Love Letters

June 2003

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Ohhh, darling Charlotte, you are my violet

Ohhh, darling Charlotte, you are my violet,
You make me feel like vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate peanuts. When I look at you I see the most gorgeous girl on earth. Lets get married in perth! ~From Kyle to Charlotte (P.S this was really hard for me to do but it was worth it)

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From the moment I first saw u

Dear Marquette,
From the moment I first saw u when we were 9 I knew u had to be mine, but my pride stopped me from stepping to u. Now Im brave and now Im mature and Id like to tell u I likebetter yet love u.

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Charles I no u don't like me very much at the mo but Ill do any thing 4 u babe please go out with me u mean everything 2 me! Adam hurt me soo much now if u hurt me what have I got leftbabe please!!!!!

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You don't have the easy looks...

You don't have the easy looks,
But theyre easy to me.
My mates don't think youre that cute,
They must be crazy you see?

Not only are you the sexiest god,
That ever walked alive.
To me youre sweet and funny and kind,
You know, that stuff inside.

I don't think you'll ever see me the way I see you,
The way I think your kind, funny, sexy and cute,
The way I wish I mean more to you, than your mates sis,
The way I dream of giving, your gorgeous lips my kiss.

However, the only way this could ever be true,
Is in my dreams filled with you...

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Still My Very Best Friend

Now I lay here alone in my bed with only the memories of you in my head, memories of the time we used to laugh and play we havent done that since I moved away. I knew you were my best friend before I knew your name and I hope to you the feeling was the same. So to all the letters well send even though there are miles between us youre still my very best friend. Written 4 my best mate Carin By Jodie xx (You may not be.....)

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Max rios I am in love with you I think

Dear Max R.,
I am in love with you. I think that you are really cute and I think you are really hot.
I would like to go out with you someday. I don't think you would ever ask me. I wish you would ask me someday, so I will keep my wish going.
I love you.

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Now you say you just want to be friends?

Now you say you just want to be friends
But I think we both know how this story will end
Its okay though I'll give you some time
But when all is said and done you will be mine
Everyone sees it
Why can't you?
Cuz your to busy playin
And not bein true
Bidnezz is my pleasure baby
And you know you drive me crazy
I can hardly wait till the day
Your heart will open
And I'll be there to stay

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I Love You


Ever since I saw you and we spoke I knew I loved you. We have so much in common. I figured that this was just lust but it was love!


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Hey Baby

Hey Baby,
How Are You Doing? I am doing great. I cant wait till you get back in town. I miss you so incredibly much. I miss the movies, the late nights at my house, the group outings, and last and fore most your beautiful face. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Even after a year, when you walk though the door of my home or school you still make my heart pound and my jaw drop. I am yet the luckiest person alive.
There hasn't been a whole lot going on here. I mean for me that is. When you whole world went away, I feel as though I can't live with out you by my side. I know that we are still at such a young age...but neither you nor I can control our feelings for each other. Youre the one that makes my world go around, youre the one that brightens my day with that beautiful smile whenever I am down, your the one that makes me happy. Everyday I sit here in my room looking at that empty space on my bed thinking and wishing you were right there beside me, I can't wait for that day. I can't wait to hear that pretty laugh or yours, see that beautiful smile and be able to hold you in my arms once again. I do truly miss you. I don't want to end this letter to you, because I feel like Im saying goodbye all over again. I hope you are having a wonderful time...and miss me and much as I miss you baby. I love you, more then anything in this world.
Love you, Always and Forever
P.S. Kisses!

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Roses are red

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You may not know it
But someone LOVES you.

It sits two places
Away from you
I wish it were one
Do you, do you?

God you are so sexy
I wish you could text me
If I had a phone
I wouldn't be alone

I love you Niall
With your gorgeous smile
Oh my god I love you
I swear its true.

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I think all the time about you,
I alwayz thought out love was true.
I guess I was wrong,
I sit here and sing this song,
While I think.
I think about the time we spent together,
Your lips were as soft as a feather.
All those notes you wrote,
While I sit here in my boat and think.
I think of why we never went out,
And what you are really about.
My heart still longs for you,
Does yours long or me too?
I guess not, b/c you left me...
Here to think!~!
Dedicated to: Michael S. R.

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You know who you are

Dear Boy~
You know who you are and I know who you are so this is to you. I'm leaving after this year. I have to move you know that. I have needed to express to you this: When I leave this school I will be leaving behind a little piece of my heart, it will be left with you whether you want it or not. I love you, I always have and I always will. You were my first love and I will never forget what you mean to me. I couldn't sleep last night before this last day of school I kept thinking about what was I going to do without you. How was I going to survive my junior year without you there to see everyday. I have dreams of how I see you again 10 years from now and we fall in love all over again. I prayed day and night for the past year that you would one day love me again. I just wanted us to be together but it didn't happen we were barely even friends because your new girlfriend didn't like me too much. I have had other boyfriends since you but it didn't last long because no one stacked up to what you were to me. Now I have finally met someone it has taken me a year but I have. He may not be everything you are, I may never find anyone who is what you were but at least I'm finally happy. You taught me so much in our year together you taught me how to love and how to accept love that will always be something that I will cherish and hold deep in my heart. Thank You and I Love You Always don't ever forget that. I will always remember the time we spent together. This is to you the goodbye I could never say.

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I really want to go

Dear Chulo,
I really want to go with you, but I'm too young. I love you with all my heart baby. I love the way you look at me. I love your smile. I love everything about you. When I first saw you, I forgot all about MM2B! MM2B was the love of my life for like ever. I know he's my meant to be. I had that beautiful feeling in my heart. I really loved him badly, but he is too far away. You are close to me. I hope that one day, I can have you in my arms kissing and hugging you. I love you baby. I made a poem in Spanish about you. Its about how I feel. I love you. I love you. I love you baby. You are my #1 babe. You made me forget about MM2B. I guess that MM2B will come when I grow older, but for now, I love you.
With strawberry fudge passion in my heart,

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Love come and goes.

You broke my heart. I saw you, your friend, and her
I just was not expecting the her to be my friend
You were walking down the ally-way, coolly, hand-in-hand
Then you saw me, tears broke out, and I my heart shattered to the ground.

You tried and tried explaining
Explanations could never do
You lied to me I knew it
I just didn't know she lied to me too.

Why o why did you do it
I guess I will never know
Because I am walking down that same ally-way
With a new boy who loves me I know

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Prisiclla C.

Dear Bidnam,
Hey what up sweetie buns? My name is Priscilla (a.k.a. Eric's X-girl friend.). As you probably may know, I am a freshman and Im 15 going to be 16 in November 24, 03. I thought writing to you might be a better way to express my feelings for you. I have been thinking about you very often, and dreamed about you too. It would be great to go out with you too. Will you, go out with me? Plz? Thanks hunny buns.
-Priscilla C.-

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I have loved you since the first time I saw you!

I have loved you since the first time I saw you. I told one of my closest friends about my crush and she laughed in my face. I don't know if you like me, but I'm madly in love with you. I hope we were destined for each other. Please put this is locker #48 with yes or no if you'll go out with me circled.

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Sweet Simone

Simone, you are so sweet and kind. You are always around and on my mind. I cant tell you how much you mean to me. Just meet me on the third and you will see.

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It sucked that I had to miss your pretty face, your beautiful eyes and sexy body. Yesterday was the worst day of my life, all because I wasn't with you. I dread another day that I have to leave without seeing you. Call me whenever you get home. I have to tell you something.

P.S. I love you!!!

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Love Lette from Kevin

This is a love letter a boy named Kevin wrote me!

Danielle your eyes are so beautiful! You sparkle and shine in my day. It's almost like I love you! I'm so embarrassed that I am writing you this! So Bye!!!

P.S. Will you go on a date with me? Call me and tell me you know my number! :)

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I love Bernard

I love Bernard. He is fine all the time. He is hot to the spot. He is sexy. He is still my man even though when we came from kindergarten. We didnt talk to each other or hold hands. Two years later we still didnt talk but trust me he is still my man. I guarantee you by the next grade we will hold hands together. I MISS YOU MY LOVE!!!!!!

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When I see you

Dear Chris H.,
When I see you in the hall or at recess you light up my day and when I hear your laughing or see you smile you make me feel good and strong. Youre the fastest and cutest boy alive in my opinion

Love, Kimmy

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Whatz up baby

Whatz up baby what have you been up to I have not seen or heard form you. I have been lonely and inpatient with you because every time you say you will be there for me you ant during nothing but having my hopes up so at night when you are there I always say I wish that you was right bye my side I, mess you a hole lot sometimes at night I cry because I mess seen you nice face you are the only one that I love so baby can you at lest come home to me because I mess you a lot can you at least call and ask me how I am during baby I love you a lot just come over my house someday when you think that I am at home well baby I am out of words so I word write you back very soon my love
Love always

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Expressing how I feel.

Dearest darling wife Priya
It is very important for me to express to you how much you really mean to me. I wish I could do this in person while holding you in my arms and gazing into your beautiful eyes. But since miles of emptiness physically separate us, this expression must come in the form of letters such as this and my daily phone calls sweetheart.
Priya, I know it is difficult for you, as it is for me, to be separated for so long, seems like ages. Life seems to be full of trials of this type that test our inner strength, and more importantly, our devotion and love for one another. After all, it is said that "True Love" is boundless and immeasurable and overcomes all forms of adversity. In truth, if it is genuine, it will grow stronger with each assault upon its existence.
Honey I am convinced that our love for each other is true because the longer I am away from you, the greater is my yearning to be with you again. You are my enchanted Princess, and I am your devoted consort. I cherish any thought of you, prize any memory of you that rises from the depths of my mind, and live for the day when our physical separation will no longer be.
Until that moment arrives, I send to you across the miles, my tender love, my warm embrace, and my most passionate kiss.
Love always,
Yours one and only Loving Hubby Sid.

