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Report on The Perfect Partner

Smart girls decide for themselves™.

About You
A total of 149 people took this survey. Of those, 10 were boys and the rest were girls! Most of the SmartGirls were oldest children [59], followed by youngest [45], then tied for middle and only [20].

SmartGirls all over the world took our survey. There were people from Australia, Brazil, Canada, the Philippines, Guyana, Ireland, Indonesia, Romania, Finland, Malaysia, Brazil, Scotland, American Samoe, Pakistan, New Zealand, Barbados, the Bahamas, Spain, Bangladesh, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States! Do you know where all of those places are?

If you look at the graph below, you can see that 14- and 16-year-olds were the two ages that responded to our survey the most. This was closely followed by 13-year-olds. We even had some people who were 21 and older taking this survey!
The higher the bar, the more people from that age group who took this survey. The numbers up the left of the graph show how many people were in that group. The ages are listed along the bottom.
What's the most important thing in a relationship?
This is about quality relationships. What is the big thing that SmartGirls care about? Here is what some SmartGirls had to say:

* He isn't a cheater.
* Maturity. It's important for both partners to act in a mature way and be responsible for their actions as well as forgiving. People who aren't ready for commitment aren't ready for a real relationship.
* Don't go too fast or too slow; take it easy, and go with the flow (hey! that rhymes!)
* Honesty and trust
* Love
* Friendship
* Trust, respect, and equality
* Being able to talk about anything.
* Non-violence
* Humor and talent
* Loyalty
* Laughter
* That your partner respects you and doesn't do anything to you to impress others.
* He's able to love me no matter what my flaws
* Personality
* Listening
Romantic History
There are some theories that the more you date, the better. This is because you get experience with different people and you can learn from those experiences which sorts of behaviors and personality quirks that you like and those that you would rather live without.

Then again, some people think that you can learn to love anyone, and that true love takes patience and tons of compromise! Still others just lay out their standards beforehand and don't want to mess around on the chance that they'll miss their One True Love while they're involved with something that ultimately won't matter.

So, are SmartGirls waiting for the Perfect one before they take the relationship plunge, or are they learning as much as they can just to figure out what Perfect means?

How many relationships have you had?

We divided this answer up by age, because we figured that as SmartGirls got older, they were more likely to have had relationships anyway.

We were right that older girls were more likely to have had more relationships! Pre-teens had almost no previous relationships, while no one age 20 or over had never had a relationship before.

We also saw that as groups increased in age from tween to early teen to late teen, the percent of people who had had 2-3 relationships also increased. You can see this, too, if you look at the "2-3 relationships" row and read across in a straight line. See how the percentages get bigger? 22.41% is almost 1 in 4 girls, and 33.3% is 1 in 3 girls, and 71.43% is 3 in 4 girls who have had 2 or 3 relationships. Wow!
How Many Relationships Have You Had?
Age Pre-teen [1]Tween [2]Early teen [3]Late teen [4]Post-teen [5][row totals]
How Many Relationships?
0 [1] 50.00%70.21%39.66%22.22%0.00%44.83%
1 [2] 50.00%8.51%20.69%25.93%0.00%17.93%
2-3 [3] 0.00%12.77%22.41%33.33%71.43%22.76%
4-5 [4] 0.00%2.13%10.34%11.11%14.29%7.59%
6-9 [5] 0.00%2.13%3.45%3.70%14.29%3.45%
10+ [6] 0.00%4.26%3.45%3.70%0.00%3.45%
[column totals] 4.14%32.41%40.00%18.62%4.83%100%
The number of relationships is sorted by age. So, pick an age group by selecting its column. Then you can look down the column and see what % of that age group had how many relationships (increases as you go down the rows).
What is perfection after all?
Like we said before, some people date around to figure out what perfect means, while other people already seem to have it in mind before they begin. Where do SmartGirls figure out what a Perfect Partner would be?

For 71 SmartGirls, their idea of perfection is someone that they've already met in real life. Lucky ducks!

For 7 SmartGirls, their perfect person is someone famous--a celebrity. Hm! That probably means we know who they are, too... I wonder which celebrity these SmartGirls chose?

