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January 2008

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I'll say it right away: I still love you.

Dear Cal,

I'll say it right away: I still love you. Look, I know what I said before. I know that I said I wasn't ready for all that. But then why do I feel this way? I cry myself to sleep, I dream about you at night and think about you the rest of the time, and I don't know how many times I've replayed each of our memories over again in my head. I've never felt this way about anyone, and I might not again. So please take me out of my misery.

I've been listening to love songs, watching romantic movies, and just thinking about love more than I ever have. Because I love you. Once upon a time, I told you that I would love you forever. I guess my heart is staying true to that. I love you, Cal. More than anyone I've ever loved.

I don't think you realize what you have done to me. You are the first person ever to really love me. Really. I know I'm not the prettiest, I'm not the most popular, and let's face it, I am not the most liked by boys. But I'll tell you right now that if you were to tell me that you loved me again, I would be the happiest girl on earth. My heart completely belongs to you. So please let me know how you feel. If you don't love me anymore, I understand; just call me and tell me and I won't bother you. But if your feelings are just as I left you, then call me and tell me and I will cry tears of joy.

I love you, Cal. You are the one person who always gives me butterflies in my stomach, and I love that feeling almost as much as I love you.

I am always yours,

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Dear Secret Crush

Dear Secret Crush,

I want you to tell no one that I like you. Here is a secret gift.

Secret Admirer

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You're so funny, smart, and cool to be around

Dear Derek,

You're so funny, smart, and cool to be around. You know me from homeroom and you like to goof around with the girls. I feel bad for you because nobody else in our homeroom plays soccer! Stay unique.... and keep goofing off with the girls in PEP.

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I love you, Sir Knight

I'm sorry it didn't work out the first time we went out. Two long months. I didn't realize what I had until it was gone. I want you back, I want no one else. I was cold and heartless before, but now you never leave my mind. I love you and always will. I hope that you will take me back. I don't deserve you. I don't care what people say, you are a perfect match for me.

I love you, Sir Knight; never forget that, never question that, never doubt that. I won't break your heart again, if you give me one more chance. I love you. ~~ Lady Knight

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We Both Are Dreamers

When I first saw you I dreamed
The second time I wanted to die
But then the third time you talked to me
And said something I never thought you would say
You said to me when I close my eyes the only thing I see is you, when I open them I see beauty,
You made me trust in you which I do but when I saw you the last time you told me that you didn't like me any more which made me think of you even more.
I want you the more I dream, I'm sorry that I joked and I hope you agree that we both have feelings for each other and we both are dreamers.

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T can make you love
E can change your life
X puts your heart above
T can be a knife

P will open your eyes
H can give you butterflies
O will try to impress you
N can make you laugh at anything
E will make you love him

The text you sent me, Tony
It was so amazing
Because that's exactly what you called me

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You are gone, I am here.

Dear Cameron,

I know that you are gone and I am here.
I know that my best friend used to be your girlfriend, and you said that you liked me as a friend when she was around, but you told me you loved me when she wasn't.
I know you moved.
I know you loved me. I used to love you (used to).
Thanks for everything but you ruined everything.
You ruined my friendship with Lexy...


Your Not-So-Secret Admirer, Emily

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Dear Emily,

Dear Emily,

I wish you loved me as much as I do you. I am sorry I ruined your best friend relationship with Lexy... Please don't miss me; I can't stand to see you be hurt, even if I did cause it. I love you, and I am hurt you don't love me any more. I miss you. Don't be sad, Emily, because you are wonderful, and beautiful.
I love you and always will, sorry.

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Life is Short

Life is short. Why has life become so short? A kid who did nothing to the world got shot in the head and now is lying in a grave with other dead people. He was sixteen. His life started with a birth and ended with death from a shot in the head. Everyone wants love. Now he got love from his homie boys and girls, and sometimes he fell in love with those girls, and from his family. He got love, and now there are only memories that torture us. I just want to say rest in peace, friend.

Dedicated to Diego Mendoza, killed in a shooting in Utah, friend, son, homie, student.

