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Report on Decorating rocks! A SmartGirl Bedroom Survey

Smart girls decide for themselves™.

Hey, SmartGirl! What does your room look like?
Posters, wallpaper, paintings, stuffed animals, and pictures! We wanted to hear all about the most important place in your house--your bedroom! We asked visitors to the SmartGirl site about their bedroom decor, preferences, and style. Want to know more? Read on!
Who answered this survey?
Reflecting the importance of bedrooms in the lives of young people, 793 people took this survey. Most of these are in their early teens, with the largest group being around the ages of 12 and 13. There are roughly equal numbers falling into the categories of oldest, middle, youngest, and only child. We were very pleased to see that visitors from a variety of backgrounds took this survey including people from Costa Rica, Honduras, and Romania.
How old are you?
Who decorates your room?
668 have their own bedrooms while 110 others have to share and surprise, surprise! The majority of you (530 people in all) decorated your own room yourself. For many others, mom and dad seem to know best. The next three groups of people that helped decorate your amazing room were other relatives, friends, and other people (that included painters and previous owners).

How often does your room get a makeover? 143 said often, 356 said sometimes, and 294 said rarely.

There are tons of decorating shows on television now to show you how to give your room some character even on a small budget. 490 of you watch these types of shows sometimes, 146 never have, and 101 of you are always looking for new ideas on tv.

If you could hire anyone to decorate your room, who would you hire? I'd prefer to hire someone who knows my style, but many of you chose a movie star (146) or your favorite singer (143). Others wanted to keep it in the family by choosing their mom (40), dad (22), or sibling (12). 385 decided they didn't want to give control of their room to anyone else and instead do it themselves.
Who decorates?
What's on your bedroom walls?
Since your walls surround your bedroom, they are obviously important to set the tone of your stylish room! 40% of you enjoy many different shades of color, including pink and baby blue! 20% prefer the simplicity of crisp, classic white. Others have wallpaper, pictures of friends and celebrities, as well as a mixture of all different sorts of things! The category of "Other" was chosen by almost 20% of you, with answers such as "paintings I made myself" and "stenciled musical notes". You are so creative!

What's on your walls?
If you could get a poster of anything to put in your room, what would you get?
~A poster-sized picture of me and my friends: 199
~My favorite band: 158
~An actor I'm in love with: 125
~A famous painting: 62
~An actor I look up to: 59
~A dog or cat poster: 45
~My favorite movie: 44
~Other: 40
~A dolphin poster: 21
~A poster of another animal: 13
~An athlete: 5
Is your room the best?
We asked you how much you agreed with this statement, "My bedroom is the best room in the house!" Check out the table of percentages to see what your fellow users think about their room in comparison to other rooms where they live. Most SmartGirls agreed (with 25% that strongly agree) that their room is by far the best place to be! How cool is that?

My room is the best!
sagree 19125.07
agree 33143.44
disagree 17823.36
sdisagree 628.14
Me and my room
I ____ my room.
~Love: 555
~Don't care about: 116
~Hate: 74

I think my room is _____.
~Too big: 28
~Too small: 361
~Just right: 360

How clean is your room?
~Not clean at all!: 126
~Clean enough: 463
~Always clean: 182

Do you make your bed?
~No: 196
~Sometimes: 319
~Always: 165
~Someone else does it for me: 83

Which color currently dominates your room (walls, carpet, etc.)?
~Pink: 155
~Blue: 151
~Purple: 142
~White: 101
~Green: 52
~Beige: 39
~Yellow: 32
~Equally many colors: 23
~Black: 18
~Red: 17
~Orange: 12
~Other: 11
~Grey: 8
What does your decorating style mean?
Sometimes the way that someone decorates their room shows a lot about their personality. We asked SmartGirl users what they think their room says about them. Being "creative" was the number one response, with 250 people citing that as the trait that stands out in their bedrooms. The "Other" category had tons of responses too, including "I'm a hippie" and "I'm royalty". Being unique is so fun!

