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Report on "R U Tech-Savvy?"

Below you can see how your answers to our survey compared with other SmartGirls.

Computer motherboard


About the Survey:

In this survey, we asked SmartGirls to test their technological knowledge. We covered topics like cell phones, televisions, gaming systems, music, online bullying, internet safety and much more. Check out this report to see how your answers compared with other SmartGirls!

About You:

SmartGirls had a lot to say about technology! Approximately 175 of you took this survey. From those 175 SmartGirls, 165 were girls and 10 were boys. Check out Figure A to see a graph of this information. When comparing gender and age it is interesting to see that the average age of boys who took this survey was higher than the average age of the girls! Look at Figure B to see this comparison. Can you figure out which groups bar should be higher before looking at the graph?

Gender Chart 1Gender vs. Age

It also seems like SmartGirls of all ages had something to say about technology. According to Figure C the ages ranged from 8 to 21 and older! Figure C also shows us that 13 was the largest age group that took this survey. From Figure C can you find which age groups had the least amount of survey-takers?


According to our survey there were 76 SmartGirls that are the oldest children, 27 SmartGirls that are the middle children, and 47 SmartGirls that are the youngest children. 25 SmartGirls who took this survey are only children. Figure D takes these numbers and calculates each percentage displaying them in a pie chart.

Birth Order

SmartGirls all over the world took this survey! There were SmartGirls from the United States of America, England, Canada, Australia, India, Philippines, China, Barbados, Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland and many more. Have you heard of all of those countries? Do you know where they are all located? Check out this link to see! World Map.

Many SmartGirls also come from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, but the majority of those who took this survey come from European backgrounds [63], followed by Asian [21] and Multiracial [21], African [14] and Latin [14], Native American [8], Pacifica Islander [5] and Middle Eastern [2].

SmartGirls not only come from different nations and backgrounds, they also have different types of homes! Some live in big cities [36], rural areas [14], suburbs [41], or towns [59] and villages [7]. See Figure E to see all of the different types of homes. Can you figure out which home type will have the smallest percentage in the pie chart before looking at the chart?

Home Type

New Technology

Everyday new gadgets and gismos are being invented to make our lives easier and more exciting! So we asked SmartGirls how they feel about new technology. 78 SmartGirls said they felt curious, 72 said they were excited, followed by 21 SmartGirls who felt indifferent and lastly 6 SmartGirls who said they were overwhelmed. Figure F shows the results in a pie chart.

New Technology

We also asked SmartGirls if they thought new technology was important. 108 SmartGirls said sometimes, 40 said yes, well 27 said no.

As new gadgets develop us users have to learn how to use them. So what are SmartGirls favorite learning techniques? Well, the majority of SmartGirls [131] learn how to use a new device by playing with it. 23 SmartGirls said they read the help manual, followed by 13 SmartGirls who ask an adult, and lastly 11 who use the internet for directions. Before looking at Figure G can you figure out which category will have the shortest bar?


Now that you know SmartGirls’ favorite gadget learning techniques how difficult do they think the learning is? 93 SmartGirls say it is not difficult at all to learn a new gadget, 76 says sometimes it is hard, and finally 8 said it is hard to learn new technology. Figure H shows this information in a bar chart.



Do any SmartGirls know when the first TV was invented and by whom? Well around age 14 a boy named Philo Farnsworth began working on an image dissector in 1921. He revealed the first working version on September 7, 1927. Keep in mind Farnsworth’s invention was much different than today’s televisions!

So what are some of SmartGirls favorite types of TV shows? 32 SmartGirls chose cartoons, 11 SmartGirls like history shows, while 13 SmartGirls enjoy shows about music, followed by 20 who like science shows, and 84 SmartGirls who couldn’t fit their show into one of the other categories. See Figure I for a graph representation of this data.

Favorite TV Show

One new invention with television is parental restrictions. Now parents can create passwords that block certain channels or shows. They can even lock the TV or put time restrictions on how long someone can watch TV. We asked SmartGirls if their parents put similar restrictions on their TV use. Surprisingly, the majority of SmartGirls [99] said they do not have any restrictions, while 77 SmartGirls said yes they do. When we compared TV restrictions to age the results were not so surprising. The older a SmartGirl was who took this survey the less likely they had TV restrictions, thus the younger a SmartGirl was the more likely it was that they had TV restrictions. You can check out Figure J and Figure K to see these results. Do you know what it means when we say average age?

TV RestrictionsRestrictions vs. Age

Gaming Systems and Music

Today we have many sources of entertainment compared to what teens had in the past. Two popular areas of technology include gaming systems like Xbox, Wii, GameCube, etc, and music listening devices like the iPod, Zune, and more! From this survey we learned that gaming systems are popular with SmartGirls too! 140 SmartGirls said they own a gaming system compared with 36 who said they did not. Figure L supports this information.