18 SmartGirls say that their Perfect Person is a character that they've read about or seen in a movie.

For the other 51 SmartGirls, their Perfect Person is someone they've made up completely! What great imaginations!
How did you get the idea for your Perfect Partner?
The options were: [acquainted] Someone you already know, [famous] a celebrity, [character] someone from a book or movie, or [fantasy] someone you completely made up. Higher bars had the most responses!
Have you ever heard the term 'butterface'? It's supposed to mean that someone seems all-around great, but they're lacking a little bit in the looks department. It's a pretty mean term, but it gets thrown around. How important to you are looks? Would a 'butterface' influence whether or not you would consider someone for a relationship, even if everything else was all that you could ask for?

We also sorted this answer by age. It's clear that pre-teens are the most given to extremes; they either definitely wouldn't date someone or they definitely wouldn't care at all. On the other hand, people 20 or older are more likely to consider lots of other things along with looks, but they lean heavily toward not caring and other things being way more important.

Of all SmartGirls, most land squarely in the middle. Looks aren't everything, but they're definitely perk, and if we're talking about Perfect, then we'd rather our Perfect Person be good looking!
How important to you are looks?
Age Pre-teen [1]Tween [2]Early teen [3]Late teen [4]Post-teen [5][row totals]
5 20.00%4.26%3.45%0.00%0.00%3.50%
4 20.00%21.28%8.62%15.38%0.00%13.99%
3 20.00%29.79%50.00%26.92%57.14%38.46%
2 0.00%34.04%32.76%50.00%42.86%35.66%
1 40.00%10.64%5.17%7.69%0.00%8.39%
[column totals] 3.50%32.87%40.56%18.18%4.90%100%
Select an age group by looking at the column with the heading of the age group you're interested in. The numbers 5 through 1 on the left show how important looks are to that age group; a 5 is really important, and a 1 is not important at all.
So what does the Perfect Person look like?
Is your perfect person tall, dark, and handsome, or do you go for the sunny-haired blue-eyed playful sort? Maybe you like something unique that only you would recognize.

Most SmartGirls said that looks weren't important. But for those SmartGirls who do have an opinion, dark hair wins over by a landslide!

Check out the graph below! Black and brown hair are both nearly tied with around 39 responses each, while blonde, red, and dyed hair are pretty low with only around 5 responses each.
What color hair does your Perfect Partner have?
The categories with the highest bars are the categories that the most people selected. If a bar is really low, that means less people chose that one.
As for eye color, again it's the dark ones that win out, at least among SmartGirls who care. Brown eyes take the cake, followed by blue, then green, then black and hazel are tied. Unnatural colored eyes didn't make a showing a tall. I guess our Perfect Partners are preferably of this world!
What color eyes does your Perfect Partner have?
You can see exactly what the height of a bar means by looking in a straight line from the top of the bar to the left. The numbers up the left are markers to indicate what that height means.
As for body-type, most SmartGirls prefer someone athletic, muscular, or average. Average did nearly as well as both athletic and muscular! Doing nearly as well as average is "not important." Good for you, SmartGirls! In 5th place is "skinny," with thick, soft, and round having minimal support.
What kind of a body does your perfect partner have?
The names of each category that could have been selected are along the bottom. The number of people who chose each category is shown by the height of the bar. The number is represented as a percentage of the total.
SmartGirls had very few second-thoughts when it came to height. SmartGirls want their Perfect Partners to be taller than them! Not a lot taller, though. They'd rather have someone be the same height than a lot taller.

Differently from hair color, eye color, and body type, SmartGirls are more likely to care about height. Very few people said that height was not important to them when it comes to perfection.
How does your Perfect Partner's height compare to yours?
Want to know which category had the most responses? Look for the highest bar. To find out exactly how many people chose that category, draw a straight line from the top of the bar to the left. Which number on the left is that line closest to?
As for facial hair, the vast majority don't want any at all! If the Perfect person insists, though, a bit of scruff seems OK by some SmartGirls. More SmartGirls like a moustache over sideburns.
What kind of facial hair does your Perfect Partner have?
The lower a bar is, the closer to 0 people chose that response. The higher the bar, the closer to 120 the number of responses! So, higher bars had more responses to that category.
As for style, casual is the overall favorite for SmartGirls! On the other hand, formal-wear is definitely not prefered by most SmartGirls. I guess that means none of those celebrity crushes are James Bond!
What kind of style does your Perfect Partner have?
To find out the most popular style of dress chosen by SmartGirls, look for the category with the highest bar. Which bar is highest in this graph? Which style of dress is listed beneath it? Which style of dress had the fewest responses?
Even if the specifics don't matter, some SmartGirls still want their Perfect person to look nice and put some effort into their looks. Still, SmartGirls don't want too much effort! The majority of SmartGirls only ask that their Perfect Person spends up to 30 min on their appearance each day, maybe even as little as 15 min. I guess that means throwing on clothes and rushing out the door--to spend more time with you?
How much time does your Perfect Parnter spend on appearance?
As you go from left to right along the bottom, you are looking at categories where the partner spends more (left) to less (right) time on appearance. The higher you go, the more people chose that category! Which two categories were the most popular here?
Vital Statistics
Let's get to know these perfect people a little more--what about their background?