What your room says about you!
What if you could describe your room in one word? What would it be?
~Amazing: 58
~Boring: 79
~Bright: 60
~Clean: 48
~Cluttered: 86
~Cozy: 186
~Crazy: 30
~Dark: 13
~Empty: 11
~Messy: 90
~Relaxing: 111
What if...
If you could change one thing in your room, what would it be?
~The size: 165
~Other: 111
~Furniture: 109
~Color of the walls: 104
~Add a big-screen TV: 97
~Carpet: 62
~Put in a hammock: 34
~Add a stereo system: 25
~Put up new posters: 23
~Get bunkbeds: 17
~Add a fish tank: 13

If you could decorate your room with any theme - what would it be?
~Other: 222
~Tropical: 109
~Hollywood: 100
~Beach: 91
~Princesses: 45
~Under the sea: 44
~Decade (80s, 90s, etc.): 40
~Winter/snow: 26
~TV show: 26
~Disney movies: 23
~Sports: 21
~Singers/bands: 8
~Dinosaurs: 1

If I had $1,000 I would...
~use it to change everything in my room: 215
~help redecorate my room, and other rooms in my house: 148
~not use it on my room and save it for something else: 385

Work and play
What do you keep on your desk?
~Pens: 526
~Paper: 475
~Books: 420
~CDs: 405
~Pictures: 372
~Computer: 308
~Journal: 268
~Other: 176
~Food: 88
~Dishes: 79
~Lamp: 4
~Phone: 1

Where do you do your homework?
~Not in my bedroom: 247
~On my bed: 234
~At my desk: 190
~On my floor: 78

How do your friends' rooms compare to yours?
~Mine is way better: 173
~Some of my friends have better rooms, but mine is better than others: 421
~I like all my friends' rooms better than mine: 172

How often do your friends hang out in your room?
~Always: 257
~Sometimes: 394
~Never: 142

Do you have sleepovers in your room?
~Always: 103
~Sometimes: 334
~Never, there's no room: 139
~No, I don't have sleepovers: 165
What if you couldn't leave your room for a whole week?
We asked you what one thing you would have to bring in to survive a week locked in your room. Many of you (234 in total) decided you would want some company and would want a friend to join you. Others wanted a computer, tv, or magazines to keep them entertained while in their room. Some were more practical and decided they might really need food and water to survive!
I need this!
Dream Room: What would it be like?
We asked users what their amazing dream room would look like. You were so creative and thoughtful! We can only include a few of your responses here, but there were many more fabulous one that we just don't have room to print. Some popular room features include room for dancing and electronic equipment, posters of favorite celebrities, beach themes, oodles of pink, and lots of closet space. Forget decorating, SmartGirls rock!!

~"I would love a room with a water bed and a tropical theme. It would be so relaxing!"

~"My dream room would be the party zone! It would have a big screen tv on the wall and a king size bed."

~"I'd have it in my favorite color, black, with glowing peace signs and beads hanging on the door."

~"It would have Oriental rugs, Egyptian pictures on the wall, burning incense, and heavy drapes that block out the light."

~"My dream room is already my room, except it's missing a ballet barre! That way I could do stretches every day!"

~"A clean room all to myself with posters on the wall. It would have a stereo, a TV, DVD player, a computer, a phone, and a door with a really good lock. Also, a mini refrigerator and plenty of space for me and my friends to hang out!"

~"I like my room the way it is! I wouldn't change it."

~"It would be massive with pink walls, big screen tv, hammock, video games, king size bed, loads of things to do, games to play and a big desk for my homework! It would also have a balcony or veranda!"

~"My dream room would have a beach theme with a huge poster of my favourite film so I could see it every morning when I wake up, a flat-screen television, a Playstation and a computer which I could personalise myself. My room would create a sense of tranquility and peace."

~"My dream room would be a room that had a bed that was built into the wall and had a dancing floor on it and when you wanted to go to sleep or just wanted your bed out you had to say a password for it to come down."

~"Dead big with mirrors all around, and a big four poster bed, a top notch hi-fi and it would have neon bar signs all around and a fridge, it would have to be a dance studio 'cause I love to dance!"

~"My dream room is going to be very neat and organized and I want to have different colored stripes going down my wall like a rainbow and a bed that is small that will only fit one person and it has a bed you can pull out by handles at the bottom of the bed which looks like a drawer and then it has real drawers at the bottom and I want one pretty decorated dresser and I want a stereo (which I have) and an electric keyboard (which I have) and hardwood floors and a tv (which I have) and a big mirror and a big walk in closet with hardwood floors and a big row of shoes, a row of pocketbooks, and a lot of hot clothes and a pretty bean bag chair and a computer desk and a computer and a pretty rolling computer chair and a regular hang out chair somewhere in the room and that is it I think."

