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Storybook Weaver Classic Edition (by moonstone, 14, Girl)

"This game was only ten dollars at electronics boutique at the mall."

Rating: *** three stars (good but not perfect)
Computer Games Subcategory: No Answer

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Game Content

What was the game/program about?

You can make your own story, add a title page, add pictures, music and sound effects, and you can print it out. Also if you can't think of a story, there is a button to click on called "story starters."

What was the best thing about it?

You have plenty of pics to choose from--children, women, men, story chararacters, objects, etc.

What was the worst thing about it?

It gets boring when you have writer's block. The sound effects are limited to ten or five--there aren't voices or anything and not that much scenery--it's probably an old game.

Was it hard to understand? Was there a useful help section or instruction book?

No, you don't even need instructions. Just put the game in and click and type. Playing the game is like figuring out how you write or draw on paper--with a pencil. 

Play Quality

How long can this game keep you occupied at one sitting?

Depends on the story and on your imagination. 

How did you feel about the pictures/graphics?

The graphics don't look like you're there or anything, but they are graphics like in a regular book. 

How did you feel about the sounds/audio?

They aren't, like, "Oh, my god," or anything, but it's okay. 

Was it easy to install?

To install just put in the disc and go to the drive, or it might pop up I think--I don't remember. 

Do you have any other comments about yourself or the music that would give us a better understanding of your review?

This game overall is all right. If you like story writing, it's fine--otherwise don't bother. 

Game Format Computer Operating System RAM
CD-ROM  No answer  Windows 98  16 MB 

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