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You have no idea how strong my love from me

Dear Katie,

You have no idea how strong my love from me to you is, I would do anything to spend just an hour with you. Hint, Hint. And just to remind you how much I love you I have a heart teddy with our names in the heart!!!! I love you!

Your secret admirer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Dear Payton

Dear Payton,

You will never know how much I love you. If I could I would come save you from a dragon like in a fairy tale. I love you so much.

From your Secret Admirer,


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Even Though I am Older

Dear Zach,
Even though I am one year and four months older than you, you are still sweet and sort of cute, too. I hope you feel the same way about me. See you this summer on Abby's birthday.

The coolest sixth grader you know

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You're the best thing that's happened to me in a long long time. I LOVE you so much and I'll never regret being your girlfriend. ;) There are no words in the world to express how I feel about you. You're always on my heart "Just Like a Tattoo." I Love You!
Love forever and a day,

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When I see you coming near me my heart almost stops beating and I stop breathing. My stomach feels really weird, but I know it's just Love. Falling in Love, just you and me, till the end of time. Sometimes I have to pinch myself just to make sure I'm not dreaming. You're all I ever needed and so much more. I know I don't deserve your love but you always fill my heart with it. If it were up to me I'd want to be wrapped up in your arms and talk to you all day long! This is such a stupid letter... But it's the real way I feel about you. You're pretty much the reason why I smile every single day :-). I'll always be yours forever, because I never want to be without love, actually I never want to be without your love, never ever ever. I Love Silly... And You know I Always Will. :-)
Love Forever,

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I Miss You

Hey you.

I miss you. I had a dream about you yesterday. And when I woke up, I was on the edge of crying. I miss you so much. But of course; there's just one thing you don't know.

I like you.

Not just as a friend. More than that. I know we're miles apart for over a year now, but I've never stopped thinking about you. At first we chatted. But as time passed, we stopped. Haven't heard from you in months, and I'm hurting.

That day. I smile everytime I think about it. You said to me, "I want a hug". And I gave you one. It felt so good. I miss you.

And on the day I left, you told me you wanted another hug. Right before I left you said you wanted a hug, again. You keep my heart beating triple time. Boy, you've got me hooked.

I think...I love you.

I miss you and I want you to hold me again. I need to be there with you. Maybe this year. I don't know. I really do miss you. And I think I love you.

Forever yours.

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Hate That I Love You

You told me a lot of things that I guess you didn't mean:
1. You said that you loved me
2. You said we'd always be
3. You said you wouldn't hurt me
4. You said your love was true
5. You said I was your wife for life
6. You said I was your everything

Or was that just a dream?

7. You said if we broke up you would do everything in your power to get back together
8. You said you would never let me go
9. You said I was your angel sent from above

But I guess all those were lies because I came to realize that you don't really love me.

I just can't believe you lied.
Now I sit back and laugh. We didn't work s*** out. You never liked to talk, you never liked to take walks.
I guess I'm just not wife material, or maybe just not for you. The only thing you were right about was that you are nothing without me because there will never be another woman like me. I really thought that we would always be. The only thing I regret was loving you more than you loved me but I guess it's over and done. Now it's time to go, I can't believe I cried and also died inside. You're not worth my time, my tears, my pain, so I'm leaving now knowing that you'll never be mine.


Jelena "da dopest diva alive"

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I like you a lot.

Dear Ricky,
I like you a lot. I mean a lot a lot. You have the most beautiful smile. Whenever we look at each other, I have to look away because it is so intense. Whenever I see you or talk to you, I have to smile. You are the exact definition of tall, dark, and handsome. Your dark chocolate skin, your pearly white teeth. You're flawless and I really want to get to know you better. Maybe we can give us a try.
Your secret Admirer

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You Know I Love You

Dear Boy,

I love you. You know that, so why do you do what you do? You say you love me, yet you are always pushing me towards other people. You say you love me, yet you hardly ever talk to me. You're always too busy being obsessed with her. You're always saying, "I give up" and "I don't care" but the next day you are complaining about how you are so heartbroken and how you love her. You always complain to me. That one day -- when you told me you love me -- I loved it. You said you loved me more than I would ever know. You made my heart flutter. But then the next day you were trying to push me at other people, telling me I should be happy with what I have. I'm not, and I tell you that. Yet you seem not to care.