~"Don't get me started."

~"It would be under the sea and would have fish and mermaids on the blue walls and jewels hanging from the ceiling and shells as my desk cupboard and storage areas."

~"Two parts in the room. The front room has a toy closet, shelves for toys and my TV. The walls look like bushes with fairies scattered around and at the door. The next room has a huuuuge book shelf. My bed is a water bed that is in a little ditch in the floor. The carpet every where is green."

~"My dream room would be bigger than my bedroom now, but wouldn't be TOO big. The theme of the bedroom would be beach. Each wall would be a different color; one off-white, one light blue, one a darker blue, and one yellow. I would have a big bed with a pull-out bed underneath. I would have a huge window at the front of the room; The sun would shine in and light up the room. I would have a big-screen TV on one wall, and a stereo system on a table. My desk would have lots of space to put things, with extra filing areas in the drawers. It would be painted light blue. I would have a white board, a picture wall, and a bulletin board on the wall. My dresser would be big and have lots of drawers. It would be painted white. I would have a little built-in shelf with lights; it would be used as a make-up area. My closet would be huge! It would have enough room for some clothes, a laundry hamper, shelves for storage, and even a secret place in it. There would be a light so I could see way to the back of it. My dream room would have pictures of beaches, oceans and bright suns to remind me of the beach. There would be little seashells and jars of sand to help with the theme. It would be one of the greatest rooms ever!"

~"An attic room, with cute little dormer windows. I'd have a kettle in there and an old Victorian iron bed. It would be painted sky blue with cream floorboards, and big rugs. It would be the perfect room just to be cozy and hang out in."

~"Skateboard as shelves. Surfboards as frame of my bed. Walls are: one is ocean, one is vert ramp, on is basketball court, one is tennis court. Carpet would be furry."


~"Two black walls and two dark purple walls. A big bead with a heavy velvet blanket and matching curtains around the bed with a silver and purple mural in the background. The bed would be made of twisted black metal and there would be a matching chandelier with crystal beads and silver beads. On the black walls, there would be built-in fairy lights to look like stars. The windows would be like church windows, either stained glass or big windows that take up the whole wall. I would have a separate dressing room so there would be no clothes on the floor. I would also have a black and silver en suite bathroom. I had to design this at school (I'm not that sad that I've actually planned this!)"

~"It would have a bathroom attached to it. The walls would be painted blue with undersea decorations, queen size bed, white bedspread with blue expensive egyptian cotton sheets, three pillows (extra fluffy), sleep number mattress, blue pillowcases, wide screen T.V. (plasma of course), all kinds of movies, a great big stereo system with all the rap CDs and pop CDs out there, a desk with a laptop and all the Nancy Drew games out there, a blue nightstand with a blue non-digital clock, and a view of New York City, blue satin curtains with a window seat, a big shelf with every book I love and that will help with my homework, a light blue door with a fancy knob, and all the issues of Seventeen magazine!!!!!!!"

~"I would have a closet that has voice-controlled hangers and a bathroom with a sand display and pretty flowers. I would have 2 palm trees in there, but I already have one. And I already have a tiki hut in my room."

~"My dream room would be warm and inviting. It would have a huge window that faced west with a big comfortable arm chair in it so I could watch the sun set. My dream room would have bookshelves lining the walls and one of those sliding ladders they have in the library so I could reach the very tops of them. This room would be painted a warm color, like a barn red sort of color or an aged parchment look. In short, my room would be my own personal library with an elegant, but comfortable and warm, feeling."

~"It would be much bigger, and the ceiling wouldn't be made of tiles, so I could hang stuff from it. The carpet would be soft and fuzzy, and a nice color, like blue or green. I wouldn't freeze in the winter because it would be properly insulated. There would be more shelves to store things. The walls would be sponge-painted green or blue, and the wood-work would be stained a soft brown. Mom wouldn't care if I tack things up on the wall, so my wall would be covered in pictures I tore out of National Geographic. Instead of a door, I'd have a beaded curtain. I wouldn't have to share a closet with my brother, I'd have one all to myself. The bed would be bigger, too, with a headrest that doubles as shelves."

