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Report on Hobbies & Favorite Activities: What Do You Like To Do?

Smart girls decide for themselves™.

What do SmartGirls enjoy doing in their spare time? What hobbies and activities interest today's SmartGirls? It looks like they're involved in some really exciting and interesting things! Check out the results below.
Who took this survey?
There were a lot of responses to the hobbies and favorite activities survey. In all, 265 people responded; 252 were girls and 13 were boys. The respondents ranged in age from 9 to 21.
Birth Order?
In Your Family You Are:
Where are respondents from?
SmartGirls that responded were from all over the globe: North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Check out how the hobbies of girls' from other countries compare to your own.
Where are SmartGirls?
SmartGirls come from all kinds of places. It's interesting to see whether this changes what types of hobbies they enjoy doing! Also, does where someone is from make it easier or harder to participate in their favorite activities?!
What Type of Communities Do SmartGirls Live In?
What do SmartGirls Enjoy Doing?
Most girls responded that their favorite hobbies are performing arts and music as well as playing sports. Specifically, the most popular hobbies include dancing (16), singing (16) acting (6), writing (10), and swimming (9).

Some interesting responses for hobbies were
~bird bath watching
~martial arts
~horseback riding
~making jewelry

It seems that SmartGirls are very active in their communities, and they keep themselves busy with creative and fun activities!
What kind of hobbies do smartgirls enjoy?
Time Spent on Hobbies
SmartGirls spend a lot of time on their hobbies because they like them so much!

173 SmartGirls reported that their hobbies are very important to them
75 SmartGirls reported that their hobbies are somewhat important to them

Therefore more than 90% of the SmartGirls place some value on what they do

SmartGirls spend different amounts of time participating in their favorite activities. Some spend 16 or more hours a week while others spend only a few hours. Most respondents said that their hobbies fit very well into their life as a student. However, most also express desire to spend more time on their hobbies. They get to spend a lot more time doing things they enjoy in the summer than they do in the school year.
Time Spent on Hobbies
Why Participate in Hobbies?
Smartgirls participate in hobbies mainly because they feel it is a good way to relax and have fun. In addition to fun and relaxation, SmartGirls also experience an increase in self-esteem: they can make new friends, and grow and change as a person.

Hobbies could also be a way for the girls to get to know more about the interests of someone they admire. 166 SmartGirls stated that they would possibly join an activity someone they admired was also doing, if the hobby was something they are interested in also. 42 stated that they would definitely join an activity if someone they admired was also doing it.
Why Do People Participate in Hobbies?
Go girls! Smartgirls are competitive in the hobbies they participate in.

124 SmartGirls report that being good at the hobbies they participate in is very important to them.
107 reported that it is somwhat important to be good at the hobbies they participate in.
21 reported that it is a little bit important to be good at the hobbies they participate in.

Over 90% percent of the SmartGirls value their performance in their hobbies. SmartGirls who are good at the hobbies they participate in might be more likely to feel good about themselves.

Smartgirls disagree with the statement "Girls are judged for how they look and boys are judged for what they do."

Sharing Hobbies
A majority of SmartGirls share hobbies with their friends, classmates, and family

214 SmartGirls share with friends
246 SmartGirls share with their family
107 SmartGirls share with classmates

It is interesting to note that 32 SmartGirls don't share hobbies with anyone--hobbies can be fun to do with others or by yourself!
Who Do You Share Hobbies With?
Influence on Hobbies
Even though SmartGirls share their hobbies with many other people, most reported that they choose their own hobbies and are not easily swayed by the hobby choices of other people.

Hobbies are a way for SmartGirls to express themselves and show their own interests, separate from their family and friends.
Influence on Hobbies
Friends' Hobbies
Smartgirls care about their friends, even if they do not share the same hobbies.
We asked SmartGirls what they would do if one of their friends started a really weird hobby.

Most SmartGirls (129) indicated that they value the unique interests of their friends and that it would not bother them

It seems that there are hobbies that SmartGirls might like to try, but can't for the following reasons....

Fear of what others will think
Too expensive
Unwilling to try something new alone
It's not available
Not enough time

Obstacles to hobbies
Ideal Situation
Here are some of the SmartGirls' responses when asked what hobbies they would pursue if they had all the time and resources in the world.

It seems that most responses have to do with becoming famous, usually through singing or acting, and helping to make the world a better place.

~ I'd like to have my own movie theater with all the movies I like. I'd buy a ton of candy, a volleyball gym/court, a million books, and some digital video cameras.

~ I am currently working part time as a helter-skelter cleaning assistant in order to earn more money, which I will hopefully dedicate to setting up my own bat-tracking society.

~I would try to go to as many Green Day concerts as possible because I love Green Day.

~I would continue playing volleyball and reading a lot, but I would also like to volunteer and help stop the destroying of vanishing animal habitats and endangered and threatened animals. I would also like to help the earth and my state of Florida, which needs a lot of work when it comes to environmental matters.

~I would love to do lots of courses to gain qualifications in many hobbies, but with all the time in the world I would practice before taking the qualifications. I'd use my qualifications and free time to help people less fortunate than myself. I'd love to gain a CSI license, pool guard/swimming instructor certificate, psychology degree, counseling degree, martial arts instructors certificate.

~I might pursue acting because being someone else is very interesting: you get to escape from being you at the moment. Also acting sounds like a lot of fun and there are many skills you learn while acting. Unforunately I don't act right now because my family doesn't have the money and I don't think I would be that good at it. Before I start to act I need to definitely build up my confidence.

~I would travel all over the world, because I want to be able to understand different cultures and to appreciate natural beauty from all over the world. There are so many adventures out there waiting to be had!

~I would like to learn to sail and lead an all-female sailing team in a race around the world! I would like to show that women can be strong and get things accomplished when they work together towards a goal.

~I would want to act! I'm a very shy person, and talking to people is horrible! But when I'm acting, I can say lines with no trouble. Acting takes me out of the ordinary and makes me feel really good about myself. I would like to take acting classes, join acting clubs, and star in every play possible! I also love ballet, a lot! Being in a ballet would be the best thing in all the world!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

Please remember that all web-based polls are not scientific because the pollsters cannot randomly select the respondents to participate in the surveys.

All our surveys are anonymous; check out our privacy policy. All data copyright 1996-2000.


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