You say you love me, then why do you pretend all the time that you don't? First you like me, then we're friends, then you like me, then we're friends. It is really confusing when you tell me again that you love me. I love you, so much. I am sick of hearing about her. I love her, she is my best friend, but it has been almost a year since you have been together. So please -- for the both of you -- get over her. She knows how you feel about me, and how I feel about you. She says it sounds like a good idea.

You half joke about how wrong it would be cause we are "brother and sister". Just because we have dubbed each other that since when we first met doesn't make it true. Stop using that excuse, please. We are in no way related; you are not my brother, and I am not your sister.

I love you so much, yet you frustrate me ever so. I want you. It might be jealousy, but I still love you, and I still want you. I don't care whatever distance is between us. I don't want him, I want you.


Confused Girl

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Dear Cash

Dear Cash, (yes, that's his name)

I've heard from more than one person you like me, and I like you too. You're in none of my classes, but I think about you in every one. You have a girlfriend, which is killing me inside, because I've never felt this way before. You are my first love, and I want to be with you. My friends made you think I hate you, and I think that's why you wouldn't tell me before, but I love you.

Love, (no name!)

The sad ending: The people who told me he liked me were LYING!! So he was my first broken heart, and my last for a long time.

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Kace, when you feel unloved, underappreciated, lonely, no one needs you, no one wants you, you don't feel valued, feeling down, you are not worthy, you feel sad, you feel hurt, you feel angry, you feel you are not important, you feel as if you don't matter, you are not attractive, you are not worthwhile, you are not precious, you are not good enough, you are not smart enough, you are not intelligent enough, you don't feel acceptable, you feel you are not determined enough... remember these things.

Kace, you are lovable, Velvet loves you unconditionally without expection, obligations or conditions.

Kace, you are needed, Velvet needs you. Velvet has faith in you.

Kace, you are wanted, Velvet wants you. Kace, you are valuable, Velvet values you. Kace, you are happy, Velvet is happy with you.

Kace, you are worthy, Velvet thinks you are worthy. Kace, you are wonderful, Velvet thinks you are wonderful. Kace, you are great, Velvet thinks you are great. Kace, you are important, Velvet thinks you are important. Kace, you are special, Velvet thinks you are special.

Kace, you are uncomparable, Velvet thinks you are the only man for her.

Kace, you are good enough, Velvet thinks you are good enough. Kace, you are smart enough, Velvet thinks you are very smart.

Kace, you are precious, Velvet thinks you are the most precious man in the world. Kace, you are attractive, Velvet thinks you are very attractive.

Kace, you are acceptable, Velvet accepts you for who you are. Kace you are self-determined, Velvet thinks you are very determined. Kace, you are worthwhile, Velvet thinks you are very worthwhile.

Kace, you are appreciated, Velvet appreciates you. Kace, you are perfect, just the way you are, Velvet thinks you are perfect.

Kace, you matter, Velvet thinks you matter to her. Kace, you are trustworthy, Velvet trusts you 110 percent.

Kace, people's opinions are not important, the only one opinion that counts is yours. Kace, you create your own happiness. Kace, it is ok to make mistakes, mistakes have nothing to do with self-worth or intelligence.

Kace, nothing anyone does, says, or thinks is because of you. Kace, for this reason don't make assumptions or take anything personally. Kace, the only person that can make you happy, sad, mad, upset, frustrated, angery, is you, these are all your choices that you make.

Kace, if you have no expectations, obligations, conditions, or rules set you will always be happy. Kace, love and accept yourself totally, completely, unconditionally, this is the only way you can love and accept anyone else.

Kace, it doesn't matter what people say, do, or think, it only matters what you do, say, or think. Kace, you can't live, dwell, control, change, the past, you can't live, dwell, change, control or worry about the future, it has not yet happened, you can only live and enjoy the present moment, that is all we truly have.

