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October's Super SmartGirl
Ivy, age 13

This month's Super SmartGirl Award goes to Ivy, age 13, for her series of excellent poems.

Congratulations, Ivy! Your poems remind us of days gone by, because you have a way with words that makes you seem beyond your years. Here's just one of the poems you submitted last month that impressed us. It creates a magical atmosphere that is delightfully easy to picture. We love the twist that it is happening on our "own front lawn." We hope there's many, many more poems where these came from!

The sun setting at the North Pole.

The Moon Floats Surely Overhead
submitted by Ivy, age 13

The moon floats surely overhead,
in the spirit of the night.
clouds are dancing waltzing there,
doing it just right.
oh the graceful symphonies you hear,
from the birds, wind, trees
pixies skip in the moonlight there,
to bring girls and boys their dreams.

fairies in the flowers laugh,
and elves jump from the trees
unicorns gallop from the woods,
in the moonlight breeze.
the amazing moonlight flowers grow,
and shrink just before dawn,
when no one knows that centaurs pranced,
right on their own front lawn.

early in the morning,
the moon says bye, oh bye
the spray of mist leaves the earth,
and pixies do not fly.
the little children wake and yawn,
for there's not a dream to be dreamt
and all the peculiar creatures,
are now sadly hidden and gone

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