Love Letters

January 2009

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If We No Longer

If we no longer be friends,
I understand why, no need to
tell me no need to cry.

But I want you to know,
that deep in my heart, you
were always in there, right
from the start.

You may not care, you may not
but I understand if you want to say bye.

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Can you please let me know how you feel about me? I don't want to play any games any more. I'm tired of waiting for you to answer my IMs and I'm tired of waiting for your call. You're the one that wanted us to be an us and now you're practically putting me on hold. Let me know what it is you want because I can't be here forever.

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The love of my life is named M.C. He is one of my momma's friends' kids, and I have known him ever since I was little. I really think he likes me but is embarrassed to say. We get along so well. We think the same way, and love the same things. M.C. is the love of my life and it will always be that way!

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Will You?

Will you?
Will you go out with me?
I have waited so long for the answer that my heart is splitting! I can't take it any more!
I really like you but the question is,
do you like me?

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You Hit My Heart

You hit my heart
with tremendous force
You say you love her
But you never loved me?
Is that what this has to be?
So go on,
Screw this over
I didn't expect much more
I want to break down
I want to cry
But I built a dam to block the tears in my eyes
We once held hands
We once touched lips
But now we are nothing more
then a bunch of nothingness
And if you had this plan
To ditch me from the start
Why did you take up such a huge place
In my now so empty heart
You told me forever
Does forever stop right now?
Or are you just a breaker
So go on and have fun
With your new girl
But she can only wonder
If you really mean the words you speak
Or if your just another liar

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I like you so much I just found out the other day. I mean I love you. I have 200 pages of Anthony loves Ashley and Ashley loves Anthony. Please tell me if you like me.

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I never have kissed anyone no matter what other people in school say. But if I could have my first kiss with someone it would be you.
I love the way we get along in class and hate that we can never share our feelings they way we want to but I will always love you as a friend.

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I am really confused. You keep playing games with me. One minute, you're this sweet, nice, awesome guy. Then the next minute you're this jerk who is so mean to everyone except your little friends. I'm pretty sure that you like me and I don't know what else I can do. Just tell me if you like me quick or I'll move on. Hurry up or you'll miss a really good thing.

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Dear Dorian

Dear Dorian, I've liked you since you first came to Clara Barton Elementary, and I just couldn't tell you. I've worked with my BFF Chandler and she helped me know how to be myself around you. I had a note coming to you from Emliy in February, but now you it's me. At the end of the letter you will find out who it is. I have never forgotten that day you said you liked me. Even though I tried to play that "hard to get" role. It wasn't the real me at all. Now that I think back, I can't believe I'd think that you were ok, but now falling for you. I kind of got the message you liked me at the school field trip. But if you hadn't left, I would have asked to sit with you. Rejected or not. I think about you every day. And if you don't care about me, it's not ok to tell me... Give the message to my friends to tell. With Love, Jayla

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Esme, you're the one I star and oh, your hair. Please will you go out with me tonight?

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I'm sorry I will not see you this summer. But if fate brings us together please profess your love to me.

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I know I'm Kind Of Shy

Dear Dakota,
I know I'm kind of shy but I really wanted to tell you that I'm in major love with you . You're hot, you're sweet, and extremely polite (gentlemanly). I really would like if you would ask me to be your girlfriend. Love Morgan (your true love)

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I Hope You Like Me

I hope you like me, Arielle. I am from your class. My name is Damian.

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We've Been Friends For A Very Long Time

Dear Ryan,

I know we've been friends for a very long time but I just want you to know that I think you're almost as dazzling as Edward Cullen (which means a lot coming from a voyeur like me!). Please, I know you have a crush on Vincent but that doesn't mean we can't have a go!

Your Love,
Haley [wannabe Haley Cullen]

PS: I think it's cute when you show your fat rolls!
PPS: See you in Science & History on Monday!

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My Dearest Victoria

My Dearest Victoria,

I cannot tell you how many nights I lay awake on my bed thinking of our past. Ever since I've moved it's been a strain for our relationship. People have gone in and out of my life. Some capturing my heart, but never like you did. You were different from the rest. Our souls swirled together perfectly, as if it was destiny that we were together. We were made for each other. And now that you've fallen for some guy, I'm broken in two, without you. I hope we cross paths one day.