How old is this person compared to you?

SmartGirls want their Perfect person to be either the same age (the winner!) or a little older (close 2nd). Very few SmartGirls consider someone younger or much older than they are.
How does your Perfect Partner's age compare to yours?
One way to read graphs like this where the age is continuous (goes from low to high as you look down and up on the graph) and the ages are continuous (high to low from left to right), compare the extremes. Which is more popular?
What's their birth order: oldest, middle, youngest, or only?

Along with this question, we asked if they were from a large family or a small family. Most people want their Perfect Person to be an oldest child from a small family. After that, they want a middle child from a smile family. Tied for 3rd place were middle child from a large family and youngest child from a small family.
What's your Perfect Partner's birth order?
Does your partner come from a big family, or a little one? What does everyone else think? Check out the most popular answer (the highest bar). Was that the same category you chose or would have chosen?
How agreeable is your perfect partner? Does he/she get along with your family? Most SmartGirls say 'Of course! Duh!' Only 4 SmartGirls said no!
Does your Perfect Partner get along with your family?
This graph shows a range of how well a partner could get along with your family, from really well (left) to not at all (right). Which category had the most responses? That will be the category with the highest bar. Draw a line to the left to see how many!
On the other hand, how do you feel about your partner's family? Almost all SmartGirls want to love their partner's family, but if not, that's not important. Who wants to hate them? No one, really!
How do you feel about your Perfect Partner's family?
No matter how your Partner feels about your family, there's little doubt how SmartGirls want to feel about their partner's. The categories are labeled, here; what's the label on the category that takes up the most space in this circle (dark pink)?
Background Check
The great thing about globalisation is that it's easy to get to know people who grew up completely differently than you did! But how do you feel about starting up a relationship with someone whose traditions and values might be different from yours?

SmartGirl say that they want someone who grew up similarly to the way that they did. It doesn't have to be exactly the same, but there's comfort in familiarity.

At the same time, nearly as many people say that cultural differences aren't important. Love transcends cultural differences!

Still, SmartGirls are more likely to want to share a background with their Perfect Partner, whether it's because they come from the same background or because they took their two different cultures and smooshed them together. Very few SmartGirls are comfortable maintaining separate cultures from their Perfect Partner.
Do you and your partner deal with having different cultures?
SmartGirls could have chosen that cultural background was 'not important,' or that their cultures were 'yes much' very similar in the first place, or 'yes,' mostly similar, or 'no combine,' where their cultures mix into each other, or completely separate.
Part of culture and tradition is religious belief. It dictates what you eat and when, when you relax and when you're busy! Festivals, holidays, dances, worship, and more--if you're religious, you know what I'm talking about!

When it comes to religion, how do you want your Partner to feel about it? Half of SmartGirls say that it's important for their Partner to have religion, although half of those don't think it's really important if their partner has a different religion, as long as they have one at all. The other half say religion isn't important, or even think that their partner shouldn't have religion at all!
Do you and your partner live with religion?
Half of SmartGirls chose "yes" in some form, either shared or different religions, but still a religion. Almost 1/5th said "no" religion. For a hefty chunk, religion isn't important whether it's there or not.
Interests: Travel
So, what do you admire in your partner? Do you tend to admire things that you have in common?

