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Report on TV Land

Smart girls decide for themselves™.

Tuning In
It's time to tune into our glorious adventure to TV Land, where the terrain looks as hilly as the back of your couch and the scenery is controlled by your remote. What, you may be wondering, goes on in this world? We wondered too, so we took a quick trip over the border of TV Land to collect some answers. With your help, we have uncovered some of TV Land's deepest, darkest secrets.
TV Land Trekkers
349 brave souls came with us on our voyage into TV Land. Of these, 333 were girls, 4 were boys and 12 didn't choose an answer. Our explorers ranged in age from 7 to older than 22, and more oldest children came with us on our journey than youngest children, middle children or only children. The majority of you indicated that you live in towns, suburbs or big cities. You joined us from all corners of the world, such as Oman, Seychelles, the Azerbaijan Republic and Bangladesh, just to name a few. You also came from many different backgrounds:
  • African descent: 31 people
  • Asian descent: 20 people
  • European descent: 140 people
  • Latin American descent: 21 people
  • Middle Eastern descent: 3 people
  • Native American descent: 10 people
  • Oceania/Pacific Islander descent: 5 people
  • Multiracial: 33 people
    With that diverse group of people, we set out into TV Land.
  • Couch Time
    How well acquainted you are with TV Land just might depend on how much time you spend there. Because of homework and other extracurricular commitments, we thought that the amount of time you spend watching TV on school days might be different from the amount of time you spend in front of the tube on weekends and during summer vacation. The graphs below show that school definitely causes a difference in your viewing habits.
    How many hours of television do you watch on the average weekday when school is in session?
    Most of you watch at least an hour of TV on school days, if not more.
    How many hours of television do you usually watch on a day when you don't have school?
    Almost all of you who took this survey watch at least an hour of TV on days you don't have school, and a lot of you watch a whole lot more than that!
    Check that out! The first graph shows us that on school days, most people watch between 1 and 4 hours of TV, but not too many watch more than that. But on days when school isn't in session, that gets flipped around. It looks like most people watch 3 or more hours of TV a day when they don't have to head to school, and not too many watch less than 2 hours.
    Tons of TVs
    How often you enter TV Land is also somewhat dependent on how easy it is for you to cross the border. The more TVs you have, the more opportunities you might find to tune in, so we were curious how many TV sets your family has lying around.
    How many TV sets are in your home?
    It looks like most of you have multiple TV sets at home.
    Checking out that bar graph above shows you that most of our TV Land adventurers have plenty of TV sets lounging around the house. We thought that maybe one of those TVs might have made its way into your room. Were we right?
    Do you have a TV in your room?
    58% of you have your own TV, while 42% do not have a TV in your room.
    Show Selection
    TV Land probably wouldn't be so popular if the entertainment wasn't so varied. These days, it seems like you can turn on the tube and find a show that deals with just about anything. Check out the table below to see what kinds of shows our TV Land voyagers like the best.
    Which types of TV shows do you generally watch?
    Show Types
    Action/Adventure 1305.19
    Animation 1706.78
    Children's 1536.11
    Drama 2007.98
    Educational 853.39
    Games 1767.02
    Horror 1074.27
    Music 2319.22
    Mystery 1094.35
    News 1275.07
    Reality 2319.22
    Science Fiction/Fantasy 833.31
    Sitcoms 2188.7
    Sketch Comedy 1224.87
    Soap Operas 1204.79
    Sports 853.39
    Talk Shows 1375.47
    Western 160.64
    I don't watch TV 60.24
    It looks like music and reality shows are the most popular, with sitcoms coming in a close second.
    You might think it's okay for you to watch all those different types of shows but your parents might have other ideas. With technology so advanced, your rents now have the option of putting channel and show controls on your TV so that they can make sure you aren't watching something inappropriate - even if they're not home. Is this something your parents take part in? We asked if your parents monitor the type of shows you watch (either by checking in on you or by setting up the TV to block you from watching certain shows or channels).

  • 16 of you told us that your parents always monitor what you're watching.
  • 19 indicated that your parents often monitor your show selection.
  • 77 said that your parents sometimes keep an eye on what's on.
  • 81 revealed that your parents rarely check out what you're watching.
  • 144 told us that your parents never try to control what you watch.
  • 5 of you indicated that you don't watch TV at all, so it isn't an issue.
  • TV-pinions
    You have to admit - TV has gotten a bit more controversial since the days of I Love Lucy and the Jetsons. With shows like Fear Factor dominating prime time, people have started to ask where we should draw the line. We wanted to know what you think, so we hit upon some topics that have gotten people worked up in the past few years.

    Note: On the two pie graphs below, "Sm disagree" means "Somewhat disagree" and "Sm agree" means "Somewhat agree."
    How well do you agree with this statement? "I think there is too much violence on TV."
    The majority of you are pretty neutral about the amount of violence on TV or agree to some degree that you see too much violence when you turn on the tube.
    How well do you agree with the following statement? "I think there is too much sex on TV."
    Looking at this graph shows us that more than half of you believe there is too much sex on TV.
    With all that sex and violence popping up on TV these days, how realistic do you think TV shows are? We asked you to tell us how well you agree with the following statement:

    "Most TV shows accurately reflect reality."
  • 11% disagreed with this statement.
  • 26% somewhat disagreed with this statement.
  • 40% were neutral.
  • 15% somewhat agreed with this statement.
  • 8% agreed with this statement.