I've Always Loved You,

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Dear Micah

Dear, Micah
I love with all my heart and I don't know why you keep doing me like this. If you still want Cayla please tell me so I can just go on because I can't wait for you and I need an answer.
Love, Kasheia

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You are my best friend in the whole world. I could never ask for a better friend then you! I can't believe you and I are so close... Considering I'm a girl and you're a boy! No one ever believes that that's a possibility! But it is. You help me through everything and I hope you know that I'm there for you always! I know I will never lose you, I just know it.

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I Cut 12 Inches

I cut 12 inches of my long brown hair to make a wig for kids with cancer. And I raised $856. Even though my mom wasn't very supportive at the beginning. She eventually came around and was a great help in making me feel more confident about cutting my hair.

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Everything that I ever had was you
You're the first happiness that came into my life
But you were the first sadness that never left
I'm so confuss because everything was gone
You were gone; you were my everything
but for you I'm nothing
I told myself a million times why am I like this?
I shouldn't cry
Because I know you're not the only boy in the world
But what can I do? I really love you
All I want to do is to make you mine
All I want for everything is you
nothing but you
only you and nothing more
you're the everything I ever had!
You're the only thing that I'd be happy to have
you're the only thing that I really want
I really love you
my tears were for you
everything was for you
nothing less
you're my everything
you're my soul and my spirit
I know this is kind of corny but once you fall in love
you'll be corny
beware of love
back to my love letter
I really love you
no one else but you
no one no one will ever push you away from me
because I really love you
I love you
I miss the times when we always smiled to each other when you found out that I love you
everything disappeared from nowhere you disappeared into thin air but no matter what happens I'll love you forever
forever infinity eternally and beyond

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Please meet me outside History (in the corridor near the toilets) this lunch (I will be there for all of lunch)!

From ?

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Can You Please

Can you please let me know how you feel about me? I don't want to play any games any more. I'm tired of waiting for you to answer my IMs and I'm tired of waiting for your call. You're the one that wanted us to be an us and now you're practically putting me on hold. Let me know what it is you want because I can't be here forever.

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I really hate to see you sad but we can't go on like this forever. I know you've sacrificed a lot but I'm not happy anymore. We had fun back then but now it's like we are not that good for each other. I hope to remain friends with you.


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Big J

Big J,
I know you know I like you, but I can't stand being alone. I can't say anything you with Ellie at lunch or any time I see her.
Love you!

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Kliver, are you interested in me? Did you actually want to hangout? I wonder why I am the one making the effort now when it use to be you. You've drawn me in, and now, you're not reacting. Be real, make the efforts now. Please.
I really like you.

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I Love You So Much!

Dear Angelica,
I love you so much! If you knew how much I love you, you would think that I was obsessed with you. I was listening to a song yesterday and it reminded me so much of you, it also made me think why I love you so much. You're beautiful, you like me, you try to cheer everyone up when they are down. I am so lucky that you are my girlfriend.
I love you!


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This Is Probably Weird To You

Dear Mase Face,
This is probably weird to you (wait, you'll never see this! Ha!) but I needed to get it out. You are the first boy I ever saw when I first set foot in middle school. And I have had many crushes in my life, but this one feels different. As my mom says, when I crush, I crush hard. But before I felt a childish crush, but this is a true crush. Mason, I think I love you. And I do care whether or not you feel the same way, but I have no control over your feelings. It's just that, all my life, every single crush rejected me, and I was hoping with all that's left of my heart, that middle school could be different.

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Dear Leo

Dear Leo,
You are so quiet and smart. I wish you will ask me out. But I am okay if we start out as friends.

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I don't know what's up with you. We've been together for almost 7 years and it hurts so bad that this is over now. I was really offended with what I heard. I am insulted deep down in my heart. You never really appreciate me. I can't be what you want me to be. I am not as smart as your ideal girl. I am sorry for that. This is me. This is what I can be.

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To Pip

To Pip
One smile from you makes my day
love from Josh

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Jack, I've liked you for the past 4-5 years. But now I want to tell you how I feel about you! You're the cutest person in the world. You have the most gorgeous smile and laugh in the world!