When it comes to travel, SmartGirls seem to love it, and they want to share their experiences with their partner!
Do you and your partner like to travel?
The highest bars show the categories that had the most responses. The lowest bars show the opposite -- fewest responses! What do you think liking to travel says about your personality?
Interests: Animals
Even more than travel, SmartGirls think it's important that their Perfect Partner likes animals. Hey, that makes sense! If someone treats an animal well, aren't they more likely to treat humans even better?
Do you and your partner like animals?
You, both, one or the other, neither; which category had the most responses? The exact number of people who selected each category is listed above each bar in this graph.
Interests: the Museum
Over half of all SmartGirls would love to go to the museum with their Perfect Partners. Still, over 25% of SmartGirls would love to NEVER go to the museum... and hope their partner feels the same way!
Do you and your partner like to go to the museum?
Compare this graph to the last graph. Which categories are biggest: the ones where you do things together, or the ones where you disagree on what you like to do or not?
Interests: Reading
For SmartGirls, reading is important. It's not as important as travel or liking animals, but it's pretty darn up there!
Do you and your Perfect Partner like to read?
How important is reading to your relationship? If you think it's really important, you probably like to read and so does your partner. Check out the category 'yes together' to see how many other SmartGirls chose that response, too!
Interests: Food
SmartGirls don't like picky eaters! Only 4 SmartGirls said that their Perfect Partner is a picky eater. 112 SmartGirls (that's a lot!) said that they want someone who is willing to try anything. Adventurous... like traveling!
What kind of food does your Perfect Partner like?
Which category in this group had the fewest responses? Which category had the most responses. Compare line heights: the highest bars had the most responses. The exact number is listed on the top of each bar.
Interests: Technology
Only 4 SmartGirls were interested in having someone to date who was hopeless with technology. Quite a few SmartGirls want a cutting-edge partner, someone who knows all the latest and greatest technology and how to use it! I hope their partners have good jobs (technology is expensive!). Generally, SmartGirls just want a partner who's good at technology. I guess it's unusual to want someone to be bad at something...
How comfortable is your Perfect Partner with technology?
This graph shows a learning curve from 'always on top of it' to the left to 'never on top of it' to the right. Super-hero or super hopeless? Which categories have the highest bars?
Interests: Cars
Very few SmartGirls thought that they'd want a partner who used some alternate form of transportation to cars, but that doesn't mean they want a souped-up ideal. Just kidding! Lots of SmartGirls (1/3) want a partner with a dream car. Still, half of SmartGirls just want a guy who has a car that will get him from point A to point B. Power windows are nice, but going from 0 to 83mph in 2 seconds is not important. A hefty chunk of SmartGirls (1/8) just don't care at all.
How does your Perfect Partner feel about cars?
Does your Partner have a favorite car already picked out [ideal] or just wants something that will get them there [standards]? Do they prefer something other than a car [alternate] or just don't care at all [nonchalant]? How do you compare to the results?
Interests: Mysteries
We threw in a fun personality quirk question. We asked how well your Perfect Partner would like to solve mysteries; IS your Perfect Partner James bond or a private investigator? Like in the movies, does your Perfect Partner solve problems and save the day?

While 1/4 of SmartGirl swould love to have such a hero, 1/2 of SmartGirls just want someone who can appreciate knowing it happens. As much fun as we have watching celebrities solve mysteries in movies, we'd like to share that fun with our partners. Another 1/4 of SmartGirls just don't see the allure to mysteries at all!
Mysteries! How does your Partner feel about investigating stuff?
If your Perfect Partner likes to watch mysteries unfold without having to do any of the actual sleuthing, then you're in the majority with other SmartGirls. The 'spectator' group takes up almost half the pie!
More about your Perfect Partner
Most SmartGirls want to date someone who is talented in some way. It helps them to stand out from the crowd! If SmartGirls had to choose, in what area would they want their Perfect Partner to be excellent?

Most SmartGirls are attracted to a man who can play an instrument, followed closely by singing. Band-mate, anyone? Close behind singing is poetry--hey, that's like lyrics!

Other interesting things that SmartGirls wanted their partners to be good at include surfing, comedy, magic tricks, and graffiti!
What is your Perfect Partner particularly good at creatively?
Check out all the possible categories by reading along the bottom. Compare the heights to see which categories were chosen more than others! The taller the bar, the more frequently it was chosen.
Bad Boy?
We hear it everywhere: nice boys finish last. Is that true? How many SmartGirls want a bad boy?

Most SmartGirls definitely don't want someone who has experimented with illegal drugs ever! Still, 43 SmartGirls would consider someone with a drug history. It's either not important, or they definitely have.
Has your Perfect Partner ever experimented with illegal drugs?
The answer is clear: most SmartGirls chose 'never.' How do we know? We found the highest bar, which ad 97 responses, then looked below it and saw that it was the 'never' category. Which category would you have chosen?
Then there are other unspecified illegal activities--what about those?