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I love you

I love you
I love your playfulness
I love your beautiful smile
I love your brown eyes
I love the halo in your hair
I love your poetry
I love your artistic side
I love the sound of your voice
I love the steady hum of your walk
I love you, Believe me it's true
I love you
I promise I do

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The first time i saw you was as special as

The first time I saw you was as special as a wedding and as soon as you said hello my legs went running to the excite but then was then but now is now and you made me fell always happy and I don't want to be best friends I what to be your girlfriend. ~I love you it will never change.

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I fancy you!

Anto I fancy you to bits. I hope one day I'll meet your lips. We got 67% lovers on Smartgirl's crush barometer. Youre so fine and I want you to be mine!

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I think about you all the time.

I think about you all the time
Can't seem to get you off my mind
I wish you were my Valentine!
(I wrote this in the newspaper on Valentine's Day)

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All my love

Dear Essay,
I have never been so stupidly gaga over any other Im glad it's you Im crazy over even if it is in this stupid childish game were playing...

Youre too sweet to me, you know that? And Ive done so much I think that Im surprised you havent dumped me yet.

I know everyone might hate it... but I wish I could just have your kisses forever.
They make me feel so loved...

And make me feel so complete and as if I really am cared

...the way you lick my lips and play with my body makes me
feel as though you could have me with you forever and never
be satisfied...

as though I am such a wonderful thing and nobody else

I love you for loving me.

...and even if you didn't love me I would still have you somewhere in my heart.
Ever since I saw that adorable little gothic boy sitting all by himself in the corner...
the space in my heart has been filled.

Because you glow such a light that makes me crave to know what your thinking...
and be those very thoughts.

As sappy and pathetic as I sound...
It's nothing but truth.

I regret a lot of things I have done in the search of this truth...
But I am willing to pay for all of it...just as long as I receive one more kiss.

With all my love,

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I luv u so much.i was too afraid that everyone

Dear G.Y.C.
I love u so much. I was too afraid that everyone would laugh at me for saying that I love you, but using this, no one would ever find out! I hope we will spend our future together...

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Dear Camilla,
When we got together, it was like the sun coming out. You brightened my life, made everything seem worthwhile. With your honey tanned skin and Italian shiny hair, you are simply gorgeous all over. You see, what's so special about you is the fact that you search into my soul. You see what is inside, not what is out. Basically, you are my beautiful Camilla, and I love you.
Forever yours,
Maddox xxxx

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You make me feel so special when you looked at me that way, I looked at you that way and you turned and walked away. Why is it when you talk to me I listen to everything you say but whenever I try to talk you, you turn and walk away? I watch you every single day and think of you every night, why does this not feel right. I'm trying hard to make this work why don't you try it to I can't take much more of this because I'm so in love with you.......~Love me. Vic

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To Curly,

To Curly,
I know I don't act like it, but I love you more than anything before. The last time I saw you, my heart pumped and I felt truly beautiful. You are beautiful, I love the way you smile in that silly way and you love singing so much! There's nothing more to say, I love you! I've never loved anyone like this before! It kills me when you are not here with me! So I've been dieing through the last months because you're not here!
You'll never get this I hope. I like you when you don't know that I'm craving for you! I'm addicted to the way you act so relaxed when I'm all hyped up inside but cool on the outside!
I hope some day we can be together but until them I will keep this special crush to myself!
I love you Curly!

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Baby I Love You

Dear Boo Boo,

Baby you know I love you with all of my heart! I know you care about me a lot and I feel the same about you! I wanna be with you forever and I hope you do to! I love when you call me Mrs. brown or your wifey I feel special! Well I wanted to let you know that you mean more than the world to me!!!

Love your girl,
Angela a.k.a. Boo Boo

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To my mum

To my mum:
I would walk a million miles just for one of your smiles
I would swim the deep blue sea just so it could be you and me
Hand and hand we walk the beach, we stop to find your ex with me ex together.
We find in out hearts to say they would say that and us they snog being big.
Fighting started. He slapped her; she lies there on the ground. We run to help her but it was too late.
Life is fast, so mum I want to spend it with your dad and Ellen (sister) all together so please dont slip it up!

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Sweetest EVER!

This was written to ME, before my best friend Ky passed away and I wanted to share it with the world.

Wow, there aren't enough words in this amazing world to express the way I feel about you, you are the most amazing girl I have ever gotten to know. When Im down youre always there to cheer me up and put a smile across my face. I know I havent been the easiest person to love, I know I cause problems in this world. And the thing that causes me confusion is that...your still here...standing by my side, telling me that you love me and telling me you care. I tell you the same thing, but Im not always sure you understand how I really feel. I want you to know, that you are the light of my world, you make my life turn, you lift up my spirit, you make me enjoy life, love me...when no one else does. You are the angel in my dreams, the one the sweeps me off my feet every night. But yet...I must say goodbye, as you know...Im leaving go far, far away, somewhere, where I can escape. But I could not leave without saying goodbye...and letting you know that you mean the world to me and I hope that I mean the same to you, I wish I did not have to go, but it is my time. Thank you for always being there for me...when I hated the world the most. I'll save you a place in heaven...right beside me so our love can go on eternally. I love you...more then my heart can take and I will miss you more then words can say. Thanks for everything...and Im sorry this disease took us apart...but it will never destroy the love and kindness I have for you in my heart.
Forever Yours,

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Patiently Waiting

I know that you like me because I can see me in the corner of your eye. I wanna know is the next girl better than me or the first? You do not treat me like trash. You treat me with respect. We will be perfect but were just missing that one small link. And I know because I see me in the corner of your eye!!!

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From the first moment...

From the first moment I saw you, I knew we were meant to be together. Your stunning smile took my breath away, your crazy personality kept me laughing the years away. But I could never bring myself to tell you how I really feel. You are my best friend, you make my world go round, and you brighten my day when I am down. Now that I am leaving town, I regret not letting you know how I feel about you, I always thought that all you ever wanted was to be my friend. I always hoped that I was wrong though, but I guess I will never know. I will miss you more then any other person or thing. Im going to miss the movies, the late night study hours and the "chill nights" at your place. I am going to miss watching the football games...with you yelling and screaming at the coach in my hear, and I'm going to miss you going to the mall with me when you would of rather bury yourself alive. Im sorry I never told you how I felt before now, trust me I would of if I had the guts, but you know me..."I cant even get a bag of chips alone" let alone express my feelings to the one I love. I hope you feel the same about me, but if you dont its okay...I will still live, but with the love still in my heart. I Will Miss You Greatly. Thanks for brightening my day, and making me happy, but thanks most of all for being my friend.
I love you.

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I love you with all my heart honey

Dear Nick,
I love you with all my heart honey we have been through thick and thin we have four children together and I just wanted you to know I love you with all my heart.~Edie

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How are you? I'm okay I guess. Why don't you call me?

Dear Jaibyne,
How are you? I'm okay I guess. Why don't you call me? Why? You know I love you!! I know you love me! Is it because of that other she? That other girl? Why do you do these things?!? I love you!

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It's really hard for me to say this but.......I love

Dear Morgan,

It's really hard for me to say this but.......I love you! I have liked you since the third grade. When I think about girls, my mind automatically turns to you. As I write this my cheeks go red, but still....... I have to get it out.

Drum roll please!

The question you've all been waiting for!

Will you go out with me?


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I love you.

Dear John
I love you. You are the only person who I kissed on lips. You are very handsome. You are the only guy who is the best for me for a husband. I love you very much. I think of you all the time. You are the only one I care for. YOU are the only one I have crush on. I think I was only made for you.
From your love, Marine.

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I know you don't know me, but I know you. I just wanted you to know that you have been an inspiration and that I have fallen for you. Good luck where ever you go and remember that someone will always care for you. Love, Liz

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Remember when you told me you loved me?

Remember when you told me you loved me?
Remember when you told me you wanted to marry me?
Remember when you said we will grow old together?
Remember when you said you will never leave me?
Well remember forever that we will never part?

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Oh dear Allesandro

Oh dear Allesandro ,
I love you so, why can't you see that? You stay with Amanda you love her but why can't you love me? I love you more than she does I love you more then anyone has loved I have loved you for years don't you see? I truly am heartbroken.

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I just wanted to let you know that I like you and that maybe we can become a couple? well I hope you write back I'll see ya in school!~Yours truly, Secret admirer

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when i look into your eyes

when i look into your eyes
i see heaven

when i kiss your pouting lips
i taste heaven

when i hold your hand
i feel heaven

when i'm in your arms
i'm in heaven

truly you are my heaven

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Letter from my Ex.

This is letter that came w/ a dozen of Roses; from my ex!!

