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Report on What Tunes Do YOU Listen To?

Smart girls decide for themselves™.

Survey Participants
A total of 767 people participated in this survey: 755 girls, 12 boys. Most of the participants were between the ages of 10-16, but we had participants as young as 6 and at least 15 participants over the age of 21. Mostly the oldest sibling participated with 292 responses, while 147 were in the middle, 232 were the youngest, and 86 being the only child. Many different nations were represented in this survey. Of all the countries that participated, the most were from the US and Europe and the least were from the middle east. Within the countries, 247 reported that they lived in a town, the number that lived in the suburbs and big cities were about equal and the least amount of people (51) said they lived in a village.
What's your favorite music?!
The largest number of people said their favorite music is pop, R&B and hip-hop.
The least amount of people chose regional music as their favorite.
Favorite Types of Music
Next we asked what type of Music do you least identify with? What is your least favorite type of music?

The most people claimed that country and rap were the types of music they least identified with. Acoustic and regional got the fewest votes for least favorite.
Least Favorite Types of Music
Do your siblings listen to similar music?

When asked if they share the same taste in music as their siblings, 313 people said "somewhat", 227 people said "yes" and 155 said "No"

Do you and your friends listen to similar music?

When asked if they share the same taste in music as their friends, 387 people said "yes", 289 said "somewhat", and 82 said "no"

People chose to listen to music for different reasons. A lot of the time we chose music based on how we are feeling at the moment. When asked what mood they are in when listening to music most people claimed they listened to music when they were feeling: emotional, chill, happy, energized, or "other"
Do you ever listen to music to improve your mood?
"always" - 198 responses
"often" - 244 responses
"sometimes" -244 responses
"rarely" - 45 responses
"never" - 27 responses

If you sing or play and instrument, do you have anyone who encourages you?
The most people said either they inspire themselves, a parent provides encouragement or they do not have anyone encouraging them. Family other than siblings and parents, and mentors provided the least amount of encouragement.

Have you ever written your own music?
"yes"- 272 responses
"no"- 186 responses
"I've tried"- 294 responses

Have you ever been teased about the music you listen to?
"always" - 36 responses
"often"- 41 responses
"sometimes"- 155 responses
"rarely"- 189 responses
"never"- 327 responses

Have you ever teased anyone because of the music he/she listens to?
"always"- 13
"often"- 24
"sometimes"- 118
"rarely"- 216
"never" - 376

Have you ever lied about the music you listen to in order to fit in?
"always"- 5 responses
"often" - 22 responses
"sometimes" - 114 responses
"rarely"- 149 responses
"never"- 454 responses

How much do you agree with the following statements?
"I listen to the same type of music I listened to two years ago"
Strongly agree- 173 responses
Agree- 265 responses
Disagree- 250 responses
Strongly disagree- 93 responses

"I am embarrassed about the music I listened to in the past"
Strongly agree- 126 responses
Agree- 164 responses
Disagree- 247 responses
Strongly disagree- 244 responses

Do you think you'll listen to the same music in two years?
No- 26 responses
Some of the same music- 336 responses
Yes- 235 responses
Don't know- 150 responses
Who do you hear about new music from?
The highest number of people said they hear about new music from the radio, the least amount of people found out about new artists and songs from reviews.
How do you hear about new music?
How often do you dance when listening to music?
The most people said they dance when listening to music "when nobody is watching (286)." A close second was "all the time (275)" the least amount of people said they "never (51)" danced, and 134 people said "only at a party"

How often do you check the website of your favorite musical artist(s)?
Most people said they check their favorite band's site "monthly" the fewest people said "everyday" or "there is no website".

How much do you agree with the following statements?
"I wish I could be a musician when I grow up because they have so much fun!!"
Strongly Agree- 235 responses
Agree- 227 responses
Disagree- 216 responses
Strongly disagree- 103 responses

"Musicians should serve as role models for younger people"
Strongly Agree- 282 responses
Agree- 305 responses
Disagree-145 responses
Strongly Disagree- 49 responses
What word best describes the lyrics of the type of music you most often listen to?
What word best describes the lyrics of the music you like to listen to?

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

Please remember that all web-based polls are not scientific because the pollsters cannot randomly select the respondents to participate in the surveys.

All our surveys are anonymous; check out our privacy policy. All data copyright 1996-2000.


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