Kace, you have all the resources to fill all of your needs. Kace, unconditional love is when you love your partner in spite of what he does wrong. True love is enjoying every moment with your partner and missing them when they are gone.

Kace, no matter what you do, say, think, act or don't do, say, think, or act. I will love you unconditionally.

Love always,

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Mi amor...

Mi amor...

Things haven't changed that much between us, the only difference now is that we're back at square one (sigh!).
That's okay because we can think of the times we shared together last summer! All the fun times and things we got up to! ;)

The five months or so we were 'together' were amazing although we're so far away from each other! :(
We gave it a try, that's what I'm happy for! I know we're going to try again when I'm much closer but not now...

I forgive you for what you did, I can't stay mad at you and I'm not bitter!

You entered my life when I thought I wouldn't let anyone else in... so I am forever greatful to be your boo! :)

Although we both don't know what is going to happen between us, where we are at now is just fine and I like it!

Love you forever and ever bebeboo :):)
ImAnI xxxxx

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"I love you."

Dear Andrew,

"I love you."

I wish I could say "I Love You" out loud...what a beautiful sound...and hear it ringing all around.

I hope you will realize soon that "I Love You."

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Jacob, you are the only one I will ever like because you are the only boy I can trust. I'm sorry but Crystal just doesn't deserve you. She is a witch. You're really fine, you're nice, and Crystal? Just break up with her. She is not right for you. You said you didn't like her and that the only reason you can't break up with her is because she'll tell your grandma and you'll get in trouble.

PS.: I love you forever and always.

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I want to be the girl you're scared to lose

Dear you,

I want to be the girl you're scared to lose, the one you can't walk away from knowing she's upset, the one whose voice you have to hear every night before going to bed, the one you can't live without.

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Why would you tell me you care about me?

Dear Ivan,

Why would you tell me you care about me? Why would you say that you wanted to be with me if deep inside you knew that you didn't care or want to be with me? I don't hate you but I just wish that you'd never told me the things you did that night. I wish I could take everything I told you back. But I know that you needed to know what I was really feeling inside. So I'm telling you right now I LOVE YOU IVAN and you should never forget that, and no matter what they say about you I'm not gonna care because all I care about is me being close to you!

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Dear Jason

Dear Jason,
You're such a great person. It is just that you don't like me and it just hurts me because I know you still like either both of your ex-girlfriends. You and me actually have a lot of things in common.

xoxoxoxox Your Secret Admirer

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Dear Mom

Dear Mom
You have the funniest way
To make me laugh
Your smile, your touch
Brings out the real you that
I like. When you make something real good
I would say I hate you
and you would smile all the way...

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Dear _____

Dear ______________,
I liked you ever since we sat together, we laughed and played and we had fun.
Now that you've moved I feel really empty, so I hope my feelings have reached you.
Thank you for all the good times.

~ Anne

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I was afraid to say I love you

I was afraid to say I love you but I so totally do. I miss you so much and I really need to talk to you. I cry myself to sleep thinking and dreaming of you. You asked me to run away with you. And boy do I promise you I will. I would love to hear your voice again so I could say the words I couldn't say before.

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Do you like me? I like you.

Dear James,

Do you like me? I like you. I remember you asked me to the dance, but I said no. Now I think I should have said yes.


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We Haven't Talked...

We haven't talked for a while and that really hurts. I really need to hear or talk to someone like you. You said you hated me, I called you a monster. You asked me if I loved you, I was afraid to say. You gave up and ran away. The funny thing is that you told me never to run away from pain. I've talked to your friend; he said, "I hate you" but I now I realized something very strong... I've never felt this way about anyone before and I'm not afraid to say it "I love you". I don't know why it was so hard to say. I can't do anything right or anything wrong you're always on my mind. I've started something I have to finsh and set straight. The funny thing is I had a dream you'd run away, guess it had to be today...