T.K, Love is rare, and being in love with you is being blessed. You are a missing piece in my life. Without you, my life and I are incomplete. Baby, I miss you so much. Please come home and be mine! Love and always will.
Love you, L.K

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Regarding a boy

Letter to my friend about a guy I like:
Hey Sar
You know how I told u that time that I was unsure about how I felt about Luke? Well Im getting more and more unsure as the days go past. I just finished talking to him and Im in one of 'those' moods. Ive been talking to him for the past like 2 hours and then about 3 since before I left to go to the movies at 7 and u know how with some people u talk and theres moments when theres nothing to say so your just quiet? Well there were no moments like that. It was all like constant talk and we can talk about everything, or nothing, but its still wonderful. Its like that quote "in this form of communication were more likely to talk about nothing than something but I just want to say that all this nothing was meant more to me than so many somethings". And we were playing monopoly on here and I just imagine myself doing that forever u know. Not playing monopoly, but being with Luke. Even if it was just as friends, I can imagine us together forever. Hes seriously the best guy I know, no question, and one of the best people I know. I just feel so comfortable with him. I could admit my biggest flaw or mistake and know that he wouldnt judge me. And I dont know if this is love, or just a great friendship, that part Im unsure of. All I know is that hes wonderful and I hope someone else doesnt realize that before I know myself what it is Im feeling. But at the same time I know its only a matter of time until he finds someone new, and even if I dont love him like that itll still hurt. Because hes the reason why I still have faith in guys. I mean after Rhys and Ben I was fairly certain guys were dicks, but then Luke...Luke is in a whole other field to those guys. We can talk about anything. We can talk about sex or friends or love or anything. When I talk to him, its just so... I dont know its indescribable. Everythings so certain with him, but its so uncertain at the same time. Its certain because I know I love him but its uncertain because I dont know in what way. Its certain because I know he wont judge me but Im still scared that he will. I hate not knowing how I feel; I mean theyre my emotions I should know what they are, right? But I dont. I wish there was some way to find out for sure, like I just look up a book and it says 'yes' or 'no' and then thats it. But then that would be so boring and Id end up complaining about that too. And I know from what Ive said here it sounds like its pretty certain what Im feeling for him, but the feelings come and go. Sometimes Ill be certain that theres something left between us and then others Im sure its nothing and that I only think of him as a friend. I hate not knowing what my own feelings are. Its so frustrating. Oh God sorry I didnt mean to go on for so long, I just meant to give u a small insight into whats happening in my little head lately but once I start I kinda cant stop. Please dont tell anyone about what Ive said, its really important to me and I dont want everyone knowing. And I know it goes without saying that u wont tell anyone, but I just feel...I dunnosafer? (If I ask u not to)

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Oh my darling Sam, where are you my love?

Oh my darling Sam, where are you my love? I need you, I want you, make me yours for all eternity. We are destined to be together, I know it, you know it so quit hiding behind all your friends and come out here and kiss me!
With love, your secret admirer.

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Your eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad
Your hair is as dark as a blackboard
Your lips are as pouty as a goldfish's
Your nose is bent and the size and color of a tomato
Your stomach is as fat as a barrel of biscuits
Your neck is tall like a giraffe's
Your toes are fat and podgy too
You are the love of my life
I know you love me too
But I'm glad I don't look like you

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Lighting up my day

Dear Chris
When I see you in the hall you light up my day and you make me smile.
Love, Jalisa

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Hey Justin,

Hey Justin,
Hey, what's up? I'm fine. That little deal we made turned into a big deal! When I first saw you I was like, "dang, he's cute!" Then we started to hang out after school and I'm like, "I don't want to be separated from you at all." It's a few days later. Now we're going out. It's only been two days, but it feels like a lifetime to me! I've been thinking, and it feels weird when I'm around you, like you're hiding something. I know you are! I cry myself to sleep cause I know you're hiding something from me. A few more days go by and we're through. You act like a fool over the phone and say, "hey, I gotta talk to you," and then it hits me. You said those words, those four heart-breaking words. "We can't go out." So I ask you. It's another girl! Justin, I hope you knew how much you meant to me. That other girl, she won't love you like I did! But I'm your loss, and I'm moving on. It's been only about two weeks and I'm happier without you. You lost me... for good. You won't ever see my face again! Heart breaker!!!
Much love,

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The One who noticed me

He is the one I love
He is the one I care for
He is the one I have a crush on
I wonder, I truly wonder
Did he ever notice?
Noticed that I'm alive?
Noticed that stand next to him?
Noticed that look at him?

Did he really notice...ME???

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I Know You Have a Crush on Chase

Dear Britany,
I Know you have a crush on Chase, but I like you a lot more and I think that you might like me a little bit, too. So tell me plese.
P.S. I saw you wearing the ring I gave you, so that might be a clue.
I like you a LOT. Please like me! rsvp soon

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To: J


I know you since the beginning of this year and I just hated you since the beginning. Everything you ever said and did was so annoying. But as time went by, something changed inside of me. I started to like you as more then whatever we were. You started to like my friends and....I got slightly jealous. Now that the school year is almost done, I just wanna say that I will ask you out next year and everything will change!


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Dear *Carlie,
My attention is always on you. As hard as it is for me to say it, here it comes. I LOVE YOU!!!! Your shiny black hair, your dazzling brown eyes, and your perfect smile. AGAIN, I LOVE YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU,
Eric (boyfriend)
PS: Maybe we can go 2 a movie sometime?

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He said to me these perfect words

He said to me these perfect words,
it was the sweetest things Ive ever heard,
he came up to me, knelt on one knee,
and said to me:
If you were to fall off a bridge I would never jump off to catch you.....because I would be at the bottom waiting to catch you. Because no matter what I will always love you.

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I hope this comes out right

I hope I get this right, because all I think about are your hands, your face, all these lonely nights. There's a feeling and it's screaming in the back of my head saying over and over, I want to hold you, to love you in my arms and then I need to be with you to the end this time tonight. If only I had the guts to feel this way, if only you'd look at me and want to stay and if only I could take you in my arms and say I won't for cuz I need you and please don't leave cuz I need you now I want to hear you say I'll always be this way and we'd be hand in hand every night and every day. I want to scream and shout, cuz I'm losing everything and all I care about is you and me and us tonight.

You don't know me well. You smiled at me when we passed in a lighthouse; you smiled at me again on the way down and once more outside. I can't stop thinking about you and that smile. I wish I knew who you were.

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Dear Jorge, I really, really like you! I wait to hear the words I love you to, Marchanna! The reason I am in love with you is you are kind smart and real handsome young boy. So if you are reading this I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I wrote you a poem
J is for JOY when I see you
O is for the ONLY boy I will ever like
R is for I REALLY love you
G if for GREAT guy
E is for ETERNAL love

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From your secret admirer

Dear J,
I would like to know would you like to go out with me? You are so sexy. When I see you, you make me slob on myself. Every night I look at your picture and just stair. My brother always told me that you had a girlfriend but I didn't care I still love you and always will!!
From secret admirer,

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Secret Crush

Dear Anson
I really like you. I know you like me too. I love your dreamy accent. I hope you find this letter for I am to shy to tell you in person best wishes
Love, Michaela

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The first time I saw you...

Dear Dima,
From the first time that I saw you, I never knew you would become what I had not expected. I never knew you would become the president of the student council and a great basketball player. Do you remember the time we worked on an Early Prehistoric People project? We worked on the Neanderthals. I would never forget that time. You have the most wonderful smile a girl could ever dream of. But now, you have ignored me and I have moved to another place. But remember, you will always be in my heart.

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Head over heels for you

Head over heels for you

Everytime I see you
My heart does flip-flops
And my heartbeat starts a-racing
And never seems to stop
Your absolutely gorge
My hopes you do arise
You give me a gut feeling in tummy
And you give me butterflies
Ever since I met you
You're always in my mind
You're cute, clever, fit
Sexy, adorable and kind
I am writing this letter
To see if you love me too
And to inform thee
That I'm head over heels for you!!!

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My memories of you are simple and few they start

My memories of you are simple and few; They start to fade away; Although I will remember you. Forever.

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I have admired you for so long but now it

Dearest Logan,
I have admired you for so long but now it is time for me to express my feelings for you. I fall asleep at night thinking of you. I have pictures of you in my room and say my first name with your last night . I have never felt the way I do when I'm around you. It's like I'm floating or flying over a rainbow. You may not feel the same way about me ,but I will always be free, Like a bird flying, searching, not willing to give up the search. For ever thinking of you, ~Paradise O'Conor

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I was going out with you for quite a long

Dear Matty,
I was going out with you for quite a long time until you met Machela and I was very upset so we finished. I started meeting you again and you met her again so I finished you again I didn't understand why you kept doing this!!! We were finished for a few weeks and got back together you have promised me that you wont meet anyone else behind my back and I really hope you will stick to your promise because I love you! I wish you would stop the blo as my mom and dad know you smoke it and dont understand how much I like you! thats why they dont want me meeting you again but I still am! Please dont meet Machela again please. ~Love you loads Kimberley x x x x x

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The First Time I saw You

The First Time I saw You

The first time I saw you~I knew it was true~that I'd love you forever and that's what I'll do~You don't know what you do to me~You don't have a clue~You don't know what it's like lookin' up @ you!

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My tears of pain, within withdraw
onto the diary page
I must express my hurt

Why must I fall into your arms
when seem to be pushing me away
Why must you try to charm me on
when the days seem dark and gloomy

I really don't know how much I can take
Is this called love, in which we have
or is it called a childish mistake

It was you and me, we
Which means that we agree
A nonverbal agreement which stands for commitment

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You make me so happy I cant explain how

You make me so happy I cant explain how
You make my life so full of joy
I just want you to hold me in your arms forever and never let me go
but for once you are the man I want and the best one I can find
I want you in my life forever please I beg you please dont ever leave me for I love you way too much !!

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To: Joey

Joey, I wrote to but I didnt have the guts to give it to you because I know you will let your friends read it and its all about how much I like you. But you dont like me or maybe you do I know about "Amanda T" telling you that she would never talk to you again if you didnt break up with me. So dont try to lie to me cuz I know everything...I just want to tell you I like you and no one is gonna stop me not even "Amanda" because Im not ever gonna run a way from you just because she tells me to!!