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My Amigo

Hey my amigo,
I know this is going to sound really weird, especially since we've been like really good friends for ages, but... I love you. I know once I told you I loved you, but as a friend - I crossed my fingers when I said 'as a friend'. You always liked Dylan and I helped you get him even though he dumped you later, but I liked you the whole time, even when I was going out with Julia. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you. I really hope you love me back too.

Love Luke x (the plus one in the three amigos!!)

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When when, when when, when you wake in the morning, You feel down there, well what you should do is get up, up, up!!! Next you need to jump about, jump baby, jump baby, jump baby, jump baby jump right into my heart! Wipe that frown and turn it upside! Let's see that beautiful smile! Smile, smile, smile baby smile!!! I love love
I love you with all my heart!!! Yeah!!!

I love you baby and you know that's true! Because there's not one day where I'm not thinking of you! I truly love you!

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If I Love A Boy

If I loved a boy I would tell him. If I liked a boy's eyes I would tell him. If I had a crush on a boy I would tell him. I would tell him whatever I like about him.

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I love you so very much. Stop playing games with me. Making me jealous is just not the right way. I know I've insulted you but it's to make sure you don't realize how much I adore and love you. I'll always love you, no matter what happens in life.

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I Have Spent Lonely Nights Thinking

I have spent lonely nights thinking about the day we would part but I never thought I would spend the night thinking of the day you told me it was over. I miss you like a fat kid loves cake. I want to be with you once again and I hope you could find it in your heart to be with me again because I love you... Just want to hold you like a teddy bear.

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I Have Liked You

Dear Alex,
I have liked you since the first day I met you. I wish I could tell you how I feel.

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To Remi
I love you so much

Love Rebekah

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Please, you act so weird around me, and I really don't know how you feel about me. When people act strange around others, it might be that you like them. But still, I know you've liked three others before. Do you still? I love you, as you might know already, since I freak whenever you're around. I worry because another guy knows how I feel, and said he'd told you. If, by some impossible chance, you feel the same, I'm begging you! Tell me! It's too hard to leave it like this.


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Angelika your eyes are so pretty just like the sea. Your hair shines like the stars in the sky. Oh I love you Angelika so much because you are so pretty. I can't stay away from you.

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Dear Andy

(I haven't done this yet, but I'm planning to if he's too shy.)

Dear Andy,

It sounds sort of weird coming from me because it's suppose to be the other way around but do you want to go out or something? I know, I know, it's weird but it's worth it being with a boy like you. Well, answer soon. Bye!


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I Am Falling

Dear Tyler,
I am falling for you but I do not think you like me because of age. And we have been friends and I do not want to ruin that! Some way I just want to know...

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Dear Alec,

Ok. You asked me if I wanted to go half-way out and not tell anybody and I said yes. But yet you still rate people higher than me. I don't get that. And why can't we tell people. They're going to find out anyway. Are you ashamed of going out with a 7th grader? Age doesn't matter and it's only a 1 year difference. And when Cody told me that you were going to break up with me I believed it but you said you weren't. I believed you. Then when Ali asked you if we were going out you said no. What's going on? I need to know because I'm hurting on the inside. It feels like someone I love just died. That's how bad it hurts. Please tell me what's going on.


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You Make Me So Mad

Dear Tyler,
You make me so mad and I don't no why I like you but I do... The only reason you won't go out with me is because of age... You say things just joking and I get over it but when I don't talk you get so mad and become a jerk but I still like you so much and I always smile when I am with you...

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You Broke My Heart

Dear Jaden,
You broke my heart not once but twice. The first you left to Georgia. The second you cheated on me with 4 girls. You should be very ashamed with yourself. Read this letter and try to remember my face. I am angry at you but I miss you so.


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Did You Know

Did you know that my heart still beat for you, that the first thing I think of when I wake up is you, that every day we spend apart makes me want you even more? I hope that one day we will meet again but if we don't it doesn't matter because your memory will always be with me even though you are not. I want you to move on and just let me go and find someone better for me. I don't want to cause you any pain and if you live your life wondering, the present will no longer be the present, will never come because it will have you living in the past and with the past there is no future.


