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Going for the Gold: Olympic Survey
Say Cheese! SmartGirls on Photography
Are You a Complainer?
Texting & IM Slang: What Do U Use?
Classic Fairy Tales...Mad Libs Style!
What Would You Do...?
Strike Up, Smartgirl! The Musical Instrument Survey
Dear Diary,
The SmartGirl Internet Survey: What do you do online?
Interactive Videogames: The New Generation of Gaming
Let's Make it a Movie Night
Hobbies & Favorite Activities: What Do You Like To Do?
Are You a Jetsetter? SmartGirls Talk about Travel
Parties and Holidays
Your Dream Room!
Design a SmartGirl Character Just Like You!
Outdoor Adventures! Your Relationship with Nature
Dance Dance Revolution: A Survey about School Dances
Mad Liiiiiiiibbbssss!
SmartGirls Celebrate Around the World
SmartGirls On The Web!
5...4...3...2...1...Happy Surveying!
Let's Go to the Movies!
The Scoop on Summer Camp
SmartGirls Kick Back and Relax!
Serving it up: Sports and SmartGirls
Are you a Fashionista or a Casual Cutie?
Decorating rocks! A SmartGirl Bedroom Survey
Earth Rules! An Environmental Survey
SmartGirl Meets World?
What Are You Doing With Your Free Time This Summer?
SmartGirls on the Move
Nice Play!
Fill in the _____
Shop 'Til You Drop!
The Official Shoe Survey
SmartGirls Online
SmartGirl to the Rescue, a Superhero Survey
Memoirs of a SmartGirl
Amusement Parks
Advocacy and Activism
Travel Survey
Sports Survey
Electronic Gadgets
Life Issues

Alcohol & Drugsback to top

Drug Use
Do You Just Say No?
Life Issues
What Does It Mean to be Healthy?
SmartGirls Speak Out About Smoking

All About YOU!back to top

How Competitive Are You??
Fill in the Blank
What Superhero Are You?
Moving Motivations

Death Penalty

Friends & Relationshipsback to top

Talking with Your Crush: Scary or Not?
Cliques and Friend Groups: YOUR Experiences
Your Take on Crushes and Relationships!
Communicating with Others
Let's Talk About Friendship: You, Your Friends and Time
Living the Single Life
Online Friends & Virtual Relationships
Love Connection
Best Friends Tell All
Friends 'Til The End
Valentine's Day Special 2004: What's Your Story Morning Glory?
The Dating Game
Peer Pressure
Relationships and Dating
Go Girls Explore Friendship
Ann Arbor Girls Middle Survey
Valentine's Day Survey
Friendship Survey
Relationship Behavior
Tell us about you!
Friends Forever?
The Perfect Partner

Harassment & Oppressionback to top

The Truth about Teasing
All about Abuse
Holocaust Remembrance
Forced Sexual Activity
Bloodhound Gang

Health & Bodyback to top

How Do You Feel About Your Feet?
How Jealous Are You??
How Private Are You?
From Happy to Depressed: How Do You Feel?
The SmartGirl Sexuality Survey
In Your Dreams! What's In Your Head When You're Asleep?
The Scoop on Style: What does your look say about you?
How much do you wanna know about sex?
SmartGirls Think About Depression
Making Faces: A SmartGirl Makeup Survey
Food, Glorious Food
Body Beautiful
Are You Catching Enough Zzzz's?
Delectable Desserts
What's The Weather?
The Skinny on Skin Care
Teen Pregnancy Survey
Would you like fries with that?
Health and Fitness
Tattoo and Body Piercing
Attitudes About Abortion Survey
Are You a Stressed-Out SmartGirl Survey
Healthy Living Survey
What Are Your Limits?
Eating Disorder
All About You
What Does It Mean to be Healthy?
National Day for Teen Pregnancy Awareness Survey

In the Mediaback to top

If Your Life Was Reality TV
Girls, girls, girls! SmartGirls Talk About Famous Women, The Media, and YOU!
What's Hip: The Latest in Trends and Fads
TV Land
What Tunes Do YOU Listen To?
Lights, Camera, and Action!
Music To My Ears
The New SmartGirl Website Survey
Music Survey
2002 Olympics Survey
Television Survey
Impact of Advertising
What do you think of SmartGirl?
Portrayal of Women in Ads
R U Tech Savvy?

Money & Jobsback to top

Money Madness
What's Your Dream Job?
Career Aspirations
Take Our Daughters To Work
Summer Jobs
Finding Your Dream Job

Parents, Family, Pets & the Futureback to top

All About Your Bedroom
What's Your Mom Like? A SmartGirl Survey on Mothers
It's A Family Thing: Tell us all about yours!
Pets or Profit? Your Take on Animal Rights
Animals and Pets!
It's your life: Dreams and Goals Survey
Dream House
Paint Your Family Portrait
Father's Day
Pets Survey

Politics & Governmentsback to top

I <3 the Earth! Your Relationship with Our Planet
Speak Out, Girls! SmartGirls Talk About Feminism & Women's Rights
I ♥ __(Fill In Your Country Here!)__
Earth Friend or Earth Foe? Your Take on Environmentalism
Election 2004: Cast your vote!
Send in those ballots...
Women's Rights & Feminism
Affirmative Action
Attack on America
Death Penalty
Tell us about you!

Religion & Beliefsback to top

Do You Believe in Ghosts?
Full of Faith? Your Religious Beliefs
Don't You Dare Read This!
Are You Lucky?
Making a Difference: What You Think and What You'll Do
Telling Your Fortune: What do you see in your future?
Fear This
How Thankful Are You?
Tell Us About You...Explore Your Past & Present!
SmartGirl Celebrates National Women's History Month (2006)
Are You Miss Independent?
SmartGirls Decide for Themselves: A Survey About Decision Making
SmartGirls Celebrate Women's History Month (2004)!
Fashion Do's and Don'ts...
Hoax n' Jokes or the Real Deal?
Competitive...who me?
Believe What You Will...
Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!
Diversity Survey
Infinity and Beyond
Ideal You
Are You An Adult?
Religion and Beliefs
Life Issues

School & Scholarshipsback to top

Buy It or Bring It? Your Take on School Lunches
School Daze
School's Out for Summer! The Summer Vacation Survey
Teen Tech Week 2008 Survey
Teen Read Week 2007 Survey!
Thinking About College? Tell Us About It!
SmartGirls Rule the School!
Tell Us What You Think About Reading: Teen Read Week 2006
Teen Read Week 2005
If School Could Be Cool
Homework problems?
Bullying in Schools
Get Connected
Are You Tech Savvy?
Teen Read Week 2003
We're going back, back, back to school!
Teen Read Week 2002
Back to School 2002 Survey
Teen Read Week 2001
Teen Read Week 1999
Computer Usage