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Report on Would you like fries with that?

Smart girls decide for themselves™.

So who out there took this?
An overwhelming amount of girls answered our fast food survey! Girls definitely outnumbered the boys--975 to only 13! And I thought boys loved fast food as much as we did; I'm sure they do, it was just a matter of who the audience was that was taking this survey. Also of those of you that took the survey, the majority reported being the oldest child (404 votes), followed by middle (136), youngest (297), and only (136). The remaining people choose not to tell us. Girls were represented from countries such as the U.S., England, South Africa, France, Finland, New Zealand, and even Egypt! Various ethnicities answered our survey and people of all different types of hometowns (i.e villages, rural areas, urbad areas, etc.) answered. So fast food is not just a thing that is concentrated in one location--it's everywhere!
Are you a girl or boy?
How old are you?
The majority of you that wrote in to us said that you were 13 years old. Since most of you responded that age, "13" would be considered the mode. But as you can see by the graph below there were all sorts of ages writing in to us about this survey. The range of people that took this was from age 6 to over 22 years of age! That's pretty impressive if you ask us!
Do you enjoy eating fast food?
Based on your answers, most of you agreed with the statement that you enjoyed eating fast food. There were 241 of you that said that you "strongly agreed" with this statement and only 113 of you disagreed, followed by 51 of you "strongly disagreeing" with the statement. Take a look further to find out more information about your fast food habits.
I enjoy eating fast food.
How often do you eat fast food?
It looks like most of our SmartGirls go out and eat fast food about 1-3 times per week. In a close second place was SmartGirls that said that they only went 2-3 times per month. So in the graph below it does show that we like to eat fast food, but just at different intervals of time.
How often do you eat fast food?
If you don't eat fast food, why?
When we asked this question we gave you the choice to answer the following:
I don't like it, my family never goes out to eat, there are no fast food restaurants near my house, it is unhealthy, I eat fast food so this question does not apply to me, I am a vegetarian/vegan, and it's too much money. Here are the results posted in a table below. We found that numerous SmartGirls agreed that it was unhealthy. We also got some responses from SmartGirls that were frustrated that fast food chains do not make anything for vegetarians, vegans, or kosher people...and if they do it is usually one thing on the menu. But although many of you commented on why you didn't eat fast food, the majority of you checked the "I eat fast food" box and bypassed this question.
If you don't eat fast food, why?
dntlike 415.05
famnoeat 516.28
noffrest 131.6
unhealth 12615.52
eatff 55067.73
Vegetarian 172.09
toomuch$ 60.74
other 80.99
What is your favorite type of fast food?
There are so many fast food out there, ho are you to narrow down the choices? Well donít worry; we tried to narrow them down for you. We gave you various choices as you see below and most of you answered burgers, pizza, Chinese food, and chicken. I'm sure that many of those things on the list you liked, but we were only asking for you to choose your favorite one. Looks like good ole' burgers and pizza took the prize!
Favorite Type of Fast Food
Do you have a favorite restaurant?
There are tons of different fast food restaurants around the world, but we had to narrow down the choices to McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy's, KFC, Jack in the Box, Arby's, Jollibee, Subway, Pizza Hut (all pizza places we put under this category), In and Out, Panda Express (we lumped all the Chinese food places into this category), Long John Silvers, Tim Horton's, Dairy Queen (all sweets categorized under this category), Checkers, or some random fast food place that did not fit into any of our categories. By far the favorite among SmartGirls was McDonald's... the good ole' golden arches. A close second is a healthier choice of Subway sandwiches and salads. Everyone has their own tastes but just because its fast doesn't mean we don't have a choice! It shows here that the choices range from healthy to greasy..."to each their own"!
Favorite Fast Food Restaurant
Who do you usually go to fast food with?
Well it looks like SmartGirls usually go to fast food joints with their parents/family or with their friends. I guess that would make sense because then you could have your parents pay for the meal instead of it coming out of your own pocket although 14 of you said that you usually just go and eat alone at fast food places. About 2% of you said that you go with your grandparents. I bet they are shocked at the prices of food now! Isn't it them that always talk about how cheap things were in "the old days"? Next time they try to convince you that going out is too expensive, tell 'em about all the new dollar menus that fast food places have now! They'll be happy to hear that!
Who do you usually go to fast food with?
parents/fam 52654.73
brosis 636.56
friends 27228.3
bymylf 141.46
coach/team 10.1
grndrent 202.08
donteat 484.99
bf/gf 70.73
coworkers 50.52
other 50.52
What do you enjoy most about fast food?
Well an overwhelming amount of our SmartGirls said that frankly they just like the taste of fast food. Cheap and fast also ranked high on our survey. That makes sense though because that is what "fast food" is suppose to mean... cheap, fast, and tasty!
What do you enjoy most about fast food?
