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Report on Fashion Do's and Don'ts...

Smart girls decide for themselves™.

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Shoes, clothes, hairstyles and more! Want to find out what SmartGirls say about fashion? Look at the results to learn more about how SmartGirls rate their styles, choose their picks and more!
Who's Taking this Survey?
It looks like from the graph below that the average age of SmartGirls that took this survey were between 12-14 years old. We had mainly 13 year olds respond, but we managed to get a huge range of ages to represent our user base. Out of the 757 responses we got, there were 14 boys, 21 that chose not to disclose their gender, and 722 girls.
Where We Come From
Birth Order
We found that SmartGirls ranging in birth order from 281 being the oldest, followed by 228 being the youngest, 125 being a middle child, 88 being the only child, and 35 that chose not to indicate what their birth order was.

We heard from SmartGirls all over the world, but to highlight a few countries this month, we had 1 from Cameroon, 7 from New Zealand, 5 from the Phillipines, 1 from Ecuador, and 9 from Ireland! Of course there were many other countries represented, but these were just a few.

Although there were 189 people that chose not to report their racial background/ethnicity, here was the breakdown of people that did choose to respond: Africa (72), Asia (52), Europe (263), Latin (44), Middle East (15), North America (27), Pacific (12), and Multi (83).

Home Classification
Check out the graph below--it looks like most SmartGirls are from towns, but a large amount are also from big cities. How exciting! There were also 153 SmartGirls from the suburbs, 72 from a rural area, and 53 from villages.
Home Classification
Share your OWN Do's and Don'ts
SmartGirls come from all over the world so we wanted to know what was stylish in your city.

~Cool make-up, tan leather boots, tight jeans, initialed shirts, initialed purses, initialed clothing, & cell phones.

~Never where spandex!! Accessorize with you're outfits and always make sure they match! Red is way in as well as baby blue. Never clash red and pink!!!

~Fashion Do's:
Jeans that usually flare at the end.
Nice shirts that curve with your body without being too clingy, and some girls prefer their stomachs to show as well.
Any kind of shoes, mostly skater shoes.
Guys wear normally baggy pants, but too much sagging is disgusting. They also wear a regular t-shirt.

~Fashion Don'ts:
Anything too slutty and showy.
Waist high pants (hipsters are mostly all that anyone wears now).
A lot of hats are out as well.

~In New York the things change so much that itís hard to keep up with the latest styles. Do's= Streaks in your hair, wearing high heels and ripped jeans are cool. Doníts= Leopard prints and wearing neon gloves.

~Do's: Black and White are totally in!
~Don't: Neon is not cool.
~Do's: Long skirts
~Don'ts: Mini Skirts
~Do's: Stripes and graphic patterns

~Basically the fashion "do" in my town is the color pink. And also the rock-chic look with lots of big bold stripes that are normally pink and white. I find the fashion quite horrendous.

~Do's- Jeans, stilettos, tees, parkas, natural make-up, mini skirts, trainers, and fish nets
~Don'ts - Black flares, chokers, black nail varnish, too much make-up

~The new thing is jelly bands--everyone wears them!

As you can see, SmartGirls from around the world have lots of different fashion trends. The most important thing is to just be yourself and wear what YOU like, what YOU think looks good, and what YOU think is comfy!!
How much money do you spend a week to update your wardrobe? (clothes, accessories, beauty products, make-up)
From the looks of it, $5 per week is the winner! In a close second is about $6-$10 per week. Surprisingly though, if you take a look at the graph below, you'll see that third place goes to the SmartGirls that spend over $60 per week! Looks like they really like keeping their wardrobe up-to-date!
Money Spent Per Week
Agree or disagree: "I do not think that there are enough fashion trends for different body types."
When we asked SmartGirls their opinion on this question,"I do not think that there are enough fashion trends for different body types", we had a mix of opinions. There were 345 people that responded that they agree with that statement, 200 that strongly agree, 149 that disagree, and 46 that strongly disagree.
Not Enough Trends for Certain Body Types
Budgets and Name Brands
Agree or Disagree: "I think itís important to be fashionable on a good budget."
When asked this question, there were 214 that strongly agree, 419 that agree, 71 that disagree, and 4 that strongly disagree. Looks like the majority think that fashion on a budget is an important thing!

