Love Letters

May 2008

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Hey Derek,

Hey Derek,

I know you know who I am. I used to think you didn't but that was until you said, "Hey Mimi" to me in the hall last week. I couldn't believe it. I don't think I said anything back but I should have said, "Hey Derek" so that you know I know your name, just in case you think I don't.

Anyway, now that you've said hi to me, you should ask me out!


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I know you must hate me but I really, really like you.

Dear Jon,

I know you must hate me but I really, really like you. I wish you knew me away from everyone else like Samantha or Ashley does. I know you will never read this but if you do I hope that you know I will always have a place in my heart for you.

Love Always,

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Hey Robert

Hey Robert,
I just wanted to say that I like you.
I know you probably think I'm weird but oh well.
I needed to get this off my chest.
I know you have sorta a girlfriend but y'all aren't really doing anything with your relationship.
I just really want you to ask me out!

Love, Ashley.

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So we were texting each other for the first time.

Dear Nate,

So we were texting each other for the first time. And it was great even though we were just talking about the basics. I looked at my phone like every 5 seconds to see if you replied; that's how much I love talking to you. You probably know how much I like you still but yea I miss you like crazy!! I've been to scared to tell you that but every time I hug you it's like my heart beats like 7 times a second - haha, cheezy, still haha huh?? Still the truth!! I miss you. I hope you feel the same way??

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Dear Mango

Dear Mango,

We have been best friends, boyfriend and girlfriend, worst enemies, and now I don't know what we are. All I know for sure is that I love you a lot and I shouldn't have listened to Dakota but you shouldn't have been flirting with Stephanie either. You may have told me you weren't but I know you were and if you weren't then why did you ask her out after we broke up; that was so messed up!! You told me that you would love me forever but I guess to you forever is a short time. For me forever is the rest of my life and I will never forget my first love. I know when we were going out it was hard for me to tell you that I loved you; it's just that I was in shock when you told me and I didn't know how I felt at that time, but now that you aren't mine anymore I know for a fact that I love you and it's not puppy love either. Some people might say that I only love you now because you are going out with Stephanie but they are not right at all, I love you because you are nice, sincere, cute, smart, and funny plus you treated me like I was your world. Stephanie is a nice person but I think she will never feel how I feel about not in a million years. You mean everything to me. When I'm sad you always find a way to make me laugh and I love that about you. All I'm asking now is if "we" can have another chance?! I LOVE YOU with all of my heart you are mi amor and I hope I can once again be yours too!!


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Dear Liam

Dear Liam,

I know the way you look at me across the hall and all my friends say that you try to show off in front of me. And I think you are really funny, and I have feelings for you that I have never felt for anyone else but you!

So on Friday after school I was going to ask you out but I was really scared what you would say so if you see this please let there be love in our lives!

From Sugar

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I miss you. I saw you the other day.

Dear Jeffrey,

I miss you. I saw you the other day. You didn't notice me, as usual. I miss when we used to talk all the time and slap high fives in the hall, and share secrets just like the good friends we were. I will remember you for the rest of my life, and I hope that you will remember me, too.

Love, your friend, Kylie.

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Hoser, School Skipper, Sylvia's ex, Jacob

Why do I constantly taunt you? Why do I never accept it like I should on the rare occasions that you're nice to me? It's because since I've noticed you, I've had a crush on you. Not a very big one, but big enough for it to register. I was covering up. Covering the fact that while I was screaming back at you when you made fun of me, I was staring into your gorgeous chocolate eyes. Which is why I couldn't say anything other than "you sure about that?" for the longest time.

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I love you.

I love you.
That's all I can ever say (to myself).
You will never know who sent you this
Until I have the guts to come up to you and say it.

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Somewhere Out There


I don't even know who you are yet, but one day I'll find you (hopefully) and we'll be madly in love, whoever you are. It's weird to think that somewhere out there is the boy I am going to meet and fall in love with (you), just waiting to be discovered.

All in good time, I suppose.



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Some people think of Teen Love and smile.

Some people think of Teen Love and smile. It's not real love, they say. Puppy Love, they call it. Those people, I think, have very short memories, and no longer recall the realities of their first love experiences. While few expect teen love to last a lifetime, that hardly makes it less real. Half or more of all adult love doesn't last a lifetime either.

Teen love is very real. And powerful. Perhaps at no other time in our lives are the joys and pains felt as strongly, or experienced more deeply. Who among us, after all, can ever forget our first love?

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I've admired you for so long. You never really notice me.