The majority of SmartGirls agree to this one too: NO! They aren't interested! Check out the graph below and compare the size of the bright orange "no" slice to the "yes" and "yes, frequently" slices. It's way bigger! That means way more SmartGirls chose no.
Does your Perfect Partner engage in any other illegal activity?
The "pie piece" that takes up the most space was the category with the most responses. "yes frequently" goes with the dark green slice and "yes" goes with the light green slice. Each piece represents a % of the total, not an absolute number.
Experienced Partner?
Do you want to figure out everything with you partner, and have your partner do the same for you? Or do you want your partner to teach you how to have a good relationship?

SmartGirls do want their partners to have previous experience with relationships, either by lots of little relationships or a few long, committed ones. Only 1/3 of SmartGirls want a partner with no experience with relationships at all.
Has your Perfect Partner had any previous relationships to yours?
Each slice represents a proportion of the population. The bigger the pie piece, the more people who chose that category. Which piece is the biggest? Which is the smallest? Which are about the same size? The same is true of the categories they represent.
Personality: Aggressive or Tender?
I guess nice guys don't always finish last! 92 SmartGirls prefer a tender partner to an aggressive one--only 47 SmartGirls want an aggressive boy. We hope you really mean assertive, though! It's NEVER OK to use physical violence to make a point. Be careful, SmartGirls!
Is your Perfect Partner more aggressive or more tender?
"a" stands for aggressive and "t" stands for tender. Try adding up the numbers for "some" and "very" for both "a" and "t". Which one, "a" or "t", had the most responses?
Competitive or Compromising?
SmartGirls seem to like this characteristic more on the nice and fluffy side, too. They want compromising partners who will do a little give and a little take. Sharing is comfort! But don't discount the competition; some SmartGirls want to win what they earn through hard work and grit!
Is your Perfect Partner more competitive or compromising?
In this graph, the "c" stands for "competitive". The extreme bars, on the far left and far right, are both "very". The number above each bar shows how many people chose that category when taking this survey.
Outgoing or Shy?
This is where the nice guy can go sit in the dust. 93 SmartGirls want an outgoing partner! Social butterflies, this is your time to shine.
Is your Perfect Partner more outgoing or more shy?
To read this graph, find the highest bar (you can see which exact number each bar represents by looking at the number on top of each bar) and then look under the bar to see which category it represents. Which is the tallest?
Fix problems or listen to them?
When you've got an issue, it seems like everyone has an opinion on how to solve it. But sometimes you already have your own opinion. You don't want another opinion, you just want an ear! 62 SmartGirls want a Partner who will listen when they have problem.

Then again, there are those times when there are so many choices and all of them seem just as good--or worse, just as bad. Sometimes you know too many things to do, and it's hard to make a choice! It's nice to have someone there to tell you what to do, someone you can trust to make everything OK. 63 SmartGirls feel this way!

So, I guess if you're a Fixer-upper or a Shoulder To Cry On, some SmartGirl likes it!
Does your Perfect Partner usually fix your problems or usually listen?
Compare the heights of these bars. If they are around the same height, that means that around the same numbers of people chose those categories. The two extreme categories (on the outside) match up, and so do the two middle ones. What are the categories?
Serious or Playful?
110 SmartGirls want a playful Partner! That's not to discount the 34 who want someone serious, but it seems like SmartGirls just want to have fun!
Is your Perfect Partner more serious or more playful?
The higher the bar, the more people who chose that category. The reverse is opposite; if the bar is very low, then not many people chose that category. You can see the exact number above each bar.
Someone to Talk To
Did you ever hear the saying that "it's so nice when you can sit for 20 minutes and not have to talk about anything." We think that means that you're so comfortable with one another that even when you're together you can have quality alone time.

But SmartGirls say, what gives? 20 min is one thing, but over all? 133 SmartGirls agree: their Perfect Parter always wants to talk!
How often do you and your Perfect Partner have to talk?
The bar that is the highest shows which category had the most responses. Look below each bar to see its name, and look above each bar to see the exact number of people who are in that group.
Apathetic or Interested?
There are those people who just seem so laid back. Life happens, and if it happens to them, well, that's great. Their motto is: live and let live. That's the apathetic sort. On the other hand, there are the activists. Everything is interesting and everything deserves attention and care! Which type of person does a SmartGirl prefer?

