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Report on The Official Shoe Survey

Smart girls decide for themselves™.

So tell me, who took this survey?
Hey SmartGirls! So a whopping 988 of you responded to this month's survey! There were 14 boys this time, 958 girls, and 16 users that chose not to answer. Most of you reported being the oldest child in your family (40%), followed by youngest children (30%), "sandwiched-in-the-middle" (15%), only children (12%), while 3% of you chose not to tell us where you fell within your family. Based on the graph below we see SmartGirls between the ages of 11-14 responded the most to this questionnaire... could this mean they have the most pairs of shoes? And what kind of shoes for that matter? Well keep on reading to find out more…
Ages of SmartGirls
SmartGirls love shoes worldwide!
SmartGirls from all over the world responded to this survey. We received submissions from various areas including but not limited to: American Samoa, Barbados, Egypt, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Mozambique, Philippines, Scotland, United States, and Wales! We've got SmartGirls all over the place! Wow! Mostly in towns (34%) and suburban cities (20%), but we've got a few scattered around in rural areas (7%), big cities (18%), and villages (10%). About (11%) of you weren't sure what category your home fit into, but that's ok with us.
Keeping 'em covered or letting them air out?
A majority of SmartGirls, 66%, like to wear shoes...phef! Now we don't have to smell those feet! But on the other hand some may argue that wearing shoes sometimes (28%) is ok, but there are some of you that just don't like wearing them (6%). Perhaps they have not found ones that are comfortable or maybe they just feel free without them!
Do you like to wear shoes?
What's on those tootsies now?
Most of you, while taking this survey were either barefoot (33%), socks (20%), or sneakers (7%). Sounds like comfort is key to you! Only a small percentage was wearing a sort of dress shoe or boot, and some of you were even wearing your soccer shoes! Sandals, flip-flops, and slippers accounted for about 18% of our survey-takers. But as stated above, it looks like the comfortable approach dominates with a total of 60% of our SmartGirls taking this survey. I'm sure some of you were limited as to what you could wear--after all we know that some of you use the site at school! I think it’s a courtesy rule to keep your shoes on in the computer lab :)
What type of shoes are you wearing right now?
One favorite pair, three's company, or shoe-a-holic?
Based on what you told us, the average over all our users is about 3.08 pairs of shoes. Of course you can't have a fraction of a shoe to wear, so we'll round down to about 3 pairs of shoes per SmartGirl. Get this--104 our SmartGirls might be borderline "shoe-a-holics" because they answered they have 20 or more pairs of shoes! That's almost a new pair of shoes for every day of the month without repeated! Holy smokes! But hey, if shoes are your thing, then by all means, collect away! Some people collect rare coins, some collect dolls, while some appear to have quite the shoe collection!

