Love Letters

May 2003

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The Pain I Feel


I see happiness in your eyes
And know I didn't put it there
I hear you laugh
And know I didn't cause it
I watch you speak
And know your words aren't for me
I listen to you plan your night
And know I'm not included
I see you with her
And know she could've been me.

To my ex that I still like that I dumped

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I just can't tell you!

I love you but I can't tell you!
This might work
1. I love your personality
2. Youre so cute
3. I can't stop staring at you
4. You dress so fine
5. I love your since of humor
You may think no one likes you, but someone does!!

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A drop of my blood, I did it for you.

A drop of my blood, I did it for you. I had to try it, I had to get though. What kind of person would do that to me? Did you do it for love, or just in need? As I walk to my room, bleeding to death, I lay my head down to rest. As I sat there looking at the pile of blood, I know why I did it, I did it for love!

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To: Andrew

I still love you a lot but, the times have changed in my heart and it has went on to 10 oclock, thats because when you entered my life 2 years ago, time stopped. Half an hour seemed like forever, but my heart sped up, waiting till the battery went out, waiting for another person to enter my heart.

What I am trying to say is, I still have feelings for you but, not as strong as before, I have noticed over the past few days I will never get to have you for myself and you will never want me.

You were first true love and you still are but, I am not going to wait here for you to ask me out to get a boyfriend I am going to try new boys, and maybe just maybe, I can find someone just as amazing as you.

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Someday, Somehow

Someday, Somehow

I will live without you; you know you weren't that much a part of my life. I will survive without your touch, your love.
Someday, somehow Ive done it once before, you know before you, before us. I will teach my heart to do it again
Someday, somehow you don't hold all of my love, you know I kept some for myself, incase I needed it someday I will give my love away again.
Someday, somehow there will be someone else, you know someone is waiting to love me I will move on and find that new person.
Someday, somehow I will get over you, you know you weren't too special to get over I will let go of a past I longed to continue.
Someday, somehow.

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Roses Are Red...

Roses are red, violets are blue,
I've got a boyfriend,
So glad that it's you.

r is blue,
The love that I hold is so strong for you.
Me and you together is definitely right,
The sparks that fly from you and me are ever so bright.

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This is goodbye.
For 2 years now, I have been in love with you, we have been out five times in all and made out (well Ive lost count), but thats it. My friends think Im bonkers, Ive been asked out many times by other boys who don't treat me badly but I couldnt help wanting you back. You nearly forced me into having a one-night stand and other hurtful things. I still love you, but I decided I have to say goodbye. I hope you get a lovely lady in years to come and I hope you have all the happiness in the world, but as for us that world has passed. I'm leaving in two months; I will miss you, and probably still love you for a while, but goodbye babes.

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I Need To Tell You

My Darling,
I longingly want to say this all to you but this is the farthest I have ever come to telling you my love. There is never a day that I do not think of you, you make feel so happy and loved when I think of you my love. When I think of you, my heart desires to hear your muscular voice to make me pound with love to give you my darling.
I see you wandering about talking to my friends, laughing and joking with them. When I do say "hi" you look at me with those deep, tender eyes full of hope and joy. I see you do P.E in those tight gorge shorts, it makes me nearly faint at the sight of your muscular body and then you go and say, "Hiya sexy"that makes a cold shiver run down my back then throbs into my beloved heart for you. I cannot say anymore my darling but farewell till tomorrow!

Yours forever,
Laura R.

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Ever since the day I laid eyes on you...

Dear Trouble,
Ever since the day I laid my eyes on you I thought I was going to die if I didn't know your name. I really don't see you a lot in school because we don't have the a lot of classes together. Call me if your feel'n me.
(He placed his # here)


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My First Love

Listen I have to get this off my chest. I cant keep this to myself any longer. When we first met, you said that you couldnt be with me cause you will be leaving for college soon and after you graduate. Well youre staying till Augustthats not fair to me. I really loved you and I still do because you will never know how much I really do love you. You are the reason Im, alive. Ive thought about suicide a lot and still have your two letters and the only reason Ive never done it was I thought you would give me a chance. I dont believe what others say about you not being a virgin and is really wild and gets drunk because I know that is not trueyou are not like that.
Please before you leave just give me a chance to get to know you as friends. We dont have to get involved cause it would hurt to much for you to leave but all I ask is for time with you to tell you how much I really do love you. You are my first love. I just want you to know that and Im hoping that you will read this. If you do please come up and hug me because God knows I need it. Oh and one more thing, to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

Love you,

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I don't know how to tell you this...

Dear Thomas,
I don't know how to tell you this but ever since the field trip you, me, and the rest of the GT kids went on I've been madly in love with you. I also have one more thing to tell you that you might not likeI have crush on two other boys too, David B.and Austin D. Yes I know you probably don't like that but I like you a whole lot. You are nice, kind, funny, cool, likeable, neat, cute and sooooo many other things. I really hope you feel the same way about me as I do about you.
Heidi H.

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Sitting Here Thinking of You

Sitting here thinking about you
Wondering what I should do
Youre all up in my head
I'm laying here on my bed
I miss you Swayze
You make me go crazy
Looking at a picture of you
You look so cute Just wanna pinch you
I'm happy that your my boo
And the way you say "I love you" too
I think of you each and everyday
I love you in each and everyway
Thinking about the good things that we've been through
And how cool it is to have you
I can't sleep at night
I need you here to hold me tight
You're always there to wipe away my tears
I know that you'll always care
If you need me you know I'll be there
You brighten up my day
And there's nothing else that I can say
To let you know that you'll always be in my heart
Every since I met you from the start

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Love Is Hard

Morris baby love is hard but what can I do when I think about you leaving me is panic, that's all a girl could do when she is devoted to the one man in her life. I wanted to love you ever since I met you. Seems like everyday I've been happy the way you say you love me tears me out, baby I can feel my heartbeat. Seems like lately I've been thinking the unkindly knowing I want do the unthinkable leaving a dear sweetheart behind. It seems like the more we grow together I feel that you will be ALL I NEED. Baby you're everything I need, you know how just the way you do before we make passionate love to each other, but even though sex is not the issue you're still ALL I NEED. Keeping me stretched from all your loving, baby it's so amazing I never dreamed I'd be craving to open, never knew I could be so alive. I swear, swear I thought I was going to be a token you know what a token is (used when ever you need it [me]). Then knowing that I would realize real love so quick Morris I'm hoping that you stay right here with me, and you reviving all the love we need, because Morris you are ALL I NEED.

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My Darling Alex,

My Darling Alex,
I know you know that I like you but I need to tell you exactly how I feel about you because its tearing me up inside. I feel like I want to be with you all the time. I would move heaven and earth to be your girl. I've never felt this way about anyone before, every time I think of you I smile but it doesn't last for long because my smile turns into tears as I realize we're not together...

...I'd give you anything in then world I'd make you so happy...I just want to love you. I dont think I can survive without you Alex. The only reason I get up in the morning is to see you and the hope that you'll fall in love with me too. You are my world and as each day passes by I can't help falling deeper and deeper in love with you. You mean the world to me Alex and I really wish you felt the same.

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How I feel...

I am writing this to tell you how I feel. I just want to keep things for real. I know baby boy I love you so much. Malcom I knew we were gonna be together for a long timejust you and I. I can't wait for our love to rise and hope to God and I pray that we see each other someday. But you are still in my mind and Im running out of time but anyone will always be able to tell you that you are mine! Much love!!!
Your babymama,

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Fire is Love

Fire is love it burns through your soul once it's over time to go home. He broke your heart but you never liked him anywaywell that's what you lie and say to your friends everyday. He shows off in front of his friends trying to look like a big shot when he knows he's a show off. Well in the end he's going to ask you out again but you say NO! I suffered already and I don't want to do it once again.

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My Crushes

Dear Austin David and Thomas,
Before I get into this letter let me tell you why there are two more names on this letter. Well in this letter I'm going to tell you about my crush on you and the two other boys. You see I have a crush on three boys including you. You see I've had a crush on all three of you for a while. You all are nice, cool, fun, funny, oh and soooooooo much more. You all treat me better then anyone else including my own mom, Id say my dad too but he died when I was six. You all are very nice and caring, now can you understand why I love you all so.

Heidi H.

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I don't know why I love you...

I don't know why I love you
For that I have no clue
But when I look upon your face
I see my love so true
Your eyes green pools of splendor your face soft as silk
Your skin so pale and tinted the color of creamy milk
Your heart you try to hide away and replace it with many jokes
At lunch I see you with your friends staring drinking coke
I'm lost in this game quite frantically, Im confused
Do you feel the way I feel for you or am I someone to be used
Youve hurt me more than once
Youve hurt me more than twice
Inside I know that you are kind but sometimes you just aren't nice
I hear those rumors that drift around in school and Im holding on the line
Is it true you have someone and that there's no chance you could be mine?
R---t I love you and Im so freakin confused
My heart hurts, my head spins, every time Im near you
I want to pluck my head into the dirt and hide forever away from you
I dont know why just thinking of you is making me cry
I-think-I-really love -u

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To: David

David your blue eyes are like a puddle and I love you so much.
D- a way you look at me in the halls
A- always lovin you
V- very special to me
I- I am so happy because of you
D- David I love you

Love, Kelly A. (8th grade)

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By: Emily

You always ignore me and pretend I'm not there.
You are nothing but a mean old grizzly bear.
I shed a tear when I come home from school.
I am always swimming in a tear pool.
You think you got it all.
My heart is breaking and I am beginning to fall.
Begging you to love me! Why, why, why?

