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Report on What's Hip: The Latest on Trends and Fads

Smart girls decide for themselves™.

What's this survey about?
Everyone wants to know what's considered hot these days. This survey helps the SmartGirl users to see what their peers think are the lastest trends and fads. The results from this survey also show who the participants think have the grestest influences on what and how things become a trend. So SmartGirl users, here are your results!
Who's interested in learning what's hip?
There are a lot of SmartGirls out there who want to know what's considered "in" these days. 531 SmartGirl users participated in this survey, of which 520 were girls, 2 were boys, and 9 users chose not to answer.

There was a diverse age group that decided this was important topic. The respondents aged from 8 to 22+. Majority of the respondents (87%) aged from 10-16 years old.

The results also show how those ages are spread across the globe, majority (51%) from the United States, 10% from England, and 7% from Canada. Those were the leading numbers but there were many other countries that responded, such as Australia, the Bahamas, Egypt, India, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa, just to name a few.
Are you a trendy person?
209 of you said that you are sometimes trendy, 203 said that you are most definitely trendy, 62 of you said, no you don't think you are a trendy person, and 49 of you were unsure about your abilities to be trendy.
Are You Trendy?
We asked you do you consider yourself to be a trendy person.
In what ways do people follow trends?
Next we wanted to know, how you think it is that people follow trends. Most of you thought people follow trends through clothing and another large group of respondents thought music was a way in which people followed trends. Only a few of you thought that magazines and sports were significant factors.
What are Factors that Create Trends?
Are the students that are trendy also popular?
This graph shows how the SmartGirl respondents feel about popularity in school and its relationship with the students that follow trends. Most of you agree that people in your school who are trendy are usually also popular. On the other hand very few of you strongly disagree with the idea that students that following trends is not a part of being in the popular crowd. These are some interesting results.
Does Trendy Equal Popular
We asked are the trendy kids at your school also popular.
What do you do if a trend catches on at your school?
33% of the survey respondents said they would follow a trend that suddenly became popular at school. 31% said they would ignore the trend. 18% stated that they would have been the one to start the trend. 8.9% would be against the spread of the trend, and 8.4% would make fun of those who decided be a part of the newly developed trend.
Which One Are You?
Which sources do you use to determine what is trendy at the moment?
Many of the respondent said that your friends, fashion magazines, catalogs, TVs, and the popular kids at school are some important factors that help determine what is trendy at the moment. Not many of you think your extended families (i.e cousins, aunts, and uncles) or past trends are reliable sources for current trends.
Sources for trendsetters
We asked you what sources do you use to determine what is trendy at the moment and we said check all that apply.
Mags & Ads
When you see a commercial and/or magazine ad for a product directed toward your gender and/or age group, what do you do?

36.9% stated that they would discuss the product with a friend to see if it is worth buying. 33.1% said they would ignore the ad because nothing is ever as good as the ads make them seem. 22.1% said they would rather wait for one of my friends to get it to see if it is worth having, while 7.9% said they would prefer to run out immediately and buy the product so they can be the first to have it.
What Do I Do
Would you wear an outfit because your favorite celebrity wore it?
Most of you said, no, I would not wear an outfit because my favorite celebrity wore it. This must not be as cool as most people think! A little more than 1/4 of you thought, hey, celebrity outfits are cool. Why shouldn't I want to wear a matching outfit?
Favorite Celebrity and Your Clothing
We asked would you wear something you saw your favorite celebrity wearing because if he/she is wearing it, it must be cool.
What would you do if a new diet fad came out?
48.61% of the respondents would not try the diet because they do not diet. 34.8% said they would avoid it because fad diets are usually not healthy. 16.6% said they would at least try the diet to see what all the fuss was about.
A New Diet Fad
What sources do you look at when you get a haircut?
There are many factors that the smartgirl respondents look for when they go to get a haircut. The main things that help you decide on your haircuts are hairstyle magazines, advice from your stylist, pictures of celebrity hairstyles, or you come up with something yourself. One of the least contributing factors is the internet.
Deciding Factors for Haircuts
What if piercings became a popular trend at your school?
57.7% said they would be happy with not having a piercing at all. 19.56% said they would beg their parents to let them get one. 15.1% said they would admire the people that have them without getting one themselves. While 7.71% said they would be take a ride on the wild side and get one without their parent's permission.
How does the smartgirl respondents feel about girls between the ages of 15 and 21 getting plastic surgery?
Many of the respondents think getting plastic surgery between the ages of 15 and 21 is a bad idea, because it would be nice if girls (everyone, really) could be happy with who they are, inside and out. Another large group of respondents it is a bad idea because the girl's bodies are still going through changes. While another group thinks it is up to the girls, it is completely understandable why they would want to look better, and a few of the respondents think it is a choice that the parents should make because they know what's best for the children. This is a very interesting and important issue amongst many teenage girls.
Plastic Surgery
What would you do?
These graphs are responses where we asked if you strongly agreed, agreed, strongly disagreed, or disagreed with the statements that were made.
I won't buy something if it isn't considered cool, even if I like it.
A large percentage of you said you would buy an item that you liked even if it was not considered cool. While less than 1/4 of you said you would not purchase the item that you liked if it wasn't considered cool. This graph shows that there are a lot of independent thinkers out there!
Not Cool
People usually follow fads because they want to fit in more.
Most of you agree, that people follow fads because they want to fit in more. However, there are still a few of the respondents that disagree, and think that people follow fads for other reasons, rather than trying to fit in.
Do People Follow Trends to Fit In
People get made fun of in my school if they don't follow the trends.
This graph shows that almost half you agree that people get made fun of at your school if they don't follow trends, while the other half disagrees.
What Happens to Students Who Don't Follow Trends
If I find out that something I have is out of style, I won't wear it anymore.
Many of you don't care what is in style or out of style, you are going to wear whatever it is you want to wear. On the other hand we have some respondents (about 1/4) that want to be fashionable, and won't wear anything that is not in style.
Out of Style
If you don't already, would you rather wear a school uniform and not worry about trends in school?
Most of you against wearing uniforms. While a quarter of you prefer to wear uniforms, and that way you won't have to worry about trends. The other quarter of the respondents already wear uniforms, so everyone is following the same trend.
Would You Rather Wear a Uniform
Some of the biggest trends at your schools are...
These are some common trends that are going around in your schools....