Gaming Systems

So now that we know SmartGirls love games what types are their favorite? Well, it was a tight vote! 40 SmartGirls choose Entertainment, 39 picked Other, 33 liked Adventure, 31 SmartGirls chose Competitive, 14 more picked Action, and lastly 12 chose Sports. Can you tell what pie slices will be very close to the same size? Check out Figure M to see if your right!

Favorite Game Type

Next we wanted to ask SmartGirls questions about Music. Over the users music listening gadgets have changed incredibly! Who even remembers record players or cassette tapes LOL? So how do today’s SmartGirls listen to their music? Where do they get their music? Apple definitely has influenced our users, with 106 saying they use their iPod’s to listen to music. Next 27 SmartGirls said they use their computers, followed by 22 SmartGirls who say they use other gadgets, 13 said the radio, and 8 simply use their cell phones. Again Apple comes out on top when it comes to buying music. The latest and, I guess it’s safe to say, the most popular store for purchasing music is iTunes with 66 votes. 39 SmartGirls get music from somewhere but prefer not to say where ;), followed by 37 who like the good-old store. 25 SmartGirls say they don’t even buy music, while 9 other SmartGirls say they get music another way. Look at Figure N and Figure O to see these results!

Music Devices

Buy Songs

Cell Phones

It seems like you can’t turn around without seeing someone talking in a cell phone. Have you ever saw someone that looked like they were talking to themselves only to discover they were wearing a Bluetooth? Cell phones are definitely taking over! So how many SmartGirls own a cell phone? The survey says 135 SmartGirls said they have a cell phone compared with 38 SmartGirls who said they do not.

What age do you think it is too early and unnecessary to have a cell phone? We asked SmartGirls what age they were when they got their first cell phone and why. 42 SmartGirls said when they were 8-10! 64 SmartGirls said they got one when they were 11-13, followed by 25 who said between ages 14-16, and 8 SmartGirls said ages 17 and up! So why does a SmartGirl need a cell phone? The majority of SmartGirls [66] said to stay in-touch with their parents, 45 said it was a gift, 38 SmartGirls don’t have a cell phone, 18 said they begged for one, and finally 8 SmartGirls said they were peer pressured to get one. See Figure P and Figure Q for graphs of this information.

Age of First Cell PhoneReasons

So does your cell phone come attached to your ear or do you barely use it? It’s nice to know the majority of SmartGirls do not use their cell phones out of control. 61 SmartGirls said they do not use their cell phone everyday, 21 said they probably use it for an hour or less, followed by 20 SmartGirls who said between 2 and 3 hours, 15 said 4 to 6 hours, 7 SmartGirls said 6 to 8 hours, and lastly 14 SmartGirls said they are on their cell phones for more than 11 hours!

With that much time spent some SmartGirls must have cell phone rules right? WRONG! 105 SmartGirls said they have no rules when it comes to cell phones, well 16 said they do have rules but they don’t mind, followed by 11 SmartGirls who do have rules and hate it, and lastly 5 SmartGirls who wish they had rules?! Check out Figure R for these results.

Cell Phone Use Rules

We all know today’s cell phones do more than simply call people. They can be cameras, computers, calendars, alarm clocks, music players, entertainment and much more! So with all these options what function do SmartGirls use the most? 82 SmartGirls chose texting, 32 enjoy calling, 10 SmartGirls like to take pictures, 3 want to play games, and 11 prefer another function. With this information can you predict what the graph would look like? Check out Figure S.

Cell Phone Functions

From our results texting is VERY important to SmartGirls. 61 SmartGirls choose texting over the 31 who choose calling, while 83 SmartGirls remain undecided. If texting is so important how do SmartGirls feel about others reading their texts? Well 101 SmartGirls said they might mind if people read them, followed by 43 SmartGirls who said their texts are private and lastly 30 SmartGirls who said they would not mind. Figure T shows a pie chart of this information.Do you know what we mean when we use percentages? Say a category got 75% of the votes this means if you had 100 people 75 of them must have voted for that category? So if we had 100 SmartGirls how many of those 100 voted yes they mind when others read their texts?

Others Read Your Texts?

So who are SmartGirls spending all this time texting or calling? Survey says….Their friends of course! The majority of SmartGirls [83] said their friends, 32 said their parents, 17 SmartGirls said a significant other, and lastly 6 said their siblings. Check out Figure U.


