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January 2011

Hello SmartGirls!

Welcome to 2011! Did you make any New Year's Resolutions? Our resolution was to make sure that we did a better job sending out these newsletters... ;)

Here's on to all the great changes SmartGirl has seen lately:

Featured Reviews
There were so many awesome reviews submitted over the holidays that it was really hard to pick just 4. That means you should definitely read the reviews that weren't featured, too, because there are lots of good ones!

Would You Rather...
After the success of our full-length Would You Rather survey, we had so many great submissions that we realized it could fill 10 more surveys. So we decided to start a weekly Would You Rather short quiz instead! We love reading your choices and reasons why. Come back every week to see the new ones!

SmartGirl Sidebar
Have you noticed the new sidebar that helps you navigate in each section? We LOVE IT. It's so much easier to flip from page to page this way. We're trying to improve SmartGirl every day. Do you see something that we could do better? Tell us!

SmartGirl Gets Real
We're STILL looking for dedicated, opinionated volunteers to write posts for SmartGirl on important issues that you care about, from health&body to relationships to politics to gender&media. Shoot us an email with your interest and a sample post and we'll set you up as a guest blogger! Write to: admin@smartgirl.org

That's all for now. Thanks for visiting!


The SmartGirl Team

Take Five!
1 According to our Quick Polls, the majority of SmartGirls get to school by having their parents drive them. Nice!
2 If you're being teased by your friends, the majority of SmartGirls say to just ignore them. Next best is to show them up and prove you're better than they think!
3 Our Fortune Teller said all SmartGirls should make New Years Resolutions... unless they are a Pisces. Did you make one?
4 According to our survey on Health and Fitness, most SmartGirls agree that they get the right amount of exercise! What do you think?
5 Diary of a Wimpy Kid has been one of our most popular SmartGirl Suggests reviews! Have you seen it? Leave a comment and tell us what you thought!
SmartGirl Suggests
Book reviewAmber Rubarth
"Recommended for any girl who likes folksy, acoustic, indie, alternative music.
Book reviewThe Pages of Red Diamond
"Fantastical and fun!"
Book reviewBlue Plate Special
"A powerful but controversial book about young mothers and their choices."
Inspirational Insight

To get healthy, try running around your block twice. Then walk a block, come inside, and do 20 sit-ups every night!

~ Bria, age 13


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