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Report on Finding Your Dream Job

Below you can see how your answers to our survey compared with other SmartGirls.

By clicking this link you can use your answers to this survey to find your dream job!
Dream Job Results

Also, if you need help reading the graphs in this report see this link:
Graph Help


About You:
A total of 701 people took this survey! Of those 30 were boys and the rest were girls!
Looking at Figure A you can see that most of the SmartGirls who took this survey were the oldest children in their families [280] followed by the youngest [190], then the middle [155], and finally only children [65].

Birth Order

SmartGirls all over the world took our survey! There were SmartGirls from the American Samoa, Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Romania, South Africa, Turkey, Scotland, New Zealand, Japan, India, Germany, Denmark, Indonesia, Mexico, United States of America and many more! Do you know where all of those places are? Check out this link to see! World Map

Also we had many girls from different ethnicities and backgrounds that took this survey including: African [60], Asian [74], European [223], Latin [62], Middle Eastern [18], Native American [30], Pacific Islander [16], and Multiracial [76].

If you look at Figure B below, you can see that 13 year-olds were the age group that responded to our survey the most. This was followed by 14 year-olds. We even had a good amount of people who were 22 and older taking this survey! I guess people of all ages want to know what their dream job is!


SmartGirl Homes:
Our survey takers come from all over the world and live in many different house types. It seems the least amount of these SmartGirls live in villages [4] rather than rural areas [70], big cities [132], suburbs [173], and towns [222].

Location Type

Where would you most like to work?
From the type of work place most SmartGirls chose, it seems our users are very creative! As you can see from Figure D, the majority of you want to work in a place that is unique rather than somewhere outside, public, or quiet.

Work Place

Which of the following suits you best?
We asked SmartGirls which item describes you the best and the results were close between a book [295], and the latest fashion [256]. The least chosen were sneakers [81] and a paintbrush [63].

What do you do in your free time?
It seems like most SmartGirls have great imaginations and lots of creativity with the majority of you choosing daydreaming and doodling as your favorite activity to do during free time. Look at Figure E to see how all SmartGirls responded to this question.

Free Time Activities

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Some of the most frequent and unique careers SmartGirls wrote us were:

  • Authors
  • Teachers/Professors
  • Singers/Actresses
  • Engineers
  • Psychologists
  • Professional Athletes
  • Doctors/Nurses
  • Scientists
  • FBI Agents
  • Veterinarian/Zoologist
  • Supreme Court Judge
  • Film Maker
  •  Pilot
  • TV Broadcaster
  • Undecided J

Figure F shows us SmartGirls’ favored career categories. Which type of job was wanted the most?

Job Types

Favorite Color

Which of these colors do SmartGirls like best?
It looks like our users felt the same about all four colors, because of the close percentages in Figure G. This means almost an equal number of SmartGirls liked each color. In the end light blue was chosen as the favorite!

Can SmartGirls handle stress?
Most SmartGirls who took this survey said they handle stress differently depending on the situation. The majority of SmartGirls said they would deal with stress only if they had to [340], followed by those who said they work best when stressed [150]. Others said they are not very good at handling stress [138] and lastly there are those who said they cave under stressful pressure [73].

You are walking down the street and the paparazzi snap a photo of you. What do you do?
It’s tough to be famous, but over 1/2 of the SmartGirls that responded to this question would humor the paparazzi with a silly face! SmartGirls seem to have a good sense of humor! The rest of you had a hard time choosing between getting rid of them and talking about an endangered animal, while even fewer SmartGirls decided to tell the paparazzi to silence the camera’s shutter. Check out Figure H to see the responses.

Paparazzi Results

You are going to a basketball game. What do you focus on?
It's no surprise that the majority of SmartGirls would focus on the game, but a good amount of you take time to check out the cheerleaders clothes or don't even go to the game. Check out Figure I to see the exact number of responses for each category.

Basketball Game

SmartGirls’ Favorite Words:
Out of the four following words (Studio, Perfume, Anything, and Nature) SmartGirls chose studio and perfume as their least favorite words. Can you figure out which word was SmartGirls’ favorite? Which words were liked by the same amount of SmartGirls?

