Dear Trevor,
I am so upset. Yesterday was the last day I will ever see you in my life, because next year you are going to a different school. It breaks my heart that I can't see you everyday anymore. I will really really miss you. You know I like you now, because Corey keeps pointing it out to you, and it doesn't mean a thing to you. The truth is, Trevor, yesterday I wanted to tell you exactly how I feel, but I chickened out. And the other truth is, I love you with all of my heart, why else would I spend valuable time writing letters to you that you will probably never read? I really liked watching you run for field day, and good job for your fastest running time, I was cheering for you the whole time. I could have sworn you looked right over at me then looked away, and smiled, but it could have been just me. I know even if you weren't moving schools you would never go out with a girl like me, especially since I am going into 7th grade and you are going into 8th (in middle school that's a big difference). I know people call it puppy love at this age, and some love is, but not this, I am truly in love with you, Trevor, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. The reasons I like you are endless... You are so funny, and nice, and caring, and hot, and you have great hair. But none of that matters now... It doesn't even matter that I know more about you then your sister, probably. Does anyone know you have a weiner dog and two birds for pets, or you weigh 126 pounds, and your height is 5'10? Well I do, but it's all in the past, I guess. I wish you would just call up my house, although that would never happen. I love you Trevor, my teddy bear.

Love Hannah, who is hurt and confused

PS: Why do you have to leave?

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I love the way you look at me

I love the way you look at me and how you say I'm not like other girls. Sometimes when you say I'm not like other girls I can't help but think we were meant to be. I love the way you hug me and I can feel your body close to mine. I want you to be my first kiss, my first everything. Not that I'm in a rush, but will you go out with me?

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Everytime you walk past me at the park...

I love you! Everytime you walk past me at the park, you look at me. Right now, you don't talk to me much, but we both can tell that we have feelings for each other. Why not just pull me aside and kiss me? That is my number one wish since September last year. I feel like kissing you every ime I see you? Do you feel the same? Show me. Tell me.

Your Not So Secret Admirer

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I must tell you

Hey Rey, I must tell you how I feel about you... Since the first day I looked into your eyes I knew that you were the one. You're cute, smart, outgoing, and sexy. I have never seen a boy be so sexy and yet smart. But that's awesome. You never get out of my mind and soon we will be together and have a beautiful future ahead of us. I already know it, you are perfect!

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What did you do to me?

Dear You,

What did you do to me? It's kind of amusing how all of this started. There must be a reason why you're still in my head. You're hilarious and charming. So are your friends. Was I just another? A part of your game? Were those tears fake? A million questions crowd my head. Sometimes I hate you and think of you as Pathetic. Overall, I get so happy if I get to see you and you still wind up in my head. The last times I've seen you, you didn't care. I guess I should let you go. For now on I am going to enjoy and find myself.

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Some say love is blind...

Some say love is blind, but I all see is you. You fill my heart with desire, with those shining dark eyes which sparkle like the sea. I've kissed your lips a thousand times, and the cuddles have gone up by a million. We've stuck together for a year. I can safely, and gladly tell you that I love you more than words can say.

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I remember the first time you liked me.

I remember the first time you liked me. You were terrified that I was going to reject you if you asked me to get with you. I was nervous that time and didn't want to get with you. Everything was a bit weird at the beginning of our relationship. When you ended things, that's when I was begining to like you more and more. My love grew for you and you broke it. There's never a day where I don't wish I could restart our past.

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I wish I had wonderful words to say...

I wish I had wonderful romantic words to say, but all I can think of is... Well... I love you. Lying my head against your strong chest, hand in hand, lip to lip, hip to hip, I feel safe and secure like the world can never hurt either of us again. The very first time I heard you cry was the first day I knew you really trusted me. I cry with you now because I know how strong our relationship is. We may be dorks for doing so, but we talk through anything and everything first, because we love each other and we want to always be on the same page. If one of us is unsure we talk it through, it is one of the strongest relationships I have ever had with anyone. I'm so proud of how we have worked everything out this year. So I could ramble on and on for pages but in the end all I am trying to say is... I love you, Evan.

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I love you.

Dear Brayden,

I love you. I keep trying to deny it, and I don't know why! But I know that you like her, but one thing that stinks is once I wanted to be your princess and you to be my knight, and you fell for someone else!



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What happened between us?

Dear Blake,
What happened between us? We were best friends. Do you remember being best friends? Laughing everyday together. We were always so comfortable with each other. We couldn't help that we loved each other. It just... Happened. We let people's jealousy and rumors get to us for no reason. Then you asked me back out. I thought about it, and I was going to tell you yes when my best friend told me that you were going out with your ex-girlfriend. Did you think about me when that happened? Why do you tell everyone that you hate me now? What did I do? Do you have any idea how much I miss you and need you to answer my messages? I miss being your best friend. Blake, I need you. We don't have to love each other in th boy-girl way. I just need you in my life. Blake, I love you.

