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Report on Teen Pregnancy Survey

Smart girls decide for themselves™.

How old are you? Where do you live?
For this survey there were 860 responses, 810 being from girls, 31 from boys and 19 people chose not to answer. The majority of the responses came from people between the ages of 12 to 15 years old with a range from 10 to over 21 years old. 331 SmartGirls said they were the oldest in their family and 289 of the respondents are from a town.
Have you had sex?
The majority of respondents said that they had not had sex (529 responses) while the remainder said yes (314 responses).
Had sex?
How old were you when you first had sex?
Most respondents said they first had sex between the ages of 11-15 years old (230 responses), with the 16-20 year old age group coming in second with 84 responses.

Age when first had sex
Were you comfortable with the decision to have sex?
There is a difference between having sex before you feel ready and having it when you feel comfortable with the decision. Of the respondents who had answered yes to the previous questions regarding having sex, 251 said they felt comfortable with the decision, while 79 said they did not feel comfortable with the decision to have sex when they first did.
If you had sex, were you comfortable with your decision?
yes 25131.41
no 799.89
nosex 46958.7
We wondered if you had ever received information about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and HIV/AIDS?

~Yes: 658 responses
~No: 168 responses

If so, where did you receive the information about STDs and HIV/AIDS?

~School: 580
~Sex/Health education class: 434
~Magazines: 377
~Parents: 365
~Friends: 306
~Books: 273
~Internet: 244
~Other relatives: 149
~Library: 87
~I haven't received info: 79

We also wondered if you had ever had an STD or known someone who had an STD? This is what you said:
~Yes: 145
~No: 672

We then asked if whether or not you have had sex in the past, does the thought of possibly getting an STD influence your decision to have sex?

~Yes: 515
~No: 296

Knowledge of contraceptives
Are you aware of the various types of contraceptives (protection) that are available?
~472: Strongly agree
~298: Agree
~32: Disagree
~27: Stronly disagree

Do you know about contraceptives?
Protected? Me?
So we were curious to know when you have sex, or when you do have sex, will you always use a condom or some other type of protection so that you will not get pregnant?
~481: Strongly Agree
~197: Agree
~89: Disagree
~4: Strongly Disagree

Will I protect?
How old is right?
We wanted to know at what age is the appropriate age for a person to begin having sex, you said:
~6-10 years old: 14 responses
~11-15 years old: 91 responses
~16-20 years old: 375 responses
~21-25 years old: 263 responses
~26+ years old: 67 responses
Right Age for Sex
Who do you chat with?
When we asked who do you feel most comfortable talking with about sex, you said:

~ Friends: 372
~ Boyfriend/Girlfriend: 211
~ Parents: 107
~ Sibling: 22
~ Teacher: 22
~ Religious figure: 9
~ Doctor: 5
~ No one: 17

Then we asked if you had ever disscused sex and the consequences of sex with anyone? If so, whom did you have the conversation with?

~ Friends: 322
~ Parents: 162
~ Boyfriend/Girlfriend: 145
~ Teacher: 68
~ Sibling: 21
~ Religious Leader: 7
~ No one: 18

In light of having talked to others or not, we wondered if you have people in your life that influence your decision to have sex and who that might be. The SmartGirls said:

~ Friends: 419
~ Boyfriend/girlfriend: 317
~ Parents:302
~ Sibling: 119
~ Teacher: 110
~ Religious Leader: 81
~ Grandparents: 60
~ No one: 38

Does my religion influence my decision to have sex?
~ Strongly Agree: 128
~ Agree: 154
~ Disagree: 237
~ Strongly Disagree: 292

Does religion influence sex?
Britney? Influencing me?
We asked if you thought people in the media (Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez) play a role in how teenagers perceive sex?

~ Yes: 549
~ No: 250
Does the media influence sex perceptions?
Under what terms do you think sex should happen?
When asked, the SmartGirls replied:
~ There are no terms: 77
~ When you're friends: 73
~ When you feel you're ready: 423
~ When you are in a long term relationship: 285
~ Only under the full commitment of marriage: 272

I would be comfortable hanging out with someone my age that is pregnant:
~ Strongly Agree: 244 responses
~ Agree: 324 responses
~ Disagree: 160 responses
~ Strongly Disagree: 79 responses

If you or your partner were to become pregnant tomorrow, whom would you tell first?
~ Friends: 274 responses
~ Boyfriend/Girlfriend: 230 responses
~ Parents: 193 responses
~ Sibling: 22 responses
~ Teacher: 15 responses
~ Grandparent: 11 responses
~ Religious Leader: 6 responses

What in your opinion is the biggest reason why teens get pregnant or get someone pregnant?
~ Won't Happen: 175 responses
~ Mistake: 137 responses
~ Careless: 132 responses
~ Boyfriend/Girlfriend: 131 responses
~ Neglect: 60 responses
~ Not responsible: 50 responses
~ Poor communication: 31 responses
~ Birth control error: 8 responses

About how many teen girls (before they reach the age of 20) in the United States do you think get pregnant each year?

By looking at the chart we can see that SmartGirls were pretty undecided about how many teen girls get pregnant each year. According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately ~400,000 teen girls get pregnant each year.
How many teens get pregnant each year?
Do you think sex is just "another thing to do" like hanging out with friends or playing basketball? 172 of you said yes it's just like playing hoops everyday, while the majority of you, 638 said no sex is not just like hanging out with friends.
Is sex a small deal?
The Morning After
It's a controversial topic, we wanted to know what you thought. So we aked if you think the morning after pill should be available to young people? Most said yes with 411 responses, while 280 acknowledged that they don't know and 111 said no it should not be available.

Morning after pill - Is it ok?
What are your biggest unanswered questions about sex?

~ Once you start having sex is it easy to just stop all at once?

~ Why do so many people groan about having children at such a young age? They try to blame it on everyone but themselves and to make people pity them when in reality they had every right to use protection or to say no.

~ What effect can oral sex can have? Can oral sex be harmful to you also? By masturbating does that mean that you are going to be sexually active soon?

~ I think most teens would like to know more about the emotional changes when you have had sex like regretting it or feeling like you’re on top of the world.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

Please remember that all web-based polls are not scientific because the pollsters cannot randomly select the respondents to participate in the surveys.

All our surveys are anonymous; check out our privacy policy. All data copyright 1996-2000.


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