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I Love You!

ear Jason,
I know all my friends tell you I love you but you don't think its true, so guess what I'll tell myself. I love you, Jason, you have always been on mind and the things I try to get your attention is only made for you. Jason I'm not sure you know how much I feel for you but the only thing I can say is I love you soooooooooo much!!!

Love you,
Racheal M.

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To: Willow

This is amazing; you're so incredible. Until you, I never felt appreciated, I never felt quite good enough. I was just that tiny little emotional chick sitting in the corner, dressed in black, strummingall songs for someone, I didn't know who. But then I saw you, and from that second knew who all my songs would be for.
That one night that we spent together changed me completely. I remember how it felt to have you wrapped around me, breathing with me. I remember the smell of your hair, the taste of your lips lingering on mine, that look in your eyesillumined only by the dim purple lights. I remember holding your hand a week later surrounded by the loud buzz of stupid little kids and sex-crazed teenagers and feeling like we were the only ones there. Ive read your letter over and over again; the words play in my head constantly. "I think Im falling in love with you." I know Ive fallen in love with you. About a month ago I turned my life around. Im glad you're finally in it with me.


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Bad Boy

I don't know what it is about that bad boy style
All I know is it drives me wild
Every time I see you I can't help but smile
All the cute and thugish things you do
Makes me wanna stay with u awhile
So you better hurry up and take your pick
Cuz you just might be missing out on one bad lil' chick!
I Love You Sean! ~Amy

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Is it a game??

The thing that we had, was it a game? Or was it just cheating? I trusted you and we told each other that we wouldn't cheat, but at the end, I find that you did. How could you do that to someone that you supposedly loved? HAHA! Love is nothing but a game. So it wasn't a real relationship it was a game. And, you thought that you could win, but at the end. You didn't. So it was a game, and not relationship.

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"All Through the Night"

All through the night, and into the dawn,
He cries tonight, his love has gone.
He wishes, he wonders, what could have been,
If maybe he asked, for her to come in.
His chance has passed; he's got to move on,
But the memory remains, as night turns to dawn.
The days go by, as he thinks of her,
She has gone, there's no chance for sure.
But still he stares up into the skies,
And gazes at the stars, like her beautiful eyes.
He sends her a letter, to tell of his love,
And to ask her who she is thinking of.
To his surprise, she sends him a letter.
And this is what has made his life a lot better.
Now they're together, together forever.
His life is complete; he's got the best girl ever.

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I have a really big crush!

Well I have a really big crush on one of my boy best friends from school. Well you see I didn't really have a crush on him until I started talking to him in the beginning of the school year. Well when I call him we talk and all and some of my friends tell me that he likes me but the problem is that he has a girlfriend.

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My Angel

Dear Piers,
This letter is a tiny piece of my eternal love for you. Ever since I can remember, you've just always been around. From toddler to teen, I can't think of a happy memory that doesn't have you in it. It's almost like I've shared my entire life with you. Gentle, caring, loyal and true, you are every girl's dream. Searching into my soul with your deep brown eyes, you hold the key to my heart. There's only one explanation that can solve the mystery of your perfect love for me.
Piers, you really are My Angel.

Love forever,
Saskia-May xxx

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Sweet Perfume

Your sweet deep perfume smell
I just sweep off my feet like a bell
Your eyes shine like the sun sunny sky
To you I can never say goodbye
I miss you so bad a night
Im scared I might have a fright
I have to say goodbye now but I wish I could go on
I can go on about you all day I love you

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I Love You Lexi!

Dear Lexi,
I love you. You may be the most flat-chested girl in the fricken universe, but I love you. I love your voice. I'm sooo bad, baby girl, come take a ride with me and I'll stick my key in your ignition!! Remember its inside that counts ;-)
Yours forever, Brett B.

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Hey Kitsy!

Hey Kittsy,
I dont know how to put this but you are the most spectacular person I have ever met. I see you around school or at the ports and my heart bleeds for you. I know you think your boyfriend is everything but if you were with me that night you wouldn't have ended up in hospital. And just to make it clear I know you think I'm just a friend and a shoulder to cry on when he leaves a red mark on you ivory face, but I could be so much more. I could be your heart, your air, your sun, your rain, your snow, your stars, your helping hand. I could fill the gap he's made, even though you love him or think you love him, he can't love you like I do. I need you Kitt and I know you need me because you come to me when you need to cry but can't let anyone see. One day you'll realize, let it be soon, I can't smile without you. I'm hurting because youre hurting. Please leave him and come to me, I can save you from the darkness he creates. Love you like all a person can love and still be a person, but a person who can only feel what you feel because I feel so much for you. Razz.

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You're the One.

Dear my darling golden gal,
You are the one I have always wanted. I have been such a fool to watch you with another guy. I can't stand to watch you like this. I have wanted to go out with you for such a long time. Its a shame I haven't been able to let you know, so this is me asking you out. Would you be my gal? Meet me outside class at 10.40am and I will show you who your secret Romeo is see you soon sweets. Romeo

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To Dasheek

Dear Dasheek,

When I first saw you I had mad love you but now all of a sudden I cant stand you.
You look good, but sometimes I think youre just after something. I love you still just like a fat kid loves cake. Im sorry if I hurt your feelings when I dumped you, but I didnt have much love for you left. But right now I do love you!!!

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You told me you loved me...

You told me you loved me, but words caught in my throat. I knew what I should say, but I couldn't. The tears ran down my face, but you thought it was because I was touched, and I was. I searched my soul to find an answer, for all those years, I loved you so; but you never noticed me. And now, when I have the one thing I wished for, your love, I find myself strangely empty. All the waiting killed me, and the sight of your face made my heart flee. Hearing the words made me realize that love does die, and it is the lover who kills it. I will always remember you, my first love, but I can never love you.

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From the moment I laid eyes on you...

From the moment I laid eyes on you,
I knew that our love would always burn true.
None of this roses are red stuff,
Cuz the truth is, you're totally buff!
I have never felt this way about anyone else,
You blow my mind, I lose all my senses.
When I'm with you, I can't think about me,
It's just us, as perfect as could be...
So ****, I hope you feel the same way
Cuz I love you more and more each day.

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When I first saw you I was afraid to meet

When I first saw you I was afraid to meet you,
When I met you I was afraid to know you,
When I knew you I was afraid to Like you,
When I liked you I was afraid to Love you,
When I loved you I was afraid to Lose you,
When I losed you I was afraid to lose myself,
When I losed myself I was afraid to lose it all.

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I love you too!

Dear Raul,
I have had my eyes on you for a month already. But today you finally noticed. You walked me to school. That was so nice. I couldnt help but go to all my friends and tell them that you told me that you loved me. I just wanna let you know that I love you too. And if you really mean what you said I just gotta let you know that you made me the happiest young lady in the world. I've been with many guys, but none of them compare to you. You are like my big teddy bear. Nothing can explain how much that I love you. If you ever read these (and I hope you do), I hope you meant what you said today.

Always love me,

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No Feelings for You.

Dear Ice,
I want to tell you that I have never had any feelings for you. I was just using you. I hope you can handle that because you got what you deserved. You actually thought I liked you. You went around sweating your ugly a** thinking I liked youwell I got to tell you one thing F*** you I will always hate your dumb a**.


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I love you so much, it will be a year for us next month...
I never thought I would fall in love with someone as special as you.
Everything is going well for us lately, and I think that this is for real...
We are so close, i was never this close with anyone as much as I am with you...
I know I don't have to tell you I love you 'cause you already know I do but I LOVE YOU BABE

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I would just like to say to you now that I have tried with all my heart just to get you into my life so then you could see the way I act and the way I really feel about you.
P.S.I will always love you no matter what!!!!
P.P.S.I think you should know by now on how i feel about you.

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My mom is the greatest!

My mom is the greatest

My mom is the greatest because she is unique in a special way. She is caring to me and other people.
When Im sick she gives me a hand, or when I'm sad she makes me joyful once again. She is my best friend and the one I love with all my heart. My mom's the one who makes the sun shine through my window or even warm my heart like a crackling fireplace. If you knew my mom you would love her too. My mom's is the GREATEST!


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Dear Dad...

Dear Dad,

I miss you I cant stop thinking about you.
You been in my heart forever and I dont think I can let you go.
You were always there for me guiding me and trusting me for whatever I do!
I wish you didnt go to jail.
I still have all your mail.
I hope you still know who I am since its been 4 years.
You havent seen all these tears.
I still have your picture under my bed.
Every time I look at it I remember all the advice you said.
Whenever I look at the window I still see your face.
I still remember that court day, with mom wearing a shirt made of lace.
I dont no when you will be coming back to me.
But, all I have to say is, "I love you daddy"...

Your two loving daughters,

Mia and Jessica


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I have a crush...

I have a crush on Getman, but I have one little
problem...I have a boyfriend and he is a showoff. He doesn't say I love you or anything and I hate that!! But I do not have the guts to tell him it is over because I know him and he will not wanna be my friend... help!
Love, Kerstyn

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I love you so much!

Dear D RAY
I love you so much. You are very hot to me and I hope this will work out forever... I love you baby boy!
I love you!!

