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Report on Peer Pressure

Smart girls decide for themselves™.

This survey asked SmartGirls about forms of peer pressure they face in their lives. What do SmartGirls have to say about peer pressure? Find out here!

641 SmartGirls responded to this survey, including 15 boys. The average age of respondents was 13 years old and most of the respondents live in the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia.

As you can see in the graph below, all of the people who took this survey have experienced peer pressure at one time or another. In fact, most of the people who took this survey (209 respondents) have expereinced peer pressure more than 6 times! Surprisingly, 87% of the people who took this survey believe (either agreed or strongly agreed) that, "Peer pressure is a common experience among people my age. " The most common places for SmartGirls to feel peer pressure are in school, at friend's houses, home, after school, and at parties.
How many times have you experienced peer pressure?
Types of Peer Pressure
We asked SmartGirls when they feel pressured. 69% often feel pressured to try new things like food, music, movies, etc. 68% often feel pressured to improve their grades. 67% often feel pressured to dress or look a certain way. 44% often feel pressure to lie, steal, or cheat. 41% often feel pressure to treat people a certain way. 25% often feel pressured to use drugs, alchohol, or cigarettes. And, 23% often feel pressured to have sex.
I often feel pressured to improve my grades.
Is peer pressure a bad thing?
Most people seem to think that peer pressure can be a good or bad thing. Below, you can see that 382 respondents disagree with the statement that "Peer pressure is always a bad thing." In addition,394 respondents believe that "Peer pressure can be a good thing!"
Peer pressure is always a bad thing.
Peer pressure can be a good thing.
Below is some advice from SmartGirls about how you can deal with peer pressure:

  • If it something really basic like music, try out the new stuff and make a decision based on that. But if you don't like it, or the problem is something serious like drugs or sex, never do anything you're not comfortable with. You're an individual, and you have to embrace that Ė no one should feel they have to look the same or do the same stuff as someone else just to fit in.

  • Stick your ground and if they are your true friends they will stay by your side and respect your opinion.

  • Peer Pressure can have both negative and positive consequences. Never let anyone convince you to do something that you think is not safe. But do not become close-minded to new experiences, ideas or even material possessions. Your friends and peers might have a totally different view on life and that will provide you with a better grasp when you attempt to collect and make sense out of all the complexities in this world.

  • My advice is TRY to do what is right, you may slip once and a while, but nobody's perfect and we all make mistakes. Just think about the consequences before you do something.

  • Most people have a pretty good conscience- just listen to it!! If something doesn't feel right, don't do. Trust yourself and your decisions.

  • Well the easiest way to deal with peer pressure is to only do what you think is right. Because no one's opinion matters but yours!!

  • If someone is pressuring you to do something that you really donít want to then you should stand your ground and say NO clearly. If a friend is pressuring you then they should understand and respect your feelings and leave you alone, otherwise they are not good friends. If it is people around you who are pressuring you then you should also be confident and keep saying NO. They will soon realize that you are stronger than they expected and leave you alone.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

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