Agree or Disagree: Wearing popular name brands is so important to fashion.
According to the graph below, 34.78 disagree with this statement, 30.85% agree, 18.27% strongly agree, and 16.1% strongly disagree. It's almost an even split down the fence whether SmartGirls believe that popular name brands are important vs. not being important. This just shows that people wear lots of different things--some wear popular name brands, while others don't. Both are normal because cloths are about individuality and creating your style.
Importance of Popular Name Brands
Where Do YOU Find the Latest Fashion Trends?
There were various area where SmartGirls find their latest fashion trends, so we broke it down for you below by where they found it and how many people put that response. Check it out!

Internet- 215 responses
Magazine- 482 responses
School- 358 responses
Friends- 484 responses
Mom- 109 responses
Sister- 124 responses
Aunt- 50 responses
Dad- 12 responses
Brother- 22 responses
Mall- 601 responses
TV Shows- 291 responses
Advertisements- 251 responses
Movies- 248 responses
Newspaper- 50 responses
People Watching- 12 responses
I Make my Own- 28 responses
Dept. store- 3 responses
Boyfriend/Girlfriend- 1 response
I Don't Care About the Latest Fashions- 9 responses
Other- 24 responses
Finding Latest Fashions
Describing Fashion and Difficulties with Fashion
What's the most difficult thing about being fashionable?
Many things are difficult, and keeping up with all of the crazy fashions is definitely up there on the list of difficult things. Styles are in one day and old news the next day. SmartGirls said that the most difficult thing for them about being fashionable was: "I need more help accessorizing." (48 responses), "I donít have enough time to put things together." (90 responses), "Trends come and go, so Iím confused about how to keep up!" (156 responses), and the number one answer was, "Clothes and accessories are just too expensive!!" (427) responses.

Agree or Disagree: "Clothing and fashion define who you are."
This question leaned more towards the "agree" side with 164 SmartGirls that strongly agreed and 274 that agreed, while 209 disagreed and only 86 strongly disagreed. Guess the clothes really do make the man... or woman =)

Agree or Disagree: "I believe I have style."
Most SmartGirls agree to some extent that they have style (291 responses strongly agreed and 347 responses agreed). There were also some SmartGirls that disagreed (68 responses) and strongly disagreed (18 responses) about believing they have style.

How do you describe your fashion look?
Most SmartGirls (348 responses) reported that their look was totally unique and individual. There were 169 SmartGirls that said they dressed "anti-trend" (looking for practical clothes), 112 that said they dress like a celebrity or musician's style, and 104 that said that they mainly dressed in their friends' styles. It shows here that not everyone dresses in the so-called "trendy fashions"; some create their own unique style, some will dress in anything that isn't labeled trendy, while some take hints from friends, celebrities, and musicians.
Describing Your Fashion
Favorite Accessory and Largest Stylistic Influence
What is your favorite accessory?
Here's a breakdown of our SmartGirls' favorite accessories (you could check all that applied): bracelet (351), watch (219), earrings (377), necklace (391), anklet (198), hair accessories (297), piercings (136), rings (221), purse (180), cellphone (280), toe ring (142), glasses (210), belt (253), wristband (2), undergarments (7), makeup/nails (14), chains (8), shoes (7), hat (12), tattoo (3), I don't wear any (5), jacket (1), and scarfs (1).