    Some people take quick trips to TV Land, while others like to spend long vacations there. We asked you what kind of effects you think watching TV regularly has on viewers, and this is what you had to say:
  • 209 of you indicated that it discourages physical activity.
  • 194 of you thought it leads people to copy the sexual or violent behaviors they see.
  • 181 told us it gives people an inaccurate view of the world.
  • 146 believed it makes people less social.
  • 121 indicated it desensitizes people to violence.
  • 111 thought it shortens the attention span.
  • 93 told us it weakens the imagination.
  • 89 believed it increases consumerism.
  • 78 indicated that it decreases intelligence.
  • 42 told us that none of the above effects happen if someone watches a lot of TV.

  • In the question above, many of you pointed to negative effects that can happen if someone spends too much time in TV Land. Does that mean you think people should hold off on their TV watching for as long as possible? The graph below shows us that you don't think so.
    At what age do you think it's appropriate to allow children to start watching TV?
    The majority of you think that it's okay for kids to start watching TV at super young ages.
    Tube Trouble
    Accidents happen, even on TV, and especially when something is being aired live. Those of you who watched the 2004 Super Bowl might remember a little mishap that occurred when Janet Jackson's breast was "accidentally" exposed during the halftime show. Those of you who didn't catch the game might recall the huge controversey that followed. We were curious what you had to say about all this, so we asked for your opinion on the matter.
  • 63 people thought it wasn't a big deal and didn't know why everyone was so upset.
  • 65 people felt like the concern and anger about the whole situation were justified (and hopefully all 65 caught the pun our survey writer so craftily threw in).
  • 127 weren't sure why so many people got so worked up about the incident when things just as bad or worse are on TV all the time.
  • 78 didn't know what their opinion was.
  • Your TV Trends
    What happens when you sit down to watch TV? Are you chomping away at a snack or surfing the web? Gabbing on the phone with your friends or working on a math problem? We were quite curious about your viewing habits, so this section explores your TV trends.
    What else do you usually do while watching TV?
    Other Activities
    Homework 19714.11
    Talk to friends or family 23416.76
    Use the computer 17312.39
    Exercise 1047.45
    Eat 27219.48
    Read 14010.03
    Chores (ironing, cleaning, etc.) 14210.17
    Play games 30.21
    Relax 20.14
    Draw/Doodle/Paint 70.5
    Listen to/Make music 50.36
    Sleep 10.07
    Make crafts (knitting, etc.) 40.29
    Write 10.07
    Cook 10.07
    Nothing - I just watch TV 825.87
    I don't watch TV 70.5
    I do lots of stuff 70.5
    Many of you do lots of other things while the TV's on.
    What's for Dinner?
    The table above tells us that eating is the activity you do most while watching the tube, and with the continual growth of the ever popular TV dinner, it's pretty easy to skip the dinner table these days. We wanted to know how often you actually eat a meal in front of the TV, and here's what you had to say:

    How often do you eat meals while watching TV?
  • 66 of you always eat your meals in front of the tube.
  • 105 of you do this often.
  • 98 of you sometimes grab a bite to eat while watching TV.
  • 49 of you rarely eat a meal while the TV's on.
  • 23 of you never catch a meal in front of the tube.
  • Personal Effects
    Above, we determined what kind of effects TV has on other people - but how does TV affect our very own TV Land trekkers? We asked them two questions to find out what kind of influence TV has on their lives and how it makes them feel.
    How often do you consider doing something that you saw on TV?
    This graphs shows that, for the most part, your actions aren't very influenced by what you see on the tube.
    Since the graph above tells us that your actions aren't too affected by what you watch on TV, we wondered if your emotions get influenced by time in front of the tube.

    We asked, "How do you usually feel after watching TV for a period of at least 2 hours?"

  • 125 of you told us it depends on what you've been watching.
  • 70 indicated that you feel tired.
  • 34 told us they don't quite know how they feel.
  • 33 thought they feel more relaxed after a few hours of TV watching.
  • 18 believed it doesn't affect how they feel.
  • 12 indicated they feel happy.
  • 11 told us they had never watched TV for 2 hours.
  • 4 thought they feel energized.
  • 3 thought they feel depressed.

  • Viewing Value
    This survey seemed to produce many mixed feelings about television and TV viewing, so we thought we'd find out if you think watching TV is worth it. Check out the graph below to see if you came to a consensus.
    How often do you think you get something worthwhile, either in terms of entertainment or knowledge, from watching TV?
    This graphs shows that the majority of you believe you get something worthwhile from watching TV.
    TV at School?
    Now there's something I bet your grandparents never thought would happen - watching TV in the classroom. Every year, more and more multimedia is used in school, including TVs. How often do your teachers turn on the telly in class?
    Do your teachers ever use TV in their classes?
    It looks like about half of you would say your teachers use TV in class some of the time.
    What If...
    We've become so used to having a TV (and the ease of a remote) that often we don't even think about what life would be like without them. But what would happen if someone snatched your remote? Do you think it would affect how much TV you watch?
  • 111 of you told us you probably would watch as much TV. Getting up to change the channel would be your exercise for the day!
  • 141 of you informed us you probably would watch as much TV, but wouldn't change the channel as often.
  • 75 of you didn't think you'd watch as much TV, saying that you wouldn't have the patience or energy to watch without a remote control.
  • 10 of you told us you don't watch any TV now, so it wouldn't be an issue.

