Love Letters

February 2003

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Hey, it's me again.

Hey, it's me again.
I know that I won't send you this, because I'm afraid. But the reason why I'm writing it is that, maybe oneday you find it and read it.

Now I still wonder why you left me, all alone. I'm on my own. You left me in the dark. You left me alone with this cruel world. I'm nowhere without you. I dont know what I have to, what I should do. I don't understand There is no us?
The pain inside my heart, it's tearing me apart.
I cant handle it, you were the strong one.
But now I cry myself to sleep, months, even years if I have to, to get away from this pain. You're the one I need. My tears will never dry.
I hope that you will see how much you mean to me, you're my world, my reason to live. I lived for you. It will always feel the same, how can I handle it if its killing me? My heart is bleeding.
Everything is so far away. I can't feel because of this's driving me insane..
Why did we say goodbye?

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Name of crush

Dear ~_______________~,
name of crush

It is really hard for me to write this, but here it goes. I really, really like you, and I hope you like me too. So please tell me, because I need to know. If you want to, you could give this to me after school today, or whenever.

your name here

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You probably know that i admire you

You probably know that I admire you; you think its obviously me. When I look into your eyes, thats all that I can see. You have helped me through the hard times without knowing it, and even though I barely know you I wish that I could call. Even though I have only met you once you have stolen my heart, and even if I never see you again, at least you know that this is my art.

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I know you'll never love me

I know you'll never love me.
I know youll never care,
but everyday I'm happy just to have you there.
I'm not supposed to love you.
I'm not supposed to care.
I'm not supposed to with my life,
wishing you were there.
I'm not supposed to wonder where you are,
or what you do,
But I can't help it
'Cause Owen Baby I Love You!

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To my soul mate

To my soul mate
we met so briefly that night, but we left as if we were the only two in the room,
when you asked me for my number my heart missed a beat,
I didn't know that every time you were near,
my heart was going to be so near,
a year on, there are still 892 miles between us,
but in my heart you are never far away,
you make me smile on cloudy days,
you make me dream of the future in so many ways,
you understand me
and see how much I can be
you never question why I am
you luv me for who I am
you support me and give me strength
to stand alone and be myself
you give me faith and happiness
thanks for loving me and one day I hope we can be together night and day
but we are always together in my heart
to my soulmate
I love you

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Look into My Eyes

Look into my eyes.
Tell me what you see.
I will tell you what I see.
I see someone I will be with forever.

Although you see me as just a friend,
I will see you as something more...

Tell me CHRIS how you feel.

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Here is my football picture and maybe this weekend we

Dear Alexus,
Here is my football picture. Maybe this weekend we can see a movie with a few friends? Also, there is a dance tonight. Do you wanna go with me??

Love you,


P.S. Call Me

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Someone, somewhere, dreams of your smile and while thinking of you says life's worth while. So when your lonely or feeling blue remember someone, somewhere, is thinking of you! xxoo

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Always and forever

Always and forever,
I love you forever.
I love you for always.
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be.
I loved you since that day
we walked into school together.
That day you walked into my life,
was like the perfect kiss.
I love you forever.
I love you for always.
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be.
I loved you then,
I love you now,
even though you aren't in my life anymore.
It broke my heart to see you there,
lying alone on the ground.
They buried you the next day,
my last chance to say goodbye to my first true love,
and I blew it off, not wanting to see you there.
Your lips no longer rosy, your eyes no longer bright.
Instead, I said goodbye in my dreams.
I love you forever.
I love you for always.
As long as I'm living,
your baby I'll be.

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I want to say that were the love of my

Dear Tyler (sugar baby),

I want to say that you were the love of my life and you were my first love. Losing you was hard but I forgive you. I know we are going to be together again. I don't know why God let you be my first love. I miss you so much and saying I love you. I know we still love each other and I really want to be with you. You broke my heart but I forgive you cause I could never be mad at the person I love. I hope God brings us back together. I love you!

Love, Lisa (baby)

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I love you for you.I know you wont date me.But

Dear Myles and Alex,

I love you for you. I know you won't date me but that's ok. Just remember you know someone who loves you.


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Over the mountains

Dear TJ,
Over the mountains all through and through, TJ, I could never stop loving you. I could travel through planets and soar through the blue, but TJ, I could never stop loving you. Your sapphire eyes, your golden streaked hair, your gentle embrace is so quite fair. I love you so, and I must let you go, but TJ, I could never stop loving you.