Love always,

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Hello my lover you know you are all of me

Hello my lover you know you are all of me you are so beautiful you are the shining star of my life and sometime I just can't take it back and sometime I am worried about the way you act sometime because you are so good to me and I just can't let you go because you are so beautiful and when I look at you I just won't to break down and cry because of you and only you.

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I think your sooo gorge, ive liked you since we

Dear Alex

I think your sooo gorge, Ive liked you since we started secondary school, sometimes you flirt with me and other times your nasty. I cant work you out, it hurts when you talk about other girls everyone thinks its just a crush but Im in love with you its sounds stupid I know but I really am. I wish that you would go out with me but I know that would probably never happen if only youd see whats on the inside you will probably never read this but its how I feel and nothing can change that.~ luv ya more than you will know.

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He Makes Me Shiver

He makes me shiver every time I see him
I could stare forever at him
The way he talks to me or whatever
He may be short and I may be tall but who cares I certainly dont
Why should I! :)

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He was my shinning star we let each other go

He was my shinning star we let each other go when I cried we cried together he was going out with a friend of mine then started liking me we went three times the second time he have put me threw so much pain. But the 3rd time he said I am going out with someone else I said why you did not say that last he said he was not thinking. We can be friends and that I can still call and I said I know that same day he went out of town and I still love him with all of my heart.

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Hey boy I love you always and never forget me either cause I know I won't forget you!!! Ever!!! I love you always and always forever!~ Love, Amanda, (aka Rubberduckie)

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What's up or shall I say What's down

Dear Precious,
What's up or shall I say what's down. I am just chillin but willin not killin, but what I wanted to tell that I had a crush on you since I first laid eyes on you. I know that everyone knows that me and you will not make it out I am willing to try and I hope you can try too. Precious the reason I like you is because, not only that you is nice to me but that you is so beautiful that when I sleep I only think of you.
Love Jeffrey

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You are my life

You are my life
My living sun
When I see you at school
I think about what I done
I know it was mean
I try very hard
To get myself seen
Because I know
You are the one for me!
Its seems quite stupid
But you know its true
My life as dull
Until I met you
I wish you could see
What Im trying to say
That I love you
In every perfect way!!

By Kevin to Kymberley

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Hi Sweetie, it's me...

Hi Sweetie, it's me...Im writing to explain to you why we arent able to be together any longer. I have made your life so complicated, I have kept you from having a life, I have taken you away from who you really are, and I dont want to do that to you. You deserve such great things in life, and I want to be a part of that but you need to find out who you are, before I can. This isnt because I dont love you, because if thats what your thinking your so incredibly wrong, the only reason Im doing this is because I do love you and I dont want to do anything to hurt you in any way, I hope you understand all of this, and I know how hard this is because Im just as hurt as you, Im loosing the best thing to ever happen to me, you are always there for me, you cheer me up, you lift up my spirit and you make my world keep turning, but I havent always been able to do that for you, and I want to. So when you are ready to be with someone, and you understand who you really are, Im going to be here, waiting for you, and praying that we will be together again. Thank you for everything you have ever done or given to me, you are the best guy I have ever met and I hope we will be together again.
I love you, always and forever

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Hey Babe

Hey Babe. You are away right now far away in another place. It's hard not getting to see you right now. Now is when we should be seeing the most of each other but we are not. Now is when we should be spending every waking moment together. I'm leaving soon. I will be gone before you get back. I will be living in another county and going to a different school. Will it work? Do you think we will last? I'm asking so tell me. You can't even let go of her now so how do you expect to let her go if we live so far apart? You will be seeing her all the time. Please don't break my heart I don't think I can take another heart break. I've had to many. We both have. Please let her go. You still have to help me let him go. You have done such a great job of it so far. I haven't even met anyone who was half of what he was to me so please help me get over him completely. Please!!

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Is our love real?

All I have is pain, pain that I share with myself I keep it all bottled up in side of me and everyday I pray that you come back to me soon. But you dont thats what hurts me the most but I know one day you will come back to me I know you will if our love is real?

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We met over a chat site...

Um...hi...we met over a chat site and...Well...I sorta fell in love with u...u gave me so much trust and u r the sweetest guy in the world. I never met anyone like u... I just wanna tell u I love u!

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When I saw ur face, it was bliss
When I saw ur eyes, it was bliss
When I saw ur passion, it was bliss
But when I saw ur smile I almost fainted

When I wanted 2 luv u
Everyone teased me-
U were 2 popular for me
I think Ive fallen in love

When u were on my bus
U hugged me as a joke
U had a laugh with me
I had a laugh with u

I think I love u Jake
Itz in my heart
That all I want is 2 be liked by u
I want to hold you
Just 2 c u smile at me is an honor
Plz neva 4get me,
Coz Ill neva 4get u

Jake...I Love You

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He once wrote to me...

He once wrote:
Hey whats up? Well I've been thinking about you latelyI can't express how I really feel about you so Im just going to say it. The first time I saw you I felt really weird being next to you in class. I love your looks the way you can express yourself without being nervous. I need time to tell you the words that I need to say. I love you with all my heart. Would you like to go out with me to the movies??
Well w/b ASAP bye

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You are my only 1,
You make the sun shine on and on,
You never fill me with dismay, you make me smile in every way,
So without a doubt youre the only one,
If we stick together we'll never go wrong! xxx
With love from LeeXXX

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My foolish acts of love have led me to write this.

My foolish acts of love have led me to write you this letter. I have to write this, as I cannot put in words how much I admire you. Why do I run from you when you smile at me? Why do I hide when you say, "Hi"? To answer these questions and more that I have, please meet me by the back gate after school.

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To be held,
To be loved,
To be warmth,
To feel your beating heart.

Wanting to be sheltered from the cold, heartless winds.
Falling into invisible arms, into an abyss of love.

That my desires of loving warmth.
Wanting to be held,

Dreaming of passionate embraces,
Of tender kisses,
Loving words,
Romantic nights,
Waiting for undying love

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Hi baby i just wanted to say i love ya.

Hi baby I just wanted to say I love you. And that I miss you so much Im coming out there next March break. And Im staying at Tessys house. Ill sneak over on night after grace goes out but Ill have to bring Tess. We can go back to the hill like we use to. And we can watch the fireworks. ~Love Kat

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Is it really over,
I thought you liked me,
I made a mistake,
But I said I'm sorry.
You know I still love you,
I know you might love me,
But you can't throw away the past,
And what it has done to me,
People can forgive or forget,
And I want you to forgive me,
For all the hurtful sins I have done to you,
But I still love you,
Even though you don't love me,
I said I'm sorry,
I want you to say the same to me.

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Jack you are the best thing that has ever happend

Jack you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. And I cant wait til we are older we can do every thing together, like go out, move in together, get married. Say that youll marry me. Love you always, love your girlfriend.

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There is someone...

There is someone that I think I love. I am only 12 years old and he is 15, which I think is too old but I really like him. I think he feels the same way about me, I can tell the way he looks at me. I dont know what to do; this is really hard for me. I feel much better now Ive let this out in the open but I dont know weather he knows it yet,

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My Best Friend

I am writing this to my best friend Kay (Kayleigh)
You are my family, my best friend and my soul sister. Sometimes we play fun fights and you nearly rip my fingers off I do sometimes get mad with you but I have to forgive you because you are my best friend. Even though you go on a bit Im really happy that you have finally got together with Getenzi. I know youre really chuffed.
Love your bessie,

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A last love letter for you.

Dear Baby Boy,
As a last love letter I think I should write about the time you spent with me the summer of 2003 in a poem:

I first met you at the nearest 711. That was 3 months before you died and had to go to heaven. Good-bye friend. Its hard to die when all the birds are singing in the sky. I know I will miss youwill you miss me too?

Yours lovingly,

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Dear Cassie, my love,
If kisses were snowflakes, I'd send you a blizzard
If raindrops were hugs, I'd send you a storm
If you were a bogey, Id pick you first, definitely
My love for you is like diarrhea Cassie, I cant hold it in!
Do you believe in love at first sight Cassie, or should I walk by you again?!
So Cassie will you meet me outside the Fish and Chip shop in Bradford.
Be there!
Lots of huggies and kissies,
Luv, Jamie S.

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You are the one

I met you and it took me so little time and I liked you so did you we became friends then best friends then boyfriend and girlfriend we spend almost our whole life just to be together when you told me one day that you liked someone else I went home wanted to cry, but didn't cause it wasn't anybody's fault so I told you we could be friends and we were, but it seemed weird it seem you still liked me so you told me you liked me, but I told you I don't and you were surprised you were ok with that though you thought maybe it wasn't meant to be and then we became the bestest friends ever!

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To: Travis

Dear Travis,
Hey I miss you and I love you!

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To: Kieron

To Kieron,
I love u so much babe, u r soooo sexy and u make me wanna go to school. I miss you over the weekend and during the holidays; I wish I could see you all the time. I love u .
Loads of love
Your g/f Alice

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This is hard for me to tell you...

Dear Gabe,
It's really hard to tell you this but I love you. The first time I saw you I thought hes the one I'm meant to be with. I'm following my heart by writing this letter. I know I've been so shy around you but I want to change that, Gabe. You mean everything to me. And this is true love. It's not just a crush, but love pure and true. I love you, Gabe.
Love Always,

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Lovin' You!

Dear Baby,
Hey I am really sad that u are leaving to a different school!:( Do u really have to go? Well I had lots of fun this year it was one of the best years ever because I got to see u and whenever I see u I am always happy. When u go to another school make sure u dont forget about me. I will always love u NO MATTER WHAT and I mean that. Well just remember I will always love U!!!!!!!!