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I love you. She'll never love you that way.

Dear Vinny,

I love you. She'll never love you that way. Please accept that. I know when something is meant to be. That's us. We were meant to be together. I love you more than words can say. When I look at you, I get this feeling that no words in the dictionary could ever explain. I love your klutziness. I love your awkwardness. I love every mistake you make. I love you. Why don't you see that? Stop trying to make it work when you know it will never be good enough. Just let me love you.

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My first love

Dear my first love,

Everytime I looking in your eyes I see the true meaning of love.

Everytime you look in my eyes I feel as if I am the happiest and most special person that has ever lived.
You make me feel like I don't need anything in the world except you. I will love you forever. People may talk but their words don't mean anything. As long as we both say "I love you" everytime we realize it, we are in love all over again. I love you.

Your first love

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Hey Gary!

This is Crystal. I wish you could read this. You don't know how much I like you. I mean this is only a crush, but out of all the crushes I had, you're different. Out of all of the times you had talked to me, thought I was annoying, I liked it just because you were with me. I think that you think that we are just friends, maybe not even friends. On the last day of school, you cried because you didn't want to leave, but you had to. You hugged the teacher, and I was there with you. I thought that I would've cried too. Then we walked out together until we reached the snack corner. Then, I walked toward transportation and you toward the basketball court with your other friends. I wished you good luck and with all my heart that you were going to be safe and with me someday. So we took our paths and left. I wish you knew how I feel. If you felt the same way, I would burst into tears of happiness. If you ever read this (which is never ever going to happen) I just wanted you to know that I'm inviting you to my birthday party, and I love you.

Love lots!


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I don't know why I did but I had to let him go.

I don't know why I did but I had to let him go. I had been out with my best friend twice. In two years someone always got in the way and now there is no one. He has moved on and it hurts so much. I love him so much.

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Dear my Sunshine

Dear my Sunshine,

Life is not something that lasts forever, but my love for you will last longer than the universe itself. At the moment I am lost in a matter of darkness, but when I am with you and only when I am with you the light of life shall finally shine upon my face.

From your secret admirer

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As I sit here

Well as I sit here I think of all the days we spent together, all the talks of love and our future. Me not knowing what will happen but just knowing that right here and now I love you! But you're older so this love is forbidden. You say you love me and I believe it because you do everything you can to make me happy. You say that I'm your little girl, I say you're my papi c****. I once had this dream that we got married and when I told you, you said it was going happen so now I dream of it everynight and I can't wait for the day that we can lay together as you hold me forever so tight.
I love you baby!

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I know that you like me, and I like you. I always wonder if we'll ever get together. You are so cute! I wish school wasn't over... I wish you could read this... I wish I knew your e-mail adress! I must go. Remember, I will always love you!

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I love you so much

Dear Trevor,
I love you so much. And I am really going to miss you though, since you are switching schools. I am going to miss your awesome wavy, black hair. I am going to miss your beautiful, hot face. I am going to miss your wonderful sense of humor. By the way I thought that was really funny when you were running around singing "I am a goofy goober." I am also going to miss your outrageous tallness: 5'10, wow! I hope I see you tonight though, because I am going to the Mcgills band concert and your sister is in it so you might be there. Not like I will have enough guts to talk to you or anything. Well anyways, I love you lots. And I know a lot of other girls like you to, but I'm different.
Your number one fan,
Hannah, somone who used to play with you when you were little, because our moms know each other, but I don't know if you even know who I am now.

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I love you so much, with all my heart.

Dear Plaid:

I love you so much, with all my heart. You aren't so hot but who cares, looks don't matter. I can't belive you have not noticed that I love you with all my heart. I always wait for you to get on MySpace but you never do. I miss you and I know we only know each other through MySpace (also in my school, so don't worry) but you seem really smart, funny, awesome and that's all that matters to me. I love you.

Love, Anonymous!

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I asked you out!

Dear Andrew,
I asked you out! I never thought the time would finally come! You said no! But I don't care, because I know you like me. You talk to me instead of your friends, I"m also the only person you really talk too anyway! School is out but I can't wait for it to start again just so I can see your sweet, loving smile!
I love you so much! I hope you love me as much as I love you!

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The more I'm with you...

The more I'm with you the more things seem to just fall into place. Everything makes sense now that I've met you. The first time you held my hand was the best moment of my life. And each day we spend together is like heaven.

I love you.

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I thought you were kind...

Dear Tyler,
I thought you were kind and sweet and everything a girl could want, but in the end you were one of those bad, really bad kids. Just because your best friend did really awful stuff, and it just started a few days ago. I thought I was madly in love with you and I was wrong even though I think about you just about every night. I wonder what I would be without you!