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It was Quiet as we were alone,

It was Quiet as we were alone,
you held me like a dream,
the silvery moon lit above
us upon the grey stream.
The magic was perfect,
as we soon went to the prom,
the last moments between us
was unbelievably strong.
I love you, but do you
love me? You may not know,
I still like you even
though we are apart,
we will always be together in my heart!

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When you looked at me

When you looked at me
I turned the color red
You said hi, I was so scared
At that moment I had rather been dead

But I was wrong
your are a good guy.
This time I said hi
but we both said Goodbye

As you are still in my arms
I feel your gentle hair
you smell so good
I'd rather smell you instead of the air

So let's be together forever
and our love will sing
lets go so far
for you to give me that diamond ring.

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Im in love
but not with you

When we broke up
you thought I cried
NO, you got that wrong
I just met another guy

He's much much nicer
He is not shy
He doesn't watch baby movies
and surely doesn't cry.

He's much better than you
cause he tastes sweet and sour
he gets me everything
and calls me his beautiful flower

So back off chump
You are old news
good bye and remember
I always win and you always lose!!

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Hey, baby.

Hey, baby.

Im gonna write about my feelings. I know that maybe you dont want to hear them, but you have to. I cant take this anymore. I have cried myself to sleep for over a month. Because you were stupid and childish. I knew that I liked you. And maybe you knew that I loved you too. But there was that party. First it was all fine, but then, I didn't do something bad. I can't be good all the time. I know that I hurt you somehow. And you were pretty angry. I felt it. And those words, what you said, I never forgot them. But now you have forgiven me, cause you talk to me. And watch me. I wish that things were like before. It was happiness, what I felt before. You changed me to better person. I was like you. We shared secrets, and no one knew. Our relationship is givin me a headache (I'll remember that name, always). We are together and we aren't. We care about each other, but never tell. Please, if you love, then just say it. We will work out.
Bye, I miss you.

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My Love,

My Love,

For the past days I have been addicted to you. I am just going to come out with what I have to say. You are the apple of my eye, my rainbow after the rain, my sunshine after an overcast. You are the beat and rythm of my heart. I think that totally explains how I feel for you.
Roxy Foxy

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When I first met you I realized it was meant to be

Dear baby,
When I first met you I realized it was meant to be. When I first kissed you I realized you were for me. You were my first love, my true love, my only love. Soon it will be a year since we first met and I still feel a tingling sensation when we are together. Whether it be wind, rain, or shine, we will always be together in our hearts and souls and I will always love you, forever more. To you, my love, I write this letter in hope that you will feel what I feel. Love you. Gem

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love is a burning flame

love is a burning flame
so if u get dumped
u r to blame
love is a burning flame

once upon a time something happened to me it was the sweetest thing that could ever be it was a fantasy a dream come true it was the day i met u.

by sarah

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I loved you so much

I loved you so much,
You hurt me a whole bunch.
I miss you in every way,
I still think of you every day.
You are my tomorow,
But you brought me such sorrow.
I still am your sweetie pie,
Even though we already say good-bye.

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"Grateful For Him"

"Grateful For Him"
I am grateful to be his friend
Grateful til' the very end
Grateful for him to catch me when I fall
Grateful for every single call
I love him with all my heart
But not grateful for when we're apart
I love him with every limb
Overall I am grateful for him

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i love you, i love you,

I love you, I love you,
I love you all mighty,
I wish that my pj's were next to your nighty,
But don't be mistaken, dont be mislead,
I mean on the clothesline,
not on the bed.

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I know that it's over

I know that it's over. We decided to be friends. But the heartache lives on inside. And tell me who's the girl you're thinking of instead of me tonight? And where are you now? Now that I need you, tears on my pillow every night I cry to your river that leads me to your ocean. You'll never see me fall apart. My emotions are driving me crazy. Tell me where we went wrong so I can make it right cause i need you. You were my first true love and I feel like you'll be my last, so baby tell me were we went wrong so I can make it right.
love your baby girl

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You love them

You love them,
You hate them,
In the space of a second,
I loved him,
I hated him,
In the space of a second,
My eyes love him,
But my heart hates him,
Boys lie and can hurt,
Don't let someone hurt you like they did to me,
I loved him,
Then he lied,
Now I hate him,
And his friends hate me too,
But dont let your eyes,
Take over your heart,
As it will always be broken.

