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The Suite Life of Zach and Cody (by hilarys1fan, 11, Girl)

"Tipton Trouble: Zach & Cody Style"

Rating: **** four stars (incredible)
Television Subcategory: Sitcom/Comedy

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Disney Channel  

What is this show or episode about?

Two (very cute) twins that live in "The Tipton Hotel" with thier single mother. Zach causes trouble with his pranks and Cody tries to keep Zach out of trouble. 

How frequently do you watch this show?

Every time it's on, I'm glued to the television 

Do you like the plots or stories of the show? What do you like or dislike about them?

I love them. They're very mischivios. 

Is there anything you would like to see happen in the story of the show right now?

I would love to be in it. I'd get to meet them & I've always wanted to be an actress someday. 

Who are the main actors and actresses on this program, or the people who star in it?

Zach-Dylan S., Cody-Cole Sprouse, Londen- (the rich hotel owners dauhter) Brenda Song, Maddie- (the cashier at the Tipton's candy/gift shop) Ashley Tisdale 

How would you describe the acting?


Do you feel like you know the characters in the show personally, or that you can relate to the characters or people in it? Who is your favorite or least favorite?

Yes! I totally feel I know them and can relate. I like Cody and Londen. 

What age group would most enjoy watching this show? Any ages who wouldn't like it or shouldn't watch it?

Anyone that likes comedy should watch it. But sometimes I get a little jealous when people younger than me watch it. And I also think it's weird that boys watch Disney Channel. I always thought it was a girl channel. 

Do you know any interesting facts about the show, its actors or creators?

A ton! 

What, if anything, would you change about the way show is written, staged, or produced? Do you like the way the characters talk, what they wear, what the set looks like, etc.?

I would not have them kissing because that also make me jealous. 

Do you have any other comments about yourself or the program that would give us a better understanding of your review?

I wish I could be them! 

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