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Report on Music Survey

Smart girls decide for themselves™.

During the month of June SmartGirl asked you to tell us about music, including your tastes in music, if your dream job involved music, and what format you listen to your music on. 476 people responded to the survey. Of those that responded, the average age was 13 and 98% were girls and 2% were boys. 304 people were from the USA, 56 from teh United Kingdom, 36 from Canada, 16 from Australia, and others from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Bulgaria, Estonia, India, Iran, Ireland, Malaysia, Malta, N. Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad, Venezuela, Wales, Argentina, Croatia, Pakistan, South Africa.

SmartGirl asked, "What type of format do you listen to music on?"
Out of the 30 SmartGirls that responded that they listen to music on other formats, about half said that they listen to music on television (i.e. MTV).
SmartGirl asked, "What type of music-related activities do you participate in?"
24 of the 80 SmartGirls that responded that they have other musical talents or hobbies, replied that they play instruments at home.
SmartGirl asked, "What type of music do you listen to?"
85 SmartGirls responded that they listen to other types of music other than the ones listed. These other types of music that SmartGirls listen to included:

  • Techno (6)

  • Punk, Thrash, Ska (19)

  • Comedy Recordings (1)

  • 80's (6)

  • Dance/Trance (6)

  • Emo (emotional hardcore) (2)

  • Cultural/World Beat (8)

  • Inspirational (1)

  • Metal (11)

  • Christian (12)

  • Garage (3)

  • Folk (3)

  • Indie Rock (1)

  • Goth (1)

  • Soul (1)

  • Classic Rock (1)

  • Soft Rock (2)

  • Instrumental (1)
SmartGirl asked, "Does your dream job involve music?"
The following jobs were represented by the 184 SmartGirls that said their dream job involved music.
Singer/Rapper 11665.91
Musical Theater 158.52
Composer 10.57
Dancer/Choreographer 105.68
Choir Director 10.57
Musician 116.25
Songwriter 42.27
Music Teacher 95.11
Band Manager 21.14
DJ 10.57
Not Sure 21.14
Music Journalist 21.14
Groupie 10.57
Record Company Executive 10.57
SmartGirl asked, "Do you find that music helps you get through tough times (when you're sad, angry, etc.)?"
SmartGirl asked SmartGirls to, "Describe a time where music did help you through a tough time."
Parents Divorse 113.44
Depressed/Anxious 7021.88
Apart from Friends/Family 175.31
After an Argument 3811.88
Never 134.06
Illness 82.5
Stressed Out 185.63
Death 299.06
Break Up with Boy/Girlfriend 4012.5
Mad 3811.88
Bad Day 123.75
Embarassing Moment 20.63
Rape/Abuse 30.94
Everything 82.5
While Studying 30.94
Cleaning 10.31
To Relax 72.19
Puberty 10.31
Being Bullied 10.31
SmartGirl asked, "Are musicians good role models? Why or why not?"
Most SmartGirls replied that it really depended on who the musician was to whether or not a musician would be a good role model. However, other SmartGirls said that musicians are role models because they are encouraging and help them realize their own musical dreams.

Other SmartGirls had this to say:

Well, it depends, musicians that are told what to do all the time (ex. Britney Spears) aren't good role models because they aren't really themselves, but those artists out there who are unique and flashy and promote good things are good role models. – 15

They are good role models because they teach you that music is good for the soul and that it is very fun and exciting. - 12

I think so because you can just look up to most of them through tough times and they are successful people so they can help other people believe in their self and give them confidence to do better in life. – 11

Providing they conduct themselves in a good manner, I don't see why they can't be good role models. So many of them have done wonderful thinks for society. The Justin Timberlake Foundation is just one example of how musicians have given back to the community. - 17

Because everyday they get up and they go out and make people happy. They make themselves do it because they love it and everyone loves them. No matter how they feel on a given day they will do shows. They will travel around for months at a time away from home and family. Because they follow their dreams. – 14

I really would like to have said, "Some musicians are good role models." I realize that many have chosen the wrong lifestyle (drugs, promiscuity, etc.) However, That’s not the norm, that's just what we see on MTV. Most musicians are poets and artists and are trying to get their feelings out into the world to share with others who may be having similar feelings... - 18

Many of the modern superstars are really just super trashy. For example, Britney Spears is totally molding to that stereotypical image of the ideal girl, you know, big breasts, small brain. To be a real role model you need to be genuine and have new ideas. – 14

Musicians are just people that have a talent, they shouldn't be expected to be role models. The only people that should be expected of are parents. – 16

Because musicians have enough guts to get up in front of the world and express there true feelings may it be through writing songs, playing instruments or singing other peoples lyrics that they believe our true. - 16

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

Please remember that all web-based polls are not scientific because the pollsters cannot randomly select the respondents to participate in the surveys.

All our surveys are anonymous; check out our privacy policy. All data copyright 1996-2000.


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