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Thats so Raven (by  , 11, Boy)

"Thats So Raven"

Rating: **** four stars (incredible)
Television Subcategory: Drama

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Disney Channel  

What is this show or episode about?

It is about a girl named Raven she is psychic and she has two friends named Eddie and Chelsea. One of my favorite episodes is when Raven opens up her Christmas present before Christmas. Raven got a beautiful necklace. She wore it to school the next day and let Chelsea wear it and that’s where it all started. Raven wanted it back after a while and Chelsea couldn't get it off so Eddie tried and got it off and he accidentally threw it out the window and it got chewed up by the lawn mower and it broke. So what they do is they ditch one of their classes because they also had a sub and she doesn't care what the kids do so they go to the mall and try to get the necklace, but on their little trip to the mall they bump into their teacher that they where ditching. The teacher was being the Santa for the mall and they accidentally take a picture with him and Raven has a vision the teacher will see the picture, they try to get the picture and when they do Raven runs into the real Santa and Raven gives him the picture and tells him that she messed up everyone’s Christmas. Then she realizes that she messed up her own Christmas and Santa brings Raven back to the beginning where she first opened her present she new what could happen if she opens her present so she leaves her present in the bag and goes Christmas caroling with her parents and little brother Cory, like she should have in the first place. 

How frequently do you watch this show?

Every time it's on, I'm glued to the television 

Do you like the plots or stories of the show? What do you like or dislike about them?

Yes, I like everything about it. 

Is there anything you would like to see happen in the story of the show right now?

No I wouldn't like to see anything right now. 

Who are the main actors and actresses on this program, or the people who star in it?

Raven Simone, Orlando Brown, Anneliese Van der pol,Rondell Sheridan, Kyle Massey, T'Keyah"cristal"Keynah 

How would you describe the acting?


Do you feel like you know the characters in the show personally, or that you can relate to the characters or people in it? Who is your favorite or least favorite?

I can connect with Raven because sometimes her little brother makes her mad and my little brother makes me mad sometimes too. My favorite character is by far Raven and my least favorite are the ones that make her mad or feel sad. 

What age group would most enjoy watching this show? Any ages who wouldn't like it or shouldn't watch it?

I think that it is for everyone because it is fun to watch and it is also really funny. 

Do you know any interesting facts about the show, its actors or creators?

I know that Raven has been in alot of really good movies and shows. I also know that Eddie was in Major Payne and he played Tiger. 

What, if anything, would you change about the way show is written, staged, or produced? Do you like the way the characters talk, what they wear, what the set looks like, etc.?

No I love how it is. 

Do you have any other comments about yourself or the program that would give us a better understanding of your review?

I love this show and I think Raven is beautiful. 

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