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3 Day Eventing (by Erin, 17, Girl)

"The game is only sold on line. It is made by Raddish works and can be bought off them on the web sight."

Rating: *** three stars (good but not perfect)
Computer Games Subcategory: Sports

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Game Content

What was the game/program about?

You have four horses that you can ride, brush and tack up. It isn't just about horses you can do a tresher hunt around the stables. Oh did I mention the dressage, show jumping and other events you will do?

What was the best thing about it?

I love to do dressage on my horse See, See who is my Arib chestnut horse so I love the dressage in the game. I like the way that you get points for riding, putting the saddle on and feeding the horses.

What was the worst thing about it?

The wirst thing about the game is that you can only ride Thistle, Taffy and Blaze when you have the amount of points. It doesn't take all that long. The game isn't recomended for xp but it works on my computer when I put it in 98 set up. I tryed it just in xp set up and it didn't save the game. In the 98 set up it saves.

Was it hard to understand? Was there a useful help section or instruction book?

The game didn't come with a book but it is okay to work out for yourself. The game is a good game to play and the talking horse will help you along the game and give you riding instruction. 

Play Quality

How long can this game keep you occupied at one sitting?

It is a good game to play for a little while but after that it is a bit boring. I don't mind a game of it every now and again but I don't play it all the time. I like the saddle club and riding star better. 

How did you feel about the pictures/graphics?

The pictures were okay but could be better. The barn pictures were very good but the ones at the events were much like the ones on riding Star. If you don't like that game then you might not like this one. 

How did you feel about the sounds/audio?

The talking horse was a good sound because with out a book she is the only way to get to know the game. The horses make good noises that are better then the saddle club horses. 

Was it easy to install?

It didn't freze but it crashed on my friend's computer which is an older computer. She fixed the problem and it works now but she had to fix it herself as I don't know of any patches for the game. 

Do you have any other comments about yourself or the music that would give us a better understanding of your review?

It is a great game for any one who can read as they need to be able to read many of the things in the game. The print is easy to read but for a younger person it may be hard. I have fun because I know about and love horses but if you aren't a horse nut you won't like 3 Day Eventing. 

Game Format Computer Operating System RAM
CD  Del computer  Xp in (98) set up  16mb 

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