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The Sleepover Club (by Zita, 13, Girl)

"I would then call it : Sleepover Club - 100% fabulous and friends forever."

Rating: **** four stars (incredible)
Television Subcategory: Drama

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United Kingdom 



What is this show or episode about?

This show is about five best friends called, Frankie, Kenny, Fliss, Lyndz and Rosie (the SOC). Together they face challenges such as elections and boys like the M and M's. The M and M's are the SOC's worst enemies, apart from Sara and Alana. One of the M and M's is Lyndz's twin brother. The SOC's also face challenges like the time when Kenny and Rosie liked two boys. The SOCs almost split up over that and so a new rule was added to the SOC rule book (the book of rules which all SOCs must abide by). There are happy, sad, funny, you name it (!) times and as all SOCs are individual, there is something about their very different personalities to which people can relate. Cast List of the main characters: Basia A'Hern - Lyndz Collins Ashleigh Brewer - Alana Ashleigh Chisholm - Felicity Sidebotham Ryan Corr - Matthew McDougal Blake Hampson - Michael Collins Stefan La Rosa - Marco Di Pieri Caitlin Stasey - Frankie Thomas Eliza Taylor-Cotter - Rosie Cartwright Hannah Wang - Kenny Tam Annalise Woods - Sara 

How frequently do you watch this show?

Every time it's on, I'm glued to the television 

Do you like the plots or stories of the show? What do you like or dislike about them?

The plots of the show are all very intereseting and well-planned. There is nothing I dislike about them except for the fact that I am jealous and I wish that I was part of the club! 

Is there anything you would like to see happen in the story of the show right now?

In the story of the show, I would like Alana to ditch her best friend Sara, who is always maltreating her and stepping all over her. 

Who are the main actors and actresses on this program, or the people who star in it?

The main actors and actress in this program are: Actor...Character Basia A'Hern - Lyndz Collins Ashleigh Brewer - Alana Ashleigh Chisholm - Felicity Sidebotham Ryan Corr - Matthew McDougal Blake Hampson - Michael Collins Stefan La Rosa - Marco Di Pieri Caitlin Stasey - Frankie Thomas Eliza Taylor-Cotter - Rosie Cartwright Hannah Wang - Kenny Tam Annalise Woods - Sara 

How would you describe the acting?


Do you feel like you know the characters in the show personally, or that you can relate to the characters or people in it? Who is your favorite or least favorite?

I do feel like I know the characters in the show personally and I can relate to all of them and their individual interests. For instance, like Fliss(Felicity) Sidebotham I have a passion for fashion. Like Rosie Cartwright, I am interested in journalism. Like Kenny (Kendra) Tam, I love sports. Like Lyndz (Lydnessy) Collins, I love horses. And like Frankie (Francesca) Thomas, I am a natural born leader and I take competition seriously. 

What age group would most enjoy watching this show? Any ages who wouldn't like it or shouldn't watch it?

The age group that would most enjoy watching this show is 7 years old - 14 years old. Some people older than this age might enjoy it, but most, because of certain stereotypical behaviour would not. Any and everyone should watch this show. 

Do you know any interesting facts about the show, its actors or creators?

Yes I do. Basia A'Hern - Appeared in the Australasian 10th Anniversary Tour of Les Miserables in Sydney, from the 27th of November 1997 to the 8th of August 1999. She played the Little Cosette, taking in turns with two other girls, Nikki Webster and Ashleigh McGuigan. Has appeared in several television advertisements including a cream cheese commercial and a Commonwealth Bank commercial in Australia. Basia is actually from England. Ashleigh Chisholm - Nickname: Barbie and Chizbum. Favourite colour: Pink, surprise. Favourite food: anything(except avacado). Favourite singer: Delta Goodrem. Favourite band: Red Hot Chili Peppers. Idol: Jack Johnson. Loves: anyone. Boyfriends: none. Hates: people that hate people and terrorists. Personality: party animal and always loving. Hobbies: Acting, dancing, surfing and hanging with friends. Inspiration comment: 'If you reach for what you want, you'll get it. Caitlin Stasey- Name: Caitlin Stasey Famous for: Playing Frankie in The Sleepover Club Birthday: May 1, 1990 Star sign: Taurus Born: Australia Height: 157 cm Nickname: Cat Pets: A cat, Bindi How old were you when you first started performing: About six or seven What is the best thing about your job: Everything - the work, the people Why did you want to be an actor: Because it just looked like so much fun Do you have any siblings: Sister Victoria, who's 11 Do you have a boyfriend: Yes Career highlight: Everything about The Sleepover Club Favourite clothes: Brand labels like One Teaspoon, Golf Punk, Dangerfields Likes to eat: Chocolate Likes to listen to: Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan Favourite movie/video: A Walk To Remember Favourite book: Feeling Sorry For Celia Favourite holiday destination: England, because my family lives there. Favourite website: www. Blink182. Com Favourite sport: Basketball Hobbies: Singing, acting, dancing, art and music Amazing adventures: Travelling the world to film the Qantas commercial. Funniest moment: When I was running around a shopping centre with a few friends, in my big baggy jeans, and I tripped over right outside my favourite shop. The worse thing was that the guy I liked at the time saw the whole thing. Contact me at: Channel Nine, po Box 27, Willoughby 2068 Http:// Eliza Jane Taylor-Cotter - Born: Melbourne Lives: Melbourne Colour of eyes: Blue Colour of hair: Brown Height: 158cm Nickname: EJ and Liza-Loo Pets: None Do you have any siblings? Two sisters and one brothers Do You have a boyfriend? No How old were you when you started performing? 11 What is the best thing about your job? The friendships and the people I meet Why did you want to be a performer? Because I love acting and performing in general Career highlight: Pirate Islands, because it was my first acting experience and my most memorable Favourite clothes: General Pants Co. Clothing Likes to eat: Chocolate Likes to listen to: Blink 182, New FOund Glory and The Starting Line Favourite colour: Orange Favourite movie/video: A Walk To Remember and Ten Things I Hate About You Favourite book: Saving Francesca Favourite holiday destination: Port Douglas Favourite sport: Dance Hobbies: Singing, dancing, playing guitar Admired: Julia Stiles, Cameron Diaz Amazing adventures: Going to Port Douglas to film my first TV show Funniest moment: Crashing into a car in front of a bunch of English tourists on the set of Neighbours Contact: Roadshow Entertainment, Level 4, 235 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont 2009 Hannah Wang - Hannah Wang plays Kenny Tam in The Sleepover Club. Lives in Syndey Career Highlight: The Sleepover Club Starring Roles: The Sleepover Club (2003) - Kenny Tam Guest Starring Roles: Beastmaster - Young Kyra - Valhalla (2000) Movie/Mini-Series/Special Roles Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1999) - Poole  

What, if anything, would you change about the way show is written, staged, or produced? Do you like the way the characters talk, what they wear, what the set looks like, etc.?

I would not change anything about the show because it is perfect as it is. I love the way that the characters talk except for Basia A'Hern's lisp as Lyndz which partially bugs me. No offense. Eliza Taylor-Cotter is very talented and does an amazing, impeccable "posh-ish" English accent as Rosie. 

Do you have any other comments about yourself or the program that would give us a better understanding of your review?

The sleepover club is my favourite series in the whole world and I am very distraught that it closed down. 

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