Your girlfriend,
C Getman

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I suppose it is goodbye

I suppose it is goodbye,
2 Alex:
How much I love you, how much u love me...
But as it is I suppose it is goodbye forever because it seems I might not see you again.
I can remember the first time you kissed me and how it felt magical!
You treat me soo nice like a real person.
I love you soo much, oh my little babes.
So I suppose it is goodbye forever.
I love you!!

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When I'm not with you...

When Im not with you it's like the dark side of doom, but your as beautiful as spring as flowers start to bloom. Please once again write again and Im proud to say that youre my girlfriend!

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I love you unlike anyone else...

I love you unlike I love any one else, youre in my mind everyday,
If I had a wish I wish you could be, with me down in my heart.
I know we have never really talked much, but the truth is I love you sooooo much and I hope one day you can feel the same.

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Dear Anybody

Dear anybody, to whom this may concern

I've been down lately, and find you may help. You may be my Romeo. My true love I must see. Please write back it could be our destiny. I find you may help, just to me like a friend. I hope you'd like me for who I am. All people don't get it, that Im a great person to know. So if you ever need a friend you know whom to call. I know you may not see that I may like you.

To whom this may concern,
Your Juliet

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I have a huge crush on you!

Dear Brittany,
I have a huge crush on you and I just wanted to know if you like me back let me know asap!

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You can fall from a mountain,
You can fall from a tree,
But the best way to fall,
Is in love with me!

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I've been thinking I might be in love.

Dear Jason,
Oh lately I've been thinking I might be in love with you and you've been in love with me. You see last night I had a dream that you where sick and I went over to take care of you and when I went to leave um you kissed me um on the lips. Yes I know kissing on the lips isn't a big deal but we're only 10 and we haven't gotten in to that stuff yet. Oh yea the reason I think you might have a crush on me because ever since we met you've been mean to me and usually when a boy is mean to a girl for a while it means they're hiding their real feelings for that person, or vise versa.

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Strength is...

Strength is...

Is fighting your own battles.

Is sticking around when no one else will.

Is defying others beliefs when they're wrong.

Is being yourself in this uniform world!

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I Love You Will!

Dear Will,
I love ever so much and I am very happy we are together. When I am around you, you make me happy and I hope I make YOU happy. Our love is like no other. When I look at you into your dark brown eyes I see not only a person but.... a sweetheart. If I love you forever will you love me forever? I hope so and if you ever read this I hope you print it because I am in love with you I have loved you from the first day of school and my dream has come true to be with you.
I Love You,

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I love George

I love George; his deep green eyes shine in the sun.
His mousy brown hair is glossy; it makes you want to touch it all the time.
When he smiles, I get butterflies in my stomach.
George you are gorgeous lad and you can get any girl you want, just don't act like the class idiot because you are more than that!

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Dearest Justin

Dear Justin,
When you asked me out at first I was a little scared, dont get me wrong I really like you. Then I thought about it and I realized that it would be good. But I was too scared to say yes. That was over two months ago and now I found out that you like another girl. I still like you; I hope you feel the same about me.

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Every person finds true love

Every person finds true love
Everyone has an angel from above
I have found my angel
With beautiful and gentle eyes
I love you more and more each day
To your beautiful smile I praise
All I do is dream of you
I guess its a fact that dreams really do come true
Because my dream.was you

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You are such an angel with Heavens bliss,

You are such an angel with Heavens bliss,
You are mine,
I love it when we kiss,
When our hearts intertwine,
I can't control these feelings I've got inside,
When I stare into your eyes,
I'm mesmerized

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I am here thinking about you and all the time.

I am here thinking about you and all the time that we have spent. You are my first love and you will be hard to forget. I know in my heart that we will soon be together again. Like it was said, fate has brought us together. You are the only one that I will ever give my heart to and I want you to be with me as we were at one point in time. I see you and my heart melts. You say that it was turning into love and I want you to know that love is already there. I just want you to know that you are in my heart and mind, Contently...
Your true love, Kitty

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I miss you!

Dear Anthony,
Hey how are you? I miss you so much, I wish that you were here with me right now, because I don't think I can take much more of this without you here by my side. I am going insane because I can't talk to you for two weeks. I know that is what your parents said, it is because of your homework, but I feel like I have done something wrong to you. If I have I am so sorry Anthony.
Love always,

P.S. I will love you forever and I will wait right here for you to return to me.

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In my mind and soul we are close.

Dear Antony,

In my mind and soul we are never far apart, the days may be long, and it may seem like forever, but it won't be long before we can be together. Just wait and see, that one day, distance will never again get in our way. Think of us and the kisses we will give and with that in your mind, I think you will find that distance is just miles and our love is just one of a kind. I promise I will love you until the day you have no more love to give me. I will love you with all of my heart. I promise I will give you the best in your life. I'll support you and give you the kind of understanding and love that can only come from someone who loves you so much. I never thought I could find someone that I could trust so completely as you. I love you with an intensity that with each passing day surprises me. You have given me so much more than I could ever have hoped for. Love, you will always be within my heart no matter how many oceans, mountains, or skies should separate us.
I care about you and miss you with every beat of my heart. I love you and thank you for making me a part of your life. I will die to make you happy. My life is you and no one could take that away. You are my dream come true, a dream that a lot of girls search for. I'm so glad to have you. Soon we will be together then I can love you, feel you, hold you real tight, put my head on your shoulder, listen to your heartbeat, sleep in your arms and not let you go. You have become the light in my life, the smile on my face and the soul in my heart. Never has a guy been so honest, sincere, gentle, caring and so loving as you are to me. I will cherish you and the love we share. You came into my life like a shooting star, so bright and so full of life. You have gave me life because before you I never lived, because of you I know how special a loving person can be and when you say you love me my heart jumps. I could never known that life could be so great if it wasn't for you loving me.
Since you have been in my life I have never known the greatest thing of allloving you. You have showed me what true love is like and I am forever grateful. You have opened my eyes to the world and filled the empty place in my heart I had for so long. I give you my friendship, tears and joys, but most of all my heart. Every moment spent with you is every one of my dreams coming true. I always wondered how I would feel when I finally met the guy of my dreams. Now I know. You have given me a feeling of completeness. A feeling of love I have never felt before. I hope this can last forever. I love you more completely than I ever knew I could love anyone. You hold my heart today, tomorrow, and forever. Thoughts of you fill my days, dreams of you fill my nights. I remember the day when I first met you, how sad and lost we both were...and when we wrote one another, something happened. Something so wonderful happened... I fell in love with you.
Although the distance has been hard, you always find a way to reach out to me. I always feel you close to my heart. I love you and cherish all the times we have spent together. No matter what it is we do, we laugh together. You are a remarkable person. I am beyond the luckiest person to have found you. You are so wonderful inside and out. Since the first day you came into my life you have showed me what love really means. Now and forever my heart belongs to you. I love you...and everyday my love grows and deepens for you in my heart. We were made for each other my love; I miss you. You are like no other. You are everything I have always wanted and exactly what I have needed. Thank you for loving me as much as I love you. I sit here with such feelings and emotions. There is such a strong connection between us. Last night, while I was meant to be sleeping I felt this incredible wave of emotion come over me... it brought tears to my eyes. There is such intensity there like our emotions are invisibly communicated between only explanation for this is that our souls are entwined. I've had other relationships...I've experienced love on many different levels, many just crushes though. But my love for you is different from all of these. The feelings are much stronger, it is so incredible and evokes such deep feelings and desires in me. I know that you are the love of my life; I can't say it any better than that. I find that throughout the day you fill my mind in a thousand ways. All I see is your image, I hear your voice, and all I can think about is coming home to see what sweet messages you have left for me. Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you. I love you for what you are, but I love you more for what you are going to be with me. I awoke this morning for no apparent reason totally filled with sweet thoughts of you. I wonder if you were reaching out to me in my sleep over the distance...thinking of me... embracing me. It was such a nice way to wake up. There's no love like your love and no other could give me more love. You are so very special and you have given me more of your love the past few months than I could ever imagine. We experience such intensity together... such an incredible love. I love my life, because it gave you to me. I've looked around enough to know that you're the one I want to grow old with. I love you, because you are my life. My first and last thoughts of the day are only of you. I love you :-)

Love always,
Your Sexy Princess Cassie

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Kisses and hugs!

Dear Antony, this is what it is like without you in my life now:

Antony, ever since you left my life, nothing has been the same. I miss you so much. I miss holding you and kissing you and cuddling with you. It is not all physical things that I miss. I miss talking to you, laughing with you, just hanging out. I know that you have heard this a million times, Im gonna just keep hoping that maybe if I just tell you one more time how I feel, you will come back to mewell at least be allowed to talk to you on the phone again even if it is for 10 minutes. Antony do you know how long I haven't talked to you, only one day and I am already going insane, like how bad is that? Well actually I don't think it is that bad, I think I dunno what I think any more, see just how much you really mean to me, Antony I understand why your parents arent letting you talk to me for 2 weeks, but because you arent talking to me I feel like I have done some thing to hurt you so bad that you dont even want to talk to me Antony please I miss you so much already, I think Im already going insane, please help me some how. Whatever I did to hurt you Im sorry (Im not sure what I did but Im sorry) I just wanted to tell you one last time that I miss you in my life, and that no matter what, I will always be here for you to love you if you let me, or even as just a friend. I love you

Kisses and hugs,
Your princess Cassie

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My mates say I'm silly to like you. I can't help it though. I can't belive I actually fell in love with someone in my class like you. All the other boys in our class are small but not you. You are the same height as me. You have gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes and freckles. Your so sweet and funny and all of these are reasons why I love you. At sian and daisy's party when you hugged me twice my heart was soaring. And when you said you would get your picture taken with me on a keyring. I was so happy. I know deep inside though that you'll never love me back but only think of me as a friend. I still feel jealous though when the liar girl, laura says she likes you and laughs at the things you say. I know you hate her as does everyone but I still feel jealous. Tomorrow I'm getting the bus back home as I don't have dancing. If your not on it i'll miss you. I hope you are. I love you babe.