P.S. I love u so much don't forget it either!!!!

*~LoVe AlWaYz Me aKa PrInCeSs~*

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From Alex

Dearest Monique,
I am so delighted that you and I have the opportunity to see each now. I couldn't live much longer without you and your flawless body. There is no one in this horrid world that has such perfection as you, Moni. I just want you to know that I can't live without you. Never leave me- I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Monique Gabriella... will you marry me?

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Deatric you are so fine why couldn't you stay mine, I love you I am your boo. I think I need to see you one last time before I turn into a dime. Your lips are soft and cuddly thats why you should have stayed mine.

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My Angel, Harley.

Dear Harley,
I just wanted to write to tell you how special you are to me. I remember when we first met, under a big oak tree one summer's evening. We were so young, so innocent, such good friends. When it turned into more, it felt like you bring me heaven on earth with your warmth and advice. Harley, you have to be my guardian angel because ever since I met you, nothing bad has ever happened.

Love forever,

Siena xxxxx

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Love ya

Dear Stacey,
I really fancy you Im to shy to tell you will you go out with me.
Love ya,
Owen xxx

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To: Matt

I love you Matt. You brighten up my day every time I see you. Please will u go out with me? Text my mob wit the answer.
P.S. If u dont know who this is, it is Nat + my best m8 is Samantha - now can u guess?

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One morning I opened my locker and saw a note stuck there...written in my boyfriends quick scrawl it said simply:
Good morning sunshine
It was so sweet and made my day.

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Do you know how I feel about you?

Dear ......,
Do you know how I feel about you?
When I am with you I feel like I can fly
Soar through the clouds and can touch the sky
When I am with you I want to sing and dance
When I am with you I go into a trance
Without you I'd be crying every night
And if we weren't together it wouldn't be right
So ......., you see, we're meant to be
Do you feel the same way as me?
I think you do, as far as I can see.
And don't forget, that I love you, I always will
And when I am with you, my brain you do fill.

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lots of love

dear my secret admirer,
i love you with all my heart and i really want you to be my boyfriend please write back im flossindi please please please write back i love you
lots of love

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Hey Jared,

Hey Jared,

It jut so happens you're Leo, Yippee!
And I'm Sagittarius, you see!
I just know that we have a future together.
Maybe even forever and ever and ever.
I just don't want to be hurt again! (sob)
But, I can trust you, I will trust you,
I know you are trustworthy!


P.S. I've loved you ever since first grade.

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I love you more than you will ever believe. I can't live without you. Since the moment I looked in your eyes I knew I was in love and as time went on I knew I had found the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We have our fights but in time we both miss eachother and forgive eachother. I don't want to lose you, ever. I fell in love with everything about you. I think you are the sexiest man walking and that will never change. My heart starts beating faster and faster when you're here or I'm talking on the phone with you. I can't wait till I move in with you so I can cuddle up with you every night. I also can't wait till we get married and spend the rest of our lives together. I will love you always and forever, baby.
Love always,

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Dear Stephen,

Dear Stephen,
Even though you won't get to read this, I still care about you and miss you very much! If only I could see you right now!
Forever yours, Ashley

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I just want to tell you I love you.

Dear Darwin,
I just want to tell you I love you. I know we are apart. One in Connecticut, another in Sydney, but I will love you deep in my heart. Sorry but I have tried new boys and I found one that I really like. Anyway, do NOT fret, I love you most!
Yours only,

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To Kai,

To Kai,
I know that you know Rosie likes you. But she's not the only one. I really like you, it's so cool having someone like you around. Whenever we see your cute smile we always sigh and zoom to Romance Planet. I don't think it's love, because my liking for you is not a strong as it was before. I really think that you and Rosie should go out with each other but she won't go out with you just because she thinks it will ruin our friendship. But I don't mind, so for her sake...just ask her out!

Lots and lots and lots and lots of hugs and love -
Alice xxx

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I met you on the star search chat, everything was good and that was that. You made me happy every time I talked to you but you didnt know the truth. When I said love will always end I lied to you when my parents took my computer away I never forgot about you. Love is forever for me and you. I haven't heard from you in 3 months and I still don't look at other guys like I looked at you. You are my inspiration, my life. You are my everything, you make a rainbow appear in my heart and you are so special to me and you are the reason I live. I wanted you to know that I will love you forever my sweetheart. I know you liked me cause I was sporty I always kidded with you and called you shorty but everything is love between you and me it's a simple love but it's a love for all to see. I love you Alan. Hope to talk to you soon.
Jade A.K.A. Daredevil

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I love you with all my heart.

Dear Monkey,
I love you with all my heart. You are as sweet a morning sunrise. I will be in your heart forever. When you pass away you will still be there next to me. Never dump me or never ditch me.
I love u!
Loadsa love,

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Yes, I like you...

Look, this may not sound very ummm.... original but just to say it and get it out of the way... I like you Ive liked you since I first came to this school. It is obvious that you dont like me but Im sick and tired of keeping it inside so please forgive me and I dont want to ruin our friendship, but I just really needed to say that well Ill talk to you soon...hopefully.
Truly yours,

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She is beautiful!

She is beautiful, so very beautiful
Just like a winter's shining landscape,
As delicate as the petals of a rose,
And as freely as the eagle soaring against the blue.
Her eyes are as mysterious as the calm sea
Everything about her is so very precious,
More precious than all the gems in the world
Her soul is the essence of the sky and earth.
Her feelings are a volcano that is yet to explode
Her smile is the smile of lost innocence.
The very first time I saw her,
Was special how we met.
She took me by complete surprise.
I knew my heart was set.
As days flew by, we talked again,
From time to time to here and then.
After it all we became quite the friends.
Matthew and Lindsey, a.k.a. Matty and Linz.
Although I made a fast approach,
Our friendship grew and grew.
I realized how deep I cared,
But the feeling I felt was new.
In time I became attached to her.
From a hug, I wouldn't let go.
I soon saw how close we were,
And the feeling was good to know.
For her, I wrote sweet letters and songs.
She was on my mind all day.
The thought of sleeping was nowhere near,
Unless I knew she was okay.
And I would give up all the things that I find important in my life
If only I can hold her beauty within me,
For she is everything in this world,
And I have found a world in she.
With her, I'm in a whole new world.
She brings out the best in me.
It's hard to picture her not here,
When she helped me find a new part of me to be.
I look into her eyes as silence overwhelms
no need for noise fore by the eyes she can tell.
I promise to always be by her side,
And I promise my heart, so she may hold it tight.
And so, each night, beside my bed,
When there are only bright stars to see.
I get on my knees and I pray
Thanking God for the Angel he has sent me.

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I Love You So Much!

I love you so much you are the nicest guy ever. Your heart is from my heart I want to give you a know I what to be your girlfriend.

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NO ONE understands,
How much it hurts;
How much I hurt inside.
How much it hurt to walk through the hallways,
and have no one know the stuggles you have to face;
no one understands.

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Can't stop thinking of you!

Josh S,
Since we broke up I cant stop thinking of you. You dont know but I still have feelings for you. I think I might even love you! But what I dont know is if you still like me. So I right this to let you know that I will always think, love, care, and be there 4 you!! I love you so MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Always,

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Dear Britini,
Hey! Or whatzz up? Anyways, I have had this feelin' about you ever since 3rd grade. When we were in 4th grade I was going to ask you out, but I was afraid because you was going with Justin. But this year you started to like me or notice me. And I wish we could have kissed in the locker room the other day. Well, don't let me hold you any longer, so here's the question, Will you be my girl?
Much Love,
P.S. Just let me know your answer tomorrow in S.S.

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Hey Babe. Look I know that we didn't exactly part on good terms but no matter I still care about you whether you will ever know that or not. You know that it would never have worked out because there were barriers in our way. We could have had something so beautiful in fact we did, but you know what happened no one wanted us together and all the lying just kept hurting me every time I told another lie I just got cut deeper it was so hard. I know that you will never see this so I know you will never know that I still care but I'm ok with that if you knew you would still love me and I don't want that for you. I saw you today and you don't know how badly I wanted to run up to u and tell u how bad I miss u but I knew I couldn't. I feel horrible cuz I was the one who got you over your first ever heartbreak but then I turned around and caused another. Anyways I'm writing this to say I'm sorry so at least I know that I am. I will ALWAYS love you.

Your Chimpmunk forever!!!

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From: Your Princess!

The day you come to my door I new I would I hate you. I hate you because I love you so much. Now I need to talk to you. I always want to see you. I'm sorry I did not tell you how I feel. Yet I love you so much I did not see how I hurt you by not letting you know how much I do love you.

Love always,
Your Princess.

P.S. xxoxxoxxoxx

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I love you too!

Dear Babe,
I love you too. Sorry I haven't written back in a hurry. The thing is Im busynot too busy for something so great, something I love, something I need, someone I love so very, very muchI hope we will be together to the end. I hope that we can live our life like I have dreamed. I have dreamed of you and me together foreverSam I love you and I wouldn't trade the world for youI would die for you.
When you walk into the school I can tell you are here cause the day is brightened and I see the sun shining through your smile and the smell of the perfume that descents from you smells like wildflowers on a sunshine day. You know that there is nothing in this world that can replace something as great as you and when I feel your lips against mine I can tell that I truly love you. In a quite room I hear your heart beat. It just makes me smile and thinking about you makes me feel wonderful. Well I love you lots and I have to go. I will see you soon. Please write me back ASAP.
(Always and foreva no matta what)

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Gorge baby!