Taking a time warp five years into the past, we asked our SmartGirls if they had more, less, or the same amount of shoes now as they did then. The results of the survey were that 659 of you said that they had more shoes, 160 had less, and 151 had the exact same amount.
How many pairs of shoes do you currently have?
The sneakers take the lead!
Most SmartGirls reported that they owned more sneakers than any other type of shoe. Sandals came in second, and both dress shoes and flip-flops were a close third place. Take a look at the chart to see how many other SmartGirls put down the same answer as you did!
What type of shoes do you have the most of?
sneakers 39541.49
soccer shoes 181.89
dress shoes 11612.18
platforms 505.25
boots 394.1
sandals 14214.92
flipflop 11311.87
slippers 151.58
other 646.72
Over and Over and Over... What SmartGirls like to wear most often!
Once again, the sneakers take the lead among our SmartGirls. An overwhelming amount of SmartGirls, 560 to be exact (56%), said that they wear sneakers most often. Only 13 of you reported that slippers were what you wore most often. As seen below there was almost an even distribution of the other shoes, only differing by a few percentage points.
What types of shoes do you wear most often?
What goes best with my fav pair of jeans?
You wake up. You shower and get ready. After finally putting together an outfit that you like for school (or putting on the one you laid out on your bed last night) you need to do one last step...pick out what shoes will go best! So what do SmartGirls think goes best with their jeans? Most of you said sneakers again (they're quite popular) while boots came in second this time. Also notice that no one really like to wear their dressy shoes with jeans or their soccer shoes. Guess they must save those for going out and on scrimmaging on the field.
What types of shoes do you wear most with jeans?
Take any pair of shoes you want... just not these ones!!
343 SmartGirls responded that their favorite pair of shoes was sneakers. In descending order of most favorite to least favorite after the #1 vote of sneakers is as follows: sandals, flip-flops, boots, platforms, dress shoes, other, slippers, and last but not least, soccer shoes.
What are your favorite pair of shoes?
So we know your favorite, now tell us what color they are!
So are black and white really colors? Well our survey shows that most SmartGirls like those "colors" because 27.13% said their favorite shoe was black and 17.05% said their favorite shoe was white. Another popular color among favorite shoes was blue, rolling in with 18.4% of the votes. Orange, green, and yellow didn't seem to score high with large amounts of SmartGirls because they each pulled in less than 1% of the votes, but that just makes you SmartGirls out there that voted for that color unique!
What color is your favorite pair of shoes?
black 26127.13
brown 757.8
blue 17718.4
red 293.01
orange 80.83
purple 222.29
pink 697.17
green 70.73
yellow 70.73
white 16417.05
gray 232.39
multi 10310.71
Tan/Natural 151.56
other 20.21
To change, or not to change...
When we asked you all how often do you wear different pairs of shoes, the majority of you (319 SmartGirls) said that you like to change it up a couple times a week, 137 SmartGirls like to switch every other day, and 203 of you change them pretty much everyday. Funny thing we noticed though was that even though most of you like to have change, 129 SmartGirls hardly ever wear different pairs of shoes. Sometimes its hard for one to part with that favorite pair of theirs!
Love it? Like it? Hate it? You tell us!
We also asked our SmartGirls if they liked to shop for shoes. Their choices of answers were: "I love it", "I like it", "Sometimes", "It depends on the weather", "I don't like it", and "I hate it". As you can see below, most of you (413 to be exact!) LOVED to go shoe shopping! Only 3.34% of you said that they hated shopping for shoes... well you knwo they always say, " each their own"!
Do you like to shop for shoes?
love 41343.11
like 21422.34
sometimes 23424.43
weather 272.82
notlike 383.97
hate 323.34
Where do YOU go?
So where do SmartGirls like to go shopping for their shoes at? Apparently most of your like to get them at specific shoe stores or at the mall. In fact, 368 of you said "shoes stores" and 480 of you said the mall. Only 2% of SmartGirls said that they shop at "all of the above"... now THAT'S some serious shoe shopping!
Where do you go shopping for shoes?
Ok mom, where we going next?
Most of you said that you go shoe shopping with your mom (62%). Although various other people were mentioned that you go with, it looks like the moms are definitely the shoppers followed by friends with a mere 18%. Funny thing though is that when we asked you all who you preferred to go shopping with you said: friends (38%), mom (37%), alone (8%), sister (6%), and the last 11% of the votes were dispersed between dad, grandparents, family, and girlfriends. So it looks like most of your would prefer to go with friends, but only 18% of you really do.
Who do you go shopping with for shoes?
Who's got the most?
So who does have the most shoes in your household? As you can see by the graph below it looks like its a toss up between you or your mom. To be exact, 426 of you said that your mom had the most while 319 said they had the most shoes. A close third place were SmartGirl's sisters with 120 votes.
Who has the most shoes in your household?
mom 42644.79
dad 404.21
brother 222.31
sister 12012.62
grandparents 90.95
me 31933.54
I'm not sure 141.47
other 10.11
So why spend the moolah?
Why do SmartGirls typically buy shoes? Well it looks like most of you usually buy them because you need them (48%). But besides need, 25% of you said that they buy shoes just because you love them. And among this crowd there seems to be about 126 die-hard shoe-a-holics!
Why do you typically buy shoes?
What do you buy them for?
So SmartGirls answered that they usually buy shoes for various reasons, but leading the pack was that you needed them, followed by "I just can't enough shoes", then buying them for a special occasion, and then by the fact that your parents make you get new ones. Check out the graph below to see where you fall compared to other SmartGirl responses.
What do you usually buy shoes for?
Open or closed?
So looks like it was a close race, but closed-toe shoes came out with the win by only 75 votes!
Which do you prefer--open-toed or closed-toe?
And the best part about shoes is...
What do I like best about shoes? Well where do I begin?! How about we check out what you all said that you liked the best about shoes and maybe I'll get back to ya. It looks like "the way the shoes look" got the majority of the votes (30%) followed incredibly close by their comfort they provide (28%). But even though most of you put down certain reason you liked them... 16 SmartGirls said that there was nothing good about them and they hated them! Maybe those are the same people who walk around barefoot all the time!
What do you like best about shoes?
One pair for the rest of my life--are you kidding?!
Ok so we posed the question out to y'all..."If you could pick one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of your life, what would they be?” Most of the SmartGirls said they would definitely pick sneakers. It was pretty even amongst the other shoes, but sneakers took the cake!
If you could pick one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

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