Favorite Word

Your friend wants to give you a high five. What do you do?
The regular high five is definitely still in style, having the most SmartGirl responses, followed next by the secret handshake. Pecks on the cheeks and avoiding people because of germs were the least popular choices by SmartGirls. See Figure K for the exact number of responses given for each type of handshake.

High Five Style

What would you rather be seen carrying?
The item that received the most responses was a purse [329], then a book [250], a duffel bag [74], and lastly a bucket of crayons [42]. See Figure L for a bar chart of the results.

Item Carrying

You are in class and a cute guy is humming. What do you do?
It's pretty bold to hum along, but from what Figure M shows, it is what most SmartGirls would do. Other SmartGirls would tell him to quit [178] followed by those who would throw paper at him [120]. Even fewer SmartGirls would give humming requests [92]. Way to be outgoing and confident, SmartGirls!


Dinner Time:
SmartGirls get to make dinner tonight and most of them chose to make a healthy meal [207]. Others chose to make the same, old same [195]. Still other SmartGirls preferred a salad [163], and finally fewer SmartGirls chose to make something quick [126].

How often do you think about what you'll do when you grow up?
Thinking about jobs seems to be really important to most of the SmartGirls who took this survey. Only 4% of those who responded said it was too soon to be thinking about careers, whereas almost half of the responses said they are always thinking about their future. See Figure N to see the exact percentage of response for each category.

Thinking About Future Job

Should you already know what you want to do when you grow up?
Looking at Figure O over half of SmartGirls [52%] think you should already know your future career, whereas the least chosen response was “no, it’s too early” [5%]. Don’t stress out too much yet! Most students in college don’t know what their future careers are going to be! But it never hurts to think about your options!

Future Career

Looking at Figure P you can see that most SmartGirls felt that computers were awesome, while others felt that computers were still a little tricky to use! Fewer SmartGirls thought computers were ugly and finally the least amount of SmartGirls felt computers were useless.


Which invention would SmartGirls rather have?
Look at Figure Q to see how all the SmartGirls responded! Which invention had the least number of votes?

SmartGirls Invention

How do SmartGirls wear their hair?
Ever wondered how your peers wear their hair? Well Figure R shows the majority of SmartGirls wear their hair in a bun or ponytail.

Hair Styles

Describe yourself in one word.
Figure S shows words that SmartGirls would use to describe themselves. It’s nice to know we have such a diverse group of SmartGirls! In this chart two words come very close to being the most popular. Can you figure out which two?

One Word SmartGirl Description

If SmartGirls could be animals, they would be…
Figure T shows which animals SmartGirls would most want to be! The majority of SmartGirls chose the fast cheetah, followed by the healthy panda, the unique flamingo, and finally the social whale!

SmartGirls as SmartAnimals

When you have a project in class, would you rather work with a group of people, or by yourself?
The responses for this question were VERY close! The slight majority SmartGirls chose was to work alone [188], followed closely by working with people [183], then SmartGirls chose that they could thrive in any situation [139], and lastly other SmartGirls want to have both situations [171].

Favorite SmartGirl Activity:
We gave SmartGirls some different activities to choose their favorite and the majority of them chose shopping [235], followed by reading [202], creating [160], and finally something active [79].

What kind of clothing do SmartGirls’ wear the most?
It seems our SmartGirls are interested in standing out and being creative, because the majority of them describe their favorite clothing type as being “unique”. Other SmartGirls prefer stylish clothing [202], and still others find breathable clothes important [158]. Sustainability didn’t seem to play an important role in clothing choice [30]. See Figure U.

SmartGirls Clothing

What is your favorite subject in school?
One’s favorite subject in school can be a big factor on the future classes they choose as well as the career they might choose. SmartGirls barely chose English and History [250] over Art [247] as their favorite subject, followed by Gym/Tech [107], and Speech [71]. Look at Figure V to see the percentages for the SmartGirls’ favorite school subject.

Favorite School Subject

Figure W shows how favorite school subject also changes with age. Results show that older girls prefer more academic classes such as Speech or English and younger girls like more interactive classes such as Gym. We used a p-value to statistically prove this trend. The p-value = 0.53 See the link for graph at the beginning for help and a clear definition of p-value.