    For some of you, the idea of losing your remote is a horror story all in itself. But what would happen if someone took away your TV? How long could you go before you were begging for it back?
  • 47 of you didn't think you could make it a day without watching a show.
  • 90 of you thought you might be able to make it TV-less for a day or two.
  • 92 of you were pretty sure you could go a whole week.
  • 36 of you thought you could make it a month with no tube.
  • A courageous 43 of you told us you could go for multiple months without TV watching.
  • A very admirable 34 of you informed us you could go on without ever watching TV again!
  • 7 of you indicated that you don't watch TV now anyway.
  • The Future of TV
    Since its invention, TV has constantly been changing. The shows on TV now are much different than the shows your parents grew up watching, and even the actual TV sets themselves have changed. We wanted to know how you envision the future of television, so we asked, "How do you think TV (the technology or the content of the shows) will change in the future?" Here are some of your great answers:

    "I think it will stay the same - there is more to life than TV you know!!!!!"

    "The content of shows (sex, violence, stupidity) will increase drastically, which is really an awful thing. Because people continue to watch it anyways, the technology will improve. Heck, soon, there'll probably be a television installed in our refrigerators! Oops! Too late."

    "I think that the technology or content of the shows will change drastically in the future because the new generation of parents, I think, seem to care more about what their children watch and are more interested in their children watching more educational balanced shows if their children watch TV at all. I think they spend more time with their children doing more active things like going to the fair or carnivals or just traveling a lot to let their children experience more real things as children. I think because of this bond and will to do exotic things for both adults and children, television show creators will work harder to enhance their shows and really turn them into what the people want to watch. Shows will probally run longer and have more extravagant fashions and interest which will probally lead people to start buying TVs for their cars so they won't miss shows while they're on the road and maybe turn into portable televisions you can carry around. On the other hand, though the amount of shows may increase, I think that the educuation will also increase too, just so kids could show their parents how much they learned and have their parents make it a schedule to watch their shows. I think this change is already beginning too because this new show called Naturally Sadie just came out and it looked as if it was made to entertain and inform children because I am learning something out of that show but in the meanwhile, still have the urge to watch it because of its creativity."

    "It might have everything - wireless or maybe you can just clap your hands to change the channel!"

    "I think it's going to get more and more violent and more and more sexual until people finally start to realize what they're letting their children watch. A lot of the girls in my class watch MTV or MTV2 and I just watch History Channel, Sci fi, and anime and I get along just fine. It's too sexual already and it's just going to get more so."

    "I think there will be more reality shows than game shows in the near future because people seem to be more interested in who just got drunk and got in a fight (example: The Real World) and watching home videos made by stars themselves (example: Britney and Kevin Chaotic) than a person who just won $1,000,000 dollars answering an extremely hard question. I don't know why, but that's just the way it is."

    "I think there will be more shows and TVs will float in the air. You can change the channel using your mind, and no remote/clicker."

    "I think it will generally stay the same - but there will probably be more channels available and the TVs will be more techno and more complicated. They will also probably increase in size too. The shows will most likely stay the same - but with more reality tv shows."

    "I think violence and sexuality will increase in the future. Also, I believe more and more time will be put towards advertising which will in turn lead to more commercialism. I also believe that advertising will go on in the show itself, like characters only driving a certain car, or showing them watching a certain TV show or ad within the show."

    "I think they will create more channels. I would say there would be a wider range of different programmes, but in some ways I think they are all very similar nowadays. There are too many about re-doing your house, garden, lifestyle, clothes, etc. It gets tiring. And BB!! That just really annoys me. All the people bore me, they just wanna be celebs -- it was funny the first time, now it's just repetitive."

    "TV is always changing technology-wise, but I'm happy with the basic channels on a basic TV. I sometimes enjoy watching movies or music on Sky at my friend's house, but don't particularly mind not having it at home. I hope TV will include more educational programmes that aren't on at 3am, and more drama and shows about a healthier and more efficient lifestyle. But I don't see that happening - apart from a few exceptions, soaps, DIY programmes and reality rubbish are taking over the channels! And I have also noticed that children's presenters are becoming more and more giggly and patronising, which I dislike immensely!"

    "I think that soon in the future, you won't have to press big buttons on the remote control. You will have a remote control that has a touch screen and you will press the little pictures on the touch screen."

    "Maybe in the future, the TVs will be 3D so we could walk into them!"

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

    Please remember that all web-based polls are not scientific because the pollsters cannot randomly select the respondents to participate in the surveys.

    All our surveys are anonymous; check out our privacy policy. All data copyright 1996-2000.


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