To Reilly,
I think you are gorge! And maybe someday I will get to be with you. You are so fit!!!!
Luv you lots, like jelly tots,

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I Hate You Nate

You broke my heart but I didnt care...I thought to tell u but the only reason I went out w/ you is to dance with someone at the dance and to see at track and field...but my plan backfiredI was supposed to dump you, but you dumped me instead. I should have listened to my friend. She said, "Hes a player, youll be out in a week..." But I didnt believe her, for I thought otherwise. They see you as just a player, but I saw you in a different way. At songfest when I first met you, I saw H-O-T, but then I got to know you there and I really, really, liked ya. But as I can see now, that was just an act to impress me, you had a plan, I had a plan, but mine didnt work, I was under your spell, save me, save me, anyonehelp me, help me. Then we agreed to be friends but it didnt now Im here to sayI hate you Nate.

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To Mum and Dad

To Mum and Dad,
You are great parents and I really appreciate all the things you do for me. I love you both very much!
Lots of love,
your little PRINCESS! Sarah

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I Know I Hurt You

Dear *******,
I know I hurt you. I know I made you cry, but ever since you left me all I can do is think of you. Your soft touch and loving gaze and how your presence made me feel whole. I want to make it up to you. I want to show you how much you mean to me. You are my world, you are my life and without you I cannot go on. Please forgive me. I will do anything to prove to you that you were, are, and will always be the only one I love, the only one I want and the only one I need.
I will love you forever and a day,

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When I looked Into Your Eyes

When I looked into your eyes
It reminded me of my past experiences.
That I would always be with you forever
But it turned out to be a day.
You broke my heart, I didnt know what to do
I cried for days, I wanted you back, but you just blew me away.
After this all happened, I went on with my life, still knowing that you would always be around, breaking others' hearts too!

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Love You More Each Day

Dear Al,
When you went out with her, it broke my heart. I cried all night. You don't know how much you hurt me. When I see you hugging and holding hands I cant bear to look. I've got more than she has. I know I might not be Miss World, but I'm not that ugly, and even you said that. I think you only went out with her because she is popular. I hope you see how much you are hurting me.
love you more each day,

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AJ; My Baby

You are like an angel singing on stage. I love ya babe! You are cute, hot, nice and cute once again! Well you only see me down in the audience but it's worth it seeing you every night like tonight! I hope you read this. I guess you won't baby but I LOVE YOU HOTTIE! When Deborah said you worked that ladies you did!! I love you baby!

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Dear Jerome

Dear Jerome,
Love is like a magic potion passing through my heart. Love is so strong it makes you forget where to start. Be careful with love, don't try to play around. If you do, your love can be broken and fall to the ground.
Sha Sha

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My Angel Lila

Dear Lila Mae,
I'm writing this just to remind you how much you mean to me. We've been friends and more since forever. I can't remember life without you. People at school tease us, they say we'll never last. I know our love is forever, because you are my beautiful, stylish, amazing Angel Lila.

Forever yours,
Oakley xxxxxxxx

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You are my girl and my first love
You are the only one I love
You try to love me more but can't because I love you till the end!
You are a pretty rose that is blooming into love
You are helpful to others and never greedy
You are so good to be true. I can't let any one take you away from me. It's Ryan and Sabrina forever and ever more!

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We Won't Be Seeing Eachother

We won't be seeing each other for much longer. We'll spend three days in the same place. After four weeks, we'll be separating cause we're going two separate schools, but there's one thing I want you to know. Ben, I love you and I will always love you.

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To Benjamin,
I know you don't like me. We don't talk to each other very often, only sometimes. I've known you since year 3 when I moved here from Madeira (Portugal). You probably hate me. Well, I love you. My friend thinks I'm nuts and she says it's just a crush, but it's not. Actually, if you want to answer me, just tell me before we leave in 4 weeks 'cause you'll be leaving for grammar and I'll be leaving for secondary school. But tell me your answer like if you like or not, but I know you'll say not like. Please tell me.

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I Really Liked You The First Time I Saw You

Dear Darius
I really liked you the first time I saw you and everyone was telling me that you were gonna ask me out. I was waiting until that came and it didn't. Whenever you rode the bus and sat by me, all I felt like there was love in the air. I really liked you, and all my friends were telling me that too. But you liked that other girl and I could've sworn that you liked me too cause everyone was telling me that. I admitted to you that I liked you, and you started to blush, so I thought in my head is this real or not? I called you, but when I called, all you said was, "I will call you back," cause Samantha was on you other line.
love always your true love,
Secret admirer Kirsten
P.S. xoxoxoxo

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Love is a Four Letter Word

Love is a four letter word
I think of love when I see two birds
It can be between anyone, even nerds
But don't forget that when I am with you
That my world spins, I am a ball too
Up the stairs I go to find you in your room
I hope that we will be married soon
I know that we are young and still have plenty of time for fun
Don't forget I will always think of you as my hun.
I love you like nobody else knows
And someday we will give birth to a girl and she will wear pretty bows.
Be with me forever, and forever again.
That whenever I have a broken heart you will be there to help it mend.
Call me!
Love, Bob

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I Am A Chinese Boy

I am a Chinese boy, and I am a seaman. There are many times I can not stay with my darling girl. She's also a lovable Chinese girl, and I love her so deeply. At this time I want to tell the whole world that I love you so, A-mei.

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I love you loads and loads. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me, and now I'm scared I'm gonna lose you! You know how much I care about you, but do you give a damn about me? I love you to the universe and back and if that isn't enough I'm sorry!!! Happy anni for next week, I really do love you loads.
Love you greatly xxxxx

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I Love You So Much

Dear John,
I love you so much that I never did to anyone. You brighten my day. I love to kiss on your lips which makes me feel comfortable.I think my love is true.I love when you suck my boobs it makes me feel nice.I really like you.You are the best.I always think about you.I alwways thought love was true.My heart still longs for you.I feel nice when you touch my downer part and i touch yours.I always think about you.You sparkle in my day.I love you so much.You are really handsome.You are the best guy for a husband.You are the one i care for.I think i am made only for you.You are the sexiest boy that i have seen.I think about you all the time.You are so gorgeous.You are so kind,sharing,loving and such a great dancer.I dream about you all the time.I think my dreams are filled with you and my love is true.I love your soft lips which i kiss on.
From all your love, Marine

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You Make My Heart Shine Brightly

Dear Jessie,
You make my heart shine brightly. I love you with all my heart, and I will never ditch you or hurt you, for you are the love of my life, and you always will be. Nobody but me could ever have a girl as pretty as you.

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To Ashley,

To Ashley,
When I see you at you Dad's birthday party, it was love at first sight. I hope I will meet you soon -- make that very soon! I have loved you since Aug 2002 and its now June 2003.
All my love, always and forever

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My Love,

My love,
I know I shouldn't be writing this, but I just can't hide my feelings. You're cute, considerate, funny, sweet, and in love with someone else. My best friend, the only reason I met you. You appreciate her so much but she puts you down every time. Only if you chose me not her I would never break your heart. But I'm only your buddy, your, pal, your relationship counselor. But it's too late now. You'll be leaving soon and you'll never know, the feelings I always wanted to show. I'll miss you always.

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That Wonderful Mother of Mine

The moon never beams without bringing me dreams of that wonderful mother of mine. The birds never sing, but a message they bring of that wonderful mother of mine just brings back the time when she was so sweet to me, just brings back the days when I sat on her knee. I pray to our Father above for that wonderful mother of mine!

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Heather, My Girlfriend

Heather, my girlfriend, told me she loved me the other day and I didn't know what to say back. I love her too, but I choked. I had no idea what to say. She left with out an answer back. It is a big commitment to me to tell someone that you love them. She called me today and asked me if I had any feelings for her, I told her I didn't know and that I would call her back. I haven't called her back yet but I am going to right after I finish this, and I am going to say to her, "I love you and I am sorry I didn't answer it right off. I was scared but after I went over my feelings for you I found out that I do love you too." I hope she will understand why I didn't tell her right off. I really do love her.

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Hey Todd!

Hey Todd,
I know you didn't mean to, I shouldnt have taken the fight that way. Youre wrong baby it is that big of a deal I just thought I would save it for when I was ready, but I love you and I am glad of what my decision was. Maybe we can still be friends.

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Am Writing This Letter to tell You How I Feel

Dear Ricie,
I'm writing this letter to tell you how I feel about you. I bet you already know by what everyone is telling you, but I wanna tell you myself. I like you. I like you a lot. I liked you since we were in 5th and now we're in 7th. And every time I think about you I get weak. And I picture me and you together when we are older. You don't know how many feelings I have for you. Sometimes I want to die knowing that I would never have you. And I dont want that feeling to be true. So now you know how I feel, so I dont have to hold it inside for years. Bye my love P.S. Write Back.

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Speaking From the Heart

Kyla Pratt, I know you will probably not get this letter but I am speaking from my heart even though I never met you I hope to meet you girl because u drive me crazy. If I could meet you I would express my feelings and tell this to you to your face you are beautiful and everyday I think about us going to the movies but I know this probably won't happen. But if that did happen I would be the happiest person alive. I love you Kyla Pratt this message is to you.

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I see you all the time at school, church, activites, lots of things! When I see you my heart just melts, and truns into a ball! I love you so much! If you see this please give me a call!!!

Lots O' Love

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Hey David!

Hey David,
I just wanted to tell you that I really like you. I know you dont feel the same way but I just thought I should let you know that youre the best person. I feel that I can tell you anything.