Dear Jacob,

I've admired you for so long. You never really notice me. I've always wished you would come up to me and say "Hey wanna hang out?" Just wish that, that would happen. When ever you're around I feel all shy and klutzy. I want to come up to you and tell my feelings but I can't, I really can't. I hope you read this letter.

From, Your secret admirer

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Dear Sean

Dear Sean

I love you but you have changed
you got new clothes
you talk differently
you are a player
you mess with people bad
you flirt with every girl you see
and you get bad grades
you skip
And you broke my heart

I use to like that nerdy guy
Who was afraid to make the first move
the guy that always said I will be there for you
the guy that said I will never forget you
The guy that loved me!!!

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I really like this boy named Jerome

I really like this boy named Jerome and we've been going out for a couple of months now, and we've just came back from a nature field trip, and some girl told him that I wanted to break up with him when I really didn't! Now he won't talk to me and just for the heck of it he won't even look at me. So I'm just wondering, what should I do?

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Dear Mark

Dear Mark,

I know that we have been best friends for a long time and that you know that I like you, but you are confusing to me because you flirt with me all the time but you say that you don't like me. I have seen you go out with my other two best friends and you are going out with Steph. I have to admit that I am jealous and that I really can't stand y'all hugging right in front of me. It makes me extremely mad! And then instead of passing notes to Steph all the time you pass notes to me! I don't even see why you like her! She is ugly!!! She doesn't even know how to match her makeup! I just wanted to tell you that I truly do love you even though you said that you don't like me.

I Love You,

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I Miss You

Nonna I miss you,
it is hard for me to sleep
Nonna I miss you,
I often weep
Nonna I miss you,
It is hard for me to explain
Nonna I miss you,
I am in great pain
Nonna I miss you,
But I know you are always watching over me
Nonna I miss you,
with your loving heart you are not missing a part
Nonna I miss you,
Why did you have to go
Nonna I miss you,
Will you ever come home
Nonna I love you,
I'll do my best
Nonna I love you,
you are not like the rest
For a broken heart won't mend itself.

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Thank you

Each time you talk to me, everything seems to be fine. Thanks you for helping me forget my worries.

From Silent

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Dear Racquel

Dear Racquel,

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
and so are you
You are the love of my life
You are rollin that good stuff
You are always in my heart
No matter what
Because you are the juice in my popsicle
You are the ketchup in my fries
and the chocolate on my ice cream!

Love, Jerry

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INSPIRATION: My mom is a great role model. When we hang out, we have a blast.

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I know that you don't love me anymore...

I know that you don't love me anymore, and according to you - "you never did." But I want you to understand the two years I spent as your girlfriend were the two happiest years of my life and I'll never forget them.

I always told myself I could get over you, that I'd stop thinking about you and the feelings I had would just fade away or onto somebody else but they haven't. They won't.

There was something comforting that when I had a rough day I could call you, you'd tell me that you love me and I'd forget all my problems and lose myself with you.

With you I was Kizzai, and you were the only one I ever let call me that.

As soon as I saw you I was curious, I didn't understand why but I wanted to know everything about you, I wanted to be a part of your life but you never spoke to me.

Then when you finally starting talking to me and meeting up with me, I felt amazing. The first day I met you on the highstreet was the most nervous I've probably ever been.

The little kisses you'd give me just as my bus came, I thought about them all the way home and how I'd love to just kiss you properly.

And then I did, in the pouring rain at some house party somewhere and I fell in love with you from that moment on, you were perfect.

We were so strong, you told me you wanted us to last always. You'd let me come round and lie in your bed just to watch Japanese horror films and do nothing.

We even met up on Christmas day, my family were your family and yours were mine.

There was nothing I didn't like about you. I was scared all those times you talked about college but you told me you weren't going anywhere, but you changed.

You changed into somebody I couldn't be with anymore no matter how much I loved you. You weren't my M anymore, you were so different.

You'd lie about everything, never return my calls and start fights when you'd done something wrong and blame me.

You stopped caring about my feelings and we weren't the same people we were when we met anymore, we were both full of despise for each other, except underneath all that I still loved you.

I was so proud to call you mine and I doubt you'll ever understand just how happy you made me, and you had no idea.

I'll always love you, more than SHE could ever understand.
I'm sorry.

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To Orange

It seems like only yesterday when we were talking about the house we would live in, the car we would drive in and the life we would live. Together. I remember our first kiss as if it was yesterday, and it still makes me feel soft inside.

I know those times are over, and I know there's no turning back. But the one thing I never told you is the thing I can't get off my back.

You told me goodbye, and I promise this isn't a letter trying to turn any of that around. It's over, and nothing I saw or do can change that. Even though I really wish I could.