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I love you, I love you

Dear Ninja:

I wish I had the guts to say this to your face. Ninja, you liked me and I liked you... I can't stand not being around you, and I know J likes you too, but really I think we would be so much better together. We have so much in common... And Ninja, I know you're probably going to shoot me down, and feel awkward whenever I see you, but if you like me still, please, just say so! I love you, and every person I ask and talk to tells me go for it... I am really pretty cool...

Hugs and hearts,
Your Cupid.

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I like you a lot.


I love you loads and loads.

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I like you a lot.


I am very good at putting people together, it's just... I can't come to say... I like you, a lot. Every day, I see you in my class. I laugh at all your jokes, and even when I get into trouble, at least I'm with you. I may not be the most popular girl around, and I act a little wierd, but that's because I don't know exactly how to act around you... And I can be pretty cool... I love your favorite band, I have played one on one with you, and you are so cute when... Well actually, you're always cute.

I'm your cupid.

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I love you, I love you

Dear Jimmy,

I love you, I love you
I love you so much
You're cool, you're sweet but
I never feel your touch

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I wish you would ask me out!

Dear Tony,

I wish you would ask me out! I know we're best friends but I also know that you've fallen in love with me. And guess what? I love you too! I figured it out when you said I was amazing. I really like you and I know you feel the same way so you don't have to wait anymore. It won't ruin things like you think. Trust me! Tony. I love you. You love me. Can't you see it's meant to be? Mi Amigo!

Hurry up, Tony!


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The girl that wrote, "Dear Cash"

The girl that wrote, "Dear Cash" -
I love you, too. Because I know who you are, and I'm not the jerk you think I am. I'm so sorry.

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You probably don't remember me. It's been what...eight months?

I remember you. But the word "remember" isn't the best one to use. I miss you. I miss you so much that it hurts when I think about you. It hurts to think that it's my fault you're not in my life anymore.

And I loved you. I'm not entirely sure if I still do, because I miss you too much to tell. I'm sorry I never told you. But I'm telling you now. I love you. Or at least the memory of you...

When you get this, you probably won't care. You've probably moved on and forgotten about the girl you had a crush on once upon a time. Or maybe you won't remember at all. But all I know is that -

I was in love.

You broke my heart and I think I broke yours too.

I've managed to move on, but I know that if you came back,

I'd be in love with you all over again.

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Dear Zach, I love you so much!

Dear Zach, I love you so much! I have a strong feeling that you feel the same way about me and I'm not going to let anyone tell me otherwise. I have gotten into enough trouble in this world of backstabbing cliques, so I will not believe anything that people like that say. I will only believe you. You are the nicest boy I have ever met! I love you, Zach! Please say you love me, too!

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Nick, I know you and I broke up...

Nick, I know you and I broke up, but I love you with all my heart. I can't get you out of my head. I think about you all day. I even cry myself to sleep thinking about you. I really want us to be together again.

I want to kiss you and hold you. I can't. I just can't see myself without you. It hurts to see you at school. I can't even stop myself from crying when I look at you. It's like I'm smothering to feel your touch. I need you Nick. I can't live without you. You're the love of my life. I can feel it. Please go back out with me.

I hope you think about me at night. I hope you cry when you think about me.

You hurt me, Nick, and you promised to never hurt me. Why did you? Why did you break up with me? I thought you said you wanted to spend your life with me. I love you, Nick, and I always will. I'll always have a soft spot for you and I'll always keep you in my heart.

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I Will Always Remember You

I don't know why I'm so caught up in you, but I am. Did you even know I existed before they told you I liked you? Do you know who I am now, or is it just the same? I like you but I can tell you don't like me. You have a girlfriend and I'm cool with that. But trust me when I say this: I will always remember you. They might not be the memories I wanted but they're memories none the less. I understand that I'm not the person that everyone knows but I have amazing friends. So um...yeah. There it is. At least you know how I feel.

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I Love You

I love you. But you don't know who I am and you never will. But I know you...your eyes blue like the as yellow as the sun...voice as calm as I am (when I'm not on a sugar high). You're fast like a cheetah and just as strong as one too. I'm a grade below you, but we have 2nd period PE. Just different classes.

I love you.

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