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You mean so much to me.

Dear Baby,

Whats up nothing much what have you been up to me nothing much what the reason why I am written this letter is because the way I feel about you. You are my love and only my love I would go through a lot of things to stay with you. You just don't know how I feel about you. Sometimes when you be with your boyz I wish that you would have stayed with me and your child because we might need you or something might go wrong. You were the boy who had took me out of my virginity and that night was the best night I have ever had thats why I am so crazy over you. Well I am out of words so see you later baby.

Love Always
Brittany B.

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When I met you it was dream come true
You took me from my pain and troubles
At least I thought so...
You filled my head with lies
Telling me how beautiful I was and how lucky you were to have a girl like me
Stupidly I fell for it, and you at the same time hurt me with your words
You told me how much you liked me, but were willing to beat me at the same time if I wrong you in any way.
You scared me with your words and your fist
Stupidly, I didn't tell anyone... except the person he said I'd run back to... my EX
I don't regret breaking up with you, for you hurt me so bad
I don't know what to do... I'm so confused...
You was my Angel, I was your Miracle
I won't be with you because I'm scared... very scared
And I don't want anything to do with you anymore

*To your own doing, you made me appreciate my EX much more than I ever thought I would.

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Dear Dylan...

Dear Dylan,
Ever since I saw those soft dark brown eyes of yours I just couldnt get enough. I cant wait to see you in the halls or even at lunch. You make my day at the end and start at the beginning. I really love you so much. I wish you would understand that I couldnt live without you. When you dated my best friend (Crystal) you really hurt me. She was always saying she loved you knowing it was a lie but Dylan baby! I DO love you and you know that the girl (Amy) youre trying to get the hook-up with now is not true baby! She is cheating so hard and bad on you that you would just melt in I would never hurt you and baby I just want to say!

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~*Cry to release your pain*~

To: Jaime From: His Baby Girl Jenny

Cry to release your pain
That's the only way you won't feel insane
He left you for another girl
So don't stop and look behind
He sad he loved you when he was really messing up on you
Don't feel used; you guys never did go all the way
Cry to release your pain
And never say pain in vain
When you say pain that means that you are feeling it float thru your veins
You have to release your pain so cry as much as you possibly can.

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Have you ever heard the saying
"I'm the princess in distress"
Well i wish i had a prince to save me from this mess
I wake up and realize that i have nothing, i am nothing but i need something
i need you Prince Charming, so alarming that you ring in my heart
never will it be taken apart prince charming prince charming
lets live happily ever after

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I really like you and you make me smile,

Dear Tom,
I really like you and you make me smile,
When i think of you I'm dreaming all the While,
You send me crazy, round the bend,
So see me now and make my heart mend.

By Claire

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I look outside the window

I look outside the window.
I don't catch your face.

I see to playing with your friends,
I see you pass the ball but, not to me.

I try to talk to you nothing but foam comes out.
I try to see you in the dark but I could no longer hide

When I try to speak its time to come inside ,
But when I see you the next morning your with another girl.

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Keith Read This!!


This letter is to Keith,
You are new at my school but its like you have been there for years, everyone knows you. I LOVE:
1.Your sexy little accent.
2.The way you walk.
3.How when you walk into the room my face lights up.
4.The way you look at me on my way home.
5.When I look into your eyes they are like a shiny star.
6.How I could go on and tell everyone all the things I like about you, in fact I bet I could say about 200 thingsthey might not mean a lot to you, but they would to me.

The sad thing about all this is that all the girls in my school could think that about you, but I wish you could know that I have the biggest crush on you.

Bye! SuZiE

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Letter from Trevor

Hello Eileen, how you feeling? Pissed off I guess! Im writing as a mate-4-a mate (Jamie) I writing 2 say Jamie really likes you although he doesnt show it I can honest say he does! Jamie is weird 2 understand he doesnt tell girl how he truly feels about them! On a number of occasions Jamie has told me he truly loves you! I know he's a 19-year old soldier but that shouldnt matter if you love him too! I know hes really hurt you by what he did but he truly loves you and wants another chance so Eileen please give him one more chance! Hes changed and I really dont wanna see his heart breakin anymore! One more chance! Ill love you always & take care pal!
Trevor xoxox

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Hey this is Amanda. Kelly told you about me, and how I feel towards you. I am really scared to talk to you to your face and I don't know why, but this is the first time that it's ever happened to me. I really hope that you will talk to me and hopefully as time goes on I will be able to talk to you. Write me back if you are interested. ~Amanda~

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I close my eyes

I close my eyes
All I see is those eyes
Those magical eyes
No, green
No, blue
With magical moving green sparks.
They haunt me
Every time I look inside me
And/or close my eyes
They are magical
But, sad
No, happy
No, scared
No, all the above!
How can feelings
So different
Be so real
In such eyes that have not been seen,
What eyes
I think have not have been seen.
Maybe one day
I will see such eyes!

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To: Jason

To: Jason
From: Racheal
You thought I loved you.

I thought I once loved you
But I was wrong it wasnt you
It will never be you
You broke up with me
And you saw a tear come from my eye
The tear of joy and happy
You thought I wouldnt get over you
But you are wrong not one word of you will you ever hear
Not one time will you hear me say your name?
You tell everyone there isnt anything between us.
One day you will come back and bag for forgiveness
You say youve changed but I dont believe you
You ask for an answer but its not what you wanna hear
But thats how life is after the way you treated me.
So I dont wanna see you again cuz
You once thought I loved you but you were wrong.

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To: Matthew

I want to talk to you, but since that seems impossible, I wrote this letter. First of all, I'm glad you want to be friends with me. I guess I should explain the poem A Poem concerning Matthew. It means that no matter where I go, Im always thinking about YOU. But maybe, just maybe I should move on. You probably don't understand, but it's really, REALLY hard to forget a three year crush. Please consider me and what I have said.

A friend,
Caitlin H.

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Dear one and only,
Every day I have watched you. I only talk to you once in a while. When I do it's nothing about the love I have for you. So I wrote this letter in my head and now on paper. I think about you all the time. When I see you I hide my face. You think were only friends but you'll never know. I want you for me. When your here I get scared and chills run up my spine. Though when youre gone I can't think straight. I would do anything to hold you in my arms. To make you laugh. To hold on to you and never let go. We've talked about ditching school together and it's happened. Not as romantic as I want it to. I'd do anything for you. I try to forget my love for you but it won't happen. Please don't be my heartbreaker.

With all my LOVE, Your lover XOXOXO

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I used to think that you were a freak.

May 22, 2003

Dear Wes,
I used to think that you were a freak, but when it comes down to it I think that I kinda had a crush on you. I will miss you for leaving Thailand to Texas but please don't forget to write. I wish you will have another girl in your dreams.

Love: Mimi L. (From Mrs. Thorez's class)

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I am a Little nervous of tellin ya this but........

May 22, 2003
Dear Mimi,
I am a little nervous of tellin ya this but...I had a crush to you and this time, BIG! I know that you are going to leave Seoul but I still liked you terribly much. Mrs.Thorez's class is a short time for me but I need you by my side to give you all the sunflowers I've planted at the back of my garden. Still please don't forget to write because I will be very lonely. I don't think I will have a crush on anyone anymore till the day I die. I hate to tell you that I just had this letter that was from Haily that said:

Dear JD
I like you and forget about Mimi she ain't good.
I wish that you won't hate me. I know that a lot of people asked for your number but it's love at first sight for me. Since the day I asked you out and you say yes and you smiled at me. Sorry I love you already.

Love: JD

P.S.:Youre da bomb that rocked my world.

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I know you love me.

I know you love me. You know that you have me. You know that if you cheat then you know that I can forgive you. You know that we can be together forever. You just gotta learn that I have to see this other guy because he treats me better so I'm sorry if you have to go I can understand. Just explain it to me better and I could probably realize how it goes just tell me everything. The reason that I am leaving you is because that you don't treat me like your little queen.

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2 my babes Kezza

To my babes Kezza

Hey Kezza I just like 2 say I love you sooo much! My heart went into my mouth when I first saw you on the beach, the wind blowing in your hair, you in your bikini sitting on the sun lounger. Oh how much I love you!
Thanks 4 being my girlfriend. I'll say it loud and say it proud!
Love, Alex

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To my Dillon...

I love you so much. I think you are cute and funny. I seriously don't know what I would do without you. Love,

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I love being with you.

Dear Marisa,
I love being with you.
When you kiss me on the cheek my heart melts.

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The first time we met...

The first time I meet you was when I accidentally pushed you in the locker. After that we became really good friends. You would tell me your most up to date crush and I would tell you mine. We didnt really think about us liking each other because we were like brother and sister. When you kissed me in the hall I thought I was in heaven. It was sweet and LONG! After that we drifted. You got sent off to YDC and I was stuck at ELMS. I only have seen you once since that day and I gotta say boy did you look fine! I really like you and I know you know who you are if not here is a description of you.