I know we don't even talk anymore, and I know this may freak you out. But I had to tell you somehow, and to your face just seemed to be the hardest thing to say.

I love you.
I love everything about you.
I love that you made me feel happier then I've ever been in my life.
I even love the way you broke my heart so subtly.

You don't have to reply to this letter.
You don't even have to acknowledge that it existed.
I just had to tell you the words that could not be spoken
before I look back and regret.

P. S. I love you I love you I love you.

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I don't even think you know who I am.

Dear Trevor (Teddy),

I don't even think you know who I am. But I certainly know who you are. I am in love with you. I love everything about you. I love that you play the drums and play basketball. And I love your beautiful black hair and brown eyes. And you are the hottest person I know. On a scale of 1-10 you are 10 infinity. I watch you do everything. I always try to see you at your locker between classes which is number 123. And I am always watching you play baseball at recess. I think about you 24/7 and my dreams at night always have you in them. I know you are in 7th grade and I am in 6th, but I am still deeply in love with you. I have never ever liked anyone more than I like you.

Your number one fan.

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Letter that I wish I could send:

When I first met you in sixth grade you were just a friend. Then in seventh, you sat in my desk in science. You always took forever packing your books. I used to pretend to look at my watch and tell you you were taking to long. You never said anything so I didn't know. I didn't know you liked me until you made that mistake of telling your secret to a third grader who screamed it to the whole world. I didn't even really like you when I asked you out you know. You dumped me after 3 days but I never got over it. I don't know why I still like you because you are a jerk and you lead me on and I hate it. You used to be the nicest guy I know and now I can't even look at you. I'm waiting for summer Connor. That's 10 more days. If nothing happens I'm moving on. I know I'll find someone in high school. Maybe even your best friend Michael. See you at school.


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I love you. I'm thirteen years old, and people may laugh, but I know I love you, and I know it's real. Please David, we've gone through this at least once every year since we met, I tell you I like you, you say you like one if my best friends, Cara? Ayumi? Even Melissa? But where's Elli's turn? So I want you to know, these crushes? The ones I have on you? They never ended, and they weren't crushes, they were me, falling in love with you more and more.

(Note: After this was sent, guess what? He did like me! He just was embarrassed because he thought I didn't like him that much and felt I would be over him to quickly! "Imagine what the world would be like if we all told people how we really feel, life might actually be tolerable.")

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You've changed something awful. You're not the goofy, crazy nut that used to bring a smile unto my face when all I wanted to do was be mad. You're not the guy I used to slap high fives with in the hall. You're not that guy anymore, and I miss who you used to be. I hope this won't last, and come summer camp, when I can finally see you again, you'll revert back to your former nut-form.
Friends always, Kylie.

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Dear Desmond

Dear Desmond,

From the moment I saw you I saw that you were so cute. I really like you even if we are not in the same class. I will always like you and I hope that one day you will like me. You are smart, cute, nice and when you see my mom you say hi even when I am not there. I am glad you are not like other guys: if they see their girlfriend's or friend's mom by herself they don't say hi. I love you always.


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In Your Eyes

I look at you, you look at me.
My heart drops but you are always there to catch it,
Usually it seems like nothing is going right and I become wilted and distressed, but your heart and your eyes guide me away.
In your eyes, I feel free, I can be whoever I want to be, and you still love me.
In my eyes you see brown, and look deep toward my soul, I looked in your eyes and see hazel. A combination of so many qualities to make you, you. Even if we go our parting ways, you hold my secrets and portals of my being. And only you can hold the trance your gaze gives me with a vital power. In your eyes, I know everything is going to be alright, and I know I'll always hold a part of your eyes. Until we meet again, never close your eyes.

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I am the girl you dream about...

I am the girl you dream about, I am the girl you want but can't have, I am the girl you see everywhere you go...Well I am here...I am Waiting...I am yours...So come...Rescue me!

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You are my boo, my baby, my sugar, my honey...

You are my boo, my baby, my sugar, my honey, my all! You may think I only like you because I'm weird or because of your big butt, but that's not it. I love you because you are sweet, sexy, and I think I am in love and can't get out of it. I want to give you this letter but I can't: I think you will reject me afterwards. I can't tell anyone who knows me, but Milan, I love you!

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I like you a lot.

Dear Billy,

I like you a lot. No more making out with me in
public, ok? I looooooove you! We fight a lot, we
love, kiss, now, I don't know what we are, do you?
Are we enemies, or boyfriend and girlfriend?

From: Emma

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I have many things to say.