Age vs. School

Your teacher assigns a paper with the following topics, SmartGirls chose:
SmartGirls choose to write a paper on how the media and today’s fashion affects body image. It seems like a lot of us are affected by such a topic and would find it interesting to write about! Which topic was the least chosen? See Figure X.

Paper Topic

If you could describe your perfect crush, he would be…
It seems from Figure Y most SmartGirls are looking for a crush who is one-of-a-kind [313], followed by a smarty [154], a pretty boy [106], and a jock [61]. The perfect crush also changes with age.

Perfect Crush

From Figure Z one might see that the average age for both jock and pretty crushes is much younger than the average age for smart and one-of-a-kind crushes. This might cause some to say that older girls prefer smart and unique crushes and younger girls have pretty and athletic crushes. Here at SmartGirl we use a p-value to determine if this pattern is statistically true. The p-value for these results = 0.8 thus we cannot say these results prove this pattern. See our graph help link at the top to understand more about p-values and patterns.

Age vs. Crush

For SmartGirls, what's the biggest influence on the job you'll have when you're older?
SmartGirls came up with many good influences and traits for getting your future careers. It’s a great idea to start thinking about how your actions now can affect the type of career you get later as well as the people that can help get you there!

SmartGirls’ Common Job Influences:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Grades/Test Scores
  • Teachers
  • Permanent Record/Behavior
  • The Media

Common Characteristics of SmartGirls’ Ideal Jobs:

  • Making the world a better place
  • A joy to go to everyday
  • Helping others
  • Great salary $$
  • Challenging them to reach new goals
  • Ability to make new friends
  • Influences Others

Who's the better role model?
It’s important to have role models in your life, whether it is somebody famous, a friend, or family member. Role models can influence you in many positive ways and even influence your future dream job! The role models we chose for this question were all very different. Surprisingly the responses from SmartGirls did not favor any one more than the others. Check out Figure AA to see the percentages of responses each role model received.

SmartGirl Role Models

You are writing a letter to your best friend. What are you writing about?
The results in Figure BB clearly show our SmartGirls would rather write their friends about the latest book they read or popular movie/fad such as Twilight rather than pictures from NASA or championship games. This question shows SmartGirls are definite book-a-holics, which is awesome!

Letter Topics

Which of the following are SmartGirls more known for?
Let’s face it we are all known for something amongst our peers. It is great to know that here at SmartGirl the majority of you are known for your brains [262], followed by your creativity [225], your style [121], and athleticism [44].

Stress-Out Time!!! What do SmartGirls do?
Everybody has stress, but we all deal with it differently. Most SmartGirls read a good book, whereas others prefer to take a long walk outside. Still other SmartGirls do hobbies, make crafts, or take an emergency shopping trip to the mall. Take a look at Figure CC to see the percentages of SmartGirls that do each activity.

Stress Relievers

SmartGirl Holiday Break Fun…
From Figure DD it seems you can find the majority of SmartGirls hanging out with friends over holiday breaks! Other SmartGirls like to go to the library, make homemade gifts, or go to the gym.

Holiday Break Activities

SmartGirl Bedrooms!
Whoever said all girls are neat? Well the majority of SmartGirls describe their rooms at home as pretty neat [304], followed by messily organized [211], then very messy [70], and finally extremely neat [67].

What's your favorite kind of movie?
The type of movie a person likes to watch can tell a lot about their personality. Figure EE shows the different types of movies SmartGirls enjoy. It seems like the majority of SmartGirls are romantic and funny!

Favorite Type of Movie

Shoe Time…
What type of shoe best describes SmartGirls? Figure FF shows that SmartGirls prefer converses over the other types of shoes.


Which qualities do SmartGirls have that will prepare them for their dream job?
Certain careers require specific skills. For instance teachers usually have a lot of patience to deal with students and surgeons often have steady hands to perform surgery. Common qualities SmartGirls came up with in this survey include:

  • Working well with others
  • Kind/caring
  • Hardworking/Energetic
  • Having creativity/Being original and yourself
  • Confidence!
  • Intelligence
  • Respectfulness
  • Reliability
  • Good behavior

Don’t forget, it is never too early to start working on these qualities!

Thank you for taking our survey “Finding Your Dream Job” and sharing your thoughts!


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