Report for Teen Read Week Survey    
Report Title:
Report on Teen Read Week Survey
Created by Kitty Katie on June 20, 2003

My hypothesis
Being read to as a child affects the interest level in reading.

The predictor
Being read to as a child

Statistical Measures

Mode: yes, all the time

The outcome
interest in reading

Statistical Measures

Median: I do not have much time to read
Mode: I do not have much time to read
Mean: 2.98, Std. Dev.: 0.87

They are all almost the same.Yes all the time is highest, which I predicted and I don't remember is the lowest. I expected that Not much or not at all would be lowest.

Did your parents read to you?

Statistical Measures

F=0.9 p=0.44040

Each pair of values is compared below using the Scheffé test;
yes, all the time yes, sometimes p=0.17817
yes, all the time I don't remember. p=0.29580
yes, all the time not much or not at all p=0.51549
yes, sometimes I don't remember. p=0.90578
yes, sometimes not much or not at all p=0.99191
I don't remember. not much or not at all p=0.98953

Yes, the data supports my hypothesis. The relationship is almost what I predicted.

Summary of findings
I found that people who were read to as children read more when they get older. I think this means that all parents should read to their children because this will create a more intellectual society.

I would take out the answer "I don't remember" because there might be more accurate results without that question. You could also give the survey to parents and ask if they read to their children.