So how many SmartGirls’ cell phones have cameras? 128 SmartGirls said their cells have cameras and 9 said theirs did not. With this information how many of them send and receive pictures? From Figure V we can see that 92 SmartGirls do send/receive picture messages while 34 do not.

Send/Receive Pictures

An increasing problem with picture messages is “sexting”. So we asked SmartGirls how many of them ever sent a risqué picture. It’s good to know the majority [105] have never sent that type of message, while 17 have, and 13 also have but regretted it. You may think that no one will ever find out, but no matter how much you trust the person once you press send you are no longer in control over that picture! A lot of girls even end up regretting it! So BE SMART and THINK before you text. You never know who might see/read it! See Figure W for a chart of these results.

Bad Pictures

Technology has even influenced are language! (Teachers around the world are not too pleased.) Abbreviations have become so popular and easy to use like LOL, TTYL, G8, BBM, and so many more! We asked SmartGirls if they’d rather read normal language or abbreviations and if prefer to write with or without abbreviations. The survey told us SmartGirls like a little bit of both for reading [114] and writing [90]. 64 SmartGirls prefer to write with proper grammar/spelling while 22 are addicted to writing with abbreviations! 28 SmartGirls are anti-abbreviations when it comes to reading and 33 prefer to read txt language. Check out Figure X and Figure Y to see this information organized into charts.

Writing StyleReading Style

Internet and Online Safety

The top five websites SmartGirls chose include:

  1. SmartGirl :)
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook
  4. LiveJournal
  5. Google

So how much time do SmartGirls spend surfing the web? 85 SmartGirls said less than 3 hours, while 77 said 3-7 hours, followed by 8 who said more than 8 hours, and lastly 5 who said not at all. (Hmmm, how could they take this survey if they are not on the Internet?) Look at Figure Z for a chart of this information.

Time Spent on the Web

So what do SmartGirls do on the Internet? Well 59 SmartGirls use it to keep in touch with friends, 43 play games, 32 SmartGirls search for information, 26 use it for information, 9 SmartGirls entertain themselves with the Internet, and 8 go shopping!

We asked SmartGirls if they had accounts with certain popular websites including: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and LiveJournal. If you are one who has an account make sure to add SmartGirl as your friend or follow us for all the latest updates with!!!! 103 SmartGirls who took this survey do have a Facebook compared with 72 who do not. 56 SmartGirls have a Twitter account compared with 118 who do not. 53 SmartGirls have a Myspace while 122 do not. Finally 55 SmartGirls have personal web pages/blogs while 120 do not. Check out Figures AA, BB, CC, and DD to compare this information.



So how often do SmartGirls use these types of websites? 38 SmartGirls said rarely, 37 said every day, 28 said once a week, 22 said a couple times per month, and 22 more SmartGirls said multiple times per day. Do your parents know about these website accounts? Well 89 SmartGirls said yes, 38 said no, and 33 did not know. Do SmartGirls accept unknown followers/friends on these websites? 96 SmartGirls said definitely not, 54 said sometimes if they don’t look sketchy, and 11 said sure why not. WARNING: Be careful who you allow access to your information! There is no fool-proof way to know if a person is safe or not, so it is better to stick with people you know for sure!

The Internet is huge! You can’t even count how many websites are out there! So how safe do you really feel on the internet? 112 SmartGirls said they feel completely safe, while 45 said restrictions help keep them safe, and 18 who said they don’t feel safe at all. Check out Figure EE for this information.

Internet Safety

Since SmartGirls feel so safe on the internet do they use their real name and information on these websites? 76 SmartGirls said they do use their full name, 45 said they use only their first name, and 40 chose to use fake names. 36 SmartGirls put their real information on websites while 129 SmartGirls do not.

While comparing data our information from this survey showed that the older a SmartGirl was the more likely it was for them to share their personal information. Also the younger a SmartGirl was the less likely they were to share their information. Why do you think this is so?

We asked about name and information what about age? 84 SmartGirls said they sometimes lie about their age, 62 said they never have lied about their age, and 28 said they always do. Check out Figures FF, GG, HH, and II for the above information.

Real NameReal Information

Real Information vs. AgeLie About Age

For most profiles you have the option of making it private or public. 123 SmartGirls prefer their profiles to be public while 46 said they keep their profiles public. We compared this data with the ages of the SmartGirls who responded and found out that it is more likely for an older SmartGirl to keep her profile private while younger SmartGirls are more likely to have public profiles. Why do you think this is so? Check out Figure JJ and KK for graphs of these results. What does average age mean?

