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    Claire's 4-in-1 Nail Polish

Claire's 4-in-1 Nail Polish

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Claire's 4-in-1 Nail Polish
To see an example of how this might look on, browse to Claire's, click the "beauty" tab, and select "neon."

* Dries very quickly
* Bright, fun colors
* Different every time you use it, cool swirls between colors
* Cheap at $5 per bottle

* You almost don't have time to wipe off excess polish in the bottle before a clump dries on your nail
* Can be streaky and ridged when applied; a little bit of a learning curve to use this polish, especially if you're used to long-lasting hard laquers
* Hard to get off the skin around the nail unless you catch it immediately
* It marks and rubs off easily because the streaky ridges catch. If you're an experienced nail polisher, this won't be as much of a problem.

This nail polish is fun! You won't get the cool color patterns until you use the nail polish a few times, though, unless you're really patient about swishing around the brush every single time you dip. This only increases the chance that you'll mess up your nails while they're still wet, though.

It gets about 80% dry almost immediately, which is nice because you don't have to wait to add the second layer and you can immediately do some tasks with your hands, like read a book, text on your cell phone, or put on shoes. However, it does stay tacky for quite some time, so you shouldn't do things like type on a computer keyboard (unless you poke with single fingers) or do up buttons on your jean shorts.

This nail polish is not professional polish, but it doesn't claim to be. It's perfect for the girl who likes to switch up her look frequently and on a whim. You can paint your nails 10 min before you leave the house and not have to worry! Sure, it will start to look worn after only a few days, but it's cheap polish and long-lasting results isn't really what this is meant for. The colors are bright and have a lot of personality, and this polish is made for that same kind of active girl. If it starts to get funny-looking, just rub it off and put it on again. It will look completely different because of the four-color mix in each bottle!

Our favorite bottle was the neon one, which had a cool matte look and was very radiant, like highlighter ink. It would look super cool under black lights! We didn't much care for the glitter one, but that's only because we always seem to get it all over everything when we use it :) If you love glitter, there's no reason you won't like this glitter. It applies smoothly and evenly. It's actually one of the nicer glitter polishes we've used, and the glitter doesn't stick together in goopy clumps. It’s really fun to layer the different bottles, actually. We layered our favorite neon over the pastel bottle, and it looks awesome!

Think of it like this: this nail polish is an accessory for a fun, easy-going, casual outfit. Just like a chunky bracelet or a cute hair clip, it won't work with everything and it's not appropriate for all situations. You might not wear it two days in a row. And that's totally OK! Have fun with this nail polish, because that's all it's mean to be. No commitment, no anxiety; just whatever.

Have fun!


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