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Bring it On: Fight to the Finish

Spirit, by Leona LewisSynopsis

Singer/songwriter Christina Milian plays Lina Cruz, a vivacious Latina teenager from urban East Los Angeles. When her mother remarries, she is forced to leave behind her best friends and move to a new house in the posh West Side. A bedroom of her own isn’t enough to cure her loneliness, so Lina’s mother makes her join the Sea Lions, the school’s cheerleading squad, in order to bond with her new step sister.

Lina quickly learns that the Sea Lions’ rivals, the Jaguars, are no joke. The Jaguars are an elite, private team, and they’ve got a hot squad, hot moves, and hot tempers. When Avery, the Jaguar’s cheer captain, gets personal with Lina and tells her she’ll never fit in with the West side, Lina vows to bring it on common ground: cheerleading.
But the Sea Lions are so disorganized, and there’s not much time until championships. Did Lina just get in way over her head?


Cristina Milian in Bring it On: Fight to the FinishThe music and cheer moves in Fight to the Finish will make you want to get up and dance (or cheer). Artists featured in this movie are Lady Gaga, Kat DeLuna, and Christina Milian. The cheerleading tricks are extreme, and the routines at the end are worth waiting for! Plus, some of the extras on the DVD show how the actors trained. They’re really doing it: no stunt doubles!

As lighthearted as this movie is, it touches upon several issues, like remarriage, moving, culture shock, bullying, and fitting in. Lina has a lot to deal with all at once, and it’s not always easy. She gets through it by focusing on her passion, cheerleading, and relying on the support of her family and friends. It’s fun to see how Lina builds relationships between her new friends and her old friends.

Our only problem with this movie was how the Jaguars verbally bullied the Sea Lions. It’s one thing to be competitive, but it’s another thing to criticize people based on their background or other factors they can’t control. We should play with intelligence and fairness!

Bring It On: Fight to the Finish went straight to DVD, so it’s available in stores now. If you’ve seen it, leave a comment and give this movie your own rating!

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Cast (imdb):







Christina Milian

Main Character


Rachele Brooke Smith

Lina's Rival cheer captain


Vanessa Born

Lina's best friend from the East side


Holland Roden

Lina's new step sister


Cody Longo

Lina's love interest

SmartGirl comments:

*****by olisha, age 16
I love this movie, and Christina Milian, you're really pretty and talented. Your baby is going to be adorable. Keep up the great work!

****by Cholle, age 20
I love this movie. It's a new favorite of mine. Very upbeat. The soundtrack is amazing. It definitely has 'spirit', pun intended. Though I've liked (most) of the BIO movies (all except the second), this one MIGHT have taken over as my personal favorite of the five.

*****by Louis, age 67
Our whole family, sons and grandchildren, really have enjoyed this wonderful and refreshing movie. We wish all these young ladies and men a lot of success in their job.

*****by Anonymous, age 16
I love this movie! Boo you Anonymous! & I love Degrassi!

*by Anonymous, age 23
That movie sucks. I'd rather watch Degrassi in college.

*****by Anonymous SmartGirl

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