Private/Public ProfilesProfiles vs. Age

So why do SmartGirls lie or use fake names, information, ages and private profiles? Here were some of their common answers:

  1. Fear of online predators.
  2. To get on certain websites I’m too young for. (hmmm maybe there is a reason your age is too young???)
  3. My information is nobody else’s business.
  4. I’m reaaally close to that age, I swear!
  5. Curiosity.

The internet is a wonderful invention of technology, but it can also be dangerous. It is important for SmartGirls to understand Internet safety! So we asked what SmartGirls do to avoid the bad stuff. The majority of SmartGirls [135] say they avoid bad stuff by themselves, 16 SmartGirls simply don’t avoid the bad stuff, while 13 use filters, and 12 SmartGirls have restrictions.  Check out Figure LL for this data.

Avoid Bad Stuff

So next time you’re surfing the web make sure to be cautious and use common sense when it comes to your personal information!

Technological Bullying

One negative thing that can happen with technology is bullying. This includes: sending mean/false information, harassment, stalking, pranks and much more.  Sometimes it may start as a joke but not everyone may find it funny, for example prank phone calls. We asked SmartGirls how many of them have done a prank phone call and how many have received them. 98 SmartGirls said they rarely prank phone call people, 61 said they do not, and 17 said they do. It was pretty even on receiving phone calls: 85 said yes they have received one while 85 said they have not. Look at Figures MM and NN to see pie charts of this information.

Pranked OthersPrank

So how many SmartGirls have had something negative written about them using technology? From this survey 72 SmartGirls said they have, 42 are unsure, while 59 think they have not. Now that we know bullying happens through technology how does it make SmartGirls feel? 81 SmartGirls say they’ve never been bullying (Bullying may be a strong word but there are many types and I guarantee at some point in everyone’s life they’ve been bullied.) 40 Other SmartGirls said they felt surprise, followed by 24 who thought it was funny, 16 said it really hurt, while 9 SmartGirls said it still hurts to this day! Check out Figure OO and think about how it can affect someone’s life before you bully or “joke” about something!


How many SmartGirls do you think have been the bully? Well from this survey we learned that 150 SmartGirls said they have never been an online bully while 24 said they have. What reasons could bullies possible have for their actions? Well the majority of SmartGirls [66] said it makes them feel powerful, followed closely by 61 SmartGirls who say bullies do it out of their own insecurities, and 25 other SmartGirls said for revenge, and lastly 22 said they do it as a joke. Check out Figures PP and QQ to see this information put into graphs.

Been a BullyBullying Reasons

SmartGirls Talk About Technology:

What are some bad uses of technology that SmartGirls should avoid?

  1. Bullying/Harassment
  2. Addiction to your gadgets
  3. Less personal relationships
  4. Cheating
  5. Blackmailing
  6. Posting inappropriate things
  7. Miscommunication
  8. Viruses/Hacking
  9. Eyesight Stress
  10. Stalking/Online Predators

What’s the most important piece of technology today and why?

  1. The Computer/Internet:
    • It is a staple for all areas of life including education, business, and other careers.
    • It is a source of unlimited information!
    • You can communicate with people all over the world.
  2. Cell Phones:
    • You have immediate connection/communication with others.
    • You can do multiple things at once: text, browse the internet, take pictures/videos etc.
    • They have EVERYTHING!
  3. Laptops:
    • You can take them everywhere and they have all the functions of a computer!
    • No wires!
  4. Cars:
    • You can travel long distances without walking.
    • You get places much faster.
  5. GPS:
    • You’ll never get lost again!
    • You can go to new places without having to plan it out ahead of time.
    • You can find restaurants/entertainment close by.

If SmartGirls could invent one piece of technology they would create…

  • Free rides to the moon.
  • A time machine.
  • A teleporter for instantaneous travel
  • A robot to clean their room.
  • A machine that creates clothes.
  • A hover car that can even drive over water.
  • A mind reader machine.
  • A secret room you could escape to just to be by yourself!
  • A cell phone that produces food when someone’s hungry.

Does technology make life better, worse, or both?

  • Better:
    • It makes life easier! We can connect with people all over the world; it increases learning, and makes tasks so much faster.
  • Worse:
    • It can cause a lot of hurt and destruction! It also makes people more lazy, causes more distractions, and people spend more time in their fantasy worlds then with real people.
  • Both:
    • Technology is like fire. It can be used for good things and it can be used for bad. You just have to be careful with it

Check out Figure RR for a chart of what all SmartGirls who took this survey chose. 77 SmartGirls said technology makes life better, 37 chose both, and lastly only 8 SmartGirls thought it could make life worse.

Better or Worse?

We hope this survey helped SmartGirls think about their online safety! Thank-you for taking our survey “R U Tech-Savvy” and sharing your thoughts!

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