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I Miss You So Much

I miss you so much and I can't believe you admitted you screwed up. Brad now I really know you love me and always will. I know I gave birth to your baby and I know I will open the door back. I can't wait to see you. I really thought I would never talk to you again. Me and Aaron are in Ohio and can't wait to see you again. I have been showing Aaron pictures of you and he always says daddy. Brad I know were both 17 but I can't believe we already had a baby. Brad I miss being in your arms. Come back to me. I love you so much and Aaron wants to meet his daddy.
Your Baby,

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To: T.K.

Hey Babe, I've been thinking about you so much, so I figure I would put my thoughts on paper. This is the toughest week that I have had in a long timewith everything happening and trying to deal with school, without my head on straight. I think you know how difficult that can be. I just can't believe the time between us has ended. It feels like Im in a nightmare, but I realize I'm not because it just nails me during every moment of the day. There's not a 3-minute period that goes by where I don't think about you and how you have brought such joy to my life. I understand you need some time for yourself, but I hope it's very little time that you need. I just can't stand the fact that we're not together. I realize that this time is bringing you a little happiness, but I want you to know that its bringing me tremendous pain. Hopefully it's just temporary because I can't live with this pain forever. I know that in every relationship there will be good and bad times, but as I look back one year of my life with you, what hits me the most is all the good. However, I feel so bad and I am so sorry that the bad has stood out to you. I just want you to know that I did not intend for it to, and I know that you gave me clues, but I just didn't catch on. So, I want to apologize and say that I am so sorry that I have put you through it all. You are a huge part of my life, and you have helped mold me into the person that I am today. I know that I need improvement and I want to do it with your guidance. My professor was telling us today how your best times are in the past and that you will never have better times. But you know what? I disagree because I wish the past was still the present and that Im hoping you will disprove him. I LOVE you so much and I MISS you too. I'm at a loss of words of describing how much you mean to me. I wish and at the same time, hope that you will take me back. I just can't wait for that moment when my phone rings and I pick it up. On the other end is a beautiful, gorgeous young girl with the sweetest voice saying "Welcome Back!" Please don't consider the distance to be the deciding factor because I will fix that. I can't help that I want to see your beautiful face everyday, and I am going to try to make it happen. I just want things to be normal between us and for us to have a good strong relationship. So by me putting lots of effort out is worth it because nothing is equivalent to you loving me. Anyways, I just want you to know that I love you so much, and that I will always be here waiting for you. Like I told you before, I have come to realize that I am so lucky to have had you a part of my life. Babe, I love you so much and miss you! PLEASE COME HOME!! Love you always, ~LK~

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I know I really screwed up this time, I did not mean to argue with you. I just didn't think I could be a father, I did not want to be. Until I saw his loving face staring at me when he was in my arms. I know what I gave up and am trying to get it back. You mean the world Amy. I would do anything possible to get you back in my arms. You had my baby, and you have the key to my heart, you opened the lock and I locked it back with my mistakes. Open it again, Amy, and I promise it will stay open, till the day I die. Amy, I am very sorry, and now I wish I had never said or done anything to hurt you. I love you, Amy, come and unlock to the door to my heart, and fill in the place that's missing.
Yours Truly,

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Hey Baby Gurl

Hey baby gurl. I have wanted to go out with you for the longest time. You are the finest girl I have ever seen, but I just dont understand you. All of your friends are saying you should go out with me so I think we would make a good couple. Write me back.

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I Watch Him

I watch him
All the time
Laughing at what he says

I look at him
Day to day
But he doesn't know I exist

He makes me smile
All the time
Making me crack at jokes

But the truth
He can't even hear
Because he doesn't know I exist

Because I watch him through a TV screen
Every single day
Watching him doing his thing
While inside I'm wasting away

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I Have Got A Crush!

Dear Gabe,
I have a huge crush on you. Every time I think of your name, it gives me this warm feeling inside. I know I've been totally shy around you and that you probably just think of me as your sister's friend. You won't even see this letter. I'm just writing it for this website. Oh, how I wish I had the nerve to send you this letter. Maybe I will someday.

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I Still Love You

To my darling James,

Even though I dont see you that often, I still love you with all my heart. Youre the best thing thats ever happened to me and I will never stop lovin you. You are also da fittest boy Ive ever met so for that, I love you more. I hope we can stay together and I hope youll keep loving me no mater what.

Love you babes,
Jenny {12}

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Dear Cheezy

Dear Cheezy,
I went out with you one two maybe 3 times but guess what boy every tine I did I played u like a fool. O wait that could be because you are a fool. You think you played meyou may have but you could not have played me near as bad I played you. You know all that stuff I said it wasnt true I just said that cause I needed someone. I knew you liked me so I just decided what the heck why not? I want someonewhy not go to you I know you'll give me what I want your just a sucker that way especially if someone says that they will give you something special but you still can't get it. And also I speak for everyone you have dated in the past they have all probably played you except for a few suckers who are just like you. So I bet that makes you feel pretty lousy right now dont it.

Your ex who hates you,
Baby (Britt)

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You May Be Only One Person...

You may be only one person in your world,
But you are the world to me.
I tried to sweep you off your feet and make God realize he had left an angel behind, I tried.
Now you feel different and have pushed me away, promise your heart to be a place i can stay.
The second I saw you, wonderful tonight; I sat down in my room to realize there really is a love at first sight.
Im sure that many will come and go, but your my princess Zara and your the one for whom I glow.
This is just a letter of which words cannot describe, one of the many feelings I must now keep locked inside.
All I want you to ever know is that I cherished being your first, and mine in so many ways, I make you one more promise I will be thinking of you for the rest of my days.

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When I Think of You

When I think of you my heart beats so fast I just stop, I call you, but you don't hear me so you never answer. It makes me sad that you don't like me for who I am, it's about Justin.

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To: 'Nessa

I just wanted to tell you that Im glad I met someone like you. You make me smile and make my heart skip a beat. Im crazy about you dont have to worry. So anyways just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me.
Thinking of you always,

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I Miss You

I miss you. I'm sorry I made such a big deal about my friends. I think we should get back together. So does everyone else. But it's your decision, and remember, I love you. ~Jake

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I know that I said I hate you, and I want nothing more to do with you, but... truthfully, I can't hate you because I love you too much. I'm sorry for all the mean and evil things I've said, because I don't really mean them. It's all a front. I'm sorry.

Love always,

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I never had a good understanding of love

Dear Nick,
I never had a good understanding of love before I laid eyes on you. I thought of love as a huge joke. I've noticed how cool it could really be. Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me change my feelings and misconceptions. THANK YOU!
P.S I will always love and remember you!
[I dropped this in his locker with the Ms. Independent song and my own recording]

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It's Been 5 Months

It's been 5 months since we broke up and yet Im still in love with you. It's like you put a spell on me that cannot be broken. I know you're in love with her and I'm happy for you. Of course I would love for you to come back to me but I know that's an impossible dream. So many people tell me not to let you go, to fight for your love, and as much as I want to, I know that there is no use for me trying. You love her too much to let her go and especially to come back to me. As much as I tell myself not to love you anymore, to let you go, I can't. It's just too hard for me. It's like I don't want to stop loving you. Other people tell me that you're not worth it, that you're nothing, but to me you're everything. It's hard for me to listen about your relationship with her, that you want to marry her in your future. Why??? Why is it that every time I get attached to someone, something always happens to ruin it? And with you it's worse because you're the person I love and everything ended and I'm guessing for good. Ive lost everything. Ive even lost my dignity. It's like Im constantly begging you to come back. It's just that I can't help it. I have to. It's a must. I can't let you go just like that. I lie awake at night dreaming of you. The lips that told me they once loved me told me they loved me no more. When I look into your eyes it's like I fall in love all over again. You came in my life and you were like a dream come true. You held me in your arms and loved me too. You are gone. Now Im still trying to fight these tears. If only you would give me another chance. But until that day I lie here dreaming awake. You know how much you mean to me. You know Ill always be there, cause I have told you before Im not afraid to care. I love you not only because of you. It was your heart. Something you never knew. Your smile I will never forget. Ill always love you. Ill never forget our conversations. I remember telling you I Love You." You laughed and smiled and said I Love You Too. I need to understand she's the one you love now. Someday Ill realize that. Someday, somehow. I tried to do everything with you, but it's over now. Baby, I tried...

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The First Time I saw

The first time I saw this real sexy lad,
My crush started up, I thought I was mad.
I was already taken by a secret boyfriend,
One that I settled with, just to go with the trend.
I was bored being single, so that's why I did this dumb thing.
But if I had waited some more, I would have had this boy's ring.
When our eyes met that day, my heart started pounding.
It grew so much bigger, love was surrounding.
From that day on, he was only a dream.
He's leaving this year and too old he did seem.
But all of a sudden he vanished from night,
A couple days later I had him in sight.
Me and my mate went over her park,
Where he plays football up until it gets dark.
We started to flirt with this guy called Steve,
But my mate was "first in there" I couldnt believe.
She knew I was crazy about him cause I said.
But she didn't care. They were out of her head.
I watched them all night getting so close,
If the truth be known, he was making the most.
Deep down inside, he knew just like me
That our love was so true, it had to be freed.
So he gave me this smile that made me smile back,
He's got feelings for me cause his mind is off track.
Then he started to flirt and talk to me more,
The next thing I knew, there was a knock at my door.
"Bex, Andy's your boyfriend, not my crush Steve!"
What could I say? She was hard to believe.
The problem now was that minutes before,
I dumped Andrew, in a text of course.
Steve was my boyfriend that I wanted him to be,
But what could I do, my mate or Steve?
I've fallen in love with this very sweet guy.
From the first day we met, he captured my eye.
But now I look back. I sit here and wish,
I wish in the park we'd had a quick kiss.
I love him so much. I didn't think I was that lucky.
I am, I must be! I found my man, didn't I?
We are made for each other and always will be.
We're always together and always happy.
Looking to the future, we have lots of plans,
We are getting this house now if we can.
We're engaged to be wed, we both said yes,
And now I can't wait to wear a white dress.