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Hey there

Hey there. I know that you will never read this and that you will never know how I feel but I just need to get it out. I think I'm in love with you. But the thing is, you have a girlfriend. And I'm afraid. I'm afraid that you'll hurt me and I'm tired of hurt. So if you ever read this (which you most likely won't) thanks for touching my heart even though you didn't know it.

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You were like a sister to me...

Dear you,
I know this doesn't quality as a love letter, but it's a type of love.
You were like a sister to me. Then the monster took over your brain and took you away from me. We were raised together, grew so close. Then at the peak point, you're gone. Sometimes I don't believe it. And other times I know that you're never coming back. It hurts. And I know that it wasn't your fault. But now I wish that the doctors did something more. And that I was there for you. Which I wasn't... Most the time. I was young and didn't understand what was going on. But now I do so now I'm going te tell you that I'm still here for you and I always will be. I think about you everyday. Do you think about me? I feel you with me sometimes... The pain will never go away, will it? There is physical pain sometimes, like I feel that my heart is being ripped out of me and air doesn't seem to get to my lungs fast enough. Cancer is a touchy subject since it took you away. I remember the last time I saw you, you were coming with me to my art class, I didn't know that you wouldn't come back to see me. I remember the food you had to eat and I knew that when you said that you wanted to go home that I hurt you because we were building a clubhouse and the door wasn't big enough for you to go through. I'm sorry for hurting you and that the last memory you had of me was that. I will never forgive myself. I hope that wherever you are you are being treated well and aren't in pain anymore. I love you.

In memory of Austyn, 1994-2003, RIP

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You are my life. My sky. My sun. My air.


Remember when we met? I could have sworn you hated me. But here we are, three years later, best friends (and maybe a little bit more) and
I don't think you'll ever realize how much I love you.
Seriously, without you, I'd die.
Our daily conversations are essential to my survival.
Everything you do is special to me.
You always find a way to make me smile.
I know, years from now, we'll still be the best of friends. Heck, I can see us married. I don't want to creep you out though, so back to the subject.
You are my life. My sky. My sun. My air.
Never change.

I love you,

Your loser.

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Seventh grade

So this year of seventh grade completely stunk, I thought I could find someone that would care for me, not be a player, and most of all actually say "I love you" and mean it. There was this one kid that moved here during the end of the school year. Everyone thought he was cute, but I was not sure if I thought the same thing or not. Soon I decided I did and I also decided that I never felt this way about someone. I didn't tell anyone this because I was scared of rejection. I heard people tell me that he "liked" my friend. I hid my feelings by saying they should go out. Then one day at lunch he sat next to me. I was floating on a cloud. I acted all cool like nothing was different. Soon he asked for my screen name and we started talking on AIM. He kept asking me who I liked and I would never tell him. He was in my gym class and we would always flirt, but still I wouldn't admit my feelings because I wasn't sure if he actually liked me or not. One time he told me he thought this other girl and I were cute. I said that was cool. I was completely excited, it made my heart jump and I had so many butterflies. I was also disappointed because he liked the other girl. The bad thing was I absolutely hated her. I kept flirting with him, but everytime he was around her, I would walk away. He seemed to get mad though. So I told a couple of my friends that I liked him, and he heard it too. But he never told me that he knew. I saw a picture of him and the other girl on MySpace. My heart dropped. I got so angry I ignored him, but I just had to talk to him. So I was pushing his cheeks together and saying that he was so stupid. He put his lips out, because he thought I was going to kiss him. But I didn't because I was around so many people. I thought he really liked me. Then my friend told me that she liked him. I was so angry but I said thats ok, you can like him I don't own him. So I told him to give her a hug, and he said I will give her one, if you give me one. But I gave him one and she seemed so mad. But I told her the story and she still was pissed off. I got so mad that he never hugged her. I told him I did not like him. And that the other girl, he thought was cute, was ugly, and stuff (mainly because I was jealous). So he got really mad. I was heartbroken once again. He never talked to me, and I just gave up. My friend likes another guy too. The last words I told him when school ended for summer vacation to begin was, I hope you have a horrible summer. I definitely regret that. We were supposed to hang out and be best friends. I am just mean in order to hide my huge feelings thaat are still there. I just have to wait it out and see what next year brings. I hope 8th grade is a year I figure out which boy is right for me.


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I can't tell if you like me

Dear Jack,

I can't tell if you like me,
After seeing you with my friends
I have finally given up on you.
I figured out that you are not good
Enough for. I need to find someone that
Is right for me. These years of
Loving are over.

Hurting Inside,

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You won't guess it's me

Dear my love,

You won't guess it's me but still I have to say that I love you lots. We have always been friends but let's be more.

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Everytime I see you

Logan, everytime I see you, my heart, I swear, beats faster and faster. But everytime you see me you just look away. I think about you all the time, we have been best friends since the 4th grade, I just want to take one step further than you...

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