Hair: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Thug thug thug!!
Smile: Great!
Attitude: Off the chain!
Why I love you?: Because you told me not to be ashamed of anything I like. You said to me that it doesnt matter if he is Tom Cruise, if you like him, you like himif you dont, you dont. That advice has always stuck with me and I love you for it!

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Nate I know we went out and I loved you a lot, but time has past and we broke up. When we broke up I cried for a long time. You wrote me a letter telling me you loved me still and you tried to tell your parents that age is just a number, and it is the love that counts. When we broke up you used the excuse your parents said you can not date anyone under 15. But then you went straight to Chealsey who is the same age as me then you dated her. One question for you, what excuse did you use on her? Then you went to Nakidathats my girlhow could you treat her like a b**ch? Then you went to Machelle. That b**ch is a year younger than my @$$. Then you broke up with her. Are you just dating us the breaking up with us just so you can look like a f**ken pimp? Well now I hate you so much. So you should get a real life Nate. Oh yea one question when are you gonna break up with that one b**ch?
Love, Jennifer

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I really miss you Devin.

Dear Devin,
I really miss you. I really wish you would take me back. But I know you don't want me back ever again. I messed our relationship up. Im so sorry.


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I look to the sky and see a bright star.

Dear J,
I look to the sky and see a bright star,
I think you and I know how perfect we are.
All the miles that star had to endeavor,
And how many moments we spent together.
We're two pieces of puzzle about to slot,
I am ready but I can see you are not.
My radar is blinking really unreal,
How much longer do you need to heal?
I hope its not long,
Coz Im waiting for you,
Tell me you love me and Ill love you too.
C, xXx.

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I want to tell you...

I want to tell you how much you mean to me, how much joy you make me feel. Even if you dont know, even if I dont show it, I do care and it counts. I've never felt so at one with another human being, I've never known so much love - yeah thats right love, I love you and although I'm too shy to tell you this and I probably won't send this letter. I hope you know I care and that there will always be something between us.
Love from honey that isn't shy around anyone else, except you, because youre the only person I care about enough to care about how you feel around me.

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For Maddox

Dear Maddox,
I'm writing this to you just to say how much I love you. I remember when I first met you; we were both just 6 years old. Funny how we simply clicked, how we instantly got along. From all those summers when we played together, to the romance and beauty of high school, you are more than just a boyfriend. You are my angel. A comforter and my guidance, I love you forever.

Love always,

Flora-Kate xx

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To my love

I would just like to say
That I think you are so fine
I think about you every day
Will you please be mine?

You're dad is a thief
He put the stars in your eyes
He adores your roast beef
And your lovely sweet pies

You could lose some weight
And take a brush to your hair
No offence you are a state
No wonder people stare

Even though I like your eyes
They are gray and black
I also think you smell like fries
From McDonalds you got the sack

You also have a pizza face
And eat too much egg yolk
You are a total disgrace
And this letter was a joke!

(I slapped the little bugger
The one who wrote this note,
I am now a mugger
Because of what he wrote!)

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I love you now

I love you now
I love you forever
Ill always care
Ill always be there
But do you love me?
And is it forever?
Will you always be there?
I know you have a girlfriend
And I know I am the new girl that nobody wants to know but Dan oh Dan I love you I love and I think you do to!

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I will never forget David.

Dear David,
I will never forget you but this has to be the end. Even when I was with you I knew that we couldn't possibly be together. A part of me will always remember you and still love you but we're not meant for each other. I hope you will still remember me like I will remember you.
Love, Carolyn x

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Wish I could tell you...

I wish I could tell you, sweetheart, the special way the thoughts of you bring me happiness to each and everyday I livebut since I can't express myself, I'd like to sum it up all my deepest feelings in three words: I love you.

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Lovin' You

You told me you fell for me and that you were scared that I didn't feel the same. I was going out with Rachel so I didn't know what to say. What I should have said was that I was falling for you too and I afraid you didn't feel the same. You started to ignore me and I was so crushed, but the truth is that I am in love with you and I would do anything for you. I have known you my whole life and I will never stop loving you.
Love, Brandon

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I know that you'll never be able to read this.

I know that you'll never be able to read this. And I know that if you ever you do, it would mean nothing to you. Why? Coz I'm just your best friends younger sistersimply a no body. I know that you don't have my number in your phone. I know that you hardly know me. I know that because you're so numb to me.

I fell in love with you through fate Mar. I was so young then when I met you, but I already felt the butterflies in my lil' tummy. Until now, now that I've grown and become a lady, it's still you who give me the butterflies, you who wake those lil' bugs in my neck, you who makes my heart beat faster.

You will never know how I feel Mar. It hurts me, but I know. You will never notice, never care, never look, never stareyou will never love me the way I loved you.

I'm not asking for anything big. I'm just asking for your presence. I'm just asking for you.
You're my life Mar. But it hurts me, coz you'll never know.

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I just want to tell you that I LOVE YOU!

Dear Dane,
I just want to tell you that I LOVE YOU! I have been in love with you since I was 10, but I know you already have a girlfriend. Not only one, I know you have 3 girlfriends. But.... that's all right! I'll still love you!
Love forever and ever,
A Girl

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Roses are red

Dear Ross,
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I have a boyfriend,
And do you know whatits you!!

All the time we spent together,
I don't think we could ever seper,
You'll always be my guy,
So don't even think too shy,
Because there's always a place in my heart for you,
So be my boyfriend and you'll NEVER HAVE BLUES!!

Love, Chealsea

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Thinking of you~

Im in my bed thinking about you
Im shy to let you know how I feel about you
I watch you everyday in school
The way you laugh, smile, and walk
Im so in love with you
I just wanna break down and cry
I know we use to be good friends,
But now months have gone by
So now I dont know what I am
Except maybe a friend.

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I've been watching you

To: Eugene
I've watched you for days in school as you passed me and wouldn't say anything. How the way you laughed lit up my heart. I wanted you since 4th grade. Then that day came. What I wanted now recognized who I was. Now I can sleep at night knowing what I wanted I finally got. It took a long time for you to come around but now youre here. I love you so much. I wish we could stay together forever.
Love always, sweet.

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Listen to this!

A boy named Robbie that I used to like (but now I hate him) accidentally put a love letter for me on another persons desk and then I was about to take it of Lenore's desk when she said, "What are you doing that is mine". Then I started crying which totally made it embarrassing and then the teacher told Len to give it to me. It said, "I love you with all my heart sweetie-pie! From: Your secret admirer. (The card was in a heart shape).Yuck!

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Oh Gurl

Dear Babygurl,
Gurl you always on my mind but you just don't give me enough time to tell you. You know what actually--forget you! ...But i still love you.

P.S. I'm sorry can we get back together?

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To: Alex

Dear Alex,
You make me laugh like no one else. You always know what I am talking about. I love you so much, when I realize you are not with me it hurts. We have known each other for a long while now and all this while I have been hoping that you feel the same way.
Love, Stacy

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About a boy...

This is something I want to write to a boy, he knows who he is and I want him to understand this. I gave my all to him, everything I have, fell out with my parents on various occasions, nearly lost my best friend to be with you, she loved you ...u know she did, but I loved you too, she knew that, and we both broke her heart to be together, luckily she forgave me...and you. We were lucky there, I felt so happy to be with you, spent my whole summer with you. My closest friend, the know who Im on about, u made her feel so down, made fun of her all the time...and yet I stayed with you. But at the end of that left just stopped it all....Broke me in pieces. I spent 4 months of depression...loving you, wanting you back. Now you are with her, things arent going well with us and you say u want me....but you know what the worse thing is? Although you've put me through all this...I still loved you...always will...more than ever....and in the end...I'll probably have you back....I hope I get to. :(
Jill x

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Love is pink

Love is pink
It smells like roses
It feels like satin sheets
It sounds like a waterfall
It tastes like sweet chocolate
It looks like you

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You are so sweet!

You are so sweet
I'm glad that you are mine
If you ever were to leave
I just might lost my mind
I love you so much that when I see you, you blow my mind
So baby it's you and me for ever more
I love you and that's the true

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How cute is this?

(Okay, this is a poem written to me by a boy who likes me.)

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
You are so Pretty
I stick to you like Glue

I Love You So Much
With ALL Of My Heart
If You Don't LOVE me back
I'll Have a Heart Attack

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To: Taylor

Dear Taylor,
Would you like to go to the spring dance with me? You can say no, but I would like it if you came with me. I have had a crush on you since Preschool and I wish that you would be my girlfriend as well. I know I am a very popular kid in school, and you probably think I'm conceited, but please give me a chance.
Love, Brett

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Our Apple Tree

I see you there looking at me
If only we were under our tree
We would kiss and hug all day long
Hoping that you would see my thong
I love the way you look at me
I love the way that we do see
I love the way you talk to me
If only we where under our apple tree

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Friends...and maybe more??

Weve been friends for 3 years now, and even though you might not feel the same I cant spend each day looking you in the eye with my feelings so strong. This may have been a shock to you but any I cant lie. I find you more then just a friend and I cant hide it any longer. So if you dont feel the same thats fine and I hope you will continue to by my crazy m8 ;)
Love, Ash

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I love u I love u I love u. If I didn't I wouldn't write a mushy love letter like this 2 u. I thought that when I had my 1st boyfriend that he would come up on a big white horse in shining armor and sweep off me feet into my magical fairyland. Youre not like that at all. They tease me 4 liking u. I don't care. You are the only one that I know that I care about. Youre ordinary, but I don't care, cause youre special 2 me. I LOVE U!