Dear Diabola,

I have many things to say, but I wanted to say first that I love you with all my heart and that your beauty will never change. But what I appreciate most about you is your inner beauty. You have such a good heart and a soul of pure gold. You bestow kindness to all around you. You are the most wonderful person I have ever met. I have been able to trust you with secrets without any fear that you will tell anyone against my will. So I hope you accept this letter and my love.


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Hey Mantas!

Hey Mantas! You have known me for about a year. We do not spent much time together, but you were always next to me when I needed help. I really enjoy your friendship, but every time when we meet I feel that I need more. More than friendship. I know that it's impossible because I'm not your type, clearly you have never sayed that to me but I feel, so now it's better for me to say it in this love letter than to be cast off by you.

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I notice you in the park
I notice you but why does it has to be hard
When I'm near I feel difference in me
When I notice you, you open your heart
When you open your heart I open my eye
You take my breath away
I realize since I notice you
You liked me more than I did
Isn't that lovely I can't wait for
My dreams to come true
I notice you alway and forever
Till the day last You notice me
And now we're together

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Dear Freddie

Dear Freddie,
I know we just met 5 months ago, but I feel like we've been friends my whole life. I think I might be in love with you. You brighten my day by just being with me. We hang out all the time and I love it. You make me laugh when you don't even try. I hope you feel the same way.

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I never get along with boys!

I never get along with boys! Everytime I go out with one I always avoid them in the hall or dread seeing them. I have trouble talking to them with out it being awkward! I'm waiting fo someone to come along that I really like, but whenever one does come along, they never like me! My crush life is horrible.

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Dear Someone,
Someday I will meet you and we will fall in love and get married. I don't know if I have met you or if I am never going to. We will get married and live a dream life like everyone wants. I hope I meet you in my lifetime, or in any of my seven lives. I hope you like someone with a sense of humor, because I am very blonde and come up with the weirdest things in the world. I know you want to meet me as much as I want to meet you!

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I like you...

Dear Logan,
I like you, and I know you like me, so why not ask me out already? There are 20 other guys that are dying to go out with me, so hurry up! Your stupid friends, Adam and Chelsey, keep giving me that dirty look. But behind their back, you're constantly texting me as soon as possible.
From, Kit-Kat

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You are very nice.

Dear Miles,
You are very nice and you usually play outside with me. Little do you know that somewhere deep inside of me I like you. I just wish you knew.

I like you,

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I love you.

I love you.
That's all I can ever say (to myself).
You will never know who sent you this
Until I have the guts to come up to you and say it.

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Dear Brian

Dear Brian,
You make the moon sun and stars all shine together, you are the love of my life, but you don't know who I am!
Dreamy Girl

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I love you!

Dear Skylar,
I love you! You are hot. Too bad you're older than me... I love and admire you in every way! I love you!

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I know you think I'm a total jerk...

Dear Rachel,
I know you think I'm a total jerk but I love you.
And I was wondering if we could hang out sometime?
From Noah

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Every time I see you...

Every time I see you I start to shiver and get butterflies in my stomach. Whenever you look at me I melt. When you talk to me I become the biggest dork in the world. I make a fool out of myself and why? Because I love you. I don't know if you have the same feelings for me or not. If you don't I'll have to learn to understand. Hopefully any of these days I will build up my courage and say I love you. And hopefully you will say I love you back and we well become each other's half. Then we will love each other like no two other people have loved each other before.

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I want you back, I miss you a lot.

I want you back, I miss you a lot. I know I messed up, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have ever chosen him when I wanted you. I realize now that you are who I really need, you're meant for me. Please give me a second chance. That's all I ask. I screwed up honey, I love you.

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I have a few things I'd like to say to you. So here it goes.

Hey there,
How are you? I hope you're well. I have a few things I'd like to say to you. So here it goes.

I think you're amazing.
You're super smart, really cute, and brilliant at everything you do.

You are so sure of yourself. You don't care what anyone thinks of you, and I admire that so much.

You play the guitar like nobody's buisness. The lyrics you write are beautiful. I just have to say that.

I love the fact that we are friends. You make me laugh and smile, even when I'm sure I don't want to. You have a kind heart, something you don't see in many guys anymore.

When you hug me, my heart screams. I feel pretty and wanted.

I'm glad that we are going to the same high school. I know it will be fun. I can't wait.

Maybe one day, we can be more than friends. I hope we can.

But for now, I'll see you in a month.

Yours Always,

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Dear Babyboy

Dear Babyboy

We are in different classes but that doesn't change the way I feel about you. I love your smile, your kiss, your touch, your voice. I just want to be yours forever. Love you for life.

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