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The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo (by Doggy, 13)

"The John Newbery Medal, a tale of a mouse, a princess, a girl, and a rat."

Book Rating: **** four stars (incredible)
Book Subcategory: Young Adult

Briefly tell us what this book is about (without giving away the ending, of course!).

This book is about a mouse who finds love in a princess and he must go through many troubles to be with her.

How does the title relate to the storyline?

It's a tale of a mouse, Despereaux (pronounced Despero).

Is there something interesting that the author does to present the story?

The author describes each character as if they all have their own book, and all the characters end up having something to do with Despereaux and his love for the princess.

If you could rewrite the story, what would you change to make it better?

I wouldn't want to rewrite it.

Why would you recommend (or not recommend) this book to a friend?

I recommend this book to people who like adventure and somewhat suspense.

Why did you choose to read this particular book?

Because I got it for Christmas and it looked really good! And it was!!!:)

Complete this sentence:

When I finished reading the last page of this book, I felt... Happy, I liked the book and the ending.

What type of reader do you think this book is appropriate for?

Older aged girls 11-14, who love cute little mice with big ears! ;)

Give at least one example of a memorable quote, moment, or theme from the book.

"The mouse mother held a handkerchief to her nose and then waved it in front of her face. She sniffed. 'I will name him. Yes. I will name this mouse Despereaux, for all the sadness, for the many despairs in this place.'"

Would you ever read another book by this author?


In your overall opinion, this book is...

Definitely worth your time.

About the Reviewer

What is your favorite book?

Too Many!

If a book is turned into a movie, what are you most likely to do?

Read the book first and then see the movie.

What is your favorite movie?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

What color most describes your personality? Why?

Yellow, because it seems like a happy color and I'm always happy. And Blue because it and I are full of energy. And Green because it expresses my love for nature. And... Ok, I'm done now.

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