The count is in, and SmartGirls overwhelmingly prefer the interested sort! As a matter of fact, 0--that's right, ZERO--SmartGirls care for someone who is very apathetic!
Is your partner more apathetic or interested in things?
"Apathetic" means that you don't care; how many people are in the "ap" group (which means apathetic in this graph). Is that more or less than the other groups? Which group has more, "interestd" or "very interested"?
The Romance
So what's the relationship actually like, anyway? SmartGirls tells us the perfect way to meet their Perfect Partner:

Friends first! Love at first sight, move over. These girls already like you before they fall in love!
How did you meet your Perfect Partner?
Look below each bar to see the name of each category. Look at the height of the bar to see how many people chose it. Draw an imaginary line straight to the left from the top of the bar. See which number up the left side is closest to where your line hits.
The Chase
It's hard to be the one doing the chasing. That means there's a possibility of rejection. Maybe that's why over 1/3 of SmartGirls said they'd prefer their partner do the chasing! Still, over 1/2 of SmartGirls want there to be no chasing at all. Why play hard to get when you can just be together right away?
Who did the chasing when you and your Perfect Partner met?
Compare how much space each piece takes up. Whichever piece takes up the most space also received the most answers. The smallest piece had the fewest people choosing that category.
Perfect Partner: In 5, 4, 3, 2, ...
As stated before, some of you base your Perfect Partner on someone that you're already acquainted with. So, for 54 of you, you've already met your Perfect Parter: congratulations!

For the rest of us, how soon do we want this Perfect Partner to show up? We asked how long you would wait to find them. Only 6 SmartGirls said they'd wait forever! Most SmartGirls, 71, said that they want to meet this person ASAP or that they only want to wait a small time if they have to.
When do you want to meet your Perfect Partner, or do you know him already?
The sooner categories are to the left, and the later categories are to the right. Forever is at the far right, and "I already know this person" is to the far left. The higher the bar, the more people who chose that category!
Til Death Do Us Part
93 SmartGirls want the Perfect Partner to be theirs forever. That makes sense! But a hefty bunch of you wouldn't mind a passionate romance with a tragic ending--the stuff movies are made of. Do you want to be the next Juliet?
How long do you want your relationship with your Perfect Partner to last?
Compare the heights of the bars. The tallest bars were the most popular choices.
Passing on the Family Name
Do you want to have children in this relationship? Here are how some SmartGirls responded to the question:

* Of course, but only after marriage.
* I'm a bit young to think about having kids!
* Yes! Having a child is the most amazing product of love.
* Yes, 2--a girl and a boy (but it doesn't really matter).
* I think it would be great to raise a family, but I'm afraid that having kids brings a loss of youth... like, we couldn't have fun alone anymore with kids.
* Yes, but none of my own! I would adopt kids since our world is overpopulated. I don't want to make the Earth even more crowded by bearing children.
* Yeah, I wish!
* I don't want children anyways.
* Many, many
* When we are older.
Long Distance
How far would a SmartGirl be willing to live from her Perfect Partner? On a daily basis, SmartGirls would be most comfortable at the furthest living within a daily driving distance from their Perfect Partner, followed in a close second by walking distance. Some SmartGirls insist that their Partners have to live in the same building, while others say that for their love, they wouldn't mind living on a different planet!
What is the farthest distance that you would be comfortable living from your Perfect Partner?
Draw a straight line from the top of the bar to the left, and see which number up the left is closest to that line. That's the number of people who chose that group. Which group has the most people in it? The least?
Absence makes the heart grow...
Some people like a lot of independence even when they're in a relationship. They want their Perfect Partner to have their own friends, their own hobbies--maybe even their own house! Other people want to share everything there is to share. How do SmartGirls feel?

While very few SmartGirls want to be actually inseparable, many SmartGirls would rather be together more often than not. Quite a few SmartGirls would like an even split, where they spend equal times apart and together. Sounds good to us!
How much time do you and your Partner spend together?
More time together is toward the left, while less time together is to the right. The higher the bar, the more people in that category. Which is the category with the most people in it?
Balance of Power
We were wondering about who tells who what to do in a relationship. Do SmartGirls want to be bossed around? In a Perfect Partner, SmartGirls all seem to agree: 119 SmartGirls said that they want an equal balance of power. Even if they disagree on things, they want to be able to work things out fairly.
What is the balance of power in your relationships with your Perfect Partner?
There is one group that definitely has the most responses. Which one is it and how many people chose that category? Why do you think it was so popular? Why weren't the other ones popular?
Keepin' it Real
Sometimes when girls are in a relationship that isn't healthy, they justify it by saying, "But they're different when it's just me and them!" What do SmartGirls think about that?