~"To be tropical, private, and fun. I would like a wrap-a-round canopy of deep burgundy, with a tall footboard to put posters and pictures on. A computer built into the wall with a stereo system with a headset, and a trap door, which leads to a sunshiny part of the room that is tropical. I would like a granite countertop built in to my closet, with a chocolate maker. I would like my own private bathroom with a hot tub and shower."

~"My dream room would be 810 square feet, including a canopy bed, a TV, a computer, a changing closet (at least a curtain), at least 5 windows, flowers hanging from the ceiling, flowers in vases, sand on a beige tile floor, blue walls with powder blue waves painted on them, a beach towel on the floor for a rug, the windows with shutters, just about anything a girl could ever ask for!"

~"It would have Spongebob all over in a punk style kind of way with a touch of all the different religions and styles all over. It would be candle-covered and dark."

~"One wall would have all the things from the 50's, the other wall all 60's, the 3rd wall would have HORSES, HORSES, HORSES! And on my fourth wall, I would have all posters of Johnny Depp and Miss Kidman."

~"My dream room would just have to be a really big room with really bright colors everywhere. There has to be some type of food in there. Maybe a popcorn thing or a hotdog stand."

~"Well, it would hardly be able to be called a room. There would be a large room, divided into parts by translucent silk curtains, in a pale purple or rainbow pastel colors. In every "cubicle" there would be one piece of furniture - like a really snazzy sci-fi wardrobe, a cool bed (maybe a hammock or a garden swing?), an old-fashioned oaken writing desk with many a drawer and secret panel, a dressing table, etc. The carpet would be a wall-to-wall Persian rug and there would be small pillows strewn all over the place to sit down upon and rest against."

~"My dream room would be my OWN room. I have to share with my 5 sisters, and sometimes I get so miserable. Not that I don't love my sisters, but we can really get on each other's nerves sometimes. I wouldn't care if it was a prison cell or a cardboard box as long as I could go in, shut the door, and be ALONE!"

~"Decorated wise, I have my dream room. It is a beach theme with orchids, tiki grass, fish, palm trees, etc. everywhere! I even made my closet into a tiki hut with beaded beach curtains, grass as the roof, Hawaiian lanterns around it, and a pina colada decorative recipe thing on the side. My room looks awesome! The only thing that I would change to make it my "official dream room" would be to make it bigger so that I would have room for a couch, big screen TV, bathroom, etc. I would love to have a beach-themed jacuzzi tub in the corner with sea shells, sand, and orchids all around it. A big walk-in closet would be sweet too. I would like a hammock in another corner with big windows surrounding it to make it seem like you are lying on the beach in a hammock. Live tropical plants would surround my room. I would have a huge surround-sound stereo system throughout my room that would pound music real good! I would love to have one whole wall be turned into a water wall where water would fall all the way down it. Just everything beach-themed would be perfect!"

~"Ok, first there are monkey bars across the ceiling, and a bunch of wires and stuff to climb around to make me happy. There would be funky lights everywhere and a HUGE stereo. Part of the floor would be a trampoline and I would have a mini music studio area on one side of the room, with 100-watt amplifiers and hanging basses and guitars on the wall. The walls are blue!"

~"My dream room is a blue room with a dolphin tank in the corner, a secret passage to a rainforest, and a complete mall with only cool stores. It would be very big."

~"I was hoping someone would ask me this question - I have the perfect answer! It would be decorated like a beach, with sand instead of carpet and it would be heated. My bed would be a gorgeous white hammock and I would have wooden shelves for my books and other stuff. The walls would be blue, maybe with palm trees - or else I could have an actual palm tree!! I would have one wall as a mirror or just glass. There would be a tape constantly running of the soothing sound of waves gently lapping the shore. Great or what??"

~"A perfectly organized, cheerful, yet simple room. Lots of Monet and Georgia O'Keeffe paintings. Interesting, yet functional trinkets (like statues that could also hold necklaces). A space where I can be creative, studious and relaxed all at the same time."

~"My dream room would have no walls. It would be right in the middle of my place and would be open. My bed would be in the middle and would have one of those gauzy canopies. Everything would be white- like a big cloud! It would be the only furniture in the room (and pillows would be available to lounge on) but there would be a HUGE walk-in closet- like in Princess Diaries II- where everything I had would go!"

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