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Quizzilla (by Sammi, 13)

"What flavor ice cream are you?"

Rating: *** three stars (good but not perfect)
Website Subcategory: Entertainment

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What is the main point of the site?

To take quizzes other people made, and get results, or make your own quizzes for other people take. It's really fun and you learn a lot about yourself!

Does the site have different sections (or categories), and if so what are they?

"Recently added quizzes" "Most popular quizzes" "Index" and "Create-a-quiz"

What is your favorite thing about the site?

The results! I love getting the little picture results that you can put on your website. I love to find out what personality i have, and what flavor ice cream I am!

What is your least favorite thing about the site?

Some people are total pervs and make disgusting sex-related quizzes. I don't go to those. 

Did you learn anything here?

Yes!! Of course. I learned so many things about myself, like who my celebrity match was! 

How much time would you spend at this site at one sitting?

About a half an hour 

Were there any technical problems (did it crash your computer, were there links or pictures that didn't work?)

Nope, never. Sometimes when a person accidentally didn't finish their quiz and publishes it, the pictures don't show up because they are not uploaded. 

How often would you visit again?

Once a week or even more often. 

Do you have any other comments about yourself or the music that would give us a better understanding of your review?


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