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Playtex Slimfit Tampons (by Meg, 13, Girl)

"The most clean and comfortable tampon you'll ever use!!"

Rating: **** four stars (incredible)
Beauty and Body Care Products Subcategory: Paper and Cotton

Please describe what the product is used for.

It's a tampon.

What is the full name of the company that manufactures this product?


Do you have any comments about the company that makes this product?

They seriously make the best tampons in the world!

How often do you use this product?

no answer

Did this product live up to your expectations?


What is the best thing, if anything, about this product?

I was scared to use a tampon at first, but then I tried playtex and they were so comfortable. Easy to put in easy to take out. If you are a swimmer, dancer(like me), or play sports you should try these even supers go in as easily as a light. It keeps you feeling clean all day. 

What is the worst thing, if anything, about this product?

Nothing at all except the fact that you are going through your period when you wear these. But the fact that you are so comfortable makes you forget part of the cramps, moodswings, and bloating. 

Would you buy this product again? Why or why not?


Do you have any comments about a similar product, made by a different company? Please tell us whether you thought it was better or worse than this one, and why.

I tried tampax once but they just hurt but then again the playtex I used had a plastic applicator and tampax had cardboard applicator but I am going to stick with playtex. 

Please tell us something about yourself that would give us a better understanding of your review.

I am dancer who has to use tampons to be comfortable performing. 

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