Who is the largest influence for you to change your style?
There were a variety of answers that came flooding in, but the top answers were: friends, classmates, movies, and no one. The girls in the "no one" category said that they create their own fashion and that some of them were the ones that influence other people's fashions.
Largest Influence on Style
Agree or Disagree: "I am willing to try new clothes, looks, or hair styles."
Trying out new things is definitely not for everyone, but some SmartGirls love to do it! Here was the breakdown of SmartGirls answer to: "I am willing to try new clothes, looks, or hair styles."
53.18% Agree
34.94% Strongly Agree
9.53% Disagree
2.35% Strongly Disagree
Enjoyment of Trying a New Look
Of 757 SmartGirls that responded to this survey, 330 said they wear make-up sometimes, 283 said they did wear make-up, and 100 said that they did not wear any make-up. We then asked girls what kind of makeup they normally wore. Check out the graph below; it looks like lipgloss, eyeshadow, and mascara are the most popular to wear!
Kinds of Make-up SmartGirls Wear
When Should People Start Wearing Make-up
To keep up with fashion and trends, when do you think people should begin to wear make-up? When we presented this question to SmartGirls, 381 said ages 11-13, 242 said ages 14-16, 54 said ages 10 and younger, 33 said ages 17-19, and 19 said ages 20+.
Age to Start Wearing Make-up
10young 547.41
11to13 38152.26
14to16 24233.2
17to19 334.53
20older 192.61
How do you usually wear your hair?
Check out this graph! It shows an amazing decreasing trend in hair length! Most SmartGirls in each category (long, medium, or short) like wearing their hair straight. And SmartGirls mostly have long hair, followed by medium, then short. Check it out below!
How SmartGirls Wear Their Hair
Have you ever colored your hair?
Do you leave you hair au-natural? How about highlights or low lights? Gone from blonde to black hair? Well when we asked SmartGirls about if they ever colored their hair or not it was pretty close, but those who did not color their hair won the battle. There were 420 responses that said they did not color their hair in comparison to the 307 that said that they did color their hair.
SmartGirls Who Color Their Hair
What do you do when you get your haircut?
We wanted to know what SmartGirls do when they get their hair cut. Here was the breakdown of the responses:

24.58% Usually get the same hair cut, why change?

36.11% Try small changes to my hair, like adding bangs

15% Try to look at famous celebritiesí hair styles to help me

24.31% Go totally original, I know exactly what my hair should look like

Haircut Habits
Favorite Jeans
We wanted you to describe your favorite pair of jeans to us and it looks like most of you are wearing either bootcut (20.8%) or lowriders(14.3%)--or maybe they are low-rise bootcuts! Most of them were a stone-washed color (202 responses), but 157 reported wearing colored jeans and another 137 reported wearing bleached jeans. Check it out below!
Favorite Jeans
How would you describe your style?
Everyone's got their own style so we wanted to know how SmartGirls would label their style if they had to explain it to us. Most said their style was chic or comfortable, followed by sporty and preppy.
Style Description
Who do you think dictates fashion?
There are many potential people that can influence fashion such as family, friends, musicians, and celebrities. We wanted to know who you thought dictated fashion. Here are the results:
1.12% Political figures
13.04% Fashion models
34.22% Celebrities
5.05% Musicians
9.26% Friends
0.98% Family
9.54% Myself
16.97% I do not think anyone dictates fashion
9.82% other/not sure
People Dicatating Fashion
politica 81.12
fashion 9313.04
celebrit 24434.22
musician 365.05
friends 669.26
family 70.98
myself 689.54
donot 12116.97
other 709.82
Picture This
Picture this SmartGirls: You and your friend are shopping, and your friend points out that she loves this particular outfit. You think the outfit is outdated, has the wrong colors and does not complement her. What do you do?

Here are a few answers that SmartGirls gave us:

*I would hint that I donít like it, but if she likes it then itís up to her!

*Tell her I was only being honest but it wouldn't really suit her, then point out something I would think she would like.

*I would tell her my honest opinion but remind her that we have different taste, and what really matters is whether she likes it and how she will feel in it.

*I say go for it because itís her style not everyone else's or mine. Besides she could have a look no one else could pull off.

*I would just tell her. It's better for me, her friend to tell her instead of complete strangers talking about her behind her back and being humiliated by them.

*I would tell her point blank. No use in flapping about it. No use in her looking stupid.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

Please remember that all web-based polls are not scientific because the pollsters cannot randomly select the respondents to participate in the surveys.

All our surveys are anonymous; check out our privacy policy. All data copyright 1996-2000.


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