What donít you like about fast food?
We gave our SmartGirls different choices as to what they didn't like about fast food and it was almost an even split among all of the answers. As seen below quality was the biggest issue then cost. Service, dirty (i.e. cleanliness issues), and hours (when they are open) ranked nearly the same. Maybe this will give a hint to fast food owners everywhere that they need to improve the quality if they want to keep their loyal customers!
What donít you like about fast food?
Do you think that you eat fast food...
...enough? Too much? Never? Or that you should eat more? Most of you said that you probably eat just enough fast food. The second most common answer is that you eat fast food too much. Many would argue that the United States eats too much fast food, but we'll come to your opinions about that statement later in this report. Some of you think that you should eat more fast food. Well if you aren't eating a ton of eat I would say keep up the good work because its definitely a guilty pleasure we all seem to share!
Do you think that you eat fast food...
"I think fast food is unhealthy"--what do you think?
One hundred and four of our SmartGirls said they disagreed with this statement and twelve strongly disagreed with this statement. Most of your agreed that fast food is unhealthy (493 people) while 348 of you said that you strongly agree. Funny how most of us can agree that fast food is unhealthy but as seen in questions above that most of us still eat it anyways =)
"I think fast food is unhealthy"--what do you think?
Agree or disagree? "In general, I think that Americans eat too much fast food."
As the graph clearly shows there is a decreasing trend from "Strongly Agree" all the way down to "Strongly Disagree". That means that most of your votes were that you strongly agreed with this statement, then a smaller amount towards "agree", then an even smaller amount for "disagree", and the smallest amount for "strongly disagree". So all your Americans out there, are you getting the hint that people think we eat too much fast food? The survey shows what our SmartGirls think! Fast food is great for on the road or when we're in a hurry, but it looks like the survey says we might just be eating one too many boxes French fries instead of grabbing an apple.
In general, I think that Americans eat too much fast food.
Do you agree with the statement: "I feel unhealthy when I eat fast food." ?
Most of you said that you disagreed with the statement saying that you feel unhealthy when you eat fast food. Let's turn this statement around though just for kicks. Since you disagree that you feel unhealthy when you eat fast food does that mean that you feel healthy eating it? Its just another way of looking at things, but as we all know, that is an assumption, not a fact. So just because someone says that they don't feel unhealthy eating fast food does not necessarily mean that they feel healthy either.
I feel unhealthy when I eat fast food.
sagree 18819.71
agree 30231.66
disagree 35837.53
sdisagree 848.81
donteat 222.31
I would be interested in working at a fast food restaurant.
So it looks like from your votes that most of your would definitely not want to work in a fast food place. Guess all the discounts and offers for free food aren't enough to get you to put on the apron and hat huh? As shown in this pie graph there is an increasing trend from strongly disagree to strongly agree. The largest amount "strongly disagree", followed by "disagree", then "agree", and finally "strongly agree".
I would be interested in working at a fast food restaurant.
If you eat at a fast food restaurant, what is your main reason?
The main reason that people eat at fast food restaurants is because they like the taste. It makes sense though doesn't it? You wouldn't keep coming back to a restaurant if you hated the food right? Many of you also said that you ate fast food because your parents did. Maybe they bring it home after work or take you out. Either way it's still a meal that they provide and eat themselves.
Main Reasons for Eating Fast Food
Burn baby Burn or Couch Potatoe?
Looks like a ton of our SmartGirls like to exercise, but they all exercise at different amounts per week. Most SmartGirls (259) said that they exercise 1 or 2 times a week. This was followed by 24.71% of you saying that you exercise 3-4 times per week. There are 230 extremely ambitious SmartGirls out there that reported that they exercise 5 or more times per week! There was roughly 10% that said that they exercising once a week, and then 7.51% and 6.67% that said they don't exercise or that they exercise once a month, respectively.
How often do you exercise a week?
noexercise 727.51
oncemon 646.67
onceweek 9710.11
1to2 25927.01
3to4 23724.71
5+ 23023.98
If you were forced to choose between cooking at home or eating fast food for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
Whoa now that's a big desicion!!! Would you rather cook at home for the rest of your life or get the cheap, easy, and quick fast food for the rest of your life? Tough call I'd say, but the majority of you said that you would rather just cook at home. Some of you still said that you would get fast food for the rest of your life. I guess you could get sick of doing either--but that's why this question is hypothetical! Looks like we've got some chefs since most would rather cook at home! As the French would say, bon appťtit!
Cook at home or get fast food?
If you owned your own fast food restaurant, what would you do different? Would you cook something different? Would you teach your customers about healthy eating?
Many SmartGirls wrote in with some awesome ideas for their own fast food restaurants and we choose to highlight a few. Check it out below!