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I can't take this any longer.

I can't take this any longer. When I first saw you I thought, here he comes, my knight in shining armor, come to take me away, to sweep me off my feet. I didn't know.
I thought that I loved you, those first days that passed. But you aren't that great. If you like me cause Im pretty, then forget it. I don't want to be forced, or abused. I thought I loved you. I thought you loved me. Now I know I'm wrong. So, Forget It. You are not my boyfriend anymore.

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Show your inner self

You do not show your inner self but what do I know I am an elf. People called me that because of my ears, but you were there to dry my look a little like Britney Spears, but together united we will bejust if you come to the prom with me.

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I love you!

Dear Louis
I love you so much. I have loved you for ages and I want to go out with you.

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**Oh I am missing u**

You give me strength when Im down, when the clouds are over me! You give me a smile and thats all I need to make the sun shine on me! At school you see me and give me that smile I will always keep it helps me through the day I see you walk my way! I just wanted to say thanks! Through bad times and good youre always there thanks againyou are my boo!!!!!
Love the girl of your dreams,
Sumchick xoxoxox

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Trust in god, who's always connecting people, those who love.

Dear DJ!
You are my first love and also my pure passion. I always believe in the best and u are better than the best. I would like u to be my life partner. I think u are worried about your father who is the unshakable and also think of my father who is born tough, but don't worry. I'm also the Josh machine and the rest of our family members are the coolest.
Trust in God, who's always connecting people, those who love each other. We are made for each other. After sometime all will envy our love. We are leading the way of our love life. Love u!!

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I dont know why I feel this way but Tom I know it's true,
That my love that I am thinking of is all to do with you!
Ive always loved your humor, your smile, your hair, and your eyes,
But now its time to tell each other the real truth not lies!
Oh Tom I can't stop thinking of you I love you so much,
I know we've never met before but can we stay in touch?

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Take me back?

Hey Jamie
I love u so much please take me back. I was heartbroken when I came to see u and I never got a hug or even a hello. Please talk to me. I miss having u has a boyfriend. The thing that I love about u is that u can always make me smileI miss that. You told me to date other guys but the other guys aren't as sweet as u. Can u please give me another chance? I'm not that good at that relationship stuff, but if u are willing to give me another chance I will work at it. I will always love uplease think about it.

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Luv from us!

Dear Jarvis of Beech 7,
We love you so! You are sooo fit! We know you wont go out with us or one of us, because you are too shy, but I dont care coz you will always be there! And I also know SmartGirl wont put this on the website, but with a bit of luck you will! But we have to show our feelings so who cares!
~*Luv from: Crystal and Lottie and Beth and Fran and Katie S. and Elsa and Kelly and Lauren and Amy and Emma and Becca.sw and and Isabel and KT.g
We love you!!!!! Hugs and kisses!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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I'll cross the seas a thousand times...

I'll cross the seas a thousand times
to have that special love of mine
to see the sparkle in his eyes
so light they dance
so bright they shine
I'll make a hundred thousand wishes
to hear his voice and have his kisses
I'll cross the seas a thousand times to have that special love of mine

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To: My Darling David

My darling David,
When I first looked into your eyes I knew we were meant to be. I knew we were suppose to be together forever. I just know you love me and I love you. We're meant to be, don't you see. I LOVE YOU!

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I love you so much and yet I have never been able to tell you. Every time I see you I feel all funny inside. I goof up my words because I'm so nervous speaking to you. I know we've only ever been mates until now but I'd love it to be so much more.

I love the way you flex those rippling muscles of yours and the funny sense of humor we share but there are so many more things I'd love to do with you other than hang in the park and go to the cinema with mates.

Please say that one day you'll always be mine!

** bambi **

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Camping Love

I am in love with this boy I went camping with. I loved it when I stayed up with him alone all night. The thing is we did nothing but sit together and watch the fire, in the rain, with no coat. I like him in a way I never liked another boy. I just can't explain myself. I never felt this way about him before and I liked him since third grade...I did not like him that way until we went camping.
To: Shayna, From: Nicole

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Dear Josh,
I really have to tell you something, and I dont know how I would of been able to tell you but Im in love with you. Ive always had this hole in my heart and you've covered it up and now all I can think of is you. I can talk to you about anything but every time I try you always ignore me or maybe you dont hear me? I dont know but I really love you and I really want you to know that because I wouldnt have got to tell you if you were already gone. I know you never really liked me that much but I know now that things dont always seem as good as they are. But even though youre gone always remember me the girl who was obsessed with you and loved you.

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You were the one.

You were the one
You were the one I could trust
You were the one I could count on
You were always there
No youre not
I wonder why you wanted me to cry
I loved you but didnt say anything
You only knew we were friends
You didnt know how much I cared for you
You were the reason I would catch the bus in the morning
You moved away know we dont see each other any more
You were the one I loved
I wish I could tell you but where would we end up if I told you
Its too big a risk to tell you so

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I know we can.

Dear Nath,
I know we cannot be together as you live so far away but I just want to tell you how much u mean to me. From the first day I laid eyes on u in college I knew I must be with u, or at least know your name. We got to be such good friends and that soon developed for us both. Our first kiss together was amazing, it felt like there was only you and me in the whole world; everything about u is perfect. I know your leaving in 2 week so I will say something we both dont wanna know...Im falling in love with u. We can make it work; I dont want anyone else but you.
Love your punk rock princess, Lisa xxxx

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For Tony

When we first got together it was a dream come true. You told me that you loved me and that I was the one for you. You took all my pain away and made me feel like I could never be hurt again by anyone. But the only person that hurt me was you; you broke my heart and made me feel empty inside. I should have stopped loving you then but I didn't- and I still haven't stopped. So what I am trying to say is that I LOVE YOU TONY AND I ALWAYS WILL! You are my one and only and I want you for life!!
Love always and forever,

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She and I were best friends.

She and I were best friends.
You and I were good friends.
The day I found out you loved her, I fell weak in the knees.
I really love u and I want u to love me.
Whenever you look at her I want to cry,
All those feelings I have for you are beginning to die.
You were my first love, I will never forget,
The way you loved her, all those secrets I kept.
You've got me walking backwards; you've thinking sideways,
Youve got me losing my way.
You've got me crossing every line.
You've got me just in time.

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You are my one and only.

Dearest D.J.-
You are my one and only. Day and night I think of you, and my heart yearns for your love. But you are the only thing missing. You just don't seem to care...during school. After school you flirt and smile that irresistible smile that is only yours. I just want to tell you not to be shy, to tell your true feelings...because I really do care. I will never hurt you.
Yours forever,

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Now it's my turn.

Dear Alex Schaffrat,
I know all my friends tell you I love you.
But you don't think that its true, so I guess that Ill tell you myself. I love you; Alex you have always been on my mind and the things I try to get your attention is only made for you. Alex Im not sure you know how much I feel for you but the only thing I can say is I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!

Krystal R.

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I love you and ONLY you.

Dear Jay,
I love you and only you. I have always loved only you. I just cant help staring at you. Please tell me how you feel about me, even if Im not so pretty like everyone else! Please

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I just want to tell you that I love you.

Dearest Dane Bucchorn,
I just want to tell you that I love you. I know you already have a girlfriend, but I'll still love you. I know that's not right, but... I just love you. Of course you won't like me cause' the most popular girl in the school is your g/f. Anyway, I'm telling you who I am. I'm not those Chickens who doesn't want to show their name.
Love forever and ever,
Nabilah N.

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To: Jay

Dear Jay,
I just want to tell you one small detail about me
I love you, and only you. I always have loved only you. You probably havent noticed yet that whenever you look at me I always seem to be looking at you. Its because I spy on you. Whenever I dream about you I know its gonna be a great day. So please tell me if you have any feelings for me and we might be able to start our own relationship. You may think that Im weird and ugly but I know its someone like me that you are looking for. It also doesnt matter whats on the outside what counts is on the inside. Oh yeah, if you dont like me just say it to my face but dont say it when my friends are around or they might think Im a loser! Youre my shining star. Youre hot and Im not so there could be someone out there better for you! But its true what I said, it doesnt matter whats on the outside, what counts is the inside. So please just tell me and I would feel much better! Please

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I love you.

Dear Gage,
I don't know how to say this but hey I love you. My friends don't know, and they will never know that I love you. You have been there for me so I will be there to care for you. I love you sooo much.
Your one and only,

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How I feel.

For hours on weeks on months on end I've stared at your beautiful brown chromate curls and your every word created a fantastic mold my heart had never felt. All glances towards me, purposeful or not, teared my eyes and froze my face, and when your head turned away I was left lacking an important element within me whose name I lost. When you moved away to New York, you left a scar that still oozes of friendship, bathroom humor, and love struck girls trying vainly to heal the wound. I'm writing to tell you that I'm seeking out your forgiveness for placing my love in uncharted and unknown depths that was aimed only at you, but I'd like for you to know that I don't regret it and I'd explore these unfamiliar emotions all over again if ever given the chance.

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Why did you leave?

When I lost you I didn't know why! Why did you leave, it made me cry! I miss you so, and would like you to know that you are the one, the only one that will come into my heart, and be a part of my life! For forever Amen!xxxxxxxxxxxx

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The love I have for you...