124 SmartGirls -- that's the overwhelming majority! -- say that they want a Partner who acts the same around everyone. No two-faced Partners for them!
Does your partner act the same around you as he does around other people, or is he different when he's with just you?
Which category was the most popular? This category is going to be the highest bar. You can see how many people are in each category by looking at the number above each bar.
Special Little Snowflake
When talking about love, what do all these little numbers mean, anyway? 140 SmartGirls say this, 12 SmartGirls say that... when it comes to the Partner that's perfect for you, you want someone special and unique. So we asked you to fill in the blank: tell us one quirky thing about your ideal partner!

Here's what some SmartGirls had to say:

* Mismatching socks
* Going shopping with me
* Star Wars
* Putting his chin in his hands while staring at his nose
* Cuddling
* Rock music
* Critiquing movies
* Playing in the rain
* Walking in graveyards
* The color combination of red, white, and black
* Playing Taboo
* Dirtbiking
* Old animated Disney movies
* Surprising me and taking me somewhere spontaneously
* Massaging my feet
* Going to pet stores
* Learning! He's really smart.
* Adventurous and challenging things
* People-watching
* Popping his lip
Last Words
Just in case we didn't cover anything that you felt really strongly about, we asked if there was anything last thing to say. Here's what SmartGirls had to say:

* Make sure you're both comfortable with each other and that it's not just a fling. If you're serious, then great! I hope you grow old together :)
* I would really like for my partner not to get jealous easily.
* I would love him til the end of time.
* Be honest with each other. If it isn't working out, don't try to hang on forever. Let the other person know what you're feeling, even if it hurts. In the long run, you'll know inside that it was the right decision. Let both of you be free to share your feelings about your relationship.
* There is no such thing as "the perfect relationship," but people can come close. There will always be fights, flukes, etc. Just make sure you love them and can work through thick and thin.
* We both have good careers and we love being together. We can talk about anything and I love when he just holds me in his arms. It's like the whole world stops spinning and we are frozen in our own wonderful moment.
* The guy should enjoy sports just as much as I do.
* Sometimes the unexpected is the best.
* My perfect relationship would just be a dream, really. I guess no girl exists like that in reality... but that's probably a good thing.
* My guy's my best friend. What can I say?
* His hair has to have certain properties to it. Longish (frames the face but isn't long enough to put into a ponytail), straight (could curve into face or outward), and have a certain softness and fluidity to it.
* We would dance together.
* He would have to have a job, and he would always have a hot meal to come home to.
* Don't let looks get in the way of a good relationship.
* He wouldn't pressure me into anything and would love me for who I am.
* I would love a guy who can help teach me new things. Anything from coking, cars, history, instruments, hunting/fishing, and more. I just love to learn and would love to be taught by someone I love.
* I want to be in a relationship with someone that I have the same interests as and that this guy has to be someone who you can joke and laugh and have a good time with. Right now, though, I really don't want to be in a serious relationship. Sometimes guys who do want to be in one really creep me out! But to tell you the truth, in a few years, all of that will change.
* We have to have some thingsin common, like what we like to do when we hang out, but somewhat different because then we can teach each other things.
* Big ego.
* We'd have our problems and differences, but work through them in time and look past the little things we don't like in each other.
* You must be able to be open with each other and share your feelings. Never cheat on your partner and be curious about him even if he doesn't seem like the type. If he is the one, you will know it. He doesn't need to be perfect. Get to know one another before declaring yourselves a couple. Good luck and hopefully everything turns out for the best. There will be times when conflicts will arise but you and your boyfriend/girlfriend will need to compromise and come up with a solution to the problem. A relationship is successful only when these traits are present. It was a pleasure telling you.
* I must know the guy for at least a week before we start to date so I don't get hurt physically or mentally.
* Our zodiac signs are totally compatible!
* There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Every relationship has flaws, and I think it's important to know that.
* I wish it would hurry up and happen.
* He has to be cuddly so he's good to hug.
* We would live in the now, not making plans for the future, just taking things day by day.
* I would like him to be more romantic.

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