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You were there for me when I was down

Dear Kyle,

You were there for me when I was down, you understood and agreed with everything I said. I couldn't understand why. I was looking for a way out when you were thinking of what we could do together over the weekend. After we broke up you asked me out again and after a while I said yes because I felt bad. My whole life I've been looking for the guy of my dreams and he's been standing in front of me the whole time, it's you. You had faith in me and our relationship when I was being disloyal behind your back. But now I realize what I've done and I'm very sorry. Thank you so much for showing me trust, faith, love, and hope. So Kyle, from the bottom of my heart and soul, I love you!

Your girl forever,

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When I gaze into those eyes of your's, my heart

Dear Mike,
When I gaze into those eyes of yours my heart melts like butter. If only you could see how I feel about you. Leslie is just a girl. Nothing more than a girl who wouldn't take you when you asked her out. I would never do that to you. I would never make up an excuse for not wanting to be with you. She could never love ya like I do, baby. I wish you could understand. We are destined to be with each other. I know I should have told you how I felt sooner, but every time I said, Ill tell Mike how I feel today, the butterflies in my stomach took over. I couldn't have done it in person. I would've been too nervous. So now I'm letting you know that I love you deeply. When the world is over, we will end together, hand in hand. True love is the only thing between us. You were meant for me, as I was meant for you. I love you.
Your one and only love,
Sealed with a kiss

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You probably don't know it but I really like you.We

Dear Eric (the cutest guy in the history of love),

You probably don't know it but I really like you. We met in karate and I think you like me to. I really like you and hope you like me to.



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When you talk to me it is like I am winning an oscar award or something. You know when I am sad, and you make me laugh. I thank you for that, and you are the most important thing in my life. I am in love with you.
Love you always,

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It's me. The girl who you are in love for past year..or two. I didn't count. I didn't even know. But now you sent that card to me. With that poem. It was beautiful. It was gorgeous. Simply, but it was something, what you really meant. But there is always a sad part. I don't feel the same way. There is another boy. A boy who is for me. I'm sorry, but it just isn't you. And you shouldn't love me, I'm not good for you. Sometimes I feel, that I'm no good for anyone. Its been 2 years when we last met. Because I didn't want to face you and I still don't want to. I have my own life and you have your own. And maybe you don't love me if your friend doesn't love me. He has always loved me too, that's what he said. I was pretty shocked. But I said no, because there is only one boy for me.
Bye, let me be alone and let me live my own life. Please, I know that I may be cruel, and I am. You are worth better, no one deserves me. I'm selfish, because of that other boy. I just cant understand why I am so special. Why do the boys always run to me? It makes my life difficult, but yeah, I like it. But the one who I'm in love with, he doesn't understand what I feel. Maybe he does, but then he doesn't understand what he feels.
So bye, this is the last goodbye.
Forever not yours,

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hi, durane

hi, durane

i know we haven't known each other for very long, but ever since the first time I saw you, I knew you were the one for me. You taught me a lot of things in the last two months weve been together,
like how to love and care for someone you love. We're not together now, but you'll always be with me in my heart.


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I know you'll never read this,but I just want to

Dear Jenny,
I know you'll never read this, but I just want to say that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can't imagine living without you because you have made me complete.
I know I should have told this to you a long time ago, but now it's too late.... Youre gone...dead. I love you from all my heart, and I would give anything to make you come back. But I cant, and it ruins me knowing that I'll never see your pretty face again; your beautiful smile, or even hear the way you used to laugh. You will always have a special place in my heart, which no one can take. No other girl will ever be able to replace you because you're unique, one of a kind. Its not every day you meet a girl that makes you laugh just by being there.
R.I.P. Jenny. I hope you finally find peace wherever you are because I don't know if I will ever accept the fact that you're gone.
Love, Tom

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My True Love

My true love,
Your eyes shine like the stars at night.
Your lips are so pretty they could be kissed one thousand times.
Although it is Valentine's Day I still can't tell you how much I fancy you.
I had to write this letter to express my feelings.
So will you be my one and only?
I love you lots,

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Smiling Face

Dear Marisa:

In fact, since the first time I saw your smiling face, I felt totally fascinating and I felt attracted to you. Your kindness and your charming smiling face captivate me. I am really looking forward to seeing you. I love you more than other people, because of you, I found love and security as well as comfort, I really don't know what to do without you. My love for you is true!!!!!!!!!

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Since I met you in the halls, it just seemed right between us. I know you like me just by the way you look at me. You always call me "your girl" so now I'm giving you the chance to be "my guy." I'll be waiting for you. Please say yes because I do truly love you!! You know who I am!!

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