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Dear Kahlan I have no idea why you broke up

Dear Kahlan,
I have no idea why you broke up with me or why you even think that but like I said I still love you to death so Monday will you please tell me if you will go back out with me?

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To my lover,

To my lover,
I'm tired of living like this. Do you like me or not? You need to figure this out. I'm tired of living this way. You're breaking my heart. I don't won't to play this game you're winning at.

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All My love

All my love that I give to you is in words that I just can't explain.
I try to show it to you but it seems to me that you just don't care.
All I ask is just for a hug but it seems that you just ignore.
It seems that I cry myself to sleep but I still love you

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Truth time.

Dear _________,

Truth time. I really like you. You may not realize it but I do. I think you might like me too but I'm not too sure.Talk to me later. We can hang out or just talk. Either one.

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I love you sooooo much! I absolutely cannot live without you. You are the absolute most beautiful girl I have ever known in all my life. I want to be with you forever, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I want to hold you for hours upon end, for fear that if I let go, you will be lost forever. You are more beautiful than all the flowers in a garden, deeper than the deepest depths of the ocean, and more intense than the noonday sun. I love you with such a passion, that I myself often don't believe it. You complete me, I feel as though you are the second part of my soul. If you ever died, some of me would be ripped away forever and I would mourn my whole life through, never to love again. For it would be a sin to love another after investing so much of myself in you. I want to be with you always, in every way. I would do anything for you. If you asked me to lie in the middle of a highway at rush hour, I would do it, and never fear death. I love you, I want you, I adore you. Say you feel the same.

Your one true love

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I just want to let you know that my love for you is deeper than the holler, stronger than the river, higher than the pine tree growing tall upon the hill. My love is purer than the snowflake, that falls in late December and honest as a robin on a springtime windowsill, and longer than the song of a whippoorwill.
Also, I'm gonna love you forever, Forever and ever Amen, as long as old men sit and talk about the weather, as long as old women sit and talk about old men. If you wonder how long I'll be faithful, just read the rest of this letter. I'm gonna love you, forever and ever, forever and ever amen .
Yours forever,

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Some people tell me you like me. I want to know. People have told me you want to ask me out but your'e afraid. Tell me the truth.

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Dear Gabe

Dear Gabe,
I love you a lot I know that my text said that you would kiss me today but that was just a text. You don't have to kiss me till you're ready.

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To Davis,

To Davis,
I don't know how to say this. I've become obsessed with you. I've changed my look partly because of you, and even used one of my best friends who's not really a friend, just to get closer to you. I've lied to people, and endured my friends' hateful comments. I've come up with a code name for you, Arnold. If you're out somewhere, reading this, know that it's the end of January 2009 and I've liked you since the 3rd day of this school year. If you see this, please don't talk to me about it, unless you happen to like me back. Now that I'm sharing my feelings with the world, I feel so much better. I'll never forget the first time you said my name, or the time we walked down the stairs during the fire drill, laughing and talking, until the teachers told us to shut the heck up. I wish we knew each other a lot better. You have taken over my life, and yet the most words in a day you said to me since sewing ended is 13 words. Yes, I am counting--that's how obsessed I am. This isn't a silly middle school crush--this is true love.

Your not-so-secret, obsessed admirer,

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PS. Talk to me

Dear Julio, I know we went out for only 4 days but you don't know how much I love you and want to go out again. Please, I love you very much.

PS. Talk to me

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Dear Alec

Dear Alec,
I talk to you every night. When I don't, I get nightmares. We're going half-way out as you would call it, but why can't we tell anyone? It has been 3 weeks going on 4 weeks. A lot of people already think we are, so why not just tell them? It's funny when you call because my heart beats faster. A lot faster! Sometimes my head spins and I don't know what to say. In band when you look at me I look away because I hate blushing so bad...But other people think it's cute. I write letters to you all the time but I know you can't read them unless someone gives you the site. I don't know what else to say so bye.

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Dear Tiffany

Dear Tiffany,
I just can't stop thinking of you. You're smart, you're pretty. Every time I think of you I cry heavily. I can't believe that you broke up with me when I was just gonna give you this pear necklace and a ruby ring. I love you, please love me back.
Love, Issac

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