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SmartGirls submit their questions on different issues. Our SmartGirl Peer Mentors respond. Then we open it up to comments so you can keep on learning from each other!

Peer Advice

There are billions of people in the world, and half of them are girls. Chances are, if you have a question, someone else out there has the same one. And the good thing is, chances are that someone else out there can help.

But advice from professionals can be expensive, and advice from parents and friends can feel too personal. Sometimes you just want to hear from someone who cares, and you can make your own decisions, but at least you've got another perspective.

That's where SmartGirl Issues comes in. Here, we connect you to other SmartGirls who can help you answer your questions. We specially select our SmartGirl Peer Mentors for their ability to listen, to care about what you have to say, and their desire to help.

How does this work? We post issue topics and invite SmartGirls tosend in their questions. Then we send the questions toour SmartGirl Peer Mentors, who respond to the best of their ability. After we've posted our questions and the responses, we'll open up each issue for comments so that SmartGirls can continue to learn from each other.

You can alsoapply to be an SG Peer Mentor. These mentors are dedicated to responding to as many questions as possible, keeping our discussions respectful and helpful, and being thoughtful and caring! If you care about others and love a good discussion, please apply.

Feel free to browse the topics, although this section is still new. Check our posts onFacebookFacebookorTwitter: smartgirlorgTwitterto see when we add new Issues.

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