~ purses (shiny, big, with circles)
~ gauchos
~ carrying cell phones
~ ipods, mp3?s
~ jeans with high heels
~ leggings under skirts
~ bracelets
~ ripped jeans
~ half jean jackets
~ Abercrombie & Fitch
~ Being in relationships
~ leg warmers
~ Ugg boots
Who's your style role model?
The majority of you stated that you don't have a style role model. But for those of you who do you look up to mostly celebrities. The next best answer was your parents. Then some of you said your friends were your style role models. Many of us admire something about our friends! A good question for you smartgirls to think about is, why are celebrities a high percentage of our role models? Is it because they make a lot of money, do charity work, or just because they are always in the spotlight? Is there a good reason?
Who's Your Style Rolemodel?
Where are the trends at your school?
52.3% of you said that trends are everywhere at your school. 39% said that trends were around but weren't that important. 6.6% don't know where the trends are. While 2% stated that trends just don't exist at their school. Trends are a very popular thing and most people follow them, if you don't know it or not. The decision to be different can be a trend, if you think about it! And there is nothing wrong with that.
What would you do if you were the only one of my friends without a certain product?
284 smartgirls don't care if you're the only one of your friends without a certain product. 81 of the respondents said they would save some money so you can go out and buy the product. 62 would borrow the product so that you can know what it's like and can talk about it with your friends. And 69 respondents said Feel stupid and/or left out for being the only person without one. I say, sharing is caring!
If I Don't Have Something and My Friends Do
Which era's fashion trends do you wish would make a comeback?
We asked you girls what era pretaining to fashion would you like to see make a comeback and the results show that most of you smartgirl users like to keep the present in the present and the past back in the past. Most of the respondents feel like nothing compares to the present. Others would like for people to be more creative because they don't want any era's to make a comeback, including our current fashion. Interesting enough there are quite a few of you that love vintage fashion. 13% said they would love to see the 1950's make a comeback. 11.6% wanted to see 1960's & 1980's (pretty cool era if I say so myself)! Lastly, 8% wanted to see the 1970's fashion come back. Blasts in the past days are always fun to watch!
What Era Would You Like to Bring Back?
Why do you think people follow trends?
We received a lot of respones for this question. Many of you think that people follow trends for some of the same reasons. Here is what many of you thought.

People follow trends because...

~ They want to be cool.

~ They would like to fit in.

~ It is a good way to have something in common with someone and it makes them feel good.

~ To be popular or known for setting the trend.

~ To keep up with celebrities.

~ Once it's a trend they suddenly like it just it's a trend and they want one.

~ It depends on the person. A lot of people choose to follow trends because they are fun and usually cool, not because everyone else is into them.
~ They have low self-esteem.

~ They want to be cool and fit in with everyone else. It is the celebrities who have made everyone think like this as in magazines they always have the latest trends and are perfect.

~ Of the pressure to be and stay cool. Also to fit in. But I think the most important reason is because they want to feel comfortable around people wearing the same trends.

~They shouldn't. Trends fade away in a matter of days, and it's a big waste of time. You should just wear what you want to wear, and show who you are and be who you are.

~ So they are not the odd one out.

~ I follow trends well actually i start them. i am known all over the school 4 starting trends. It feels great and even the cool girls in school go with the trends i love setting the fashion trends.

~ They believe it'll make 'em more popular or happier about themselves, which is stupid because it is IMPOSSIBLE to change your personality and still be happy with yourself.

~ People follow trends because they can't figure out their own style.

~ I think... whatever the trend is it's everywhere. The new trends tend to be what is sold in stores. People follow trends to fit in but also because trends can be fun. Changing your style to adapt to the new trend is a way to add just a little bit of excitement in your life. Think about it, if you wore the same style your entire life, it would get boring. Trends wouldn't be trends if no one followed them!

~ Some people do it to fit in, but at my age (18-19) people tend to only buy products if they really like them, whether in terms of clothes or gadgets. It's not really about being cool now, especially on a student budget - it's about practicality and genuine love for the thing!

~ I think generally people like them. The trends change and people pick and choose what they like from the current trends. Most people get tired of the same old fashions, so it's interesting and fun to keep up.

~ I think people follow trends to fit in, with all the media pressure and peer pressure that teens have they feel if they don?t follow trends they might be branded outcasts.

~ I think they follow trends because they want to stick out. Also because they want to fit in with everyone so they can make friends. People hate to feel isolated so why wouldn?t they want to be trendy?

~ To make them feel more secure - if so many people are doing one thing, then it must be right. I don't think that there's much point in trends though - they come and go every month, so what's the point in trying to follow them. And it's so annoying when you buy something that you think is original, then the next month you see about ten other people wearing the same thing!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

Please remember that all web-based polls are not scientific because the pollsters cannot randomly select the respondents to participate in the surveys.

All our surveys are anonymous; check out our privacy policy. All data copyright 1996-2000.


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