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Report on Amusement Park Survey

Smart girls decide for themselves™.

A number of you took our amusement park survey, and we're giving you the scoop on what other SmartGirls had to say! Check out these websites to learn more about the history of those stomach churning rollercoasters ( or where the best seat on the rollercoaster is(!

Boys or girls?
645 girls and 9 boys responded to our survey.
How old were our amusement park attendees?
Statistics showed that the majority the amusement park goers who took this survey was 13 years old, with ages 12, 14, and 15 not far behind.
Eldest? Middle child? Youngest? Only Child?
A surprising 261 of you were the eldest in your family, 211 were youngest , 113 were the middle child, and 80 of you were the only child.
Where on earth?
Though a majority of our respondants were from the good old U.S of A, with the U.K in second place, our respondants represented a whopping 40 countries.

Other countries included: Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Honduras, Canada, Philippines, Venezuela, Denmark, Fiji, Singapore, South Africa, Wales, Taiwan, Ireland, Hong Kong, Scotland, Korea, India, Greece, Switzerland, Isle of Man, Tasmania, Finland, Portugal, El Salvador, China, Germany, Vietnam, France, Lebanon, Brazil, Guatemala, Thailand, Japan, Nigeria, Dominican Republic, Italy, Puerto Rico
Do our respondents live in a city or in the country?
Only 43 of our respondants live in a village, while almost five and a half times as many live in towns. A majority of you live in urban areas, while 63 of you live in a rural area.
To go or not to go... to amusement parks...
An overwhelming 613 of you said that you do go to amusement parks while 47 of you don't go.
...this summer?
425 said that they went during the summer to an amusement park to get their share of the fun, while 251 of you haven't been during this summer holiday.
Why have some people never been to an amusement park?
A majority of our respondant who have never been to an amusement park say that it was because there wasn't one near where them, although, being scared of the rides, and not getting permission from parents were close seconds.
Frequency of amusement park attendance
A majority of our dare-devil respondents frequent the parks once to three times a year.
Frequency of attendance
Do our survey respondents go to the same park time after time?
258 of you told us that you return to the same amusement parks time after time
377 of you told us that you go to different parks.
Season passes anyone?
Although a large number of you told us that you go to the same park time and time again only 87 of you have season passes, while 562 of you just buy as you go.
Winter, spring, summer or fall?
Statistics show that most of you go during the summer, though 237 of you go anytime of the year.
Time of year
Who do they go with?
Most of you go with friends or family, but 2 brave respondents told us that they go by themselves!
Who do they go with?
How did they get there?
Almost 92% of you drove to the amusement parks, although less than 1% of you lived close enough to walk.
airplane 233.53
car 59891.72
train 223.37
boat 30.46
walk 60.92
How much time do our amusement park patrons spend at the parks?
Most of you spend one day at the park, although there are several of you who spend more than a week there.
Amusement park fashion trends
This is what our respondents told us:

34 were prepared for anything and dressed in layers
17 dressed in the tourist uniform of shirt and baseball cap
53 wore their bathing suits so that they could go on all the water rides without having to worry about soggy clothes
22 dressed cute so that they could strut their stuff at the parks
141 said that they wore as little as possible because of the heat
385 told us that it all depends
What were the favorite rides?
Most of you agreed that your favorite ride was the roller coaster, though water rides were pretty popular too.
Favorite rides
What rides do they hate?
Not surprisingly, the kiddie rides topped this list.
Hated rides
Roller coaster emotions
Our list of emotions were:

  • Laugh/Smile with 536 respondents

  • Scream with 463 respondents

  • Hold on with 273 respondents

  • Close my eyes with 248 respondents

  • Feel sick with 76 respondents.

Other emotions included:

  • Pray

  • Talk

  • Put my hands in the air

  • Stay alive

  • Look down

  • Nothing

  • Have fun

  • Sing

  • Swear

  • Duck
After the ride...
After the ride, 44% of you felt energized/excited, and 38% of you felt happy.
After the Ride
energized/excited 53244.33
happy 45237.67
scared 746.17
sick/dizzy 1078.92
angry 80.67
relieved 30.25
ready for more 50.42
OK 10.08
satisfied 10.08
tired 10.08
proud 20.17
all of the above 10.08
surprised 30.25
depends 30.25
bored 10.08
overwhelmed 10.08
nothing 10.08
other 40.33
Theme parks or general amusement parks?
The vote was almost evenly split with 307 of you preferring theme parks like Disneyland and Legoland, while 222 of you didn't prefer theme parks over general amusement parks like Six Flags.
What was the preference in park themes?
The votes were spreaded fairly evenly between movies and cartoons. International themes were very popular too.
Park theme
cartoon 15630.83
international 6913.64
movies 15230.04
animals 367.11
other 9318.38
Do you play games at amusement parks?
This is what our respondents told us:

363 said yes
272 said no
Favorite games
The most popular game was the shooting games (207 respondents), and following close behind were ball games (181 respondents), guessing games (121 respondents) and dart games (110 respondents).

Other games included: hand games, money games, racing games, hitting games, arcade, dancing games, card games, virtual reality games
Amusement park food
Fries, meat and ice cream topped your list of the foods that you eat at amusement parks!
Most of you liked buying the little things like keychains, photos or stuffed animals to remind you of your trip to the park.
Last but not least...your comments
We asked the Smartgirls to put themselves in the following situation, and here is their thoughts:

You and your friend have been planning a trip to the amusement park for weeks. After you arrive, you discover that the two of you do not like the same kinds of rides. She's really afraid to go on the rides that you like. What do you do?

"My cousin and I don't like the same rides at all. She likes the roller coasters and everything and I'm afraid of them. When we go to Lagoon I let her go on a ride she likes (with whoever else we're with at the amusement park) and then we go on a ride that I want. It works out. We have tons of fun with her trying to get me to go on rides I don't want to go on!"

"Well, I would look for a hot guy and go on the rides with him and get the guys friend to go with my friend."

"I'll tell her we'll have to take turns. She'll go on a ride and I'll wait for her and I expect her to do the same for me."

"I'll probably whine and beg my friend to get on the rides with me until they're so annoyed and irritated that they cave in and face their fears and ride."

"I'd understand and not force her to go on any scary rides. i might try to help her get over her fear, but it's ultimately up to her to decide if she wants to go on the scary rides or not. Either way, Id have fun."

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us!

Please remember that all web-based polls are not scientific because the pollsters cannot randomly select the respondents to participate in the surveys.

All our surveys are anonymous; check out our privacy policy. All data copyright 1996-2000.


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