Dear Peaches,
The love I have for you is like a waterfall that just keep coming down. I would put my life on the line for you because you mean the world to me.
Love, Hotboyz

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To: Katie

I Love You, what else is there to say, I miss you!!!
Love Ryan

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Hi babes, I know that you might like me but Im not sure if you like me.
I dont seem to be sure that you notice me at school.
I dont like when other girls be with you it makes me jealous.
It seems to me that you like other girls better then me. I dont know exactly why, it might be because Im fat?
I really like you. Im too scared to tell you and I hope you would understand that for me this is very hard.
You know I need you, you know that I like you.
Love You! ~*Sabryna P*~

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Forever in My Heart

Forever in my heart,
You will be there.
Because I love you
And I never want to be alone.
We're traveling in 2 different directions
But we WILL meet again
Forever in my heart,
You will stay.
Because when we meet again
Our love will be much stringer than before
Forever in my heart,
You will always be there
I love you
So very much

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I want to let you know how much I love you!

Dear Brittany,
I want to let you know how much I love you ! I've liked you since 3rd grade. I know we are in fourth but I just wanna know if you like me too. So write me back or tell me cuz I love ya!!!!!!
Love ya babe ,
Dereck H. your sweetheart

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I love you Sean

I love you Sean
I may say Amy loves you, but she doesn't.
I Ali do, please do me 1 thing...go out with me.
I love you Sean
Your 1 true love,

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Always lovin' you

I just wanted you to know that I will always love you no matter what you think.
Even though we broke up please dont hate me! I love you very much.
Always love,

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I like you

Dear Jimmy (a.k.a. Zack)-
I have liked you for over three years and I can't stand you not knowing any longer. The way your eyes like... pierce mine when you look at me. The way you held me close when we danced. The way you sneak glances at me and then when you catch my gaze too, you blush and give me your handsome shy smile that seems so special. But if you're not interested in me, please tell. I lack the initiative to tell you to your face, but here, I can say all I mean. I like you almost to the point of love. But it can never become that until I know how you feel. So tell me when you get the chance. Please... I need to know.
Love, Laura

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OK, so one day I sat down in my desk and then I saw a paper out of place in my school bag (I always have everything in orderfrom make-up to jewelry to notebooks to books). And the paper was dull so I knew it wasn't mine so I took it out and read it. It was sooo sweet this is what it said---
Dear the girl with perfect hair eyes body and smile,
I know you have a boyfriend but the minute you sat down I could not bear to be without you. Your hairits soo long and blond and beautiful and your brown eyes are soooo you and your smile is sooooo beautiful. I just wish you would notice me. I know you're a cheerleader and you are very popular and Im just me, but I love you and I hope you love me. From: A Guy with a huge crush on you.

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Only 6 monthes ago...

Hey Adam, we've only known each other for about 6th months. Before you were just another kid in my class, another face in the crowd. Then, my best friend went out with you. It was then, that I started talking to you more. We started hanging out more. We hardly talked in school, just mostly on the computer. We had great conversations. Now, we're really great friends. But now we have to be separated and we have to go to different schools. Im really going to miss you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for the awesome music youve introduced to me. Thank you for being the first one to say, "I love you Karen" you really have helped me come out of my shell. I used to be quiet, but spending time with you and hearing what you have to say, has made us grow closer. I miss all the great times we've spent together and all of the inside jokes that we've shared and all the silliness that we've endured. I loved when we just listened to music. And you were by my side, listening with me. Thank you. I know that you like "her"not me. I know that we are just friends. I wish it were something more. But Im just fantasizing about something I cant and never will have. I wish my feelings would just pass. I wish that my desires were something that is actually real, something that I can actually grasp. But you are just too far away now. You may be just a phone call away, but I know that we wont probably ever see each other again. You have your own life. And I dont think that Im in your future. I know that you keep telling me that Im you best friend, and that you love me, and that we'll always see each other...but out lives are so different. We have different interests, different friends. I dont know why you started talking to me. But Im glad, because youre the one that talked to me when I stood all by myself in the corner. Youre the one that walked me to class when I was all alone. Youre the one that put your arm around me when I was feeling sad. Youre the one that changed my life. I hope you never forget me when you move on to High school. And I wish you all the best with "her". All the times you said, "I love you" and never once did I say it back. But Im saying it now. I love you Adam.

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To: Paul

Paul my darling you were there for me through thick and thin. When times were low you picked me up. Our Love for each other is never ending. I did not believe in love at first sight till I met you. Thank you for everything and for being you!

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Please read this Jay

I know that everyone practically in the entire school has told you this...but I really do like you. I know I've probably come across as one of those people that just won't go away but I really like you. Ive liked you since I first met you. I know that I'm not the prettiest person in the world but its whats inside, right? I know you just wanna be my friend. Youre an amazing person. If you ever need to talk to someone, I'll be here, k?
Never stop being you,

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I'm sorry

...I started liking you at the beginning of the 6th gradeat my birthday party. Everyone was saying who they liked. One girl said you, and for some stupid demented I started liking you at that second. Weird 'eh? Well I made the dumb mistake of "stalking" you, and you said, "GO AWAY!" to me that time at the skating rink, I knew I'd scared you and pissed you off. But as the year progressed, I began liking you more...for you personality...for your looks (kinda shallow, I know), I just did. Soon I didn't just like you as some random thing, I liked you as a person. I was young last year, I made so many stupid mistakes...I know I bothered you...and I wanted to say I'm sorry. I remember the time I told you to your face that I had a crush on you, and I didn't talk to you for a while, but when I began talking to you again, you didn't treat me any different. Just like a good friend. Cracking jokes, sharing candy, even giving me the occasional hug or two when I asked. You're one of the best guys I've ever met, I can say that...honest, kind, and EXTREMELY funny. I love your personality. So after this stupid long rant...I guess you'll have figured out that I still like you a lot.

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Dearest Bryon...

Dear Byron,
It took me awhile to get to know you, but now that I do, all I do is think about you. I was scared to ask you out at first, so my best friend did it for me. She said that I really liked you, but you wouldn't believe her, because it was over the phone. She got me to say it to you, but I was so nervous, I talked really fast, you didn't hear me, and I didn't have the courage to do it again. It is now summertime, and I long to talk to you again. Although I cannot express my true feelings at the time, Im sure I'll come through. I just want you to know that I love you.

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To my sweet angel

Dear sweet angel of mine,
I just wanted to let u know how much I love you. I know that a lot of people think since we are 13 we don't know what LOVE is but I know for a fact that I truly know that I love you because you are the one for me. Well no matter what if you have a girlfriend, or 10 kids, no matter what, I will always be there for you. My love for you will never end and now that next year you won't be here I will miss you. These last days with you are the best days of my life. I will always love you.
~*Love Always Me~*

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To my hunny...

Dear Hunny
I love you and I'll always love you till we die. We'll die but my love for you will last forever. It's easy to forget anyone but it's so hard even just thinking to forget some one in love.

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My Lucky Clover

At the pool starting place,
My heart is beating its a race.
There's the whistle off we go,
The race is starting very slow.
Nearly there half way,
Whos going to win I cannot say.
Oh my, my life I am first,
My mouth is dry with sore thirst.
Thank-you Lord the race is over,
But thank you most to my lucky clover.

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I am writing you this letter to tell you how I

Dear John,

I am writing you this letter to tell you how I feel about you. You know I like you since the first day I met you. I know you probably don't like me but it's all good. But you know that the girl that you are with now is playing you out. So don't try to talk to me when you break up with her. Cause you know that if you do I am going to smack you. So don't even try. Well I need to let you go. So peace doggy.

Love Jasmina

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*- You Have My Heart -*

You have my heart and you will keep it. You took me and you have shown me what it feels like to be in love and the feelings I get when you are around are so incredible. I never thought I would ever find someone like you... and I hope that we stay together forever because I dont know what I would do without you in my life because you are the love of my life and I dont care what people say or think because I am in love with you and nobody can ever change the way I feel for you.

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Heaven's Angel

Heavens light brightened up the land,
I saw an angel who I wished would take my hand.
She showed me what love could do,
I dont know what I would do without you.
I thank the Lord for her every night,
When I talk to her I do not know fright.
I will always love her,
Thats for sure.
She is not only an angel from above,
She is my one love.

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Stay True to Yourself

Stay true to yourself and to others be who you are. Dress nice for you not for others happiness and acceptance. When you get up in the morning ask yourself: Am I looking good for myself or for someone else? Don't worry about being popular, think, Where will it get me? Will I have a successful career just getting others to think Im cool? Sure, I know acceptance feels great and is unexplainable sense of happiness and also confidence feels good. But what will become of you? Study hardyouve heard it so many times, but it's true your future NOW matters. When you get older, poor, or working at minimum wage you will regret every day and only wish you could go back in time and study harder. Make yourself proud. STUDY. I promise it works. It helps and just slipping through life taking the EASY way out will come and haunt you someday
or another I PROMISE! And when you study, study FOR YOU not for anyone else!
If you like a guy don't come dressed in fancy clothes and impress himthats not being true to yourself or others. If he is THE RIGHT GUY he'll like YOU for YOU not for your clothes, your hair, your body, your facehe'll like you for the internal real person you are. The body is only a cover-up; it does not show who you really are. When you get up, feel real low, or you get dumped by your boyfriend ask yourself this, Why try being something Im not? And if he doesn't like me for me how I dress, look etc. than heck with him? Love yourself and others shall love you your inner beauty and happiness will reflect like a mirror exposing to everyone around you.
Motivate yourself and remember to do stuff for YOU!!

