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"I think this site is great. It has everything you want to know about Bow Wow."

Rating: **** four stars (incredible)
Music Subcategory: Entertainment

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Full URL (web address) of website:

What is the main point of the site?

To let you know a lot about Bow Wow.

Does the site have different sections (or categories), and if so what are they?


What is your favorite thing about the site?

Finding out a lot about Bow Wow (I love him)!

What is your least favorite thing about the site?

I love it. There's not one thing I hate. 

Did you learn anything new on this site? If yes, what?

I learned that I should love him more than I do. 

How much time would you spend at this site at one sitting?

About a day. 

Were there any technical problems (did it crash your computer, were there links or pictures that didn't work?)

Nope! It was great. 

How often would you visit again?

Once a week or even more often. 

Do you have any other comments about yourself or the music that would give us a better understanding of your review?

Yes, too many to name. 

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