I wouldn't put salt on the chips, Iíd leave it to the customers to put on as much salt as they like because places like McDonalds put on a large, unhealthy amount. I would also use other methods of cooking other than frying in fat. I would also make vegetarian alternatives to meat burgers. I don't know about everyone else, but I find it difficult to find places that don't just sell meat-based products so Iím limited for choice (I am a vegetarian). I would also serve burgers with a small amount of fresh salad.

I would only serve my customers healthy foods. I would not deep fry everything and put butter on everything. Americans are becoming severely overweight and the portion sizes at restaurants play a big part in it. I think that fast food places shouldn't give the option of super sizing their meals. Americans need to stop eating so much fattening, unhealthy, calorie-filled foods!

I would make sure that the kitchens are clean, that the staff isnít be rude to customers, and that the place is popular.

I'd serve really cool stuff. Most of it would be vegetarian or even vegan, but with a bit of seafood and sushi. I'd have fair portions, fruit would come with every meal and you'd have to pay more for coke and lemonade than milk or water. It'd be really clean, fair prices and I wouldn't have one of those stupid flashing neon-signs that keep everyone awake at night.

I would do healthy thing for good prices and if the people brought an unhealthy burger I would have a bag of fruit free. I would also encourage children and adults to eat healthy and remind them that healthy stuff is really good for them and that if you just ate fast food you would be damaging your health. I would do ice cream with fruit and berries in it still though. *From a fan of this website and who likes eating fruit J

I'd try to make more desserts. So what it's unhealthy, it's a nice treat once in awhile and it's NOT a fast food joint's fault when people can't control themselves and go too often. So yes, I'd make more unhealthy food and appeal to the masses.

I would make sure that all of the food on the menu was vegetarian (or vegan) and also completely organic. Also, no food would be unhealthy and I or another high worker would inspect it all before it was given to a customer. All the catering equipment would be thoroughly cleaned every day and the tables and seats would also be thoroughly cleaned after a customer had eaten.

I would definitely teach my customers about healthy eating- the obesity epidemic is spreading through the world. "Fast Food" has become synonymous with "Unhealthy Food" and that does not have to be the trend. I think that much of the population would be disgusted by the "nutritional" information for many meals at fast food restaurants. If we were eating healthier foods, instead of deep-fried salads, we would be on the way to becoming a healthier world entirely.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

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