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Dear Mike,

Dear Mike,
Well it's kinda hard to say this but you know we have been friends for a while and I think you should know. Mike, I like you. Write back soon
love, Megan

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Dear megan,

Dear megan,
I have admired you for a long time. I know you think this is weird because this is in letter form, but oh well. I have been waiting to say this, so here it goes: Megan, will you go out with me? From your secret admirer.

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This Letter I Wrote To My Love

This letter I wrote to my love. I love you so much, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you in my life or in my heart. We broke up once, but I think it was meant to be that we got back together. I care so much about you. I always need you in my life. I dream about you every night. You're the air I breathe, you're my everything! I love you soooo much!!!! Love, Josie xoxoxoxoxoxox

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I Really Love You

I really love you, Ash, and I hope you know who I am. What I don't understand is why you keep going out with LaLa and then dumping her...
I love you and I hope you feel the same about me...
Love mexxx

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Letter From Sam

Hi, it's me, Sam. I just want to say your eyes are like diamonds and your lips are so sweet. I don't want Britney Spears -- it's you I want to meet. I love you, with all my heart and soul. For you I'd cover myself in boiling hot coal! Please call me, baby. You know my number! I hope you liked my poem. If you didn't, I'm so embarrassed!! Call me on my home phone.

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All The Time

All the time I think of you. All the time, I do,
All I wanna know is why you chose me,
I glad you did, of course I am,
But all I am is Likkle Lee.

Maybe one day well go far,
Together as a pair,
Ill buy you something special,
That youll just love to wear.

Your mom will cry with happiness,
Youll just stand and stare,
Ill be so happy,
That everyone cares.

Then one day it will come,
Youll be dressed in white,
Then the honeymoon,
Ill wait until the night.

Well live together with each other,
Then that dreaded day,
Hopefully not my birthday,
In May.

So here it is,
The words you want,
I can not lie to but say,

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To the Most Gorgeous Girl

To the most gorgeous girl,
I feel silly writing this, but I need to say that you are so gorgeous. I can't say this when my parents are around. Sorry about the handwriting. I don't want a snog, babe. Well, I do, but you get me. Please tell me if you love me, cause I would love to have a kiss with you. Hope I see you on my face tomorrow at school. I need you, baby. That is why I stare at you in class and walk around you to pucker you. I do not want to chat you up but I just want your gorgeous love on me.
loads of love

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Hey baby,

Hey baby,
How are you? Tommy, I love you more than I love anything in the whole world. My heart burns with your love in side my heart. So be my little cup cake and I'll be yours.

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Dear America

Dear America ,
How wonderful you are! You let us be free. We can praise God and love him. I know we are at war, but I believe that we will be free! So I will bow my head and pray that we will make it through this hard time. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

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is what I want for us
is the way we have to act
is what you have to tell me
is where we will be together

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Do you realize how much I love you? You brighten up my day every time I see you. You are sexy from your head to your toes. Ever since we broke up, I can't take my mind off of you. I know our relationship was not perfect, but I love you baby. Please call me or let me know some how that you love me back boo.

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Dear Keith,

Dear Keith,
I love you so much! In camp, when we kissed, I felt like you kissed me to prove a point. Well, I enjoyed it a lot. I have people who are jealous because we went together. We broke up for a reason but I want you to know that I love you and we were meant to be together. We were both virgins and when we thought it was time we lost, it but with each other. We are meant to be together for the rest of our lives. I want you to know that I love you, okay? I love you.

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See Again My Heart Is Sinking

Dear Jaanu,
See again my heart is sinking. I am getting this pain in my heart... and all is telling me that you can't be away from him, you need him. If he is not there you are not happy. Ask him to stay, ask him to come and see you. Otherwise, you go and see him. Do something, don't let him go away just like that. Don't let go of the love that you always dreamt of....
I really really want to see you. I need your hug, your kiss and every sweet thing that you do. I really miss them...... not asking much...

Don't break my heart into pieces, which will be hard to mend or which will never heal... I am scared to be left alone in this lonely house of mine where there are only our memories... everywhere I go I find Nikhil... and nothing else.

Loving someone is not a crime... then don't punish me by staying away from me... otherwise I will die and never live back...

Please please please don't shut me up... let me experience your love.

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Hey Cody,

hey Cody,
I like you so much. I think I might be in love. You are and have been so great to me. I was so happy when I found out you liked me. But why haven't you called?

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Hey, what's up?

Hey, what's up? Well, anyway, I was just wondering if we could get together some time and lie on the beach. I like you a lot and I would get you anything you ever desired. I am sorry I am writing so sloppy. I just hope you reply to my letter.
To the most beautiful girl in the world.

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I love you soo much. Why did we split up? Please can we get back together? I can't stand not ever seeing you again. You make my day. I'm moving soon and I can't go without speaking to you again. Please?

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This Is To Express My Deepest Love And Affection

This is to express my deepest love and affection of secret Icedragon, someone I love very much and always will, no matter what happens or who comes along!
forever in my heart,
Pyro xxx

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To The Ones Who Really Loves And Respects Me

To the one who really loves and respects me,
I just wanna say that I'll never find a heart like your heart and kind like you. You give me all the warmth and security. You let me feel all the good feelings and the good given to the one I really love, and this one is you. I want to share you all the time, the good and the bad, cause I really fell in love with you. You are my dream lover, so I'll never hurt you. I'll be loyal to you for the rest of my life. Love you, my babe.
So please remember me and be loyal to me.

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You Are My God

Dear John,
You are my God. You are the key to my dreams. You have the key to my heart, and you hold the light of my life. You have the knife to cut my life string, as I will do anything for you.
My fantasies are all connected to my love for you. You are the woven silk of my imagination. Seeing you makes my heart pound, my brain stop and my blood freeze. Around you I can only contain myself from holding your body close to mine and never let go. When I hug you I am close to tears as I know it's only a matter of time before your body lets go. If you don't notice me I cry myself to sleep. I've had dreams about you. You held my hand in yours and we were together and I was the happiest person in the world. Fireworks went off as we kissed. But I woke up. Those dreams are so real I think it is real and I nearly burst into tears because I SO want us to be together. But I sink back to reality. Why would you want to be with me? I'm not the one for you.
But you're the one for me.

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You Don't Know Me

You don't know me
I don't know you
But in my heart I care for you.
The way you speak the way you are
I love you, baby. You're my shining star.
In my dreams, I think of you,
With your soft tanned skin, you look so cute
Sometimes I just stare and look up at the sky
Wondering if you were looking up at the same time,
I love you, baby. You're the one for me.
One day you'll realise and then you'll see,
That I love you, baby, and you're the one for me
Forever and always my love for you will be
Please, can you find a place in your heart for me...
I love you babes, xxx

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My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose

My love is like a red red rose
Her beauty makes you stare
She stands alone in garden lawns
While bees hum in her hair.

My love is like a red red rose
Her body green and thin
And when I try to squeeze her waist
She her prickles in.

My love is like a red red rose
She's wilting by the hour
It makes no sense to fall in love
With some one like a flower.

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Somebody Wrote This Letter To Me In Grade 5

Somebody wrote this letter to me in fifth grade. It was so sweet. Im not going to put all of it on here. Im just going to put a little. He wrote:
Youre my life
My one desire.
If you are my wife Ill teach
Ill teach you right.
I will always love you.

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This Is From My Boyfriend

I love you. Your eyes are like fireworks that light up my life. I wish you were with me. Love you, sweety.

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To: My Girl Friend

To: My Girl Friend
I wish I could see you. Are you thinking of me? Maybe we will be in the same class.

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I Was Mad At You

I was mad at you. You tried to apologize, but I denied it.
When I'm without you, I realize it's the time I need you the most, and I realize it's not just any other relationship I've had in the past... it's love. For real. Now I can't get a hold of you and it's killing me inside. My dreams keep going, daydreams, whatever you want to call them. Guess what? They're about you.
You are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I don't want it to go away. Life passes you by, but this just can't.

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I Really Love You As Much As You Do

I really love you as much as you do
You make me really happy, too
Ive never seen you so happy
I let you be what you want to be
I really love you
As much as you do
Baby, you are so cute
When you talk I put the TV on mute
I really love you.

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What's up? Not much here. I just want to let you know I'm sorry about what I said about you and -----. I was just trying to get to ya, but I really like you. On a scale of 1-10, I like you a 10000000000000. Remember, I was just trying to get to ya.
Love ya.

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When I first saw you, I had no idea how far our relationship would go. We went through so much, laughter, sadness, and even madness. I haven't seen you for a while, and when I was invited to your party and I was the only girl, I knew you had feeling for me. I don't know if you remember any of this, but at one time you said, "If you fell off a bridge, there would be no need to be scared. I would not jump after you... because I would be at the bottom waiting for you. Because no matter what, I will always love you." I love you, Michael, and I wait to hear the words "I love you too, Madison!" I wrote a poem for you:
I look into your eyes, I see Heaven
I kiss your lips, I taste Heaven
I hold your hand, I feel Heaven
You hold me in your arms, I'm in Heaven
Truly you are my Heaven

I hope this makes you realize that I have feelings for you also.
I love you like I love the birds' song in the middle of the night,

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