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Hunny Bun!

To my Hunny-bun Haz,

You know who i am. I am in your class. Youve been out with me, but it didnt last. I love your blonde hair and the way you wear your glasses. Youre the one for me Haz.

Love, Shorty

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Time Has Gone By

Dear Honey,
So much time has gone by with you being away and everything. I must admit that I have changed and I know you have changed also. I just wish we could of made those changes together. Maybe then we would have had a love that could of last forever.
But I want you to know that you hold a special place in my heart. A place that will never part. It's just that things are going a little crazy right now. I just feel I don't know you anymore. But you will always remain my friend. But for right now I have to let you go.

Always, Mimi

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Hey Baby Gurl!

Hey Baby Gurl! Well you must have heard already that I have had the biggest crush on you ever since you walked into my 5th period class 3 years ago! Well, its true. I hope you dont think that Im just saying' this to get you into bed or something!? Because Im really not! Some girls may think that thats all any guy thinks about is sex! Well I dont! Im tellin' you baby Im ready for a real relationship! I know that I dont know you too well and all, but Im sure if you give me a chance, you will come to like me! You may see me around school with these other girls, but they mean nothin' to me girl! There's only one girl I wantits you baby! Now, I know you have a boyfriend, but Ive seen the way he's treated you! He leaves you to go with his friends, or he will blow you off to go watch a football game, and he flirts with other girls all the time! And I can see that you hurt inside, so let me be the one to comfort you girl, you and I know you deserve better then that idiot! Well, if you think that Im nuts, I am, Im nuts about you! I haven't had a girlfriend in 2 years now, because I wanted to find the right person for me once and for all. And I think Ive found her! If you accept my offer of me being your boyfriend, then please meet me in front of the student parking lot after school at 3:00pm! Trust me; Ill be there before you if you decide to come!

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How Could You?

How could you upset me that much, that my eyes cried and my heart broke, in just a few words, my world stopped. Sadness came and happiness left, the only happiness I had left were the memories, and the only part of you I had left was the memory of your voice, the times you made me laugh and smile, and the times we joked and spoke to each other. I wouldnt have thought someone so far away could make me so happy and I wouldnt have thought someone who I barely knew, would feel so close. You were the opposite of me, you werent anything like I imagined my first love, and yet you were my first love; you made me happy, yet being happy only caused me more pain. I told you how I felt and you told me you never could feel that way about me. These words broke my heart and the sadness began, it would never be the same again. I got over you but as I did you grew further and further away. You realized you didnt even want my as a friend, and when you told me my heart broke again and tears flooded my eyes. I cared so much about you, and the thought of losing you forever caused me pain more pain than I ever thought was possible. How am I supposed to go on? How am I supposed to breath? How am I supposed to live?

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My Dear Sweetie,
You don't know how much you mean to me. You don't know how my heart feel when I see you, baby. You are like the sun shining up there just for me! I know you feel the same way for me and it makes me smile so long that my mouth hurts! I can think about you, my lil flower, forever and ever. I love you. Just you. And I hope I will love you forever and ever and ever...
Your Darling

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I Really Like You

Dear Keith,
I really like you but I never tell you. You make me
smile when I'm with you. I wish I could tell you
I liked you, but I didn't.

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I love you even though I can't show it.

I love you even though I can't show it. These secret notes have been flying for a while and my friends were trying to get me to talk to you. I couldn't bring myself to do it so I had to do the next best thing to get you to talk to me. I'm for anything you do in anyway. I've been down since grade K. and always will be. I LOVE YOU!

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I Want Us To Be Together

Dear Baby,
I really love you and want us to be together for a long time. Everything about you makes me smile. When I am down you pick me up. When I frown you make me smile. I love you.

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I love you so much!

Dear Lucas,
I love you so much! I know this is a very early question to ask but will you marry me? I've had a crush on you for a long time!

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My Secret

Dear Dan,
Dan I should of told you at the beginning of the year. But now its the end. You may not know who wrote that other love letter. I know who wrote it. I did. It was me. I love you Dan. I just do. I think youre cute and funny. I also know you will never like me. But I dont care. I just know. I LOVE YOU DAN!!!!!!!!!

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Hey Matt

Hey Matt
I am writing you to tell you how much I like you. You already know this but I have to tell you. My friend told me that you were into me. Anyways I really like you. I like your hair, muscles, and funninessyou always make me smile when I down. That is what I love about you. And when you are with me you don't look at other girls. I love that the most. Anyways I love you and hope you feel the same.

Peace *~* LAASTARR*~*

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Music to my ears...

When I heard your voice it was like music to my ears and after a few messages I knew that you had to be mine. Now that I have you as my man I know that you are not going anywhere and neither am I. I love you and only you and that will never change.

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I want to tell you how I've felt about you

Dear Chia Pet *secret name*,

I want to tell you how I've felt about you in the last couple of years...just kidding. But I've liked you for a long time and since we've been together I only like you more, though I tell all my friends I don't. I guess I'm just trying to convince myself I don't. Anyways, I really would do everything and anything to make you happy.

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  11. I have a huge crush on you!
  12. Letter from Trevor
  13. I know you love me.
  14. I love being with you.
  15. Lovin' You
  16. Listen to this!
  17. Oh Gurl
  18. How cute is this?
  19. To: Taylor
  20. Show your inner self
  21. I love you and ONLY you.
  22. The love I have for you...
  23. I want to let you know how much I love you!
  24. Crush
  25. To my hunny...
  26. I am writing you this letter to tell you how I
  27. *- You Have My Heart -*
  28. Heaven's Angel
  29. Hunny Bun!
  30. Time Has Gone By
  31. Hey Baby Gurl!
  32. I Want Us To Be Together
  33. I want to tell you how I've felt about you
  34. The Pain I Feel
  35. I just can't tell you!
  36. A drop of my blood, I did it for you.
  37. To: Andrew
  38. Someday, Somehow
  39. Goodbye
  40. I Need To Tell You
  41. My First Love
  42. I don't know how to tell you this...
  43. Sitting Here Thinking of You
  44. My Darling Alex,
  45. How I feel...
  46. Fire is Love
  47. My Crushes
  48. To: David
  49. Why?
  50. I Love You!
  51. To: Willow
  52. Bad Boy
  53. Is it a game??
  54. I have a really big crush!
  55. My Angel
  56. To Dasheek
  57. You told me you loved me...
  58. From the moment I laid eyes on you...
  59. When I first saw you I was afraid to meet
  60. I love you too!
  61. No Feelings for You.
  62. Martin,
  63. Chris,
  64. My mom is the greatest!
  65. Dear Dad...
  66. I have a crush...
  67. I love you so much!
  68. I suppose it is goodbye
  69. I love you unlike anyone else...
  70. Dear Anybody
  71. Falling
  72. I've been thinking I might be in love.
  73. Strength is...
  74. I Love You Will!
  75. I love George
  76. Dearest Justin
  77. Every person finds true love
  78. You are such an angel with Heavens bliss,
  79. I am here thinking about you and all the time.
  80. I miss you!
  81. In my mind and soul we are close.
  82. Kisses and hugs!
  83. Chris,
  84. You mean so much to me.
  85. Scared
  86. Dear Dylan...
  87. ~*Cry to release your pain*~
  88. Princess
  89. I really like you and you make me smile,
  90. I look outside the window
  91. Keith Read This!!
  92. Aaron
  93. I close my eyes
  94. To: Jason
  95. To: Matthew
  96. Everyday
  97. I used to think that you were a freak.
  98. I am a Little nervous of tellin ya this but........
  99. 2 my babes Kezza
  100. To my Dillon...
  101. The first time we met...
  103. I really miss you Devin.
  104. I look to the sky and see a bright star.
  105. I want to tell you...
  106. For Maddox
  107. To my love
  108. I love you now
  109. I will never forget David.
  110. Wish I could tell you...
  111. I know that you'll never be able to read this.
  112. I just want to tell you that I LOVE YOU!
  113. Roses are red
  114. Thinking of you~
  115. I've been watching you
  116. To: Alex
  117. About a boy...
  118. Love is pink
  119. You are so sweet!
  120. Our Apple Tree
  121. Friends...and maybe more??
  122. THANX...
  123. I can't take this any longer.
  124. I love you!
  125. **Oh I am missing u**
  126. Trust in god, who's always connecting people, those who love.
  127. Tom
  128. Take me back?
  129. Luv from us!
  130. I'll cross the seas a thousand times...
  131. To: My Darling David
  132. Iain,
  133. Camping Love
  134. Josh
  135. You were the one.
  136. I know we can.
  137. For Tony
  138. She and I were best friends.
  139. You are my one and only.
  140. Now it's my turn.
  141. I just want to tell you that I love you.
  142. To: Jay
  143. I love you.
  144. How I feel.
  145. Why did you leave?
  146. To: Katie
  147. Babes
  148. Forever in My Heart
  149. I love you Sean
  150. Always lovin' you
  151. I like you
  152. Only 6 monthes ago...
  153. To: Paul
  154. Please read this Jay
  155. I'm sorry
  156. Dearest Bryon...
  157. To my sweet angel
  158. My Lucky Clover
  159. Stay True to Yourself
  160. How Could You?
  161. Sweetie
  162. I Really Like You
  163. I love you even though I can't show it.
  164. I love you so much!
  165. My Secret
  166. Hey Matt
  167. Music to my ears...